Box / Gym Div Sub-Div Team Name


102 CrossFit Green Scaled Team Green

103 Bodyfit Extreme Scaled Lean, mean, tall & Celine

104 CrossFit Navitas Scaled Insta Hun Rob Hughes

105 CrossFit 5D Scaled CF5D Kippin it Real

106 CrossFit Newry Scaled Thruster I hardly Know her

107 CrossFit Glasnevin Scaled Bodyrockers

108 Crossfit Navan Scaled 2fit2quit

109 CrossFit West Dublin Scaled Baldies and Barbelles

110 FSM Bray Scaled FSM Zaki

111 CrossFit Swords Scaled CF Swords

112 CSP Gym Scaled Team CSP Scaled

113 Functional Strength and Fitness Scaled FSF

114 Insanity Fit Zone Scaled Team IFZ

115 CrossFit Ashbourne Scaled Doubled Under


201 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled Where the F is Francis

202 CrossFit Green Scaled CrossFit Green

203 Bodyfit Extreme Scaled blind leading the blind

204 CrossFit Navitas Scaled Deadlifts and Divas

205 CrossFit 5D Scaled CF5D FilthBags

206 CrossFit Newry Scaled The Winter Soldiers

207 CrossFit Glasnevin Scaled Beauties and the Beard

208 CrossFit Navan Scaled Racks & sacks

209 CrossFit West Dublin Scaled The Amrap Avengers

210 FSM Bray Scaled FSM on Fleek

211 CrossFit Swords Scaled Chalk Monkeys

212 CSP Gym Scaled Team CSP

213 CrossFit Perpetua Dublin Scaled Salute The Glutes

214 Insanity Fit Zone Scaled Insanity Fit Zone

215 CrossFit Ashbourne Scaled Bars and belles


301 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled BBK'S

302 CrossFit Gorey Scaled CFG Yellow

303 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled The Honey Badger

304 CrossFit UnLaois'd Scaled The Benchwarmers

305 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled The Bears

306 CrossFit Newry Scaled Snatch My Bitch Up

307 CrossFit Fifteen Scaled Team 15 B

308 CrossFit Berserk Scaled We came for the burpees!

309 CrossFit West Dublin Scaled Godsquad

310 D12 CrossFit Scaled Kung Fu Panda

311 RF strength and conditioning Scaled RF Newbies

312 CrossFit Tullamore Scaled CrossFit Tullamore

313 CrossFit Ireland Scaled White Monster

314 Pt360 Scaled PT360 sacks and racks

315 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf 5


401 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled The Wibbly Wobbly Wodders

402 CrossFit Gorey Scaled CFG White

403 Crossfit DSC Scaled DSC Suicide WOD

404 CrossFit UnLaois'd Scaled Chancers

405 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled Muscles

406 CrossFit Newry Scaled Ride Me Sideways

407 Crossfit Ards Scaled WODABOUTYEE

408 CrossFit Berserk Scaled The Walking Deadlifts

409 CrossFit West Dublin Scaled The Snatchtastic 4

410 Crossfit Return Scaled Kettlebell ends

411 CrossFit Belfast Scaled Echo Team

412 Crossfit Nenagh Scaled Chlo's crowd

413 Active 8 Scaled Active8 Thrusters

414 PT360 Scaled PT360 avengers

415 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf 4


501 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled Team SBD

502 CrossFit Gorey Scaled CFG Black

503 Crossfit Downpatrick Scaled Morning Glory

504 CrossFit Killarney Scaled Kingdom CrossFitters

505 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled JFH Harriers

506 Crossfit Newry Scaled Pull like a Dawg

507 Crossfit Antrim Scaled The TumbleUps

508 CrossFit Berserk Scaled Burpee babes and two jerks

509 CrossFit Wicklow Scaled Chalk Dirty to me

510 CrossFit Return Scaled Fat Kids Always Win At SeeSaw

511 CrossFit Ballymena Scaled CrossFit Ballymena

512 CrossFit Omagh Scaled Tactical Subs

513 AB Fitness Scaled Hook Headcases

514 PT360 Scaled Vicious & Delicious

515 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf 3


601 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled Garvins warriors

602 Crossfit 8020 Scaled 2 Scoops

603 Crossfit Downpatrick Scaled Clean Fooked

604 CrossFit Enniskillen Scaled CrossFit Enniskillen Charlie

605 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled Haribo Starmix

606 Crossfit Newry Scaled Fiddley Dee

607 CrossFit Antrim Scaled Keep er lit

608 Crossfit Ballincollig Scaled Westside Warriors

609 CrossFit Wicklow Scaled Wicklow Bar workers

610 Crossfit Return Scaled Dosco Diamonds

611 Crossfit Dungarvan Scaled Oldies But Goodies

612 CrossFit PMI Scaled See You Next Tuesday

613 TPFA Scaled TPFA Pink

614 Guerilla Fitness Scaled 2TALL2SMALL

615 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf 2


701 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled CFLK Anarchy

702 Crossfit 8020 Scaled The Magificent Bastids & Ho's

703 Waterford Warriors Scaled ITS MY WODi

704 CrossFit Enniskillen Scaled CrossFit Enniskillen Delta

705 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled #Smevlins

706 Crossfit Newry Scaled Dirty Mike & the Boyz

707 Crossfit Antrim Scaled CFA Originals

708 Crossfit Ballincollig Scaled Westside Rebels

709 CrossFit Wicklow Scaled Thrust nobody

710 Crossfit return Scaled Clean snatches

711 CrossFit MPT Scaled The Mean Machines

712 Lifestyle Studios CrossFit Commons Road Scaled Deadlifts & Donuts

713 TPFA Scaled TPFA Black

714 Guerilla Fitness Scaled Baby Kongs

715 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf Cubs


801 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled Juniors Kipping it real

802 Crossfit 8020 Scaled SHRUG LIFE

803 Waterford Warriors Scaled Quad Goals

804 CrossFit Enniskillen Scaled CrossFit Enniskillen Bravo

805 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled Charlie + The Bhoys

806 Crossfit MCI Scaled MCI Beast Mode

807 Crossfit Airdrie Scaled Box#1 Wolfpack

808 CrossFit Navan Scaled Masters Upsie Daisies

809 Crossfit wicklow Scaled Masters Wedded Bliss

810 FSM Bray Scaled Masters FSM master rookies

811 CrossFit MPT Scaled Cunning Stunts

812 Red Iron CrossFit Scaled Red Iron Regulars

813 SuperFit Ireland Scaled SuperFit Ireland

814 Guerilla Fitness Scaled Wild Atlantic Way

815 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled White Wolf


901 CrossFit Letterkenny Scaled Masters Here for the Craic

902 Crossfit 8020 Scaled Masters Vintage 8020

903 Bodyfit Extreme Scaled Masters WOD NOW WINE LATER

904 CrossFit Enniskillen Scaled Masters CrossFit Enniskillen Echo

905 CrossFit INFECTED Scaled Masters Wicklow Wanderers

906 Crossfit MCI Scaled Masters Dumbbells & Divas

907 Crossfit Navan Scaled Masters Auld Royal Jerks

908 CrossFit Navan Scaled Masters The Easy Lifters

909 CrossFIt Wicklow Scaled Masters The CrossFit Bits

910 FSM Bray Scaled Masters FSM masters

911 Crossfit Swords Scaled Masters Masters of Filth

912 Phoenix S & C Scaled Masters Masters of the Universe

913 Phoenix S & C Scaled Masters VENI VIDI VICI

914 PT360 Scaled Masters PT360 Camel toes to bars

915 White Wolf CrossFit Lisburn Scaled Masters White Wolf 1


Box / Gym Div Sub-Div Team Name


101 Crossfit Dungarvan RX CrossFit Dungarvan

102 CrossFit Ashbourne RX Crossfit Smashburn

103 Crossfit DSC RX DSC Barbell Hooligans

104 Crossfit Killarney RX WOD Squad


106 Crossfit Antrim RX Crossfit Antrim 2016

107 CrossFit Navitas RX Hakuna Masquata

108 Crossfit MCI RX MCI Quad Squad

109 CrossFit Swords RX CrossFit Swords

110 Crossfit Return RX Return of the Wodi

111 CrossFit Resplendent RX Wall Ball Bags

112 BodyFit Extreme RX Small Hands and the Gang

113 CrossFit Varangian RX Team Varangian

114 CrossFit West Dublin RX Suicide Squat


201 Crossfit Downpatrick RX Downpatrick2

202 CrossFit Ashbourne RX Hakuna Masquata

203 CrossFit DSC RX Eurotrash

204 CrossFit Killarney RX CrossFit Killarney


206 CrossFit Antrim RX Eat NAKED NI

207 CrossFit Navitas RX I got 99 problems and a snatch is 1

208 CrossFit Le Cheile RX CrossFit Le Cheile

209 CrossFit Swords RX Facta Non Verba

210 Crossfit return RX Turn down for WOD

211 CrossFit Resplendent RX Less Twerking More Jerking

212 Abs-Solute Fitness RX Less Twerking More Jerking

213 CrossFit Fifteen RX Team 15 A

214 Lifestyle Studios CrossFit Commons Road RX Team Nearly Ready

215 CSP Gym RX Team CSP


301 Crossfit Ballincollig RX Ballincollig2

302 CrossFit Ashbourne RX Tits n bits

303 Crossfit Dungarvan RX BEAUTIES & THE BEASTS

304 RF strength and conditioning RX RF Touch n Go

305 TPFA RX TPFA Yellow

306 CrossFit Antrim RX The Tumbledowns

307 Red Iron CrossFit RX Red Iron Rebels

308 Crossfit Navan RX CrossFit Navan

309 Phoenix S & C RX Beef

310 Crossfit Return RX Team KICK

311 Elevate fitness & performance RX Elevatefp green

312 PT360 RX pt360 Warriors

313 Waterfors Warriors RX The Silverbacks

314 D12 CrossFit RX Teamy Mcteamface

315 Ronin CrossFit RX Ronin CrossFit


401 CrossFit C2F RX Chapter 2 Fitness

402 Crossfit Ballincollig RX CrossFit Ballincollig

403 Crossfit Dungarvan RX Doing It For Donuts 2.0

404 CrossFit Belfast RX Yankee zulu team

405 Crossfit Omagh RX CF 'Scaled was Sold Out'

406 CrossFit Antrim RX The CFA Jedi

407 Red Iron CrossFit RX Buns and Guns

408 CrossFit INFECTED RX Freshers Party

409 CrossFit Galway RX CROSSFIT GALWAY

410 CrossFit Ireland RX Panda

411 CrossFit 536 Blackrock RX Chocolate Covered Muscle Ups

412 PT360 RX PT360 Snatches and Jerks

413 CrossFit 5D RX CF5D Polish mafia

414 Crossfit Downpatrick RX Crossfit Downpatrick

415 Guerilla Fitness RX Donkey Kongs


501 CrossFit Mallow RX Masters Majestic Swans

502 CrossFit Ashbourne RX Masters 40 year old virgins

503 CrossFit DSC RX Masters DSC Jerk WODs

504 Crossfit Waterford RX Masters Masters of The Universe

505 TPFA RX Masters Team White

506 CrossFit Limavady RX Masters Coastal Sharks

507 CrossFit Coleraine RX Masters BANNtastic 363

508 CrossFit INFECTED RX Masters Toot-toot

509 CrossFit Swords RX Masters Dirty Chalk

510 CrossFit Swords RX Masters GODS

511 CrossFit UnLaois'd RX Masters Minions Mayhem

512 CrossFit MPT RX Masters Die Lard 4.0

513 CSP Gym RX Masters Masters of Disaster

514 Guerilla Fitness RX Masters Silverbacks

515 Crossfit Limerick RX Masters Team Grit Limerick


601 Crossfit Mallow RX Junior Crossfit Mallow

602 Crossfit Wicklow RX Junior Filthy Young Ones

603 CrossFit 8020 RX Junior JUNIOR SYSTM

604 RF Strength & conditioning RX Junior RF Juniors

605 CrossFit Omagh RX Junior CFO Pistols and Poptarts

607 Crossfit Ennis RX CFE

608 CrossFit INFECTED RX Mill Hill Striders

609 Phoenix S & C RX Phoenix 4

610 CrossFit Castrum RX Castrum

611 Crossfit North Dublin RX CrossFit North Dublin

612 CrossFit MPT RX d Good, d Bad n d Filthy

613 CrossFit 5D RX CF5D Mayhem

614 RCFNI RX RCFNI Ravenclaw

615 Crossfit Limerick RX CrossFit Limerick


701 Active8 RX Active8 Jerkers

702 Crossfit Wicklow RX Wicklow Wolves

703 Crossfit DSC RX DSC Brawlers

704 CrossFit Belfast RX Delta Team

705 CrossFit Enniskillen RX CrossFit Enniskillen Alpha

706 CrossFit Glasnevin RX Bodyrock

707 CrossFit Green RX Green Machine

708 CrossFit Larne RX Go HAM or go Home!

709 CrossFit Letterkenny RX The Squatersons

710 CrossFit UnLaois'd RX Team Pro Ginger

711 Elevate fitness & performance RX Elevatefp black

712 Great Island CrossFit RX Great Island CrossFit

713 Waterford Warriors RX Waterford Warriors

714 RCFNI RX RCFNI Hufflepuff


801 Active8 RX Active8 Snatchers

802 CrossFit 8020 RX ONE SYSTM

803 Crossfit 8020 RX SYSTM ONE

804 CrossFit Belfast RX Alpha Team

805 CrossFit omagh RX CFOMG

806 CrossFit Limavady RX CrossFit Limavady

807 CrossFit Green RX Team Green

808 CrossFit Sligo RX CrossFit Sligo

809 CrossFit Swords RX Team Good Times

810 CrossFit UnLaois'd RX Team Tantrum

811 No 17 PT RX Ranelagh Rascals

812 PT360 RX PT360 Uprising

813 RCFNI RX RCFNI Gryfindor

814 RCFNI RX RCFNI Slytherin

815 Guerilla Fitness RX King Kongs


We do not offer refunds after 30 days from purchase.

Teams can either

a) Transfer the ticket to another team/box

b) Switch to the other division (if there is space)

The ticket is also valid for four weekend spectator tickets. Valued at €100

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