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Interest Facts

About Florida

1. The population of Florida consists of

19,057,542 citizens.

2. The Everglades in Florida are known

for its animals which include the

panther, alligator, and manatee.

3. Juan Ponce de Leon was the first

recorded explorer in the state. He

arrived in 1513. He referred to the

state as La Florida.

4. The state became a state in 1845.

5. Florida was the location for a majority

of the Seminole War between

European settlers and Native


6. The state is recognized for its water

sports, golf, and other outdoor sports


7. According to researchers the Paleo

Indian Tribes were the original

inhabitants of the state. By the time

records were created for the United

States, the state was inhabited by

Timucua, Apalachee, Tocobaga, Ais,

and Calusa Indian Tribes.

8. The European settler, Arellano

constructed a colony in the late

1500s. Due to massive hurricanes the

settlers left the peninsula until the late


9. Many African slaves fled to Florida

to acquire freedom. Through the

Spanish Crown the slaves became

Roman Catholic and they then

settled within St Augustine.

10. Americans moved into colonies

within Florida after the Treaty of

Versailles. Through land grants they

were allowed to settle within the then

Spanish owned property.

11. In basic the Adams Onis Treaty

allowed American claim of Florida

after they renounced their claim to


12. The Indian Removal Act was official in

1830, which allowed the government

to remove Native Americans from

Florida by any means necessary.

13. The Treaty of Payne’s Landing

allowed Native Americans to settle

within lands beyond the Mississippi

River with the agreement that they

would leave Florida without further

attacks. The treaty led to the Second

Seminole War.

14. According to statistics, the federal

government spent up to $40 million

on the Second Seminole War. The war

was not successful and only led to a

third war against Native Americans.

The wars were unsuccessful.

15. After the Civil War, the Reconstruction

led to stricter provision that

disfranchised numerous African

Americans and Caucasian

individuals who were poor. These

provisions were literacy tests, poll

taxes, and even strict residency


16. The population of Florida did not

experience a large boom until mid

20th century. The economy was

crippled due to boll weevils that

destroyed cotton crops.

Things to do and see

Miami Seaquarium

(305) 361-5705,

4400 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL

Enjoy a trip to the Miami Seaquarium where

you will find sea treasures that include

both dolphins and whales. Attend the

educational programs and learn about all

of the world’s sea creatures or swim with the


Miami Science Museum and


(305) 646-4269,

3280 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL

Discover the world of science at the

Miami Science Museum and Planetarium.

Upcoming events include: Kitchen

Chemistry Day, MiaSci Spring Camp, the

Brain Fair and Miami Science Museum

Galaxy Gala.

Coral Gables Merrick House • 907 Coral Way Coral

Gables, FL

Upcoming cultural shows at Coral Gables

Merrick House include: Jazz in the Gables,

A Musical Journey, Florida’s International

University’s Big Band, and the Seraphic Fire

and Firebird Chamber Orchestra.

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