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Town thanks God

for dam survival

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Director: Agnieszka Holland

Stars: James Norton, Vanessa


Certificate: 15

DVD, blu-ray & download:

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POLISH director Agnieszka Holland’s

biopic tells the true story

of the heroic efforts of Gareth

Jones – the Welsh journalist

who broke the story of the horrific

famines in the Soviet Union

in the 1930s.

It depicts Jones’ efforts to resist

the Soviet secret service’s attempts

to censor him and his

travels from Moscow to Kharkov.

On his return to the UK he met

George Orwell and becomes the

inspiration for Farmer Jones in

Orwell’s Animal Farm. The film

is interlaced with quotes from

the book, used to introduce each

new scene.

This is a remarkable and important

film, which not only

tells its story well but has visuals

that will stay with you for a

long time. James Norton (who

some are touting as the next

Bond) gives a sympathetic but

determined performance as a

man risking all to reveal the

truth. The scenes of the famine

in the Ukraine are not for the

faint hearted (hence the 15 certificate)

and are so realistic they

reduced me to tears, as well as

provoking anger.

Mr Jones

By Andy Godfrey

It’s a colour film but there are

times when you would swear

you are watching a black and

white one. The director has also

made great use of reflections

on mirrors, cameras and other

glass objects. The result is that

during the scenes set in Moscow

you are as much on edge as the

film’s characters, whose every

move is being watched.

This is a visually stunning

movie that really needs to be

seen on the big screen if possible,

but if not find a download

or blu-ray. You won’t regret it.

As you may recall, one of the

most famous quotes from Animal

Farm is the statement that

“all animals are equal but some

are more equal than others”.

Sadly, in the world in which we

live this is often true, but thankfully

– as so many have discovered

– it isn’t the case with God.

He loves and cares for all equally,

regardless of class, colour or

background, and saves everyone

who turns to him.

The Bible says that God loved

the world so much that he gave

us “his unique Son so that

EVERYONE who believes in him

might not be lost but have

eternal life”.

This advert is sponsored by Siloam Christian Ministries. Registered under the Charities Act 1960

number 327396. Registered in the United Kingdom number 2104165.


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THE rescue of the small town of

Whaley Bridge from a dam collapse

mesmerised TV news viewers

last summer.

Live footage showed an RAF helicopter

dropping ballast on the

flood-damaged Toddbrook Reservoir

dam in Derbyshire to hold

the dam together.

After a massive effort by emergency

services and the military,

supported by local churches, the

town was saved. The people who

had been evacuated were able to

return home.

“Many prayers were answered”,

according to Rob Cross, the leader

at Good News Church Whaley

Bridge, and the chair of Churches

Together Whaley Bridge.

“As Christians in the town, we

held three prayer meetings on the

day after the evacuation, when

1,500 residents were out of their

homes. We were joined in prayer

by many others and had messages



Chinook helicopter flies in

sandbags to help repair the

dam at Toddbrook Reservoir

near the village of Whaley

Bridge in Derbyshire after it

was damaged by heavy rainfall

EE-GB is

Evangelism Explosion

(GB Limited)

Registered Charity

number 269722.

His last command

...our 昀 rst concern

By Chris Eyte

[from] people praying over the

next few days from all over the


“Our church, along with others,

was also able to take food for the

emergency workers, as well.”

Rob gave a number of examples

of “God’s hand on our town” during

the incident. He said that the

damage to the dam was spotted

in time, allowing for an emergency

evacuation of residents and the

area made safe.

Rob added: “The Lord averted

the heavy rain which was forecast

over the weekend, particularly the

Sunday evening. It was notable

that the storms came very close

to our area but avoided Whaley

Bridge at the point where the dam

was under the most pressure.”

The weather report the next day

said the heavy rain forecast for


Science, archaeology and history’s latest revelations



SCIENCE has finally caught

up with the first book of the

Bible, by discovering that the

early Earth was completely

covered by water.

Dr Boswell Wing, a researcher in the

Whaley Bridge was averted. Rob

also said that the quick response

by emergency services stopped

the threat of 300 million gallons

of water breaking through the

damaged dam and the town avoided


“As a church we have had many

messages of encouragement including

Psalm 91: ‘Whoever dwells

in the shelter of the Most High

will rest in the shadow of the

Almighty. I will say of the LORD,

“He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I trust.”’”

A civic thanksgiving service was

held on 28 September to recognise

and honour those who came to

the town’s aid. The town council

chairman, Martin Thomas, summarised

it well, saying: “We are

here today to honour and thank

all of these people and to thank

God that the rain that first weekend

held off, disaster was averted and

Whaley Bridge was saved!”

By Andrew Halloway

Department of Geological Sciences at the

University of Colorado, says there was

once “a waterworld, a world covered by


This reminds me of the Kevin Costner

AUTHOR: Writer Philip Yancey

highlights the incredible interconnected

design of the human

body in his latest book


Philip Yancey’s latest book

is driven by the insights

into the human body of

ground-breaking surgeon

Dr Paul Brand.

The body holds endlessly fascinating

secrets. The resilience of

skin, the strength and structure

of the bones, the dynamic balance

of the muscles… our physical being

is woven together according to a

pattern of stunning purpose.

Dr Paul Brand CBE, who died in

2003, was a pioneer in developing

tendon transfer techniques for use

in the hands of those with leprosy.

He was the first physician to

appreciate that leprosy is not a

movie Waterworld, but more importantly of

the very first verses of the Bible: “In the beginning

God created the heavens and the

earth. Now the earth was formless and empty,

darkness was over the surface of the deep,

and the Spirit of God was hovering over the

waters” (Genesis 1:1-2).

According to a study published in the journal

Nature Geoscience*, Dr Wing’s research concludes

that the surface of Earth was likely

covered by a global ocean 3.24 billion years

ago – but no one knows for how long.

“There are no samples of really ancient ocean

water lying around, but we do have rocks that

interacted with that seawater and remembered

that interaction,” says Dr Benjamin Johnson, a

scientist at Iowa State University.

The scientists assume that something then

kicked off plate tectonics to such an extent

that the land rose above the waves, forming

first one giant continent called Pangea which

later split to form the continents we know


Again, Genesis got there first. Verses 9 to 11

By Ian White

disease of the tissue but of the

nerves. Brand contributed extensively

to the fields of hand surgery

and hand therapy.

A tour of wonder

Fearfully & Wonderfully: The

Marvel of Bearing God’s Image*

takes us on a tour of wonder

through our internal workings.

Yancey’s conclusion is that the incredible

unity of the human body

in its trillions of parts overwhelmingly

points to a Creator.

Yancey also tells the story of the

late Dr Brand’s ground-breaking

career – the hand surgeon who

changed the lives of leprosy sufferers

by transforming medical treatment


Dr Brand began as the only orthopaedic

surgeon in the world

working among 15 million leprosy

victims. He and wife Margaret performed

surgical procedures on ‘nobodies’,

transforming rigid claws

into usable hands through innovative

tendon transfers, remaking

feet, forestalling blindness, transplanting

eyebrows, fashioning new


Dr Brand was motivated by the

BLUE PLANET: An artist’s impression of the

waterworld that Earth once was

continue: “And God said, ‘Let the water under

the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry

ground appear.’ And it was so. God called the

compassion central to his faith in

Jesus, seeking to heal the physical

ailments of leprosy as well as address

the “awful rejection” by society

that patients faced as the

disease presented itself.

“To him these people, among

the most neglected on earth, were

not nobodies, but persons made

in the image of God, and he dedicated

himself to honour and help

restore that image,” writes Yancey.

In 1950, with a donation from a

missionary woman, Brand established

the New Life Centre in Vellore,

India, as a model rehabilitation

centre for leprosy patients.

The centre was a village environment

in the Christian Medical College

and Hospital campus. This

COMPASSION: Drs Paul and Margaret Brand (right) examine a patient

dry ground ‘land’, and the gathered waters he

called ‘seas’…”

If the Genesis creation account is just a

myth, as critics say, how come it’s spookily

similar to the sequence of creation being uncovered

by scientists? Most other elements of

the Genesis sequence match modern science

– e.g. sea creatures are the first living organisms,

later come the land-living animals and

then, last on the scene, human beings.

A few aspects don’t fit the latest scientific

model but science is changing all the time,

as new discoveries are made.

And though even Christians don’t agree on

whether Noah’s Flood was global or regional,

this new research certainly knocks the legs from

under the sceptics who mockingly assert that

the very idea of a global flood is impossible.

* B.W. Johnson & B.A. Wing. 2020. Limited

Archaean continental emergence reflected in

an early Archaean 18O-enriched ocean. Nature

Geoscience 13, 243-248; doi: 10.1038/s41561-


helped dispel the stigma about

leprosy that was so prevalent at

the time, even among medical


The book also tells of Alexander

Tsiaras, a professor at the Yale

Department of Medicine, filming

a mere nine-minute video of the

foetal stages from human conception

to birth, using MRI techniques

that earned the inventor

a Nobel Prize.

Beyond human comprehension

“As the video of speeded-up

foetal development plays, this

mathematician drops his objectivity,

awed by a system ‘so perfectly

organised it’s hard not to

attribute divinity to it...’ Tsiaras

remarks: ‘The complexity of the

mathematical models of how

these things are done is beyond

human comprehension... I look

at this with marvel: How do these

instruction sets not make mistakes

as they build what is us?

It’s a mystery, it’s magic, it’s divinity.’”

Dr Brand, who died in 2003,

even saw pain as a gift from God:

“As I study pain in the human

body, I marvel again at the Creator’s

wisdom.” Dr Brand had

seen what happens to the body

when people lose the sensation

of pain through leprosy. Instead

of what sounds to us like heaven

(no pain), it’s actually closer to

hell. Pain is critical to preventing

serious injury and deformity.

Of course, too much pain is debilitating

and Brand was all for

pain management, but he saw

pain in a different light to most

of us.

Life-saving transfusion

Repulsed by the sight of blood,

Dr Brand initially resisted a medical

career but this changed dramatically

as he witnessed a lifesaving

transfusion. He said: “The

memory of shed blood had kept

me out of medicine; the power

of shared blood ultimately led

me to apply to medical school.”

“I had seen a miracle, a ‘corpse’

resurrected. If medicine, if blood

could do this...”

In fact, Dr Brand died trusting

in the most important shed blood

of all – that of Christ on the cross

two thousand years ago.

Christians believe with certainty

that the God who created our

amazing body not only lived and

died in a human body as Jesus

Christ, but is alive today and

living by his Spirit in all who believe

and trust in him.

As the book says: “Christ is no

mere example of living; he is life


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