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Response to Intervention Making Connections Changes Student Learning at All Grade Levels “Each day I began my day with prayer that I would be a positive influence for someone and make a small difference. Each day God showed me that Javen was the one making the positive impact on me.” Instructional Facilitator Shannon Riner Teachers throughout the Conway School District have implemented new strategies and protocols dealing with our Response to Intervention in 2015-16. Response to Intervention, or RTI, means identifying students who need a little extra help in certain areas---reading, math, literacy---and then providing it in various ways. Conway Schools’ teachers are making stronger connections with students using some new training they received this school year. “Connections” is a systematic, multi-sensory, research-based approach to teaching the Our teachers work with the students in small groups or one-on-one, until they meet phonology, decoding, and reading skills of the English language. A 1 their goals. Some of them just need to “catch up” on a few skills. Others need more intensive work. The interventions vary with the student. Some take just a few weeks. Conway Schools sent 40 participants to be trained in preparing, implementing, and Some will take years. There’s no magic formula or special program that works on every conducting the various components of Connections lessons, which include decoding, 2 encoding, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension. kid. Intervention is individual. That’s what makes it work. The lessons allow students to see, hear, smell, feel and touch as they learn, and have been Our teachers who do interventions are highly trained. They have spent hours in 3 extremely well received by the teachers and students. specialized instruction. They realize that learning isn’t a “one size fits all,” and they take the time to really get to know the individual student, to see what will best help him learn. B It’s amazing to see what happens when both the teacher and the student discover “what works.” “We were blessed to receive such great training,” says Instructional Facilitator Shannon Riner. “I feel “Not only is the students’ academic performance increasing, their self-motivation like I have another tool in my toolbox for students who just need a different approach to learning. I and love for school is responding as well,” says Instructional Facilitator Jacob Sisson. am seeing real progress with my kids! Several times a week I hear “I love coming to your group!” “Conway is doing great things here!” That makes it all worth it!” C 6 7

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