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Knocking down Records

Wednesday 12th October | Issue 5

A Darwin tenpin bowler in her first Alice Springs Masters

Games bowled a near perfect score at yesterday’s

women’s teams open event.

Rebecca Voukolos scored 299 out of a possible 300. That was

after she scored 269 and 258 to help her team amass 1800

points and smash the record of 1678 set in 2004.

Voukolos, 36, was eligible for the open category because she

has a 222 average. The entry point is an average of 177.

She said she was delighted with the win and with the effort

that sees her and her teammates knock over the 12-year-old

record and enter the history books.

The win is all the more sweeter because Voukolos has had

her sights on attending an Alice Springs Masters Games for

some time.

“This was one I definitely wanted to tick off the bucket list,”

she said.

“I’ve been wanting to come to for a while.

“I used to enjoy going to the Arafura Games in Darwin, and

the Alice Springs Masters Games is similar.

“As soon as I got old enough I wanted to set some records

and show others what I can do.”

Voukolos only just scraped through on the eligibility age of 35.

She is the youngest competitor taking part in tenpin bowling

at these Games but she has an impressive list of past


In 2015 she was a NT Sports Award recipient and she has

competed at several World Championships.

Last week Voukolos placed 8th at the Asian Zone

Championships in Hong Kong and in December she will

represent Australia at the World Singles Championships in


Voukolos only flew in to Alice Springs from the NT capital

yesterday morning but was already feeling the spirit of the

Friendly Games.

“The best thing is that everybody is really relaxed,” she said.

“People are laughing and having a good time. Nobody gets

upset if they bowl badly.






+27ºC +27ºC +28ºC +33ºC




6pm – 9pm TONIGHT




With temperatures soaring and

an Extreme UV Index don’t forget

to hydrate regularly and cover

up to avoid heat distress.

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Honour Board

The following people have registered for the 2016 Alice

Springs Masters Games and have participated either as a

Competitor or Volunteer at EVERY Games since the very

beginning back in 1986.

Lorraine Adams Karama NT

Maisie Austin Darwin NT

Nancy Ayres Glen Iris VIC

Josephine Blakeley Alice Springs NT

Thelma Britton Rapid Creek NT

Gary Butterfield Wallaroo SA

Lynette Butterfield Wallaroo SA

Yvonne Cook Yungaburra QLD

John Cooper Alice Springs NT

Peter Cooper Maida Vale WA

Al De Salvio Alice Springs NT

Phillip Delsar Alice Springs NT

John Dermody Kapunda SA

Anthony Ettridge Alice Springs NT

John Farrell Darwin City NT

Dawn Fraser Noosa Heads QLD

Lynette Grahame Mount Isa QLD

Arthur Grogan Alice Springs NT

Barb Hamill Alice Springs NT

Lorraine Hughes Indonesia IND

Ann Jacobs Alice Springs NT

Keith Jakeway Hillcrest QLD

Susan Jones Alice Springs NT

Dick Kimber Alice Springs NT

Max Klein Balakava SA

Shirley Lew Fatt Tiwi NT

Bill Low Alice Springs NT

Claire Low Harvey Bay QLD

Helen Lyle Humpty Doo NT

Raymond Maher Alice Springs NT

Stephen Menzies Alice Springs NT

Bernie Nethery Alice Springs NT

James Niland Alice Springs NT

Marlene Niland Alice Springs NT

Ev Ottley Alawa NT

Yvonne Perks Warrenheip VIC

Laurence Pomery Alice Springs NT

Nerelle Randall Alice Springs NT

Ian Richter Alice Springs NT

Jennifer Richter Alice Springs NT

Christine Sargent Darwin NT

Helen Siganto Alice Springs NT

Cliff Smith Alice Springs NT

Neil Tranthem Alice Springs NT

Susan Tromp Mount Isa QLD

Mignon Williams Alice Springs NT

Jeff Williams Bibaringa SA

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The Friendly Times

Emma hones Kraft Ahead of Marathon

Two local athletes turned on the speed to beat all

comers in yesterday’s highly anticipated 5km cross

country run.

In a real show of girl power, champion Alice Springs runner

Emma Kraft not only took out her age division but was the

first overall competitor to cross the line in a smashing time

of 19:29.09.

Yesterday’s outing was her last competitive run before

she takes on the gruelling 42km Medibank Melbourne

Marathon on Sunday morning.

Hot on Kraft’s heels and the first male across the line was

another local runner, Mitch Cameron, who finished in a

time of 19:42.04.

Alice Springs turned it on for the interstate and international

visitors with cool and windy conditions and a wet Todd


The cool and windy start to the day didn’t deter the 150

competitors taking to the scenic trails near the Alice Springs

Heritage Telegraph Station.

The normally dry Todd River also offered a surprise – there

was water in it for the runners to traipse through for the

first time in the history of this Games event.

The out-and-back trail took the field of competitors from

the Telegraph Station, along rocky and sandy paths, past

fields of colourful wildflowers, under the glowing red of

Spencer Hill before finishing with a tour of the historical


The medal presentation was certainly one to remember,

with former cross country champion and 92-year-old Alice

Springs historian Jose Petrick joined by the ever charismatic

Daryl Somers to present medals to the winners.

Overall, it was another fantastic morning for the athletics

road and cross country.

Let Them Eat Cake and Celebrate

It wouldn’t be a celebration without

cake and there’ll be plenty of that at

the 30th anniversary party of the Alice

Springs Masters Games tonight.

Games Patron Dawn Fraser and Games

Ambassador Daryl Somers will have the

honour of cutting the cake to mark the

significant milestone that is the 30th year

of the Alice Springs Masters Games.

The cake cutting will be just one part of

the celebration as the lawns of the Town

Council on Gap Road are transformed for

the party from 6-9pm tonight.

Everyone is welcome to check out the

special sound stage that will host the

pumping sounds of cover band Clearway,

who proved very popular when they

rocked the Games’ Opening Ceremony

last week.

The trio will be ably supported by

local drumming group Drum Atweme

(pronounced ah-too-mah). The popular

group is made up of young people from

town camps in Alice Springs and has

amassed a loyal following.

The Games sports theme will be a big part

of the party with a tug-o-war competition.

All comers are encouraged to try and pull

their way to victory to win prizes and take

the inaugural champions’ crown.

The centrepiece of the event will be a big

video screen showing pictures of former

Games participants. It will be a great

opportunity to reminisce, spot old friends

and maybe even yourself at previous


Visitors will have the chance to get up

close and personal with a few scaly and

slithery creatures as part of the Alice

Springs Reptile Centre display. Take the

opportunity to have your picture taken

with real Central Australian wildlife.

The kids won’t be left out with face

painting and fairy floss available.

A stilt walker and street performer will

complete the night’s entertainment.

Bar and food stalls will be operating

throughout the party.

The Friendly Times

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Sports Horoscope

12 October 2016 is smack bang in the middle of the

Libra zodiac sign. Libra is an Air sign which does not

bode well for clear thinking or good decision making.

The Sun travelling through the midheaven on the cusp

of the seventh house will further add to your woes. If

you throw caution to the wind at tonight’s Midweek

Party, you may regret it.

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Speaking very loudly in order to be heard will make you feel

better. Unfortunately you’ll be talking to yourself. It’s not a

day for team sports. Stay in bed.


If your body is full of aches and pains after competing, it

may be a sign you’re not actually flexible or nimble. Take a

natural remedy like a hot bath … ‘cos Nurofen is not a new



Some say Geminis have split personalities, some say they

are two-faced because of the twin thing. Today is definitely

the day to say one thing and do another. It’s the only way

you’ll trick that opponent into letting down their guard.


A bold move is a smart idea as long as it’s accompanied by

good planning. Envision that target in your mind’s eye or risk

looking like a goose when it all goes pear-shaped. Preparation

is the secret to success.


Your hard work will pay off today. Celebrate your wins and

party like it’s 1999. Just be careful you don’t throw out a hip.


Today is the day to get uncomfortable. Stop being a lounge

lizard, get out there and have a go. The worst thing that

can happen is you may need a hamstring transplant in the



You will never excel in sports if you have to rest every 15

minutes. So put down the Oreos, the hot chips, the fried

chicken, the Coke … yeah, just close the fridge and get a

lock. You’ll feel better and your team will thank you for it.


Get off your high horse. Time has a wonderful way of showing

you what really matters. You’ll look back at today and

wonder why you didn’t listen to the coach.


You’re in the Central Australian desert but that doesn’t

mean you can continue to talk a lot of hot air. Your teammates

will know your words are empty. You can’t fool them.


The best you can hope for today is getting through

competition without a bump, scrape or dislocation. It’s

inevitable. Don’t fight it.


You’re taking part in the Friendly Games … but that shouldn’t

translate into sitting at the pub, warming up with a few ales

and telling tall stories to the locals. Stay focused.


It will be sunshine, flowers and lollipops today. The stars

are all aligning for a ripper of a day. This could mean a win.

Embrace it.

Oh it’s a Heavenly

Paradise at the

Equestrian Comp

Astride a horse with a name that means ‘Heavenly Paradise’, you

get a feeling that Robina Plume-Fowler-Dreon is basking in the

Alice Springs Masters Games experience.

Plume-Fowler-Dreon and her beloved friend

and teammate Paradee Capella, aka ‘Pip’, have

become equestrian’s resident celebrities.

And they have every right to be as the senior

competitors in the equestrian events at

Blatherskite Park, south of the ranges.

It was an exhilarating morning yesterday for

the 76-year-old who is the oldest entrant in the


“I’m on top of the world,” she beamed.

The long-time Katherine resident and self-styled

bush rider has become very much the all-round

rider at the Masters Games.

She started as a western specialist, but every

year since 2002 she has endeavoured to become

the complete rider.

Plume-Fowler-Dreon has competed in the full

card of events in the Games.

The Masters Games equestrian event, run

by the independent Alice Springs Equestrian

Management Group, is the largest event of its


There are 64 events during the week covering

different aspects including harness, show

jumping dressage and novelties.

There are 55 riders and 77 horses competing,

and most are contesting as many events as


Riders have come from Charleville, Mt Isa,

Victoria, South Australia, Darwin and Katherine,

as well as a good local contingent.

Pilot Kathleen Davies is based in Vietnam and

flew in especially for the Games. Her horse was

trucked up from Balhannah, South Australia.

For those wanting to check out the action, the

popular and spectacular show jumping is on

tomorrow afternoon and into the evening under

lights in a dedicated area at Blatherskite Park.

The show jumping will continue on Friday.

Slamming Home a Victory

The East Coast Slammers baseball team opened the Games

with a victory over the Wild Weasels. Slammers jumped out to

a 7-0 lead, but the Weasels fought back, loading the bases and

cutting the lead to 9-6 before the Slammers closed the door.

In other action, the Darwin Crocs opened their competition with

a 13-3 win over Legends 1. Viagara Eagles topped the Bulls 16-5.

Slammers followed their opening win up with another win over

Wests Boomers 15-5. In the night cap Weasels bounced back to

defeat the Legends2 team 17-7.

Day 2 action resulted in the Legends1 team recovering to beat

the Viagara Eagles 16-0. The second game of the day saw the

first comeback win. Legends2 jumped out to an early lead, just

to see the Boomers score 6 runs in the last inning to eek out an

8-7 win. The day’s third game resulted in the first home run of the

competition as the Weasels beat the Boomers 16-6.

In other action, Darwin Crocs topped the Bulls 16-2 and moved

to 2-0 atop the Social 35 group. In the night cap, the Slammers

improved to 3-0 with a win over the Bulls 15-3.

The Friendly Times



Penelope Stewart

Lambert Douven



Heather Wells

Penelope Stewart

Sharlene Lane

Darren Bradley

Tony Freshwater



Cindy Toms

Dorianne Sherry

Rajveer Bijarniya

Scoring a Hat Trick, mon

New darts competitor Mick Barry is certainly turning

heads in the sport.

The 61-year-old is amusing fellow darts players with his

changing headgear. Yesterday he went for the Rasta look.

“A couple of people just laughed and said that’s cool,”

he said.

“One guy came up to me and said: ‘They’ll think you’re a

bloody drug dealer with that on!’”

The Alice Springs resident has a collection of hats

souvenired from trips around the world.

Tomorrow’s headwear is a spiky little number usually

worn by a hill tribe in Myanmar.

He also has a leather cap with the famous Hooters brand

on it that he picked up in Singapore, a Melbourne Cup race

hat and, of course, several Alice Springs Masters Games

caps from the days when he competed in table tennis.

“I usually wear different hats but this time I decided to

make it my thing,” Barry said.

He said his switch to darts this Games probably won’t

result in any additions to his gold, silver and bronze medal

haul from table tennis.

“I’d say I’m an average darts player,” he said.

“I’m better at table tennis but darts is more social.”

Barry was on holidays in Thailand and had an epic 30-hour

journey to get back to Central Australia in time for the


He got on a plane on Friday at 12pm from a town in

Thailand, flew to Bangkok, changed planes to Kuala

Lumpur then flew to Darwin before boarding a flight to

Alice Springs where he arrived at 9.20am on Saturday.

“I went home had a shower, had two beers and came

straight to darts at 10.30am.”

Photo Caption Competition

SMS 0401 119 467 with your name,

Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterday’s Photo Caption Winner

“The effects of Viagra on ironmen”

- Blinky Thorne, NT

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.

Around the Traps...

How’s this for bad luck? Disaster struck for mountain

biker Matt Saint during the cross country night race

at the Telegraph Station on Sunday. He got a flat tyre

late in the second lap and had to run back to the

start - finish line to get it fixed. Two laps later, disaster

struck again and he got another flat. Saint was the

last rider out on course and he ran back to the finish

line carrying his bike on his shoulder. After such a

tough night, it was great to see the crowd cheering

him over the line.

Some interstate visitors were amused after discovering

the Weekend Australian was not available in

newsagencies on Saturday. Seems the newspapers

were offloaded to make way for bikes and golf

bags being transported to Alice Springs for Games

participants. Despite the lack of papers, sales of other

items were up by 30%.

If you haven’t managed to make it to the Games Centre

on the Town Council Lawns to get your merchandise,

you might be able to catch Sports Centre reps at your

event. The team have been taking a mobile booth

with their wares around to various venues. In three

days they’ve been at seven different sports and will

be at Touch at Flynn Park this afternoon. They’ll also

be at the Midweek Party tonight.

There was a problem with the lights at netball on

Monday night - they went out and officials could not

get them to fire up again. Fortunately electrician Veng

Rogers was getting ready to play eightball across the

road at Club Eastside. In the true Friendly Games

spirit, he interrupted his preparations and solved

the problem so all the games could go ahead in good

time. Unfortunately, the interruption may have put

him off his own game – he lost.

There’s obviously a curse on hockey player Paul

‘Sweety’ Hinkly. He’s managed to get injured in his

first Alice Springs Masters Games match three Games

in a row. At least he’s consistent!

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