Fall/Winter 2016-17

Lookbook SS2016 1

Mjus RBL

Mjus RBL is an Italian men’s shoes brand which

stands out for the use of distinctive, high quality

materials. Its shoes and accessories collections are

hand scribed, carefully crafted and designed with

character. The Mjus RBL brand is aimed at a free and

self confident man, with a unique personality: living

and travelling are his great passion.

Mjus RBL is a part of Olip Italia S.p.A. a company

founded in 1972 in Colà di Lazise near the

Lake Garda in Italy. Olip Italia Spa guarantees

uncompromising quality with European production

evolving since its birth from a production based

company to a brand-minded company. Mjus RBL

was born in 2013.

Lookbook SS2016 3


Look 1. Outside 8-13

Look 2. Dark 14-19

Look 3. Wild 20-27

Look 4. Escape 28-35

Look 5. Passion 36-39

Look 6. Action 40-47

Look 7. Nature 48-55

Look 8. Insurgent 56-61

Look 9. Rebel 62-69

Look 10. Air 70-75

Look 11. The Wall 76-83

Credits 85

Lookbook SS2016 5


Bart Ackermans

Robbert Flipse

Lookbook SS2016 7

Look 1. Outside

Lookbook SS2016 9

“We travel, some of us forever,

to seek other places,

other lives, other souls.”

Anais Nin

Lookbook SS2016 11

Bart wears:

Leather jacket, green T-shirt, jeans, Mjus RBL

black leather ankle boots

Lookbook SS2016 13

Look 2. Dark

Lookbook SS2016 15

“Not all those who wander

are lost.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

Lookbook SS2016 17

Black leather ankle boot


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Lookbook SS2016 19

Look 3. Wild

Lookbook SS2016 21

“The world is a book and

those who do not travel read

only one page.”

St. Augustine

Lookbook SS2016 23

Robbert wears:

Grey cardigan, denim jacket, white T-shirt, black jeans, grey

scarf, Mjus RBL light brown leather boots with buckles

Lookbook SS2016 25

Light brown leather boot with buckles


313202-101-6287 313202-101-6320 313202-201-6002

Lookbook SS2016 27

Look 4. Escape

Lookbook SS2016 29

“Life is either a daring

adventure or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller

Lookbook SS2016 31

Bart wears:

Pink sweater, waterproof jacket, blue pants, red hat, Mjus RBL

black leather sneakers

Lookbook SS2016 33

Black leather sneaker


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Lookbook SS2016 35

Look 5. Passion

Lookbook SS2016 37

“We travel not to escape life,

but for life not to escape us.”


Lookbook SS2016 39

Look 6. Action

Lookbook SS2016 41

“Life begins at the end of your

comfort zone.”

Neale Donald Walsch

Lookbook SS2016 43

Bart wears:

Leather jacket, T-shirt, jeans, Mjus RBL brown leather sneakers

Lookbook SS2016 45

Brown leather sneaker



Lookbook SS2016 47

Look 7. Nature

Lookbook SS2016 49

“He who does not travel does

not know the value of men.”

Moorish proverb

Lookbook SS2016 51

Robbert wears:

Grey coat, black jeans, blue pullover, Mjus RBL brown leather

lace-up shoes, Mjus RBL camouflage bag

Lookbook SS2016 53

Brown leather lace-up shoe


302203-601-0002 302203-601-0003


Lookbook SS2016 55

Look 8. Insurgent

Lookbook SS2016 57

“Dream as if you’ll live forever.

Live as if you’ll die today.”

James Dean

Lookbook SS2016 59

Brown leather bag


Lookbook SS2016 61

Look 9. Rebel

Lookbook SS2016 63

“A good traveler has no

fixed plans and is not intent

on arriving”.

Lao Tzu

Lookbook SS2016 65

Robbert wears:

Denim jacket, jeans, blue pullover, grey scarf, Mjus RBL

black leather boots

Lookbook SS2016 67

Black leather boot


325206-201-6113 325206-201-6179 325206-201-6287

Lookbook SS2016 69

Look 10. Air

Lookbook SS2016 71

“Jump on your motorbike

and let the world to be



Lookbook SS2016 73

Bart wears:

Denim jacket, grey jeans, striped scarf, Mjus RBL

brown leather boots with buckles

Lookbook SS2016 75

Look 11. The Wall

Lookbook SS2016 77

“For those who are lost, there

will always be cities that feel

like home.”

Simon Van Booy

Lookbook SS2016 79

Bart wears:

blue and grey cardigan, denim shirt, jeans, green hat, Mjus

RBL brown leather boots with buckles

Lookbook SS2016 81

Brown leather boot with buckles


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Lookbook SS2016 83


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Visual Content Creation

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