Caribbean Times 4th Issue - Thursday 29th September 2016


Caribbean Times 4th Issue - Thursday 29th September 2016

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Thursday 29th September 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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By Joanna Paris

The 2016 National Youth

Exhibition and Health Expo,

which forms part of the annual

National Youth Week

Activities has been hailed a


A record number of approximately

1400 students

representing schools across

the island turned out at the

Multipurpose Cultural and

Exhibition Centre to see what

the exhibitors had on display.

It is fair to say that Antigua

and Barbuda is truly

filled with talent and creativity,

as there were a wide range


of goods and services professionally

set up to appeal to

the eye.

From homemade treats to

include- cakes, candies and

other delights to arts and craft

and let us not forget the technologically

savvy, there was

something which appealed to

every visitor.

There were also a number

of recreational activities

which fostered an atmosphere

for friendly competition

among the students to

include table tennis.

The one-day activity also

provided attendees with an

opportunity to benefit from

health checks and participate

in various scheduled discussions.

Programme Officer within

the Department of Youth

Affairs, Steven Samuels indicont’d

on pg 3

2 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

By Everton Barnes

The government has bored

a huge hole in arguments presented

on radio Wednesday

by United Progressive Party’s

Leader, Senator Harold

Lovell, regarding projected

growth rate for the national


In a lengthy Observer Radio

interview, Lovell correctly

said economic growth for the

year 2014 (UPP lost the election

in June that year) was recorded

at 4.7 percent, but had

declined to 3.2 percent by the

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Letters to the editor to

Lovell’s claims not true

end of 2015 (actual rate according

to the ECCB was 3.8

%). Additionally, the former

finance minister said economic

growth for 2016 was projected

at ‘just over’ 2 percent.

But according to figures

presented by the Ministry of

Finance indicated that economic

activity while dipped

slightly in 2015, will see a

rebound this year. “In Antigua

and Barbuda GDP growth for

2016 is projected to be 4.1%

for 2016 based on ECCB projections,”

the statement noted.

Further, according to the

finance ministry’s statement,

overall, fiscal performance

for the period January to June

2016 improved by 8 million

or 56.6%, compared to the

same period in 2015 ($20. 9

million surplus in 2016 compared

to $13.3 million deficit

in 2015).

The ministry is also reporting

improvements in revenue

collections for the first six

months of the year, compared

with the corresponding period

last year. “An analysis of revenue

performance shows total

revenue and grants amounted

to $451.7 million, a $65.1

million increase compared to

the same period last year,” it


The ministry identified the

main contributors to this improvement

in revenue performance

as; (a) current revenue

increased by $25.3 million

or 6.5 %, from $385 million

over the period January to

June 2015 to $410 million

over the same period 2016,

and (b) an increase in capital

revenue of $39.7 million

during 2016 when compared

to $1.2 million received in the

first half of 2015. Additionally,

the statement said of the

increase in current revenue,

tax revenue for the period under

review contributed $28.2

million, 8.7% greater than the

tax revenue collected over the

same period in 2015.

Responding to Lovell’s

claims, Cabinet spokesman

Lionel Max Hurst described

the UPP leader as ‘the worst

performing finance minister’

in Antigua and Barbuda’s history,

noting that he presided

over three years of negative

growth which resulted in a

25% reduction in GDP and

the loss of 10-thousand jobs.

Hurst stated that since the

ABLP took office growth has

been continuous noting that

GDP is likely to surpass 4 percent

this year. He also pointed

to revenue performance

which has outstretched the

2015 amounts by ‘tens of millions’

of dollars.

The Cabinet spokesman

drew attention to abolition of

Personal Income Tax at the

end of June and stated that

despite this move, the government

is projecting that

revenues will still surpass

last year’s figures. He said

Lovell’s claims are ‘untrue’

and are ‘obviously based’

on an IMF report of October

2015, but which do not reflect

the actual performance of

the economy ‘on the ground’

11-months later.

Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Changes at Social

Security soon take effect

By Everton Barnes

The long-awaited changes

to the Social Security

Scheme are to soon go into


According to Cabinet

Spokesman, Lionel Max

Hurst, the new Social Security

law that was passed earlier

by the parliament is now

before the Governor General

for his signature into law.

This comes as the Director

of the Social Security

Board, David Matthias, was

invited to the Cabinet on

Wednesday for the purpose

of informing the members

of the change to the Social

Security law, and the consultations

in which the SSB

engaged with various stakeholders.

Matthias told the Cabinet

that a Trade Union,

the Hotels Association, the

Chamber of Commerce and

the leaders of all types of

businesses came before the

SSB to discuss the imminent


“The SSB, under the

Regulations, decides on increases

in age, deductions

and payouts. The object is to

make the technical experts

the final decision-makers so

that the Social Security system

can be governed by the

findings of the actuaries and

the resource capability, rather

than any other concerns,”

Hurst reported.

The Social Security Director

reported that it has

been paid the monthly remittance

by the Government

for each month, since June

2014. Additionally, he noted,

the Gaston Browne administration

has also significantly

reduced the inherited debt

of EC$550 million dollars

owed to the Social Security


“In the 27 months since

it took office, the Gaston

Browne administration has

not borrowed any resources

from the SSB,” Hurst de-

Director of the Social Security

Board, David Matthias


Under the new law, the

age at which pension payments

will be paid will be

increased incrementally to

age 65. It currently is at age

60, but will move to 62 by

next year.

The new law provides for

a 2 percent increase in contributions

to the scheme; one

percent from employers and

one percent from employees.

cont’d from pg 1

cated that the event has grown over the

years where the number of exhibitors is


“The young people certainly look

forward to this event because it gives

them an opportunity to learn something

new all the time.

They also get to see what other young

people are doing like the entrepreneurs

in the room and see their creativity on

display and the students really get engaged

in what is going on. The health

part and the discussions are also very

important components of this activity”,

Samuels highlighted.

He stated emphatically that the Department

of Youth Affairs is dedicated

to empowering and educating the youth.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

Nut Grove man remanded for break-in, larceny

A well-known career thief

is back behind bars, remanded

for Break-in and Larceny.

Shawn Bowen 29, aka

“Jack” of Nut Grove appeared


The Licensing Magistrate

District “A”

Magistrate’s Court

High Street

St. John’s




Police Headquarters

American Road

St. John’s









I, Beverly Clarke of Potter’s

Village, in the Parish

of St. George, Antigua DO


that it is my intention to apply

at the next sitting of the

Liquor License Court to

be held at the Magistrate’s

Court, High Street, St. Johns

Antigua on Thursday 6th

day of October, 2016 next

ensuing for a Tavern license

in resect of premises known

as “Zennith Sweet Wood

Restaurant & Sports Bar” situated

at St. Mary’s Street, in

the Paris of St. John’s, Antigua

pursuant to section 11 (5)

of the licensing (Intoxicating

Liquor) Act Cap 249 of the

Laws of Antigua and Barbuda,

Revised Edition 1992.

Dated the 20th day of September,



Beverly Clarke


in the St. Johns Magistrate’s

Court before Chief Magistrate

Walsh on Wednesday, and

was remanded to Her Majesty’s

Prison. He is accused of

breaking into the Head Office

of Customs & Excise Division

sometime between September

9 th and 12 th and stole a number

of Laptop Computers valuing

close to $23,000. The items

were allegedly stolen from the

Customs IT Department.

Acting on intelligence,

By Alecia McPherson

Exes Tyrone “Tiddy” Patrick

aged 31 of Bownes Avenue

and Nicola Stewart aged

32 of Bendals landed before

the St. John’s Magistrates

Court yesterday following a

bloody fight on the streets of

St. John’s which left Patrick

with a stab wound to the chest.

It is reported that at about

9:00 a.m. last Sunday September

25th of this week

the altercation erupted at

the Grays Farm Basketball

Court moments after the two

the police arrested Bowen

and took him into custody. A

Search Warrant was executed

at his home, and several items

were recovered by the police

and taken to the station for

further investigations. He was

charged with the larceny of

seven HP Laptop Computers,

one Emachine Laptop, one

Dell Laptop and an undisclosed

sum of money. Committal

proceedings are set for

December 12 th , 2016.

Two facing charges after stabbing incident

ended a friendly game of

football at the adjacent King

George playground.

Apparently, Patrick was

having a conversation with

his new girlfriend when Stewart

approached him from behind

and struck him to the

head with a glass bottle.

It is reported that a struggle

ensued between them, Patrick

was able to leave the area

when by-standers restrained

the woman.

She followed him moments

later and caught up

Shawn “Jack” Bowen

with him in the vicinity of

Courts Furnishings on Vivian

Richards Street.

It is reported that the enraged

woman flung two more

glass bottles at Patrick, she

then broke a fourth bottle on

the sidewalk and during another

struggle stabbed him to

the upper region of his chest.

Inspector Thompson, who

was in the line of vehicular

traffic which was held up

during the fight on the said

street, intervened to quell the


Stewart reportedly fled the

scene and the officer transported

a bloody Patrick to

the MSJMC were he lost consciousness

upon arrival. He

was treated for ‘penetrative

laceration to the upper sterna

region of the chest’, and was

kept for observation.

Both parties were charged

for disorderly manner by

fighting, Stewart was separately

charged with unlawful

wounding, battery, and throwing


The matter is adjourned to

January 9th, 2017.

Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Nation’s youth take over parliament

By Everton Barnes

Students representing

secondary schools in the

country are to take over parliament

for a day, with a special

staging of ‘Youth parliament’


The event is the brainchild

of Senator Shenella

Govia, who has youth development

as one of her special

areas of focus. “The format

of the meeting is that fifteen

students, each representing a

secondary school, will participate

in the debate on the

topic ‘should the age of consent

raised from the current

16 years’,” she disclosed.

Rapid testing allows for faster

access to treatment says Counsellor

By Joanna Paris

The AIDS Secretariat continues to play a

crucial role in spreading awareness and sensitizing

the public about HIV/AIDS by increasing

its presence at major events as well as

through media appearances.

Senior Counsellor and Education Officer

of the AIDS Secretariat, Oswald Hannays, has

pointed out that the rapid testing technique has

tremendously assisted the department in executing

its duties.

Hannays made an appearance on ABS Television

and Radio’s current affairs programme,

Against the Backdrop on Wednesday.

“So from the time the samples are taken,

within 20 minutes of that sample being

collected a person can get their diagnosis. It so

very helpful; to individuals”, Hannays said.

He expressed that the long wait associated

with the “old way” of testing was “very stressful”

for persons awaiting the important results.

“With the rapid testing, because a person is

able to get a test done in that short period of

time, it enables us as well that rapid transition

from being diagnosed to being able to access

treatment and that is fundamental, that ready

access to treatment. After this, the whole goal

is to get them to understand and interpret what

the results mean and get them treatment in

short order”, the Counsellor emphasized.

Hannays said that counselling is available

for persons who are tested positive as well

as those who get a negative result. The AIDS

Secretariat is currently located on Long and

Temple Street in the building which formally

housed Caribbean Sun Alliance Insurance.

However, plans are in the pipeline to decentralize

the operations of the secretariat.

“There is a push to decentralize our services

which means that person will no long

come to a fixed location for services but will

be able to go to other areas of the country to

access testing and other treatment services”,

Hannays explained.

There are currently 870 person living with

HIV/AIDS in the twin island state.

Govia said the idea behind

holding the youth parliamentary

debate is to provide

a platform for students

to discuss matters of national

interest that are of particular

concern for young people.

She explained that the ‘representatives’

will be referred

to as ‘Hon. Minister from

Antigua Grammar School

(as an example), while the

reigning Miss Teenage, Abigail

Piper will perform the

role of Speaker with the Mr.

Teenage, Jamal Gardner sitting

in as Clerk of Parliament.

Govia said representation

will come from both

public and private secondary

schools. Unfortunately,

despite many attempts to include

students from Barbuda,

logistical issues made it

impossible for the island to

be represented.

She further explained that

two practice sessions were

held with the students where,

along former Miss Antigua

and Barbuda contestant and

newly elected President of

the National Youth Council,

Rushell Ellis, she prepared

them for the debate.

According to Govia the

students will be appropriately

attired for the event thus

bringing as much realism to

the occasion.


TO: Her Worship

Licensing Magistrate

Magistrate’s Court

High Street

St. John’s Antigua

TO: Her Worship

The Magistrate of District


Magistrate’s Court

High Street

St. John’s, Antigua

TO: The Commissioner of


Police Headquarters

American Road

St. John’s, Antigua




I, Wenjun Cao of All

Saints Road, in the Parish of

St. John’s Antigua and Barbuda


TICE that it is my intention

to apply at the next sitting of

the Liquor Licensing Court

to be held at the Magistrate’s

Court, High Street on Thursday

6th October next ensuring

for a Tavern Licence pursuant

to section 11 (5) of the Licensing

(Intoxicating Liquor)

Act Cap.249 of the Laws of

Antigua and Barbuda 1992

Revised Edition, in respect of

premises known as “GREEN


RANT & BAR” situated on

Friar’s Hill Road in the Parish

of St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda.

Dated this day of September,



Rika Bird & Associates

Attorneys-at-Law for the Applicant

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

Sandals Group manager wins Emmy Award

Paul Bauer, Sandals Resorts

International’s group

manager, food and beverage

standards, has received an

Emmy Award for his role as

producer on culinary television

series, A Taste of History.

Bauer produced the Grenada:

The Island of Spice

episode, aired during season

seven of the show, which

broadcasts throughout the

United States on PBS and


The award is the tenth

Emmy for the show which

first aired in 2008, but the first

for Bauer who joined the Sandals

team in 2009 after working

with acclaimed chef, Sandals’

Culinary Ambassador

and A Taste of History Host,

Walter Staib.

A Taste of History is a

half-hour show, sponsored

by Sandals and based on the

City Tavern Cookbook: Recipes

from the Birthplace of

American Cuisine, authored

by Staib and written by Bauer.

The show travels the globe

to various historical locations,

telling the unique story of

American culinary heritage

and its many influences by

recreating dishes inspired by

the founding fathers.

The show has filmed in

several other Caribbean islands

including Jamaica, Gre-



Notice is hereby given

that Maria Rowena B. Redulla

of Dowhill, Picadilly, St.

Paul's Antigua, is applying to

the Minister for Naturalisation

and that any person who

knows any reason why Naturalisation

should not be granted

should send a written and

signed statement of the facts

to the Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of External Affairs.

nada, St. Lucia, The Bahamas

and the Turks and Caicos Islands,

showcasing the local

cuisine of each island and

tracing the historical influences.

Bauer explained that there

are many culinary parallels

between island cuisine and

eighteenth century American

fare. “The show has celebrated

the many unique culinary

experiences of the Caribbean

which are also shared by the

United States”, he said.

“Both regions have a common

culinary history with the

British and French and this is

reflected in the many similarities

between Caribbean and

colonial American cuisines.”

The Grenada: The Island

of Spice episode, which

highlighted the history of

authentic Grenadian cuisine,

was awarded Outstanding

Lifestyle Programme/Special

at the award ceremony held

at the Philadelphia Marriott

Downtown on September

24 th .

Bauer’s role as producer of

the episode made him responsible

for overseeing all logistics

including identifying and

securing filming locations, arranging

interviews, sourcing

ingredients and equipment

and determining the stories to

be told.

Thrilled by the win, Bauer

said the award was not only

his but belonged to the entire

Taste of History and Sandals


“This award is as much for

the Food and Beverage staff at

Sandals who helped us bring

this story to life, as it is for the

Taste of History team.

“We could not possibly

have done it without them. As

Walter always says, one person

may come up with an idea

but it takes a team to execute,”

Bauer said.

The show’s upcoming season

which will begin airing in

June 2017 will showcase the

history of Jamaica’s Maroons

and their important role in creating

Jamaican jerk cuisine,

with a special episode filmed

on location in Accompong, St.


Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7


commitment to advance in the multilateral

negotiations on nuclear disarmament

The Heads of State and Government

of Latin America and the Caribbean,

gathered in Quito, Ecuador, on occasion

of the 4th Summit of the Community of

Latin American and Caribbean States

(CELAC), on January 27th, 2016:

1. Reaffirming our commitment to

the consolidation of Latin America and

the Caribbean as a “Zone of Peace”

proclaimed during the Second CELAC

Summit held in La Havana, Cuba, on

January 29th, 2014, where it was declared

the continuous obligation of the

States in the region to promote nuclear

disarmament as a primary objective and

to contribute to the complete and general

disarmament as well as to strengthening

trust among nations;

2. Reiterate the validity and relevancy

of the CELAC Declaration on Nuclear

Disarmament adopted in Buenos Aires,

Argentina, on August 20th, 2013; the

Havana Special Declaration on Nuclear

Disarmament, of January 29th, 2014; as

well as the CELAC Special Declaration

on the urgent need of a Nuclear Weapon

Free World, issued in Belen, Costa Rica,

on January 29th, 2015;

3. Reiterate the value and contribution

to international peace and security

of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear

Weapons in Latin America and the

Caribbean (Treaty of Tlatelolco) and its

protocols, which established the first

Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in a densely

populated area, and we express, again,

our full support to the efforts of the

Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear

Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean

(OPANAL), and in that regard,

we reaffirm the importance of collaboration

and cooperation between CELAC

and OPANAL, specialized body of the

region, in order to articulate common

positions and joint work on nuclear disarmament.

We celebrate the twenty fifth

anniversary of the Brazilian-Argentine

Agency for Accounting and Control of

Nuclear Materials -ABACC- and stress

the importance and pioneering of this

initiative of transparency and confidence


4. Identify as a legitimate interest of

the non-nuclear-weapons States, that

nuclear weapons States give unambiguous

and legally binding guarantees to

not use nor threaten to use such weapons.

We urge to adopt, as soon as possible,

a universal and legally binding

instrument regarding negative security

assurances. We urge nuclear weapons

States to withdraw the interpretative

declarations to Protocols I and II of the

Treaty of Tlatelolco and to respect the

denuclearized status of Latin America

and the Caribbean;

5. Emphasize our condemnation to

the enhancement of existing nuclear

weapons and the development of new

types of nuclear weapons, which is inconsistent

with the obligation of adopting

effective measures towards nuclear


6. Recall our deep concern for the

threat to humanity caused by the ongoing

existence of nuclear weapons, their

use or the threat of their use, due to the

potential damages on health, food security,

climate change, among others, as

well as the lack of capacity of countries

and organizations to face a humanitarian

catastrophe of such magnitude. We recall

the results of the Conferences on the

Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

held in Oslo, Nayarit and Vienna and

we declare that such weapons must not

be used again, under any circumstances,

and that the use or threat of use of nuclear

weapons constitutes a violation of

the United Nations Charter, a violation

of International Law and International

Humanitarian Law, and a crime against

humanity; and, thus, the only effective

guarantee against the use or the threat of

use of nuclear weapons is their total prohibition

and elimination in a transparent,

verifiable and irreversible manner and

within a clearly defined timeframe. We

also recall that the International Court of

Justice expressed itself in this regard in

its Advisory Opinion of 1996;

7. In this regard, we note that during

the Community Summit held in Belén,

Costa Rica, on January 28th and 29th,

2015, the Heads of State and Government

of CELAC endorsed the Austrian

Pledge, now the Humanitarian Pledge.

We welcome its endorsement by 121

States and, therefore, CELAC urges

States that have not endorsed the Humanitarian

Pledge to do so;

8. We are committed with the beginning

of a multilateral diplomatic

process for the negotiation of a legally

binding instrument for the prohibition

and elimination of nuclear weapons in

a transparent, irreversible and verifiable

manner, within a multilaterally agreed

timeframe, as it was proposed in the

Third Conference on the Humanitarian

Impact of Nuclear Weapons, held in

Vienna in December 2014. Such instrument

is a necessary measure on nuclear

disarmament and would fulfill the obligation

of States Parties to the NPT, as

stated in Article VI of the Treaty. It is the

intention of the CELAC Member States

to start exploring concrete and practical

cont’d on pg 8

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

Adam Goldstein to become new chairman

of the FCCA Executive Committee

cont’d from pg 7

ways in which this instrument could be negotiated

and adopted as soon as possible;

9. Regret the continued non-fulfillment

of the obligations of the nuclear-armed

States relating to nuclear disarmament under

Article VI of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation

of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and the

commitments of the NPT Review Conferences.

We recall that the NPT does not establish

any right to the indefinite possession

of nuclear weapons by any state, but recognizes

a transitional status, subject to compliance

with Article VI;

10. Reiterate, on the twentieth anniversary

of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban

Treaty (CTBT), the vital importance and urgency

of the entry into force of that Treaty

and urge those countries listed in Annex II

that have not done so, to sign or ratify this

important international instrument as soon

as possible. We also underline the urgent

need for progress on this and other effective

San Juan, Puerto Rico -

Today during the the FCCA

Cruise Conference & Trade

Show, the largest cruise conference

and trade show in the

Caribbean, it was announced

that Adam Goldstein, President

and COO of Royal Caribbean

Cruises Ltd., will become

Chairman of the FCCA,

effective January 1, 2017.

Micky Arison, Chairman

of Carnival Corporation &

plc and current FCCA Chairman,

broke the news during

the event’s CEO Roundtable,

which featured both the current

and future Chairman as

they shared insight into the

industry’s and their lines’ inner

workings while addressing

questions tailored to the

region and increasing the audience’s

cruise tourism business.

“I am honored to have

served as FCCA Chairman

for a total of more than a decade,”

said Arison. “During

this span, I have watched the

growth of not only the Association,

but also the partners we

serve, and I know that Adam

Goldstein will continue this

mutual growth.”

“The cruise industry today

is now a global industry player,

and under Micky’s leadership,

the FCCA has strengthened

its relationships with the

industry and our Caribbean

and Latin American partners,”

said Goldstein. “I am extremely

proud to take over the

chairmanship of the FCCA,

and my main goal is to continue

on this path by making sure

the region is prepared to face

the challenges and opportunities

that lie ahead in this highly

competitive and globalized


Arison’s latest tenure as

FCCA Chairman, beginning

in January 2015, was shorter

than his prior decade-long

term, but in that brief span

he helped the FCCA Platinum

Membership continue to

flourish by adding new members

and benefits, along with

assisting the partnership between

the FCCA and Cruise

measures of nuclear disarmament, so to give

effect to Article VI of the NPT;

11. In this regard, we welcome the establishment

of the Open Ended Working Group

in accordance with resolution A/RES/70/33

approved on December 7th by the United

Nations General Assembly, which will

convene in Geneva in 2016, and we pledge

to work in said forum in an active and constructive

manner, in accordance with the


American and the Caribbean political

and moral leadership on this subject, in order

to contribute towards the fulfillment of

the Group’s mandate to substantively address

effective and concrete measures, dispositions

and legal regulations that will be

necessary to adopt with a view to the urgent

approval of a comprehensive convention

providing for the prohibition and total elimination

of nuclear weapons and to establish

and maintain a nuclear free world.

Quito, January 27th, 2016.

Lines International Association

(CLIA) to globalize and

rebrand the FCCA’s quarterly

magazine, Travel & Cruise,

the official magazine of the

cruise industry.

Goldstein seeks to continue

the successful proactive

and interactive approach

and to further develop relationships

with destinations

through his hands-on dealings

and unwavering dedication.

By participating at FCCA

meetings and events, he will

keep a constant dialogue between

the cruise lines and

destination stakeholders to

achieve mutual benefits. His

wealth of knowledge about

the industry and destinations

will lead the way to successful

operations for both. Along

with sitting on the FCCA Executive

Committee for more

than a decade and regularly

attending FCCA events, Goldstein’s

role as CLIA Chairman

also gives him valuable

experience to further chart a

successful route for the FCCA

and its partners.

“As Adam transitions out

of his role as Global Chairman

of CLIA this year, we are

glad to see him move into this

leadership role with FCCA,”

said Cindy D’Aoust, President

and CEO of CLIA. “Adam

has made significant positive

contributions to the cruise industry

as CLIA’s Global Chair

and throughout his career, and

we thank him for his dedication

and commitment.”

Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

World Bank and Caribbean

Export launch LINK-Caribbean

Bridgetown, BARBADOS – Caribbean

start-up, early-stage and growth

businesses now have another means for

raising capital.

Today the World Bank Group together

with the Caribbean Export Development

Agency (Caribbean Export)

launched LINK-Caribbean, an investment

facilitation program aimed at

enabling early-stage Caribbean entrepreneurs

to raise capital from private

investors, particularly business angel


With funding of USD$1.6 million

from the World Bank, the program

will contribute towards the development

of the angel investment ecosystem

across the Caribbean. It provides

investment facilitation grants to entrepreneurs

seeking investment as well

as non-funding activities to stimulate

angel investing. It also supports the development

of deal-flow for early-stage


LINK-Caribbean is part of the

World Bank Group’s Entrepreneurship

Program for Innovation in the Caribbean

(EPIC); a seven-year $20 million

program funded by the Government of

Canada that seeks to build a supportive

ecosystem for high-growth and sustainable

enterprises throughout the Caribbean.

According to Ganesh Rasagam,

Practice Manager, Innovation & Entrepreneurship,

World Bank Group LINK

Caribbean is a very important part of

EPIC’s access to finance agenda. “We

expect this programme to further spur

the growth of high potential enterprises,

expand their market potential and

reach. And also favourably impact the

region’s investment climate and economies.

Already we are very encouraged

at the prospects.”

The program supports the on-going

development of a structured business

angel investing ecosystem in the Caribbean

through the creation of a Regional

Angel Investor Network (RAIN)

and the distribution of supporting Co-

Investment and Investment Readiness

Grants. RAIN uses an online angel investing

platform to connect promising

companies with business angels and

other early stage investors. The

program’s Co-Investment grants are

available for an entrepreneur that are

already negotiating a deal with investors,

and provides supplementary funding

to a maximum of $100,000 USD

per company. In addition Investment

Readiness grants are available to those

firms which have investment potential.

Up to $25,000 USD in grant funding is

available to those companies to make

them attractive enough for investors to

make an investment.

Pamela Coke Hamilton, Executive

cont’d on pg 10

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

ECTEL study reveals impact of broadband

on economic growth in Member States

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia - A study

on “The Impact of Broadband on Economic

Growth in ECTEL Member

States” indicates that an increase in

the broadband penetration rate of 1%,

would lead to an increase in real economic

growth of 0.076%.

The findings according to the report,

applies to all ECTEL Member States as

a single group.

The study which was commissioned

by the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications

Authority (ECTEL) under the

CARCIP project was the first attempt

to empirically test the economic impact

of broadband penetration in the five

ECTEL Member States. The CARCIP

programme is funded by the World

Bank and aims to leverage Information

and Communications Technology

(ICT) throughout the region.

The results of the CARCIP/World

Bank funded study, show a positive

linear correlation between averaged

real economic output and broadband

penetration rate for each ECTEL Member

State, for the period 2012-2014. St.

Kitts and Nevis stands out from among

the other Member States indicating in

part the varying levels of investment

per capita in broadband technology

among ECTEL Member States.

The empirical evidence from this

study means that Governments can

now strategically prioritize the communication

sector and proceed quickly

to modernize the regulatory framework

to “purposefully accelerate the delivery

of broadband services and provide support

for investment in broadband technology.”

The study concludes that the anticipated

economic impact from such a

move would definitely contribute towards

the national effort of putting EC-

TEL Member States on a sustainable

growth path. It was commissioned to

quantify the extent to which investment

in broadband technology and by extension

broadband penetration would impact

economic growth. An empirical

economic model approach using data

for the period 2012 to 2014 was adopted

for this study.

According to CARCIP Project Officer,

Winston George: “The study was

conducted as part of the process to understand

the social and economic factors

which were inhibiting the increase

in broadband uptake.”

The study was conducted by Consultant

Curlan Gilchrist, Associate

Professor, Department of Business and

Management at St. George’s University,


cont’d from pg 9

Director of the Caribbean

Export Development Agency,

implementing agency

for the programme stated

that “It is in our interest to

encourage the development

of a network of angels as

this significantly increases

the impact of angel investing

which in turn influences

new business development,

and job creation. Through

LINK-Caribbean and RAIN,

we aim to accelerate the development

of angel investing

in the region.”

Senator The Hon. Darcy

Boyce in his feature address

congratulated the Agency

on this initiative and pointed

out that there was a need

address the issue of intellectual

property for early-stage

businesses “we have to increase

the pace of our work

on protecting intellectual

property in these business

ideas, and on valuing such

intellectual property in early-stage

businesses” commented

Senator Boyce.

The growth of a regional

ecosystem for early-stage

investing will help to spur

greater innovation and the

development of business, but

whilst the facilitation grants

contributes significantly towards

this, the provision of

non-funding activities are

also critical to the stimulation

of angel investing and

to support the development

of deal-flow for early-stage


The Agency has already

delivered training to regional

entrepreneurs and BSOs

in Barbados, Jamaica and

Saint Lucia on best practices

for engaging angel investors

including an introduction to

finance options, exits, valuations,

use of investment

proceeds, creating a winning

pitch deck and finalizing investments.

Moreover, upon

joining RAIN, entrepreneurs

and angel investors are able

to connect and gain access to

a repository of learning materials,

best practice guides,

sample investment documents

and other relevant resources.

Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Land parcel

5. Orderly

9. Burn with steam

14. Whole bunch

15. Curved doorway

16. Forbidden

17. Discount event

18. Outstanding

20. Natural mineral

21. Oaf

22. Eats away

23. Food service

25. Peel

26. ____ Cruces

27. Diner list

28. Deep

31. Sheik’s wives

34. Open to ideas

36. Long, narrative poem

37. Closet wood

38. ____-friendly

39. TV Host David ____

41. Blinding light

42. HST’s successor

43. Singer ____ Diamond

44. Possesses

45. Mild oath

46. Disease from mosquitoes

50. Do again

53. Workbench clamp

54. Individual

55. Billy Graham, e.g.

57. Tablets

58. Feel

59. Words of comprehension

(2 wds.)

60. Group of three

61. Squirrels’ homes

62. Acquire by labor

63. Memo letters


1. Civic gp.

2. Santa ____

3. Rented again

4. Sheep mom

5. Italian seaport

6. Baseball blunder

7. Passed effortlessly

8. “War of ____ Worlds”

9. Horse rider’s foot support

10. Narrow boat

11. Not up yet

12. ____ wolf

13. Specks

19. Nastier

21. Pack tightly

24. Choose by vote

25. Pie nut

27. Hero’s award

28. “Mona ____”

29. Above

30. “The Way We ____”

31. Retained

32. Copied

33. Ceremonial act

34. Send payment

35. Oklahoma city

37. Invent

40. Angers

41. Strong wind

44. Hurry

45. Thickly populated

46. Stingy one

47. Lions’ sounds

48. Delhi’s country

49. Fable collector

50. Pause

51. Perpetually

52. Window glass

53. Travel document

56. Untruth

57. School gp.

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Mostly cloudy skies; windy during

the morning.

High - 86ºF

Low - 78ºF

Wind: East 22 mph

Sunrise 5.57 am; Sunset 5.57 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). If

you find yourself fantasizing

about being somewhere —

anywhere — else, this is only

one more reason to stick where

you are and face the thing right

in front of you. Your escape is

in working out the problem.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

When you’re accused of being

a troublemaker, grin and own

it. When your trouble doesn’t

amuse, it gets people thinking

and forces them to be better

than they were.


21). You’ll avoid a mistake by

turning your attention to the

obvious responsibilities before

you. By taking care of the big

basics, the fine details either

fall naturally into place or get

handled by trusted supporters.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). You’ll play in different energetic

styles today. You can be

frivolous because there’s a stable

supporter behind you. You

can be stable because there’s

a whimsical influence flitting

around to your delight.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). You don’t need to stretch

the truth in order to prove that

you can handle a duty. Nor do

you need to posture or act confident

enough to fulfill a role.

Truly, just do the work, and

you’ll shine.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

You probably didn’t wake up in

an outgoing mood, but the day

has social opportunities not to

be missed. You’ll quickly feel

just as friendly and warm as

you pretend to feel.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

You’ll hash out a deal. Once

you commit and move forward,

differences vanish. That

doesn’t mean they were unimportant.

In fact, it will be very

helpful to name and discuss

them; milk out the insight before

they disappear.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

So what if you make a big todo

over a trifling matter? Living

artfully and blowing things

out of proportion is just something

that artists do: They play

with scale. Just because your

sizing is different, that doesn’t

make it wrong.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Celebrate what you’ve been

through. Embrace the experiences

in life that are written

in the lines of your face.

They make you better, and

you’re more attractive for your


CANCER (June 22-July 22).

Without a map or a tour guide

and nary a recommendation in

sight, you launch your adventure.

This ambling journey will

be rewarding, if tinged with

purposelessness. Trust your

sense of direction.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You

want the victory as much as

anyone does, and yet you don’t

want it at the expense of another.

This is a conundrum,

because everyone can’t win

in the same way — although

there may be various ways that

everyone can win.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

With the big responsibilities

comes the fear of doing it all

wrong. It’s a healthy fear to

have, as it will keep you checking

yourself, seeking teachers

and remaining humble and


Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Join the members of All Saints Anglican Church at its

18thAnnual Food Fair on Saturday, 1st October, 2016 from

1:00 pm until 9:00 pm at its rectory grounds at Matthews

Road, All Saints. There will be a variety of dishes, dinners,

cold treats, snacks, sweets, and beverages as well as outdoor

activities and entertainment. Come out with your family and

friends and experience an enjoyable afternoon of family,

food, fun, and fellowship with us. Tickets: $20.


* Cook/Chef - Restaurant

• Have minimum 3 years experience

• Strong culinary skills

• Strong interpersonal and problem solving abilities

• Highly responsible & reliable

• Ability to work cohesively as part of a team

• Menu creation & analysis

• Costing and supervisory skills preferred

• Experience working in a fast-pace restaurant environment

* Carpenter - Hotel

• Have minimum 3 year's experience

• Hard working

• Highly responsible & reliable

* Sales Representative - Auto

• Must have driver’s license

• 2-3 years experience in Sales

* Deputy Housekeeper –Hotel

• Report to the Executive Housekeeper & Assistant Hotel

Manager and responsible for a team of Line Staff

• Have minimum 3 years Housekeeping Leadership experience

• Front Office knowledge preferred

• Computer literate in Microsoft Window applications preferred

• Highly responsible & reliable

• Ability to focus attention on guest needs, and courteous

at all times

• Any overseas experience in USA; Europe or the Caribbean

at Luxury Hotels of comparable standards will be an asset

• Experience working in a hotel/resort environment

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in this

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements.

Our centre is located on Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s

Building, next to Antigua Motors. OSEC telephone numbers

are 562-8533/34/35.

Deadline for applying is Tuesday 4rd October, 2016

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association are notified of the monthly general meeting on

Saturday 1 October at 3 pm, followed by the monthly social.

Please bring a suitable dish or notify the executive of any

apologies by calling 723-3452, 720-0058 or 721-1970.

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

Stanikzai, spinners topple Bangladesh

MIRPUR - Afghanistan

earned a hard-fought

two-wicket win in the second

ODI against Bangladesh

in Mirpur to level the threematch

series, banking on

astute planning to leave the

home crowd at the Shere Bangla

National Stadium stunned.

The win came mainly through

a 107-run partnership for the

fifth wicket between Mohammad

Nabi and captain Asghar

Stanikzai in a chase of 209.

Both batsmen were out with

Afghanistan 35 away from a

win, but Najibullah Zadran

rallied the lower order and the

side scraped through with two

balls to spare.

Nabi and Stanikzai came

together at the crease in the

16th over with Afghanistan at

63 for 4, following Mohammad

Shahzad’s miscued slog

to backward point off Shakib

Al Hasan. The pair struck a

four and a six off Shakib in the

same over but had to wait another

5.4 for another boundary.

Despite the lull in boundaries,

the pair kept rotating the

strike and Stanikzai fought

cramps to score his sixth ODI

fifty, which included four

fours and two sixes. Nabi,

who had taken the wickets of

Shakib and Mashrafe Mortaza

earlier in the match, missed

out on the landmark when

Mashrafe trapped him lbw

in the 40th over, and the side

lost Stanikzai in the next over,

caught at the deep square leg

Asghar Stanikzai scored a crucial half-century in a tricky chase for


boundary off debutant Mosaddek


Rashid Khan became

Shakib’s fourth victim, in his

final over, trapped plumb in

front for 5, with Afghanistan

20 runs away from the target.

Mirwais Ashraf played out

Shakib’s last two deliveries

carefully, and the bowler ended

with returns of 4 for 47.

Najibullah and Ashraf then

saw off the next over, which

was Mashrafe’s last.

The match could have still

swung Bangladesh’s way had

Mushfiqur Rahim completed

an easy stumping of Zadran

with 13 runs required. Bangladesh’s

players were crestfallen,

but Taskin ended up

removing the left-hander in

the final over with the scores

level. The winning hit came

from the other Zadran, Dawlat,

who slashed a boundary

through backward point.

Afghanistan’s chase had

started with Shahzad flicking

a four off the first ball before

Nawroz Mangal took two

fours off Shakib in the fourth

over. Two balls later, however,

Mangal misread Shakib’s

length and spooned a catch to

cover. Shakib went onto have

Rahmat Shah lbw for a twoball

duck in the same over.

Shahzad sparkled briefly

and added 45 runs for the

third wicket with Hashmatullah

Shahidi, who was trapped

lbw for 14 by Mosaddek off

his first ball in ODI cricket.

Shakib then had Shahzad

skewing a catch to backward

point for a run-a-ball 35.

Bangladesh’s innings

would have ended sooner

had it not been for the 43-

run stand for the tenth wicket

between Mosaddek and

Rubel, who kept out Rashid’s

hat-trick delivery in the 43rd

over. Rashid was rampant at

that stage, having removed

Taijul and Taskin off successive

balls. Mosaddek finished

with an unbeaten 45, including

four boundaries and two

sixes. The scoop over long

leg and pull over midwicket

stood out. When he had come

out to bat, Bangladesh were

138 for 5 with Shakib having

been given out lbw to a debatable

decision. Mosaddek saw

wickets tumble around him,

but stayed composed.

Earlier, Mushfiqur and

Mahmudullah added 61 for

the third wicket, but Bangladesh

lost their last seven

wickets for 86 runs. That

proved the turning point. (ES-


Thursday 29th September 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Dredgers trump Sisserou in Tapeball League

By Carlena Knight

Dredgers trumped Sisserou

by 6 wickets on Tuesday

night in the EZ Kool Radiator

Services Island Sanitation

Ceco Pharmacy Hall Construction

Lees Landscaping

Tapeball league.

Batting first, Sisserou

made 63 for 4 from 10 overs.

Dredgers’ Jedidiah Martin

took 2 wickets.

In reply, Dredgers met the

target in 8.4 overs losing only

4 wickets.

Dean Williams had a 32

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates,

CMC – Fast bowler Kesrick Williams

said making his international debut in a

series West Indies had already lost, had

no bearing on his approach.

Playing in the third and final Twenty20

International here Tuesday, the

right-armer produced a superb spell,

taking two for 15 from his four overs, as

West Indies slumped to an eight-wicket

defeat to suffer the embarrassment of a

3-0 whitewash in the series.

The right-armer said though West Indies

had already surrendered the series, it

was still important to make the most of

the opportunity.

“I wouldn’t say it wasn’t it wasn’t an

ideal time [to make my debut]. Cricket is

cricket so whenever you get a chance it’s

just about your time to execute,” the Vincentian

told reporters. “As long as you

get that shot you have to grab it with both

hands. I just went out there with my mind

free, not thinking that we lost the series

and just played positive cricket. I did it

in CPL (Caribbean Premier League) and

enjoyed myself playing CPL and that’s

what I did here tonight.

“I didn’t look at it as I was playing

not out performance.

Isaiah Viville of Sisserou

took 2 wickets.

Pelican Safari East side

breeze got the better of All

Stars, defeating them by 21

runs in the second match.

Batting first, East Side put

up 87 for 7 from 10 overs with

Peter Bellafante leading the

charge with 29 runs.

All Stars’ Jefferson James

against Pakistan, or against Sharjeel

Khan or whatever. At the end of the day,

it’s the same cricket. I look at it like I’m

playing cricket at home, don’t try to overthink

it and do what I do best – bowl and

just execute.”

Sent in, West Indies stumbled to a

hugely disappointing 103 for five off

their 20 overs – their fourth lowest total

in T20s. In reply, Pakistan eased to their

target in the 16th over to win their third

straight game against the Windies, following

back-to-back victories in Dubai

last week. Williams proved impressive,

removing both openers to reduce Pakistan

to 40 for two in the sixth over before

Shoaib Malik’s unbeaten 43 saw the

hosts home safely. Despite the uphill task

of defending such a small total, Williams

said his confidence never wavered.

“They (Pakistan) were batting well all

through the series. They have good players

and it was just up to us to go out there

and play hard cricket and give 100 per

cent,” the 26-year-old noted.

“Pakistan really, really played well …

and coming into this series they showed

they were about 100 per cent confidence

playing us.

and Treverson Atley took 2

wickets each.

All Stars were constricted

to 66 for 3 from 10 overs

with Charles James making

31 runs.

Sandals continue winning streak

By Carlena Knight

Sandals continue their winning streak in the

Cool & Smooth Digicel Basketball league on

Tuesday night as they defeated Dixie United,

55-41 at JSC.

Led by Devon Benjamin with 17 points

and assisted by Coy Quinland with 12 points,

Sandals did away with Dixie to push their record

to 2-0.

Newbies, One Stone Original picked up

their first victory in the Cool & Smooth league

defeating APUA Head Office, 54-42.

Steven Matthew had 23 points for the victors.

He was assisted by Darren Jeanville with

13 points. Richie Francis had 10 points in a

losing effort.

Williams says, “I was always confident”

“[For Tuesday’s game] they had already

won the series, there was nothing

to lose. I went out there with a confidence

not just saying they have 103 to win [and

asking myself] what am I going to do?

How am I going to get wickets? I went

out there and yes it was my debut but at

the end of the day, cricket is cricket. It’s

played with bat and ball so I just went out

there and [did] what I had to do. If I got

four wickets, you never know, it could

have been a big setback [for Pakistan].”

Williams, a late call-up to replace explosive

all-rounder Andre Russell, conceded

the series had been a difficult one

for the Caribbean side.

“It’s tough, it’s really tough … it’s

really hot there and takes a while to get

adapted to the conditions but we are

tough cricketers and we always look to

give our 110 per cent,” he pointed out.

“Cricket is a game of uncertainties so

you just can’t come out and say you’re

going to win today or win tomorrow, you

just have to put in a lot of work. Pakistan

played good cricket, Kudos to them. We

just have to come out for the ODIs and do

well.” The ODI series bowls off in Sharjah

on Friday.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 29th September 2016

‘Terribly embarrassing’ if WI don’t get

automatic WC qualification – Dujon

Jeff Dujon, the former

West Indies wicketkeeper,

has said it would be a “terrible

embarrassment” if West

Indies were unable to qualify

automatically for the 2019

World Cup.

West Indies are currently

jostling with Pakistan for the

final automatic qualification

spot in the one-day rankings

ahead of the series in UAE,

which starts on Friday. If Pakistan

can repeat their 3-0

scoreline from the T20 series

in the ODIs, they will jump

ahead of West Indies into

eighth place.

The cut-off for qualification

is September 30, 2017,

with the ODI nations who sit

outside the top eight then joining

the qualifying tournament

which is currently scheduled

to take place in Bangladesh.

West Indies missed out on a

place in next year’s Champions

Trophy after being pipped

for the final berth by Pakistan

and Bangladesh.

“It would be a terrible embarrassment

for West Indies

to not automatically qualify,”

Dujon, who played in the

1983 and 1987 World Cups,

told ESPNcricinfo. “It would

be damaging for any team

who has tasted what it’s like to

be in the top echelon of world


“As someone who played

in a very successful era, it’s

very embarrassing but it has

to be an indication of exactly

where we are at and some-

Jeff Dujon, right.

thing needs to be done. It


“We can’t be fooled by the

fact that we’ve just won two

tournaments - the World T20

and the U-19 World Cup - the

fact we are still struggling to

qualify shows we shouldn’t

get carried away with that.”

On the eve of travelling

to the UAE, Phil Simmons

was sacked as coach - less

than six months after West

Indies won the World T20

- with the WICB citing “differences

in culture and strategic

approach.” Dujon does

not believe a satisfactory explanation

has been given for

Simmons’ departure, despite

the strained relationship he

had with the board following

comments about one-day selection

last year.

“The sacking of Phil Simmons

was a surprise. I’m not

sure we have the real reasons,

what we were given were a bit

sketchy,” he said during a visit

to London for a Lord’s Taverners

event honouring wicketkeepers.

“It’s disappointing

for me that we haven’t been

able to find a settled situation

in the coaching area which

would give the team some direction.

It’s a setback. Jason

Holder as captain also still has

a lot to prove so things are in a

pretty unstable situation now.”

Simmons’ last engagement

was the Test series

against India where, although

West Indies lost 2-0, there

were moments of encouragement,

particularly with Roston

Chase’s match-saving

maiden Test century in Jamaica

and the promising returns

of young quicks Miguel Cummins

and Alzarri Joseph.

“The talent is still there,

it’s a matter of who is going to

work with them to help them

develop,” Dujon said. “We are

still in a situation where we

are trying to solve the problem

from the top down rather

than the bottom.

“A promising move recently

is that it seems we are

going to have more A-team

tours which is vital for development.

They are meaningful

when you go and play in countries

who are better than you,

it gives you a better gauge of

where you are at.

“That has to be focus, as

expensive as it may be, and

hopefully we’ll have a better

quality of player coming

through to the top level in the

next four or five years. Right

now, some of the players who

have come to the top level are

not the complete article.” (ES-


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