Jonathan Saullo

September 4 th , 2016

SOM 101


• The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

• This challenge is an activity involving dumping

a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote

awareness of the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS,

known mostly in the US as Lou Gehrig's Disease) and encourages

donations to research.

• A blog post from the ALS Association revealed that $115

million was raised during the Ice Bucket challenge.

• Also more than 17 million people participated in Ice Bucket



• There are many different social media apps used for

entertainment. I believe the easiest one to use is Facebook no

matter the age.

• Facebook always you to share updates in your life using statuses,

pictures, and videos. You can share anything to your friends and

family with Facebook, you can stay updated with what your

family and friends are doing.


• Websites about the President or Presidential candidate are very

helpful with keeping up in political news.

• They provide information on where the candidate may be

holding conferences, speeches, and interviews. The websites

may also talk about where presidential candidates stand on

certain issues.

• An example for this type of website would be

DonaldJTrump.com, when you first get to his website you are

directed to a donation page. Websites are also used to receive



• The Science News and Discoveries app would be an example of

a scientific social media.

• This app can be viewed as important because it shares new

scientific discoveries, research, and interviews. It can keep

people involved in science and tell them what is happening in

the scientific world. You can also follow and be alerted on the

topics of your choosing.


• A helpful business app is Robinhood, a free stock trading app.

• Robinhood provides free stock trading for broking accounts. It

allows you to access market quotes and data, build a watch list,

and create a portfolio to track.

• It provides you with knowledge of increasing and decreasing

stocks and can make suggestions on when a good time to buy

stocks. It also provides account protection to its users.


• There are many positive and negative effects of social media

• Some of the negative effects include Cyber Bullying, Decrease in

productivity, and can also make us restless.

• Some positive effects include helping of business and marketing,

inspire and capture an audience for bloggers, it can also unite

people on a large platform to make a positive change in




• Social Media has been used in everyone`s life some point in time and if not

yet then soon.

• Social Media is growing and will always continue to grow. Technology and

Social Media is becoming so easy to use and be apart of that young

children from ages 4-8 are being able to become apart of something that

can be so dangerous in many ways.

• Social Media is used all over the world that internet and power is offered, it

will continue to grow in everyway, dangerous and not.

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