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Official Newspaper of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 8 – 15 October 2016

Spiking Interest

in Indoor Beach


There’s no better place to play indoor beach volleyball

than the middle of the Central Australian desert.

It is the perfect sport to play indoors, out of the sun, wind

and cold – in fact, all year round.

The rising popularity of the sport in Alice Springs is due

to the Desert Sands Indoor Beach Volleyball Centre where

this year’s Games competition is being held.

Owners Sean O’Brien and Jess Thompson will host the

men’s, ladies and mixed competitions from this afternoon

and throughout the rest of the Games week.

In the excitement of Saturday’s Opening Ceremony,

the swag of participants representing the sport were

overlooked during the march past. But Indoor Beach

Volleyball is definitely an important part of the Alice Springs

Masters Games family.

The flag bearer this year was Laurence Pomery who has

been involved in all versions of volleyball for 40 years.

Pomery has represented Alice Springs and the NT many

times. He was the first male player to win three consecutive

indoor beach volleyball gold medals since the sport’s

introduction into the Alice Springs Master Games.

Pomery has been coaching for 25 years and continues to

guide players to enhance their skills. He recently coached

the Alice Springs ladies team to three consecutive top 3

finishes at the Australian Indoor Beach Volleyball titles and

coached the first junior ladies team to third place.

The Desert Sands Indoor Beach Volleyball Centre is located

at 11 Kennett Court.

L-R Long term cycling rivals Alan Sandford, Geoff Smith and Neil Wray competed at the criterium in the Alice CBD.

A Winner On and

Off the Course

Monday 10th October | Issue 3

In one of the gutsiest efforts of the 2016 Games, an

80-year-old Victorian cyclist has won gold – a week after

being cleared of cancer.

Alan Sandford was diagnosed with prostate cancer nine years

ago. He received the final all clear last week and immediately

jumped in his car to drive solo to Alice Springs.

And the effort has definitely paid off with Sandford winning

his age division in the cycling criterium yesterday.

“If I knew these Games were this good I would have been up

here before,” he said.

“It’s fantastic – all the people here are so friendly.

“It’s a long way from Victoria but I’ll be back in two years’ time.

“I’ve been cycling for 65 years and been to several other

Masters events.

“Cycling keeps me young and healthy. I love it.

“I still train with the young 40 to 50 years old fellas and it’s


The Friendly Times

“There are several rivals from my early days still around and

I bump into them all over the place.”

Two of those rivals are 79-year-old Neil Wray and Geoff

Smith, 74. Both are also competing at this year’s Alice Springs

Masters Games.

Wray is a five-time national track winner, while Smith

competed in the tandem bike event at the Rome Olympics

in 1960.

There has been a friendly rivalry between the three since

Sandford began competitive cycling 65 years ago.

Among Sandford’s achievements are representing

Queensland in the 1956 Olympic Trials and winning the

Caulfield Cup on Wheels. He has also won numerous titles

as a veteran/master cyclist plus silver medals at the Track

Cycling World Master Championships in Sydney in 2007.

There is no rest for Sandford after yesterday’s event. He has

the road race and street sprint tomorrow and Thursday plus

a couple of events on the track on Friday.






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Sports Horoscope

10 October 2016 is a day to embrace your third eye.

Your ability to observe chakras and auras will stand

you in good stead. You will have a premonition and outof-body

experience that will lay the foundation for a

sterling sporting experience that leads to gold, maybe

silver, even bronze.


Your mind is littered with a thousand ‘coulda been’ sporting

moments. Don’t let that affect your hopes and dreams. You

may be able to accomplish something at today’s events.


There is no reason for you to keep hiding your light under a

bushel. Showing off isn’t a crime. If you’ve done something

worth noting, let people know about it. Too bad if it makes

that athlete who came third feel jealous.


Geminis rarely compete in sporting events. When they do,

it is usually synchronised swimming or leapfrog. Today may

not be your time to shine.


An uncomfortable truth is better swallowed than the sweetest

falsehood. Don’t be disheartened, not everyone shoots

straight and we can’t all look awesome in lycra.

Photo Caption Competition

SMS 0401 119 467 with your name,

Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterdays Photo Caption Winner

“buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off”

- Gina Boulen, NT

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.

New Aussie Breaks

Games Record

An athlete who was made an Australian citizen a week

ago, has broken an Alice Springs Masters Games record

for high jump.

Volodymyr Shelever cleared 1.64m yesterday, eclipsing

the Games record of 1.5m in the 55-59 age division.

The 55-year-old who originally hails from Ukraine decided

to compete for the first time at the Alice Springs Games as

a “bit of fun”.

“The competition here is on grass. I normally jump on a

combination of grass and track surface,” he said.

“I haven’t been training because I have had a back injury

so I am happy with the jump.”

Shelever was a professional athlete for 10 years in the

Ukraine. He attended the South Australian Masters Games

in 2007, where he took out an Australian record with a

jump of 1.84m for the over-45 year category.

He is now a lifeguard in Sydney and also coaches high

jump at several schools, including Scots College.

Shelever said he has enjoyed his experience in Alice


“It’s a very good Games,” he said.

“The people are nice; the place is nice; everything is nice.

“I think I might come back in two years.”


Softball … it’s a game of precision hitting, running like the

wind and sliding on the ground. But don’t let the name of

this sport fool you. Wear a helmet.


You are passionate in your desire to succeed in something

you’ve never tried before. Continue to aim high. Gold

medals litter your path.


Your life has been an orchestra of involuntary bodily

movements roughly coordinated into something

resembling athletics. Today should be no different.


You like your coffee straight out of the bag, eaten with a

spoon. Today this might be exactly what you need. It will be

better than any peptides.



Arthur Gomes

Bob Pankhurst

Julie Wardle

Heather Dillon

Vicki Flint

Sue Bombardieri

Daniel Brumfield

Rachael Olsen

Leanne Leerson

Andrzej Skrzypiec


Today’s achievements may well reflect the efforts of a flock

of ducks doing backstroke in a bathtub full of custard. But

remember, participation is the name of the game.

Around the Traps...


Everything you have to fear comes from within. You should

have chosen the salad instead of the KFC. As you step into

your sports gear the word ‘wobble’ might mean something

to you today that it simply hasn’t meant before.


If you pretend to know more than you really do, you will be

caught in a lie. Check the timetable before advising your

team mates of match times.


The Games continue to bring the best out of our

athletes. On Friday, Golfer Raymond Plummer from

Grange in South Australia, hit a hole in one on the

fifth at the Alice Springs Golf Club.

There are always innovative and interesting team

names at the Games. The wittiest we’ve come across

so far is a team in the football (soccer) competition.

They’ve adopted the name Gerihatrics. If anyone

else can beat that, we’d love to hear from you on

0401 119467.

Ingenuity is alive and well at the Games. William

Gamble, from Darwin, is participating in a number

of sports during the Games but he’s found he has

some spare time on his hands. Yesterday he set

up a stand in the Coles Shopping Centre carpark

offering his services as a handyman – and did some

quotes for residents in the afternoon. “It gives

me something to do and helps defray the costs of

coming to the Games,” he said. “I’m experienced

in building and can do gutter cleaning and repairs,

general gardening and shed construction.” Gamble

is competing in the athletics road walk and the cross

country, lawn bowls, triathlon and duathlon.

The Games staff like to not only talk the talk but walk

the walk. Games Sports Coordinator Carly Clyant

won the women’s 25-29 year old, 100m freestyle in

a time of 1 minute 17 seconds. She also took out the

silver in the 50m butterfly in 32:29.

Keep your ego in your pocket; the Gods of sport are not on

your side. Swollen ankles and sore knees are the best you

can hope for today.

If you have news or want to give a shout out please SMS or CALL 0401 119 467

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The Friendly Times

Vets Ready to Bowl More than Maidens

They have been to every Alice Springs

Masters Games since the beginning in

1986, and three of the original Mt Isa

Granites team are back again this year.

The die-hard Friendly Gamers are Lyn

Grahame, Yvonne Cook and Sue Tromp.

The women continued to embrace the

Friendly Games spirit with their blow-up

sumo wrestling outfits during the Opening

Ceremony march on Saturday.

Grahame was quick to point out the extra

padding had nothing to do with needing

protection against bruising caused by pats

on the back for being back at the Games.

“We dress up as something different every

year and this year someone suggested the

sumo outfits,” she said.

“It’s all part of the Games and adds a lot of

colour and sets the friendly atmosphere. A

lot more people were dressed up this year.”

In 1986 the Mt Isa Granites was made up of

five women in an indoor cricket team but

now, and for the past few Games, they have

eight buddies to play eight-a-side outdoor

cricket against the blokes.

Grahame said the reason the trio keep

returning is simple.

“These are great Games, the best in

Australia,” she said.

“We’ve been coming for so long we don’t

want to stop.

“We enjoy playing cricket even though we

only pick up a bat every two years or when

we unpack the gear.

“Nine of us, including Lindsay McPherson

who comes along every time with us, are

back from previous Games.”

Grahame said the team has one Games’

virgin and a cricket virgin who joined after

playing tennis.

There are 10 teams in the cricket

competition including two women’s teams.

The other team is the Alice Springs-based

Zodiac Desert Chicks.

All 10 teams, including the women play

each other in an eight-a-side, 14-over

competition round robin before the finals.

Striving for Injury Prevention

The greatest fear of any

athlete is not being beaten

by someone better – it’s being

injured striving for success.

But participants in the 2016 Alice

Springs Masters Games are in

good hands if something goes


Tracey ‘doctor of happiness’

Bradley and her team at Sports

Medicine will have someone on

hand for virtually every event.

The team were called on

yesterday to help out when a

competitor fell in a 100m race at

Traeger Park. Luckily there were

only a few bumps and scrapes.

Ms Bradley, who is the NT

manager for Sports Medicine

Australia, said this year there

are seven doctors from around

Australia, eight physiotherapists,

three training sports physicians

and several sports trainers at the


“Everything we need is in the

clinic so we can do anything from

plaster an ankle, to stitching an

open wound or pulling out a

splinter,” she said.

“We can also look at bad backs

and other injuries.

“Our main aim is to get the player

back into their sport.

“We try to cover every event if


“Apart from the main clinic at

Traeger Park, doctors and sports

medicine trainers go out into the


“With this weather we are

encouraging all participants to

rehydrate correctly.”

Athletes are also reminded to

cover up with Sunscreen and

wear a hat.

The team is headed by Dr Viran

De Silva, a fourth year registrar

for Territory Sports Medicine

from Darwin.

The team also includes Greg

Winter, a sports physician from

Townsville and Tasmanian Dr

Linda Clow who worked at the

recent Rio Paralympic Games.

People attending the Sports

Medicine Clinic are asked to

bring their Medicare and/or

private healthcare card. There is

no charge for the services at the

clinic although items such as a

knee brace will need payment.

Bookings are not necessary but

more serious injuries will be

attended to first.

To contact the Sports Medicine team, call 1800 487362.

The Friendly Times

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Whats On Today

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Athletics – Road & Cross Country -

5km Walk Desert Park

Golf - Alice Springs Golf Club

Shooting – Pistols - Gun Checks Pistol Club



Archery - ABA 3 & 1 arrow rounds Dead Centre

Bowhunters Club




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Tennis - Singles Traeger Park Courts


Hockey - Hockey Centre Traeger Park


Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Touch - Competition Flynn Park


Baseball - Competition Lyle Kempster Park


Equestrian - Competition Blatherskite Park


Lawn Bowls - Mens & Ladies Fours &

Pairs Memorial Club


Darts - Team Games Mixed Doubles A/S Golf Club


Softball - Competition Jim McConville Park


Basketball - Competition Traeger Park Stadium

10:00am -


Badminton - Teams OLSH Marian Centre


Tenpin Bowling - Competition Dustbowl


Athletics – Track & Field - Traeger Park Oval


Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park &

Rhonda Diano Park


Swimming - Competition Alice Springs Town Pool


Touch - Competition Flynn Park


Equestrian - Competition Blatherskite Park



Table Tennis - Singles & Doubles OLSH

Marian Centre

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Indoor Beach Volleyball - Competition Desert Sands


Orienteering - Mountain Bike 90 min score

Telegraph Station


Football (Soccer) - Competition Ross Park


Eightball - Competition Club Eastside


Tennis - Doubles Traeger Park Courts



Netball - Competition Pat Gallagher Netball Courts

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