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RUST magazine: Rust#15

RUST magazine: EnduroGP saw big changes for 2016, but can the world championship survive the massive overhaul coming in 2017? RUST’s own W2D grudge match – can you beat the boss and still keep your job? Riding the Road of Bones – which should you fear more: the bears or the mosquitoes? Yeah, we’re asking the big questions again, here at RUST… We’re offering answers, too, only we’re not quite sure how correct they are. You can decide on that. It’s a monster issue by the way, our biggest yet at 77 or 154 pages (depending on the format you view with), so it’s a big read even before you reach the sticky issue of the 1980s trials bike restoration project at the tail end. And in case you miss the cue: the Dear Diaries are fictitious (you know, made up), so stay relaxed… Enjoy your riding – and reading! Best JON BENTMAN

Gallery Three Colours

Gallery Three Colours Red (Bull) 1. Diary of Antonio Cairoli: Sunday 25 September 2016 Dear Diary: Not a bad day today. Raced at the Motocross of Nations (again!!!). Took two runner-ups, not bad given my year so far (as you well know). Could just about cope with Romain beating me, but Jeffrey – I don’t know, jeez that kind of left me pissed, and he’s going to be, like, my team mate next year. A fast little punk, that’s for sure. Might need to play some mind games. Or retire. Still, a nice day, good to see such a big crowd for my home venue. Bit short of talent in Team Italy, though – have we really run that short of riders? Forza bloody Italia indeed. Anyway, gotta go, sounds, and smells, like Jill’s trashing the kitchen again, LOL… Pic: Ray Archer, KTM

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