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october 16


Gathering at the Wall/Oil Painting

Our fourth trip to Taos

this year turned out to

be the best yet!

On our previous trips to explore the art scene in

New Mexico, Ray and I made day trips to Taos from

Crystal Czerkas- our hotel in Santa Fe. My Dad had exhibited his

Sarbacker pueblo paintings there, and his artworks had quickly

sold from the front windows of the town’s best galleries. But that was years

ago, and it was all new to Ray and me. Taos is an important art colony with

only 8,000 residents, yet we were charmed by the town’s many adobe art

galleries and especially the Taos Art Museum at Fechin House. Designed and

built by the famous Russian artist to be his family’s home, it is an extraordinary

building, and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With 24”

Pueblo Poquito /Oil Painting

The Mystical Pueblos

Paintings by Victor Czerkas

(Pronounced Cher-kas)

next day as we were driving home to Vegas, we received a call from

her boss, asking if we could provide the Taos Museum Store with

more of my Dad’s artwork. Ray and I were almost stunned at this

sudden development, because this is no ordinary store. In 2015,

TripAdvisor awarded the Taos Museum Store its Certificate of Excellence

and, compared to all the fantastic galleries and gift stores located

there, named it the number one location in Taos for shopping.

I think Ray and I both smiled the entire 500 mile drive back to Las

Vegas, and I think my Dad would be smiling, too, at this exciting turn

of events.

Paredes del Pueblo /Oil Painting

thick adobe walls and wood beams and furnishings hand carved by the artist

himself, it attracts visitors from around the world.

On our trip there in July, we made our first visit to the Taos Museum, where

we were surprised to learn that my Dad, Victor Czerkas, may have been the

only private student of Nicolai Fechin. My Dad’s Russian heritage and fluency

in Slavic languages would have lent itself to such an arrangement, and his impressionistic

painting style suggested influence by the Russian master, but this

was an unexpected development. We decided we wanted to learn more about

the Taos art community, so when we found out the Taos Museum Annual Gala

was only a few weeks away, Ray and I quickly made reservations to attend.

The August benefit hosted over 300 art collectors and gallery owners from

around the South West. Gathered on the Museum grounds, the art lovers bid

on stunning creations at both silent and live auctions, and then enjoyed dinner

and dancing at the sold out event. It was almost perfect except for one thing.

We had learned of the Gala too late to donate one of my Dad’s paintings to

the fundraiser.The programs had already been printed and there was no room

left for new donations.

So, we decided to participate by giving two small Czerkas’ giclees to the

Museum Store.

I selected reproductions of pueblo scenes my Dad had painted over 50 years

ago. They were my personal favorites and I held my breath as the assistant

manager opened our package. “Why these are beautiful!” she said. And the

All 3 now showing at the Taos Art Museum...!

If you would like more information on my favorite giclees

or any of my Dad’s artwork, You can call the Taos Museum

Store at 575/758-2690 ext. 206, or you can call my husband,

Ray Sarbacker at 702-463-0966 for more information.

The paintings shown here are only a small

sample of the original oils and watercolors in the

Czerkas Collection.

Limited edition giclees on canvas are also

available, and each comes with a signed/numbered

Certificate of Authenticity.


For more

information call: 702/463-0966

Or visit our website at: www.CzerkasCollection.com



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october 16


Dan Roberts

A Change in Position (and Heart)

Roberts Rules

“Maybe now you’ll quit laughing at me

for attacking those windmills.”

That was Rana’s sardonic response after

an amazing meeting. I admit that (once

again) my “Don(na) Quixote” was correct.

For those following our now two-year reporting,

exposing and reforming the Nevada

guardianship scandal, what The Vegas Voice

accomplished this time was remarkable. Of

all our achievements, it is one of the most


This particular issue began last year when

during our guardianship investigation, one

private for-profit guardian’s name kept popping

up. Her name was April Parks and we

started writing about her.

We called her the “poster child” as to why

the Nevada guardianship laws needed to be

changed. She was the perfect reason The Vegas

Voice claimed that “having a private

guardian appointed for a senior is like selecting

a child molester to run a day care


We concluded that first column about

Ms. Parks with a statement (which we still

stand by): “that there surely will be a special

place in hell for her when she appears

before the “ultimate court.”’

It didn’t take long before Parks responded.

“Our firm represents April Parks with

regard to a series of defamatory statements

about her made by you and your

organization in your publications and at

your seminars…”

Private Guardian April Parks

Her lawyer not only denied our accusations

in his letter, but clearly implied that if

we continued the investigation, Parks would

not hesitate to expose the skeletons in my


He closed with the following: Your repeated

negative comments are defamatory,

hurtful and extremely harmful to

Ms. Parks’ reputation and professional

standing. Demand is hereby made that

you cease and desist from any repetition

of these accusations or any like them. Otherwise,

litigation will be Ms. Parks only


The letter was signed by her attorney,

Bruce Woodbury. Yes, that Bruce Woodbury,

the former County Commissioner.

He wasn’t just any lawyer,

but a legal and political

heavyweight. It would

be as understatement to

claim that Rana, yours

truly and everyone at The

Vegas Voice spent time

discussing his correspondence

- and the possible


You better believe my

Ladylove and I had numerous

“pillow talk”

conversations as to

whether, or under what

circumstances The Vegas

Voice should go forward.

But in the end, we knew

we were right and unconditionally refused

to back down and be intimidated.

Fast forward 15 months and the events

that have transpired. So last month, I sent:



Re: Your client – Private Guardian April


Dear Mr. Woodbury:

“Any objective evaluation of her history

in guardianship matters would lead to the

conclusion that April Parks is an honest,

capable and caring guardian for any person

for whom she becomes responsible.”

The above sentence was included in your

letter to The Vegas Voice over one year ago.

Do you still believe it?

Subsequent to your correspondence, April

Parks’ records and documents were seized

after a search warrant raid and your client

“quickly and quietly” left the state and filed

for bankruptcy protection in Pennsylvania.

Oh, and one more thing…the Guardianship

Judge recently issued a bench warrant

for her arrest due to failing to appear in


While we understand that you can use that

lawyer cliché - you were only “representing

your client” perhaps, late at night and alone

with your thoughts, you recognize and re-











alize what damage April Parks did to her

wards and their families – both financially

and emotionally.

For an individual who remains a leading

and respected citizen in Southern Nevada

(who else has a parkway named in their

honor?) we ask whether you can proudly

point to your actions in assisting Ms. Parks

as one of the highlights in your career.

Do you likewise continue to stand behind

your words that “…April has an excellent

reputation among attorneys, judges,

medical providers and caregivers and is

well liked and well respected by the overwhelming

majority of her wards.”?

Unfortunately, we believe that the individuals

mentioned are still part of the “guardianship

gulag” and are looking to continue

to profit from this corrupt “insider” system.

Notwithstanding that Ms. Parks can no

longer inflict any harm to future victims,

the guardianship system still needs to be


Despite the past, we remain and would be

more than happy to meet with you. Perhaps

you can assist The Vegas Voice in supporting

our guardianship reforms and proposals.

At the very least, we can absolutely guarantee

that such efforts are ones that you and

your family can look back with pride and

deep accomplishment. It’s never too late to

Yes, that Bruce Woodbury

Our Solution to Reforming Guardianship


(1) For every ward that appears before the Guardianship Court

(2) Senior volunteers that are fully trained & certified

(3) “Interested Person” court status

(4) Independent from Court/Guardians

(5) Independent mediation between family members and/or guardians


(1) Quarterly updates/filing with standard forms

(2) Volunteer & trained senior auditors


(1) Nevada Secretary of State to provide “Guardianship Lockbox”

(2) Temporary Lockbox by Association for Guardianship Nominations



(1) Training & certification based in Nevada geared for Nevadans

(2) Criminal sanctions for any guardian who abuses their fiduciary


IV. Miscellaneous

(1) No tax monies used

(2) Association pursues public/private grants

(3) Association to raise additional funds to cover all costs

Rana with new guardianship reform supporter, Bruce Woodbury

correct a wrong and do the right thing.


And then a wonderful and extraordinary

set of occurrences followed.

Not only did Mr. Woodbury graciously

respond, but he accepted our invitation to

meet and discuss our Vegas Voice guardianship

solution reforms.

He also sent this correspondence after our

get together:

Dear Mr. Roberts:

I have reviewed the proposed “Guardianship

Solution” package of legislative

reform measures for this 2017 Nevada

legislature to consider. I am certainly in

favor of these proposals which should provide

very beneficial

changes to the current

system in Nevada.

I truly appreciate

the effort of you and

Rana in seeking to improve the guardianship

laws and provide greater protection of

all whose lives are impacted by any proposed



The Vegas Voice greatly appreciates and

thanks Mr. Woodbury for his time, efforts

and professionalism in his (now) actions.

Most dramatically, the willingness of the former

attorney of that “poster-child” to support

and endorse our guardianship reforms

demonstrates just how far we’ve come…

and what we’ve accomplished.

There is still more that needs to be done to

finally clean up the guardianship cesspool,

but as my Rana says, if you keep on attacking

those windmills - sooner or later, there’ll

tumble down.

Vibrant Living

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at The Bridge at Paradise Valley, newly

renovated and ready to call home.

Call 702.369.6964 to schedule your personal tour.

702 .369.6964

TheBridgeAtParadiseValley.com • 2205 East Harmon Ave. • Las Vegas, NV

6 www.thevegasvoice.net


ctober 16


Richard Black

Family Court’s Continued Protection of Their Own

Guardian Concerns

Last month, the Nevada Supreme Court’s

Guardianship Reform Commission met for

the last time. After 14 months of deliberations,

including many great ideas by our own Rana

Goodman (who was a member of the commission)

they will now submit their recommendations

to the Nevada Supreme Court and State

legislature for adoption.

Although improvements were proposed, the

commission missed the expectations of many

victims and their family members.

Penalties for due process violations by judges

were not reinforced, estate charging limits were

not established, and confidentiality of evidence

was increased. The confidentiality ruling was

interesting as it only benefits the guilty.

Once a person has been targeted for a fraudulent

guardianship, transparency is their best ally.

Thanks to the previous transparency, investigative

reporters were able to inspect court records

and obtain evidence to expose Guardianship

Hearing Master Jon Norheim and his friends.

The commission refused to consider judicial

or lawyer misconduct in obvious fraudulent

guardianship proceedings. Each infraction was

Hearing master Jon Norheim

Judge Charles Hoskin

rationalized as a misunderstanding or due to

the actions of a negligent guardian.

Each time evidence was presented to the commission

or in family court with ongoing cases to

demonstrate Judge Charles Hoskin or Norheim

ruled contrary to estate documents or Nevada

law, Judge Dianne Steel would declare she was

not the appellate court and deny her obligations

per the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure to overrule

incorrect rulings with ongoing cases anytime

new evidence is presented.

Hoskin, Norheim, and commission members

(and family court allies) Elyse Tyrell, Julie

Arnold, and Kathleen Buchanan continue

to be defended for all their suspect actions. In

fact, Norheim, and elder law attorney Lee Drizin

(who represented former Public Guardian

Buchanan and at times, professional guardian

April Parks) participated on Judge Steel’s committee

which proposed key reforms adopted by

the commission.

They all had more influence on the commission

than any victim or their family members.

Not a single guardianship abuse victim was

asked to participate on the commission or one

of its committees.

Norheim and Hoskin’s court worked to further

exploit hundreds of victims and their family

members as they begged for justice. Only the

victims who experienced his court fully comprehend

what Norheim did.

Evidence shows perfectly mentally competent

people were conscripted into guardianship

without a hearing; doctors with no experience

with the alleged incapacitated person or neurological

expertise completed a one-page form to

justify guardianship.

Norheim consistently denied estate documents

and state law in an apparent intent to

insure third parties enjoyed the estate funds.

When Norheim and Hoskin were transferred to

juvenile court, the new administration found

they had only 3,650 active cases versus the 8,600

they claimed to the public and only 4% of their

case files were compliant with state law on accountings.

The judiciary continues to defend Hoskin’s

and Northeim’s negligence. While the commission

may have ceased operations, The Vegas

Voice has not. We will continue to investigate

and let you know.

8 www.thevegasvoice.net

Rana Goodman

On My Soap Box

Nevada Guardianship Commission Comes to the End

It has been almost eighteen months and

the statewide guardianship commission is

drawing to a close. Last month we, (all of

the commissioners) received our last assignment,

to edit and approve or submit

corrections/comments to the suggestions

going forward to the Nevada Supreme


These suggestions mark the culmination

of our efforts over the past year and

a half.

Although there have been times, I must

admit, that it seemed we were going nowhere

in reaching the end product, I have

to say that Justice Hardesty and his administrative

genius, Stephanie Heying did

an amazing job of writing up all the suggestions,

recommendations and changes

based upon the hours and hours of the

commission’s work.

At the end of the day, the vote has been to

use volunteers wherever possible - something

The Vegas Voice has been pulling for

all along. In addition, the commission’s

vote was to limit the use of full guardianships

where possible.

This is wonderful news to those that feel

the family needs to have as much involvement

as possible. I’m of the opinion that a

caregiver is far less costly than assisted living

or a group home and it allows the person

in need of care to

stay in their own home.

It has been hard trying

to reach out to the

many people who have

spoken before the commission

relating what

they have endured with

their loved ones. Some

have vented at the commission,

feeling we

should have caused indictments

to come down

or issued some form of

quick justice.

I do understand why

they may have felt that

way - after all, there

were several judges sitting on the commission,

plus the chief justice as our chair, but

that was not our job.

Our mission was to make recommendations

to the Supreme Court and/or the

Nevada legislature to write new laws and

improve existing ones. What we have looks

very promising, and I am very proud to

have been part of this process.

I don’t think that the people who have

been most critical have taken into consideration

the fact that all of the commissioners

are taking time from their jobs, once a

month from 1 to 5 pm to volunteer on this

project, then added time to produce, per

team an average of 100 pages of reports

for the next meeting every month.

While some of the public may have

thought that Justice Hardesty and our other

judges or members were not paying attention

as they spoke, they will have soon

have the chance to read the document I

am reviewing now. It will reflect their

thoughts, the tears they cried, echoing

through the changes written in the report

for revisions to the law.

Justice Hardesty has indicated a desire

to have the commission year-round. If approved,

I’d be very proud to remain part

of it.

october 16


Steve Miller

Ghost of Old Soldier Takes Revenge

Guest Column

From his grave, a 95-year-old World War II

hero exposes ex-Nevada Attorney General Catherine

Cortez Masto and her ties to embattled forhire

guardian Jared Shafer.

During the final years of his life, most of war

hero Guadalupe Olvera’s liquid assets (totaling

over $420,000) were drained by private guardian

Jared E. Shafer and his attorneys with the approval

of Clark County Family Court Judge Charles

Hoskin and Hearing Master, Jon Norheim.

Olvera’s problems began in November 2009

when his wife Carmela passed away, and he was

deemed a ward of the Nevada Family Court -

purportedly because of physical disabilities he

suffered in the war, including an almost complete

loss of hearing.

For the next four years, Olvera and his family

lodged a fierce court battle in Nevada and California

to try to terminate the guardianship and stop

the exploitation. Included in their efforts were

the filing of several written complaints with then

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

However, all complaints regarding Jared E.

Shafer were answered with the same explanation

by Cortez Masto - her office “lacked jurisdiction.”

World War II hero Guadalupe Olvera

I also filed a complaint on Mr. Olvera’s behalf

with Cortez-Masto giving further detail about

the exploitation of Olvera. Soon thereafter, I received

a telephone call from an intern in the AG’s


The young man also told me that the AG

“lacked jurisdiction to investigate Mrs. Shafer.” I

told him my complaint was against “Mr. Shafer.”

He persisted. “This office will not pursue the matter

against Mrs. Shafer any further,” and ended

the conversation.

Private Guardian Jarad Shafer

Lacked jurisdiction? Mrs. Shafer?

No thanks to Cortez Masto, the exploitation finally

ended years later, on August 21, 2013 when a

California Superior Court Judge terminated Shafer’s

control of Olvera’s person and assets. However,

it should have ended years earlier had the

Nevada AG done her job - a job that she certainly

did have the jurisdiction to do!

It is more than clear that numerous Nevada elder

exploitation laws have been broken on Cortez

Masto’s watch - felony laws that she was entrusted

to enforce. According to NRS 228.120: “the Nevada

attorney general may conduct any prosecutions

in any court of this state for a violation of

any law of this state.”

Why would a public official shirk such an

important duty; especially to senior citizens who

were being criminally exploited in her state?

As a long-time Las Vegas resident, I was here in

1977 when Jared Shafer needed a job. It was also

well known at the time that the late Manny Cortez

(the father of Catherine Cortez Masto) and

Shafer were close personal friends.

I remember when then Clark County Commission

Chairman Manny Cortez, created a new

position custom designed for Shafer - the Clark

County Public Guardian.

Shafer held that position for the next 26 years

until he opened a private judiciary service called

PFSN, Inc., the venue from which he allegedly

bilked Guadalupe Olvera and many others.

For this reason, I believe that Manny’s daughter,

as Attorney General, did Shafer favors by ignoring

all requests to investigate and prosecute her

father’s friend.

Today, Catherine Cortez Masto is a candidate

for the United States Senate seat held by outgoing

Senator Harry Reid. Based on my experience

with her when I intervened on behalf of an exploited

senior citizen, I can personally attest that

this woman is self-serving, and unfit for such a

powerful position.

Steve Miller is a former Las Vegas City Councilman, former Clark County Regional

Transportation Commissioner and writes internationally syndicated columns on

organized crime and political corruption for Rick Porrello’s AmericanMafia.com. Visit

his website at: www.SteveMiller4LasVegas.com.

Transportation Forum for Henderson Seniors

Henderson Councilwoman Debra March

with political editor Rana Goodman

The City of Henderson Senior Citizens Advisory

Commission is hosting an informational transportation

forum from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday,

Oct. 13, at the Henderson Multigenerational Center,

250 S. Green Valley Pkwy. Participation is free.

The forum, which will begin with introductions

by Councilwoman Debra March, is designed to

serve as a resource for seniors interested in learning

about many of the transportation service providers

located in Henderson and throughout the Las Vegas

Valley. The event includes provider presentations

and an opportunity for participants to meet various

providers and learn more about the services available.

For additional information about the forum or

the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission, call 702-

267-4000 (select option 4) or visit cityofhenderson.


10 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16


Election Notice

And I Approve This Message

By: Dan Roberts - Publisher

“ Another damn %$&*# political phone


It’s election season again and you can fully

expect to be inundated with political mail and

telephone calls - and, of course, it’s all for our

benefit. For those that enjoy receiving such

communications, there is no need to read the

rest of this column.

But for those like me, who absolutely hate

having a mailbox filled with those political

attack flyers, and

daily telephone calls

(starting with those

pre-recorded “ro-bo”

calls) consider this

article the most important

public service

announcement of the


Let me first say that

I believe I am an informed

voter. I vote

every year (regardless

of the contested public

office) and very

strongly contend that

if you do not vote, you

have no voice, no say, about how things are


And while I am far from the smartest person

in any room, I can set forth my reasons (if I

want you to know what they are) as to who,

and why I support or disagree with any candidate

or partisan position.

That being said, let me reiterate and be

very clear about one thing - I do not want any

campaign and election stuff in my mailbox.

And I definitely, positively and unconditionally

do not want those telephone calls, especially

in the evening - and especially during Monday

(and Thursday) Night Football.

While I understand and can even articulate

the “need” for the potential office-seekers to

embark on this political BS, it still outrages

me that such calls are exempt from the current

“Do-Not-Call” laws. Either way, I still do

not want them.

If you feel the same way and want to do

something about it; want to take back some

“control”, here’s your opportunity.

Did you know that there is a simple, easy

(and legal) way to

avoid all this? All you

need to do is fill out

a very short request

with the Clark County

Election Department.

A copy of this form

is below as well as

on our Vegas Voice

home page website


net). You just have

to print, fill out and



the Election Department

will not take

telephone calls or emails (guess they need an

original signature in case the candidates complain)

but for the price of a stamp and 15 seconds

of your time, you too can make a statement

- regardless of your political philosophy.

Keep in mind that for couples, each one

must fill out an original request form, but you

can place both in the same envelope.

The sooner you send the completed form in,

the sooner they leave you alone. That should

scare them... and last, but certainly not least,

to make these guys really sweat, make sure

you vote.


Our Guardianship Endorsements

By: Dan Roberts - Publisher

At our various guardianship seminars,

readers have approached Rana and myself

wanting to know which elected officials

have supported our guardianship reform

efforts, and who has ignored us. Obviously

no politician would come out “against”

such reform, but their lack of interest and

response clearly demonstrates their indifference

to this vital senior issue.

The list below sets forth our Vegas Voice


Such endorsement

was based solely

on a candidate’s

support of our proposals

(page 6). We

take no position on

the other issues;

and yes, we fully

recognize that

such other issues

may be of more

importance to you.


The Vegas Voice

endorses Dr. Joe

Heck. As you can

also see from our

Guest Column

(page 10) Dr.

Heck’s opponent,

Catherine Cortez Masto (the former Nevada

Attorney General) could have been

THE “Guardianship Angel & Hero” but

she intentionally and deliberately ignored

the problem.

US CONGRESS – The Vegas Voice repeatedly

reached out to Democrat Jacky

Rosen to interview her and get her views

on various political issues. Her only response

was from a gentleman who refused

to identify himself and arrogantly advised

that Ms. Rosen was very busy and that if

it was “worth her while” would get back

to us.

We’re still waiting – so much for this

candidate caring about seniors.

NEVADA SENATE – The Vegas Voice

is pleased to announce that both Majority

Leader Michael Robertson (who is not

up for re-election) and Minority Leader

Aaron Ford (who is - SD 10) graciously

met with us and supported our proposals.

While we have stressed that such guardian

reform is non-partisan, it’s good to

know that both leaders feel the same way.

DEMOCRATS - We are therefore endorsing

Aaron Ford, as well as Joyce

Woodhouse (SD 5) and Alexander Marks

(SD 18)

REPUBLICANS – Along with Senator

Becky Harris (SD 9 - who is not up

for election) no politician has supported,

pledged and worked harder to clean up

the guardianship cesspool than Assemblywoman

Victoria Seaman, now running

for Nevada Senate

(in Summerlin)

District 6.

To say that she

“gets it” would be

an understatement

and we proudly

endorse her Senate


We are also


Carrie Buck for SD

5. Ms. Buck (along

with her opponent

Joyce Woodhouse)

is well aware of

The Vegas Voice has proudly endorsed

Victoria Seaman (pictured with Rana) for

SD 6

the guardianship

issue. She reached

out to The Vegas

Voice for more information

and has

pledged to support our reforms.

NEVADA ASSEMBLY – We reached out

to both parties and unfortunately generally

found indifference to our guardianship

concerns. Promises of “call-backs”

and meetings were not successful.

Those who have reached out to us have

likewise promised that if elected would be

willing to support and even sponsor such

reform legislation. They include: Jim

Marchant (Republican) AD 37 and Nick

Phillips (Republican) AD 41.


Chairman Steven Sisolak was a major

force in the formation of the Nevada

Guardianship Commission and was our

keynote speaker at our sister non-profit

Nevada Association to Stop Guardian &

Elder Abuse fundraiser this spring.

He has and remains willing to meet with

us and he totally supports our guardianship

reform efforts. Without any doubt, he

is indeed “one of the good guys” and we

support and endorse him.

12 www.thevegasvoice.net



"America needs independent thinkers who

are willing to work together"

Dr. Tony Gumina believes in:


3510 E. Tropicana Ave. Ste. N

Las Vegas, NV 89121


Paid for by friends of Tony Gumina

october 16


Marty Allen

1. It’s easy to do jokes. I just watch Congress

and report the facts.

2. God was able to create the world in only

six days. That’s because he did not have to

deal with any government agencies.

3. Washington, D. C. is having

a real credibility problem.

Even when they

say nobody believes

them, nobody believes


4. Did you

know Cuckoo

clocks are

banned in


– Or anything

else that tells it

like it is!

5. Harvard claims it has turned out most

of the politicians in the country. I think it is

about time we shut that place down!

6. A certain Congressman is taking on the

Hello Dere

Marty’s Top Ten - Election Edition

American Orthopedic Society. He wants to

know why artificial limbs cost an arm and

a leg.

7. Patriotism is important. I think all

Americans should learn every word of

the Star Spangled Banner from

“Oh Say Can You See” all the

way to “Play ball!”

8. If crime does not

pay, how come

so many people

want to be politicians?

9. I went

to vote and

one ballot box

was labeled:

“Warning –

Voting for this candidate can be hazardous

to your health.”

10. There will be an unfulfilled Christmas

tradition this year in Washington. They

couldn’t find three wise men.

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on and off stage

singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Bill Caserta

You Have to Laugh

Dating Site Concerns:

“Single Black

Female seeks male companionship,


unimportant. I’m a very

good-looking girl who

LOVES to play. I love long

walks in the woods, riding

in your pickup truck,

hunting, camping and

fishing trips and cozy

winter nights lying by the


Candlelight dinners

will have me eating out

of your hand. Rub me

the right way and watch

me respond. I’ll be at the

front door when you get

home from work, wearing

only what nature gave me. Kiss me and

I’m yours. Call (555) 555-5555 and ask

for Daisy.”

I’m told that 643 men called and found

themselves talking to the Humane Society

about an 8-week old black Labrador retriever.

We men are so easy (and stupid!)

Can You Hear Me Now? (Part I) An

elderly man was having hearing problems

and went to see a specialist. The doctor

fitted him with some hearing aids that

restored his hearing back to full strength.

After a few weeks the man went back to

the doctor to make sure the new equipment

was working properly, which it was.

The hearing specialist said, “It all seems

perfect. Your family should be delighted

you can hear everything now.”

“Oh no,” the man responded. “I haven’t

told any of them. I just sit quietly, listening

carefully, but I’ve changed my will

four times.”

Can You Hear Me Now? (Part II)

Three seniors are out for a stroll. One of

them remarks, “It’s windy.” Another replies,

“No way. It’s Thursday.” The last

one says, “Me too. Let’s have a soda.”

Laughing at Lawyers Joke: On an

overseas flight, a lawyer and an older

man were in adjoining seats.

The lawyer asked the senior if he’d like

to play a little game. The senior was tired,

Bill’s Blurbs

and he told the lawyer he only wanted to


But the lawyer insisted the game was a

lot of fun.

“Here’s how it works,” he said. “I’ll ask

you a question. If you can’t come up with

the answer, you have to give me a dollar.

Then it’s your turn to ask me one. But if

I can’t answer it, I have to give you $20.”

The senior figured if he just got this

over with, maybe he could get some sleep.

So he agreed to play.

The first question from the lawyer

was “How far apart is the earth and the


The senior stayed completely silent,

reached for a dollar, and gave it to the

lawyer. Then he said, “My turn. What

walks upstairs backward and comes

downstairs forward?”

The lawyer was stumped. He thought

and thought. He tried to remember all the

riddles he knew.

Finally, he gave up. He woke up the

older man and gave him a twenty. The

senior stuffed the twenty in his coat and

went immediately back to sleep.

The lawyer couldn’t stand it. He woke

up the senior and said, “I have to know.

What walks upstairs backward and comes

downstairs forward?”

The senior took out his wallet, gave the

lawyer a dollar, and went back to sleep.

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and has a very “unique” sense of

humor. He welcomes all funny submissions at: billbuck52@hotmail.com.

14 www.thevegasvoice.net




















Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have a

Boarding Pass and valid ID. Must be 50 years of age or older.

Movie matinees before 6pm. Complete details at Rewards

Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!

october 16


Charlie Christy - Executive Director

Thirty-One Years & Counting!

Adrea Nairne-Barrera

Is That Music?

60’s to 60

How proud Patti would be to see how

we’ve grown! When she founded the Ms

Senior Nevada Pageant in 1985, it was

to give seniors a voice and a platform to

continue serving and entertaining, while

promoting health and happiness in

the “Age

of Elegance.”

T h i s



has grown

into a


that is

now a







Ms Senior



entertains at assisted living homes and

service clubs from one to five times each


These gals are all volunteers and provide

their own costumes and transportation

to perform for others; sometimes

to remote areas of the state like Eureka

and Austin. We raise money for “Meals

on Wheels” and other worthwhile senior


We represent the senior community at

our state capitol, attend the Legislative

session when it is in session, meet with

our governor annually; all while keeping

the focus on what seniors have done, are

doing and what more needs to be done.

That brings up Guardianship. The

abuses that were being perpetrated are

everyone’s concern as we age. Our “golden

years” should be a time for reflection

and enjoyment, but the extent of the

Guardianship scandal in our state has

been deplorable.

This disgrace is slowly being corrected

with the exposure of the abuses and the

energy of some very courageous people

spending endless hours bringing this to

the public’s attention. The Vegas Voice’s

Rana Goodman has spent countless

hours on this issue and due to her efforts,

was honored by Ms Senior Nevada as our

“Woman of the Year” at our Pageant

held at the South Point Hotel in August.

Congratulations Rana, our “Ms Senior

Nevada Woman of the Year” for her dedication

and selfless service to the senior


Back to

Ms Senior


Our new

Queen is

Ms Terri



only is

she a delightful





but she



a senior woman is and can be - accomplished

and giving.

She is a pilot, flew acrobatic airplanes

and was also an accountant. Terri doesn’t

limit herself and her energy is boundless.

She works with Special Olympics,

founded a project for at-risk teenagers

and has just organized a Ms Senior

Nevada team for the annual Alzheimer’s

walk. “Walk the Walk” is October 8 th .

Registration begins at 7:00 am, the

ceremony at 8:30 am and the walk begins

at 9:00 am. Come and join our team:


Or organize a team yourself. Contact

Albert Chavez 702/248-2770 to help put

an end to this scourge. So much is being

done, but so much remains undone. Join

us in helping to find a solution.

Ms Senior Nevada is alive and well and

still serving seniors. In this age, where

anyone can buy a crown, have a banner

printed and run up and down the Strip

taking pictures with tourists, it is refreshing

to know our senior family is still

helping others while enjoying ourselves.

Yes, Patti Hoganson Ogren, we thank

you for bringing Ms Senior Nevada to

life 31 years ago. For more information:


Pix caption: (L to R) Dottie Reed, Ms Senior Nevada Pageant

Coordinator, Rana, Joan Schaumburg, Queen 2015-2016,

Terri MacTaggart, Queen 2016-2017, Charlie Christy, CEO &


My parents

came from

backgrounds in

classical music

and opera. I was

never a fan of


No way to

be kind about

it. It bored me

crazy when my

father sat at the

kitchen table,

cranked up the

Zenith needle

dial radio and

listened to Milton

Cross and the Metropolitan Opera

every Saturday morning.

But Saturdays were to be spent with

my father and every week he took me

someplace special in the afternoon.

Usually we went to the movies, Radio

City Music Hall, a museum or out to

lunch. While my mother taught piano

every Saturday, my days with Daddy

were special.

My parents were sometimes considered

intellectual snobs, or so it seemed

as a child, and the oncoming new music

and trends were quite a contrast to

their interests. Mind you, they were far

from prudish. They were very progressive

thinkers, but my Dad’s parents

were opera performers and music appreciation

never included the likes of

rock & roll.

Entering my early double-digit years

meant American Bandstand rating the

beat and taking swing dancing to a

whole new place. Yahoo!

Saddle shoes were still in but poodle

skirts had already passed. Soap operas

were fun too and so I developed teen

tastes of the time.

There was “a whole lotta shakin’ going

on” all the way to the peppermint

twist, Bobby Rydell, Frankie & Annette

singing about the beach and the ultimate

of all ultimates, Elvis. Very little

made sense to anyone’s parents.

Ed Sullivan was only showing the

upper half of Elvis because of censors.

Even Lucy & Ricky had to sleep in separate

beds. Oh, the shame of it all!

Now we’re in a new century with new

music. I think it’s music. They tell me

it’s music.

Every station on the radio screams

noise to me and if a rap song comes

on, I cannot understand even one word!

The loud banging makes heavy metal

of 20 years ago sound classical. What


Since when did expressing yourself to

the world through the arts become so

violent? You never hear of an old fashioned

country singer being murdered

but we have news stories about rapper’s


The music culture of today needs to

make another swing back to calmer,

soothing tones. We are craving the

harmonies of Earth, Wind & Fire, the

amazing creativity of Kenny Loggins,

Barry Manilow, The Beatles and Frank

Sinatra’s music arranged by Nelson


It’s not about reviving the old; it’s

about writing music that flows through

your brain with some sense of continuity.

The banging and fierceness of

today’s noise is upsetting and actually

makes you nervously jumpy when you


The world is ever changing, so the

inevitability of new noises we don’t

understand is actually understandable.

But whatever that sound of the future

may be, I really pray it sends a message

of calm and slower rhythms so the

banging will stop.

My stepdaughters used to call my

music “Mom Rock.” I hope it comes

back soon.

16 www.thevegasvoice.net

ctober 16


Evan Davis

Never Enough Days!

I Know a Place

As we approach the fourth quarter of

an extremely short 2016, we need to move

ahead and catch as many shows and events

as possible before the holidays are upon us.

Let’s hit the road and see where it goes.

With so many shows closing, mostly on

the strip, we have to really focus on supporting

our local entertainment community. We

need to go out and see our local performers

in all the venues where they perform.

I know you can’t go out every night, nor

can you afford to go out every night, so I will

pick up the slack and get to as many places

as I can and let you know where to go.

Let’s start with some of the shows that you

may or may not know and have already visited.

For those who aren’t familiar with these

events, here are staples to keep you busy.

Monday nights: Tap House for inexpensive

bar food and dancing, Kelley Clinton’s

cabaret/open mic at the Bootlegger Bistro,

Laura Shaffer in the Piazza Lounge at the


Tuesday nights: Howie Gold at Ichabod’s

Lounge, Russine Zellner at Salvatore’s, a Jazz

Pia Zadora perform on Friday &

Saturday nights.

Jam at The German American Club, Reno

Bellamy’s Jam at Club 7777 to name a few.

How about Wednesday? The Italian

American Club starts their week on Wednesday

and runs through Sunday with entertainment

in the lounge every night and shows in

their showroom 3 or 4 times a month.

Other restaurants or clubs that have entertainment

every night are: Ichabod’s Lounge,

entertaining patrons seven nights a week

with additional late performances on Friday

and Saturday nights. The Bootlegger

Bistro on south Las Vegas Blvd. has

entertainers helping the dinners enjoy

their meals just a little more. The Piazza

Lounge in the Tuscany also has entertainment

7 nights a week.

Several nights a week you can catch

singers at the Barrymore in the Royal Resort

Hotel on Convention Center Drive or

just up the street at Piero’s you can see Pia

Zadora perform on Friday and Saturday

nights. Do not forget Kent Foote and the

Vegas Good Fellas’ at Siena Deli on Thursdays

or The Sharps, a swingin’ jazz group

at the Golden Tiki in China Town.

Another place with occasional entertainment

is Olive Mediterranean Grill on East Sahara,

Vintners Grill around Charleston and

Hualapai or a late night Jazz Workshop (jazz

jam) at Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant starting

at 11pm on Thursday nights. Another local

performer is Clint Holmes, 5 nights a week

at the Palazzo Hotel - he never disappoints.

We haven’t even gotten to people like Kenny

Davidsen, Chris Phillips, Frankie Scinta,

Joey Ugarte, Rita Lim, Jimmy Hopper or Naomi

Mauro who will soon be at the new Nora’s

Italian Cuisine. And that just mentions a few.

Of course, there are the shows that The Vegas

Voice presents at the Silverton, Sun City

MacDonald Ranch and in November, the Siena’s

community showroom in Summerlin.

I will be hosting those shows as well as bringing

interviews with the performers on The Vegas

Voice TV/Podcast show - On The Town.

So much to see and do, and so little time!

Evan Davis is the entertainment editor of The Vegas Voice. You can

read his entertainment blog and sign up to receive his free email weekly

Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.com. You can also email

him at: evan@thevegasvoice.net.

Vicki Wentz

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Swagger

Vicki’s Voice

My daughter and her husband are selling

their house in a lovely neighborhood in a suburb

of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The house they’ve lived in since they married,

the house where they brought three new

babies home. The house that kept them safe

and sheltered and proud for about 16 years;

where little friends came to play in the front

yard, accompanied by parents who visited,

shared stories and advice, and traded a lending

hand when necessary.

Where the backyard evolved through the

years from lovely, unspoiled grass and trees

to mulch, a tiny playhouse and a great slide/

swing set/climbing thing. Where the heights

of my grandchildren have been recorded on

the doorframe of the nursery…(sniff)...anyone


Louise and her husband, Chuck, spent a

little too long deciding to sell, and after making

that decision, they had at least a month of

cleaning out, decluttering and packing to do

before they could put the house on the market.

They began to panic about two weeks ago

because school was starting in the district to

which they’re hoping to move, so I, not being

one to intrude with unsolicited advice (did

you hear that? - the sound of everyone who

knows me simultaneously dropping their coffee

mugs?) urged them to drop their price a


(BTW: When did everyone start saying

“price point” all the time? What is wrong with

just “price”?

Everything is

“price point”

this and

“price point”

that, on

my favorite

House Hunters,


Upper, and

Tiny House

shows now,

and it just

grates on my

last nerve!

What is the


heh heh…

get it? Anyway, just STOP it, already.)

So, my daughter and I had a long talk while

I was there for (middle grandbaby) Georgie’s

birthday (he’s 11 friggin’ years old, and I am

sick about it! I have offered them all big money

if they’ll just stay a little longer, but evidently

they can’t do that ONE simple thing for

Grandma!). And, Louise is just freaked about

them getting started in school with their new


Therefore, although initially they wanted a

buyer just like they’d been - just starting out,

planning to bring new babies home, etc., now,

they don’t care if it’s a lone crackhead longhaul

trucker who does squirrel taxidermy on

the side.

She and Chuck don’t want to enroll the kids

in their neighborhood school and then have

to yank them out maybe after they’ve met a

few friends, learned their way around, mastered

the requirements of their teachers, and

discovered where the bathrooms are. Plus,

they truly do not like this school’s curriculum,

and would like to have a fresh start in another

district - is that too much to ask?

I said, apparently so. They have to leave it

in God’s hands, and that’s often a very difficult

thing to do because God is not always on your

timeline, which I have tried to explain to Him

multiple times, but it does no good - go figure.

So, we buried St. Joseph upside down in the

yard, like good Catholics, naturally, and now

they’re just holding their breath. Because the

only alternative they see right now is that Louise

will have to homeschool all of her children

until they move…7th grade, 5th grade and

1st grade…she is catatonic at merely the suggestion…as

am I.

On the other hand, the children are euphoric

about this idea. (Mom as teacher? Popsicles,

ice cream and electronics only a few

feet away? Probably interrupted every day for

house showings? Please…This is academic


Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North Carolina. Readers may

contact her - and order her new children’s book! - by visiting her website at


18 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16


Beverly Washburn

Keep On Trekkin’

Hollywood Memories

For those of you “Trekkies” out there, I’m

sure you are all aware that this year marks

the 50-year anniversary of Star Trek; the TV

show starring William Shatner and Leonard


I was fortunate to have been cast in the episode

“The Deadly Years.” I played Lt. Arlene

Galway and died of old age in it.

Due to that, I was invited to many celebrations

of the 50th anniversary which was a

wonderful experience indeed. Star Trek fans

are truly some of the best in the world and

I was so touched by the warm welcome I got

from them.

This photo was taken in Canada. From left

to right are:

Louise Sorel - Her episode was called

“Requiem for Methuselah.” For those soap

opera fans, you will also remember her from

“One Life to Live” and “Days of Our Lives.”

She has received numerous acting awards,

and deservedly so. She currently lives in New

York with her adorable rescue dog.

She was married briefly to the two time

Emmy award winning actor Ken Howard who

sadly passed away this past March. I was delighted

to meet her and she was just as lovely

as she could be.

Next to her is Sean Kenney. He played

the disfigured Captain Pike in the pilot episode

“The Menagerie.”

I first met Sean when we did little cameos

in a Star Trek spoof called “Unbelievable!!!!!”

along with BarBara Luna and

Michael Forrest. It just had its premiere in

Hollywood last month.

It was fun to see Sean and his cute wife

Taki. They were also at the Rio Star Trek celebration

here in Las Vegas. I adore them both.

Next to Sean is yours truly, and then Sally

Kellerman. She was in the episode “Where

No Man Has Gone Before.”

Of course, her most famous role

was that of “Hot Lips” in the film

“Mash” for which she received an

Oscar nomination. She has a wonderful

resume and has appeared in

numerous shows and hosted Saturday

Night Live in 1981.

She still sings at various supper

clubs at the age of 79! She is adorable

and I was thrilled to meet her.

Next to Sally is BarBara Luna.

Her episode was “Mirror, Mirror”

which has always been a fan favorite.

She and I have been friends for years and

it’s always fun to be with her.

She is quite the talented actress, having

been in numerous TV shows as well as having

appeared on Broadway in “The King and I”

and “A Chorus Line.”

In the past 3 months we were together at

4 different Star Trek related celebrations. She

was once briefly married to Doug McClure

who starred in “The Virginian” and who sadly

died at the age of 59.

Next up is Michael Forest who was in

“Who Mourns for Adonais?” in which he

played the handsome Apollo. Michael is a

wonderful actor and gentleman and I am so

happy to know him.

He has an extensive career in many TV

shows as well as doing Shakespeare! He and

his wife Diana are a joy to know. When I asked

Diana who is 87 (but looks 60) what her secret

is, she said “Keep smiling, keep moving...

and dye your hair!

Until next time, remember that on days you

don’t feel a song in your heart...sing anyway

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and is the author of Reel

Tears which can be bought online at Amazon.com or ordered through Barnes &

Noble bookstores. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@hotmail.com. Check out her

awesome, new website: www.beverlywashburn.com.

If you have grandchildren visiting for the

holidays or just want to do something different

yourself, here is a great suggestion: Wonder on

down to Boulder City and check this out.

Two historic locomotives ready to take you

on a scenic adventure each weekend.

Upcoming special events are the Halloween

Spook train the last weekend before Halloween

and the Santa Trains during the 3 weekends

before Christmas. The Halloween trains will be

decorated with ghosts and goblins, but not so

scary that little kids would be frightened.

On the Santa Trains, Santa and Mrs. Claus

ride along and pass through the cars greeting

All Aboard

all the children and having pictures taken by

their families. A year ago, they inaugurated

“Pajama Trains” on some evenings, similar to

the Polar Express trains. Kids and even adults

are encouraged to come in pajamas and enjoy

hot chocolate and cookies on the trains.

The Santa and Pajama Trains require different

tickets than weekend trains and usually sell

out early. Tickets can be ordered starting October

1st on line: at:www.nevadasouthern.com.

There is also a model railroad group which

maintains a large Lionel layout in one of the

old stationary passenger cars in the display


The World Center of Broadcast Media

By: Jenn Zenn

The World Center of Broadcast Media

(WCOBM) is an innovative, live-streaming,

television network that links to viewer’s social

media platforms, viewable on all mobile devices.

With social media at the forefront of how

people now receive their news, updates and

daily information, WCOBM channels the sociability

of online network platforms with a

live-streaming television studio set up that

makes it possible for anyone to watch television

from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a


Programming aired on the WCOBM network

range from entertainment shows, technology

review shows, sports talk shows, arts

programming, community outreach shows,

ethnic diversity discussion shows, and many,

many more!

Featured show hosts who appear on WCOBM

network channels have been acclaimed as accomplished

broadcasters, radio announcers,

prominent figures in the arts and entertainment

scene, and generally accredited orators

who speak knowledgeably about their show

topics and choose interesting and informative


With guests in the studio, show hosts invite

lively discussions that vary from daily news,

to trending topics and, occasional live performances

by national talent.

WCOBM had its inception in Las Vegas where

founders Gene Woods and Michelle “Roxy”

Davis created the first studio from the ground

up - literally. The WCOBM 8’ x 12’ standard

studio model is a soundproofed booth that is

assembled and can be erected in any location

that a station operator chooses. Containing

high-tech recording equipment, quality microphones,

soundproof panels, a broadcaster’s

desk and computer software, once a WCOBM

booth is put together, live broadcasting is possible.

While the network was created and launched

in Las Vegas, it has grown significantly, expanding

to new channels in Hollywood, Salt

Lake City, Phoenix, Honolulu, the Philippines

and new cities adding all the time. Viewer

reach statistics continue to surge with reach

numbers at around 400,000 in September,

2015, to now well over the 5-million mark.

A major factor in increased viewership statistics

and reach numbers is the concept of

television being viewed online. The core of

WCOBM is the idea that social media promotes

awareness and viewers are able to access programming

with a swipe of their cell phone,

tablet screen, or a simple click of the mouse.

Utilizing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,

Youtube and other platforms as a means to

advertise programming, give live updates and

encourage comments, means that WCOBM

viewers are never too far out of reach from

the on-air talent - a major shift from the traditional

television model of yesteryear. In fact,

viewers of WCOBM programs are urged to

chat in live discussions by instant messaging

through the station website as guests in the

studio discuss various topics and engage in


As a WCOBM station owner, you have the

opportunity to air programs on your channel

that outreach to your community; both online

and in real life. Many WCOBM channels focus

their programs on local talent, celebrities,

businesses and community leaders in order to

engage with viewers located in their area.

20 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16


Rich Natole

Funny Man Jeff Wayne

I would like to start off by thanking all

the loyal readers of The Vegas Voice. I never

thought I would enjoy writing a column so


My article this month is on Jeff “Big Daddy”


He’s is a talented comedian whom I’ve

known since I started my career in Hollywood

years ago. We worked many clubs together

back in the day.

Performing comedy in any and every venue

that would have us - even pizza joints and bars

that had a stage and a mic. If there was an

audience, we were there.

Since I’ve lived it, I know and understand

Jeff’s journey all too well! To say he’s “paid his

dues” would be an understatement. It takes a

very long time in show business to get recognition

for our craft.

As I’ve previously mentioned, so often it is

simply politics. Nothing seems to be fair, no

matter how talented you are.

Jeff Wayne and I, like so many veteran performers,

have seen it all. Sometimes the politics

of the entertainment industry can wear

you down.

What you know seems to happen after “who

you know” gives you an opportunity. I always

thought that ability and experience should be

king but, it is what it is. Here’s an example I

love to use.

When a pilot is flying a plane, do we care

who he knows or who he’s related to? I don’t

think so! We just want a good pilot to get us

safely to our destination.

I bring this up because those of you who

know me, know that I don’t like to see good

performers struggle to get their due. With that

being said, Jeff Wayne is an exceptionally talented


He has a wonderful likability that sets him

apart from all the other comedy performers.

Jeff has been a favorite on the comedy club

and cruise ship circuits for decades - and for

good reason. He is polished and he delivers!

He began his Las Vegas career working all

the great showrooms. He’s appeared on most

of the stand-up comedy TV shows as well as

appearances on all the major television networks.

Over the years, Jeff has made a name for

himself as a television comedy favorite. He’s

funny! He can also act and sing.

His one man show: “Big Daddy’s BBQ” has

received nationwide critical acclaim. Directed

by Ted Lange (from the TV “Love Boat”) Big

Daddy’s BBQ has Jeff’s character cooking and

serving drinks as he spouts off opinions on just

about everything! Hilarious!

This show has a variety of entertainment.

It’s also family friendly, so bring the relatives.

This show could easily find a home in one of

the great Las Vegas venues.

I guarantee that you will be thoroughly

entertained, laughing yourself silly. Jeff is excited

about bringing his one man show to the

Smith Center. He will be performing there October

9th at 2 pm.

I encourage you to go see this show! It’s

a must see! To learn more about Jeff Wayne,

visit www.jeffbigdaddywayne.com.

Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host of The Vegas Voice

Television/Podcast Show. For more information visit: www.richnatole.com. You can

also contact Rich at: rich@richnatole.com.

22 www.thevegasvoice.net

Yvonne CloutierMusical Moments

The Limeliters

Sam Wagmeister

Kats’ Crystal Ball

People & Places

Folk singing

began with


of melodies

passed down


often orally,

usually without


They are about

war, work, civil

rights, the sea,

drinking, love,

and murder.

The many American revival folk singers and

groups, very popular in the 1960s, were part of

the backlash against the anti-establishment

Rock & Roll songs of this “flower people” era.

Amongst the most popular of these groups

was the Limeliters, formed in 1959. Their

name was from the Limelite Club, managed

by Yarbrough, in Aspen, Colorado. Gottlieb,

a music arranger amongst his many talents,

heard Hassilev and Yarbrough sing a duet on

stage there, and decided to join them, forming

this trio.

Cary Ginell, wrote “Along with the Kingston

Trio, the Limeliters were one of the most successful

folk groups of the early 60s. While at

the Limelite Nightclub, the team, (three voices

and four instruments,) worked on blending

their sound resulting in their sounding like

20 singers.”

This move led to their recording debut for

Elektra Records and then a series of bestselling

records for RCA. They had a national

hit with the Coca Cola theme song, Things Go

Better with Coke.

The original group consisted of Lou Gottlieb,

bass, vocal and comic spokesman, Glenn

Yarbrough, lead vocal/guitar, and Alex Hassilev

on guitar, banjo, and bass vocals with the

ability to do a variety of singing.

Gottlieb was a graduate of UCLA with a PhD

in musicology. He performed as a jazz pianist,

was a newspaper music critic, and sang with

the Gateway Singers before being most instrumental

in forming the Limeliters.

Upon retiring from the Limeliters, he

founded one of the most well-known hippie

communes of the 60s, The Morning Star

Ranch. He died in 1966 at age 72.

Hassilev now 84, was born in Paris, France,

educated at Harvard. He speaks fluent French,

Russian and Spanish, is an accomplished actor,

and appeared in the movie, The Russians

Are Coming.

Today, he is a producer of the Limeliter’s recordings

and other artists. He explained that

the establishment never liked folk music because

of its anti-war spirit.

Yarbrough, the one with the most unusually

beautiful voice, was born in Milwaukee,

grew up in New York City and attended St.

John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. During

the Korean War, he served in the U.S. Army

as a codebreaker before joining the entertainment


He had a series of jobs. He was the first to

leave the Limeliters and go solo. His most

memorable solo is Baby the Rain Must Fall.

He was also an accomplished sailor, owning

and living on three different sailboats, one

which he helped build. He died in 2016 at age

86 from dementia.

It is said that each group member was extraordinarily

talented, but together they were

emotionally incompatible. Hassilev often referred

to themselves as “the Bicker Brothers.”

They made over 25 albums Some of their

many successful songs are: A Dollar Down,

There’s a Meetin’ Tonight, City of New Orleans,

Have Some Madeira M’Dear, Lonesome

Traveler, Wabash Cannonball, and

Whiskey in the Jar.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music background, specializes

in ragtime piano. She is an author and has written an easy-to-read book on Scott

Joplin. She reports about music on SCA-TV.com/Anthem Alive! You can contact her

at www.mytimeisragtime.com.

“I’m optimistic about what Las

Vegas is doing,” says John Katsilometes

reflecting on the devastating

2016 summer that saw a wave

of show closings, including Jersey

Boys and Million Dollar Quartet,

two productions that appealed to

Baby Boomer-era audiences.

Katsilometes…Kats to his readers…laid

claim to the Las Vegas

Review-Journal’s prestigious Page

3A entertainment column when

Norm Clarke retired. Always a class

act, Kats’ first column paid tribute

to Clarke’s 17 years with the R-J.

Sitting down with The Vegas

Voice just hours before Jersey Boys

lowered the curtain for the last time,

Katsilometes speculated that the

tribute to Frankie Valli’s Four Season “exhausted

their audience.” He calls the show

“the gold standard of all the musicals that

have been here.”

He blames, in part, competition for the

consumer’s dollar for the spate of closings;

pointing out that in each venue, restaurants,

retail, gaming and other recreational

activities vie for the travelers’ budget. Fourwalling

has become a common practice,

where performers or production companies

rent showrooms from casinos, absorb the

production and marketing costs and then

share revenue with the facility. Creative

show people may lack the business skills to

be profitable.

The future he feels, is not in Broadway

show residencies, although he has high

hopes for Carol King’s Beautiful scheduled

for the Venetian. “It’s the end of the big production

show with a large cast,” he says.

Referring to both shows and showrooms,

Katsilometes suggests, “Make it smaller and

make it unique.” The columnist credits the

Tropicana’s two new shows, the titillating

Cherry Boom Boom” and Band of Magicians

as ground-breakers.

As for the Entertainment Directors responsible

for booking…and unbooking

talent and shows at Strip and local casinos,

Kats says, “Their hearts are in the right

Chris Phillips with “Kats”

place.” Using the South Point as a locals’

example, he said, “What they’re doing is

reaching the locals.”

Kats’ readers recognize that his bureau,

or office, exists on his cell phone, iPad and

laptop; he parks at coffee shops, pool decks

and showrooms around town. Katsilometes

covered UNLV basketball for the R-J in 1998

when he first arrived in Las Vegas.

That tenure was relatively short-lived.

“They fired me for all the right reasons.”

He transitioned to Greenspun Media’s Las

Vegas Sun.

“They had a culture that allowed me in

and gave me a chance to succeed,” for the

next 18 years. The return to the R-J allows

him to reach a wider audience. What could

be more exciting that being the Number

One entertainment columnist in Las Vegas?

Just as Katsilometes has transitioned, so

too is the newspaper business. Traditional

print editions are fading, giving way to electronic

and social media. Speaking at a local

high school, he learned that today’s teens

progress so rapidly that Twitter and Instagram

are now primary information sources

and “Facebook is for my parents.”

The 50-year old Kats refers to himself as

a “young veteran,” having adapted to the

new electronic platforms tapping away at

tiny keyboards. “My generation straddles

the generations as we go digital,” he says.

Sam Wagmeister, a local Realtor specializing in Las Vegas senior communities, covers

the hidden gems of Las Vegas Entertainment for The Vegas Voice. He would love to

hear what you think. Contact Sam at: GreatLasVegasMusic@Gmail.com or (702) 245-6556

october 16









Strip Quality Dining at Stripped Down Prices. Featuring 1855® cuts of

premium beef, delectable seafood dishes and classic entrées.

Extensive and affordable wine list from $24/bottle.

Happy Hour offered in the lounge is 50% off the bar menu,

including specialty drinks, house wine and non-premium craft beer from

5pm–6pm and 9pm–10pm.

Prime Rib Dinner is offered every Sunday for $34

and includes choice of side dish and soup or salad.


Open Table Diners’ Choice Award Winner for Steakhouse



Tiffany Fairfax

Jupiter in Libra: Spotlight on Relationships

Cosmic Jackpot

September was a month of great planetary

activity! There was a Solar Eclipse on the 1 st , a

Lunar Eclipse on the 16 th , Mercury went Retrograde

and Jupiter moved into Libra for the first

time in 12 years.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, I read a

good book and go to the movies. Fortunately,

there were two good movies to see: Café Society

and Florence Foster Jenkins. Loved both

of them.

Enjoyed the book as well, The Little Paris

Bookstore. What perfect entertainment for Jupiter

in Libra and Mercury Retrograde!

With only one more Mercury Retrograde

this year (Dec 19 – Jan 8, 2017), we better

plan ahead because that’s the holiday season.

Hopefully, there will be good movies to see. I

already selected my book: Big Magic by the

Eat, Pray, Love author.

Autumn began on September 22nd, the exact

day Mercury turned Direct. Each year, Autumn

begins when the Sun reaches 0° Libra.

With both Sun and Jupiter in Libra, October is

looking promising. (Sun/Jupiter is a very auspicious


Jupiter will occupy Libra for an entire year.

The last time Jupiter visited Libra was Sept

2004 -Sept 2005. Think back to that year.

This new Jupiter/Libra cycle is an opportunity

to progress with relationships and partnerships,

including business partners. It’s also

a great year to meet that “special” someone.

The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice.

Balanced, fair, just relationships are this year’s

theme. The emphasis is also on romance and

beauty. The Arts will flourish; social events and

weddings will also see an all-time


Jupiter in Libra is excellent

for weddings. I’m sure Wedding

Planners will see a rise in their

business. Equally significant, Astrologers

will have a greater demand

for Wedding Charts. (It’s

very important to select the right

marriage date for a powerful, successful

marriage.) Timing is everything!

For those born under the Libra

sign, this is your year! Libras like to socialize.

Invitations will be forthcoming. It’s definitely

not the” Greta Garbo” year of being alone;

rather, the ideal time to connect with others.

October 11 th is a good day for communications,

entertainment and fun because Mercury

will exactly conjunct Jupiter. It’s also a fabulous

day to give a speech, plan a trip or vacation,

and rev up the sales.

Even though there’s so much good energy

now, the scales always balance. The Uranus

Square Pluto, a turbulent aspect that began in

2012, is still ongoing until 2017.

This explains the global upheaval we’ve

been witnessing. The worldwide stage with the

many shocking events is still unfolding.

Next month we have the Presidential Election.

I sure hope that Jupiter’s energy in Libra

will balance the tempo so we all come together

for a better world; no matter which candidate


Today’s polarization is contrary to the harmonious

energy that is available; however, we

have to want and accept it instead of fighting

against it. Where we put our energy, creates the

world in which we live.

Tiffany Fairfax is a Professional Astrologer with 30 years experience. She is

certified in both Traditional and Magi Astrology. You can contact Tiffany

at: QueenOfAstrology@aol.com.

Ali Guggenheim

Star Seed Souls

Psychic Phenomenon

Since the 1970s we’ve been hearing about

“indigo” children, (named for their aura


This evolved into rainbow, crystal, diamond

and recently star seed children. Though, most

of them are now adults, depending on who

you ask, there are all sorts of interpretations

and theories regarding their validity, who they

are, and what they represent.

All of these souls seem to share a lot of common

traits. Most are social misfits, but, they’re

considered “special” in the sense that they are

highly evolved and gifted spiritually.

Many of them have been diagnosed with

ADHD, ADD and Autism. They usually function

poorly in traditional schools, are strong

willed, highly intelligent (more spiritually

mature than their teachers), resist authority,

and are non-respondent to guilt, fear or manipulation-based

disciplines. They feel that

they don’t belong, therefore, they’re lonely,

and are considered strange by family members.

N a t i v e

American elders


these “special”

souls are the

guardians of

earth and humanity.


though some

have been around longer than others, they

have the benefit of having connections with

other life forms and have mastered the balance

of the ancient spiritual wisdom and


Voluntarily they reincarnate over and over,

even though they know earth is not their true

home and have challenging and difficult

lives. Yet, always being of service, they show

up as our profound teachers.

Skeptics contradict this by claiming that

scientific studies have not found significance

to the New Age pseudoscientific concept that

believe these souls “possess special, unusual,

and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.”

Instead, they insist that this is more

about commercialization and the need of

narcissistic parenting wanting to believe their

children are “special.”

According to the Jewish religion (possibly

the oldest religion on earth), it is forbidden to

stare or torment disabled people. They believe

these souls volunteered to come to this world

with these challanges for our benefit and that

their souls have unobstructed channels to


Other spiritually based interpretations explain

that these souls have a deep interest and

understanding of spirituality and have the

ability to spiritually evolve very rapidly. Yet,

skeptics warn that recategorizing these symptoms

into positive attributes may be dangerous.

It can lead parents to avoiding proven treatments,

exhaust their monetary funds on unnecessary

and useless interventions, and that

“parents may also transmit belief systems to

the child that are self-aggrandizing, confusing

or potentially frightening.” They believe

that this is less about “the child’s psychic

abilities and more about the parents’ desire

for distinction from the less-evolved masses.”

Whether you believe in this or not, the Star

Seed Souls are on their last human reincarnation,

since they are in the process of completing

their earthly mission. These souls repeatedly

show up as light workers, Shamans,

prophets, healers, etc.

There main goal is to lead us through these

difficult and challenging times by helping us

understand that we do not need to surrender

to the fear and violence, but rather, to work

in unison for the purpose of creating a peaceful,

harmonious and a more loving existence.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes, workshops, and

readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.

24 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16


Stu Cooper - Travel Editor

A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Destinations

As you may have noticed, over the past year,

and on into 2018 we have been using Princess

Cruise Lines as our exclusive cruise

line for our Vegas Voyagers “Bus to the

Boat” program. We have done this

because without doubt, Princess offers

the most options for cruise destinations

from Los Angeles.

Over the next year and a half there

are “Buses to the Boat” for cruises that

are going to Mexico (seven and ten

night options), the Pacific coast (San

Francisco, Santa Barbara), Hawaii, the

Panama Canal and Alaska. All of these

itineraries start and end in Los Angeles

so you can essentially cruise from Las

Vegas without ever having to get on an


As the old Greyhound Bus Line slogan

used to say: “Leave the driving to

us.” And with groups over 30 we usually

send our Vegas Voyagers official group

escorts - George and Donna to accompany our

group for the duration of the cruise. They are

there to make sure everything runs smoothly,

and it always does.

And as you can see, we post a schedule of

cruises in chronological order with the dates,

ship, itinerary


lead in price of all of our cruises. Just

pick out the one you’re interested in, give us a

call and we’ll give you complete details as well

as mail or email you an applicable flyer with

information on the cruise.

And if you book one of our fall 2017 cruises

before November 15th Princess Cruise Lines

has a fabulous offer to book early. It’s called





will get: a reduced deposit of $100 per person;

$75 - $150 per person in on board credits

(depending on length of cruise); free gratuities

and upgrades to best available cabin in

cabin class booked.

Depending on length of cruise this is between

a $200 to $800 per person value. Call us at 800-

698-1101 for full details.

Our last set of Vegas Voyager meetings were a

big success. Last month we held two meetings;

one at the Revere Golf Course in Anthem, and

the second one at the Sun Coast Hotel in Summerlin.

We had close to 50 people at each meeting

and it is our hope that we will be able to

continue to have meetings in each community.

We want to make it easier for all

who are interested in traveling with the

Vegas Voyagers to attend meetings.

Finally, our interfaith trip to Israel is

starting to fill up. We need 10 couples to

run the trip and if you’re interested, give

us a call and we’ll send out complete

details. Be sure not to get closed out if

you are considering this trip.

Keep an eye out for our next meeting. We

should have the date set by the November issue.

We are tentatively looking at a mid to end of

January meeting. As always, happy destinations.

26 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16




The Travel Company

Is It Time For Something New?

For the last five years I’ve often written

about Collette Vacations and their worldwide

itineraries. In fact, I suspect some

of my readers may even think I work for

Colette, but nothing could be further from

the truth. I’m a full service travel agent

who books all sorts of travel and lots of

Collette tours.

Recently, though, I encountered two

clients who were looking for something

new and exciting. They were searching

for a guided tour of the Iberian peninsula

and they wanted it to include a day or two

in Tangiers, Morocco. It seemed perfectly

logical to include this exotic location.

After all, it’s only a short ferry ride from

Algeciras across the

straight of Gibraltar to

Africa. But I couldn’t

find an itinerary that

featured this exotic

destination. Of course, a

day in Tangiers could be

added to any Vacation,

but it wasn’t easy. Then after some serious

research, my client and I came to

the same conclusion. Globus offered the

perfect itinerary. Their 13 day tour hit

all the Iberian hot spots and included

an overnight in Tangiers. Perfect! It was

exactly what my clients were seeking.

And I was really impressed with Globus

and their staff, too. They were professional,

helpful, and they quickly won my


The Globus Family of Brands has

played a major role in guided travel for

89 years,and they have expanded into

four distinct divisions, so they really have

something for everyone. Cosmos was my

first introduction to their company. If you

remember the sixties, think “If It’s Tuesday

It Must Be Belgium” but in a good

way. These tours were and still are action

packed with full itineraries, tight

schedules and great value.

If you are looking for a bit of elegance

and extra experiences at a comfortable

pace, the company identified as “Globus”

has worldwide, guided travel with itineraries

that offer that special something...

like the addition of Tangiers to an Iberian

tour to Spain and Portugal.

And then, there’s Monograms, independent

travel with a twist that takes the

guess work out of your vacation.

This service is so extraordinary, it gets

it’s own column next time. Stay tuned!

Here’s Globus’ 13 Day Vacation to Spain,

Portugal & Tangiers, Morocco from $3721.

pp/dbl. occ. with air from Las Vegas!

DAY 1, TUES. MAY 16, 2017

Arrive in Madrid, Spain Time to rest

or to start exploring the Spanish capital.

At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and

traveling companions for a welcome

dinner at your hotel. (Dinner)

DAY 2, WED. MAY 17, 2017


The capital of Spain since 1561,

Madrid today is a strikingly modern city,

the showcase of a country resolutely

turned towards the future. Your Local

Guide takes you to the Puerta del Sol,

Plaza de España with its monument to

Cervantes, the Parliament, Cibeles Fountain,

elegant Calle Alcala, and Paseo de

Castellana. Then, the highlight: a visit

to the palatial PRADO MUSEUM with its

priceless art treasures. (Breakfast)

DAY 3, THUR. MAY 18, 2017

Madrid, Segovia, Avila,


A day in beautiful Castile. Cross the

rugged Sierra de Guadarrama mountain

range on the way to Segovia, famous for

the 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct.

Enjoy a walk through the walled town

of Avila, where St. Theresa founded the

Order of Carmelites. Arrive in Salamanca,

and follow your Tour Director

for a pleasant walk to beautiful

PLAZA MAYOR. A highlight is your

overnight stay at Hacienda Zorita,

which once hosted Christopher

Columbus, where a WINE TASTING

and dinner await you. (Breakfast,


DAY 4, FRI. MAY 19, 2017

Salamanca, Fatima, Portuga,


The majestic scenery of the Serra

da Estrela mountain range forms the

backdrop of your morning drive into


Before heading for Lisbon, melt into

the stream of pilgrims from all over the

world as you visit the SANCTUARY OF


This evening, an optional dinner with

Fado-style entertainment is the perfect

introduction to Portugal’s capital.


DAY 5, SAT. MAY 20, 2017


Lisbon was the center of Europe’s

longest-lived overseas empire. Morning

sightseeing with a Local Guide features

a drive through the Baixa quarter’s

main squares and a walk through the

cobblestone alleys of quaint ALFAMA, the

popular quarter of the seamen and Fado

singers. Drive along the grand Avenida

da Liberdade up to Pombal Square. Stop

for pictures of Belem Tower, guarding

the mouth of the Tagus, and the

Monument to the Discoverers. Next, visit


of Vasco da Gama. An exciting optional

excursion is available to the royal palace

of Queluz. (Breakfast)

DAY 6, SUN. MAY 21, 2017

Lisbon, Azaruja, Seville, Spain

On the way back to Spain, stop in Azaruja

to visit a CORK FACTORY and learn

about the many ways this material can

be used. Then, continue to the vibrant

capital of Andalusia, Seville. (Breakfast,


DAY 7, MON. MAY 22, 2017


During your sightseeing tour with a

Local Guide, hear about the city’s role in

Roman times, its conquest by the Moors

in 712 AD, and its contribution to the

discovery of the New World. Admire

Maria Luisa Park, the Golden Tower on

the Guadalquivir River, and the university

that used to be the tobacco factory of

Carmen fame. Also visit the magnificent

CASA DE PILATOS, a mixture of Moorish

and Roman architecture with a splendid

collection of Roman sculptures. Then,

stroll through the narrow lanes of the


those interested, an optional extended

guided visit to the cathedral is available,

and tonight, for a truly Andalusian

night out, reserve a seat at our optional

Flamenco show. (Breakfast)

28 www.thevegasvoice.net

Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

DAY 8, TUE. MAY 23, 2017

Seville–Tangier, Morocco

Through the sunny sherry wine region

of Jerez to Algeciras. Board your FERRY

and sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to

Africa. Continue to Tangier, jumping-off

point for the Moorish conquest of Spain

and home town of legendary medieval

traveler Ibn Batuta. Sightseeing with a

Local Guide includes a spectacular

panoramic drive to CAP SPARTEL.

Marvel at the views and quench your

thirst Bedouin-style with a glass of hot

mint tea, accompanied by local biscuits.

This evening, enjoy a lively Moroccan

show after dinner at your hotel. (Breakfast,


Days 9 through 13...

Call 702-419-0550 for the complete

itinerary of this spectacular Globus

Vacation. There is so much more, you

won’t want to miss it!

Not to be outdone, Globus Family of

Brands has gotten into European river

cruising in a big way with the introduction

of Avalon. You’ve probably seen

their TV commercials. They’re the ones

that have beds facing the entire wall

of windows for really relaxed cruising.

You can lie there and watch some of

the world’s most beautiful scenery go

by. I’m a real fan of river cruising and

I‘m looking forward to trying this out

for myself.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Globus,

so if you think it’s time for a change,

and would like more info on these

exciting vacations, call me at 702-419-

0550. And by the way, they offer cancel

for any reason travel protection, too!

All the Excitement

of the Old West…


Canyon Country


$ 1916.

pp/dbl. occ.

Air available but not included.

This amazing itinerary has only

one flight and it’s a quickie to

Scottsdale via Phoenix. Then you’ll

enjoy 8 days of visiting 4 national

parks in Utah, and Arizona, as

well as Lake Powell and Monument

Valley where you’ll actually

have a Navajo guide take you to

see the famous sights in a four

wheel drive vehicle. Monument

Valley has been filmed in countless

Western movies so this is

bound to be a highlight of the

trip! Your accommodations are

tops throughout. And the surprise

is that your vacation ends with a

farewell dinner and an overnight

stay at Treasure Island right here

in Las Vegas. Dates are available

in September, but there are other

openings, too.

Escape the Summer Heat in 2017



$ 2197.

pp/dbl. occ.

Air available but not included.

Globus Glacier

National Park &

Canadian Rockies

Experience the beauty of the

Canadian Rockies with a 9 day stay

at top hotels with guided visits to

the Rockies and their most famous

stops including Banff & Jasper

National Park.

Or if you’re a cowboy or cowgirl

at heart, book the 11 day tour from

$2852 per person, dbl, plus air,

departing July 3, and you’ll spend

2 days at the Calgary Stampede.

Your admission is included. So you

get all the beauty of the Rockies

and the excitement of the Calgary

Stampede, too! Don’t let this one

get away!

Date Change and Last

Call for Collette’s





& Jekyll


$ 2849.

pp/dbl. occ.

Mar. 11, 2017

Air incl. from Las Vegas!

If you were disappointed you couldn’t

sign up for this trip due to a date

conflict. There’s good news. The new

departure date for this favorite Collette

Vacation is March 11, 2017. It’s almost

Spring, so the weather should be great,

and this is always a favorite tour. Plus

this is a guaranteed departure date, so

you won’t miss out on anything. And if

you long for a taste of luxury, this 7 day

vacation is what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll experience the graciousness of

the South combined with a stay at Jekyll

Island, once the retreat of the Rockefellers,

Vanderbilts and J.P. Morgan, and

much much more. For information on

this wonderful Spring treat, call me at


Make your air reservations through

Collette Vacations, and you’ll enjoy

starting and ending your vacation with

airport transfers by your personal driver

and private car. Collette really knows

how to take care of you and make

everything easy.

Call Crystal for more info:

702 419-0550

*All prices subject to change.and are based

on per person, double occupancy. Single room

upgrades available at extra cost. MasterCard,

VISA, Amex accepted

or private checks.

october 16


Kathy Manney

Exploring Lone Pine’s Movie World

Around Our World

NMLS #2052




Since 1989, the California town of Lone Pine

has been the site of the Lone Pine Film Festival,

an annual event organized to celebrate the

town’s rich film heritage. Many of the outdoor

scenes shot for early western flicks were filmed in

and near Lone Pine, a small remote Owens Valley

town with awesome views of the Sierra Nevada

mountain range.

Every October, when autumn radiates with

colorful foliage, Lone Pine readies for its biggest

tourist draw. The drive to Lone Pine from Las

Vegas took us through winding roads, extraordinary

views, the occasional wildlife sighting and

very little traffic. We traveled through Death Valley,

around a series of wide, swooping turns that

followed sculpted cliff lines.

From possible choices of urban, rural and

frontier, the United States Census Bureau identifies

the Lone Pine area as “frontier.” William

Boyd, better known as Hopalong Cassidy, made

more than 30 western movies here, John Wayne

thirteen, Roy Roger’s six and Clayton Moore and

Jay Silverheels of “Lone Ranger” fame did nearly

all their filming here.

These now vintage movies depict hero cowboys

who lived in a time when many crimes were punished

by the righteous gunfighter, rather than the

law - though in truth America’s frontier was not

developed by cowboys, but rather upon the wit,

will and works of courageous farmers and miners

with characteristic freedom of spirit and mind.

Lone Pine’s post office opened in 1870 and

in March 1872 the town experienced a forceful

earthquake. The quake took twenty-six lives and

destroyed nearly all of Lone Pine, which at the

time, comprised of eighty buildings made from

mud and adobe. Only twenty buildings were left


As a result of the earthquake, Diaz Lake was

formed. At the time of the quake, Lone Pine was

The annual Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Craft Fair and Pancake Breakfast will be held

Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the MacDonald

Ranch Community Center, 2020 West Horizon

Ridge Parkway, Henderson.

The Craft Fair is sponsored jointly by the

SCMR Sewing Crafters Club, Creative Crew, Ceramics

Club and the Desert Willow

Golf League. There will be many

tables of handcrafted items.

Breakfast will be served from

6:30 to 11:30 a.m. and will consist

of pancakes, sausage, scrambled

eggs, orange juice and coffee. A

a vital supply town for a

number of neighboring

mining communities.

The Cerro Gordo, positioned

in the Inyo Mountains

was one of the most

productive silver mines in

California. The railroad

also played a major role in

Lone Pine and the Owens

Valley early development.

Lone Pine changed significantly

when a movie production company

arrived to make the silent film The Roundup.

Soon, other film companies set their sights on the

scenic location. Before long hundreds of films,

television episodes, and countless commercials

were using Lone Pine as their location.

Notable early films shot include Riders of the

Purple Sage (1925) with Tom Mix, The Cowboy

and the Lady (1938) with Gary Cooper,

and Gunga Din (1939) with Cary Grant. Lone

Pine continued to be utilized when making The

Gunfighter (1950) with Gregory Peck, Nevada

Smith (1966) with Steve McQueen, Joe Kidd

(1972) with Clint Eastwood, Maverick (1994)

with Mel Gibson, and The Lone Ranger (2013)

with Johnny Depp.

Non-Western films have also used the areas

distinctive landscape. They include, Star Trek V:

The Final Frontier (1989) with William Shatner,

Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon, and Gladiator

(2000) with Russell Crowe.

When visitors gather at their annual film festival,

Lone Pine residents welcome them to become

part of their storied history. U.S. Route 395 makes

up Lone Pine’s main street and the closest accessible

large city is Bakersfield, 160 miles away. The

annual parade is held the Sunday of Columbus

Day weekend.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an Adventure Diva. Her

“Must See” travel journeys continue - always with enthusiasm.

Annual Craft Fair & Pancake Breakfast

bargain at only $6.00! Advance tickets are available

at the Willows Restaurant.

The Craft Fair will take place from 7:00 a.m.

to 1:00 p.m., so come on down! Get a head start

on your holiday shopping. Find that perfect gift

for everyone on your list, some items for your

home and something special for yourself.

With a reverse for purchase, you can purchase a home

that meets your physical needs, move closer to family

or buy a home with features designed for aging in place.

Speak with our LOCAL REPRESENTITIVE, Cory Carstens.

(702) 496-6506 or CoryCarstens@OneReverse.com

NMLS #473360

NMLS #2052. Nevada – One Reverse Mortgage, LLC., 8275 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 200,

Las Vegas, NV 89123. ©2015 One Reverse Mortgage, LLC. All rights reserved.

30 www.thevegasvoice.net

By Jim Petty

Hello everyone!

My name is Jim Petty,

and my family have

been Henderson residents for more than 30

years, the last 16 of those years in Anthem.

Like many of you reading this, I grew up in

the 50s, coming of age in the 60s.

As you can see, I am calling this monthly

column “Real Estate Ramblings & More.” As

time goes on, I hope the emphasis will be on

the ‘More.’

Though real estate has been one of my

passions for 40 years, having been involved

in most areas of the business, from buying,

selling, marketing, land subdividing, and

building both commercial and residential

properties, I fancy myself an entrepreneur, a

jack-of-all-trades if you will.

My first business, at the age of 10, was

sweeping storefront sidewalks for the merchants

in a small east San Diego County

Real Estate Ramblings N’ More

town, where my folks owned the local

furniture store. At a quarter a day per

merchant, I was “rich” every Friday;

on collection day!

I bought my first car at 16, using

proceeds from my job selling magazines

door to door. The day after my

high school graduation I joined the

USAF, where I served as loadmaster on

C-141s, flying supplies “in-country” to

Vietnam, then returning stateside with

the remains of our fallen soldiers.

After the Air Force, I attended junior

college for a couple of semesters,

but soon became bored. All my friends

were trying to avoid the draft, being

‘deferred’ as long as they attended

school full time. My pals and I formed

a folk group, later morphing into a full

on (and a helluva lot more fun) ROCK

n ROLL band.

Got married at 24, moved ‘back to

the land’, buying a little farm in No.

California, where among other jobs, I

became a licensed real estate agent.

Landed in the Las Vegas valley in

1986, where I ended up owning and

operating a small airline for the next

20 years. Air Vegas Airline was a Grand

Canyon tour operator for the international

tourists coming into Vegas.

When I was younger, I intended to

write a book about all my adventures

and experiences growing up. Surely

it would make an interesting read for

anyone. But about the time I turned 50,

I realized my life was probably similar

to all of our lives. Those of us who were

fortunate to grow up in ‘the age of innocence’,

after WWII, had the opportunity

to become whatever and whomever we


And so, this column is dedicated to

all of us who have a story to share. A

story about growing up in the greatest

country the world has ever known.

Where opportunity is available for anyone

who cares to look for it.

At last, here is where the ‘More’ in the

title of this column comes in.

If you have a real estate question for

me, (this is supposed to be a real estate

advice column after all) or a life-story to

share, or almost anything else you think

others would enjoy hearing about, email it

to me.

Remember, our world today has enough

negativism and downer stories. This column

will be about the positive things in life,

those things that continually give us hope

and a reason to get up every day!

Please join me in celebrating the blessings

in all of our lives, by sharing our stories

with each other.

Thanks for reading!


Jim & Ann combine 49 years

of dedicated work experience

as real estate professionals.

We understand the complex

process of buying and selling

a home. Every client and

each transaction is unique. Our

hands on approach and commitment

to YOUR personal service,

ensures the process will be

smooth and efficient, resulting

in a positive, ON TIME closing!

Ann Petty/Broker/Salesperson/SRES ®




Retiring? Downsizing?

Thinking about buying or selling your home?

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help!

• SRES ® stands for Seniors Real Estate Specialist

• REALTORS ® with the SRES ® designation are

specifically trained to serve the needs and interests of

real estate buyers and sellers age 50+.

• SRES ® Designees join an elite group of real estate

professionals serving the 50+ market.

• SRES ® is the only “seniors real estate” designation

recognized by NAR.




october 16


Jennifer Salem

Valerie Del Grosso

Your Partners in Planning

Has Your Estate Plan Kicked the Bucket?

Thank you for the feedback on last

month’s column! Yes, it’s true. Your estate

plan can do more than divvy up your belongings;

it can also make sure that everything

you have worked hard for stays in

your family - no matter what happens to

your health.

And you do not have to be a wealthy person

to benefit! We have created a free fourpart

series you can access on our website

at originslegalgroup.com that answers the

most common questions we received.

It does no good to have a terrific estate

plan if, at the end of the day, nothing is left

for the surviving spouse. The Wall Street

Journal reports that 86% of widows live in

poverty after their life savings are spent for

care of the first spouse.

Many people are surprised to learn that

their current will or trust do nothing to prevent

this. When you add the many ways the

world has changed in the last several years,

like Obamacare, Medicare Part D, increasing

long term care insurance costs… it

turns out that your estate plan has probably

done more than just get dusty in the last few

years. It may have kicked the bucket!

Here are the signs that you are due for

an upgrade (or that now is a great time to

explore your first estate plan). Since your

plan was created:

1. Your minor children are now adults;

2. You have married, divorced or re-married,

or become widowed;

3. You or your spouse have received a new

health diagnosis;

4. You or your spouse have become a senior


5. You or your spouse have started collecting

a pension, Social Security, or IRA


6. Your previous Plan does not plan for

your beneficiaries’ potential health issues,

debt problems, or divorces;

7. You have moved to a different state;

8. Your previous Plan does not take into

account health law changes;

9. You have changed your mind about

who gets what and when;

10. You have new health concerns or have

changed preferences on your healthcare directives.

If you don’t know whether your plan

addresses these concerns, it is most likely

outdated. If your estate plan has not been

updated in the last ten years, it is almost

certainly outdated. If you don’t have one, it

is definitely not going to work for you!

Middle income families stand to gain

the most from a fresh look at their estate

plan and financial situation. We specialize

in helping seniors who want the most up to

date strategies that work for them during

their lifetime and preserve their legacies.

Next month, we will talk about making

your estate plan work for you. In the meantime,

if you have any questions, please do

not hesitate to contact us.

Jennifer Salem & Valerie Del Grosso help seniors who are concerned that they may lose

everything they worked for if they have a health issue. You can reach their law office,

Origins Legal Group, at 702/850-7799 or 702/900-1470. Visit their website:


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James J. White, D.D.S

One Size Fits All?

Just as we know that one clothing size

does not fit all, each dental treatment must

be unique to that person. Dentistry is an artscience

and as such, no crowns, fillings, dentures,

implants, etc. are exactly alike. Every

procedure that a dentist does is “site specific.”

Several people may need an implant, yet

each person will require a different sequence

of events to accomplish the implant placement.

This is even true for multiple implants

in the same person. No two procedures are

exactly alike.

There is no “one size fits all” in dentistry. At

times, I think there are people who think that

a dentist just has a box of teeth in the back

room from which he/she pulls out one that

may work.

Strange though it seems to me, I have had

patients who have problems or concerns and

ask me what I can do to solve the problem.

I then spend time in my laboratory studying

the models and x-rays, performing a diagnostic

wax up and the clinical charting to develop

various options for treatment.

I then consider the limitations that were

imposed by the patient to determine what

treatment plan would best suit that patient’s

requirements. This will usually average 2-3


I then meet with this patient to

review the options for treatment

and the advantages and disadvantages

of each so that patients

can make a decision. I am dumbfounded

when I finish and the patient

just wants a copy of the treatment


Supplying a copy of a treatment

plan does not happen in my office.

If I am spending the time to analyze

their case and developing the

treatment options, I am certainly

not going to hand this information

to the patient - however honorable

their intentions.

Indeed, I am happy to forward

the x-rays to another dentist. I

have even had people say that they

want to take it to their former dentist

who they have been seeing for

several years.

How crazy it this? If the previous practitioner

did not see or understand the needed treatment

while that person’s mouth was “falling

apart” in front of them, why would someone

wish to take a treatment plan to that dentist?

A legitimate second opinion is one where

the person will seek an equally qualified practitioner

who would study all aspects and then

let that dentist develop options for treatment.

If one commissions an architectural design, I

can guarantee that those design plans will not

be handed over for someone else to use unless

that was the arrangement.

All dentists are NOT of equal ability. There is

no value in a second opinion if one does not

insure that the same attention to detail by a

practitioner of equal or better ability has supplied

their opinions of treatment.

In most cases, patients will come to the office

knowing from the various articles I have

written, that I can design a treatment they

need, while at the same time thinking they

can then take these recommendations to another

or previous dentist. SHAME ON THEM!

Don’t waste your dentist’s time if that is your

intention. Find a good dentist, establish trust,

and stay with him/her.



This program is offered at the office of:

James J. White, DDS

1140 N.Town Center Dr., #170

Las Vegas, NV 89144

Annual fee: $280.00

Includes: • 2 routine cleanings

• 2 periodic examinations (including

periodontal & oral cancer exam)

• 1 set of diagnostic x-rays

• 1 consultation

• 5% discount on ALL restorative services

• 5% discount on automatic annual renewal

If you are one of over 100 million Americans

without dental insurance, call now:

702/ 562-8833


october 16


Chuck Dean

Idle Money for Veterans Care

Vet 2 Vet

As we go from another hot summer to a

cooler fall, I always get a little antsy about my

health. It seems like with weather and seasonal

changes I become more prone to having

physical “breakdowns.”

With that in mind, here’s hoping that you

continue to have smooth sailing while obtaining

proper care and treatment from the VA.

Remember, it is NOT some gift from the

government - it is something owed to every

veteran in exchange for sacrifice and service

while in uniform. It’s like this: Veterans are

people who at one point in their life wrote a

blank check payable to the United States of

America for an amount up to, and including,

their life.

Over the years, I’ve found that VA benefits

have a hard way of being found. Typically, veterans

need to dig around to find exactly what

they are entitled to.

Sure, the obvious stuff is there, (disabled

compensation, and routine health care, etc.),

but there are some important benefits that are

not so routine or easy to find.

As an example, for those caring for aging

veterans there may be programs available to

help them financially, such as the Aid and

Attendance (A&A) benefit. The A&A

benefit is an enhanced or special

monthly pension paid in addition to

the basic veterans’ pension.

The money for this program is

specially earmarked and

cannot be tapped for

any other uses by

the VA. True to form

though, this program

is underutilized by

veterans and the

funds sit idle while

many suffer needlessly.

Here are the parameters of eligibility for


(1) The Veteran requires the aid of another

person to perform the activities of daily living,

such as bathing, feeding, dressing, attending

to the wants of nature, adjusting prosthetic

devices, or protecting himself/herself from the

hazards of the daily environment, or,

(2) The Veteran is bedridden, and his/her

disabilities require that he/she remain in bed

apart from any prescribed course of convalescence

or treatment, or,

(3) The Veteran is in a nursing

home due to mental or physical

incapacity, or,

(4) The Veteran is visually

incapacitated. Note: Being

“Housebound” is another

circumstance where enhanced

benefits will


You may apply for

Aid and Attendance or

Housebound benefits

by writing to the Pension Management Center

that serves Nevada, which is:

Pension Management Center (335/21P),

PO BOX 11000, St. Paul, MN 55111-0000

When applying, it’s important to include

copies of evidence, preferably a report from

an attending physician validating the need for

Aid and Attendance or Housebound type care.

The report should be in sufficient detail.

This report should indicate how well the applicant

gets around, where the applicant goes,

and what he or she is capable of doing during

a typical day. Don’t forget to include whether

the claimant is confined to the home or immediate


I hope this helps you receive what you deserve.

And once again, here’s wishing you the

best of health and happiness on your journey.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and through that experience

was led to address the many transitional issues veterans struggle with. In 2008 he was

the recipient of the prestigious Hirsch Foundation Leadership Award for his writing and

work in support of veterans and their families. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/author/


Our Chuck Dean at

The Vegas Voice Book Festival

The Vegas Valley Book Festival has networked

together a community-wide consortium

of cultural organizations and sponsors

to offer “a one-stop shopping experience for

literature” with programs sharing resources,

developing audiences, advancing the craft of

writing, and sharing the joys of reading. It is

the largest literary event in Nevada, drawing

more than 10,000 attendees during the season.

Since its founding in 2002, the festival

has presented over 800 authors and speakers

and has

produced or

sponsored over

500 events,

sessions, readings,



book signings.

This year’s

event highlights



Medal of Honor


and author of

“Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor.”

The festival is free and open to the public.

Date: October 15, 2016.

Time/Event: “Incomplete Odysseys: From

Homer to PTSD Today.” Panel discussion

with David Morris, Mary Penney Hershey, and

Chuck Dean.

Tent 2 at 12-12:45pm

Location: Historic Fifth Street School - 401

South Fourth Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

34 www.thevegasvoice.net

Pat Warren

Ask A Master Gardener

Happy Gardening

I dislike palms.

To me they’re a waste of space – they

don’t throw shade where you want them

to, they’re messy, species with spikes may

scar you for life, they can cost a fortune to

maintain and they drop seeds everywhere

and try to root in the middle of your beautiful

flower beds.

That being said, I understand that many

people like palms, so this month I’m going

to talk about them for those souls who

don’t share my opinion.

First, understand that palms are not indigenous

to southern Nevada but there are

several varieties that will grow here. The

following species are easy to find, smaller

in size and should work well in an average

residential setting.

Blue Mexican Palm – A low to medium

water use plant, it likes sun or afternoon


Mediterranean Fan Palm – It has a

relatively low growth habit and is cold hardy.

It also likes full sun or afternoon shade

and is a low to medium water use plant.

Chinese Fan Palm – Has long, sharp

thorns as a juvenile, is a low to medium

water use plant and likes full sun to afternoon


Windmill Palm – A medium water

user, it needs full sun to partial shade but

should be protected from the wind.

Lady Palm – Needs to be planted in the

shade and is a medium to high water user.

It is also cold hardy.

Pygmy Date Palm – This palm should

only be grown in containers or in protected

areas. It requires

full shade to afternoon

shade and has medium

to high water requirements.

This is another

palm that can cause

bodily damage because

it has large thorns.

Once you’ve found a

palm that tickles your

fancy, plant it in late

spring to early summer

when the soil is warm.

Cold-hardy palms are

the exception and can

be planted at any time.

All palms need welldrained

soil, and should

be planted in a hole that

is only as deep as the

root ball but is three times as wide. This

is important because their roots, which are

fibrous and without a large tap root, spread

out toward the crown of leaves.

As soon as you’ve planted your new tree,

make sure to water it thoroughly. It’s a

good idea to form a burm (a mound of soil

placed in a circle around the far outer edge

of the root ball) to hold water. It is imperative

to keep the soil moist but not wet. If the

root ball dries out, it is virtually impossible

to re-wet it.

I hope that this information will help

you with your new palm and if it does, all I

can say is…better you than me!

Have other gardening questions? You

can call the UNR Cooperative Extension’s

Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-

5555. We’re available Monday-Friday from

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The service is free.

Pat Warren is a certified Master Gardener with the UNR Cooperative Extension.

She started her training because of the frustration she felt trying to get something,

anything, to grow in Nevada.

The Blind Center of Nevada, a nonprofit

that serves the blind community in Las Vegas,

will be holding its 6 th annual ‘Imagine’ Gala

on Saturday, October 22 nd , from 6:00-8:00pm.

The event will

be held at the


Keep Memory

Alive Events

Center at the


Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in

downtown Las Vegas.

It will be an evening celebrating “Visions

of Greatness,” fundraising for the Blind Center

and its remarkable programs that help

those struggling with vision loss so that they

can find hope, learn independence, and pursue

their path to greatness.

Live entertainment for the evening will

october 16

Blind Center of Nevada’s 6 th

Annual ‘Imagine’ Gala

feature the Blind Center’s very own Broken

Spectacles, the hot new alternative rock band,

and Blind Allegiance, the Center’s popular

glee group. Guests will mingle and peruse the

exciting silent


tables while



and hors


style dining.

To make a difference in the lives of those

who are legally blind in the community and

register for the event, please contact Jessica

De Vivo at 702.912.0531/Jessica@blindcenter.org

or check out the Blind Center of Nevada’s

website: for more information on how

to register for tickets online: www.blindcenter.



Mary Richard

Wow! Fall is here! What a tough summer we

had and did anyone lose any weight?

You don’t have to admit it. You know who

you are! Well, here are a few exercises to work

on before we get into that eating and drinking

holidays that will be upon us soon enough!

HIGH PULL (works arms, back, butt, legs)

Stand with feet hip-width

apart. Start with a 2-pound

weight. Hold each end of the

weight with each hand so

that it is parallel to the floor.

Squat and push out weight so

that it’s just above floor. Stand

up quickly, raising weight to

chest level, elbows bent and

out to sides. Return to squat

for one rep.

TWIST (works shoulders,

oblique) Sit on floor with legs

together, knees bent and feet

flat. Hold weight with both

hands, one hand on each end,

palms facing each other.

Twist to left shoulder with elbows bent. If

you can manage, lift feet a few inches, then

twist torso to the right. Lower feet and back to

original position.

DUMBELL SQUAT (works quadriceps,

hamstrings, gluteals) Hold a weight in each

hand, with palms facing inward, arms down

Health Fitness

Start Exercising Before

the Holidays

by your sides, feel about hip width apart. Keeping

your head up, shoulders back, and eyes

fixed straight ahead, slowly squat until your

thighs are parallel to the floor. Finish the exercise

by slowly returning to a standing position.


Hold a weight in each hand, palms facing

inward, arms down by your

sides. Slowly lift the weights

away from your body until

they are level with your shoulders,

so that your body forms

a T shape. Lower slowly to the

starting position and repeat.

Beginners should start with

one set of 8 to 12 repetitions

using minimum 2 or 3 pound

weights. More advanced

exercisers should shoot for

two reps, using any heavier


Just do not overdo! It won’t

help you if you feel a strain in

your muscles. It is better to start off with lighter

weights and increase to heavier weights as

you progress.

Good luck with these exercises. Remember

to always do exercises gently at first until you

get the hang of it. Enjoy!



Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first runner-up for Ms.

Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer. She is one of the original columnists

for The Vegas Voice. She is now an aerobics instructor throughout Las Vegas/

Henderson. Mary can be reached at mary-vegasvoice@cox.net.

Linda Bateman-Gomez

There’s a theory out there that hemlines

rise and fall with the economy (aka the Hemline

Index). Whether true or just myth, one

thing is for certain, boomers have had the

honor of seeing it all over the decades; short

and long, upswings and downturns.

For those of us over or nearing 60, we can

certainly remember the hemlines of the 70s.

Yikes! I wasn’t paying much attention to

the economy back then (my interests were

certainly elsewhere),

but I

guess it must

have been a

thriving economy.

How in the

world did we

bend over to

pick anything

up? As the

years have

passed, the

skirts of the

70s are no longer

as easy to

pull off!

Today there

is a fine line

between looking

classy, sexy,

and then, of

course, looking


Ridiculous is the important one to pay attention


While the extra short skirt is best left to

younger women, it does not mean we have

to wear our skirts below the knees like our

grandmothers would have insisted back in

the day.

If your knees have “aged well” summer

dresses matched with a cute pair of sandals

in this warm weather can be stylish and very

appropriate worn just above the knees. If

your knees are showing your age, a hemline

mid-knee is often enough to camouflage the

signs of age and still be a fun summer look.

Moving into fall and winter, the door is

opened to many more fun options!

Timeless Beauty

The Rise and Fall of Hemlines

Wearing a chic pair of tights or opaque nylons;

not only covers the knees, but gives you

the ability to pull off a shorter look - while

still providing coverage. Black tights paired

with black booties, allow for a shorter skirt

and a younger, sassy look. Tights with texture

also allow for a fun break from the typical

solid colors.

So how short is too short? Often body type

will dictate what may look best. Fuller, flowing

shirts can

be more forgiving

and be a

bit shorter. For

me personally,

about 2 inches

above the knee

is what I can

get away with

these days.

The mid

length between

my knee and

ankle is the

least flattering

on me because

of my body

shape and

height. Also, if

you find something

you like

that doesn’t

look as flattering

off the

rack, keep in mind that alterations are usually

easy and inexpensive, and can quickly

turn a dress from good to great! An inch or

two in the hemline and even some quick adjustments

in the sides can make a big difference

on how an outfit looks on your body.

Last, if you just feel more comfortable in

them, longer lengths are always appropriate

and very stylish. Additionally, wearing a

bit of a heel regardless of the length (even

a wedge) helps to elongate the legs and can

offer a bit of a dressier look.

While we may not be squeezing into any

miniskirts now, we’re not limited to just covering

everything up either! In 2016, in spite

of the economy, the choice is yours!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company based in Las

Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty products. She would love to

hear from you with questions, ideas or tips you’d like to share! Contact Linda at

TimelessBeauty2020@gmail.com or through her website www.fullips.com.

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Jan Fair

Pickin’ Pumpkins & Slurpin’ Soup is Good-4-U

A No-Brainer Minute

october 16





Chazell A/C & Heating/702-647-3355

Servicing the valley since 1992. www.chazellac.com.


ACLV / (702) 529-4399

Service, repair, replace; 30 years experience. Lic. #74563


ProCLEAN Premium Carpet & Tile Cleaning

(702) 871-0602

Three room special - $99. 100% “Love It” guarantee.

35 years experience. Honest and reliable.


New Beginnings / (702) 203-7471 or (702) 876-2557

Estate sales and home downsizing. Brenda Castleforte,


Aztek Services / (702) 260-6955

Residential repairs, installation and maintenance.

Henderson Area ONLY. Call Lou.


Impressionable Spaces / (725) 200-3081

Sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Call Judy Grove.


A Clean Getaway LLC / (702) 373-8396

Free estimates. Family owned and operated. Lic. #2015301524


Hunter Insurance / (702) 335-6428

Your Medicare Advantage/Supplement specialist.

Cindy Hunter, cindyjhunter@gmail.com.

Medicare Plans

Rae Rocco / (702) 897-9929

Independenr Agent, No charge for consultations


Nevada Mortgage / (702) 732-7777

Reverse mortgage questions? Free consult with

Bill Ochs Jr., owner. 1481 W. Warm Springs Road #131,

Henderson. Locally owned since 1978. FHA, VA

and conv. NMLS #370707


Sun Country Pest Services / (702) 263-7346

Licensed, insured.


Toni’s Pet and Home Sitting / (702) 499-8606

Care for all needs, loving and dependable. Veterinarian

recommended for 14 yrs.


Sanderson Plumbing / (702) 610-7236

Very dependable. Lic. #78397.


Francine Fields / (702) 375-2276

Senior Real Estate Specialist Windermere Prestige Properties

A great (and very affordable) way to build

your business. To place your business

listing, contact Advertising Sales


38 www.thevegasvoice.net

october 16


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