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A HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OUR READERS! GOOD NEWS APRIL 2018 Tributes to football legends GREGORY GWEN BRIAN PORTER STEFANI COX Jazz singer’s No doubt ‘I hold my hand up gospel about her ... I’m no atheist’ roots inspiration See page 2 See page 3 See page 3 EASTER IS REAL! Encounter in empty tomb convinces army general that Jesus story is true See page 8 A TRIP to Jerusalem at Easter so convinced an army officer that Jesus really did rise from the dead that he was changed forever. The dramatic experience took place when Major General Tim Cross was in Israel with his wife Christine while on leave from a peace-keeping post in Cyprus in 1981. His Christian faith is now the driving force of his life. He was raised in what he describes as “a typical middle-class British home”, attended a Church of England By CHARLES GARDNER primary school and, like many people, assumed he was a Christian. He even took the unusual step of being confirmed while at Sandhurst (the military academy), took communion during his wedding and had his three children christened. But there was no relationship with God. But when the opportunity came for a short break in Israel over the Easter weekend, he and Christine hitched a ride on a United Nations plane to take in the sights of the Holy Land. continued on page 4 EASTER ENCOUNTER: A guide shows tourists the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, where Major General Cross had his dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ GOOD NEWS for a change!