The 2015 American Values Survey was made possible by generous funding from the Ford

Foundation and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Additionally, the authors would like to

thank Joanna Piacenza for her communications and editorial support; Charlotte Gendron for

her editorial assistance; and Tim Duffy for his able assistance with graphics and report design

and layout. We would also like to thank West End Strategy Team for providing communications

outreach for the survey release.

In addition, PRRI would also like to thank our colleagues from the Brookings Institution for their

input on the research process and for hosting the public release of the survey. Brookings’ Senior

Fellows E.J. Dionne, Jr. and William A. Galston provided feedback on the survey questionnaire;

Elizabeth Thom provided valuable input and logistical assistance with the public release event; and

Elizabeth Sablich, Elizabeth McElvein, and Anna Goodbaum provided communications services for

the release event.

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Released on November 17, 2015

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Cover image by Jonathan O’Reilly. Used with permission.

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