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Official Newspaper of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 8 – 15 October 2016

Hands in the Air ‘cos

They just Don’t Care

The famous Dead Ant goal scoring celebration is alive

and well at the 30th anniversary of the Alice Springs

Masters Games.

The time-honoured celebration involves the hockey team,

officials and supporters lying on their backs with their hands

and feet in the air.

Team spokesman Mark Haines said there was a fine for nonparticipation

– even if you only happen to be wearing a Dead

Ants’ shirt.

“We normally make sure our men come down to support our

women – fines apply if they don’t – and women come down

to support the men,” he said.

“It builds a bit of camaraderie between teammates.”

Haines said some of the other teams were put off by the

ritual but the Dead Ants feel their goal celebration is in

keeping with the spirit of the Friendly Games.

The Dead Ants team dates back to the inaugural Alice Springs

Masters Games in 1986 when it was called Mal’s Marauders

and came from Mt Isa, 1,100km away from Alice Springs.

The team became Mt Isa Dead Ants in the early 1990s and

then just Dead Ants in the noughties.

Haines said the team’s tribute has a truly Territory history.

“We pulled up near the Tropic of Capricorn, just north of Alice

for an obligatory drink prior to the Masters Games and there

were a whole lot of dead ants, so that was really how the

celebration was born.”

Haines, who hails from Townsville, said the team had a more

national and international flavour than it used to.

“Players are from Townsville, South East Queensland, Mt Isa

and Northern New South Wales,” he said.

“Also we have a couple of players coming back from overseas

just to play for us – that’s the appeal of the Games and, of

course, the Dead Ants.

“It is truly remarkable the efforts some of our players make

to get to the Games.”

Haines said some players had driven to Adelaide to compete

in the Australian State Hockey Championships, then on to

Alice Springs to play for a week in the Games, before driving

back to Townsville – a distance of about 6,500km.

He said diehard team members were rewarded for their


“After you’ve come four times we present you with a special

mug with a little Dead Ant logo on it.”

Most of the Dead Ants have been associated with hockey for

the better part of their lives, either with family or on their


“Like a lot of the teams competing at the Games, we have a

number of our players who’ve also represented hockey at a

state level, so they just enjoy the sport and the camaraderie

it brings.”

Haines said Alice Springs Hockey has great facilities with the

water-based turf.

“The local Association and volunteers always run a great

comp for the Games,” he said.

No Need to be

Stuck for a Ride

The transport service at the 2016 Alice Springs Masters

Games is running so smoothly that the team want

more work!

Transport co-ordinator Trevor Bell said the team had

begun the Games quietly and needed more bookings.

“There’s a Games transport service available so we’re

encouraging participants to use it,” he said.

“The more work we get the better we like it.

“We’d like bookings the day before but often we can come

out straight away. Just ring and we’ll let you know the


“Athletes have been good with the early morning buses but

there are a lot of opportunities for others.

“Participants can Book-a-Bus to go from their

accommodation to a sport, from sport to sport or from a

sport to their accommodation.

“We are fairly flexible but don’t do functions or pub crawls.”

Apart from the Book-a-Bus service, which is available from

7am to 10pm, the Games transport team is running a

shuttle service between 8am and 5pm stopping at various

key locations.

The service leaves from the Games Centre and heads

around to various locations including the post office,

Traeger Park (where th Sports Medicine Clinic is located),

the casino and Alice Springs Convention Centre before

heading back to the Games Centre.

The shuttle bus runs on a half hour loop.

To contact the Transport Service ring

1800 487 287

Tuesday 11th October | Issue 4






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The Friendly Times

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Sports Horoscope

11 October 2016 is a day of reckoning. The forces that

guide Jupiter will collide with the constellation of stars

responsible for karma. Make amends for the cheating

you have done recently or face the consequences of a

cosmic explosion of mammoth proportions. It is not the

time to pretend the ball was in the line when it wasn’t.


You are blessed with a form of natural enthusiasm which

is eager to express itself. However don’t get so excited that

you get white line fever.


The most important thing to remember today is to enjoy

yourself ... while flushing out the after-effects of last night’s

medal presentation ceremony.


Positivity is the key to a good Tuesday. Put on that

sweatband, pull up those socks, check you have your

lucky undies on and you’ll be a superstar.


You are motivated by a high level of enthusiasm today, but

your excitement may be misdirected. It’s not enough to say

a prayer just before you take up your starting position. You

should have done the training months ago.


You’re a lion – roar like you’ve never roared before. Just

don’t do it in a crowded shopping centre … or in the

Todd Mall … or in the middle of today’s game – not

everyone will appreciate you releasing your inner beast.


If you’ve been concerned with your health and how your

body is feeling, then don’t worry – hook yourself up to an

IV of electrolytes and you’re sure to regain your vitality.


Today is favourable for an outstanding performance … if

you remember to drink eight glasses of water. Hopefully,

the pains you’re experiencing will disappear.


The tension between you and a team mate may ease today

as you suddenly realise you have superior sporting prowess

… and can beat them in beer pong any day of the week.


Impulsive or reckless acts are inviting today but you don’t

have to do a Krygios to get the match-winning point.

Exercise self-control and it will pay dividends.


Life throws us all sorts of crazy things … like cockroach

racing, bottle kicking (look it up) and ferret legging (yes,

there is such a thing). If you can ride out the cray-cray, it’ll

be a marvellous day. No, really, it’ll be absolutely marvellous.

You’ll see.


Sleep deprivation from all that Games revelry is taking its

toll. Have a cup of tea, a Bex and a lie down to recharge

your batteries for the remainder of the week.


While bad things can happen in an instant, it takes an

absolute genius to screw up an entire match within

30 minutes. Don’t be THAT person.

Airports spread germs

AIRPORTS are a hotbed of germs that

cause travellers to fall ill with colds

and flus — not planes as many

people think — Australia’s leading

travel doctor has warned.

Dr Deborah Mills, from the

Travel Medical Alliance, said

many people have the

Serving up a Thriller

misconception airconditioning on

planes spreads illness, but it was

actually the airport.

Dr Mills said airport toilets were

filthy and studies had shown almost

a third of people don’t wash their

hands when visiting those toilets.

Sixteen mixed pairs fought it out in in leastthe likely to semi-final, have defeating the Team matches



News Limited

also begun



four groups at the first day of mixed very computer experienced access in the and skilled South local NetBounce chief executive winning John6-5 Hartigan against called

doubles table tennis at the Marian



home with 71 per



Ellis and Kevin Solly

who have played in multiple Alice

Murray Bridge,

the new


law a big win

a magnificent

for free speech.

triumph by Bayani Albina in a five set

Keith plans

Gary McDougall and Barbara Talbot

Springs Masters Games.


battle against




from South Australia won a five On the other side of the draw, South Other impressive performances

set thriller, 12-10, against fellow Australia’s Harry Hatsitsopanidis and included Mixed Nuts and Late

South Australian pair John and Jill local Laurel Duffell had a close battle Bloomers in their respective divisions.


with fellow locals and eventual bronze

The competition has been a great


The Cunninghams


arrived early in



Roland Maddocks



learning experience for


the local

Alice Springs and have been travelling

Catherine Albina in the semi final.

division 2 players, who have had to

around the Red Centre and playing After much sweat and jokes about adapt to the very unorthodox styles

the odd game of table tennis during warm ups in the 35 degree heat, the and vast experience of the interstate

club training times, so locals were well grand final was played in good spirit visitors.

aware of their talent.

with Hatsitsopanidis and Duffell

Play continues with mixed doubles,


McDougall and Talbot went on to

taking gold, 3 sets to 1; and McDougall

singles and teams events at 4pm and

MOST men in their midwin

in another tough five set match

and Talbot taking home the silver.

7pm today, Thursday and Friday.

80s would sit down to a

quiet cup of tea and a piece

of cake to celebrate another


But that’s not for soon-tobe

85-year-old Keith Kemp,

who prefers playing a bit of


the pitch at

Vale the legend Keith Kemp

hockey to celebrate his

special day.

Mr Kemp, who turns 85

next Thursday, will run out

on to the pitch at Marrara on

Sunday in his beloved Commerce

Pints uniform to play

in the C-grade competition.

But despite the many

hockey games he has played

since 1948, there are still

some nerves.

‘‘There is a bit of apprehension

because it would be

nominated as a game for me

... there will be a group of

people singly looking for me

to at least stop the ball, that’s

the first thing I’ve got to be

able to do,’’ Mr Kemp said.

‘‘When I say play, let’s be

realistic about it. At 85 yearsof-age

I’m not running the

ball around the pitch at high

speed or anything like that,

and the players usually look

after me a bit and make sure

I’m out in space.’’

Although he doesn’t like to

The Alice Springs Masters

Games family has been

saddened to hear of the

passing of a NT hockey


Keith Kemp, 91, passed

away in Darwin on Sunday


Hockey players taking

part in the Games held a

minute’s silence before

each game yesterday as a

mark of respect.

NT has high rate of

computer access

EIGHTY per cent of Territory

homes now have computer

access, according to new


The ABS data shows the NT

trails only the Australian Capital

Territory with 82 per cent and

Western Australia with 81 per

cent for home PC access.

Tasmanians were the

Kemp was a founding

player for Hockey NT.

He joined the Shell club,

now Commerce Pints, in

1949 – a year after it was


Kemp was a club life

member and the Darwin

Hockey Association for

the work he did on the

committee, where he

had filled every position

including president.

His other honours include

an Order of Australia Medal

and induction into the NT

Hall of Champions in 2006.

Kemp was still active with

the Commerce Pints club,

helping juniors until a

couple of years ago. He also

celebrated his 85th birthday

with a hit out in a C-grade

game for his beloved team.

Our sincere condolences go

to the Kemp family.

Around the Traps...

talk about it, Kemp holds a

special place in the heart of

the hockey community.

Since arriving in Darwin

with his late wife Irene in

Big win for free speech

AUSTRALIA’S Right to Know has

congratulated the Rudd

Government on fulfilling its

election promise to introduce

sweeping changes to the Freedom

of Information Act.

The new regime, which became

law yesterday, is a full overhaul of

FOI which makes it much easier for

Australians to get information about

the federal government.

On behalf of the Right to Know

1948, Mr Kemp has since

been involved with hockey

as a player, coach and administrator,

collecting a

number of awards and accolades

along the way.

His honours include an

Order of Australia Medal,

life member of the Darwin

Hockey Association and induction

into the NT Hall of

Champions in 2006.

‘‘I feel uncomfortable be-

Now this is dedication! Alice Springs’ leading All that early morning dog walking is paying off for

BIRTHDAY BOY: As Territory hockey legend Keith Kemp (above and below, on the

triathletes have left) jetted approaches in from his 85th competing birthday, he’s in not the thinking the Alice about presents Springs and Mayor candles. Damien Ryan. He strode

World Ironman Instead Championships he will run out on to at theKailua-Kona,

pitch at Marrara onacross Sundaythe in hisline beloved yesterday Commercein a time of 46:25:07 to

Hawaii. Fiona Pints and uniform Kevin toCoyle play incompeted the C-grade competition. in the take Picture: out BRAD the FLEET gold in the 5km walk for the men’s

ing singled out as the face of volved with it the same way thought about stopping

gruelling 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km 60-64 age group. Great be leading by example.

hockey, because through all they have done.’’

playing. I’ve never really

run in respectable my long times. years But there there have won’t Mrbe Kemp any rest attributes his thought so much about giving

it up, I guess time will★


for the star couple been so as many they’ll people be through out at the long 10km involvement walk in hockey

all the clubs that have just as simply love for the game, that story.’’

tomorrow – as given officials absolutely – and outstanding may yet compete and there isin nothe

end inIf sight you want

The game



a great

at 7.30pm

feed for a good price, get

Games triathlon service,’’ on Saturday. Mr Kemp said. Whew! for What the Territorian. a great down on to the Sunday hockey at thewhere Marraraa steak sandwich the size

way to finish the



I’ve done is been in-

‘‘Well I haven’t really

of a plate

hockeyis fields.

going for $6. You can get onions and

sauce added for no extra cost.

Kudos to the five 80+ women playing singles tennis.

We salute you!

The longest undefeated WANT to work run in in a the prisonAlice camp? Springs and that’s why we are in

Masters Games Here’s cricket yourcompetition chance. has come orians to living in the Bark

Potential employees will be sought speak with Northern Terr

an end. The Federal team were hoping for a fifth

for the Territory’s first prisoner work tional Services staff abou

The beautiful aerial imagery on the Games website consecutive gold camp medal at the but Barkly were Work defeated Campfor portunities the with the B

and the video diary playing on the big screen at the first time in 10


years. The

in Tennant


Creek next week. Camp,’’ he said.


Corrections Minister Gerry There will be 14 positio

Town Council Lawns has been provided via a camera Syndicate scored McCarthy 4/153 said and work then onheld the Federal new Interviews to will be held

drone. But it seems not everyone appreciates our 3/124 in the seven-a-side, $5.1 million camp 14-over would startcompetition.

in the May 20 and Friday May

coming months and the search was on Saturday, May 22 at 62 Pat

efforts. A flock of pied butcherbirds took offence and Federal still have

fora people


to work

to win

theregold in 2011.

if they make

to the Tennant Creek pha

attacked the drone as it was filming over Anzac Hill. the semi finals on ‘‘We Friday want to morning build and open and the the new grand Interested applicants

Don’t miss CarsGuide tomorrow

final in the afternoon.

prisoner work camp as soon as possible NTCS Training on (08) 899

www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Friday, May 14

For some, it’s a beast

AUSSIE blokes love a ute — whether for work or play

it’s seen as a car that’s loaded to the tray with


But it’s not only the males who can put one of these

iconic vehicles through its paces.

In tomorrow’s special two-page motoring review

section, reporter MEGAN PALIN and colleague

PETRA MARQUIS put a different slant on what it’s

like to drive one of the hottest utes around, the HSV

Maloo (pictured).

For some drivers it’s a beast while for the others

the drive is a religious experience.

not running

the ball around

high speed or

anything like

that, and the

players usually

look after me

a bit

Prison camp work opportu

If you have news or want to give a shout out please SMS or CALL 0401 119 467

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Original Master

Back for More

One of the Alice Springs Masters

Games original athletes may have

hung up her badminton racquet but

she’s still involved with the sport as

part of this year’s event.

Jean Terbeth was the sport

coordinator for the inaugural Games

and said she felt flattered to present

the medals for the badminton teams

event yesterday.

“I love the idea of masters’ sport – the

camaraderie of playing sport and the

friends you make,” she said.

“I am close to 80 now but I can’t play

as it’s not good when someone has to

bend down to pick up the shuttlecock

for you!”

Ms Terbeth said she had fond

memories of the 1986 Games.

“We didn’t know what to expect for

those first Games but we had a lot of

fun,” she said.

“I had to do the results, the media and

was up until the wee small hours of

the morning getting the draw finalised

without a computer.

“At the time we were were only a small

club so I was doing sports med as well.

“I was lucky we had a nurse on our

team and there was a doctor playing

so we had professional help if anything


Ms Terbeth said that for the first

Games there was no stipulation on

the number of age groups people

played in.

“Obviously there were mistakes with

people down to play on two courts at

the same time,” she said.

“We didn’t have a canteen as we

didn’t know what we needed, so

committee members had to rush out

and buy what we needed and make


“After the first Games we knew what

we were doing so things were better


Ms Terbeth was involved in the next

couple of Games, helping out where

she could, before leaving Alice Springs

for 14 years.

She returned nine years ago to be with

her grandchild when her daughter

Marianne had a baby.

And she was back helping out with the

badminton when the Games came

around again.

After the Darwin Association took

on the coordination of the past two

Games, the Alice Springs Association

has stepped up to run them again – an

effort Ms Terbeth welcomed and paid

tribute to.

“Lyn Ansell is doing a great job this

year, as have the past coordinators,”

she said.

Photo Caption Competition

SMS 0401 119 467 with your name,

Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterday’s Photo Caption Winner

“According to these instructions, you’re

doing it wrong” - Blinky Thorne, NT

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.



Anthony Divertie

Stephen Morris

Shoichi Kaganoi

Rowan Foley

Tanea Rudder

BMX Bigger and Better

The popularity of BMX is continuing to grow with the 2016

Alice Springs Masters Games hosting the largest field yet.

It has meant a hectic time for the Red

Centre BMX Club as they held the

Northern Territory titles last Friday

and Saturday nights. The Masters

Games competition began on Sunday.

BMX held its final rides last night.

A weary president Brooke Klarenbeek

said it had been a tiring time but a lot

of fun.

“After the NT Titles the Masters BMX

was a nice and relaxed fun night,”

she said.

“There was plenty of competitive

racing with some pretty close finishes.

“Between the races we were able to

have a mini masters for the younger


“The track held up well especially after

all the rain we’ve had recently.”

While most of the riders were from

Alice Springs, hosting the NT titles

meant that some Top End riders

stayed on for the Games events. There

was also one interstate registration.

A notable rider was Michael Smith

who not only won two NT plates at the

titles but a gold at the Masters Games.

This year’s competition included six

women riders – a significant increase

on the previous three Alice Springs

Masters Games.

The oldest riders in the Games were

59-year-old Des Kelly and Rhonda

Villiger, 53.

There were two classes of bikes for

the riders and two divisions in the

women’s and six for the men.

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Whats On Today

at the Alice Springs Masters Games





Cycling - Road Race Larapinta Drive

Athletics – Road & Cross Country -

5km Cross Country Telegraph Station

Golf - Alice Springs Golf Club

Archery - IFAA ‘field round’ marked distances

Dead Centre Bowhunters Club






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Tennis - Singles Traeger Park Courts


Lawn Bowls - Mens & Ladies Pairs Memorial Club


Shooting – Sporting Shooters -

Competition Sporting Shooters Club


Touch - Competition Flynn Park


Motorcycling - Flat Track

Alice Springs Motorcycle Club


Equestrian - Competition Blatherskite Park


Baseball - Competition Lyle Kempster Park


Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Darts - Doubles Alice Springs Golf Club


Basketball - Competition Traeger Park Stadium


Tenpin Bowling - Competition Dustbowl

10:00am -


Badminton - Individuals OLSH Marian Centre


Softball - Competition Jim McConville Park



Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Athletics – Track & Field - Traeger Park Oval


Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Swimming - Competition Alice Springs Town Pool


Touch - Competition Flynn Park



Table Tennis - Singles & Doubles

OLSH Marian Centre

Cricket - CDU Oval, Jim McConville Park

& Rhonda Diano Park


Indoor Beach Volleyball - Competition Desert Sands


Equestrian - Competition Blatherskite Park


Go-Karting - Competition Arunga Park Speedway



Football (Soccer) - Competition Ross Park

Eightball - Competition Club Eastside

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Tennis - Doubles Traeger Park Courts

Mountain Biking - Dirt Criterium Larapinta Drive

Netball - Competition Pat Gallagher Netball Courts

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