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Play Bathroom Furniture (Gloss White)




Life through a lens ...........................20

Cheshire photographer Stuart Kirk discusses the

beautiful surroundings

Colour me in ......................................30

Cover your home in colour this Autumn

Heat ....................................................10

Choosing the right radiator for your home

Bed time.............................................44

A range of sleepy delights for your little ones


Don’t pop, sleep.................................74

Claudia Fallah on how to achieve Glowing skin this


Small gardens, big ideas!.................59

Limited outdoor space should never dampen your


Men’s Den ..........................................76

Superb ideas for the man who has everything

Panoramic Panama ..........................64

Panama City is home to races, religions,

and cultures from around the world

So, where did Summer go?

The dark mornings have arrived and Autumn

has finally kicked in, the Olympics are a distant

memory and the dark mornings and falling

leaves are upon us.

The next time we see you we’ll all be preparing

for the Christmas festivities.

In this bumper edition we discuss photography

with Stuart Kirk, bright colours for your home

and we whisk you off to the delights of Panama.

We have Georgia’s tips on long, straight glass

like hair and Ellie and Megan make us

chocolate covered strawberry brownies.

Here’s to a prosperous six weeks or so and we’ll

see you in November.

The Editor

in Cheshire

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Front Cover: The path to Shutlingsloe

Tel: 07910 887947 Email: info@revolutionphotography.net

Web: www.revolutionphotography.net Facebook: @RevolutionPhotography.net

Instagram: revolutionphoto Twitter: @StuartKirk1968



Flooring Specialist

Friendly Professional and

affordable floor fitting services

at very comparable rates


07815 284735

01625 470828







Jura House - New build featuring slim frame sliding

glass doors to maximise views and natural light




What to look for when choosing a radiator



nlike underfloor heating,

radiators are visible features

around your home interior.

This explains why a lot of

people tend to go with a

model that best matches the

existing decor of a particular

room. Nowadays, radiators

come in a wide selection of

models, shapes, materials

and colours. For the

bathroom, vertical towel

radiators are very popular.

People who go in for a more

classic style are often seen to



The Victoria radiator, from the Pure Bathroom Collection by Smiths Briten,

features a period design, and is made from the highest quality chrome.

Dimensions: 675mm wide x 960mm high.




go for column radiators. Plinth radiators take up the least amount of

space whilst still delivering the heat output required.

Steel is typically the cheapest choice. but nowadays we are certainly

not limited to a few mundane variations on the traditional steel panel

design.With so many shapes, colours and sizes available, it pays to do

some research and see what might work with your interior design

ideas. Thus you may choose to invest in aluminium, which can be

moulded into sleek vertical panels or sculpted features. Lightweight

and only requiring a low water volume, aluminium radiators can be

mounted on most walls. The material is also quick to heat up — but

loses heat rapidly once switched off.

Cast iron is a traditional choice, particularly when specified for

column radiators. Unlike aluminium, this material takes its time to

warm up, but will hold onto heat long after being turned off. It is also

a heavyweight option, so ensure your floor/wall is structurally sound.

Among the more unusual but emerging options are stone and glass —

which is not only energy efficient, but also gives scope for decorative

artwork. Also give thought to the finish. Glossy surfaces are popular

but, while they look radiant, they do not emit as much heat as matt


What heat output do I need?

Design is obviously important, but this applies in equal measure to

the radiator's heat output. Do you need high heat output? Or can you

do with less? In this respect, it is the size of the room to be heated

that is the deciding element.

Calculating the size or volume of the room is easy: simply multiply

the length, the width and the height of the room. Here is a

straightforward example: a room that measures 3 metres in height, 6

metres in length and 5 metres in width has a volume of 90 cubic

metres (6 x 5 x 3).

The radiator's actual heat capacity is obtained by multiplying the

room volume by the number of watts needed to ensure the space is

heated to optimum effect (for residential dwellings, on average this is

anywhere between 75 and 85 watt per room).

Tip: If your home is properly insulated, you can deduct between 10%

and 25% of the heat capacity as calculated to maintain the same level

of heat output. If your home is poorly insulated, you will need to raise

the required heat capacity as calculated by 15%.

Where do I fit my radiator?

Nobody likes wasting energy, which is why it is important that you

carefully choose the location where you will have your radiators

fitted, so the heat spreads evenly across the entire room. For L-

shaped rooms, it is advisable to have two radiators installed.




Window Clean

and Handyman Service

29 Chapel St, Macclesfield

01625 262795

07963 903 471


A realistic wood effect floor tile, made from durable porcelain, in a

rich brown hue. Perfect for transforming any interior floor space.

£49.95 per Sqm.







Specialist in bathroom fitting and tiling,

covering the Cheshire area.

Contact us now on

07716 715291

Squares 3D wall panels are made from natural gypsum

and can be painted with any emulsion paint.



Home & interiors





Stuart Kirk, owner of Revolution Photography

discusses the delights of Cheshire, cameras and

blending in at 6’ 7’’

I was originally born in Cornwall, lived in

Cyprus, Gloucestershire,

Buckinghamshire and have eventually

found my way to Cheshire. It’s taken

some time, but now I’m here I can

honestly say I love it!

I started taking photos from an early

age on a dodgy old camera that my great

uncle once owned (I still have it), and my

love of the subject ignited from that

moment. In the early days I shot 35mm

film and sent my work away for

development and printing, the wait was

long as I remember. I soon got fed up

with waiting and invested in some

darkroom gear, then promptly set one up

in my loft. I can still smell the chemicals

now, in the height of summer, stuck up

there in my shorts, inhaling the fumes.

You can imagine my relief when some

clever boffin chap created digital sensors.

My first digital camera was 1.3

megapixels of raw power, and the results

were underwhelming. Happily things

have moved on and image quality is

phenomenal from some of today’s

equipment. I still shoot film from time to

time on a collection of classic compact

and SLR cameras, but my days in the loft

have long gone and I let somebody else

smell the chemicals these days.

Photography is a very technical

subject and I think that is one of the many

reasons that I like it so much. I spent over

thirty years as a precision engineer and

designer, so technical stuff is my thing,

and cameras and the techniques required

to achieve a perfect image are something I

find I’m drawn to. Plus I very much enjoy

planting my size thirteen boots over large

swathes of the local countryside.

Of course having decent cameras and

knowing how to use them is one thing but

you need something to photograph, and

Cheshire is the perfect place to find any

number of subjects. Bollington is a

treasure trove of opportunities, and I’m

still finding them, great industrial

heritage, countryside, water, it’s got lots

to offer and it’s on my doorstep.

Macclesfield Forest, the reservoirs, and

the Peak District are virtually next door,

I’m spoilt for choice really.

Most of my images represent the area I

live in and the wider countryside, but my

website also has some photographs from

Buckinghamshire, the Lake District, Peak

District, Wales (love Wales) and even a

few from Europe. I would say I am mostly

a landscape photographer, but I will have

a go at anything if I think it

will look good. I have recently

started having a go at street

photography, but trying to

blend in unnoticed when you

are 6ft 7in is a bit of an issue.

Wildlife and plants have

recently become fair game for

my lens, with some

interesting results. I don’t

believe in sticking to what you

know, as you never know

what you might be missing

out on.

I have only started selling

my work in the last year or so,

and things have gone well for

me considering how saturated

the market is. It’s a tough nut

to crack, but my competitive

pricing and quality of service

will hopefully win the day!

The products and services

I offer include prints,

canvases, framed prints, and

image editing/manipulation.

I will also print and mount to

suit client’s existing frames.

Tel - 07910 887947

Email – info@revolutionphotography.net

Web – www.revolutionphotography.net

Facebook - @RevolutionPhotography.net

Instagram – revolutionphoto

Twitter - @StuartKirk1968


Gold Birds Leg Candle Holder







Home & interiors

'Merry Prosecco & A Champagne

New Year' Candle



Compagnie de Provence Scented Candle



Elephant Candle Holder Gold Tin Town




Catamaran Stripe Navy Rug

Dash & Albert Catamaran Rugs are available in 6 sizes:

£44 (61 x 91 cm) £109 (91 x 152 cm) £175 (122 x 183 cm)

£394 (183 x 274 cm) £680 (259 x 335 cm) £146 (76 x 244 cm)



Home & interiors




Fill your autumn with colour! Make your living

spaces bright and beautiful, or cool and calming with

glorious colour palletes, furnishings and accessories


Home & interiors


hether it’s the memories of

a great beach holiday, the

brightly coloured cheer of

summer flowers, or a bowl

of strawberries and cream,

why not bring the season’s

colours into your home?

Just as nature changes it’s

palette, think about how

you can follow its lead by

reproducing summer’s

hues and moods in your

interiors and garden.

Whether you’re looking

for a whole new

redecoration scheme, or

just want some fun colour

accents, here’s our guide

for creating that relaxed

summer vibe in your decor.

Bringing a little bit of

summer sunshine inside

your home with a fresh

coat of paint, is a quick and

easy way to brighten up

your interiors. Certain

colours lend themselves to

the summer, but don’t

think you have to go for full

on brights to get the effect.

For many, paler hues

evoking fresh coastal air

and verdant green pine

forests are just as inspiring.

When looking for ideas,

think about what autumn

means to you. If you enjoy

the colours of the sky, the

sea and the sands, using a

selection of blues and

yellows will relax you. On

the other hand, you might

love the full on blitz of

bright pinks, oranges and

yellows that abound in

nature during autumn.

Think about the foods you

enjoy like raspberries,

pistachio ice cream and

crisp green salad leaves

and use your favourites to

help devise your autumn

colour scheme.

If you are simply looking

at how to perk up your

living space, a few subtle

additions are all you need.

Why not add a vintage style

patchwork throw, or

cushions to your lounge,

which look lovely against a

white or cream sofa and

instantly lighten and relax

a room. In fact, a few

cushions in either autumn

brights of orange and

yellow, or softer blues and

greens, can also help to





Joseph Joseph Marilyn

Worktop Saver



change the vibe to those

lazy hazy days of summer.

You may also wish to

swap heavy window

coverings for lighter

blinds, or fabrics to

enhance the amount of

light entering your room.

Likewise, any heavy-duty

rugs could be exchanged

for natural alternatives,

like sisal, or simply leave

wooden floors bare.

Adding a few pieces of

furniture in driftwood

style, either left as bare

wood, or finished in

white, soft blues or

greens, brings a coastal

element to your living

room, along with a

calming feel of sitting and

watching the waves lap

the shoreline.

Big vases of flowers,

window boxes and artfully

displayed fruits, such as a

dozen lemons in a cobalt

blue dish, can all add a

zest of seasonal colour,

while also infusing

summer scents

throughout your home.

This all helps to give your

interiors a sense of

renewal, as well as

keeping you in touch with

the seasons.

Lollipop Print



Spotty Dustpan and Brush



Home & interiors

We love!

Every shade of colour is a snapshot from

nature or a locations culture, influenced by

the prevailing light. Capturing and

preserving this is a genuine art, and Lars

Contzen is a master of this art. Since 2013

Lars Contzen has been travelling across

Europe to search the perfect colours, for

the colourcourage® colour system.

60 colours created by Lars Contzen, and

exclusively sold at B&Q.

View our favourites from this collection in

the sequence here.






Home & interiors

The Jewel Dining Table is the epitome

of creating the perfect balance of

contemporary luxury and

extravagance to any setting.

Sure to elevate and garner admiration

from family and friends with this

durable and organic dining piece using

the finest wood, offset with its wellbalanced

legs creating a beautiful

modern tonal effect.

The Jewel dining table is a

masterpiece created by skilled

artisans that extravagantly exhibits

art and the full form of modernity

capable of transforming every living

space in a stunning scenario.



Home & interiors


The letter 'Y' is the central design element of

the new YPS dining table. Its straight lines

are captivating, but at the same time it plays

with a variety of angles. The characteristic

base at its centre offers generous legroom

and comfortable access when combined with

a corner seat. The flared legs provide

enormous stability and make the table look

dynamic despite its solid design. Produced

using a three-layer technology, the table top

is impressively thick and warp resistant. The

YPS dining table is available in several sizes

and can also be made-to-measure.

TABLE STARTING PRICE: £2,250 (smallest

size 160 x 90 cm in solid beech as shown)


Perfectly coordinated with the table from this

range, the new YPS bench shows off the

central theme of the 'Y'. Not just the legs, but

the 'Y' can also be found in the elaborate

stitching of the seat preventing the formation

of any indentations in the bench.

The special upholstery construction with its

high-quality micro-pocket spring core

ensures optimal and precise elasticity and

ventilation. This guarantees durable and

first-class comfort that is rounded off by the

upholstered backrest. You can select the YPS

bench as a corner seat or a straight bench,

with or without backrest and in a selection of

different fabrics and leather.


Chair: £1,649 with a swivel base

Bench with backrest: £3,670

Bench without backrest: £2,700




• Exciting

• Innovative

• Fresh

At the White Room we strive to provide

first class floral expertise for weddings,

themed parties, corporate and personal events

aswell as everyday floral items.

With 35 years in the industry, Julie and her team

are happy to help with any floral occasion.

We look forward to seeing you!

Tel: 01625 615880


email: cheshireflowers@aol.com

Home and venue visit welcome

112 Chestergate, Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK11 6DU


Searchlight 8110-10CC Willow 10 Ceiling

Light Polished Chrome







Moooi Construction Lamp

Large - White

Made to order


Home & interiors


Adorne Medium Pink Pendant Light


Jeeves 1 Light Pendant

by Innermost




Pineapple Lamp Mint


Gräshoppa Desk Lamp Matt White




Home & interiors



Wouldn’t it be nice for you not to have to repeat the

words ‘bedtime’ again and again. QT have five beds that

your children will be jumping for joy to clamber in to..

Oliver Children's Bed



we love!


Home & interiors



GB Car Racer Novelty Bed



Jemima Butterfly Bed


London Bus Kids Bunk Bed

by Julian Bowen


Midsleeper / Children's bed Andi








Bhali The Elephant

postcardshome.co.uk / £10.00

Home & interiors

Born to be rad print

andshine.co.uk / £25.00

Snuggable Hottie Penguin

www.dobbies.com / £12.99

Frog Hat With Earflaps

www.bestyears.co.uk / £14.99

'I love you to the moon and back'

print, available from sizes A4 to A1




Brown stuffed bear with tie and glasses




Home & interiors

Bus Pyjamas

These soft organic cotton

pyjamas are comfy to sleep

in and perfect for romping

around in the day.




Home & interiors

Sophie Allport Knitted Elephant Safari Hot Water Bottle Cover Lifestyle

A super soft and snuggly baby hot water bottle covered in grey

elephants. Grey with white elephants on one side and cream with grey

elephants on the other side. There is a green edge trim to the 100%

cotton hot water bottle cover. A great gift for little ones.

Perfect for those chilly winter evenings!




Vintage Child's Chair - Variety of Colours

www.orchidfurniture.co.uk / £49.00


All aspects of joinery work undertaken

Contact Gary on 0777 135 8116

or email me Garyandrewclayton1988@hotmail.co.uk

with your requirements


Talking Tables Decadent Decs Paper Flowers

Nursery Blush Flower Pom Poms Lifestyle Portrait



Home & interiors

Percy Pup Pull Along





Garden & Game Hare Brown Cushion




Home & interiors

Spellbound Hare Cushion



Big Cat Camo Cushion



Graduate Collection Tiger Cushion






For advertising and editorial opportunities contact

Rachael (Macclesfield) on 0795 665 4392


in Cheshire

Garden & Outdoors




hen it comes to garden ideas,

limited space needn't be a

cap to originality and

comfort. While small

gardens, terraces, decking

and patios undoubtedly

come with their own set of

design challenges, even the

most economical of plots can

be reworked into impacftul

and elegant outdoor havens.

Think small but perfectly


Macclesfield and many of

it’s surrounding villages has

an abundance of victorian

terraced properties with

smaller than average

outdoor space.

Whether you're looking to

transform an inauspicious

roof space or balcony garden

into a stylish urban garden,

create the ideal alfresco

dining area complete with

dramatic lighting or go all

out with quirky features and

accessories, we've selected a

variety of our favourite

design ideas to inspire.


Neutral coloured walls, clever seating and storage options and funky lighting

can give the illusion of space

Using space intelligently is the key to

making a small garden work; seats that

double up as storage, wall-mounted

flower pots or herb planters and even

folding furniture will all help free up

precious square-footage. Likewise,

mirrors designed specifically for outdoor

use will go even further, creating the

illusion of space where there simply isn't

any. Look for small-scale garden

buildings, such as gazebos and arbours,

which can bring shelter and structure

without needing lots of space.

Don't forget, a small garden can work in

your favour - they are easier to maintain

and, with some cute lighting solutions

and soft furnishings, will function as cosy

enclaves akin to outdoor living rooms. A

patio design can work really well in a

small garden space.

Remember, solar-powered lights and

lanterns are the safest and the most longlasting

option. If you have the room,

wood-burning fire pits and bowls will

heighten atmosphere as well as give out

heat when the night's eventually draw in.

Attractive planters and ornaments will

spruce up decking or patios and you can



Garden & Outdoors




2ft x 1ft 6in Shabby Chic Mirror

with Lattice Doors


Eglo Riga LED Outdoor Wall Light

Stainless Steel




Vegetal Outdoor Chair


Outdoor cushion in taupe

40 x 40cm



Neatral shades and bold shrubbery complement this small,

yet beautiful courtyard garden

even opt for a more natural aesthetic - we love the

idea of adding a zinc bathtub for the ultimate in rural

charm. Remember, sometimes a limited set of

parameters can be a boon for ingenuity and the same

holds true here. Be creative!

Alfresco summer dining

Create an outdoor living area for the hot autumn

months (we hope). Even if you have a small plot with

not much natural greenery, you can create the look of

a colourful garden with flower-filled pots and

planters. Just like indoors, opting for neutral walls

and flooring can make a small garden feel lighter and



Garden & Outdoors



An awesome Fire Pit from Danish designers,

House Doctor.









ounded nearly five centuries ago,

Panama city is steeped in history,

yet much of it is remarkably

modern. The baroque facades of

the city's old quarter appear

frozen in time, while the area

around Punta Paitilla (Paitilla

Point) is positively vaulting into

the 21st century, with gleaming

skyscrapers towering over the


Panama City is home to races,

religions, and cultures from

around the world. Whereas the

high-rises of Punta Paitilla and

the Area Bancária (banking

district) create a skyline more

impressive than that of Miami

(really!), the brick streets and

balconies of the Casco Viejo

evoke the French Quarter of New

Orleans. The tree-lined

boulevards of Balboa are a

mixture of early-20th-century

American architecture and

exuberant tropical vegetation.

The islands reached by the

nearby Calzada de Amador

(Amador Causeway) are full of

bars and restaurants and a


The city's proximity to tropical

nature is astounding, with


significant patches of forest protected

within city limits on Cerro Ancón (Ancón

Hill) and in Parque Metropolitano, and

the national parks of Camino de Cruces

and Soberanía just to the northwest of

town. You could spend a morning hiking

through the rain forest of the Parque

Metropolitano to see parrots and toucans,

then watch pelicans dive into the sea

while sipping a sunset drink at one of

Amador Causeway's restaurants. There

are plenty of spots in and around the city

to view massive ships moving in and out

of the Panama Canal.

An array of restaurants, an abundance

of shops and handicraft markets, and a

vibrant nightlife scene round out Panama

City's charm. Panama City can also serve

as a base for a bunch of day trips,

including Panama Canal transit tours, a

boat ride to Isla Taboga or Isla Contadora,

a trip on the Panama Canal Railway, a day

exploring the colonial fortresses, beaches,

and coral reefs of Portobelo, or hikes

through various rain-forest reserves.

Included in Panama City's colorful

contrasts are many of the unfortunate

aspects of urban life in the developing

world. It has its fair share of slums,

including several around must-see Casco

Viejo. Traffic is often downright terrible,

and the ocean along its coast is very



polluted. Crime is a problem in some

neighborhoods. Be careful where you

walk around alone, especially at night.

The city as a whole is quite safe, especially

the downtown area, where you'll find

bustling hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Panama City's Restaurants are rated by

Trip Advisor as one of the Top Ten Best

Latin American cities for restaurants. As

an international crossroads, Panama City

restaurants offer a great variety cuisines

for every price-range. Most restaurants

are located in the business district,

historic Casco Viejo, or the Amador


Try typical Panamanian dishes- ceviche,

carimanolas, arroz con pollo, sancocho

soup and hojadras ( fried dough sprinkled

with sugar.) Enjoy Panamanian cuisine

and a folkloric dance show at Tinajas.

At nightfall Panama City becomes a

nightlife hotspot. Casinos, clubs, and bars

come alive. Enjoy tropical drinks, sensual

Latin music and salsa dancing.

Panamanians enjoy dressing to the

nines, so be sure to bring something that

will make you shine. Most nightlife spots

in Casco Viejo. Roof top venues like the

bar at Tantalos Hotel have bay views.

Beer loves will enjoy Rana Dorada, a

small micro-brewery in El Cangrejo and









ong, straight glass-like hair

and super smooth ponytails

are hot on the catwalks this


Here are some tips to get

the look!

1) You can use a store bought

mask for 30 minutes, no

matter how long the bottle

says to keep it on. You can

also use an egg all over your

hair for 30 minutes, a mixture

of coconut and almond oil for

a half an hour, or a mixture of

olive oil, cinnamon, and

honey for a half hour.

2) Wear a clear spray

sunscreen on your hair part

daily. Use a swim cap

whenever you go swimming.

Wear your hair in a braid or

ponytail whenever you are

going outside.

3) Never ever use heat on

your hair. Use a blow dryer

max once a week and never a

flat iron or curling iron. Heat

damage makes your hair limp,

brittle, and damaged. If you

ever have to, use a heat

protectant spray or cream.

4) Be healthy. Sleep 9 hours

or more a day, eat healthy,

exercise, and have zero stress.

If you have trouble falling

asleep, read an extremely

boring book and drink warm

milk with honey.

5) Have a good hair care

regime: Wash your hair with a

keratin shampoo every other

day. Use a keratin conditioner


Fashion & Beauty





A unique collection of women’s clothing is designed using

high quality fabrics and cut in a variety of shapes to fit &

flatter for a confident look. Choose from a

mix of dresses, tops, skirts, knitwear, trousers & more in

a mix of silhouettes, prints, & colours to complete your

style and wardrobe.



Sophie Pussy Bow Blouse £49.50

Fashion & Beauty

Dita Sweat Top £39.50

Libby Grey Culottes £55

Funnel Neck Layering

Jumper Orange £35

Lea Pinafore Dress £65

Fashion & Beauty




We all want blemish free glowing skin, but sometimes that’s

easier said than done. There may be certain mistakes that

you are making, without really understanding what they

could be doing to your skin


Fashion & Beauty


on’t undo the work you’ve put in by

falling into any of these five skin


You sleep in your makeup

After a long day (and then night

out), sometimes you just want to

crawl into bed without washing your

face. But as annoying as it can be,

you really should spend the time to

take off your makeup each night,

since sleeping in it could lead to acne

causing clogged pores or even

bacterial infections.

Claudia's tip: A quick cleanse with

your favourite cleanser to remove

make up and make sure you wash

off with Azulene Foam Active facial

wash, with it mild non drying

antiseptic qualities.

You pop your spots

When breakouts do happen, please

don’t try to deal with them with your

hands. Popping pimples pushes

bacteria deeper into your skin and

could result in even more breakouts.

Claudia’s tip: Keep your skin,

towels, pillow cases, make up

brushes clean. Drink bottled water

instead of tap water, and a little dab

of Cover Rescue Creme to help.

You don’t sleep enough

Your skin repairs itself overnight, so

if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re

not giving your skin enough time to

look after it self properly. This could

mean more lines, less elasticity and

uneven skin tone. It’s time to catch

up on those zzz’s!

Claudia’s tip: Sleep!! Also you can

boost the effects of your snooze with

some Energizing Beauty Fluid and

do not forget to drink water.

You take super-hot showers

As relaxing as they are, steaming

showers strip away the outer layer of

the skin, making it look and feel scaly

and dry. Stick to temperatures that

don’t make your skin fire engine red.

Claudia’s tip: Moisturise straight

after your shower, Intensive Repair

Creme if you have normal to dry

skin and Energizing Beauty Fluid if

you have a more oily skin.

You over-exfoliate

There is such a thing as too much of

a good thing. Once a week is more

than enough to exfoliate away the

dead skin cells. If you over exfoliate,

it can lead to further breakouts and


Claudia’s tip: Gently exfoliate with

the rice particles in our Gentle

Exfoliant Creme to bring back your






Moustache Mat At Front Door by Thabto

Description: Wipe your feet on no ordinary door mat. Some say the

Moustache Door Mat by Thabto is possibly the coolest door mat around .

Others might just walk all over it. Whatever you think this door mat is

surely going to bring a smile to everyone that enters your home.



Fashion & Beauty

Brainfreeze Skull Ice Bucket


Luxury Pink Plaid Tweed Merino Wool

Hot Water Bottle


Japanese Whisky Set




Whether you wear hats or not the hat rests are a great add-on for the

standard valet. The skull hatstand valet has been popular since the valets

were launched. The skull is made of a dense composite which has a metalic

finish. Shown here is the light and dark bronze but we also do black.










Nu atu utr ura ritio al. ous.

Great for


Great for

the family


for active



top seller

Each gel contains

pure stabilised ised aloe

taken directly from

the centre

of the leaf

contains over 200

rich source

of nutrients

and helps to promote

For further

r information and prices


e contact:

Business ID:

440500022427 Name:

Rachael Marlow

07956654392 Email:



Charity calls for tougher sentencing

after increase in pet theft


et owners are living in fear

that their beloved pet could

be stolen, according to Blue

Cross pet charity. Today, the

leading charity has released

figures showing stolen pets

are on the rise with an

increase of almost 40%

compared to 2012. Not

surprisingly over a third of

the nation’s pet owners are

worried their pet could fall

prey to thieves.

Owners are now backing

the charity’s call for tougher

sentences for those who

commit the crime, which

Blue Cross hopes will act as

a deterrent. Almost half of

pet owners believe that

homes are being deliberately

targeted by criminals who

are capitalising on the

nations’ devotion to their

beloved pets, with pets being

stolen to sell or in return for

a reward or ransom.

Lola, an 18-month-old

miniature schnauzer, went

missing whilst staying with

relatives in Fareham.

Neighbours saw two men

and a woman snatch her

from a nearby doorstep and

she hasn’t been seen since.

Owner Gemma Atkin-Brown

said: “We’re devastated by

the loss of Lola and are

desperate to get her back.

My son cries himself to sleep

at night because he misses

her so much and my

disabled daughter can’t

understand why Lola has


Blue Cross’s Pet

Bereavement Support

Service has been helping pet



owners for over 20 years. Each year the

charity receives over 6000 calls and

emails from those who are going or

have been through losing a pet – for

any reason. It offers free, confidential

support on 0800 096 6606.

Tracie McGrory, Pet Bereavement

Support Manager at Blue Cross said: “A

pet is an integral part of so many

families who are absolutely devastated

if they are stolen. Not only are they

missing their pet they are also

desperately worried about what is

happening to them.”

Blue Cross is asking animal lovers to

help make a change in the law a reality

by asking their MP to back the



www.bluecross.org.uk/pettheft to

find out more and download a

letter template.

Blue Cross tips on protecting your pet include:

• Think twice before leaving your pet alone in the car or tied outside a shop

• Take clear photographs of your pet from different angles to help prove

ownership if needed

• Train your dog to come back to you when called if in a strange place or in doubt

they will return keep them on an extended lead

• Beware of strangers asking questions about your dog

• Make sure you pet has a microchip to increase the chance of being reunited and

don’t forget to update your contact details if you move home

• If your pet is stolen report the crime to the police

• Contact your local animal warden and rescue centres in case your pets escapes

or is dumped

Show your #suppawt for Blue Cross to help change the story for sick,

injured and homeless pets. Text SUPPAWT to 70907 to donate £5*

or visit www.bluecross.org.uk

Visit your

local Blue

Cross Shop!





Today our two little baking stars

are making chocolate covered

strawberry brownies. Ellie aged 8

and Megan aged 4 (pictured

above), had so much fun, and the

end results were delicious!


Food & Drink

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 20

minutes Cool Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour Servings: 9


1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped

3/4 cup granulated sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 pound strawberries, sliced

8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped


Melt the chocolate into the butter in a sauce pan

over medium heat and let cool.

Mix the sugar into the eggs

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt.

Mix the melted chocolate into the egg mixture

followed by the flour mixture.

Pour the batter into a grease (optionally foil lined)

8 inch baking pan and bake in a preheated

350F/180C oven until a toothpick pushed into the

centre comes out clean, about 20-25 minutes.

Sprinkle the strawberries on top of the brownies.

Melt the chocolate over medium-low heat on the

stove or in a microwave, pour it over the

strawberries and let cool until the chocolate is

set, about 30-60 minutes.







t this point in time I am running Sound Soldier

Productions as a community support network.

With the aim of raising money for charities via

artistic medium. How does this work? Music is

produced and the money raised from track sales

goes to charity. So far we, [including artists who

have contributed to these projects], have raised

money for The David Lewis Centre in Alderley

Edge. This is a centre offering care to adults and

children suffering from severe epilepsy and

associated problems.

I was born in Macclesfield, it is my home. I have

a daughter and I care about the community where

she is raised. When I attended high school there

were no facilities to encourage teenagers

interested in pursuing a career in the

art[s]/design/media industry. It wasn’t until I was

18, when I enrolled on a music tech course at Mid

Cheshire college, that I started to focus on some

sort of career path. When I see all the iMacs,

iPads, and production equipment now in high

schools, I can’t help feeling slightly envious of the

kids today.

I am currently in the process of establishing

myself as a communication designer. Offering my

services on a freelance basis to independent

clients and branding agencies. What does

communication design mean? In my case audio

production, video editing, and graphic design. It’s

an umbrella term for mixed media design.

Gaining establishment as a freelancer is not an

overnight thing. Not if you want to stand out. And

standing out involves creating an identity that the

public immediately relate to. Plus you must have


the industry experience for clients to have

confidence in the service you are


Artistically, I enjoy playing with peoples

perceptions and I like to live up people’s

stereotypes. [Visually]. I think this is

necessary, especially when dealing with

political issues or laughing at a health

related injustice. As an epileptic I like to

take all my medical frustrations out in my

music. The genre I produce is electronica.

Although it’s more soundtrack/computer

game music. Most of it is nothing you can

dance to. When I first got into music

productions I was using purely samples to

construct a track. Now I use a variety of

techniques and equipment to obtain a

sound I like. But most of the time I come

across sounds by experimenting. For this

music I go by the alias: ‘Bulgemaster’.

The main project I’m working on at the

moment is a documentary about

Macclesfield. The title is ‘What, So You

Make Tunes and Shit, Yeah?’ It

investigates the town’s creative culture

from an artistic perspective. The main

aim of the documentary is to make the

general public more aware of the artistic

potential we have in our town.

I think we can all take art for granted. If

you are an artist, I see it as a public

service. Art comes in all formats and it

keeps us sain and motivated. I need to

keep creating as I am a frantic thinker,

creativity keeps me balanced. A lot of

individuals with mental health issues are

very creative people, and the same is said

for individuals with conditions such as

asperges, and autism. I think councils

should do a lot more to accommodate



disabled creatives who want to be creative

and pursue a career in the arts/media

industry. If there were places in towns

with iMacs and all the editing equipment,

where people could produce music,

videos, and other artistic formats, people

could network, express themselves, and

gain more independence. If a person is off

work, whilst living on benefits, selfmotivation

is non-existent. This leads to a

person feeling like they are worthless. If a

person has a disability, with the added

pressure of ensuring his, or her child is

brought up in the correct manor, life on

benefits is not an ideal way to live. We are

led to believe that people who rely on

benefits are lazy scumbags. This is mainly

down to certain media organisations

portraying it that way. So as a result the

whole aura surrounding the word

‘benefits’ can make a person feel

ashamed. This can lead to depression and

can attribute to their condition[s]

worsening. The government has put so

much pressure on the poor and disabled,

how about balancing it out and doing

more to encourage their independence

rather than pushing them off a cliff?

I have a number of friends and

acquaintances that are not able to hold

down a job because of a medical

condition. Some of which are extremely

talented artistically and intellectually. It

frustrates me when I see people struggle,

especially when their capabilities are at

the level they are at.

I’m influenced by many things. Because

I like to communicate using a variety of

formats the influence will depend on the

medium. But with music I’d say I’m

influenced by Aphex Twin, Dr Dre, Ian

Dury and The Blockheads, Isao Tomita,

Pink Floyd, Squarepusher.. to name a few.

I like the artists not only for their music,

but their whole identity or brand. Labels

that inspire me are Factory Records and

Warp Records. I like how they became,

and I believe in the ethos of releasing

music you like.

Once the documentary is complete I’m

going to get play it at a venue in

Macclesfield and sell tickets. The money

raised from the ticket sales will go to The

Churches Conservation Trust, and it will

go towards the restoration of Christ

Church which is a grade 2 listed building.

But aside from raising money it’s purpose

will serve a much greater cause. It will

result in local creatives collaborating, and

local branding agencies recruiting more

local talent rather than outsourcing from

the city.

I want to encourage independent

creatives. I don’t think Macclesfield has

an identity when professional creativity is

concerned, I think if it did it’s creative

culture will evolve further, and faster.



we love!


d’après Jean-Pierre Vaude by

Alexander Nishkov

A contemporary limited edition fine art print

from Bulgarian photographer Alexander

Nishkov's collection on FineArtSeen

This beautiful photograph comes from a

limited edition of 10




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