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Official Newspaper of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 8 – 15 October 2016

Let the Games Begin!

More than 4000 participants formed a colourful parade of people

in Alice Springs to launch the 30th Anniversary of the Alice Springs

Masters Games last night.

Sunday 9th October | Issue 2


Participants snaked their way through the Todd Mall,

marching, skipping and shuffling towards Anzac Oval for

the Opening Ceremony.

There were peels of laughter and smiles all round as old

acquaintances from Games gone by lined up in their

chosen sport for the event.

The biennial Alice Springs Masters Games parade is the

biggest and most colourful in the town.

The tradition that was born at the first Games in 1986 saw

teams and individuals resplendent in their outfits and team

colours. It was such an explosion of colour that spectators

on the side of Todd Street were forced to keep looking

from left to right and back again to catch all the action.

A single cannon shot from Anzac Hill heralded the arrival of

the participants at Anzac Oval.

The parade was led in by the competitors in the new sport

of tug-o-war with the Sports Med team bringing up the


The competitors were joined by thousands of well-wishers

from Alice Springs and interstate for the NT Chief Minister

Michael Gunner’s official opening speech.

With his words: I now declare the 2016 Alice Springs

Masters Games officially open, the week-long party swung

into action. A spectacular display of fireworks lit up the

night sky before the entertainment got underway.

Ever-popular Adelaide-based cover band Clearway started

the entertainment with some good old rocking tunes like

April Sun in Cuba.

Then Wilbur Wilde and the Troublemakers featuring

Wendy Stapleton took to the stage to get the crowd rocking

before the Australian Blues Brothers Band finished off a

quality night of entertainment.

Many of the Games participants left with a spring in their

step and a smile on their faces.

After a sound night’s sleep it’s into serious sports action

with 26 of the 33 sports taking to the field and courts today.

After a few days of friendly competition, the party will

continue on Wednesday with the Games celebrating its

30th anniversary on the Alice Springs Town Council lawns

from 6pm.

There will be food stalls, a bar, a reptile show and an open

challenge tug-o-war plus Drum Atweme and Clearway

playing live. Entry is free.




+29ºC +26ºC +26ºC +27ºC



With temperatures soaring and

an Extreme UV Index don’t forget

to hydrate regularly and cover

up to avoid heat distress.


The Friendly Times

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Sports Horoscope

9 October 2016 will see the transit of the Moon, Mercury

and also the Sun. The ascendance of Venus in the same

sector will affect the tides and cause you to be off your

game. One minute you’re up, the next your down and

thinking of how you can sabotage that athlete who is

just a little bit better than you. Forget it – all is not equal

in love or sports.


You are distracted with unrealisable fantasies that divert

energy from your main sporting purpose. A crisis may arise

as you belatedly realise your body is telling you that you’ve

gone too far, too fast.


Oh my! Careful ... even though you have accepted sport

into your life, you refuse to forsake comfort … or food … or

early morning sleep-ins … or coffee – wait, why are you even



Although you can visualise your goals within your mind’s

eye, you still don’t know how to attain them. Fortunately,

your self-confidence goes a long way to compensate for

your lack of sporting prowess or ability.


You have temporarily misplaced your regular sense of Zen.

It’s time to harness your inner chi and get your body back in

balance to pursue your dreams without restraint.


Your ambitions are fired up, making you raring to go. You

won’t be happy if someone holds you back or you’re interrupted

and can’t achieve your goals. However, yelling at the

umpire may not be the best solution to your problem.


You might actually believe the sky is the limit now. Just

remember that consistent hard work, serious stretching and

Deep Heat are necessary ingredients for keeping injury at



A serious case of self-doubt could catch you off guard today.

Confidence is like a muscle; the more you use it or flex it, the

stronger it gets.


Take it easy. You don’t have as much energy as usual and as

a result everything is taking a lot of effort. Last night’s Opening

Ceremony may have caught up with you.


You could make a poor choice today, especially if you react

too quickly. Nevertheless, everything should turn out fine if

you can keep on top of your nerves and play with the rest of

the team.


Your new light-hearted attitude won’t be enough to calm

your nerves for very long today. Performance anxiety can

make or break you but when all else fails, remember that

climbing the mountain is what you Goats do best.


You’re a water sign in the middle of the Central Australian

desert. Keep hydrated and drink plenty today. If water is

scarce, beer and wine are always a good alternative.


Unfortunately, more isn’t necessarily better today. If you

manage your energy poorly, you won’t excel in your performance.

Overdoing it may lead to exhaustion, bad judgment

and an inability to make it to the podium.

Thrills Head

in the Right


The Alice Springs Masters Games family welcomes

two new sports in 2016.

Central Australian Go-karting enthusiasts are celebrating

30th years of the sport in Alice Springs. So it’s a nice

synergy that the first time the sport has been included

in the Alice Springs Masters Games, is in the Games’ 30th

anniversary year.

Organisers are promising some great spills and thrills on

the dirt track when racing is held under lights tomorrow,

Tuesday and Thursday at Arunga Park Speedway complex.

Riders will have the opportunity to race in two classes of

karts, the KT and 125cc in five men’s age groups and two


Tony Connor, who is the NT and SA statesman class title

holder and former president of the national Independent

Dirt Kart Association, said 34 drivers are in Alice Springs

for the Games.

“The Australian titles were on in Kadina last weekend and

it was too much for some of the drivers to come here as

well,” he said.

“But hopefully the WA drivers will spread the word about

this when they get back.”

Orienteering is the other new sport to join the Alice

Springs Masters Game for the first time this year.

A group of 36 orienteers gathered at the grounds of the

Old Telegraph Station this morning to tackle a 60-minute

score event.

Co-coordinator Kay Haarama said many of the participants

were from other sports and were giving orienteering a try.

“There are only two regular orienteers plus a good

percentage of people from the come and try sessions we

held in Alice Springs,” she said.

“Today’s course will involve 24 controls, some easy to

get to and some hard, spread around the Old Telegraph


“The aim is to get to as many controls as you can. The

person who gets the most wins.

“All participants will get a map 10 minutes before they set

off so they can plan their route.

“It will take about 20 minutes of running to get to all the

easy controls, so to win the orienteers will have to go for

some of the harder ones.”

Haarama said she worked on finding a balance between

a beginner’s course and one for more experienced

orienteers for the Games.

For something a bit different, there will be a mountain

bike orienteering event tomorrow evening. Another foot

event is scheduled for early Wednesday morning.



Neale Johnson

Martin Geraghty



Allan Webster

Hedda Ed

Judi Perry

Peter Anderson

Around the Traps...

It was all happening at the lawn bowls yesterday. The

Babes and Bowls women’s lawn bowls team were so

hot they cut off their shorts and then the sleeves

from their shirts. The girls made the emergency

alterations while standing on the side of the green.

It seems some of the other competitors were not


The Opening Ceremony march traditionally

provides a lot of colour, with many participants

really embracing the spirit of the Friendly Games

and dressing up. The Mt Isa Granites team always

impresses with their costumes. This year they were

dressed in blow-up sumo wrestler suits. But one

poor competitor arrived late to the parade looking a

bit let down – her suit had deflated.



Craig Simpson

Greg Leach

Graham Randell



Ben Humm

Bagging a Few Wins

The term bag lady has taken on a whole new meaning for

one Alice Springs Masters Games participant.

Golfer Mary Parkyn has an enviable collection of Games

participant bags and backpacks which she’s been collecting

since 1990.

The 78-year-old has been to the last 15 Games, taking part

in both golf and tennis where she’s snagged a few gold and

silver medals over the years.

Mary’s collection of bags is carefully stored in her

Mt Barker home in South Australia.

Well done Mary, we love your dedication.

Still on yesterday’s Opening Ceremony march and

the equestrian competitors were fierce this year.

They were showing their girl power by keeping

other participants in line with their whip cracking

prowess. No messing around with these girls

fellas, get too close and you won’t forget it, Ouch!

It’s official! The NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner

was being interviewed on local radio station 8HA

yesterday when he commented that 2016 was

the first time the Games were not clashing with

Legislative Assembly Sittings. He committed to

ensuring the Games and Sittings don’t clash again in

2018. Can’t get any more confirmation of the Games’

future than that!

If you have news or want to give a shout out please SMS or CALL 0401 119 467

Running for Success

The outright winners of yesterday’s

half marathon were surprised with

their success.

Running in his first Alice Springs

Masters Games, Charlie Maher set

out to get the soreness out his legs

after completing the Berlin Marathon

two weeks ago.

Sarah Crawford, who is participating

in her fifth Games, said while she had

won gold medals in her age group,

in the past there had always been

another female ahead of her for

outright honours.

Alice Springs-born Maher now

lives in Port Macquarie New South

Wales and brought his family – wife

Talitha, daughter Frankie, 4, and son

Boston 2 – for a week’s holiday in his

home country after returning from


Berlin was his fifth marathon since

becoming part of the Indigenous

Marathon Project and running the

New York Marathon in 2010. The

project was established by Australian

world champion marathon runner

Robert de Castella.

“I’ve always seen the Masters Games

growing up in Alice Springs and I

wanted to be part of it,” Maher said.

“It’s good for Alice Springs to have the

Masters Games every two years and

have people come from around the

world to participate.”

Maher said he was happy to just be a

part of yesterday’s event.

“I will be encouraging people in the

Indigenous Marathon Project to get

involved,” he said.

“It was a good hit out and got the lactic

acid and soreness out of the legs.”

Maher took the lead in the final lap of

the three-lap course and was happy

with his time of 1 hour 26 minutes.

He said it was a good course running

past people and taking in the scenery.

Maher flew home yesterday to go

back to work as a coach with the

Clontarf Academy.

Mother-of-four Crawford completed

the 21.1km run in 1 hour 34 minutes

44 seconds – two seconds outside her

best time for the distance.

“I hadn’t run a half marathon doing

laps before but it was a good course,

although it was getting a bit hot

towards the end,” she said.

“I’ve been running since I was 30. I

had two children before then and two

since I started.”

Crawford said how she placed on the

day depended on who else was in the

field. She said Alice Springs runner

Emma Kraft was always a hard one to


“But it’s not about who you can

beat. It’s about doing it and being

competitive with yourself,” she said.

“It had good scenery and reasonable

flat, although it was a little uphill after

the turn on to Stegar Road.

“I feel quite good but I have to keep

my legs moving and don’t want to sit

down for too long.”

Crawford has a bit more running to do

in this year’s Masters Games as she

has entered the 5km cross country,

the Masters Mile and 10km run.

Donation Highlights Friendly Games Spirit

A disaster at the Dead Centre

Bowhunters Club has been averted

by the generosity of a local business.

On the eve of the 30th Anniversary,

the club’s standalone power failed.

But local business Ogden Power came

to the rescue, providing a complete

portable solar hybrid power station

for the duration of the Games.

Ogden Power owner Reed Ogden

said the club approached him to look

at its existing system to see what he

could do.

“The battery was completely stuffed

and there was nothing we could do,”

he said.

“They needed power for fridges 24

hours a day and their canteen so we

lent them the portable station which

will provide all the power the club


“It generates 15-16Kw a day. There

are batteries and a diesel generator

built in if the batteries get a bit low at


“But the batteries store 9Kw hours

which is enough to power an average

house overnight.

“The power station was designed and

built here in Alice Springs.”

Mr Ogden said helping out the

Bowhunters Club was what

community was all about.

“The Alice Springs Masters Games is a

great event and brings a lot of people

to town - you can’t go past that.”

Photo Caption Competition

SMS 0401 119 467 with your name,

Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterdays Photo Caption Winner

“even at my age I can get the birds to sit

on my head” - Graham Dennien, QLD

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.



To purchase official

Alice Springs Masters Games

photographs visit


The Dead Centre Bowhunters Club is

off Ilparpa Road, about 7km from the

turn off for the Stuart Highway, south

of Alice Springs.

Spectators are welcome and should

follow the access road to the club

area where directions to the shot will

be given.

The club’s canteen, now that power

is guaranteed, serves breakfast and

lunch plus snacks, confectionery, soft

drinks, tea and coffee.

Archery competition begins today

and continues every morning until


There are six bow classes and five age

groups from 35 and older.

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Whats On Today

at the Alice Springs Masters Games










Cycling - Criterium Council lawns

Golf - 4BBB Stableford Event

Alice Springs Golf Club

Shooting – Clay Target -

Competition Gun Club



Shooting – Pistols - Gun Checks Pistol Club

Archery - ABA 3 & 1 arrow rounds

Dead Centre Bowhunters Club

Shooting – Sporting Shooters -

Competition Sporting Shooters Club

Lawn Bowls - Mens & Ladies Fours

Memorial Club

Orienteering - Bush Foot 1 hour score

Telegraph Station

Motorcycling - 4hr Enduro

Alice Springs Motorcycle Club




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Athletics – Track & Field -

Traeger Park Oval

Badminton - Teams OLSH Marian Centre

Table Tennis - Team Events

OLSH Marian Centre





Tenpin Bowling - Competition Dustbowl

Basketball - Competition

Traeger Park Stadium

Swimming - Competition

Alice Springs Town Pool

Softball - Competition Jim McConville Park











Equestrian - Competition Blatherskite Park

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park

Athletics – Track & Field -

Traeger Park Oval

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park

Eightball - Social knockout Club Eastside

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park

Touch - Competition Flynn Park

Football (Soccer) - Competition Ross Park

Netball - Competition

Pat Gallagher Netball Courts

BMX - Cruiser Class Len Kittle Drive

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Mountain Biking -

Cross Country Telegraph Station

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