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RUST magazine: Rust#15

RUST magazine: EnduroGP saw big changes for 2016, but can the world championship survive the massive overhaul coming in 2017? RUST’s own W2D grudge match – can you beat the boss and still keep your job? Riding the Road of Bones – which should you fear more: the bears or the mosquitoes? Yeah, we’re asking the big questions again, here at RUST… We’re offering answers, too, only we’re not quite sure how correct they are. You can decide on that. It’s a monster issue by the way, our biggest yet at 77 or 154 pages (depending on the format you view with), so it’s a big read even before you reach the sticky issue of the 1980s trials bike restoration project at the tail end. And in case you miss the cue: the Dear Diaries are fictitious (you know, made up), so stay relaxed… Enjoy your riding – and reading! Best JON BENTMAN


RUST Enduro bringing some fresh moves to world enduro. The lines he took and some of the obstacles he cleared brought a whole new style to the championship. With his EnduroCross (arena-racing) background Robert danced over rock gardens and flew over the logs found in the Super Test (prologue) and Xtreme tests in completely understated fashion. But try as he might, the American was going to be overshadowed by his young team-mate; Watson was beyond impressive in his debut year of enduro. A sneak preview of Watson’s incredible form was witnessed when he took the outright win at his first race of the year, the Italian Enduro Championship. Could this young motocrosser with his mop of blonde curls really adapt not only to the demands of the Enduro and Xtreme tests but also to the art of keeping to a tight time schedule? Watson consistently answered any doubters with better and better results, and even managed to pull himself out of a mid-season slump to take the E1 title right down to the wire with reigning champion, Eero Remes. Watson may seem like the most laidback, smiley and carefree member of the paddock but there’s a clear and calculating determination, and skill, behind that grin – and a fire which earned him the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award. KTM vs THE REST In his latest editorial, RUST editor JB spoke about the manufacturer divide which became one of the biggest talking points of the year, remes

SCRATCH-OVERALL-ENDUROGP Did you know… It’s an odd thing when an old idea gets dusted down, polished, given a schlock of political spin and presented as new. The concept of an outright winner isn’t new to enduro at all. We see an outright winner of the ISDE named each year, and most national championships have long-recognised an outright victor, while in fact the enduro world championship recognised such an honour for seven seasons between 1998 and 2004. That was a prestigious crown that Finn Juha Salminen made his own, holding it down for five consecutive years (maybe that’s why it was abandoned!?).

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