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Página 1 – upcycling bicicletas<br />

Página 2 – upcycling neumáticos<br />

Página 3 – upcycling palets


<br />

If you recycle, you care about the<br />

environment! “Green life” is such a common<br />

expression nowadays that I am under the<br />

impression we’ll come to find second uses for<br />

every single object. So, if recycling is a key<br />

component of modern waste reduction, let’s<br />

behave according to the trend!


<br />

Tires are a huge headache when it comes to<br />

waste management and recycling, but there are<br />

clever DIY ways that each of us can reuse and<br />

recycle them and save them from entering the<br />

environment or taking up space in our landfills.

PALETS<br />

This pallet sofa is awesome. We love the funky<br />

look of this upcycled furniture piece. It’s<br />

perfect for a summer deck! This pallet sofa was<br />

built around the dimensions of a reused futon<br />

mattress. Find a plush mattress and make<br />

yourself a pallet wood sofa.<br />

<br />

Will the wonders of pallets never cease?! These<br />

pallet swings are incredible! Summer may be<br />

winding down, but we’re always thinking of<br />

new ideas for our patio. There’s also options for<br />

indoor pallet swings. We love all the different<br />

pallet furniture variations!

En el próximo número hablaremos de <strong>Upcycling</strong> ®<br />

relacionado con el mundo de las cocinas<br />

Maitane García<br />

Sandra Sáenz<br />

Ainara Saiz<br />

Guillermo Soloeta

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