Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market Revenue and Value Chain 2016-2026

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016-2026” report to their offering.

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016-2026” report to their offering.


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<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong><br />

<strong>Point</strong> <strong>Market</strong><br />

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Analysis, Research, Report,<br />

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<strong>2016</strong>-<strong>2026</strong><br />

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Report Description<br />

A <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> access point (AP) is a special purpose communication device in WLAN deployment which<br />

enables connection between wireless devices <strong>and</strong> wired network using <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong>. APs are also the<br />

key enablers of WLAN deployment by establishing connections among different users in a<br />

WLAN. APs play a crucial role in providing highly reliable <strong>and</strong> secure wireless connection.<br />

The <strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> access point (802.11ac st<strong>and</strong>ard) is the latest device in this segment. It is<br />

capable of offering high speed wireless data sharing at multi gigabit speeds. <strong>Gigabit</strong> AP is rapidly<br />

emerging as the replacement of its predecessor st<strong>and</strong>ards, such as 802.11n, for WLAN<br />

deployment due to its promising speeds of up to 7 Gbps <strong>and</strong> operating frequency b<strong>and</strong> of 5<br />

GHz.<br />

Factors such as increasing dem<strong>and</strong> for high speed <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> connectivity <strong>and</strong> prevailing use of<br />

laptops, tablets <strong>and</strong> smartphones for connecting to corporate networks, is driving the adoption<br />

of WLAN deployment, which in turn is fuelling the dem<strong>and</strong> of high end access points.<br />

Request for sample report: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-1351<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Point</strong> <strong>Market</strong>: Drivers <strong>and</strong> Restraint<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> access points offers several advantages including high data transfer rates up to the<br />

7 Gbps, a cable free environment <strong>and</strong> less power consumption, thus reducing cost to a greater<br />

extent. Moreover, it guarantees utmost accuracy <strong>and</strong> security in transferring data, supporting all<br />

three wireless frequency b<strong>and</strong>s, to access existing <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> devices.

Report Description<br />

the recent years, the WLAN l<strong>and</strong>scape has witnessed a transition from 802.11n i.e.<br />

conventional st<strong>and</strong>ards of WLAN deployment to 802.11ac <strong>and</strong> wave 2 802.11ac <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong><br />

gigabit st<strong>and</strong>ards. Growing dem<strong>and</strong> for high speed data network due to increase in the<br />

data traffic <strong>and</strong> network capacity issues are fuelling the deployment of gigabit <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong><br />

networks, in turn propelling the adoption of these high end access points. Proliferation in<br />

the enterprise mobility services <strong>and</strong> adoption of advanced IT strategies such as cloud<br />

computing <strong>and</strong> big data analytics, are compelling the IT sector to seek gigabit <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong><br />

st<strong>and</strong>ards to support these data centric activities.<br />

The market growth is further cemented by the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device<br />

(BYOD), Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) <strong>and</strong> Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). Furthermore,<br />

introduction of the latest Wave 2 802.11ac st<strong>and</strong>ard <strong>and</strong> government initiatives<br />

promoting provision of high speed <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> access in public places, is expected to boost the<br />

dem<strong>and</strong>s for gigabit APs during the forecast period.<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Point</strong> <strong>Market</strong>: Segmentation<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Market</strong> can be segmented on the basis of type of products <strong>and</strong><br />

regions.<br />

On the basis of type of products, the gigabit <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong>access market is further segmented<br />

into communication <strong>and</strong> computing devices, consumer electronic devices, <strong>and</strong> network<br />

infrastructure devices. Communication <strong>and</strong> computing segment includes smartphone,<br />

tablets, docking stations, PCs & PC peripherals <strong>and</strong> consumer electronics segment<br />

includes TV & peripherals, digital cameras & camcorders.

Report Description<br />

<strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Point</strong> are used for various applications includingreal time entertainment, web<br />

browsing & advertising, gaming, social networking <strong>and</strong> e-learning/distance learning. Currently,<br />

among these segments, real-time entertainment application segment have witnessed highest<br />

adoption of <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> access points. However, other application segments such as e-learning <strong>and</strong><br />

web advertising are also offering potential revenue opportunities with the growing popularity of<br />

this products across educational institutions <strong>and</strong> business enterprises.<br />

Request for TOC: http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/toc/rep-gb-1351<br />

Segmentation on basis of regions:<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Market</strong> is sub-segmented into 7 key regions- North America, Latin America,<br />

East Europe, West Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan <strong>and</strong> Middle East & Africa.<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Point</strong> <strong>Market</strong>: Region wise outlook<br />

Currently, developed countries such as U.S., U.K <strong>and</strong> Japan lead the global market of gigabit <strong>Wi</strong>-<br />

<strong>Fi</strong> access points due to the heavy data traffic <strong>and</strong> subsequent high utilization of internet services<br />

in these countries. Also, majority of population in Japan <strong>and</strong> U.S. is tech-savvy <strong>and</strong> are engaged<br />

in the utilization of high speed internet, which in turn is fueling the deployment of gigabit <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong><br />

access points.<br />

The developing economies such as Brazil, China, India <strong>and</strong> South Africa are witnessing high<br />

growth rates. The growth in these countries can be attributed to the factors such as<br />

development of the telecommunication sector, steady growth in the enterprise sector,<br />

subsequent rise in the number of new WLAN deployments <strong>and</strong> upgrades.

Report Description<br />

Additionally, introduction of high speed data plans on frequent basis, increasing online (audio<br />

video streaming) traffic <strong>and</strong> growing adoption of e-learning programs are also propelling the<br />

market growth in this region.<br />

<strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> <strong>Point</strong> <strong>Market</strong>: Key Players<br />

The prominent players in the <strong>Gigabit</strong> <strong>Wi</strong>-<strong>Fi</strong> <strong>Access</strong> market include Aerohive Networks Inc.,<br />

Aruba Networks Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., D-Link Corporation, The Hewlett-Packard Company,<br />

Ruckus <strong>Wi</strong>reless Inc., <strong>and</strong> TP-Link Co. Ltd., <strong>and</strong> Zebra Technologies Corporation.

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