Wealden Times | WT176 | October 2016 | Kitchen & Bathroom supplement inside


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The Staff

Above: The master at work Above right: Flour

is dusted over proving loaves before baking

Below: Emmanuel periodically checks on the

loaves in the oven

of life

Photographs: David Merewether Styling & Words: Helen Barton

Meet internationally acclaimed baker, author of three titles and

inspirational teacher extraordinaire, Emmanuel Hadjiandreou.

Wealden Times visited The Crown in Hastings where the floury

magic happens on a daily basis, picked up a few age-old skills and

came away with a couple of recipes

Sat on a rooftop terrace drinking flat whites, we talk bread. Think beyond

the eternally identical white-sliced blocks in plastic packaging. This

is bread in all its glory. Hand-crafted, kneaded to perfection, proved,

slashed, baked and savoured. These careful hand-crafting hands belong to

Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, or Emmanuel The Baker as I now like to call him.


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