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Three Iranian

Christians charged

with “acting

against national

security” after

drinking Holy

Communion Wine

“I was diagnosed

with lung cancer

aged 77. I am now

85 years old and

I’m living proof that

you can survive


Wilfred Griffith

Police stops

church from

hiring out

premises in case

partygoers use

crucifixes as


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testify October 2016

Police stops church from

hiring out premises in case

partygoers use crucifixes

as weapons

A church leader’s plan to hire out his

building as a music venue was halted

as police raised concerns that revellers

would attack each other with “church

ornaments,” including crucifixes.

Tom Plant took over as vicar of St. Michael’s

Church in Camden, London,

in January this year. According to

Daily Express He applied to Camden

Council for an alcohol licence, and he

planned to hire out his venue to party

organisers. But the police were concerned

that the levels of violence and

drunkenness are already soaring in the

area, and this new development could

make it worse.

The heavy metal loving vicar said he

wanted to turn his church into a “live

music venue” - complete with a bar

and a new stage, lighting, and sound

system - for bands to come and play

to crowds of around three hundred


The thirty-seven-year-old vicar

planned to put on gigs four nights a

week. According to him, he wanted to

put the church on the “cultural map.”

But the plans look set to be scrapped

after both local police and council

bosses raised concerns that turning

the church into a live music venue

could lead to increases in drunken

violence and that the church crucifix

“Crucifix, candlestick and other church onrnaments may be used as weapons”

could be wrongly used.

In addition to the potential misuse of the cross,

local police even said that “church ornaments”

including candlesticks could be used as “weapons

of violence” and could cause serious harm if a fight

broke out at a gig.

Alcohol license application for St Michael’s Church in Camden

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Alcohol consumption is

“taking part in a Christian

ritual” - an act which is against

national security.

Three Iranian


charged with

“acting against


security” after

drinking Holy



By Jane Amaka

Iranian police arrested Yasser Mossayebzadeh,

Saheb Fadaie, and Mohammad Reza

Omidi in May, alongside Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

and his wife. They were charged

with “acting against national security” after

drinking Holy Communion wine.

Communion wine and bread

The pastor and his wife have since been released

without charge, but the three other

men remain in prison for “taking part in the

Christian ritual,” an act which is against national


Holy communion wine, also known as sacramental

wine, is used by Christians all over

the world alongside small bread wafers,

known as sacramental bread.

Although alcohol consumption in Iran is forbidden

under their strict Sharia Islamic law,

enjoying a sly tipple at home is believed to be

widespread amongst its eighty million strong


The three Iranian Christian converts could be

flogged at a police station if found guilty of

the crime.

Offenders are normally sentenced to between

ten and one hundred lashes across

the back with a three-foot long whip. Some

floggings were reportedly carried out in public.

Many people faint after eight strokes due

to the severe pain.

In June, the Deputy Prosecutor General in

Shiraz announced that five hundred people

had been arrested and 480 of them had been

tried and convicted within twenty-four hours

for publicly breaking their fast during Ramadan.

People can also be flogged in Iran for kissing

in public, adultery, homosexual acts, and

blasphemy. But “taking part in a Christian

ritual” is seen as an act against national security.

Advocacy charity Open Doors said: “While

those considered ethnic Christians, such as

Armenians or Assyrians, are allowed to practise

their faith amongst themselves, ethnic

Persians can never be seen as or convert

to Christianity. They are defined as Muslim

for life, and any Christian activity in Farsi is


Offenders are normally flogged in the public with a three-foot long whip

“Underground churches are increasingly

monitored, which makes many people unable

to attend due to fear of prosecution. At

least 108 Christians were arrested in the last

year in Iran. The interrogation methods in

prison can be harsh and sexually abusive.”


testify October 2016

The Bible is more than a catalogue of many

personalities and characters. This wonderful

book is God‘s way of telling you that you

are not alone. It talks about many people

who went through similar issues that you go


Although a Bible story may refer to a particular

time in history, the message is relevant

even today.

Times may change, our cultural and economic

climate are different, but the lesson and

message remain the same.

There are invisible laws governing the

earth. For example, the laws of nature, the

life cycle of a plant, weather system, and

the solar system. These laws strongly testify

about the existence of God (Romans


If you believe in creation, then you will understand

that God made human beings in

His image. In other words, His Spirit. Therefore,

human is primarily a spirit being

with a soul and a physical body.

When God created Adam and Eve, the human

spirit was connected with God, resulting

in a union and communion with God.

Once Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instruction,

it was like changing the default

setting of human nature. In a computer

What is Christianity all about?

system, you have a default setting. Mankind’s

default setting went from one of pleasing

God to pleasing self with all desires

that are contrary to God’s words.

The penalty for Adam’s disobedience was

both spiritual separation and physical death.

The Spirit of man was disconnected

from the life and power of God. From that

point forward man began to search for the

meaning of life in a variety of ways.

In order to reconnect people back to God,

Jesus came to earth. John 3:16 says “But

God gave His only begotten Son” who is

Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God who came to the

world to pay the penalty for the sin of the

people on earth.

Jesus could relate to people at any level,

including the vulnerable people in His community.

The Bible explains that “He himself

bore our sins and sorrow” in Isaiah 53:4. He

felt the pain of hunger, rejection, isolation

and poverty. Jesus had personal experiences

of the struggle of human beings.

Jesus showed us how to live in victory and

according to God‘s plan for us. With His death

on the cross, Jesus paid the price for

our disobedience. He bridged

the gap between God

and humans so that the excommunicated

spirit of humans

could be reconciled back

to God.

Jesus defeated the power of

sin through His death on the

cross and His resurrection

from the dead.

If you will allow God in your

life today, He will work in

you and with you. As a result,

you will experience His

awesome power, grace and


How can I find God?

By Janet Adisa

God gave us a condition for redemption -

Just believe. Whoever believes in the price

Jesus Christ paid for their sin will be saved

from eternal separation from God. The default

setting would be activated, the Spirit

of God and that of human would be united,

and communion with the Heavenly Father


Christianity is all about faith in Jesus

Faith is like travelling on an aeroplane. You

can only trust that your pilot is qualified and

experienced enough to fly your aircraft to

your destination. You must trust the pilot

and the crew, although you have never

met them before the trip. You

are sure they will

take you safely

to your destination.

Perhaps, the

airline has a track

record, or the recommendation


someone convinced

you. You demonstrate

your faith in the pilot

and crew

by allowing

them to fly

you to your


October 2016 testify


Your faith in God is similar. Even though you

may not have a personal experience of God,

you might have heard a lot about Him. He

has a credible track record and passed the

test of time. You might have heard about Jesus

Christ and His good deeds. That is why

people celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving,

Easter, and many other “nice and good” ceremonies.

You must have faith in Jesus. All you need

is to trust Him and receive the blessings God

has prepared for those who accept Him.

John 1:12 says “For as many as received

him, he gave the right to become children

of God.”

In order to believe in Christ, you need to

commit yourself to Him. If you trust Jesus,

you would become totally involved in the

eternal truths taught by Him in the Bible.

How to receive Christ

Two steps: Step (1) Believe in God. Step

(2) Speak to God.


• Simply believe that you are created by

God. Accept that you are a sinner just

like everyone else.

• Believe that you need to be reconciled

to God, your Creator.

• Believe that Christ is the Son of God

who came to pay the price for the sins

of the whole world, including yours.

• Believe that your sins are forgiven

because Jesus died on the cross and

resurrected just for your salvation. As a

result, you do not have to bear the guilt

for your sins. You must believe that all

of your past wrongdoings are nullified.

Of course, you may assume that you

are a good person, and you may offer

your time and money to charity, and

possibly as a result, you think that you do

not need forgiveness of sins. But the truth

is that everyone has sinned and needs forgiveness,

according to Romans 3:10 which

says, “There is none righteous, not even

one...” Romans 3:23 clarifies by saying “All

have sinned and fallen short of God’s



Once you believe in your heart, then you

need to speak to God about your faith. Verbalise

it according to Romans 10: 9-10 that

says “I believe that Jesus died on the

cross, to pay for all the wrong I had done.

I believe that he rose up from the dead,

and He is alive now. I believe that Jesus

will return, and take me to live with Him

eternally. I believe in God the Father, Son

and the Holy Spirit. I believe Holy Spirit is

given to me to be with me, live in me, and

help me live as a child of God.”

As a result of your belief and confession,

you are reconciled to God, and your human

spirit is reconnected with the life of God. As

a result:

• You are now a child of God, adopted into

God’s family.

• God is your heavenly father.

• Jesus Christ is your Saviour, Friend, Teacher

and Advocate.

• The Spirit of God lives in you.

• You are no longer condemned.

• Other believers in Jesus Christ are your

brothers and sisters.

• Heaven is your destination.


This is the start of your Christian

journey. Welcome to God’s family!

Janet Adisa is an evangelist and a minister

of the gospel. Her passion is to win souls

to Christ through her message of salvation

preached on pulpits and gospel tracts. Many

at her speaking engagements are known to

have profound spiritual experiences.

Mrs Adisa is married to Reverend Julius

Adisa, and they have three adult children -

Theodora, Miriam and Joshua.

For more information, please email:



testify October 2016

News anchor

condemned for

wearing crucifix

on air

By Joe Success

Marina Nalesso, fourty-four, was condemned

by atheists and secularists after

she wore a crucifix during a broadcast on

Italian state-owned channel TG1.

The journalist, who on previous occasions

has worn Jesus symbols, has been

slammed on social media by some who are

saying she should keep her religious symbols

for private occasions.

Ms.Nalesso said she couldn’t comment further

because “journalists from RAI are not

allowed to give interviews without permission

of the company.”

Marina Nalesso

Politician Silvio Viale, a radical

atheist and member of

the Democratic party in Turin,

wrote on Twitter: “Even today

at TG1 the arrogance of

a presenter wearing a rosary

around their neck.”

Another critic wrote: “Religion

MUST be a private act. Leave

rosaries at home, don’t take

them to a public TV channel.”

Another tweeter who was critical

of her actions said: “Since

when is TG1 with the Vatican?

Rosaries and medals everywhere.”

wear such as the burkini, which has caused

controversy in Europe over the summer.

The burkini was recently banned on some

French beaches. However, the ban was

later revoked by the country’s highest administrative

court as judges said such bans

“seriously, and clearly illegally, breached the

fundamental freedoms to come and go, the

freedom of beliefs and individual freedom.”

Despite the calls from people to ban all religious

symbols being worn by news broadcasters

and others on television, RAI has

never made a decision to do so.

However, GiorgiaMeloni, leader of the

Others moved to defend the

journalist for her decision.

One Twitter user wrote: “Veil

yes. But crucifix no?”

On Ms.Nalesso’s Facebook

page, a fan posted: “We

have been marginalised for

some time, not the other way


Others were also riled up by

the complaints, citing Islamic

Fratellid’Italia party, defended the news anchor.She

wrote on Facebook that she wished

to show “solidarity” with Nalesso.”This is absurd,”

she wrote. “Christianity is part of our

culture and of the history of Italians and Europeans.Anyone

who is annoyed by a crucifix

should go and live somewhere else,” she

added.”Most of the values that underpin our

civilisation are contained in that crucifix: a

symbol that represents a wealth to all of us,

that we are proud of and that we want to

continue to defend.”

October 2016 testify


MIRACLE Healing Rally (DUbai)

with overflowing crowds - with Pastor Dill (Every Week)

Signs, Wonders, Miracles & Healings

Greater Works Than These (John 4:12)


“God has truly visited His people.” “We have never seen like this before.” “This is truly the genuine power of God.”

Testimonies and Healing Praise Reports

Abigail and Ashbel – These are the children of a young couple. The daughter was

having a teary eye and the son was coughing terribly; but as they were brought in

the house of God, the mother noticed before the service ended that both of their

children were healed completely. The teary eye and the coughing stopped


Ashima – She was having pain on her left hand for five months and finally during

the service, she just received her healing instantly. There had been no traces of pain

even after she got healed instantly. All glory to Jesus alone.

Mary –She was ailing on her shoulders for long time. During the ministration, acting

in faith, she started rolling her shoulders to confirm the healing she believed she

had received. Halleluiah! She didn’t feel any pain at all. She got totally healed. All

praises to Jesus.

Peter – For five months she was ailing on her lower back. Due to that he couldn’t

bend easily. But when the power of the Holy Spirit touched him, all of a sudden all

the pain he went through for several months disappeared completely.

Princess – She came to church with a terrible pain in her stomach. She couldn’t

stand even and she was crying unto Jesus because of excruciating pain. Suddenly,

she heard her name was called through the word of knowledge. Immediately she

felt and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit flowing into her. She was healed

and delivered instantly. Praising Jesus for her healing.

James – For 5 months, this brother was ailing with chest pain. He was healed during

the Miracle Healing Rally by the power of the Holy Spirit. He rejoices & gives all glory

to Jesus Christ. Thanking Jesus for his healing.

Florence – For one year, she’s been badly affected with a painful boil in her toe. She

trusted Lord Jesus for her healing. Lord Jesus Christ honored her faith & healed her

completely. No more pain. Now, she can move her toe easily. She rejoices and

thanks Lord Jesus for the divine healing. Blessed be the name of Jesus.

Datron – For the past seven years he’s been having rashes on his face. He testifies

that during the Miracle Healing Rally, he’s been healed by the power of the Holy

Spirit. Now it’s all gone. Praising and thanking Jesus for his healing.

For our televiewers,

you can watch us on the following

• Word Network - Thursday at 1:30 AM / Tuesday at 1:30 PM

• TBN Europe - Saturday at 2:30 PM (GMT)

• INI TV - Friday & Sunday at 2:30 PM (GMT) / 10:30 PM

• Revelation TV - Monday at 7:00 PM (GMT)

• Premier Radio (UK) - Sunday at 5:30 PM

Email : godslove@yourmiraclelife.com

TBN Live with Ptr. Dill

• CTS (Canada) - Saturday at 12:30 PM & Sunday at 5:30 PM

• Life TV - Friday / Saturday / Sunday at 10:30 PM

• Hope TV (Canada) - Sunday at 5:30 PM

• Gospel Vision (Sri Lanka) - Sunday at 10:00 AM / 4:00 PM / 10:00 PM

Website : www.yourmiraclelife.com

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testify October 2016

Five men

jailed for life

over murder of

Christians in


A Turkish court sentenced five men to three

consecutive life sentences each for the

murder of three Christians, including a German

national, nearly a decade ago.

The judgement was reached after the 115th

hearing of the trial, the court in the city of

Malatya found the men guilty of premeditated

murder when they cut the throats of

the employees of a Bible publishing house

on Easter Sunday in 2007, the state-run Anadolu

Agency reported.

Two military officers were also sentenced

to around 14 years in prison for “violating

secret communications and forging official

documents”, while 16 defendants were

acquitted, Anadolu said. No further details

were provided.

The victims were employees of a Protestant

publishing house in the eastern

city of Malatya. Necati Aydin

and Ugur Yuksel were Turkish

converts from Islam, while

Tilmann Geske was a German


99 percent of Turkey’s population

of 78 million people is officially

Muslim. Also, there is an

estimated 100,000 Christians.

The European Union, which

Turkey aspires to join, has often

criticised Ankara’s record

on protecting the rights of its

religious and ethnic minorities, including


In its progress report on Turkey’s accession

bid, the EU cited the slow-moving trial of the

Protestants’ killers to highlight its concerns

about the quality of Turkish criminal investigations.

The defendants were detained at the publishing

house in the immediate aftermath

of the crime. Their victims were found with

their throats cut after they had been tortured.

The suspects were released from prison in

2012 and kept under electronic surveillance

during their trial.

The view points expressed in Testify Newspaper

are those of their writers and are not necessarily held by the advertisers,

publishers, editors, or staff members of Testify Newspaper

or Treasure Publishing Ltd.

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10AM - 5PM
















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Don’t ignore persistent heartburn – talk to your doctor about it

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testify October 2016


The ultimate Israel trip that

will bring the Bible to life and

actually allow you to

experience the holy land

In Partnership with

Testify Newspaper

Come and Join Us

on this fascinating journey to see the Holy

Land and discover the footprint of Jesus

and some amazing characters in the Bible

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Holy Land to see the

places we read about in the Bible, we’d like to invite you on a

special TESTIFY tour of Israel. This trip will take you to the

most vibrant communities Israel has to offer. Hear the rooster

crow, touch the ancient stones, taste different types of ethnic

cuisine and walk through the Bible.

We will be departing for an 8-day Mission to Israel

from Sunday 28th May to Sunday 4th June


We have secured a brilliant deal with our tour

operators, coach companies and hotel - we are

able to offer a special All-in-one low price - exclusively

to Church and Ministry Leaders, enabling

you and your spouse to come on a familiarisation

tour of the Holy Land.

For £1100 you will fly from either London Luton

or Stanstead Airport to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel

Aviv. (Prices based on twin sharing. Otherwise a

single room supplement will apply).

You will tour Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem,

Masada and more. Hotels with breakfast and

evening meals and entrance fees are all included.

You only need a travel insurance, lunches

and spending money.

The city of Jerusalem

Places are limited so please register your interest

very soon. Flexible payment terms are

available for early birds.

This deal includes most of your needs, however,

it does not include: Visa fees, travel insurance,

lunch and gratuities

* Please note that the number of single rooms

are limited, please confirm early if you need a

single room, and an additional costs of 15%

could be added.

For more information,

please contact

Mr Julius Adisa 07956385946

Ms Crystal Chamkhi on 020 3475 8554



Sunshine in

Tel Aviv

Floating on

the Dead Sea

October 2016 testify



Crystal Callow

by Crystal Callow


testify October 2016

October 2016 testify



testify October 2016






October 2, 1187 Muslim general Saladin

captures Jerusalem from the crusaders.

October 25, 1400 English poet Geoffrey

Chaucer dies in London, having stopped

writing his famous Canterbury Tales some

time before. Though not a religious writer,

his characters aptly illustrate the best and

worst of the church in his day. Chaucer was

buried in Westminster Abbey, a high honour

for a commoner, and became the first of

those entombed in what is now called Poets’


Geoffrey Chaucer

October 27, 1553 Michael Servetus is

burned at the stake in Geneva for his heretical

beliefs regarding the Trinity.

October 29, 1562 George Abbot, translator

of the Gospels, Acts and Revelation for the

King James Bible is born. He became head

of the Church of England in 1611, but his

popularity (and his health) declined sharply

after he killed a man in a hunting accident

in 1621.

October 14, 1633 James II of England,

whose conversion to Catholicism in 1670

created a constitutional crisis in Anglican

Britain, is born.

October 28, 312

Roman emperor Constantine, 32, defeated

the army of Maxentius, a contender to the

throne, at Milvian Bridge, after trusting in a

vision he had seen of the cross, inscribed

with the words, “In this sign conquer.” Constantine

was converted soon after and became

the first Roman emperor to embrace

the Christian faith.

October 25, 431


The Council of Ephesus replaces Nestorius

with a new patriarch of Constantinople. Nestorius

was anathematized for holding the

belief that two separate persons dwelled in

the incarnate Christ.

October 8, 451 The Council of Chalcedon

opens to deal with the Eutychians, who believed

Jesus could not have two natures.

His divinity, they believed, swallowed up his

humanity ‘‘like a drop of wine in the sea.’‘

The council condemned the teaching as

heresy and created a confession of faith

which has since been regarded as the highest

word in Christology.

October 27, 625 Honorius I begins his reign

as Pope. His belief in Monothelitism (that

Christ had only one will, not two), since condemned

as heresy by the Roman Catholic

Church, has long been a point of conflict for

Catholic discussion of papal infallibility.

October 14, 1066 William the Conqueror

leads the Normans to victory over the English

Saxons in the Battle of Hastings. William

is also considered one of England’s

most important religious reformers; he

spent his last days in intense Christian devotion.

October 30, 1451 Christopher Columbus,

who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, both

to spread Christianity and (as his crew members

complained) to ‘‘make a great lord of

himself’,” is born.

October 26, 1466 According to some accounts,

Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus

was born on this date. The first editor of

the Greek New Testament, he also wrote In

Praise of Folly (a satire of monastic and ecclesiastical

corruption) among many other


October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus

arrives in the Caribbean.

October 26, 1529 Thomas More becomes

Lord Chancellor of England. Though he defended

religious freedom in his book Utopia,

he strongly opposed the Reformation and

wrote against Luther, Tyndale, and others.

Because he also opposed Henry VIII’s

claim to be the supreme head of the English

church, as well as the king’s divorce, he was


October 6, 1536 English reformer, William

Tyndale, who translated and published the

first mechanically-printed New Testament in

the English language (against the law at the

time) is strangled to death. His body is then

burned at the stake.

James 11 of England

October 13, 1670 Virginia bans slavery for

Negroes who arrive in the American colonies

as Christians. The colony repealed the

law twelve years later.

October 16, 1701 Unhappy with growing

liberalism at Harvard, Congregationalists

founded a Collegiate School, later known as


October 14, 1735 John and Charles Wesley,

co-founders of Methodism, set sail for

America as missionaries.

October 27, 1771 Francis Asbury, sent from

England by John Wesley to oversee America’s

600 (or so) Methodists, lands in Philadelphia.

During his forty-five year ministry

in America, he travelled on horseback or in

carriage an estimated 300,000 miles, delivering

some 16,500 sermons. By his death,

there were 200,000 Methodists in America.

October 3, 1789 George Washington

names November 26th as a day of national

thanksgiving for the ratification of the Constitution.

On the same date in 1863, Abraham

Lincoln designates the last Thursday in November

as Thanksgiving Day.

October 2, 1800 Slave and lay preacher Nat

Turner, is born in Southampton County, Virginia.

Inspired by biblical texts, the deeply

religious and ascetic Turner received visions

of liberating his people. On August 22, 1831,

he led a major revolt with 60 other slaves,

killing 57 white Virginians.

October 10, 1821 Law student Charles

Finney, 29, went into the woods near his

home to settle the question of his soul’s sal-

October 2016 testify


This month in Christian history

October 10, 1821 Law

student Charles Finney,

29, went into the woods

near his home to settle the question

of his soul’s salvation. That night, he

experienced a dramatic conversion,

full of what seemed ‘‘waves of liquid

love throughout his body.’‘ Finney later

became American history’s greatest

revivalist and purportedly converted

500,000 people.

October 19, 1856 A Sunday evening

service led by Charles Haddon

Spurgeon turns tragic when someone

shouts ‘‘Fire!’‘ in London’s enormous

Surrey Hall. There was no fire, but

the stampede left seven people dead

and twenty-eight more hospitalised.

Though the episode plunged Spurgeon

into weeks of depression, it also

catapulted him to overnight fame.

October 16, 1859 Militant messianic

abolitionist, John Brown, leads

a group of about twenty men in a raid

on the federal armoury at Harper’s

Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia).

Brown believed that only violent action

would end slavery and that a

massive slave uprising would bring

God’s judgment upon unrepentant

American Southerners. Furthermore,

he believed that God had anointed

him as the cleansing agent for his

country’s sin. But when the slaves

around Harper’s Ferry failed to rally

to Brown’s cause, he was overpowered.

He was arrested, tried, and


October 15, 1932 A small party

of supporters gathers in Liverpool,

England, to send Gladys

Aylward, a 28-year-old parlor

maid, off on a dangerous

missionary journey to China.

Though she’d been turned

down by the missions agency

she applied to, she went on to

become one of the most amazing

single woman missionaries

of modern history. Her dramatic

rescue of a hundred orphans is

told in the movie The Inn of the

Sixth Happiness, starring Ingrid


October 15, 1949 Billy Graham

skyrockets to national prominence

with an evangelistic crusade

in Los Angeles.

October 26, 1950 Mother Teresa

founds the first Mission of

Charity in Calcutta, India.

October 26, 1966 The first

World Congress on Evangelism

opens in West Berlin, attracting

approximately 600 delegates

from about 100 countries.

October 12, 1971 The rock musical,

‘‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’‘

debuts on Broadway.

October 23, 1976 Presidential

candidate, Jimmy Carter

responds to a public outcry

over comments he made in an

interview with Playboy magazine.

‘‘Christ said, ‘I tell you that

anyone who has looked on a

woman with lust has in his heart

already committed adultery,’‘‘

Carter said in the interview.

‘‘I’ve looked on a lot of women

with lust. I’ve committed adultery

in my heart many times.”

October 27, 1978 The complete

New International Version

(NIV) of the Bible is published.

October 17, 1979 Mother Teresa

is awarded the Nobel Peace


Mother Teresa

Charles Finney

October 29, 1837 Dutch theologian

and politician, Abraham Kuyper is

born in Rotterdam, Holland. He became

so popular and famous that on

October 29th, 1907, the whole nation

celebrated his 70th birthday, declaring;

‘‘the history of the Netherlands, in

Church, in State, in Society, in Press,

in School, and in the Sciences of the

last forty years, cannot be written without

the mention of his name on almost

every page.

October 22, 1844 Between 50,000

and 100,000 followers of Baptist lay

preacher William Miller prepared for

‘‘The Day of Atonement’‘—the day

Jesus would return. Jesus didn’t,

and though Miller retained his faith

in Christ’s imminent return until his

death, he blamed human mistakes in

Bible chronologies for ‘‘The Great Disappointment.’‘

Several groups arose

from Miller’s following, including the

Seventh-Day Adventists.

October 18, 1867 The United States

purchases Alaska for $7.2 million, or

about 2 cents an acre. Ten years

later, after the military administration

had only worsened the territory’s

moral condition, an army private stationed

in Alaska begged, ‘‘Send out a

shepherd who may reclaim a mighty

flock from the error of their ways, and

gather them into the true fold.’‘ Presbyterian

missionary Sheldon Jackson

answered the call and spent decades

raising funds, building schools and

churches, and crusading for better


October 15, 1880 Germany’s Cologne

cathedral is completed, 633 years after

construction began.

October 4, 1890 Catherine Booth,

English ‘‘mother of the Salvation

Army,’‘ dies of cancer. Besides preaching

as a Salvation Army minister, she

persuaded her husband, William, to

make women an integral part of Salvation

Army leadership and work.

Cathrine Booth

Charles Spurgeon


testify October 2016

27 Christians deported from Saudi Arabia for praying

Saudi Arabia has deported 27 Christians for

having a prayer meeting in their home, according

to news reports.

The group of Christians, most if not all of

whom were Lebanese nationals, were

having a prayer meeting when authorities

stormed their residence and arrested them.

Saudi authorities carried out the deportation

of the men, women and their children

because they were “conducting Christian

prayers” and are “in possession of Bibles,”

something considered as “unIslamic” acts

in the country. Many of the deported immigrants

argued in vain that because the

Koran esteems Mary, their prayers should

not be seen as insulting.

The authorities, the dreaded “religious police,”

forcefully entered their home, arrested

them, strip them of their visas and deport

them back to Lebanon. Ironically, this is a

much better fate than that suffered by other

Christians caught engaging in “acts of

Christianity” in the Islamic kingdom, including

torture and long jail sentences.

In 2012, 35 Christian Ethiopians were arrested

and abused in prison for almost a

year, simply for holding a private house

prayer. One of them reported after being

released: “They [Saudis] are full of hatred

towards non-Muslims.”

By James Iroha

In 2006 the Saudi government pledged to

stop interfering with private worship of non-

Muslims. However, today, anyone seen

wearing a cross can have it removed by any

Muslim, not just police officers or government


Christians make up about three per cent

of the population of Saudi Arabia, where

churches are banned and apostasy is a

capital offence.


French and Italians


Christmas and

Easter services

inside their

embassies but

there is no legal

Christian, Jewish,

Hindu or

any other worship


else in Saudi

Arabia, a law

enforced by

5,000 religious

police officers.


Camille Eid, of

Milan univerisity,

an expert

on Christianity

in the Middle

East, told the

TV show Where

God Weeps

that Christians

in Saudi Arabia

have to practice

their faith in secret.

“They say that

Christians can

pray privately

but what does

Saudi Police carrying during a deportation excercise

private mean? Does it mean alone or with

your family? When more than two, or a

group of families, are praying together in

the privacy of their home the religious police

can come in and intervene and arrest


The professor described the case of a Saudi

girl who converted

to Christianity

and wrote a poem

to Christ. She had

her tongue cut, disappeared

and was

later found dead.

The UK Ambassador

to Saudi Arabia,

Simon Collis, recently

converted to


Saudi Arabia is currently

number 14

on the Open Doors

persecution watch


Open Doors says:

“The majority of the

population is under

thirty and the youth

culture has changed

radically under the

influence of satellite

TV, the internet and

social media. Young

people are longing

for more freedom,

especially for women,

and do not want

to be restricted by

the religious police.”

Open Doors reports that the internet revolution

has reached Islamic leaders and several

Imams have Twitter accounts. “The

number of Christian converts from Islam

and other religions is increasing, along with

their boldness in sharing their new faith.”

I’m an Athiest… But I guess I’m also a Christian

I know some of you may not believe me, but

this was a real life actual conversation I recently

had with someone I consider a very

good friend of mine. We’d gone out for one

of those dinner-catch up dates and were in

the middle of cutting into the juiciest lamb

I’ve ever tasted in my life (sorry Vegans –

thank you Sarastro Restaurant) and, as always,

the discussion of my work came up

which invariably leads to the greater discussion

of my faith.

After hearing how my day/week/month had

gone my friend uttered words that I am getting

more and more used to hearing, “I’m an

Atheist!” The usual set of questions followed

around, “how can you believe in a God?”

from him and “how can you NOT believe in a

God?” from me. After much discussion and

debate he said the strangest thing; “But I

guess I’m also a Christian!”

Delicious succulent lamb totally forgotten, I

asked him to clarify on what basis he considered

himself both Christian and Atheist?

by Jacqueline Malcolm PES

Confussed! Am I a Christian or an Athiest?

“Well, I follow the same Christian values. I

don’t go to church but I’m good to people.

I work hard. I don’t do anything wrong. I’ve

never stolen a thing in my life…” and so his

resume of “Christian goodness” went on. I

let him speak uninterrupted as I gathered

my thoughts and I was surprised to find that

October 2016 testify


what he considered to be a “Christian” and

“Christian values” didn’t actually surprise me

at all – especially because that has been the

same message we’ve been sending from

our pulpits.

No, I’m not suggesting that anyone has ever

taken a microphone and declared forget

God, let’s do Church without Him, but at the

same time haven’t we so diluted down the

Word of God that sometimes it’s effectiveness

and influence on our society is outrageously

lacking? Even within the church,

hasn’t there been such a shift of focus from

His “amazing Grace” to our own ability,

achievements and “goodness”? Before we

judge him too harshly, isn’t my friend, “the

atheist” just a product of the effectiveness

of the Church and our communicating of the

Word of God to our communities?

Once he had finished his verbal memoirs of

goodness, I put my fork down and said as

calmly but as plainly as I could so that not

one word could be mistaken, misinterpreted

or forgotten. I said, “You being a good person

has nothing to do whatsoever

with whether or not you’re

a Christian. Muslims are good

people – but they’re not Christians.

To be a Christian means

one thing - you have to believe

in a God! You have to believe

that this God had a Son and that

He loved you so much that He

sent His only Son, Jesus Christ,

to this earth just to die for you.

You then have to accept both the

death and resurrection of Jesus

Christ, ask God to forgive your

sins and accept Jesus in your

Jacqueline Malcolm is a Project & Event

Strategist who is dedicated to seeing

the Kingdom of God established in London.

If you have a project or an event that you

would like to discuss, you can contact her

to arrange your free consultation on


For more information, please visit


heart as your saviour – accept Him as the

person who died to give you eternal life. That

and only that makes you a Christian.”

We both took a moment to let those words

settle and then he simply said, ‘So, I guess

I’m not a Christian then… yet!”

Yet! I like that word…


testify October 2016

I will

build my



12 – 13 October 2016

Kent Event Centre, Maidstone



• 100+ exhibitors featuring everything to equip

and inspire your church from pulpits to

puppets, stained glass to sound systems, ways

to worship and what to wear

• Seminars and Worship

• Massive shop featuring books, CDs, DVDs

and other resources

• Arts Theatre

For all the latest information and to

buy tickets go to CREonline.co.uk

or call 01793 418218




Christian Resources Exhibitions is part of Bible Society (Charity Reg. No 232759)

October 2016 testify


“I was diagnosed with lung cancer aged 77. I am now

85 years old and I’m living proof that you can survive

cancer”says Wilfred Griffith

Wilfred Griffith features in Public Health

England’s current Be Clear on Cancer

campaign. The campaign focuses on a

persistent cough, or getting out of breath

doing everyday things such as vacuuming

or walking up a short flight of stairs. These

symptoms could be a sign of lung cancer

or other lung diseases. Breathlessness can

also be a sign of heart disease. Anyone experiencing

these symptoms should see their

GP as finding these conditions early makes

them more treatable.

family and I knew something was wrong

when I had a cough that wouldn’t go away,

pain in my chest and I was feeling weak.”

His concerned children took him to see the

doctor. After investigation Wilfred was diagnosed

with lung cancer “The diagnosis was

a complete shock. No one in my family had

ever experienced cancer so I didn’t know

much about it or what to expect.”

Wilfred came to terms with the diagnosis

“My family were there for me through this

His treatment went well and he made a

good recovery.Wilfred now aged 85 has

been in remission for the last 8 years and

is enjoying spending time with his family. He

encourages others by sharing his personal

experience and is keen for people to know

that you can survive, he says “I was diagnosed

with lung cancer aged 77. I am now

85 years old and I’m living proof that you

can survive cancer.”

He advises others who may have had a

“I am so pleased that Public Health England

is running this campaign to highlight that a

cough for three weeks or more could be a

sign of lung disease or even lung cancer. It’s

so important that people are aware.”

Dr Philip Abiola, GP and Clinical Lead for

Cancer at Newham said: “Symptoms like

a persistent cough or getting out of breath

easily could be signs of lung cancer, lung

disease and heart disease that can be easy

to ignore. Anyone who has these symptoms

should see their GP, don’t worry about wasting

our time, we want to see you. The sooner

these big diseases are spotted and patients

start treatment, the greater the chances to

save lives and help people manage these


Wilfred Griffith shares his story of

surviving Lung Cancer

Wilfred Griffith, originally from Barbados

was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008.

Reflecting on his symptoms he said “My

difficult period.” He also acknowledges the

support of the doctors and other healthcare

professionals “The staff at the hospital were

really supportive and attentive. They explained

everything to me, I felt informed and

less apprehensive about the treatment.”

cough that has lasted three weeks or more

“Don’t ignore your symptoms or try to selftreat

it. Just go and see your doctor. Finding

lung cancer early could save your life and

give you more time to spend with your loved


Wilfred features in Public Health England’s

film produced to support the campaign, the

film can be viewed athttp://po.st/HZmwQq.

For further information about the signs and

symptoms of lung cancer, lung disease and

heart disease, search ‘Be Clear on Cancer’.






testify October 2016


from back



Be transformed by the renewal of your mind

Manchester City is the first football club

in the world to introduce a global chain of

clubs. That is what you call innovation.

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success

of any organisation. The Bible described

it as “being transformed by the renewing

of your mind.”

Ferran Soriano, CEO of Manchester City

said “With this structure, we’re doing something

that has never been done before. That

means you have to take risks, innovate, and

not be afraid to try new things. There is no

limit to what we can achieve.”

This carefully coordinated approach is apparently

reaping rewards. CFG claims it

now reaches over four hundred million fans

globally across its four clubs and is attracting

an expanding roster of sponsors who

are drawn to the prospect of activating campaigns

at both a global and a local level.

“No one sews a piece of unshrunk cloth

on an old garment. If he does, the patch

tears away from it, the new from the old,

and a worse tear is made. And no one

puts new wine into old wineskins. If he

does, the wine will burst the skins—and

the wine is destroyed, and so are the

skins. But new wine is for fresh wineskins.”

Mark 2:21-22 (ESV)

Manchester City Football Club

Yokohama F. Marinos striker Manabu Saito with tea


David Villa, Andrea Pirlo and other players of New York City FC

Melbourne City FC

October 2016 testify


“If you want something new, you

have to stop doing something old”

Innovation is all about looking for new ways

of doing old things.

Another innovative person in English football

is Arsene Wenger. Wenger revolutionised

the English game. We had never and

may not ever see the like of the Arsenal

boss again.

Technical, Passing, Possession

Technical, passing, possession football is

now the norm for teams who want to be regarded

as world contenders, but it was not

so when Wenger arrived twenty years ago

in English football. It was his blueprint that

made it so.


On arrival in 1996, the philosophy of Arsenal

players like most English clubs was teambuilding

through pub crawling. Before then,

diet and fitness were still seen as relatively

inconsequential compared to team spirit

usually fostered by mammoth boozing sessions,

and feasting on pub food after every

training session or match.

Wenger came in, banned Mars bars and

beers, gave his players vitamins supplements,

and watched the victories and trophies

roll in. Thereafter, every club in England

and Europe copied his philosophy.

Today, no leading manager works without a

battery of dieticians, sports scientists,

and analysts at his disposal.

Foreign and local youths

Wenger started the idea that

young overseas players could

come to England in their formative

years and thrive. Nicolas Anelka,

Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Robin

van Persie, and Cesc Fàbregas

came, saw and conquered. Today,

every manager have scouts all

over the world who are searching

for new talents.

Successful foreign manager

Pre-Wenger, there was scepticism

that foreign managers would be

able to understand English football

let alone foreign youngsters

who were brought up by passing

the ball rather than running up and

down pebbles at Brighton Beach

to aid fitness.

Self-made club

Every top British Club has a huge foreign

financial injection. Arsenal is the only selfmade

members of that ‘Big Six.’ Without

Wenger, it is entirely probable, let alone

possible, that the Gunners would not be

the force they are today even with their

great tradition.

In the four Premier League seasons before

Wenger arrived, Arsenal finished

tenth, fourth, twelfth and fifth. These positions

are unthinkable today. For the last

three of those years, they lagged behind

Newcastle United, but since then, they’ve

not been outside of the top four.

He may not have won many trophies in

the last ten years, but in twenty years, he

has revolutionised English football. Today,

English football is the market leader

for any club football. The impact has been


If Wenger is a failure for always finishing

inside the top four, that’s nowhere near as

big a failure as other so-called big clubs.

Everton hasn’t won a trophy since 1995,

Liverpool hasn’t won a title since 1990 and

Tottenham since the early 1960s.

Every other club including Chelsea, Manchester

United, Liverpool and Manchester

City - have spent time outside the Champions

League. Arsenal hasn’t under Wenger.

Whatever happens next, if Wenger never

wins another game of football in his life,

his legendary status is assured.

This is nothing but pure innovation.

Arsene Wenger


Arsenal FC

24 testify October 2016



Be transformed by the

renewal of your mind

“If you want something new,

you have to stop doing something old.”

By Alex Iwuoha

Peter Drucker, the Australian-born American

management consultant once said, “If

you want something new, you have to stop

doing something old.” Call it transformation,

alteration, innovation or whatever you

like, you have to develop new methods,

ideas, or product if you want to remain on

the cutting edge.

The City brand

After many years of decline, culminating in

relegation to the third tier of English football

in 1998, Manchester City is now transformed

into one of football’s most innovative

business models.

City Football Group (CFG), owners of Manchester

City Football Club, set up the Abu

Dhabi investment fund and paid £200 million

in 2008 for the purchase of the club.

Thereafter, they bought three other clubs in

different parts of the world, making CFG the

first global chain in world football. The sister

clubs are the New York City F.C., established

in the United States Major League

Soccer (MLS) with players such as Frank

Lampard and Andrea Pirlo in its squad.

Also, the company has Melbourne City

F.C., an Australian A-League club bought in

2004, and Yokohama F. Marinos, a Japanese

J-League club acquired in 2014.

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