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A happy Christmas to all our readers! STARS AT CHRISTMAS How do Kate Bottley, Barbara Dickson and Gregory Porter spend their Christmas? See page 3 DECEMBER 2018 RESURFACING Avril Lavigne tells the story behind Head Above Water See page 3 HOME FOR CHRISTMAS LITTLE MIRACLE: The Beutlers prepare to take their daughter home for her first Christmas BABY WITH NO KIDNEYS LIVES ON TO ENJOY CHRISTMAS …AND THEN SOME! WE ALL like a good Christmas present, but Herrera Beutler had her best one ever when her daughter Abigail first came out of hospital – for Christmas. Abigail Beutler, now five, is alive today because her parents refused to give up on her. She is the first known baby to survive outside the womb without kidneys, a condition called Potter’s syndrome. Doctors told Herrera, a US Congresswoman, that her baby would die, and advised an abortion. But she and husband Dan believe in a God who answers prayer, so the devastated couple asked family, friends and churches to pray for Abigail. In 2013, pregnant Herrera and Dan had gone to what they thought was a normal prenatal check-up, thinking they would learn the gender of their first child. They were in for a shock. Herrera told Life News: “They took us into a back room and just said, ‘There’s nothing that can be done. Your baby’s gonna die.’” A doctor told her: “You know, a lot of women at this point would be across the street scheduling an abortion.” Continued on page 2 A CHILD IS BORN… And an ex-prisoner is reborn: now playing Jesus’ dad in this nativity scene See page 2