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Our most popular Geography School Trips

View Adaptable Travel's most popular Geography trips for your groups.

Geography SCHOOL TRIPS About our Geography school trips The Geography curriculum can be exciting for your students, exploring such a diverse range of topics with some fascinating real-life case studies to explore. Our school geography trips allow you to truly inspire and engage your students by taking your students outside of the classroom to the real-world geography classroom. Case studies are brought to life like never before, allowing students to truly see beyond the book and put the theory into practice. This allows your students to get to grips with the curriculum, the many facets of geography and better understand what they learn. We offer educational trips to schools and colleges which cover almost all areas of the geography curriculum, with this brochure concisely delivering the information you need for trips to our most popular destinations. Whether you want to further explore one of the most stunning landscapes on the Amalfi Coast in Italy which has the towering Vesuvius shadowing the region, or step into the wilderness amongst the ever-changing volcanic landscape in Iceland, or perhaps a serene adventure to the Swiss Alps to look further at glaciation and fluvial processes – Adaptable Travel are here to help you piece together the perfect trip for you and your students. All packages are bespoke, and we are happy to help you organise your school trip to almost any destination, with many of our trips enjoyed by thousands of students from across the UK. Discover our Educational Trips Sorrento & Amalfi Coast Cornwall & The West Country Iceland Switzerland Contact the friendly team at Adaptable Travel today and let us help you create a memorable school trip for your group. P6 Follow us @AdaptableTravel | 01451 832 133 P7

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