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Bainimarama set

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Hello Auckland, it is time to work!

Phil Goff

As I leave

Parliament and

the role I have

fulfilled for

over 30 years as Member

of Parliament for Mt

Roskill, I want to thank

the Indian Community

sincerely for the strong

and consistent effort I

have received.

Right from the time I

stood for Parliament as

a 28-year-old Candidate

in 1981, the Indian

Community has stood

with me.

It has been a privilege

and an honour to

have worked with the

Community and shared

in the important events

celebrated by it.

Major Challenges

In my new role as

Mayor, I have the

responsibility of serving

all of the one and a

half million citizens we

have across the City of


It is a big job and the

tasks that we face in

tackling the challenges

Auckland confronts, are


Traffic congestion and

housing affordability

have been growing as

problems year after year.

It will take time and an

immense effort and the

cooperation of central

government with all the

resources it has available

to start to turn the issues


For every problem,

there is however a

solution and we need to

make the hard decisions

now to begin to correct

the problems.

We cannot simply

leave the issues for a

future generation to


We acknowledge the



*Conditions Apply


632 Dominion Road


19/185 Great South Road


32, Queen Street


302, Great South Road


195, New Windsor Road


233-237 Lambton Quay

problems confronting


Positive facts

We are however

fortunate to live in a great


We are one of the most

multicultural cities in the

world, and we can use our

diversity to enrich our

cities and not divide it.

We have a stunning

environment, we enjoy the

choices and opportunity

which comes from living

in a city of people. We

need to make our city a

place where talent and

enterprise coexist. A

city which is a centre of

learning and innovation

and a city which is an

exciting place for people to

live and to visit.

We want our city to

become one of the best

performing cities in the


Thank you again to the

Indian Community for

Qualityadviceisassured through

ateam of Licensed Immigration Adviser /Ex-Immigration Officer.

We provide tailor-made solutions to individual

migrant and their families seeking to study,work,

invest,dobusiness and livein

NewZealand permanently

your support both for me

as an MP and the strong

mandate you have now

given me to be Mayor of

our City.

Phil Goff has been writing

in Indian Newslink

since 2001 and has been

a great friend of the

extended Indian community

in New Zealand, including

people of Indian,

Pakistani, Bangladeshi,

Sri Lankan, Nepalese

and Middle Eastern

origin. He is a relentless

worker and no doubt,

Auckland will challenge

him with its unique

problems. We wish him

the best in his new role

as Mayor.

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Our Leader: Welcome,

Phil, let the battle begin!

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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Community pours heart and money to grieving family

More than $28,000 raised including reimbursements to Pavin Pramoth

Venkat Raman

Members of the Indian

community once again

proved that they are

people of compassion

and responsibility by contributing

$28,029 to the family of a young

man who was killed in a road

accident in South Taranaki last


This amount includes direct

payments made by ACC and the

Indian High Commission to the

undertakers for transporting the

body to India.

The employers of the deceased

man also donated $11,600 to the

grieving family in addition to

making a ‘final settlement’ into

the dead man’s account including

holiday pay and other entitlements.

Tragic end

Twenty-five-year-old Pavin

Pramoth died in a traffic accident

around 415 pm on Saturday,

September 24, 2016 as his car

crashed into an electricity pole on

Ketemarae Road, Hawera in South


Pavin was the sole occupant of

the car at the time of the deadly


The Police notified two of his

close friends, including Jegan

Ramar, who contacted us for help

and assistance.

He was the only son to M

Prakash and P Dhanam, a farming

Pavin Pramoth leaning on his ill-fated car

family in Theni, a small town

of about 5000 people near

Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Pavin has a sister for whose

marriage he had started saving


“We understand that Pavin

has a student loan in India and

his family is of very modest

economic means. He arrived

in 2012 to study, completing

which he was employed

initially in Hamilton and for the

past eight months in Auckland.

I have known this young man,

who was a responsible son and

brother. It is a pity that death

has taken away a fine person,”

Ilango Krishnamoorthy, a

prominent community leader

and President of the Hindu

Temple Society of New Zealand

which owns and manages

Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam

at 69 Tidal Road, Mangere,

South Auckland said.

Our Samaritans

The services rendered by Mr

Ramar, Mr Krishnamoorthy

and Sandeep Agarwal, one of

the directors of the company

that had employed Pavin, were


Indian Newslink was an

early point of contact soon

after the death of Pavin was

announced and we contacted

Sandeep Sood, Head of Chancery

at the Indian High Commission

in Wellington, who promised all

assistance in completing the formalities

relating to the repatriation of the

body of Pavin to India.

It was a Sunday but that made no


Shortly thereafter, Mr Sood and

High Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli contacted

us to say that they would also

provide financial support and meet

the entire cost of transportation of the

body of Pavin, specified at $11,129.00.

ACC offered $6000 and paid directly

into the account of Vospers Funeral

Services in New Plymouth and the

High Commission remitted $5129.00.

Following the completion of all formalities,

the coffin carrying the body

of Pavin was sent by an Emirates

flight from Auckland on September

28, 2016.

Mr Agarwal and his partner Akbar

Sheikh visited New Plymouth to see

the body of their employee, while

Mr Ramar was at the forefront of all


The death of a person who has no

relatives always causes anxiety and

concern but in the case of Pavin,

the Tamil community led by Mr

Krishnamoorthy, Auckland Tamil

Association President Vai Ravindran,

Muthamil Sangam General Secretary

Sheba Soundararajan, Indian

Newslink Community Fund Chairman

Wenceslaus Anthony and the company

of Mr Agarwal showed that they

were people who care.

They were among the first to

contribute money into the Indian

Newslink Community Fund, as agreed

by these leaders, all remittances

received until midnight of October

5, 2016 – a sum of $5300 were

transferred into the account specified

by Mr Prakash.

V Giridharan, Managing Director,

Relianz Foreign Exchange, who

himself contributed to the Fund, arranged

for the transfer of the amount,

waiving all fees and service charges.

Mr Agarwal arranged to transfer

$11,600, a joint contribution from his

company and a group of employees,

directly to the account of Mr Prakash.

Thus, the total benefit accruing

to the family of Pavin following his

tragic death was $28,029, of which

$11129 was paid to Vospers Funeral


The family of Pavin received a

direct cash benefit of $16,900.

The death of the young man

demonstrated not only the fragility

of human life but also that of human

compassion. It is on sad occasions like

this, the usefulness of regional organisations

such as Muthamil Sangam

and Auckland Tamil Association is


The New Zealand Indian Central

Association President Bhikhu

Bana and General Secretary Prakash

Biradar sent their condolences to the

bereaved family.

They also appealed to their branches

to donate to the fund but no one


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Names of Donors of

Indian Newslink

Community Fund

Note: These names were taken from the Indian Newslink

Community Fund Account.

If you do not find your name,

please send us particulars.


Abhi Erode; A Dhamodaran; Arun; A Saraswathi; Bala;

Balaji; B Ramamoorthy; Balasaraswath; Balasubramani;

Ba Narasimhan; Chandrababu; Chatrati S C;

Chowdavarapu; Dakshina Suda; Dinakaran Gopi; D

P Bagraniya; Fathima G; Focus Marketing; Ganesh

Viswanathan; G Giridharan; Gurumoorthy Paulraj; Hafiz

Vegdani; Hariram Prasad; Ilango Krishnamurthy; Jagan

Kharaneesh; Jeet Suchdev; Kaliappan Pandian; Kiran Arul;

K Muthaiah; Liyakathali & H; Malliah Arune; M Kandavel;

M Kumar; Meru Sri Limited; Mrs S Manoharan; Naidu

S D; Nandu; Palaniswamy B; Parti & Associates; Pavin

Sudharsan; P Madanagopal; Ponappa Madappa; Praveen

Rave; Rajaji; Ravi Vachakam; Ramasi S & K; Ranjna Patel

from Shree Swaminarayan Temple; Ratna Venkat; Ravi

Bedadala; Roshni Shetty; R Ramachandar; Ramakrishnan

Ba; Ramselvan; Ranganathan; Ravi Muthumanickam; R

R M Varghese Regi; R Velu; Regi01 Charity; Roy P M;

RRK Suresh; Sai C Praveen; S Arunkumar; S K Chandras;

S N Senthil Corattur; S Sachidanandam; S Thiruppathi;

Shanmughasundar; S Natarajan; Srikaran; S R Palanisamy

Sowndar; Srinivasan; Subramani Ayyanar; Subramaniyan;

Sun Arunagiri; Thangavelu; Two Little Angels Limited;

Vai Ravindran; V Ravindran; V Rathore; Veera C; Vikuna

Fashions Limited; Wenceslaus Anthony

Donations can be made to the Indian Newslink

Community Fund Account 03-0207-0009395-002.

OCTOBER 15, 2016


Let us burn everything negative this Diwali

wants to ban all Muslims from entering

the US, even denigrating American Muslim

soldiers who died in service of the United


Populist politics unleash the capacity

for evil, as we saw earlier in history with

Hitler’s scapegoating of the Jews.

The importance of Diwali is that it sends

a positive message about the good in

human nature prevailing over the dark side

of people’s prejudice.

It is also the time for New Zealand

Phil Goff

Indians to come together to celebrate their

At the end of this month, we celebrate culture and heritage.

Diwali, the oldest and most important

festival in the Indian calendar. It is an opportunity for all of us to share

Cultural richness

All of you are familiar with the in the richness and diversity of New

To life-long friendship: Helen Clark, Phil Goff, Peter Davis and Dr Ashraf Choudhary at the launch of ‘Electionlink’

pages at Indian Newslink premises on June 16, 2007 (Picture by Narendra Bedekar)

message of Diwali, which represents the Zealand’s different cultures and Auckland’s

victory of light over darkness, symbolising multicultural community. We can enjoy the

good prevailing over evil and knowledge over richness of our diversity rather than allow


differences to divide us.

In a world still troubled by much that is Diwali is an opportunity for the Indian

bad – violence, hatred, bigotry, prejudice and community to showcase its talent, colour,

Responsible business with

disharmony – Diwali is an important reminder

to us that we must strive for a better, more Zealand. It is a message of hope, signifying

lasting relationship in community

cuisine, culture and contribution to New

positive and constructive world where people new beginnings and a revival of life.

can live in peace, stability and prosperity. Happy Diwali to you and your family

● First home

● Buying an Apartment

We are fortunate in New Zealand that these from mine.

● Investment property

● Low deposit

values prevail overall, that our community My best wishes to all as we celebrate

is largely harmonious and people treat each together the Festival of Lights.

● Residential or Commercial

● Self employed

other with mutual respect.

Phil Goff was elected as Mayor of Auckland

following the local government

● Re-finance /Restructure

● Property Development

● Building /Extending /Renovating ● Business Loan

These are not, however, things that we can

take for granted.

election result announced at press time.

Rising intolerance

He resigned from his post as Member of

For all your home loan and insurance needs

There is a resurgence around the world in Parliament after 32 years during which

intolerance and a tendency to blame minority he served as a Minister of the Crown in talk to us...

groups for things that they are not to blame various ministries and assignments. He

Contact usfor FREE consultation


will be sworn in as Mayor on November

Rakesh Bansal

Pauline Hansen in Australia used to blame 1, 2016. He has been a regular columnist

ex Bank Manager with over 30 years experience

Asians for problems in her country and now for Indian Newslink for several years

Toll Free: 0508 33 22 11 M: 021 030 8135 /099033 602

it is Muslims.

and we hope that he would continue

116b, Cavendish Drive, Manukau City

In the US, Republican candidate Donald to speak to the people through this

E: |

Trump calls Muslims potential criminals and publication.


Authorised by Mahesh Bindra, Parliament Buildings, Wellington




Spokesperson for: Corrections, Ethnic Affairs, Customs, LINZ

Auckland Office

Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe

Auckland 2025

P: 0800 BINDRA (246 372)




OCTOBER 15, 2016

Students’ protest likely to escalate

Venkat Raman

More than a month after

the government

announced that a

large number of

students from India could be

deported because they had submitted

fake or fraudulent documents,

uncertainty still hangs

over the fate of these students.

No one seems to know the

exact number of students facing

the marching orders, but

Tertiary Education Minister

Steven Joyce placed the figure

at 41, while some say that about

150 students would be affected.

Immigration lawyers, community

leaders and even some

politicians have taken up the

side of the students but the

government is adamant on its


There have so far been three

protests, one each in front

of the ‘Out-of-Parliament’ offices

of National MPs Dr

Parmjeet Parmar (Mt Roskill)

and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

(Manukau East) and the third

at the Lynfield Community

Church in Lynfield Auckland,

the last of which involved the

presence of Deputy Prime

Minister and Finance Minister

Bill English and Dr Parmar.

Auckland Diwali

The protest is likely to escalate

with a planned march

past and slogan shouting at

‘Auckland Diwali 2016’ which

will be held at Aotea Square

on October 15, 2016. Prime

Minister John Key, Auckland

Mayor-Designate Phil Goff and

a number of ministers and lawmakers

would be present at the


Migrant Workers Association

has been supporting the affected

students. Spokesperson Anu

Kaloti said that Immigration

Minister Michael Woodhouse

and his Associate Minister Craig

Floss had refused to meet the

students and the Committee

of Representatives from The

Catholic Church, The Anglican

Church, Barrister Rodney

Harrison QC and the Secretary

of New Zealand Council of

Trade Unions supporting them.

Ms Kaloti said that international

students pay between

$15,000 and $35,000 to study in

New Zealand and a spokesperson

for a group of nine students

told ‘Checkpoint,’ a television

programme hosted by John

Campbell that they had no idea

that the papers they had submitted

were fake.

Appalling situation

Ms Kaloti described the situation

as ‘absolutely appalling.’

“I am really angry, furious

and frustrated. These young

people have spent so much

money to acquire meaningful,

high quality skills and qualifications

and their parents have

put all they have into it; and

at the end of it, they are being

punished for something they

have not done,” she said.

Ms Kaloti said that a majority

of the students came from middle

or low income families and

that they faced a dim future because

of the deportation order.

There would be a lot of social

stigma for the students if they

returned home without a qualification,

even though it was not

their fault,” she said.

Student responsibility

Mr Joyce said that the ultimate

responsibility rested with

the students.

“They have to make a declaration

that all the information

that they supplied to New

Zealand is correct. They make

that declaration when they

submit their visa applications,

and, yes, they get agents to advise

them; but it is squarely and

clearly the responsibility of the


“Now, we obviously want the

agents to behave themselves

well, and we know that some

agents have not been behaving themselves.

So, we have tightened up the

rules recently. We put in new requirements

in the code of practice that providers

must be accountable for their

agent’s behaviour. But when it comes

down to it, it is the student’s declaration

that they have supplied information

that is correct, which is what

Immigration goes on,” he said.

American Problem

A similar problem is brewing in the

State of New Jersey in America where

more than 1000 people (a majority of

them from India and China) are facing

deportation after being caught in

an undercover operation that involved

a fake University set up

by the US government to

catch visa fraud.

The Police have arrested

25 suspects on felony

charges that include

conspiracy to commit

visa fraud. Some of them

could face long prison


“Foreigners who used

the services will likely not

be prosecuted, but will

have their visas revoked,”

New Jersey US Attorney

Paul Fishman said.

Federal investigators set

up the phony ‘University

of Northern New Jersey’

in 2013. It had a website

that promised ‘exceptional

education’ for foreign

students wishing to

study in the US and provided

links to academic

programmes, a message

from the ‘President’ (a Dr

Steven Brunetti PhD) and

photos of attractive young

people sitting around a library

table or consulting

with a faculty member.

Read related story under

Educationlink and our

Leader, “Student victims

deserve equal opportunity

to learn” under


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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Mount Roskill turns the heat on election

Michael Wood


have a belief, unfashionable

perhaps, that politics

can be a force for good.

Yes, bad decisions are

sometimes made, but when

people with a common vision

join together to work and

organise around an idea, so

much good can be achieved.

Over the course of our history

it has happened time

and time again – think about

the achievement of India’s

Independence, or here in New

Zealand the establishment

of our world-leading public

health and education systems.

These were achieved by people

working together with a political


Politics needs to be about

more than making technical

decisions or just doing what

the latest polling tells you. The

very best leaders listen to the

people around them, but are

also driven by a strong set of

values and ideas.

Missing leadership

My concern about the current

National government is

not that it is made up of bad

people or that every policy is

bad, rather it is a feeling that

there is no clear leadership or


The government is very good

at managing the political situation,

but in the meantime

many key issues continue to

drift while people wait for ac-

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, has tapped

on the shoulder of Michael Wood. Will

he keep the new hat?

tion. Housing is the clearest example.

Average house prices in

Auckland are now over $1 million,

locking most ordinary people

out of the dream of home

ownership; yet there is no decisive

leadership or action from

the government.

The starting point should be

a clear vision – that every New

Zealander deserves a warm dry

home, and that ordinary people

who work and save hard should

be able to afford a home of their


Working out from there, it

is the job of the government

to show leadership to deliver

the vision. In this case, there is

a clear need to build more affordable

houses and to crack

down on rampant speculation.

Human dignity

The core beliefs that drive my

vision for a stronger and fairer

New Zealand are simple.

I believe that there is an

essential dignity and value

in every human being,

that we all do better when

we live together in community,

and that the earth

we live on is a gift to be

cared from, not abused.

I stand for Labour, because,

over its history,

Labour governments

have most consistently

represented my values,

showing the leadership

and vision that I believe

our country needs.

I believe in progressive

government that is always

looking forward and making

long-term decisions in

the interests of the many.

New Mayor

I congratulate my

good friend Phil Goff on

winning the Auckland


I have worked closely

with Phil for over 13

years and I know him to

be a person of outstanding

character, with a huge

work ethic.

He is the right person to

lead our city.

I hope to do his legacy

justice as the new Labour

candidate for Mt Roskill.

Michael Wood is Labour

Party’s candidate at the

forthcoming election at

Mt Roskill in Auckland.



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The International Indian Students’ Issue

Immigration must cancel

deportation order

Kamil Lakshman

The current Indian

international student

(IIS) debacle has had

a predictable political

response - a punitive approach.

We are at a tipping point of IIS


Many such disasters are in the

pipeline but in different forms,

however all leading with the

IIS category eventually being

victimised including by Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) using

policy control or interpretation

of policy mechanism to do so.

I frame it as the IIS bashing.

Vigilance is needed or

unfair administrative practices

could result in discriminatory


Lucrative platform

The international student

market has thus far provided

a lucrative platform; many are

benefiting including the New

Zealand economy.

That outcome however should

not be at the expense of another,

as in the IIS case.

The onshore issues range

from migrant exploitation to

off shore issues such as student

recruitment exploitation where

false promises are made.

To facilitate export education

and boost numbers, overseas

student recruiters were exempted

from the licensing regime

with government’s blessing

despite protest.

In some cases, the institutions

can be paying a recruitment fee

of anything from 15% -50% of

the fees. The incentive to find

as many students as possible is


Selling dreams

The current INZ policy framework

assists with promises made

to potential IIS which helps

with selling the New Zealand

residence dream to them by

student recruiters.

INZ has a trusted partnership

relationship with the student

recruitment industry.

INZ accepts their applications

from people enjoying this status

(criteria based on a percentage

of past successful student visa

applications) at face value and

does not verify them.

Onshore private training

establishments have sprung up

like mushrooms, some credible

players being scarred by their

deceptive counterparts with

Invitations for all Occasions

Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Parties & more...

questionable practices for whom

New Zealand’s vision for education

of providing ‘world class

education’ is a foreign concept.

Destroying future

The pattern involves IIS being

affected resulting in the lives of

hundreds, mainly youngsters,

being destroyed. This beautiful

country of milk and honey is

collecting bad Karma, whether

one believes in it or not.

In such cases, IIS money is

being accepted and IIS are left

to the ‘wolves’ in whatever

guise they come, divorced from


Given this, where may I ask is

the moral and ethical accountability?

Has our moral compass

stopped working? Have we gone

so far away from doing the right

thing? Where is our obligation?

The case of Filipinos

Last year, INZ via immigration

instructions (WK1.11), Essential

Skills Visas for Filipino dairy

workers were approved,

although they had provided false

documents submitted by their

agents in their previous work

visa applications.

INZ policy stated that this

industry was very important

hence this stance.

Precedent shows an exception

has already been made.

Surely, IIS is of value to New


I ask that this privilege be

awarded to IIS affected by the

provision of fraudulent documentation

by their agents; that

their deportation proceedings

be cancelled; that the loud voice

of protest be heard; that the

sematic problem in the design be

addressed, and the real culprits

be held accountable, allowing for

a proactive approach as opposed

to the ongoing reactive saga that

has been played out.

In the spirit of Diwali, given

the context, a new beginning is


Happy Diwali and a Prosperous

New Year to you!

Kamil Lakshman is a Lawyer

& Principal of Wellington

based law firm Idesi Legal

Limited. She can be contacted

on (04) 4616018 or 021-1598803.

Email: kamil.lakshman@; The opinions

expressed in her article above

are her own and not that of

Idesi Legal Limited or the New

Zealand Law Society, or its

Wellington Branch, or its affiliated

bodies and committees or

Indian Newslink. Readers can

send their comments (names

can be withheld) to editor@

Novel food



OCTOBER 15, 2016

Massey University

researchers are

investigating whether

establishing an

Innovation Centre focused on a

novel food processing technology

could transform New Zealand’s

food industry.

The University hosted a

workshop at its Manawatu

Campus on October 11, 2016

attended by representatives from

American-based company ‘915

Labs’ and major food companies,

researchers, scientists and the


The Microwave Assisted Thermal

Sterilisation (MATS) and Microwave

Assisted Pasteurisation

(MAPS) technology was originally

developed by Washington State

University over a 10-year period,

funded by the US government and

a wide range of food companies.

‘915 Labs’ holds the exclusive,

worldwide license to the technology.

Hastening heat process

MATS uses microwaves to

speed up the heating process

for packaged foods, essentially

combining a continuous retort

with a microwave.

By reducing the cooking time,

food quality can be significantly

improved without compromising

food safety or shelf life. Iand

institutional applications. It is a

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OCTOBER 15, 2016



Should we raise youth

crime age to 17?

Public meeting at Mahatma Gandhi Centre

Auckland on October 21



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Judge Andrew Becroft with (from left) Nanette Nathoo, Parshottam Govind, Prakash Biradar, Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi and Harshad Patel at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Auckland on October 1.

Venkat Raman

The escalation of youth crime

has prompted Children’s

Commissioner Judge Andrew

Becroft to campaign for

inclusion of offenders aged 17 years

into the Crimes Act.

At present, people under the age of

17 can only be tried in Youth Courts

and assigned for supervision, even for

serious offences such as murder and

aggravated assaults.

However, the increasing number

of teenagers represented in New

Zealand’s crime statistics has prompted

Judge Becraft to advocate for a

change in the law with an open public

discussion in the first instance.

In view of the large number of

Indians falling victims of such crimes

by virtue of their majority ownership

of dairies, retail outlets and petrol

service stations, the New Zealand

Indian Central Association (NZICA) is

hosting a public meeting along with

the Auckland Indian Association (AIA)

at Mahatma Gandhi Centre from 7 pm

to 9 pm on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Reducing reoffending

Briefing a few of us at the Mahatma

Gandhi Centre on October 1, 2016,

Judge Becroft said that the Youth

Justice System is far more effective at

reducing reoffending than the adult


“Young people go through a process

that holds them to account, address

the underlying causes of offending and

changes their behaviour. The proposed

changes will reduce reoffending and

improve community safety,” he said.

Most offending by 17-year-olds is

related to traffic offences, property

damage and disorder. If a 17-yearold

commits a serious crime, he or

she would be moved from the Youth

Court to the Adult Court, just as those

aged 14 and above do now. At the most

extreme end of offending, the young

person would go straight to the adult

court, Judge Becroft added.

NZICA General Secretary Prakash

Biradar said that many members of

the Indian community feared that a

change in the law would mean young

offenders would get away without

being served proper justice.

Sceptical public

“A few weeks ago, a group of 16-yearolds,

armed with an axe and metal

bars tore an Auckland shop apart in a

robbery. They are known to the Police.

Small business owners say the incident

is proof that the Youth Court would

not be a deterrent for reoffending,” he


NZICA Law & Order Committee

Chairperson Nanette Nathoo said that

there was an element of apathy and

disbelief among the Indian community.

“In general, we think, ‘Oh they are

just going to the Youth Court and

that’s it’. Then they will be back on

the streets burgling us again.’ The law

should have force,” she said.

But Judge Becroft said that there

would still be the option of prison and

this is not often understood.

“The youth justice system has teeth.

For the moderate to minor offenders,

there would be a real chance of turning

their life around. Raising the age (to

17) will bring New Zealand in line with

its international obligations including

the United Nations Convention on the

Rights of the Child. Most countries

have 17-year-olds in their Youth Justice

systems,” he said.

Making a difference

Judge Becroft said that the proposed

changes would make a difference to

the likes of Rugby player Losi Filipo

who was let off by an adult court

without conviction after punching four

people when he was 17.

“As a 17-year-old, still at school as

I understand it, he would have been

dealt with in a radically different

system - more nuanced, more flexible

that would really have an opportunity

to turn his life around and there would

be real consequences for him.

The Police Association doesn’t share

the same confidence.

Three quarters of its officers are

against the change, as are 55% of

youth aid workers, who say that the

extra numbers will only dilute current


Police estimate they would need

another 75 youth aid workers to see an

improvement, and on a frozen budget,

that would not happen.

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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Bainimarama set for state visit to

Venkat Raman

John Key with Frank Bainimarama in Suva on June 10, 2016

Notwithstanding his

sharp utterances and

strong language against

this country in recent

months, Fiji’s Prime Minister

Josiah Voreqe Bainimarama will

receive a formal welcome when

he arrives in New Zealand next


Speaking to the media in

Parliament Buildings on

Tuesday, October 11, Prime

Minister John Key did not express

it in as many words that

his Fijian counterpart would get

a State Welcome but stopped

short of saying, “it is highly


Although there was no official

confirmation, Indian Newslink

understands that the Fijian leader

would be in Auckland on a

four-day visit and that a number

of meetings have been planned,

including an event with the New

Zealand Fiji Business Council.

He is also due to attend the

Bledisloe Cup Rugby Match at

Eden Park on October 22.

All Blacks will take on the

Wallabies at this major Rugby

event of the year.

Australia’s Guest

The Fiji media has reported

that Mr Bainimarama would be

in Australia on an official visit

this weekend during which

he would have official talks

with Australian Prime Minister

Malcolm Turnbull and other

ministers, address a symposium

in Sydney and participate in a

few other events.

The fact that his visit is being

treated as official would prompt

the New Zealand government to

do the same.

Fiji Prime Minister Frank

Bainimarama will likely receive

a state welcome when he visits

New Zealand for the All Blacks



relationship between the two

countries have been rocky since

December 5, 2006 when Mr

Bainimarama ousted the government

of Laisenia Qarase and

installed his military regime.

New Zealand joined Australia

in taking an an offensive stand

against Mr Bainimarama and

the Fijian government, banning

officials from visiting their


The two Tasman neighbours

also rallied with the

Commonwealth to suspend

Fiji from membership. Fiji was

also suspended from the Pacific

Island Forum.

Thorny relations

There have also been a number

of other thorns in the flesh.

Mr Bainimarama’s govern-





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OCTOBER 15, 2016



New Zealand

ment barred two New Zealand

journalists from entering Fiji,

stating that their reporting

was biased and divorced from


During his private visit to

New Zealand in August 2014,

Mr Bainimarama gave an exclusive

interview with Indian


He said, “Many of our

friends, including New Zealand,

Australia and other member-countries

failed to understand

the issues that confronted

Fiji. They did not understand

our plight and the need for reforms

not only in terms of a

new Constitution but also in

the entire administrative machinery.

I had to take a number

of bold decisions for the good

of my people and my country.

I never doubted for a moment

that there would be opposition,”

he said.

He was however confident

that after the general election,

the world in general and ‘our

friends in New Zealand and

Australia in particular’ will understand

that it was always his

intention to establish the institution

of democracy firmly in Fiji.

Singapore in Pacific

“I want Fiji to be known as

‘the Singapore of the Pacific’

with a clean and efficient

Government, with the basic

needs of the people satisfied

and a modern and world class

infrastructure firmly in place.

We cannot achieve any of these

without reforms at all levels.

The starting point to all these

was unification of people under

a dynamic, new Constitution

that guaranteed equal rights for

every Fijian. We cannot move

forward if people are discriminated

on the basis of their ethnicity

or religion,” he said.

Mr Key was a guest of Mr

Bainimarama during his official

visit to Fiji on June 9 and June

10 this year. This reporter was a

part of his media delegation.

He knew that his host would

not lose an opportunity to take a

snipe at him.

He was not wrong.

In a scathing attack during his

speech at an official dinner reception

accorded to Mr Key, he

said that New Zealand television

ran footage of tanks in the

streets of Suva when our military

does not own any tanks.

They had been interposed from

other sources.

“A claim was made that

Fijian children were starving

and were eating grass. These

are egregious examples of wilful

bias and misreporting. As a

great British newspaper editor

once said, ‘Comment is free but

facts are sacred.’

Yet, certain journalists in New

Zealand and Australia, along

Media can criticise but- Bainimarama and Key at traditional welcome

with certain journalists in Fiji,

think nothing of dispensing with

the facts if they get in the way of

the politically weighted narrative

they want to tell.

We are saying to the news organisations

that employ them:

“Send someone else. Someone

who respects the facts and

the right of people to know

the truth. Not some twisted


Positive engagement

You have said that what has

happened in the past is ancient

history and you are looking for

a more positive engagement


It is a sentiment I welcome.

Because Fiji and New Zealand

have had far too long a friendship

and we are far too close

geographically to allow this opportunity

to pass. Friends can

also say things to each other

that others cannot.

For all our closeness at a people-to-people

level, Fiji seeks a

new political relationship with

New Zealand that is more equal.

More rooted in mutual respect.

More understanding on New

Zealand’s part of our own priorities

– whether it is on the trade

front with the Pacific Agreement

of Closer Economic Relations

(PACER) Plus negotiations or

our desire to reform our regional

architecture to give Pacific

Islanders a bigger voice.

Optimistic outlook

New Zealand’s view of recent

developments has not been

complimentary to Fiji. These include

the arrest of opposition

leaders and the expulsion of

Opposition MP Ratu Isoa Tikoca

have not been well received by

our politicians and some members

of the Fijian Diaspora.

However, Mr Key and his cabinet

colleagues will set aside

their differences and try to

make the best of the visit of Mr


As Mr Key said at meetings

in Fiji, “We would like to begin

a new Chapter with Fiji

and engage in its development




OCTOBER 15, 2016

INZBC to promote Women Chapter of FICCI

Venkat Raman

India New Zealand Business

Council (INZBC) has pledged

to work with the stakeholders

and business leaders to

advocate for better representation

of women on company

boards and in governance roles

in line with the global objective

of better empowerment of


The Organisation also promised

to extend this objective in

collaborating with agencies and

business associations in India.

The pledge was made at a

meeting hosted by INZBC for

a delegation of women entrepreneurs

and bureaucrats representing

the FICCI Ladies

Organisation (FICCI FLO), an independent

women’s Chapter

of the Federation of Indian

Chambers of Commerce and

Industry functioning throughout


Crucial meetings

INZBC Government Relations

Head Wenceslaus Anthony,

Wellington Chapter Chairman

Jay Changlani, India’s High

Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli,

Head of Chancery Sandeep Sood

and many others were present

at the meeting.

They were also present

at meetings held at Massey

University and New Zealand

Parliament on September 27,


The 43-women delegation, led

by FICCI FLO President Vinita

Bimbhet was in New Zealand on

a week-ling visit, during which

they were accorded opportunities

to understand the business

practices of New Zealand,

the government’s commitment

to achieve gender equality and

the ongoing programmes to enhance

the role of women in public

and private undertakings.

Common destiny

Ms Bimbhet said that India

Indian women entrepreneurs at the INZBC meeting

and New Zealand share a common

historical connection and

have been fellow travelers in

their commitment to disarmament,

global peace and ecological


“We look forward, with this

visit to your beautiful country,

to take our relationship to

a new level, open fresh avenues

to promote co-operation

in trade, investment, services

and women economic empowerment

between the two countries,”

she said, speaking at a

reception hosted by National

MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar and

INZBC in the Executive Wing

of Parliament on September

27, 2016.

Promoting women

Mr Anthony said that India’s

corporate world is today enriched

with presence of women

in the board rooms, but

more initiatives would be


“This was one of the notions

that emerged during our

meeting with the members of

the visiting delegation. As an

All-India forum for women,

FLO has headquarters in New

Delhi and 13 chapters across

India, representing women

entrepreneurs and professionals,”

he said.

“INZBC and FICCI are partners

in progress and the FLO

delegation in New Zealand

will help boost these ties. INZBC

will help in launching FLO in

New Zealand, by working along

with FICCI and the Indian High

Commission,” he added.

Dr Parmar outlined the role of

women in politics and business

in New Zealand and how more

can be done to have gender parity

in business and in the society.

The gathering was also addressed

by Celia Wade-Brown, the

then Mayor of Wellington. She

gave an overview of the business

and economic opportunities available

in the Capital.

Mr Kohli spoke about the economic

environment that exists

between India and New Zealand

and the ensuing opportunities.

Boosting bilateral ties

He said, “This is a great time

for both countries to partner together

to forge good trade ties

and women on both sides of the

world can help develop more

harmonious and richer relations

as women make stronger


The FLO delegation also visited

the Massey University department

heads, who gave an

overview of the various studies

and research being pursued

in the field of business and


The visiting delegation also

met a cross-section of business

leaders in Wellington at a networking

event organised in association

with BusinessNZ.

The event saw kiwi businesses

from the television and film,

National MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar with the visiting Indian women in Parliament

The visitors at Massey University, Wellington

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software, jewellery and business

intelligence industries

speaking about their respective


Similar presentations were

made by some Indian businesses

to the Kiwi businesses. This

speed networking event was appreciated

by the FLO delegation.

INZBC Treasurer Bhav Dhillon

said that the organisation has

been working with the Indian

High Commission to host business

and political delegations

from India, thereby promoting

closer ties between the two


“These people-to-people and

government-to-business interactions

are the main elements

for enhancing the trade ties between

both the countries,” he


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Cost-effective tips

to increase rental


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Allowing pets

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properties that allow pets. Due

to the limited number of rentals

available to them, pet owners

tend to stay longer in properties

(reducing vacancies and turnover

costs) and may accept a

higher rent.

Adding fencing or ensuring

that current fencing is secure,

and putting in a cat or dog door

can help to make a property

pet-friendly. Establishing a pet

agreement up-front (i.e. a higher

bond to cover expenses, what

the expectations are for avoiding

pet-related damages to the

property) can help both parties

have peace of mind.

Make the property family-friendly

Among the different types of

tenants, families are usually

more likely to stay in a property

long-term due to schooling and

prioritising stability for the children.

Happy, long-term tenants

reduce turnover costs for you

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A warm, dry home is a priority

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tenants may be willing to pay

more for the convenience of

moving straight into a furnished


Fitting out your property with

simple, functional and stylish

pieces can net you additional

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Essential items include bed/s,

whiteware, TV, couch, dining

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property in a modern, contemporary

manner that will appeal

to a broad range of tenants - not

necessarily your own personal


Interior and exterior improvements

Invest in fans in the bathroom

and kitchen, and a dehumidifier

to reduce the likelihood

of mould and create a drier,

healthier home. Keep up with

property maintenance to avoid

costlier repairs later on. Don’t

forget that minor additions such

as a dishwasher or more storage

solutions can also help to make

your place more desirable for


Sprucing up the exterior of

the property and outdoor areas

can increase value in your

property. An attractive and

low-maintenance garden can

provide more living spaces for

tenants, and something as simple

as repainting the front door

a brighter colour can make a big

visual impact.

Money matters

When it comes to property investment,

it is recommended

you review your finances from

time to time. Refinancing at a

better mortgage rate could help

achieve a higher return. You

may also want to contact your

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It is also good to keep up to

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area to ensure that your rent is

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your property, although it is important

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long-term tenants can be a

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Barfoot & Thompson was a

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Indian Newslink Sir Anand

Satyanand Lecture held on

Monday, July 25, 2016 at Pullman

Hotel, Auckland.

OCTOBER 15, 2016


Interest in brokerage firm continues to grow

Venkat Raman

If you were to meet Ajay

Kumar, Managing Director,

Global Finance (formerly

known as Global Financial

Services Limited), you would

think that he has no other work

except to attend to your mortgage

and insurance needs.

If you are one of those persons

who can meet him only after

7 pm or on weekends, you

would again believe that you

are his only customer.

Attention to details, comprehensive

documentation, a complete

history of every customer

and ‘performance record’ are

the wonts of the man who has

brought the company from its

‘single garage’ obscure accommodation

to a double-storey,

double-office building in Airport

Oaks in 17 years through dedication

and hard work.

These qualities were once

again manifest in two new

awards that he received in the

past two months (or shall we

say, since we wrote about him?),

both from high-ranking, credible

and large commercial organisations

of New Zealand.

Deloitte Fast50

The first honour was the

‘Fastest Growing Mature

Business in Auckland and Upper

North Island Award’ presented

by Deloitte (under its ‘Fast50

Award Scheme’) at a ceremony

Ajay Kumar with the Deloitte Fast50 Award

held at Queen’s Wharf in Auckland

on September 21, 2016.

The Award recognises businesses

that are 15 or more years old recording

the highest rate of growth

and according to available information,

high growth companies in

finance, travel and tourism, education,

retail, manufacturing and technology

are among the entrants.

Global Finance was the only mortgage

and insurance advisor to win

the Award this year, testifying what

we wrote in our August 1, 2016 issue:

“The value of mortgage finance

arranged by the Company during

the past financial year alone was an

impressive $831 million, accounting

for more than 40% growth over the

previous year. Accounting for 115

bank holidays during the year, the

total amount arranged as mortgage

Half Page Ad - ASB Bank award for printing.pdf 1 10/10/2016 5:35:35 p.m.

loans works out to $3.4 million per

day, a feat that would certainly be a

record in New Zealand.”

Top ASB Award

A week later, on September 28, 2016, Mr

Kumar received the ‘Number One Broker

for New Money Advanced Award’ (for the

period covering July 1, 2015 to June 30,

2016) from ASB Bank at a function held

at the Red Elephant Restaurant in New

Market, Auckland.

ASB General Manager (Business Banking

and Retail Specialist Services) Ian Boyce

presented the Award to Mr Kumar in the

presence of Head of Third Party Banking

Marc Oliver, Regional Manager (Business

Banking) Richard Speir, Business Banking

Manager Parvez Bhandari and other


Global Finance is perhaps the only

company of its type to win top mortgage

awards from other top banks including

ANZ and Westpac in the past years.

“Each of the companies behind the

Awards won by our Company is known

for high levels of integrity and honesty.

We are therefore proud of having won the

Awards given by them. We are of course

always conscious of the fact that these

were made possible only by our customers.

They are of course the real judges of

our quality of performance and standard

of service,” he said.

Reaching to Customers

Geographic expansion comes as a part of

growth but Mr Kumar has thus far resisted

the temptation to branch out operations.

However, the increasing number of customers

from various parts of Auckland

and the fast changing lifestyle in the country’s

largest city has prompted him to

reach out to customers and add to their


Indian Newslink can now reveal that


Ajay Kumar with the officials of ASB Bank

he has just finalised the purchase of a building in

Henderson, West Auckland to open the first branch of

Global Finance outside its headquarters in Mangere,

South Auckland.

“We are nothing without our customers. They are

our bosses and direct our path. We are duty bound to

serve them unconditionally,” he said.

That of course does not mean that Global Finance

would compromise its high level of integrity, honesty,

transparency and accountability – qualities that have

been the founding principles of the Company since its

inception in May 1999.

Behind every document and working module is a

highly secure environment complimented by sophisticated

computer technology and software specially written

for the company by IT experts.

Industrious Team

No company has ever grown without a professionally

qualified and highly motivated staff. Mr Kumar has

always acknowledged that he has groomed a ‘family of

financial advisors, administrative, accounting and marketing

experts who strive hard to ensure that Global

Finance remains focused on growth through service.

The Company today boasts of a compliment of 25

staff, including two former bankers who advise him on

mortgage and insurance matters.

The next phase of growth would perhaps be more exciting

and history in the making.

Thank you

for making us

ASB Bank’s No. 1

mortgage adviser.










For 3 years in a row, Global Finance has been awarded by

ASB Bank as its Number One Mortgage Broker in NZ.

Use our award winning Interest Saver Plan to save thousands of

dollars in interest payments according to your capacity.

For a smarter way to pay off your mortgage,

go to or call 09 255 5500.

NZ’s Top






Over 4,000



* Winner of 30+ awards from reputed institutions (such as ANZ Bank, ASB Bank, Professional Advisers Associationm BNZ - INIBA awrads, Westpac Auckland Business Awards) in varied categories

including those for the largest mortgage adviser, best quality of advice and excellence in customer service.

Disclosure Statement available upon request, free of cost. | Address: Kudois Business Centre, 19 /203 Kirkbride Road, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022



OCTOBER 15, 2016

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

Issue 356 | October 15, 2016

Welcome Phil, may

the battle begin!

Phil Goff has achieved his ambition of becoming the Mayor

of the country’s largest City. It is now his turn to achieve the

ambition of Aucklanders of living in greater comfort, free of

fear of rising rates, controlled expenditure and progressive


Aucklanders have given the veteran politician a massive mandate;

compared to the dismal polling number, his acceptance rate of 47.6%

is convincing.

Known for his work ethics, ‘can do’ attitude and affable manners,

we would not only hope that he would remain an accessible

‘City Father’ but also carry out the promises that he made during his


Improving Performance

As an Indian Newslink Columnist, he said, “We need our city to

be New Zealand’s best performing city. That means an efficient

Council that cuts waste and duplication. It means changing the culture

of Council so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable.

We have to sustain a city that is inclusive of and celebrates all cultures

and faiths. We should also be inclusive of all people regardless

of their incomes, making sure that every child has a good start in life

and can achieve to his or her full potential.”

Mr Goff now has an opportunity to turn Auckland in to a City of his

dreams and that of common people.

That would mean a number of things- a place where talent and enterprise

can thrive; a home that will not be abandoned by its people in

search of greener pastures and a City that retains talented Kiwis here

and attracts the best and brightest migrants from overseas.

Handling growth

Keeping Auckland moving is critical for New Zealand, for more

than 50% of economic growth occurs in this City.

As Mr Goff has said, what that means is an extra 800 people a week

or more than 40, 000 people a year are coming to Auckland.

“With growth at this level but without the extra infrastructure

needed to meet the demands of growth, we risk undermining some of

the basic things about Auckland that make us want to live here. Our

roads and motorways become daily more congested and the economic

costs and frustration over grid-locked roads are soaring.”

We will pin our hopes on Mr Goff, wait and watch with interest how

he performs.

Student victims

deserve equal

opportunity to



small number of them (some say 150, while officials say

no more than 41) are facing deportation as it has emerged

that they submitted faked documents, thereby undermining

the high standards that are required to seek admission in our

Universities and Private Training Establishments (PTEs).

The students blame their agents back home in India whereas

Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce has said that the ultimate

responsibility rests with the students and that they should not only

know the type of documents that they have submitted (or allowed

their agents to submit) and whether their qualifications and achievements

have been overstated.

Ugly turn

While the government may have the right to ask the students to return

to their home country, it should also understand the plight of

these students, many of who would have incurred substantial debts

to be here to pursue their higher education.

The young men and women protesting in front of the offices

of National MPs and at public events does not bode well for New

Zealand, which is known for its fairness and as a country that provides

equal opportunity for all.

In that spirit, it would perhaps be wiser to allow the affected students

to complete their studies in the first instance and then allow

them to pursue their careers if their skills are required here.

Foreign study took off in the 1980s, when several rich countries

started to offer large numbers of scholarships as part of their aid

programmes. Rising incomes in poorer countries added a financial


But not every country lucky enough to have lots of foreign students

is doing what is needed to keep them coming.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra

Editor & General Manager: Venkat Raman

Production Manager: Mahes Perera

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


Three decades of excellence in East Auckland

Venkat Raman

Residents of Pakuranga,

Highland Park, Howick

and East Tamaki often

ask, “How long has this

Corner Shop on Reeves Road

been in existence?”

The answer would always be,

“As long as we can remember,” or

“We have no idea; we came to this

place only 25 years ago.”

Superettes, Convenience Stores,

Diaries or Corner Stores as they

are called, are known by their

neighbourhood and those running

them become endearing

members of the local community.

For, it is not uncommon to strike a

conversation with the person you

see every morning or evening

when you drop in to pick up your

daily newspaper, milk or your favourite

fortnightly newspaper.

Not knowing the owner or

manager of such a store is not an

option or even exception.

Again, it is not uncommon to

ask the person at the Corner Store

if he or she would help you or

someone in your family find a

job; or even a house.

Manjula and Kanti Patel with Andrew Loeser and Chris Quin

The Patel Family: Manjula, Prajay and

Kanti Patel

Tribute to a long-timer: Manjula and Kanti Patel with Norma Pateman

That is how close these people

get to residents of a locality.

Penchant for service

It is therefore no surprise

that Kantilal Patel and his wife

Manjula (Mandy) are well known

for their friendliness and willingness

to go an extra mile to help.

That is literally the case. If you

do not find your choice milk or

cheese or vegetables, do not be

surprised if they ask you to return

in the evening or the next

morning; they would ensure that

you have your preferred item.

Four Square Supermarket that

they own and manage at 114

Reeves Road, Pakuranga Heights,

celebrated its 30th anniversary

under their regime on September

30, 2016. It was business as usual

for the couple but to hundreds of

visitors, it was a special day dedicated

to a special couple.

Substantial growth

Chris Quin, Chief Executive

(North Island), Foodstuffs

Company which owns the Four

Square brand (which is a part of

the Cooperative including Pak N

Save and New World) said that

the Pakuranga operation has

grown substantially since the

Patel couple purchased the business

in 1986.

“I am happy to participate in

the 30th anniversary celebrations

of this supermarket. I am happy

to note that that this supermarket

has grown to become an important

part of the community

in East Auckland. The store provides

a wide range of products at

great pries,” he said.

Similar praise came from

Andrew Loeser, Banner Manager,

Four Square, as he greeted the

Patel family.

Kantibhai said that the Four

Square Store has been a proud

part of the long-standing iconic

Kiwi brand.

“We have been ‘the local’ for

New Zealand communities since

1924. Therefore, whether you

are keeping it local or on tour,

we are here to make it easy for

you. Become a local and shop

where all Kiwis love to shop. You

are always welcome to our Four

Square supermarket,” he said.

He said that the Four Square

is the oldest supermarket in

Pakuranga established 44 years


“As well as providing quality

products, Four Square challenges

the larger supermarkets in product

range or prices. Our range includes

produce, grocery, deli and

frozen goods, health and beauty

products and other household

items. We have been the proud

providers of the products used by

our neighbouring communities,”

Kantibhai said.

Personal sacrifice

Operating such a supermarket

may afford convenience to the

public but not really so for those

owning and managing it; for, the

demand on time, patience, perseverance

and performance could

be too much to bear that the

fact that Kantibhai and Manjula

have been at it for more than 30

years is a tribute to their spirit of


Their daughter Sangita moved

to San Francisco in United States

of America more than 15 years

ago following her marriage. She

has a daughter Keira, who will

celebrate eight years of age in

January 2017.

Their son Prajay worked at a

commercial bank in New Zealand

and Australia for about ten years

before returning to New Zealand

to join the family business.

“He hopes to continue learning

and developing his career as

a grocer under Foodstuffs and advance

his career,” Kantibhai said.

Kantibhai attributes the success

of his supermarket to his

hard working team and to customers

who have been loyal over

the years.

“I am grateful especially to

Norma Pateman, who retired after

22 years of service with us.

She now lives in Pukekohe,” he


His wife Manjula began her

working career at New World

and brought to the family enterprise

her grocery buying, finance

and human resources skills.

“Providing quality products

and service is our culture, philosophy

and motto. Irrespective of

the weather, other developments,

day or night, public holiday or

working day, our supermarket is

open to public and we provide

more than just groceries, vegetables

and other daily needs. Our

Four Square store also provides

domestic and international postal

service, fax, copying and email

and scanning service,” he said.

For many years, Kantibhai held

a number of positions including

that of Secretary, Public Relations

Committee Chair and Religious

Committee Chairperson at Bal

Mandir located in Balmoral.

While people from India and

the Sub-Continent are assured of

the brands that appease them,

customers of all ethnicities can be

assured of their daily milk, bread

and dairy products, which are

fresh and perhaps cheaper than

other places.

“We are happy to see the new

generation of customers shopping

at our Four Square supermarket.

Apart from catering

to their needs, our shop hours

(Monday to Thursday 7 am to

830 pm, Fridays and Saturdays

7 am to 9 pm and Sundays 730

am to 830 pm) are convenient,”

Kantibhai said.

OCTOBER 15, 2016



Ambiguous Wills exacerbate pain after death

Farah Khan


majority of us consider

that writing a Will

is an end-of-life obligation

and that it

represents the means of succession

and inheritance of

property and assets.

However, in most, if not all,

cases, a Will is the beginning of

a number of issues that inheritors,

beneficiaries and executors

have to cope with when

the person behind it passes on

from this world.

What happens to your Will at

the death of a person?

Upon the death of a person,

it is normally his or her next

of kin, a spouse, partner, child

or children will contact the

lawyer who holds the original


Such a meeting would occur

after the funeral ceremony and

other religious rites are completed.

In some cases, a person may

leave his or her estate in a Will

lodged directly with a lawyer

(normally a long-trusted friend

of legal firm) and the contents of

that Will would be revealed to

the beneficiaries and members of

the grieving family at a meeting

designated by the lawyer or the

law firm.

The Next Steps

What happens next to the Will

would usually depend on the value

of the combined assets of the

person who is deceased and has

left a Will.

If the assets of the deceased are

worth more than $16,000, then

the Will needs to be sent to the

High Court with an application

for Probate.

The concerned lawyer can arrange

this and the process is generally

straight forward.

The Estate of the deceased

would be advertised in a national

newspaper as a Public Notice to

any creditors or anyone who believes

that they have an interest

in the estate.

The estate must then not be distributed

until 30 days has lapsed

after the publication of the Public

Notice to allow any claims to be

made against the estate.

The Claimants

Who can Claim against an


Technically speaking, anybody

The most

common claims

that I see as a

lawyer are from


children (that

nobody knew

existed), de

facto partners

(that the family

would not be

aware of) and

siblings who

have been

provided for

unequally in

Wills of their


can make a claim on an Estate.

This does not mean they will

receive a benefit from that


They would need to firstly

give notice to the executor that

they have a claim.

This should be in writing, and

if the family of the deceased

believe that the person claiming

has a valid claim, they may

agree to enter the name of the

claimant into the deed of family

arrangement. It is only after

this step that the claimant may

be allowed a share of the estate.

However, in many cases,

families may not agree stating

that the deceased had not left

a provision in the Will for the


Common issues

The most common claims that

I see as a lawyer are from illegitimate

children (that nobody

knew existed), de facto partners

(that the family would not

be aware of) and siblings who

have been provided for unequally

in Wills of their parents.

If no Deed of Arrangement is

entered, then, either the claimant

or the executor of the estate

can file proceedings in a Court

of law to deal with the dispute.

After hearing all the evidence

and applying the law, the

Court will decide if the claimant

should receive a benefit from

the estate and if so how much.

Each claim is considered on

its individual merits and the

outcome will depend on the

facts of the case in relation to

the laws of New Zealand.

Costly procedures

Regardless of whether the

claimant is successful or not is

another issue but the legal costs

involved in the process of a disputed

estate is extremely high.

In some cases, several lawyers

may be involved as more

than one party can file claims

on an estate, complicating the


How long does the process


An estate that becomes contested

can easily take up to

two years (if not longer) to resolve.

This will mean the inheritors

would not be able to access

any of the assets or funds of

the deceased until the disputes

are resolved and the estate is


I have personally acted for estates

that have taken up to five

years to resolve.

Does this mean there is no

way to protect one’s assets to

ensure that it is distributed according

to one’s Will?

Of course not.

There are ways of asset protection

and hence make an appointment

with your lawyer

to discuss how you can ensure

that your estate does not end up

being contested.

Farah Khan is Partner & Notary

Public Practice Manager

at Khan & Associates Lawyers

and Notary Public based in

Papatoetoe, Auckland. She

can be contacted on (09)

2789361. Facebook: Farahkhanlawyer.


Please tell family from India

who are visiting New Zealand

to declare any gifts of food

or ingredients – or they’ll

face a $400 fine. That

includes spices, tonics,

pickles and preserves.

Items they should definitely

not bring at all include

seeds, fruit, honey products,

meat, vegetables and fresh

flowers, or temple offerings.

For more information




OCTOBER 15, 2016

Expulsion takes democracy to the exit door

David Shearer

Fiji has now expelled its

third opposition Member

of Parliament - Ratu Isoa


This time, the suspension is

for two years, which means

that he will not be back in

Parliament before the election

in two years’ time.

Can you imagine an opposition

MP being expelled by

John Key in the New Zealand

Parliament? It is unthinkable

here and it should be unthinkable

in Fiji as well.

The ousting of opposition

Members of Parliament is being

done in Fiji at the whim of

Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe


Unconstitutional means

That is not how democracy


If a contentious remark is

made in Parliament, it should

be taken up with the Speaker of

Immigration New Zealand gets it wrong

Supplied Content

An investor’s application

for residence had initially

been declined by Immigration

New Zealand


INZ had concluded that she did

not meet the Investor category


The Investor, through her lawyer,

Gurbrinder Aulakh Barrister

& Solicitor filed an appeal against

the decision of INZ, challenging it

Expelled: Ratu Isoa Tikoca

Parliament. It is not an issue for the Prime

Minister to be involved with, and nor should

it be. It’s unconstitutional. This is one of the

protections embedded in a parliamentary

system so MPs can speak freely without the

risk of censure or a lawsuit against them.

It means that as an MP, for example, I have

on numerous grounds.

It was also contended that if

the applicant had been given a

fair opportunity, she would have

been able to satisfy the concerns

that had led to the decline of the


Support documents

Further supporting documents

were then provided in the appeal

by the lawyer for the appellant.

The appeal was finally successful

and it was held that the decision of

INZ to refuse residence visa “was

the responsibility to be

measured in what I say, balanced

with the freedom to

speak out openly about issues

even if they may be


Democracy is ultimately

a contest of ideas. These

ideas are often passionately

and vociferously argued

in parliament – and so they

should be.

When individuals disagree

in parliament we understand

we simply have

differing points of view.

Nothing personal

It is a robust process and

it is not personal.

These basic tenets have

been fought-over for hundreds

of years, bringing the

Westminster system to the

place where it is today.

Sadly, the expulsion of

Ratu Tikoca follows from

another a few weeks ago

when Mr Bainimarama imprisoned

opposition and

civic leaders for daring to

made on the basis of an incorrect

assessment in terms of the applicable


The decision was also held to be

procedurally unfair as it lacked

proper reasoning.

It was held that the appellant

was not provided an adequate

opportunity to respond to the


Decision cancelled

Therefore, the decision of INZ

was cancelled and the application

was referred back to the Chief

meet together.

Fiji’s democratically-elected

parliamentarians are

now left with a fear that

should someone raise a different

point of view to that

of Mr Bainimarama, they

will be stood down from

their democratic positions,

removed from representing

the people who elected

them, and in the case of

those civic leaders a few

weeks ago even thrown into

prison without charge.

All at the whim of a leader

who is increasingly giving

the impression that

he is struggling to transition

from military general

to democratically-elected


Key embarrassed

John Key conducted a

state visit to Fiji in June - an

occasion where he was embarrassed

by the Fiji Prime

Minister’s public criticisms

of New Zealand.

There has been talk of a

Gurbrinder Aulakh

Executive of Ministry of Business,

Innovation and Employment for a

correct assessment.

Following the re-assessment, INZ

approved the residence application



The All New, 13th Edition


reciprocal state visit to New

Zealand for Fiji’s Prime


I do not believe that

we should go back to the

bad old days of sanctions

against Fiji because it would

not be in the best interests

of encouraging democracy

in Fiji.

But I do think that extending

a state visit to a leader

like Mr Bainimarama is

a bridge too far at the current


If he wants to visit New

Zealand to watch a game of

Rugby, he should be very

welcome. But we should

hold off on rolling out the

red carpet until we see evidence

he is leading a proper

democracy in Fiji.

David Shearer is an elected

Member of Parliament

from Mt Albert in Auckland

and Labour Party’s

spokesman for Foreign


in principle. The investor has

now been given time to transfer

her nominated property/funds

and comply with other provisions

within a stipulated timeframe.

Gurbrinder Aulakh is a lawyer

practicing at Auckland

and on the Immigration and

Refugee Law committee of the

Auckland District Law Society

to which he was reappointed

last week for a further term

of two years.


An exciting opportunity to connect your business to the world

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Be in it!

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OCTOBER 15, 2016



Flexible hours can make life rigid

Danielle van Dalen

we really

want is a little

control – and

to make that


6 O’clock Yoga

class once in a while.”

This was the conclusion in a

recent New Zealand Herald article

about the benefits of flexible


But the increased interest we

are seeing in a more flexible

modern day workplace misses

the bigger picture.

The autonomy that flexible

work gives those of us in middle

and higher income households

is great, but the potential flexible

work holds as a tool to break

down barriers to employment

for people facing multiple challenges

in life is even greater.

Revolutionary concept

Smartphones and laptops have

revolutionised our understanding

of what work looks like beyond

the traditional nine-to-five


Work has become something

that we can take with us wherever

we go.

Flexibility, understood in this

sense, allows us to work where

we want when we want. At the

same time, if managed correctly,

it also improves efficiency,

health, commitment, life-work

balance, and employee retention

rates for those fortunate

enough to work in roles where it

is possible.

Increasing autonomy for those

who already have a wide range

of life choices and opportunities

is one thing, but increasing it

for those with more limited horizons

could really shake things


Differing needs

New Zealand is made up of a

population with different backgrounds

and needs, including

people with disabilities, struggling

families, and older New

Zealanders, and the potential

impact of flexible work for

these groups of society could be


We need to first broaden and

deepen our understanding of

flexible work and its wider


It is for the person confined to

a wheelchair who, when faced

with accessibility and transport

issues, can work from home.

It is for the single mum trying

to both keep her family afloat

and be there for her children,

who needs flexible start and finish

times so that she can work

extra hours when she needs to

cover the food bill, or a few less

when the children need to be

picked up from school.

It is for older New Zealanders


Studies have shown that later-life

workers have higher

levels of well-being than their retired

peers, which in turn brings

better health and productivity.

Potential benefits

With a rapidly aging population

and the related issues associated

with it, the potential

benefits of maintaining sustainable

employment for older New

Zealanders are immense.

Yet, upon reaching retirement

age many people want to slow

down, spend time with their

families, and nine-to-five doesn’t

necessarily allow for this.

Flexible working options, however,

such as job-sharing or

four-day weeks may provide the


So, let us remember that flexible

work is not just about getting

to yoga class on time, it is also a

powerful tool for a more inclusive

New Zealand.

As our perception of flexible

work shifts from enabling a fun

afternoon off to the potential

for life-changing accessibility to

meaningful work, perhaps our

collective will to stretch its reach

for the benefit of those who really

need it might grow as well.

Danielle van Dalen is a Researcher

at Maxim Institute

based in Auckland.

Deport defaulting employers!

Winston Peters

Immigrant employers caught

ripping off workers should

face deportation.

No one should adopt another

country and abuse its laws. If

the employers are citizens, that’s

doubly concerning and proves

we should tighten citizenship


Case after case of employers,

including some New Zealanders,

who underpay wages and exploit

workers are being exposed by

the Labour Inspectorate – but

that is the tip of the iceberg.

The latest is a food court in

Auckland’s North Shore that took

advantage of ‘vulnerable Chinese

migrants’ who were ‘older and

did not speak English’. They had

them working 12-hour days, but

only paid them for eight hours.

National opened New Zealand

up to the abuse of cheap labour

when it allowed record immigration

of over 70,000 migrants

a year, many under-skilled and

desperate for work.

Other cases include:

A Marlborough vineyard

contractor fined for doctoring

timesheets – this led to the

exposure of widespread


Dayon Trading Limited not

paying the minimum wage in

its Whangarei sushi bars to 11

staff from Korea and Japan - it

was described as a deliberate

business practice repeated over

many years with numerous


Hastings contactor MD Dara

Miah Horticulture was fined

for not keeping employment

records. The Labour Inspectorate

said ignorance was not an excuse

for breaking the law.

The government must increase

the number of inspectors from

only 54 for the whole country,

and cut down on immigration.

We are fast becoming a country

with Third World workplaces,

where the laws are ignored, and

Kiwis have no hope of gaining

jobs over cheap labour.

What is happening is a

wholesale breach of human

rights, forms of slave labour, and

countless attacks on the integrity

of New Zealand as a good society,

whilst many in the establishment

are simply turning a blind eye

in condemnation. Such people

are a disgrace to New Zealand

and should be exposed for being

so by every right thinking New


Winston Peters has been a

Member of Parliament since

1978 and is the senior-most

lawmaker in New Zealand.

He is Leader of New Zealand

First and elected MP from the

Northland and Immigration

Spokesman for his Party.



The virtually misunderstood

Network helps

Anand Mokashi

One of the most

misunderstood concepts

among computer and

Internet users today, is

the purpose, role and function of a

Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN is a complex system that

baffles non-technocrats.

VPN is a powerful computer

network security tool that makes it

difficult for a third party to obtain

someone’s online information

including their browsing history.

In this modern, interconnected

world infested with fraud, viruses

and hackers, a good understanding

about and access to a VPN

powerful and versatile tool, is a


VPN technology creates a

secure and encrypted connection

between the user’s computer and

a server operated by a VPN service


All network traffic thereafter

passes through this protected

tunnel, and no one in-between can

get access to it.

A typical individual VPN user

would use this service to protect

their data and identity.

Is it really secure?

Despite the high level of

protection, VPN services are not

fool proof.

The more powerful the VPN, the

more difficult it will make things

for someone trying to spy on your

computer system.

A VPN offers numerous


A user is most vulnerable when

using public Wi-Fi.

Facilities like hotels, airports,

and coffee shops that provide

Wi-Fi are particularly risky.

In such cases, VPNs significantly

reduce the level of risk.

VPNs also cloak your computer’s

actual IP address, making it harder

for advertisers (or spies and

hackers) to track usage online.

Home networks are vulnerable


Is it legal?

VPNs can be double-edged


Just like they protect bona fide

users from hackers and spies, it

will offer the same protection to

potentially mala fide users as well.

Governments across the world

have realised this possibility and

laws are now being enforced by

different countries on all matters

related to VPN usage.

So it is best that anybody choosing

to use VPNs seeks legal advice

from the country where they plan

to use these.

This is even more relevant to

international travellers.

Choosing VPN Service

In recent years, there has been

an explosion in the VPN service

providers market with providers

capitalising on the common

man’s growing concerns about

surveillance and cybercrime.

Whilst most providers would

offer a basic level of protection,

factors to consider include

reputation, performance, type of

encryption used, transparency,

ease of use, support, and extra

features and of course, inevitably,

the price.

There are a number of free and

freemium providers.

It is therefore better to undertake

due diligence and consult an

IT expert.

Anand Mokashi is an IT Lecturer,

Consultant and Digital

Media Specialist with a passion

for all things online. He runs

the Facebook group of Amateur

astronomy lovers (https://

ilavip/) and the website www. Email:



MoU seeks global

peace and harmony

Mohamed Eltayeb Elkhidir and Man Hee Lee at the signing ceremony

Staff Reporter

Heavenly Culture, World

Peace, Restoration

of Light (HWPL) has

signed a memo-randum

of understanding (MoU) with

the Aljazeera Media network, to

achieve the common goal of ceasing

war and embracing peace.

The agreement was signed by

HWPL Chairman Man Hee and

Aljazeera Center of Public Liberties

and Human Rights Director

Sami Elhag and Senior Producer

Mo-hamed Eltayeb Elkhidir

at the Grand InterContinental

Seoul Parnas, Seoul, Korea, on

September 18.

They had participated in the

Proclamation Ceremony of

the Declaration of Peace and

Cessation of War on March 14,

2016, marking the beginning of


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Mr Lee’s dedication was

so moving that Aljazeera has

steadily interacted with HWPL,

encouraging Mr Elhag who

helped formulate the Doha Declaration,

to pro-tect journalists


Mr Elhag and Mr Lee emphasised

the role of global networks

in achieving world peace and

cooperation with the help of


They also committed themselves

to acknowledge the role

played by women and youth in

their World Peace Mission and

encourage various other organisations

to join in their efforts.

The activities and efforts of

HWPL will be broadcast in

English, Arabic, Turkish and

other languages through the

Aljazeera network to over 140

countries across the globe. The

MoU also provides for production

of documentaries about HWPL.

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Law Tribunal suspends

Wellington solicitor

Sourced Content



Keith Ian

Jefferies has

been suspended by the

New Zealand Lawyers

and Conveyancers

Disciplinary Tribunal for

six months from October

10, 2016 after being convicted

on drug charges.

Mr Jefferies admitted

a disciplinary charge of

having been convicted

of offences punishable

by imprisonment which

tend to bring his profession

into disrepute.

The convictions were

for possession of a Class

A controlled drug, methamphetamine,


of a Class C

controlled drug (β-MD-

MA) and possession of

utensils contrary to the

Misuse of Drugs Act 1975.

The District Court had

declined a discharge

without conviction and

imposed total fines of

$1300. On appeal the

High Court upheld the


Random tests

The Tribunal also censured

Mr Jefferies, ordered

him to pay the

New Zealand Law

Society costs of $7861

and reimburse hearing

costs of $2909.

Mr Jefferies is also required

to submit himself

to random drug tests

as directed by the Law


Mr Jefferies claimed

that he had no addiction

and provided evidence in


The Tribunal noted

that he had initially lied

to the Police about who

the drugs belonged to

and that this was an aggravating

feature. It also

noted his guilty plea, as

well as his acknowledgement

of the charge as

factors which count in

his favour.

Stressful career

The Tribunal accepted

Mr Jefferies had

practised for approximately

30 years in an

area of law which can be


However, it said it

must have regard to how

the public might judge

the seriousness of a criminal

lawyer who represents

clients facing drug

charges succumbing to

the use of a Class A drug

in this way and would

expect the Tribunal to

send a strong message to

the profession generally.

It considered that the

offending was of a serious

nature, although not

at the very high end, and

there was a need for general

deterrence in the

marking of the profession’s

disapproval for offending

of this sort.

Financial burden

New Zealand Law

Society National

Prosecutions Manager

Mark Treleaven said that

the Tribunal was aware a

suspension would place

a financial burden on Mr

Jefferies, but that anything

less would not have

sent the right message.

“Members of the public

who entrust their personal

affairs to legal

practitioners are entitled

to know that a professional

disciplinary body

will not treat lightly serious

breaches of expected

standards,” he said.

Source: New Zealand

Law Society


Sir Ngatata Love

sentenced to jail

Supplied Content

reached with the prospective

Sir Ralph Heberley Ngatata developers, payments totaling

$1,687,500 were made to a

Love faces a period of two

years, six months’ imprisonment

after receiving his Skiffington.

company associated with Ms

sentence in the Wellington High These payments were concealed

from the Wellington

Court on October 7, 2016 for

Crimes Act offending.

Tenths Trust.

Sir Ngatata was found guilty Abuse of trust

last month of one charge of

SFO Chief Executive Julie Read

‘Obtaining by deception’ following

a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) ence was once immense. The

said, “Sir Ngatata Love’s influ-

prosecution and a three-week sentence imposed today reflects

a gross abuse of trust. By


The prosecution related to a Sir Ngatata Love’s actions, he deceived

his fellow trustees and

significant commercial property

development project which was gained personally at the expense

undertaken in Wellington. of the Wellington Tenths beneficiaries,

whose interests he was

The project involved land

owned by the Wellington Tenths supposed to protect. It is a sad

Trust of which Sir Ngatata Love day for his iwi and for those who

was the Chair.

placed their confidence in him as

Concealed payments

a respected Maori leader and a

Sir Ngatata Love arranged for champion of Maori development.

himself and his partner, Lorraine It also serves as a reminder that

Skiffington, to obtain control, for the law applies to everyone.

their own benefit, of a premium The SFO will continue to pursue

those who abuse their posi-

the prospective developers were

prepared to pay to secure a leasehold

interest in the property. regardless of their status in the

tions of trust for personal gain,

This was done without disclosure

to, and in secret from, It has been indicated that Sir


the remaining Trustees of the Ngatata Love intends to appeal.

Wellington Tenths Trust.

Serious Fraud Office Press

As a result of an agreement Release



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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Greetings from a Family

Indian Newslink belongs to a family of

readers who represent every facet of

human faith and disposition, some of

them even transcending the borders

of religion, just as they do with language

and nationality.

It is therefore natural for us to commemorate

every major event on the

social and religious calendar of the community

of people with equal zest and


For, we are in partnership with people

and partake in their vicissitudes and joy.

Truth always wins

Diwali has always had a festive connotation

with the Hindu belief that it symbolises

the adage that evil will always be

vanquished and that truth will always

prevail, no matter how long it takes.

But the most significant aspect of the

Festival which has now assumed national

and international proportions is that it

denotes peace, progress and prosperity

for all, transcending religious, social and

other faiths; that it eulogises harmony,

happiness and honour among men,

women and children across social,

economic and political spectrums; and

that it ushers in a new era of hope and

not despair; confidence and not diffidence

and trust and not suspicion in

the lives of ordinary people like us.

Special Dedication

But as we dedicate this year’s Diwali

Special to people- readers, contributors,

advertisers, those who wish us

well and even those who do not, we

would like to say there is goodness in

every one of us.

And may that goodness come to the

fore and take over negative thoughts

and deeds.

After all, Diwali is the Festival of

Lights and must cover darkness.

It is the light that we see that will

lead us towards our destination, instilling

in us wisdom and joy.

We wish you, your family, friends,

everyone in New Zealand and the

world in fact the best- progress and

happiness knows no religion, cast, colour

or creed.

Just as we in this newspaper do not


It belongs to all.

Just like the rays of the Sun and

lights of the stars that shine from


This year, as we extend our warmest

greetings to our readers, contributors,

advertisers, well-wishers,

competitors and even those who are

not entirely happy with us, we hope

and pray the world would become a

happier place for every human being.

ThiruSubramaniyar Aalyam

69 Tidal Road,Mangere Auckland,New Zealand


(30-10-2016 to 06-11-2016)

Date Time Function

Oct 30(Sun)



10.00am to




Vigneshvara Pooja, Punyagavachanam, Vasthu shandhi, Pravesa bali,Mirthsankraganam, Ankurarpanam, Raksha bandhanam, Deeparadhanai,


Vigneshvara Pooja, Snabana Kalasa Pooja, Sri Skandha Homam, Abishegam, Poornahuthi, Subramanya Sahasranama Archani.


Vigneshvara Pooja,1st Kaala Yagasalai Pooja, Sri Skandha Moola Manthra Homam, Poornahuthi, Subramanya Trisathi Archani.


Nov 01(Tue)





Vigneshvara Pooja,2nd Kaala Yagasalai Pooja,Snabana Kalasa Pooja,Sri Skandha Maala Mandra Homam,

Abishegam,Poornahuthi, Subramanya Sahasranama Archanai, Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja,3rd Kaala Yagasalai Pooja,Sri Skandha Gayathri Homam, Poornahuthi, Subramanya Trisathi Archani.


Nov 02(Wed)

Nov 03(Thu)

Nov 04(Fri)

Nov 05(Sat)

Nov 06(Sun)




















Vigneshvara Pooja, 4thKaala Yagasalai Pooja,Snabana Kalasa Pooja, Sri Skandha Homam,

Abishegam,Poornahuthi,SubramanyaSahasranama Achanai,Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja,5th Kaala Yagasalai Pooja, Sri Skandha thirisathi Homam.

Poornahuthi, Subramanya Trisathi Archani, Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja, 6th Kaala Yagasalai Pooja,Snabana Kalasa Pooja, SriSkandha moola mandra Homam,

Abishegam, Poornahuthi,Subramanya Sahasranama Achanai, Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja,7thKaala Yagasalai Pooja, SriSkandha Sahasranama Homam, Poornahuthi, Subramanya Trisathi Archani.


Vigneshvara Pooja, 8th Kaala Yagasalai Pooja,Snabana Kalasa Pooja, SriSkandha Shadaksara Homam.

Abishegam, Poornahuthi, Subramanya Sahasranama Achanai, Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja,9th Kaala Yagasalai Pooja, Shanmuga Archanai, SriSkandha Maala Manthra Homam,Poornahuthi, Subramanya Trisathi Archani.


Vigneshvara Pooja, 10th Kaala YagasalaiPooja, Snabana Kalasa Pooja, SriSathru Samhara Thirisathi Homam.

Maha Abishegam, Maha Poornahuthi, Alangaram, Shanmuga Archani, Subramanya Sahasranama Archanai, Deeparathanai.

Vigneshvara Pooja, Vel Pooja, Sakthi Pooja, Vel Vaanguthal,Soora Samharam. Abishegam, Archanai Deeparathanai.

Sri Valli and Sri Devayanai Dhabasu Katchi.

Sri Valli, Sri Devayanai samedha SriSubramaniyar Thirukalyana Vaibavam.

Deeparathanai, Prasadham.

For details, please contact

Ilango Krishnamoorthy -021 739 879 Charanya Mohanakrishnan -021 0253 0397 Subbiah Mahalingam -021 2050 347

Rajaguru Rajamanickam -027 272 1651 Rajkumar Velu -022 1873 807 Karthik Gurukkal -022 184 6144 Mani Gurukkal -022 161 7692

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


On this auspicious Festival of Lights,

May the glow of Joy, Prosperity, and Happiness

Illuminate your life and your home.

Wishing You a Happy Diwali

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Gratitude, like light, keeps


The Season to share brings hope and confidence

Venkat Raman


world that is troubled,

tormented and

turbulent awaits a

season that besets

people in a festive mode, forgetting

for a while at least their

bellicose tendencies and rejoice.

A world that constantly witnesses

natural and manmade

disasters looks upon that period

of the year when men and

women ignore their differences

and come together to share a

few moments of laughter.

A world that triggers more

hatred than love welcomes festivities

that would motivate

even adversaries to lay down

their arms and embrace each

other in friendship.

In short, we look forward

to that time of the year when

there is more hope than despair,

more light than darkness

and more guffaws than wails.

And happily, that time of the

year is upon us.

Two Festivals

The festive season in its true

sense and spirit may have begun

with the Dussera but its culmination

would be with the

Festival of Lights.

What does that mean?

Quite simply the fact that all

of us were born to live together

in peace and harmony and

not fight, challenge and destroy

each other.

The festive season denotes

the triumph of good over evil

so that ordinary people like us

could lead a life of contentment

and happiness.

That’s what every religion signifies

in its message to people

on every occasion.

That men and women were

born into this world to spread

love, not hatred, peace, not war

and goodwill and not discord.

And that’s what each of us

should strive towards.

Eternal Sunshine

Take Diwali (or ‘Deepavali,’

in its original form, meaning

‘A row of Lights’), for instance.

For thousands of years,

Hindus have believed in the

spirit and belief behind this occasion-they

have seen it as a

Festival of Lights, with long

days and nights darkness giving

way to eternal sunshine and


It is seen as a light of hope rekindled,

with everyone transported

to Cloud Nine.

Hindus have taken Diwali beyond

the shores of India, to

the four corners of the World

and made it a source of joy and


And how the West has come

to celebrate the festival with

the Hindus, treating it as its

own and taking the initiative

to bring together people of all

faiths under one umbrella, for

one day at least!

New Zealand Events

You need not look far to get

the idea.

Here in New Zealand, the

Festival of Lights is an event

that has the participation of City

Councils and a host of government

and non-government bodies

and private organisations.

The annual event, held in major

cities, is getting better, bigger

and more colourful year

after year.

In addition, a number of local

community centres and societies

organise events to spread

the Indian heritage and culture.

More important, human traits

of goodwill and understanding.

In the UK, Prince Charles, the

Prince of Wales recalled how

Diwali had become a major festival

in the country.

“It is encouraging to see

young people planning for the

future of this and other festivals,

thereby ensuring the development

and continuity in

this country,” he said.

He said festivals such as

Diwali helped ‘the all-important

cause of cultural understanding

between different communities

that made up the British

The Mudra Group from India performing a Lavani number

A section of the crowd at Aotea Square- Diwali 2015

people.’ Suffice to say, those celebrating

Diwali should live up

to its spirit and help spread that

spirit among their brothers and

sisters across the society, the nation

and the world.

Special Wishes

In presenting this Special

Diwali Report, we in Indian

Newslink hope and pray for the

world to become a better place

to inhabit.

Street Dancing is a feature at all Diwali festivals

Pictures by David Watson

A world in which there is

goodwill and understanding.

A world in which people are

respected for what they are and

not what they have.

A world in which people make

love and not war.

It may be Utopia today.

But there has been no law

against good intentions.

That’s what this Diwali Special

is all about.

We would like you read the

following pages and react.

This Special issue is for, by

and of the people and contains

little ivory tower writing.

We express our gratitude

to our advertisers, contributors,

sponsors and readers for

their continued patronage and


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Begin your Diwali Day with the Wisest

Lord Ganesha teaches you ideal life

Sourced Content

Lord Ganesha, the

one tusked, potbellied


Deity, starts all

things auspicious in

Hindu homes.

He is worshiped for

wisdom, prosperity and

luck that He bestows on

His devotees.

Looking at the idol of

Lord Ganesha, some may

wonder why this Deity is

considered to be one of

the strongest Gods.

In our lives, we encounter

questions every

day - questions that bog

us down and make us feel

how to overcome problems

and lead a happy


Simple ideologies

Lord Ganesha’s ideologies

are not esoteric

and can be implemented

easily if we go by His


In His physical form,

Lord Ganesha is pot-bellied

and has large ears

but he has used his stomach

to gobble demons

and all the food that the

arrogant Kubera served.

He has large ears and

an elephant’s trunk, but

he uses the ears to listen

to the woes of the world

and the trunk to remove


He uses a humble

mouse as His vehicle to

travel around the world

but the humble mouse

can carry the mighty


These ideologies help

us deduce that in life, all

of us will have limitations

that may not pertain

not just at the time of

our birth but also in situations

later in life.

Greatest Wisdom

Lord Ganesha is the

God of wisdom. He exhibits

other qualities like

prosperity, wealth and

knowledge. But the reason

why He is primarily

known to be the one with

the greatest wisdom is because

a man may have

intelligence and wealth,

but without wisdom, he

wouldn’t know how to direct

the two into something


Lord Ganesha had the

wisdom to write what

was dictated to him by

sage Vyas.

Lord Ganesha in ornamental glory

He also had the wisdom

to break his own tusk and

write the Mahabharata,

when his pen broke. The

text is considered to be one

of the holiest in the Hindu


The noteworthy aspect

of this attribute exhibited

by Lord Ganesha is that, it

is important to finish what

one commits oneself to in


We might leave a task in

Lord Ganesha: Simplicity personified

the middle and not mind

that it is unfinished if we

face a hurdle. If we overcome

the fear, we may

achieve something that is

beneficial to us in the long


Lord of the ‘Ganas,’ the

destroyer of arrogance,

vanity and other inner demons,

remover of obstacles,

He represents wealth

and propagates spirituality.

This encourages us to attain

the balance between

spiritual growth and the

material desires. The desire

of wealth and prosperity

is not evil, but having

no purpose for it for others,

who live around us,

makes it useless.

Access guaranteed

Being one of the most

powerful Hindu deities,

He is perhaps the most approachable


Due to his countenance

and his lessons it becomes

easy for everyone to understand

and feel secure

about embracing his faith.

Though Ganesha’s lessons

are tough to implement

but the nature in

which they have been

preached by Him makes it

easy for us to understand


From the




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Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Goddess Lakshmi brings

forth wealth and happiness

Lord Rama and Godess Sita on their return to Ayodhya


Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Saraswathi Goddess Mahishasura Mardhini Goddess Santoshi Mata Lord Hanuman

Sourced Content

Diwali is one of the most

popular festivals of

India and is celebrated

with great enthusiasm

and fervor throughout the


The delight of this festival

is reflected in the soft glow of

Diwali lights, Diwali Gifts and

the colorful Diwali fireworks.

It is also known as the

‘Festival of lights’ which is celebrated

by all age groups with

relatives and friends.

The festival symbolises unity

in diversity as every State in

India celebrates it in its own

special way.

Varied connotations

‘Naraka Chathurdasi,’ marking

the vanquishing of demon

Naraka by Lord Krishna

and his Consort Sathyabhama,

is celebrated on the First Day

in the five Southern States of

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra

Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala.

People in North India celebrate

Diwali as the return of

Lord Rama to Ayodhya, with His

wife Sita and Brother Lakshman

after successfully completing

14 years of exile in the forest,

the last part of which was

spent in killing Ravana who had

kept Sita captive in his Ashoka


In Gujarat, the festival honours

Lakshmi, the Goddess of


In West Bengal, Diwali is associated

with the Goddess Kali.

In every region, the festival

signifies the renewal of life,

and accordingly it is common to

wear new clothes on the day of

the festival.

Diwali also heralds the approach

of winter and the beginning

of the sowing season.

Religious Notes

Some families celebrate this

Festival with religious fast and

other rituals while for others it

is primarily a social occasion of

visiting relatives and friends,

exchange of sweets and food

items, and a time of giving and

receiving new clothes or utensils

for the year.

Some Indian merchants, especially

those in Gujarat and

Rajasthan, begin their fiscal

year at this time, seeking the

Grace and Blessing of Goddess


Similarly, gambling is a favourite

past time during this festival

because it is believed that

the winner will have financial

success during the year.

Some families keep a special

box for Goddess Lakshmi and

begin their ‘savings’ with gold

or silver coins.

Row of Lamps

As we have written in several

of our Diwali Special Issues in

the past years, the literal meaning

of ‘Diwali’ in Sanskrit is ‘row

of lamps.’

The most popular tradition of

Diwali is filling little clay lamps

with oil and wick and lighting

them in rows all over the house.

Even today, these values are

upheld in homes.

The lamps, known as Diyas

are lit to signify the removal of

darkness and ignorance, as well

as the awakening of the inner


It is the perfect time for

Poojas, family gatherings and


Goddess Lakshmi plays a major

role in this Festival, that is

usually observed for five days,

each with its own significance.

People renovate and decorate

their houses and business


Entrances are made colourful

with lovely traditional motifs of

Rangoli designs (see separate article

in this Special) to welcome

Goddess Lakshmi. Signifying

the long wait, small footprints

are drawn with rice flour and

vermilion powder (kumkum)

in various parts of the house,

while lamps are kept burning

throughout the night.

Pooja Items

While South Indians usually

perform the Pooja in the

morning, people in the North

and West of the country conduct

elaborate prayers in the

evening, in the presence of a

large number of relatives and

friends. The opulent, with large

houses would make elaborate

arrangements with the help of

interior decorators and extensive

banquets, while the common

people would organise a

simple Pooja and offer a few

items as Mahaprasad to visiting

relatives and guests.

Flowers, coconuts, fruits, un-

Goddess Lakshmi

cooked rice, dry fruits, paan

leaves, kumkum, camphor, incense

sticks (Agarbhatti) are the

most important items required

for the Pooja, placed in front of

the Deities of Ganesha, Lakshmi

and others including Lord Shiva,

Goddess Parvathi, Lord Vishnu,

Goddess Saraswathi and Lord

Hanuman. Some houses also

worship Goddess Mahishasura

Mardhini, Goddess Santoshi

Mata, and Goddess Durga.


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Happy Diwali!

Best wishes to you

and your family as you

celebrate Diwali.

I hope you enjoy the

Festival of Lights with

your family and friends.

John Key

Prime Minister

Authorised by Rt Hon John Key MP, Executive Wing, Parliament, Molesworth St, Wellington


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

List MP based in Manukau East

Dr Parmjeet Parmar MP

List MP based in Mt Roskill

Happy Diwali and Bandi Chor Divas

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

Tel 09 278 9302 | Fax 09 278 2143



Dr Parmjeet Parmar

1/165 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill

Tel 09 620 6707


Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Divinity and Design inspire

piety and colour

An exquisite Rangoli design

The South Indian ‘Kolam’

Rangoli on Diwali Day takes creative forms

Readymade Rangoli Designs are now available

The Peacock

Venkat Raman

To millions of Indians,

creating small and simple

floral designs at the

threshold of their homes

is a daily activity. Believed to

have emerged during the early

days of Hinduism, dating back

thousands of years, the ‘exercise,’

which later came to be

known as ‘Rangoli’ is a ritual

which Hindus believe pleases

the Gods and of course the human

mind and heart.

There are however other


The Divine Connection

According to an expert,

Rangoli is a popular art among

Indian women, which is mainly

painted on the ground in front

of their houses using different

colour powders.

“This art can be predominantly

seen during the Tamil month

of ‘Maarkazhi’ (December 15

to January 15) in Tamil Nadu.

According to Hindu mythology,

during this month, Goddess

Andal prayed to Lord Thirumal

to marry her and succeeded.

Unmarried girls paint Rangoli

before Sunrise to welcome the

Lord, singing ‘Thiruppavai,’ believed

to have been rendered

earlier by Andal in the belief

that they would be blessed with

good husbands,” he said.

Over the years, Rangoli has

become an intricate art, capturing

personalities, landscapes,

animals and even events and


Competitions are held to test

the innate talents of men and


The following has been

sourced from diwalifestival.


Rangoli is an Indian traditional

or folk art, which is generally

created on the floor on some festive


Indian scriptures and Puranas

(Hindu mythological literature

works) can be attributed for

the emergence of this creative

Rangoli art.

This ancient Indian art is believed

to be originated from the

Indian State Maharashtra, and

then spread to other parts of the


Origin of Rangoli Festival

Rangoli is named differently

in different Indian States.

It is known as Kolam in South

India, Madana is Rajasthan,

Chowkpurna in North India,

Alpana in Bengal, Aripana in

Bihar and so on.

Rangoli origin

According to the earliest

disquisition or treatise on

Indian painting named ‘Chitra

Lakshana,’ a King and his

Kingdom were grieved on the

death of the high priest’s son.

Everybody, along with the King

offered prayers to the Creator

Lord Brahma for giving life to

the boy. Moved by such love and

devotion, the Lord appeared

before them and asked that a

painting of the dead boy be designed

on the floor. He is reported

to have brought the body

back to life, thereby making

everyone happy.

This form of art began to

spread and was later named


Creative Expression

‘Rangoli’ is a Sanskrit word,

signifying a creative expression

of art by means of colours.

In ancient times, beautiful

Rangoli patterns and designs

were made at entrances

of Indian homes to beautify the

threshold and as a sign of welcome

to guests.

Rangoli was also considered

a symbol of luck and good


Following the concept of

‘Athiti Devo Bhava,’ meaning,

‘Guest is God,’ Hindu women

decorate their homes with


Floral designs were the prime

form of welcoming Goddess

Lakshmi, relatives and friends

into homes to celebrate Diwali.

A number of other designs

including birds, animals and

nature were included in later

years. Apart from homes,

Rangoli designs have also become

a popular outdoor art.

These include parks, gardens,

footpaths and other places of

public gathering.

Growing popularity

The formation of an ideal

Rangoli art demands the attentive

use of vibrant colours on a

clean floor. The most common

way of making a Rangoli design

is to pinch the thumb and the

forefinger and let the colour to

freely run out from the gap.

Rangoli was one of the major

decorations or embellishments

in the ancient times, but they

have not lost their charm even

in the modern context. These

traditional embellishments are

still used in India on various festivals

and special occasions like

marriages, birth ceremonies,

and other social and religious


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special







Send money to India via Western Union® services

between October 1 and November 1, and for each

transaction we will contribute up to Rs100 to

light up those villages in India that still remain

without electricity.

To make this Diwali even brighter,

we will give you a chance to win one

of ten $200 Countdown gift cards.

Terms and conditions apply;


for more details.

© 2016 WESTERN UNION HOLDINGS, INC. All rights reserved.


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Social and Religious significance add value

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Diwali, also known as the

‘Festival of Lights’, is a

Festival of significance

celebrated throughout

the India and across the globe.

The annual event is celebrated

in many ways, through

family gatherings, buying new

clothes, enjoying special treats

and watching the fireworks.

The fireworks drive away

evil spirits to bring luck and

prosperity in the New Year.

Cities glow with colourful

lights and ghee lanterns that

are left on throughout the night.

They are a celebration of good

over evil, the triumph of inner

light over ignorance and allow

the Goddess Lakshmi to feel


Sikh Observation

While there are various

legends that inspire this festival,

I want to share with you one of

my favourites.

Sikhs celebrate ‘Bandi Chorh

Divas’ on the day of Diwali.

Bandi Chorh Divas is the

day on which Guru Hargobind

Sahib was released with 52

Kings from Gwalior Prison, an

event that took place in October


Following their release,

Guru Hargobind Ji arrived in

Amritsar in the midst of the

Diwali Festival, and the day was

Guru Hargobind Sahib was released with 52 Kings from Gwalior Prison on Diwali Day

in October 1619.

henceforth associated with his


Growing up in India, my

parents used to take our family

to the Gurdwara in the morning,

followed by shopping for new

clothes and fire crackers.

My mother used to make

special delicacies on the day and

in the evening, after attending

prayers, we would celebrate

Diwali with my brothers and


Tradition continues

My family and I have continued

to celebrate Diwali since

moving to New Zealand. Initially

it was limited to celebrating

with a few friends however,

overtime Diwali is being celebrated

across New Zealand with


People from all ethnicities

enjoy the food, cultural performance

and festivities during

Diwali celebrations.

This year I look forward to

celebrating Diwali with my

colleagues at Parliament.

Our Prime Minister John Key,

Ethnic Communities Minister

Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, my colleagues

and I will be speaking at

many other public celebrations

across the country.

For auspicious reasons some

Indian communities also begin

the financial year on Diwali.

Bazaars and Performances

Festive bazaars and many

cultural activities are also held.

Festive stalls are decorated

with wares such as fragrant

flowers, garlands used during

prayers, traditional oil lamps,

beautiful Saris with intricate

brocade patterns, and glittering

gems. I am particularly fond of

the many Indian delicacies such

as Gajar Ka Halwa that can also

be found during this period.

The Diwali festival lasts for

five days. The peak is usually on

the third day which is considered

as New Year eve. The last

day is set aside for brothers and

sisters to spend time together.

Still a relatively new concept,

the Diwali festival is becoming

more widely observed throughout

the West. Diwali even often

overlaps with Guy Fawkes Night

in the New Zealand which is

also celebrated with beautiful

firework displays.

Diwali celebrations in Delhi today

Promoting respect

We are lucky to live in a country

that celebrates ethnic diversity

and where it is against the law

to discriminate against anybody

because of their ethnicity, religion

or background. We can learn

so much when we interact with

other ethnic communities and

the mix of cultures, language and

heritage adds to the rich cultural

make-up of our society.

Our increasing diversity

brings significant benefits to our

regional and economic growth

with international connections,

innovative thinking, and

increased trade and investment.

Together, we will continue to

work towards a prosperous and

happy New Zealand.

To everyone who will celebrate

this joyous occasion later

this month, I wish you, your

families and loved ones Happy


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has

been a Member of Parliament

on National Party List since

November 2008. He is also

currently Chairman of the

Parliamentary Select Committee

on Law & Order.

Light, colour, dance and joy.

Happy Diwali from ASB.

Join us to celebrate the Auckland Diwali Festival,

15-16 October 2016, Aotea Square, Auckland.

ASB Bank Limited

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Smart suggestions for

WhatsApp Greetings

Printed Cards and E-Cards may still be in vogue but people are increasingly using WhatsApp to send

greetings and images on festive occasions. WhatsApp has come up with a number of suggestions to enable

you to share your thoughts with your relatives and friends this Diwali. Here are a few suggestions

Diwali Aai, Masti Chahi, Rangi

Rangoli, Deep Jalaye, Dhoom

Dhadaka, Chhoda Phataka,

Jali Phuljadiyan, Sabko Bhaye,

Advance Happy Diwali!

Dipavalichya Hardik



May millions of lamps

illuminate your life

With endless joy, prosperity,

health & wealth forever

Wishing U and your family a


Happy Diwali


Candles to enjoy life;

Decorations to light life;

Presents to share success;

Fire Crackers to burn evils;

Sweets to sweeten success;

And Puja to thank God!

Diwali Mubarak


Light a lamp of love!

Blast a chain of sorrow!

Shoot a rocket of prosperity!

Fire a flowerpot of happiness!

Wish u and your family a

Sparkling Diwali


The gorgeous festival of snacks

and sweets

Everyone enjoying a royal feast

When old and young with

delight meet

and with love and affection do

all hearts beat

There comes a sparkling festival

of Lights!!

Happy Diwali 2016


Happy Diwali SMS in Advance

Jagmag Jagmag Jalte Ye Sunder


Charon Taraf Roshni Hi Roshi


Meri Hai Duha Yahee

Honto Par Aapki Hardam Hansi

Hee Hansi Ho...

Happy Diwali 2016


Dosto Se Har Lamhe Me Diwali


Dosti Ki Ye Dunia Diwani Hai

Dosto Ke Bina Jindgi Bekar Hai

Dosto Se Hi To Jindgi Me Bahar


Happy Diwali 2016


The Array of Beautiful Colours

The Scent of Flowers

Diwali is Finally Here

Children Play and Crackers Are


God Bless You All.

Happy Diwali


Aree mamu Kya Bharosa hai iss-

*Mobile Ka*

*Battery ka*

*Charger Ka*

*Network Ka*

*Balance Ka*

*Life ka*

*Time ka*

Isiliye Advance Me

Happy Diwali-2016 in Advance

With shine of Diyas and the

Echo of Chants...

May prosperity and happiness

fill your life!!

Wishing you a very Happy and

Prosperous Happy Diwali

Authorised by Mahesh Bindra, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Happy Diwali






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Level 1, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe

Auckland 2025

P: 0800 BINDRA (246 372)



Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special



Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Wyndham Diwali Mela

promises cultural bonanza

Multiethnic participation embellishes Diwali Festiva

Venkat Raman

One of the most

popular annual

events of Australia

commemorating India’s

Festival of Lights will be held

later this month.

‘Wyndham Diwali Mela,’

which has become a fine

example of multiculturalism,

promises to be bigger and better

this year, with the participation

of an increasing number of local

artistes, performers and guests.

‘Wyndham Diwali Mela

2016’ will be held on Saturday,

October 22, 2016 at Presidents

Park, Wyndham Vale. The

Festival will commence at 12

Noon and conclude at 10 pm

with a spectacular display of


Progressive era

While Diwali in itself

denotes joyous occasion of

the good vanquishing the bad,

its occurrence on the annual

Hindu Calendar is seen as the

dawn of a new era of progress

and prosperity. With an array

of delicacies bringing alive

the uniqueness of Indian

culinary art, Diwali is also an

observation that brings people

together irrespective of their

vicissitudes and beliefs.

Wyndham Diwali Mela will

demonstrate on the one hand

India’s cultural diversity and

witness on the other Wyndham

multicultural unity. The spirit

of goodwill and harmony will

dominate the environment as

government bodies, commercial

organisations, community

groups and others get together

to celebrate

Wyndham Diwali has grown

to become one of the most

popular community based

event in Melbourne, Australia

– which encourages and

implements unity in diversity.

This community festival

relies solely on the generous

financial and “in-kind” support

from the state government,

local government, corporate

businesses, volunteers, media

A professional group performs at Diwali Mela 2015

and local industry.

New Hope dawns

Sartorial resplendency,

fireworks, sweets, fun, frolic,

music, goodwill and family get

together are all a part of the

festival of lights celebrated

throughout the world. To

millions of Hindus, Diwali

denotes a new year, a new lease

of life, new hopes and new


People in the western world

join Hindus in celebrating the

festival, in increasing numbers

year after year. The spirit of

the day will loom large with the

common people exchanging

sweets and greetings.

As it is often said, there is

much more to Diwali than

feasting and merrymaking. It is

a holy tradition, symbolising the

victory of light over darkness

and celebration of wealth and

prosperity. Over the years, it has

transcended limits of nationality

and even religion.

Australia Celebrates

Australians have learnt to

celebrate the festival with the

same gusto as other Christian

occasions, with an estimated

500,000 Indians settled in

the country. Due to the large

number of Hindu here, Diwali

is one of the festivals that is

celebrated with enthusiasm. The

lightening of lamps and diyas is

a common practice. The festival

is marked by lightening of

earthen lamps in rows making

images out of the rows. Goddess

Lakshmi is worshipped as the

Giver of wealth and crackers are

burnt to scare away evil spirits.

Wyndham Diwali

The State with the largest

Indian population in Australia,

Victoria is also home to the

largest number of Hindus in the

country. Therefore, Diwali is

marked with added gaiety and


Wyndham is no exception.

The growing presence of

Indians in this fast growing

region has enhanced the

interest in Indian cuisine,

costumes, colours and cultures

and each of these is manifest in

the Festival of Lights. Wyndham

Diwali Mela bring alive each of

these, boosting in the process,

the region’s economy, tourism,

communities, and togetherness.

Among the major

stakeholders and sponsors

of this annual event are the

Office of Multicultural Affairs

& Citizenship, Wyndham

City Council and a number

of cultural and social


As the event attracts

thousands of people from

across various ethnic groups,

‘Wyndham Diwali Mela’ is a

veritable platform to promote

arts, products and services.

Attracting communities

The day-long event is ideal for

promoting not only products

and services but also the

commercial profile of large,

medium and small companies.

With continuous performances

of classical and modern music

and dancers, the cultural

extravaganza attracts people

from a cross-section of the


It is therefore an ideal avenue

to create awareness, improve

marketing potential and achieve

sales objectives of commercial

and not-for-profit organisations.

Companies participating in

this Diwali programme have

the potential to reach markets

in Melbourne, Geelong, Melton

and other western suburbs.

Wyndham Diwali has grown

to become one of the most

popular community based

event in Melbourne, Australia

– which encourages and

implements unity in diversity.

This community festival relies

solely on the generous financial

and ‘in-kind’ support from the

State and Local governments,

corporate businesses, volunteers

and media.

Diwali is a celebration of light,

a light that represents many

things: the triumph of light over

darkness, goodness over evil

and hope for the future.

In short, Diwali is about


As smaller ethnic

communities have developed

in Wyndham, they have

contributed to the increasingly

diverse and varied society in

which we live. None more than

the Indian community, which

has built a reputation for hard

work and strong family values.

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


It’s Raksha Bandhan in South India

Daughters, Sisters and Wives get special attention on Diwali Day

Staff Reporter

South Indians

generally ignore

‘Raksha Bandhan,’ a

predominantly North

Indian festival which

glorifies fraternal relationship.

The ‘Rakhi’ that adorns most

Hindu wrists in many parts of

the country is conspicuous by

its absence in the four Southern

states, although some families,

with the ‘northern influence’

practice the custom.

It should however be

acknowledged that the number

of South Indian families

observing ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is

arguably more today than ever


The absence of Raskha

Bandhan does not mean the

sister-brother bond is absent.

Historic significance

In fact, it is glorified in history,

on the silver screen and in the

modern society as well.

South Indians quantify the

sentiment on a number of

occasions, the most outstanding

of which is Diwali.

There is little anecdotal

evidence for such an expression

of sister-brother love in the

ancient epics and teachings of

Indian sacred books.

A mention of Draupathi (the

wife of the Pandavas) accepting

Lord Krishna as her brother

and the latter’s vow to protect

her at all times is described as a

sacred bond between brothers

and sisters.

It was customary for a brother

to officially invite his sister/s

home (again it was customary

for all sons to live under roof

with their parents) to celebrate


Fraternal visits

Such invitations could be

written, oral or considered


A brother would visit his

sister to accompany her home

for the festival along with her

children. The man’s brother-inlaw

would follow later.

It was also considered a

duty of a brother to meet the

travel and other costs of his

sister, brother-in-law and

their children. They would be

expected to remain as guests

for about ten days, receive

gifts which would include new

clothes, jewellery and other


Age does not enter the

equation and passage of time

did not mean erosion of the


Waning habit

But the habit has begun to

wane in India.

With the virtual breakdown of

the Joint Hindu Family Unit, an

increasing number of parents

live alone and therefore unable

to sustain the rising costs of

hosting their daughters to

celebrate Diwali.

In addition, more and more

individuals prefer to celebrate

Diwali among themselves than

with the immediate or extended


All of which may appear to

have changed the practice of


But the spirit of Diwali lives


Greetings are exchanged

over the Internet and in an

era of online services, gifts are

ordered for delivery anywhere

on earth.

Said an Aucklander: “I can see

my sister in the United States of

America and chat with her any

time through the Internet and

order any gift to be delivered at

her doorstep. Seeing people and

talking to them has never been


Shubh Diwali

May the joy of Diwali light up your home and bring success,

prosperity and happiness to you. Happy Diwali!

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

Policy & Community


Andrew Little MP

Labour Leader

Phil Goff MP

Spokesperson for

Ethnic Communities

Tracy Wang

Policy & Community


Contact Phil Goff and Labour’s Ethnic Communities Outreach Team

09 624 6347

503A Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland

Authorised by Phil Goff, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Ganga the Mother, Ganges the River

Staff Reporter

The Ganges River flows,

often in calm dignity and

sometimes in angry turbulence

and violent torrent,

through the expanse of

India in the northern Gangetic


The River, it is believed, is actually

a Hindu Goddess.

The Goddess is shown in

white, wearing a white crown,

sitting on a crocodile, holding in

her right hand a water lily and

in her left hand a lute.

The Rig Veda mentions the

name Ganga only twice but in

the later puranic period, Ganga

assumed great importance as a


She is called Mandakini in the

heaven and Bhagirathi in the


The Puranas declare that the

sight, the name and touch of

Ganga takes away all sins and

that bathing in Ganga bestows

blessings of the highest order.

Hindus consider it propitious

to cremate dead bodies at the

banks of the River Ganga and

then immerse ashes of the dead

in its waters.

‘Gangajal,’ the water of Ganga,

is considered very sacred and is

used in Poojas.

Puranic Reference

A popular belief is that Ganga

lived on Kailasa (a mountain

peak in the Himalayas,

The Mighty Ganges River

compared with the Greek Mt

Olympus and believed to be the

abode of the Gods) and flowed

with genteel grace for the sole

pleasure of the Gods. Had it not

been for Bhagiratha (a powerful

Hindu king and sage), she would

not have visited earth.

Bhagiratha had a prolific ancestor

who sired 60,000 sons.

With a progeny so large, he

ruled the world and invaded the

nether regions, home of the hermit,

Kapila. This army of young

men could not but upset the

meditation of the hermit-saint

who, in a moment of divine

rage, reduced them to ashes

with a mere glance. The souls of

the deceased, denied the purification

that only water can give,

struggled for peace and haunted


The King beseeched the Gods

to prevail upon Ganga to descend

the earth to pacify the

souls of his ancestors and bridge

the passage from the present to

the future.

Gods appeal

The Gods pleaded Bhagiratha’s

cause to Ganga but she had no

desire to leave Kailasa.

Bhagiratha then prayed to

Lord Shiva and his consort

Goddess Parvathi.

Parvathi convinced Shiva to

receive the violent and angry

currents unleashed by the feisty

Ganga upon his head and divide

the falling waters into a myriad

of harmless streams through the

locks of his hair.

This accomplished, it became

easy to guide the River to the

center of the earth, pacify the

60,000 restless souls and lead

the River to the ocean.

Filtered through Shiva’s

hair, Ganga emerged from the

heavens bearing all the reviving

powers of the Universe.

Temple cities dot her meandering

course, the most important



(also known

as Banaras and


Here, at the break of dawn,

hundreds of devout Hindus

flock and await a special moment

when Indra, the Ruler of

the Heavens, unites with the sacred,

purifying and reviving waters

of Ganga.

Mahabhalipuram Tale

A pictographic or rather,

sculptural representation of the

story of the descent of the Ganga

can be seen carved in the rock

sculptures of Mahabalipuram

(Mamallapuram), near Chennai,

on the south eastern coast. The

astonishing intricacy and detail

of the sculpture depicts the

joy of Gods and Goddesses, demons

and angels, snakes, water

nymphs and animals watching


Ganga flow

through Shiva’s

hair while, Kapila

remains serene in his


Another legend has it that

Ganga came down to the earth

in human form and married

King Shantanu, an ancestor of

the Pandavas of Mahabharata

on condition that he would not

question any of her actions.

She yielded seven children

but threw them back into the


Shantanu intervened when

the eighth child, Bhishma, was

about to be the thrown into

the River. Ganga leaves the

king since he breached the


Bheeshma played a pivotal

role throughout the period of

the Kauravas in Mahabharata.

Unlimited remittances free of service charge every

month to account holders

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


The Saree: unique in style and universality

Nitin Kumar & Venkat Raman

Of all the




by women in the

world, the Indian

Saree is unique

in that it is the

only garment that

could be worn by

any person, anytime,

anywhere in

the world.

It also remains

the only garment

that would conform

to any cultural,

age or

income group

in India and

the rest of

the world.

The saree

is also perhaps

the only

garment that could

be worn to preserve the

traditional values of a religion

or society or reflect the modern

trend of exhibitionism and


The saree is tailored as costume

by performers of Indian classical

dances, including Bharata Natyam

and Kuchipudi. Such costumes

can be worn generally by the person

for whom they are specifically


Show business, including the film

and modeling industry, has glam-

ourised the saree, which according

to some, has gone beyond

the legitimate limits of decency.

The Beginning

Stated to be more than 5000

years old, the Indian saree has

been mentioned in the Vedas as

a form of draping to extol the

virtues of a woman.

There are several references

to the fact that for a long time in

South India the saree was one

piece of material that served as

both skirt and veil, leaving the

bosom bare. Even today in some

rural areas it is quite common

for a woman not to wear a choli


In North Indian miniature

paintings, (particularly Jain,

Rajasthani and Pahari schools

from the 13th to the 19th centuries),

it seemed to consist of the

diaphanous skirt and an equally

diaphanous veil draped over

a tiny bodice. This style still

survives as the more voluminous

lehanga of Rajasthan and


Gradually, this skirt and veil

were amalgamated into one garment,

but when and how this

happened is not clear.

Some costume historians believe

that the men’s dhoti, which

is the oldest Indian draped garment,

is the forerunner of the

saree. Till the 14th century, the

dhoti was worn by both men

and women.

Thereafter, it is believed that

the women’s dhoti started to become

longer, and the accessory

cloth worn over the shoulders

was woven together with the

dhoti into a single cloth to make

the sari.

Versatile garment

The saree has undergone a

revolution in colour, texture and

quality, with its price ranging

from Rs 200 ($5) to Rs 300,000

($6900). Some sarees, specially

made for the opulent and

for film stars in lavish

productions are said to

have cost more than Rs

500,000 ($11,500) each.

Sarees can be of simple

cotton material or

intricate in design with

gold and silver linings,

embellished with mirrors,

pearls, diamonds

and other precious and

semi-precious stones.

The Saree length

varies from five

yards to 9.5 yards

tied loosely, folded

and pleated

or set to special








suits, corporate and evening

wear, party dresses, Salwar

Kameez and even accessories.

Nitin Kumar is the Editor

of based

in India. The above article

appeared in our November

1, 2012 Diwali Special reproduced

in view of renewed

readers’ interest.

The photograph on the left

shows Anamika Singh, Miss

Inidanz 2012; on the right is

a display of one of the most


sarees ever


the season of light...

the perfect reason for getting together


Oh Calcutta

149-155 Parnell Road, CBD


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Our Achievers- National Party Global Indianz

Immigration opens the door for economic

John Key with the ‘Kirpan’ presented to by Mohanpal Singh and Jasbir Singh, joined by Judith Collins

Venkat Raman

As a part of our efforts to

recognise and applaud

achievers this Diwali,

we were impressed

by the activities of the support

wing of the National Party of

New Zealand.

Harness the power of the people

and encouraging them to

be involved in the country’s

political process has been objective

behind the formation

of the ‘National Party Global

Indianz’ eight years ago and

the Fundraising Dinner held on

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at

the D Grand Haveli Restaurant

in Auckland was an event to


Impressive Event

National Party Leader and

Prime Minister John Key,

Police Minister Judith Collins,

National Party President Peter

Goodfellow, Director Alastair

Bell, North Island Regional Chair

Andrew Hunt were among an

estimated 200 persons present

at the thee-hour event that

brought together members

of the Sikh community from

across the country to meet the

Party leadership, amuse themselves

and raise money for the

National Party.

Energetic Dancers

Among the highlights of the

Fundraising Dinner was an

Indian Semi - Classical Dance

John Key speaking at the event

number by Ratna Venkat.

Dedicated to Lord Ganesha,

the Hindu, Elephant-headed

God, who is worshipped as the

Remover of All Obstacles,’ the

performance preceded a short

description of the number by

Ratna and her energetic execution

of the song. The highly vibrant

and popular Bhangra by

the Bollywood Bhangra Group

received wide applause as it was

performed at the conclusion of

the programme.

The event included a highly

successful auction with a number

of items such as a ‘Portrait

with the Prime Minister,’ ‘Wine

Bottles signed by the Prime

Minister,’ a Cricket Bat, liquor

bottles and artefacts were

all picked up following spirited


In tune with the purpose of

the occasion, Mr Key sought

the support of the Indian community

in next year’s general

election, saying that ‘Voting

National, would be voting continued

progress of the country.’

Contentious Issues

He chose to speak of two

issues that are currently

contentious in New Zealand-

Immigration and International

Students from India.

“We cannot and should not

shut down our doors for new

migrants, as being propagated

by Labour Party and New

Zealand First Party. Indians

have done well in New Zealand

and we should have more of

them here. As for the international

students, we are working

through the current problems.

International students are important

for New Zealand, its

economy and the future of the

country’s economy,” he said.

Another report, with our comments

appears elsewhere in this


Ms Collins spoke about her in-

The Partners at Khan & Associates would like to wish everyone a

heartfelt Happy Diwali. It has been a successful year and we are

blessed to have been able to service our community, our people

and most of all our clients for over 23 years. We look forward to

working with you for another prosperous year ahead



239 Queen Street Auckland

Best Wishes


Latha RavindraN

First Floor, 131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025

P O Box 23492, Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe Auckland 2155

Phone: (09) 2789361 Fax: (09) 2781209

Email: Website:

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Our Achievers- National Party Global Indianz

prosperity and cultural diversity

K S Bakshi with Puran Singh (left) and Gurpreet Singh (right)

Ratna Venkat presenting a semi - classical dance number

teraction with the Indian community

and how it has been

growing in her (Papakura) electorate

over the years.

She also spoke about the issue

of law and order, more of which

elsewhere in our another related


Other speakers at the event

were Mr Goodfellow, National

Party MPs Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi, Dr Parmjeet Parmar and

National Party Global Indianz

President Jasbir Singh Dhillon.

At the end of the event, Mr

Dhillon and Mohanpal Singh

presented a cheque for $70,000

to Mr Goodfellow as the contribution

of their organisation.

Significant Year

Year 2016 would be marked

as significant in the history

of National Party Global

Indianz. In the past three

months, three major milestones

were achieved, with the opening

of the Lower North Island

Chapter in Wellington in July

and the Canterbury Chapter in

Wellington in August and the

Fundraising Dinner held on

October 5.

About Global Indianz

‘National Party Global

Indianz’ began as an initiative

of Mr Bakshi in 2008, even as he

National Party Member Rahul Sirigiri with Inderjit Kalkat and others

The Bollywood of Bhangra Group

was campaigning for his first

election held in November that


Mr Bakshi became the first

India-born MP on National’s

List that and continues to

be an active supporter of

‘Global Indianz,’ which has

now established its branches

in many parts of the country.

These include Auckland,

Wellington, Christchurch,

Mohan Pal Singh and Jasbir Singh holding

a cheque for National Party

Tauranga, Rotorua, Hastings

and Hamilton.

It continues to be an ‘interest

group’ within the National

Party aiming to accord New

Zealanders of Indian descent

or birth a ‘louder voice’ in the

Party and in the political process

of the country.

Its membership across New

Zealand is stated to be more

than 1000.

Mr Goodfellow launched the

Wellington branch in July 2016

along with Mr Bakshi and Dr

Parmar. Among those present

were Parliamentary Speaker

David Carter, Deputy Speaker

Chester Burrows, Primary

Industries Minister Nathan Guy,

Small Business Minister Craig

Foss, other MPs Tim Macindoe,

Brett Hudson, Christopher

Bishop, Paul Foster-Bell, Alastair

Scoot, Jano Naylor and Joanne


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Diwali 2016 Special

Our Achievers- Ratna Venkat

Spirituality lifts classical excellence

IWK Bureau

in a Full Circle’

was the title and

theme of the


Kuchipudi dance

concert conceived and presented

by Ratna Venkat at Dorothy

Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls

Grammar School on Saturday,

April 9, 2016.

New Zealanders have witnessed

Ratna’s versatile dance

performances on numerous occasions

at several corporate and

community events and hence

expectations were running high

around ‘Life in a Full Circle.’

Ratna was not only the Master

of the Evening but also the

Master of Ceremonies, welcoming

the audience and thanking


Eloquent and Perfect

She eloquently explained each

item before they were executed

to perfection.

The accompanying musicians,

experts in their chosen art form,

ably supported Ratna.

The bringing together of

classical and fusion orchestra

under one roof was another

first in this concert which by the

use of quotes, expressions and

spiritual connectedness always

revolved under the central

theme of life expressed as a full


An important feature of this

unique show was the intro-

Ratna Venkat invokes the Blessings of

Mother Earth

duction and display of ethnic

jewellery from the Indian village

where Kuchipudi originated.

Ratna adorned several pieces

of this jewellery which were

fashioned from light weight

wood and especially hand-crafted

for her. During her costume

change intervals, we were

also shown short videos of the

artisans involved in the creation

of these pieces, traditional origin

of the dance centring around

female impersonation, and the

lifestyle of the people living in

the villages where this dance

form evolved.

Dance and Dialogue

Beginning the classical segment

of the concert with a short

invocation to Lord Ganesha and

Mother Goddess, Ratna showed

her mastery of Kuchipudi art

form in the popular ‘Bhama

Kalapam’ and the standard

‘Mandooka Shabdam’ items.

Both were characterised by

crisp dialogue delivery in Telugu

which incidentally is not Ratna’s

mother tongue.

In the first item, the personification

of Satyabhama who was

a strong, independent-minded

queen with a dominating nature

contrasted well with the portrayal

of Gajendra, the elephant

who was meek and helpless

caught by the crocodile’s jaws in

Mandooka Shabdam.

Endurance test

The highlight of the first

half of the programme was

‘Tarangam,’ a 30-minute dance

number which Ratna performed

on a brass plate balancing with

a pot of water on her head,

holding the audience at the edge

of their seats.

The other items of the classical

element were ‘Dasavataram,’

incorporating the ten Avatars of

Lord Vishnu and a ‘Padam,’ depicting

the longing of a lovesick


The concept that Kuchipudi

can truly adapt to emerging

and contemporary situations

without losing its unique

identity was well explored in the

ensuing dances after the short


Thus, the fusion segment

included dancing for a song

dedicated to Lord Jesus sung by

Jeffrey Nathan, a Shirdi Sai Baba

Bhajan rendered by Vidya Teke,

an Amrapali number sung by

Vishnu Priya Mallela and a multi-media

presentation involving

foot percussion.

Ratna aptly demonstrated

that everything goes back to its

origins when

she resorted to

classical items

in the final stages

of her concert.

‘Simhanandini,’ in

which the dancer draws

a figure in colour powder with

her toes involved Ratna tracing a

lion as part of her dance routine.

She drew a standing ovation.

The concert ended with a

question mark ‘What Next?’

with a dance for a song by Poet


With exquisite footwork,

OCTOBER 15, 2016

deep emotions and extensive

research behind the selection

of items and their presentation,

Ratna transported us to a higher


The above is an edited version

of an article that

appeared in Indian





15, 2016.

Tarangam, 30

minutes of


intricate dancing

Peace, prosperity, good fortune may

they all be with you in the coming years.

Happy Diwali

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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Our Achievers- Latha Hegde

Fortune buts aspirant under spotlight

Venkat Raman

From spotlight to floodlight

and from stage to

the shooting floor, it happens

all the time – our

young women, who participate

in local talent shows, make it to

the big screen in India.

The latest to do so is Latha

Hegde, a resident of Auckland.

As we write this piece, she

is shooting for a Tamil film in

Melbourne. As is the wont in the

film industry, nothing much is

known about it, except that the

film brings together, for the first

time, four major names of Tamil

Cinema, Suhashini Maniratnam,

Radhika Sarathkumar,

Kushboo Sundar and Urvashi


Stated to be a woman-oriented

story, it will feature Latha in

a pivotal role.

Fortune spinner

Produced and directed by

James Vasanthan, a TV anchor

who has been in and out of trouble

in recent months, the yetto-be-titled

film is being shot

mostly in Australia.

Latha hopes that her first

Tamil film will provide the

much-needed break, making

other producers and directors

notice her beauty and talent.

“I am thrilled to be featured

alongside such names of South

Indian film industry. I look for-

ward to making a good career.

Following the completion of my

work in Melbourne, I will go

over to Chennai for the second

schedule in December,” Latha

told Indian Newslink, writing

from across the Tasman.

A native of Bangalore in

Karnataka, she migrated to

New Zealand with her family

17 years ago and it was during

her appearance in Miss

Indianz 2013 (Indian Newslink,

September 1, 2013) that her interest

towards the larger picture


She has also recently signed

up to act in a Kannada movie,

the shooting for which is expected

to be held in Mysore.

The Starter

Latha said that her career in

show business actually started

with Miss Indianz.

That was an experience of a

lifetime, and convinced of her

potential in Show Business, she

created a profile for herself

through an agency in India.

Her debut in ‘Tuntari,’ a

Telugu film released earlier this

year, appears to have created

a sensation in the industry.

Directed by Kumar Nagendra, it

featured Nara Rohit, a growing

star of Telugu Cinema.

A remake of Tamil blockbuster

‘Maan Karate,’ it received

good comments and seemed to

have fared well at the box office.

“Although I am from

Karnataka, I have lived most of

my life in Auckland and hence

everything in Hyderabad was

new to me- the language, the

culture and the industry. It was

a good beginning,” she said in a

Telugu film publication.

Acting with stalwarts such as

Suhashini, Radhika, Kushboo

and Urvashi would be a great

boon for Latha, for, these thespians

are not only quick to grasp

what is expected of them sceneby-scene

but are also known

for their high standard of


The four are known for their

off-screen friendship, which

in essence, could be a good

source of induction for the

new actress.

Animal Activist

“I have been told that

‘Hyderabad Biryani’ is one of

the most popular delicacies

for people from Andhra and

Telangana. I have not tasted this

dish because I am a vegetarian,”

she said.

Latha told us that she is an

animal activist.

As well as spending time

with her pets, she volunteers

to work with the

Society for Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals

and SAFE, a New

Zealand based

Animal Rights


that campaigns


safety of


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Diwali 2016 Special

Our Achievers: Photography

Shadow Photography pinches the real stuff

Five winners from four

Islamic countries were

chosen as winners of the

September edition of one

of the most prestigious contests

held under the patronage of the

Dubai Crown Prince.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed

bin Rashid Al Maktoum

International Photography

Award (HIPA) had ‘Shadows’ as

the theme for the latest contest.

HIPA Secretary General Ali bin

Thalith said that a large number

of submissions came from international

photographers following

the organisation’s Instagram

Account (@HIPAae) under the

hashtag #HPIAContest_Shadows.

Following were the winners:

Mr Thalith said that the photographers

were tested with a

challenging and complex subject

matter in the September

Instagram Photo Contest.

“A lot of skills are required

from a photographer to creatively

display shadows in his/

her photographs, and the winners

have proven themselves to

be some of the best at applying

their skills to produce stunning

photography. We are encouraged

by the healthy number of

participations the contest is seeing

as we have witnessed over

8000 submissions since the

launch in May. Our sincere congratulations

go to all our winners

and we look forward to

more creative submissions next

month,” he said.

Tree on the Wall

Kuwaiti photographer and

Instagram Photo contest winner

Ahmad Akbar said, “This photograph

(@ahmad_akbar) was

taken in South Korea in 2013

when I noticed the shadow of

a tree filling up the whole wall.

It looked like a painting. I was

lucky to find a monk walking by

allowing me to reflect the country’s

culture with my visionary


Ricco Suganda (@

Riccosuganda) from Indonesia

was also an Instagram Photo

Contest winner in September

with his photograph taken in

West Sumatra, Indonesia.

He said, “I was photographing

with friends and was looking

through knitted fabrics to use

and create light shapes from the

Sun, which fortunately achieved

the desired results for me. The

is the biggest award that I have

attained in my career and will

motivate me to work even harder

in the future.”

The theme for the October

edition of the Instagram Photo

Contest is ‘Children.’

Entries can be submitted

through hashtag


About (HIPA):

The Hamdan bin Mohammed

bin Rashid Al Maktoum

International Photography

Award (HIPA) is an internationally

renowned photography

competition. It was launched

in 2011 by Sheikh Hamdan

bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al

Maktoum, the Crown Prince of

Dubai. The Award enjoys a social

and legal stature as a tool

for promoting Dubai’s vision of

artistic and cultural excellence.

The Award also hopes to develop

and increase awareness of

the art of photography amongst

the local Emirati population.

For more information, please


OCTOBER 15, 2016

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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special



Wishing you a joyful

and prosperous Diwali.

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Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Our Achievers- Arzan Todywalla

The goal machine has a field day

Rashna Dorab Tata

For Viraf and Pearl

Todywalla of Bucklands

Beach in East Auckland,

the festive season this

year would have special significance,

for their son Arzan has

made them proud again with

his feats in Soccer.

Fifteen-year-old Arzan visited

the United Kingdom to represent

New Zealand at the

Super Cup NI 2016 in Northern


Formerly known as the ‘North

Ireland Milk Cup,’ this year’s

event was held from July 24 to

July 29.

Arzan and his group visited

London and Barcelona

where his team played

matches against professional


As well as being


as the ‘Star

Player,’ he

won the ‘Player of the Tour’

Award for scoring the maximum

goals in Under 16 MS

Select New Zealand Team.

He scored a hat-trick against

the Alset, Columbia team

and was awarded the ‘Alset

Columbia Football Club Flag, becoming

the ‘Player of the Day.’

His team won a Silver Medal.

Strong passion

Arzan’s passion for

Soccer is as strong as his professionalism

and Arzan has been

playing not only for teams of his

age but also for older teams.

The first international highlight

in Arzan’s career occurred

in 2014, when he was selected

for trials at the Birmingham City



It was

an opportunity that very

few youngsters at that age,

would ever achieve. Looking

at his immense potential, the

Birmingham Football Club

coaches selected him to play two

games on behalf of their club.

His team won both games and

Arzan scored two goals in his

debut game, amongst a team

of very talented international

young players.

Last year, the Birmingham

Football Club invited Arzan

again for three weeks of elite

training and the opportunity to

play for them again. The Club

again won all three games and

Arzan scored significant goals in

two games, evincing the interest

of coaches and officials.

International coaches and selectors

are beginning to recognise

the immense talent of this

teenager and recognise him as

the ‘Goal Machine.’

Intense training

Arzan trains throughout the

week and his parents and sister

Afrin are very supportive and

sacrifice their time to help him

reach various clubs throughout

Auckland to play soccer.

As a student at the prestigious

Saint Kentigern College

in Auckland, he is the Striker

for the School Team and for

Fencibles United AFC, his

Football Club.

The Club recently celebrated

its 20th anniversary. It was

a double celebration as the

Fencibles United AFC emerged

as Champions of the League and

Arzan was once again awarded

the ‘Player of the Year,’ for his

sportsmanship and scoring the

highest number of goals in the


Arzan playing for Fencibles against Three

Kings- both 15th Grade Metro matches

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Diwali 2016 Special


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Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

The globe gets together

Artists and Performers elevate India’s culture

One of the most popular

events in the religious

and social calendar of

the country will mark its

beginning this weekend at Aotea

Square in Auckland City.

‘Diwali 2016,’ will be held on

October 15 and 16 from 12 pm to

9 pm.

Organised by the Asia





Council (in

Auckland), Wellington


(in Wellington) Auckland

Tourism, Events and Economic

Development (ATEED) with the

support and sponsorship of a

number of government and

private organisations, the annual

event attracts tens of thousands

of people of varied ethnicities and


It will be the first for Phil Goff as

Mayor-Elect of Auckland City, as

he will take charge on November

1, 2016.

Celebrating Diversity

An ATEED statement said that

the festival is free to attend, alcohol-free,

smoke-free and family


“It offers festival-goers a chance

to see live dance, music, puppet

and theatre performances and

attend workshops, including

workshops for children, along

with storytelling, amusement rides

and games. This is Auckland’s

largest vegetarian festival, where

people can sample the flavours of

India fresh from a host of street

food stalls.,” the notification said.

Four Acts are on the cards at

the Auckland and Wellington

Diwali Festivals, organised by Asia

New Zealand Foundation, with

the support of the Indian High

Commission in Wellington and

the Indian Council for Cultural

Relations based in Delhi.

Among them are Kathak Dancer

Meghranjani Medhi, Rajasthani

Puppeteer Vinod Bhatt and

his Group, Gond artist Venkat

Shyam and Paper-Cut artist Parth


Meghranjani Medhi

Meghranjani Medhi

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OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


in a Square

Rajasthani Puppeteers

Rajasthani Puppeteers

The ‘Dancing Queen of Assam,’

Meghranjani Medhi would be a

major attraction at the Auckland

and Wellington Diwali festivals

this year.

A professional dancer with a

number of performances in major

parts of the world to her credit,

she was trained and groomed by

her mother Marami, who is also a


Following the footsteps of her

mother, Meghranjani is an actor

in films, mainly made in her home

state of Assam.

Her films include ‘Lakhimi’

and ‘Abhimani Mon,’ while the

television mega-serial ‘Tumi

Dusokut Kajol Lole,’ is a popular

soap opera.

Kathak is one of India’s 10 major

classical dance forms. Dancers

traditionally wear heavy bells

strapped around their ankles. As

they make rapid foot movements,

the bells harmonise with the


The family run a Kathak dance

institute in Guwahati.

Meghranjani and her group are

travelling to New Zealand with the

support of the Indian Council for

Cultural Relations and the Indian

High Commission.

Rajasthani Puppeteers

Puppetry is becoming a rare

art, which is why, the puppeteers

of Rajasthan will evince the

interest of New Zealanders at the

Diwali Festivals in Auckland and


Puppet master Vinod Bhatt and

his troupe from Jaipur will show

their skill in the art, which is stated

to be more than 1000 years old.

Traditionally, puppeteers from

the nomadic Bhatt community

went from village to village presenting

popular stories from the

sacred epic poems, the Ramayana

and the Mahabharata.

Their painted puppets are

hand-carved from mango wood.

They are called ‘Kathputlis’ from

‘Kath’ meaning wood and ‘Putli’

meaning doll. The puppets wear

bright costumes fashioned from

scraps of cloth. Most – except for

the acrobats and the wrestler

puppets - have long trailing skirts

or robes instead of legs.

In recent times, the Indian

government and numerous

non-governmental organisations

have been employing the Bhatt

community to use their puppetry

skills to educate poor people about

social issues such as AIDS, family

planning, and women’s rights.

The Rajasthani puppeteers are

travelling to New Zealand with the

support of Singapore Airlines.

Gond Artist Venkat Shyam

When Venkat Shyam

began sketching with pencil and

charcoal as a young child, he little

thought that his artwork would

one day take him all over the


Venkat has developed his own

style of contemporary Gond art,

using bright acrylic colours on

canvas and paper

He was born into the Gond tribe

of Madhya Pradesh in central

India, known for their skill in

wall painting. Traditionally artists

used natural colours derived from

charcoal, soil, plants and cow

dung to depict celebrations and

man’s relationship with nature.

Venkat’s skill at painting was

recognized at an early age by his

uncle, himself an internationally

known Gond artist.

In time Venkat developed his

own style of contemporary Gond

art, using bright acrylic colours on

canvas and paper.

Today his work still draws

from Gond myth, oral history and

nature, but Venkat also depicts

scenes of modern city life and his

own personal experience, including

a series of 16 paintings based

Gond Artist Venkat Shyam

Paper Cut Artist Parth Kothekar

on the 2008 Mumbai terrorist

attacks to which he was a witness.

Earlier this year Venkat’s work

featured at the Asia Pacific Triennial

in Brisbane. In April, his first

book, the graphic autobiography

Finding My Way was published,

telling his life’s story through


Venkat Shyam is travelling to

New Zealand with the support of

the Indian Council for Cultural

Relations and the Indian High


Paper cut artist Parth Kothekar,

from Gujarat’s largest city

Ahmedabad, carves delicate artworks,

each made with a pencil, a

sheet of paper and a sharp blade.

Intricate pieces depict feathers,

women’s flowing dresses and hair,

bicycles, ferns and insect wings.

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Clients & Associates

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you for your continued support.

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Dream Home


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Shirish Paranjape

Diwali has become

an annual event in

Christchurch, not just

for the local Indian

community but also for the

wider communities and other

ethnic groups.

Thousands have turned up to

enjoy the event in the last few

years, and Diwali 2016 promises

to be bigger and better.

The event is so popular with

the community that often crowds

have to wait at the doors for

others to exit, before they can be

allowed, due to safety reasons.

Hundreds of volunteer-hours

spread over months of efforts

are invested to create an event of

the size of Diwali.

Christchurch readies for the Festival

The event lasts just a day -

actually less than eight hours,

but the sheer amount of work

which goes behind the scenes

to put together this event is

unbelievable - to say the least.

Venue and Date

The venue has been the

Horncastle Arena for several

years now.

It is centrally located, easily

accessible through public and

private transport and has ample

parking space. Furthermore, the

interior is flexible.

Diwali in Christchurch has

been experimented with more

than one layout.

Labour weekend determines

the day of the event and as

such, Christchurch Diwali 2016

will be held on October 22, in

preference to local convenience,

rather than the visiting artistes

and performers from overseas

(usually India), by courtesy of the

Indian government.

The Performances

Over past few years, all the

performances have been by local


Although predominantly from

Christchurch, local talent can

be from the nearby Dunedin or

from Auckland.

Diwali 2016 promises few new

aspects in this connection.

Among them are ‘LatiNZone,’ a

Latin American dance group performing

a Bollywood number;

a cultural group from Australia,

a traditional Sikh Ghatka group

and a dance number by the New

Zealand Police.

As always, preparations for

Diwali 2016 started early with

different teams formed under

the overall coordination of the

Indian Social & Cultural Club

(ISCC). These

teams included performances,

food stalls, arts & craft stalls,

trade stalls, marketing &

promotion, VIP invitation and


Midwinter Event

The Midwinter performance

of ‘Ekta’ was used by some

groups as a real-stage event of a

smaller magnitude, so that the

performances could be further

fine-tuned and improved by

August 22, 2016, exactly two

months before the actual Diwali

event. The entire list for Diwali

2016 was finalised by this date.

The rehearsals are being

conducted on a weekly basis to

get everything perfected before

the big day.

ISCC has been posting updates

regularly on its Facebook page

and these have generated a lot of

enthusiasm in the community.

The Flow Chart

Here are some key milestones

in chronological order:

May 14: Diwali 2016 plans

outlined at ‘ISCC Connects’ event

June 15: Performers application

process begins

June 26: Application process

for Food stalls, Trade Stalls, Arts

& Crafts stalls (display only, no

sale) begins

August 13: Mid-Winter Festival

(used for real stage practice)

August 20: Event announced

on Facebook and Media

File of Christchurch Diwali 2013

September 11: Call for Volunteers

September 13: Diwali 2016

Poster launched

September 22: Diwali 2016 tickets

on sale at selected locations

across Christchurch

A highlight this year has

been the South Island-wide

publicity given by Paviter Noori,

an enthusiastic member of the

community, who promoted the

event all over South Island while

on holiday with his family.

This made communities such

as Tekapo, Queenstown, Arrowtown

and others to take notice of

Diwali 2016.

Nearer home, volunteers at

Christchurch have been making

efforts to provide updated information

through conventional

and social media.

A full costume rehearsal will

be held on the eve of the event.

The organisers and volunteers

associated with Diwali 2016 are

excited to bring this event for the

community to enjoy, like every


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special



Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Celebrating Love, Service and Hope

Sunil Kaushal

New Zealand is built on its

diversity, and we honour

the symbols and traditions

of Kiwis who have

made our country what it is today.

Kiwi Indians are an important

part of our social and cultural fabric,

and Diwali is a time to celebrate

community, family, and hope

for the future.

“That’s why we celebrate Diwali

each year and recognise its significance,”

says Waitakere Indian

Association President Mahendra


Diwali represents a time of year

when Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains

throughout the world celebrate important,

time-honoured festivals.

Religious significance

For Hindus, Diwali is one of the

most important festivals of the

year, and it symbolises the victory

of knowledge over ignorance and

good over evil.

Hindus celebrate this triumph

by lighting small earthen lamps

around their homes and praying

for health, knowledge, peace, and

prosperity in the coming year.

In addition to the spiritual significance

the day holds for Hindus,

Sikhs celebrate the release of the

Sixth Guru, Hargobind, from captivity

by the Mughal Emperor

Waitakere Diwali promotes young talent

Jehangir, and Jains commemorate

Diwali as the day Lord Mahavira,

the last of the Tirthankaras, attained

Nirvana, or liberation, after

his death in 527 BC.

Primary Association

Waitakere Indian Association

(WIA) was the first Indian community

organisation to celebrate

Diwali with the public in 2000.

From a small number of hundreds,

it has grown to over 10,000

people from all walks of life, religion

and ethnicity attending this

much loved event, which is in its

16th year celebration with the


This year, the event is being

celebrated on Labour weekend

(Sunday, October 23) at Te

Pai Courts on Lincoln Road,

Henderson. Besides food, classical,

Bollywood dances and spectacular

Fireworks, WIA is also proud to

host the world-leading Ram Leela

artiste from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Shri Ram Mandir in Henderson

will also host a two-day conference

with these artistes on October 22

and October 23, 2016.

Community connection

Over the years, WIA has played

an important role in serving the

community in West Auckland, advocating

issues relating to the

Indian Diaspora.

The Association recognises that

in multicultural Auckland, there

is multinationalism in the Indian

Diaspora too.

The Indian community in West

Auckland not only represents

Indian and Fijian born residents

but also from other parts of the

world including Africa, America

and Europe.

WIA has also reached out to the

local communities on matters of

safety and security and advocating

issues pertaining to religious

last rites.

The Association supports the

Ram Leela,’ a perfect example of disciplined life

Waitakere Diwali is also good for shpping

Waitakere Hindi School, New

Zealand’s largest Hindi language


Charity and Service

Diwali is a time for dana (charity)

and Seva (service).

The alleviation of tangible forms

of suffering such as hunger, disease

and poverty, is an essential component

of the Hindu tradition.

Service is worship, no less than

performing a Pooja, practicing

meditation or studying scripture.

In the spirit of Diwali, WIA urges

you to donate your time and resources

for the upliftment of those

in need in our community.

Please support your favourite

charities this Diwali through both

dana and Seva.

As Taittiriya Upanishad says,

“Give. Give with faith. Do not give

without faith. Give with sensitivity.

Give with a feeling of abundance.

Give with right understanding.”

For more information,

please email wia.admin@gmail.

com or follow us on Facebook


OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special





Labour Weekend

24th October 2016

from 12pm to 9pm


Event Centre

Non Stop Entertainment

Amusement Rides for kids

Bollywood Dance Performances

Delicious Indian Food Stalls



AT 9.30PM




021 042 2783





Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Emraan Hashmi to light up Manukau Diwali

Apurva Shukla

Adding more spark to

the Festival of Lights,

Radio Tarana is organising

its ‘Manukau

Diwali’ on October 24, 2016.

The day-long event, entry to

which is free for all, will be held

at Vodafone Events Centre, 770

Great South Road, Manukau.

As in the past, Radio Tarana

is giving people an opportunity

to celebrate the joyous festival

of Diwali with their friends and

family and meet Hindi film star

Emraan Hashmi.

The Festival will culminate in

the evening with a grand fireworks


Celebrating Culture

Manukau Diwali is an occasion

to celebrate Indian culture

and enjoy cultural performances

staged by local and visiting


The past years have witnessed

songs, dances and skits with a

festive and Bollywood undertone

as a highlight.

Audiences have been treated

to a high standard of performances,

especially by children

who exemplify the wonderful

local talent in Auckland.

The ‘Murder Series’ became a turning point in Emraan Hashmi’s career

Manukau Diwali presents

an ideal platform for these

talented individuals and

groups to showcase their

ability to a large number of


Talent contests

Radio Tarana also runs

Talent contests on its channel

throughout the year.

Manukau Diwali will be an

event where standout performers

from these talent

hunts will get to be in front

of a live audience.

It will also have amusement

rides for children.

Many food stalls serving

quality Indian cuisine will

hopefully make this event a

gastronomic delight.

For the past several years,

Radio Tarana has made

Manukau Diwali more exciting

by inviting a Hindi

film star to be a part of the

celebrations. Among them

were Bobby Deol, his father

Dharmendra and Jackie


Diwali attraction

Emraan Hashmi will certainly

be a major draw on

October 24, 2016.

The 37-year-old actor

made his debut in

Hindi Cinema in 2003 with


An alumnus of Sydenham

College (Mumbai), he was an

Assistant Director at Vishesh

Films before becoming an


He is the nephew of the

Bobby Deol at Manukau Diwali 2013

Dharmendra drew huge crowds at Tarana’s

Diwali in 2014

Jackie Shroff was a big draw at Manukau

Diwali 2015

prolific producer-director duo

Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt.

Year 2004 proved to be a turning

point in Emraan’s career with

‘Murder,’ a romantic thriller hitting

the jackpot. It provided a successful

template for future hits.

It had a fast paced story with ample

twists and turns, melodious music

and Emraan played a character

with shades of grey.

Turning Point

Two years later (2006) the young

actor won his first Filmfare nomination

for ‘Best Actor in a Negative

Role’ in ‘Gangster,’ directed by

Anurag Basu.

Many believe that his best performance

came as a criminal in

Mohit Suri’s ‘Awarapan’ released

in 2007.

Emraan holds the record for appearing

in the most franchisee

films in Hindi cinema. He has been

part of the successful horror series

‘Raaz’ and the bold thriller franchisee


He was an assistant to the

Director of ‘Raaz 1’ before top-lining

the cast in its next three


In 2014, his four-year-old son

was diagnosed with stage one

Cancer from which he has recovered


Emraan released his autobiography

called ‘Kiss of Life’ recently.

Manukau Diwali is a family

friendly event designed to give attendees

a chance to celebrate the

Festival of Lights, relive the sights

and sounds of India and meet a

popular Hindi cinema star for free.

Radio Tarana organises

Manukau Diwali and other community

events throughout the

year. This event is another initiative

of the Radio Station to recognise

and express its gratitude to

thousands of listeners who have

enabled it to grow from strength to


Radio Tarana celebrated its 20th

anniversary in June this year.

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali 2016 Special


Get the best of

Maharashtra this festive season

Maharashtrian cuisine encompasses

the cooking

styles, traditions and recipes

associated with the

Marathi people. It has distinctive attributes

of its own, but also shares

much with the wider Indian cuisine.

Maharashtrian cuisine covers a

range from having mild to very spicy

dishes Wheat, rice, Jowar, Bajri, vegetables,

lentils and fruit form staples

of the diet.

Chakli (with Bhajani)


Peanuts and cashews are often

served with vegetables.

Traditionally, Maharashtrians

have considered their food to be

more austere than that of other regions

in India. The urban population

of Maharashtra in metropolitan

cities such as Mumbai, Pune and

Nagpur have been open to influence

of recipes from other parts of

India and abroad. For example, the

South Indian dishes Idli and Dosa as


well as Chinese and Western dishes

are popular in home cooking and in


Indian Newslink reader Neha

Mokashi, who lives in Lynfield,

Auckland prepared the following typical

Maharashtrian dishes for her

family and friends last week. These

are perfect snacks served during the

Diwali season beginning on October

15, 2016

• 4 cups Rice

• 2 cups Bengal

Gram, split (Chana


• 1 cup Black Gram,

split (Udad dal)

• ½ cup Coriander


• ¼ cup Cumin


Besan Ladoo


Method for Bhajani flour

1.Roast rice, Bengal gram and black

gram (each item separately) till the

grains turn crisp. Do not use oil for


2.Also roast coriander seeds and cumin


3.Grind together all these items into a

very fine powder

This is Bhajani flour for Chakli. This can

last up to a year if stored in an airtight


For the dough

(Yields about 40 Chaklis)

2 cups Bhajani flour

1 tbsp white sesame seeds

1 teaspoon Ajwain, Red chili powder

(to taste)

A pinch of turmeric powder(optional)

1/2 tsp asafoetida

Salt to taste

1/4 cup oil (called ‘Mohan’ in Marathi)


The Method

1.Heat some oil/ghee in a pan until it

reaches the smoking stage. Pour it over

the Bhajani and mix.

2.Add sesame seeds, Ajwain, salt,

turmeric powder, chili powder, and 1

cup of boiling water into the Bhajani.

3.Knead the flour to make a soft pliable

dough. Put it in the Chakli mould or

kitchen press.

4.Press out in circular motion to make

Chaklis of desired size (generally of

three rotations).

5.Heat enough oil in the pan. When oil

is heated enough, turn the heat between

medium and low and put the Chaklis in

the pan. Avoid over-frying.

6.Fry Chaklis in small batches of two or

three. A well-done Chakli stops bubbling

and starts going down the oil.

7.Once cool, store the Chaklis in an

airtight container.

• 4 cups course Besan

• 3 cups icing sugar

• ¼ cup warm milk

• 1 ½ cup ghee (clarified butter)

• 1 tsp cardamom powder

• A few Raisins

1.Mix ghee and Besan in pan and roast on

medium flame, keep stirring the mixture till it

starts giving out a nutty fragrance

2.It is important to roast the gram flour well, till

it starts releasing the ghee

3.Remove the pan from the stove and keep down.

Add warm milk and mix well so that no lumps

are formed

4.When it gets warm add icing sugar and mix

well, keep it aside till it gets cool

5.After the mixture gets cold, knead it into a soft


6.Using small portions of the dough, make a nice

round ball and add raisins on the top.


Karanji Gujiya

• (Measurement: 1 cup = 250 ml)

• For the Stuffing

• 1 freshly grated coconut

• 1 Cup sugar or as required

• A pinch of nutmeg powder

• ½ tsp cardamom powder

• ½ tbsp ghee

• For the Cover

• 2 cups all-purpose flour/Maida

• 2 tbsp ghee

• ¼ tsp salt

• ½ cup + 1 tbsp milk or as required



Heat ghee in a small frying pan. Add the

shredded coconut and Sugar and sauté

stirring often till the mixer just turns golden;

add nutmeg powder and cardamom

powder. Mix thoroughly and keep the

stuffing aside.


Heat the ghee lightly, Take the flour in a

pan and add the hot ghee and salt, Mix


Add milk gradually and knead the dough

till you get a smooth texture, Cover the

dough with a clean and slightly moist

kitchen towel and keep aside for about 15


Making the Karanji:

Roll the puri with a rolling pin on a dusted

board, roll the dough round in 4 to 5 inches’


Place a tbsp or 2 to 3 tsp of the stuffing

in the center or on one side of the circle,

keeping the edges empty

Make sure that you do not over-stuff as

then it becomes difficult to shape the

Karanjis. They may also break while frying.

with your fingertips; apply water all

over the circumference edge

Gently bring together both the edges and


Gently press the edges with your fingertips,

start pinching the pressed edges

Make all Karanjis this way and then fry


Keep the prepared Karanjis covered with

a moist kitchen towel, so that the dough

does not dry

Heat oil for deep frying in a pan or kadai,

gently place the prepared Karanji in hot oil

Add a few Karanji while frying and but do

not crowd them

Fry the Karanjis till they become crisp and


Remove and drain the Karanji on paper

towels to remove excess oil

Once cooled, store them in an air-tight


Disclaimers: Neha Mokashi and Indian Newslink absolve themselves of any responsibility relating to the ingredients, cooking methods and other matters relating to ‘Neha’s Kitchen’ column. Some ingredients may

not be available and may cause allergy in some people. Caution must therefore be exercised and Neha Mokashi and Indian Newslink will not be responsible to any health issues in this connection. Please consult

your General Practitioner, Nutritionist or such others you may be consulting in connection with your dietary requirements.


Diwali 2016 Special

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Fashion has a new destination in South Auckland

Venkat Raman

Shoppers in Auckland in

general and residents of

South and East Auckland

in particular will be

happy to know that they can

now rely on an authentic

showroom to cater to their

fashion needs, meeting their

exacting standards of quality

and service.

‘Vivah’ (meaning Wedding

in Hindi), opened its doors to

the public on Friday, October 7,

2016 well in time for the festive


Located at 2/138 Great

South Road in the heart of

Papatoetoe at the corner of

Great South Road and East

Tamaki Road (with entrance

from East Tamaki Road), the

well-appointed showroom

is a one-stop-shop for men,

women and children. With a

tastefully decorated interior

creating an ambience of colour

and friendliness, ‘Vivah’ aims

to become a household name

for almost elegance, style and


Directors Mohammed and

Shabnam Yunus have concerted

all efforts to ensure that the

showroom carries a variety

of attires that would meet the

needs for religious, social and

community occasions.

Shakeel Patel, with Shahan, Nikhat Patel, Shabnam Yunus,

Mohammed Yunus, Ayesha Begum and Ikhlas Yunus

Extensive range

“The new retail outlet has in

stock and display an extensive

range of goods that will soon be

known for their quality, endurance

and affordability. Among

the items that are now on sale

include bridal wear brides

and bridegrooms, Designer

sarees and dresses, floor-length

Khameez, Anarkali, skirts and

jackets, Patiala gowns and

children’s wear, to mention a

few. We are confident that our

showroom will sustain and support

the wider interests of our

communities,” they said.

Shabnam said that ‘Vivah’

also sells Abayas imported

from Dubai and Jubbas that are

famous in Malaysia and that the

showroom will continue to add

variety and novelty to its range

of goods.

“As a part of our opening sale,

everything in our showroom

is on specials. Customers can

Shabnam and her team provide quality service

save between 20% to 25% on

all items on sale. We also have

a Mehndi designer available on

request,” Shabnam said.

She said that as a part of

Diwali promotions is also offering

discounts on scarfs, semi,

unstitched material, unstitched

lehangas, men’s Sherwani and

many more items.

“Our mission is to make ‘Vivah,’

the most preferred showroom

in Auckland for brand

and service value,” Shabnam


Homely affair

Shopping is a matter of comfort

and homely affair for the

residents of Auckland and they

would be able to rely on ‘Vivah’

for quality products at reasonable

prices, enhanced by personalised


Indian dress material, in

particular the saree is among

the most intriguing in the

world. The growth in Indian

population and the inter-ethnic

interaction and the celebration

of Indian festivals, most

notably Diwali, has brought

more people to experience the

exquisiteness of Indian design

and texture.

In addition, ‘Vivah’ is geared

to offer more variety to the

entire family. The firm is aware

of the rising interest from

residents in other areas, visitors

and tourists.

The objective is therefore to be

closer to customers and serve

them better.

“It has always been our

objective to serve the resident

community with a wide and

growing range of products

sourced from manufacturers

and exporters at the lowest

possible retail price, without

compromising quality.

“We understand the market

trends and consumer preferences

and cater to the evolving

Vivah Carries a wide range of designer sarees and


tastes with a proactive approach,”

Shabnam said.

Pursuing excellence

Organisations that pursue

excellence have one common

factor: Success is never uttered

with a full stop.

True to this philosophy, ‘Vivah’

hopes to be a veritable treasure-house

of products that not

only please the wearer but also

the beholder.

As mentioned, it would boast

of an ambience that is friendly

and qualitative, not just the

trappings of fancy fittings and

signage. It is the hallmark of

everything that is good and

desirable, assuaging shoppers

of all income and ethnicity.

Vivah New Zealand Limited,

2/138 Great South Road, Corner

of East Tamaki Road and Great

South Road (Entrance from

East Tamaki Road); Phone: (09)

2774669; Mobile: 021625768


Quality has never

been so affordable

Bridal Wear for Him and Her | Designer Sarees | Floor Length Khameez

Anarkali | Skirts with Jackets | Patiala | Gowns | Abayas from Dubai | Jubbas from Malaysia | Children’s Wear | And many more!

Mehandi Designer available

Vivah New Zealand Limited

2/138 Great South Road, Papatoetoe Corner of East Tamaki Road and Great South Road

(Entrance from East Tamaki Road) Phone: (09) 2774669 | Mobile: 021625768

vivah-your bridal destination

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Diwali promises fun at Auckland Libraries


South African Wing Patron endears the Police



number of public libraries

owned and managed

by the Auckland Council

are celebrating Diwali

in their premises starting from

October 15, 2016.

Among them is the Blockhouse

Bay Library, which will conduct

a programme involving the community

on Saturday, October 22,

2016 from 1030 am to 12 pm.

Librarian Harsha Dhankawade

said that popular singer Sandhya

Rao Badakere and the students

of her Swar Sadhana Music

Academy will present a number

of Hindi film songs in the music


“The programme will include

‘Lavani,’ a Maharashtrian

folk dance by ‘Yaatra,’ a dance

troupe and another dance item

by ‘Chottey Sikkey,’ a dance group

of Kesha Surti. Ella Kumar will

demonstrate ‘Bollywood Moves’

along with her troupe in an interaction

session,” he said.

The Library will also conduct

‘Special Diwali Storytime,’ on

Thursday, October 20, 2016 (1030

am to 11 am) and Henna Paining

on Sunday, October 23, 2016 (1

pm to 3 pm).

“Children will enjoy creating

their own Diwali scene using

our colourful interactive picture

cut-outs and design and colour

Henna painting on paper cut-outs

and decorate our special display

board,” Mr Dhankawade said.

Gregory Fortuin (Centre) with (from left) Jamie Milne of New Zealand Football, Sergeant Ratapu,

Sergeant Cam, Carmen Fortuin, Inspector Rakesh Naidoo and Elke Schaefer at the Royal

New Zealand Police College on October 3

Staff Reporter

Former Race Relations

Conciliator and Families

Commissioner Gregory

Fortuin received yet another

distinction recently at the Royal

New Zealand Police College.

He was received as the ‘Police

Wing Patron’ for Recruit Wing 302

at the College on Monday, October

3, 2016.

He is perhaps the first person

of South African origin to achieve

the distinction of being the Wing

Patron at the New Zealand Police

Training College.

A moving Powhiri attended by

his family, South Africa’s High

Commissioner to New Zealand,

Salvation Army Commissioner,

senior Police managers and staff

from the Royal New Zealand Police

College and 40 new recruits were

in attendance at the Ceremony.

“These 40 new recruits will undertake

16 weeks of training at the police

college and further work place assessment.

They will forever be known as

the Gregory Fortuin Wing,” Inspector

Rakesh Naidoo said.

He said that the role of Wing

Patrons is to be a mentor and serve

as an example of leadership and


“The role of Wing Patron is afforded

to people that are outstanding examples

of service, commitment to the

values of our country and police and

who have made a practical difference

to our communities,” Inspector

Rakesh said.

Mr Fortuin is a Member on the

Police Commissioner’s Ethnic Focus

Forum. He is third member of the

Forum to become a Wing Patron, following

Abbess Manshin of the Fo

Guang Shan Temple and Community

Centre, Flat Bush, East Auckland and

Dr Anwar Ghani, former President,

Federation of Islamic Associations of

New Zealand.

AucklandTamil Association

Deepavali Celebrations

Deepavali is awonderful festive time celebrated by

Indians all across the Globe. Come and enjoy the evening

with full of fun, entertainment and Paradise Biryani.

On Saturday, 22 October 2016, 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm at

Freeman’s Bay Community Hall, 52, Hepburn Road, Auckland.


Vai Ravindran -027 275 8266 Ashwin -022 063 7402

Ganesh -022 171 3742 Meenashi Veerappan -021 298 9367

Lucky Draw


Trip for Two to

*Conditions Apply



per person

(includes Airfare &3Days Accomodation )

Proudly sponsored by


other prize sponsors are:




On SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 2016 at 2.30 pm

At St Paul’s College, 183 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland








Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland and Members of the Mother Teresa

Interfaith Committee invite you to attend an Interfaith Meeting

Guest Speaker

Gautam Lewis

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Freedom in the Air,

Community Interest Company Ltd - London

Elstree Aerodrome | Cranfield Airport

Henstridge Airfield | Copenhagen

It is impossible for me to forget Saint Teresa of Kolkata. At three years old

I was abandoned after contracting polio and spent two years at Mother

Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Mother gave me a chance to escape

poverty and to a different destiny in London, England.

Love and Faith Conquer Hardships

For further details, contact Arthy at

An opportunity not to be missed. Free Entry for all!



OCTOBER 15, 2016

Model of the Fortnight

Engineer in the making is no quitter

The time to act

is now for tomorrow


not come and

the day to enjoy is today

because opportunities

may not knock twice

are among the beliefs of

Simran Singh, our Model

of the Fortnight.

A positive mental disposition

with a ‘can

do’ attitude are the attributes

of this young

woman currently pursuing

her graduate degree

in Construction

Engineering at Auckland

University of Technology


“I chose construction

as my specialisation because

buildings and

bridges fascinate me,

and also because I am

a feminist and believe

in breaking gender stereotypes,”

she said, and

asked, “Who says women

can’t be construction


Disciplined upbringing

Born in Patiala in the

North Indian State of

Punjab, Simran experienced

the challenge of

farming life, while her

grandfather raised her

with the army discipline

(he was a Colonel)

to set goals and achieve

them with grit and


She however considers

her mother as her


“She is the strongest

and most independent

person I know. I

always reinforce my

commitment to tasks

saying, ‘Mom did not

raise a quitter.’ She

fills me with optimism

and makes me the peppy,

joyous person that I

am,” Simran said.

Her passion for fashion,

art, photography,

dancing and modelling

grew since she was ten

years old. She entered

Miss Indianz last year

and found the experience


“Dancing is my biggest

passion. From

Salsa, Bachata, Zouk

and hip hop to Bhangra

and Bollywood, my love

for dancing knows no

bounds,” Simran said.

Commitment leads to the path of excellence

Venkat Raman

Sincerity of purpose always

enables a person to

seek orderliness in one’s

affairs, which in turn creates

commitment and passion,

leading towards the path of

achievements and loftier goals

in life.

Practicing the art of Bharata

Natyam is one such; there are

those who desire to make it a

career and those who aim to

achieve proficiency in the first

instance and thereafter consider

future options.

Suzett Perry, who is set to

present her Bharata Natyam

Arangetram on October 22,

2016 is focused just on reaching

that milestone.

There is a certain joy in doing

things well and being focused

on one project at a time; for it

helps to channelise energies

and succeed in the mission.

Post-Arangetram phase

Suzette does not wish to reflect

on her Post-Arangetram

life, for, such an advanced look

is likely to create a state of emptiness

– the absence of excitement,

the need to visit the Guru

for practices, more rehearsals

at home, the poring over the

programme in its minutest detail

and most important of all,

the anticipation of audience


“But I have a few other projects

to pursue. Dance will always

be there, but I also have

a need to write and further develop

a particular style of writing

that seems to be my metier,”

she said.

Suzett Perry

Vidal influence

American writer, novelist,

playwright, politician the late

Gore Vidal could be her ideal object

of pursuit, since she could,

like the late leader, “use love for

in-depth researching and study

into diverse, specialised topics

to put a unique spin and distilling

other truths on mainstream

and non-mainstream socio-political


“I have spent years writing

hundreds of pages of personal

journals, and this stream-of-consciousness

style of writing has

allowed me to uncover personal

truths about myself, other people,

and the world around me. It

is about going deep and finding

truths, rather than superficial,

generic, and clichéd interpretations,”

she said.

Suzett also said that she has

prepared a list of writing topics

to develop post-Arangetram that

she would like to explore and

research so as to develop new

thoughts and angles of perception

around these topics.”

This Reporter is not only looking

forward to watching her

forthcoming Arangetram but

also reading her works and following

her chosen career.

The single-minded, one-job-ata-time

approach enables most

people to reach a level of concentration

that put them in pace

with their tasks or projects, ensuring

success and making them

worthy of emulation.

Other Classical Dances

Suzett has written a lengthy

article that covers a range of

topics, including the challenges

that she faced to become a dancer,

her foray in to Ballet while

at the University in the first instance,

thence into Kathak

(the why of it) and later how a

knee-problem kept her away

from Bharata Natyam for a

length of time.

Her article is a testimonial

to her focused approach and

hence more of these in an ensuing


Kalaichelvi (better known

as Selvi) Uthayakumaran,

Principal and Director of

the Howick-based Narthana

Aalayam always prepares her

students well before accepting

to conduct their Arangetram.

Suzett would be no exception.

The forthcoming programme

would comprise the usual items

such as ‘Pushpanjali’ (Floral

Tribute to Lord Nataraja, the

Supreme Master of Dances),

Alaripu Jateeswaram, Varnam,

Padam, Thillana and Mangalam.

Selvi distinguishes her debutantes

presenting Arangetram

with the inclusion of a few elements,

thereby adding to their


These could be ‘Ganesh

Bhajan,’ praising Lord Ganesha,

the Remover of All Obstacles;

and ‘Shabdam-Sarasi,’ a number

that would comprise pure dance

and expressions (Abhinaya).

Lord Krishna would form the

core theme of this dance item.

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Artlink-Ratna Venkat


Serenity of lakes enhances

Landscape Divinity

Nature stands still on a Lake

Ashok Kochhar

As a visual artist, I travel all

around the country and try to capture

Nature’s mystical charm. In

this issue I would like to showcase

the beauty of a few such lakes,

whose beauty and peaceful energy

are apparent in the visuals and almost

transcends into the heart of

the onlooker in a moment.

I hope these pictures will complement

what I have written.

New Zealand, known for its natural

beauty and wonderful landscapes,

is surrounded by sea. It has

countless rivers and lakes to add to

its beauty.

People here really take care of

their natural heritage.

To my perception and understanding,

there are two kinds of


Water Types

The first type is stream-like river,

aggressive and in a hurry to meet

the ocean to submerge itself.

The second type of water is confined

to a space like a lake. There is

primary quality difference in characteristics

of both the bodies of


It is scientifically proven that water

has memory stored on a molecular

level and so river water has to

capture information throughout its

journey. It therefore keeps changing

its molecular structure as per the information


Water in a lake is confined and

static, therefore receives the information

of the specific environment

around it. Naturally, information

here is of that particular place and

so it keeps the energy specific to

that place only.

Calm and tranquil is the nature

of all the Lakes. Whosoever visits

these lakes feels at peace like the

lake itself.

A lake changes its mood countless

times in a day. If one is stationed at

a spot for a day, I assure to capture

hundreds of picture without moving

an inch. It seems as if the aura

around the lake cleanses and heals

the aura of everyone who spends

some time around it.

Standstill environment

The environment around any lake

makes everything come to a standstill

and you are engulfed in the

stillness of that moment, where you

can appreciate just being a part of

that environment.

Ashok Kochhar is an international

photographer who launched

‘500 Days Across New Zealand’

in December last year. He is

currently on an assignment in

Bhutan and Delhi.

Tree to the Lake: You are a breathtaking beauty!

Ultimately everything thins to the Vanishing Point

A witness to the Seasons

Before God, I ‘Swan’ I am innocent

Not a soul to cry, nor whisper

From here to eternity that none can see



OCTOBER 15, 2016



JUMBLE No. 1735 SUDOKU No. 1056 HI


How many words of 4letters ormore can you make from

these 9letters? In making aword each letter may be

used only once, and the centre letter must be included.

There must be at least one 9-letter word. No slang,foreign

words, plurals, hyphens or apostrophes.

No. 012


Use the photos to find the answer: asafety device

No. 002

“Home as we understand it”, observed the

Irish-born dramatist George Bernard Shaw

(1856-1950), “Is no more natural to us than a

cage is natural to acockatoo”. But as someone

muttered the other night, “Where else

can you go when all the bars areclosed?”

The entire family is agreed: be it ever so

humble, there is simply no place like home

sweet home, to slowly drive everyone nuts.


21 Words Good

26 Words Very Good

31 Words Excellent

36 Words Genius


erupt euro opus ours

oust ouster outer

outre petrous poseur

posture pour pout

pure purport purpose

purr purse purser

roue roup rouse

roust rout route

router ruse rust soup

sour spout sprout

sprue spur spurt

stoup stupe stupor

suet super supper


sure torus tour

tourer troupe trouper

trouser true upper

upset user

Spot the 10 Differences





In the addition sum different letters and

the smiley face represent different digits.

Rewrite the sum using the following digits.


0 1 2 3 5 7 8 9

Solution to Attemptation No. 001


1 2 3 7 8



1 USstate

5 Sham

8 Reef maker

10 Three times as great

13 Girl’s name

15 Musical instrument

16 Tidy

17 Chess piece

20 Severe

22 Coffin transporter

23 Posed for an artist

24 Believe

27 Intended

30 Incidental remarks

31 Locate

32 Flags

34 Bird

36 Plants

37 Wrong judgement

38 Strong thread

39 Provides with money


2 Distinctive air

3 Placed under water

4 Perfume

5 Fruit

6 Advanced in age

7 Commence

9 Din

10 In this way
























11 Sea eagle

12 Something lent

14 Mats

18 Annoyed

19 In this place

21 Muscular


22 Head covering

23 Relation

25 Telephone (coll)

26 Unsatisfied longing



1 Celebrity directors?

That’s right (9)

8 Infavour of not being

an amateur (3)

9 Empty-headed look


11 There’s nothing in

the instrument but a

crown (7)

12 English composer

possibly lost by the

hospital (5)

13 Ienter the rearranged

salon to find the girl


15 Snooker shot from

one of the big guns?


17 Gather it’s achurch

service (5)

18 Not steady like a

furniture item (7)

20 What people who find

DIY jobs above them

need? (4,7)

22 Biblical character from

Belize (3)

23 Ahalf of lager is

unimportant (5,4)


2 Possibly ate ameal




No. 17555

3 Man in an African

country (5)

4 Valuable things

Tessa’s sorted out (6)

5 Greek capital? (7)

6 It’s not avery difficult

contest (8,3)

7 The lady of the lake?


10 Churchmen in moral

transgression (8,3)

11 Person finding the
















27 Helps

28 Lake

29 Place to sleep (coll)

30 Acknowledge

31 Trap

33 Sketch

35 Enclosure for sheep

tea-crate broken (9)

14 Seafood available

from various storeys


16 Had returned and left

one aplant (6)

19 Type of wave to aboy

getting it back (5)

21 Regret it’s away of the

French (3)

Crossword No. 11903

Sudoku No. 1055 Cryptic No. 17554


Across: 7Leonid;


8Gemini; 10 Retinue;


11 Party; 12 Teak;


13 Flute; 17 Barge;


18 Here; 22 Claim;


23 Notices; 24 Rumpus;


25 Turner.


Down: 1Clarets;


2Portray; 3Fiend;


4Respite; 5Libra;


6Vinyl; 9Negligent;


14 Harmful; 15 Fencing;


16 Dessert; 19 Scorn;

20 Palma; 21 Stout.

What’s Different No. 011 Snap Decision No. 001 Text Code No. 001

1. Window pane different colour Sea change

1. warm 7. leaves

2. Vine missing

2. outside 8. brown

3. Clump of leaves missing

3. swimsuit 9. cool

4. Piano leg missing

4. sports 10. harvest

5. House support missing

5. sunscreen 11. orange

6. Bush missing

Attemptation No. 001 6. boating 12. crop

7. Tarzan moved

8. Extra leaf clump


9. Tree trunk different colour

10. House floor different colour

1 2 3 7 8

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Entertainmentlink / Sportslink


Musical evening for

Temple funds

Staff Reporter


devotional musical

programme in aid of

the Ganesh Temple in

Papakura will be held

next month in Auckland.

Funds are sought to erect a

Raja Gopuram at the Temple,

which has grown from strength

to strength since its establishment

more than 14 years ago.

However, the forthcoming

musical programme will

be held at the Shirdi Saibaba

Sansthan Temple Hall located at

12, Princes Street in Onehunga,

Central Auckland.

Called, ‘Bhakti Varsha’ (Rain

of Devotion), it will be held on

Saturday, November 26, 2016

from 7 pm.

it will feature Melbourne

based Shriram Iyer rendering

devotional songs in a number of


He will be accompanied by

Vishnu Priya Mallela and Jyoti


Among the other artistes participating

in the Programme are

Arun Khotkar (Harmonium), Dr

Ashok Malur (Violin) and Vivek

Anturkar (Tabla).

A notification said that the

Lord Ganesha, the Presiding Deity at Shri Ganesh Temple

three-hour programme

will include

classical dances depicting

scenes from

Ramayan and other

Indian scriptures.

Tickets priced at

$15 (including a dinner

pack) are now


The Temple is seeking

sponsors for the

programme and those

interested may please

contact Meena Iyer on

(09) 2744649.

The Winning Team (Bula Boys) with their Coaches, Managers and friends

Bula Boys take Ethnic Football Shield

Supplied Content

Bula Boys claimed

the New Zealand

Ethnic Football

Title for the

third time in an exciting

finish to the final match

that they played against


The Rams Cleaning

and Future Plans Ltd

sponsored side defeated

their opponents 4-2 in

penalty shootouts of the

Shield Final.

Organised by the

Hamilton Multicultural

Trust at Gower Park in

Hamilton on October

1 and 2, 2016, the

Tournament attracted

24 teams representing

various countries.

Great Names

The Bula Boys Soccer

Team, laced with former

Fiji District reps Aeron

Singh, Ravinesh Narayan

‘Rabba,’ Josaia Bukalidi,

Apisai Smith, Nicholas

Lawrence, Abbu Zahid,

James Hoyt, Leone

Vurukania, Ratu Luke

Lomasalato, Rinal Prasad,

Noa Vukica, Risheel

Dass, Mohd Taslim,

Dinesh Lingam and

Rajnesh Sharma fought

gallantly throughout the

tournament to be crowned

overall champions.

The final proved to be a

physical encounter with

the Serbians using their

height and physicality to

great advantage to keep

the game scoreless.

The match went into the

dreaded penalty shootouts

with Nicholas Lawrence,

Shaneel Prasad, Josaia

Bukalidi and Abbu Zahid

scoring from the spot

for the Bula Boys, while

Apisai’s effort was saved

by the Serbian goalkeeper.

Winning penalty

Former Labasa and

Nadi goalkeeper Ravinesh

Narayan ‘Rabba’ showed

his experience by

brilliantly saving one of

the Serbian spot kicks

which put pressure on the

next Serbian kicker who

rocketed his shot skyward.

Abbu Zahid stepped

up to take the winning

penalty and calmly slotted

it into the back of the

net to give the Auckland

based Fijian side a welldeserved


Bula Boys have now

shifted their focus to

the National Ethnic

Championship to be held

at Centre Park in Mangere

from November 25 to 27,


They hope that the

Fijian community in

Auckland would support

them in winning the

National Ethnic Champion






OCTOBER 15, 2016

Award spins new roles for Cricket Coach

Ravi Nyayapati

An Auckland-born man

who set out on a unique

mission in Australia

five years ago, has been

awarded a well-deserved and

highly worthy accolade.

The commitment and determination

with which he worked

with ‘All Abilities Cricket,’ an

organisation that hones cricket

skills of people who are otherwise

challenged, has seen Hussain

Hanif win the ‘Cricket Victoria

Coach of the Year Award.’

He was selected from an

enormous pool of 11,000 Coaches

across the State of Victoria in


Early interest

Born in Auckland to parents of

Indo-Fijian decent, Hanif developed

an early love for the game.

He recalled his mother Janifa

Hanif encouraging him to pursue

the sport when he was just seven

years old, taking him around for

games whilst supporting him from

the side lines.

As Hussain matured with the

game, he got selected for Age-

Group Representative Cricket for

Auckland, before embarking in

playing overseas in Scotland and


Hussain Hanif: A Special Coach for

Special People

Hanif pays special gratitude

to people who have played a

supportive role to his cricket

development. One such individual

is Azhar Abbas, the current

Auckland Aces Bowling Coach,

who nurtured Hanif whilst the

latter played Premier Cricket for

Eden Roskill Cricket Club.

Good recognition

Hanif continued his Cricket

journey in Australia where he

coached and played Premier

Cricket in Brisbane and Sydney

for three years.

After a five-year coaching stint

in Melbourne, the coveted title

landed in his hands.

‘The Cricket Victoria Coach

of the Year Award’ was in

recognition for his coaching role

Hussain Hanif with Lorraine Woodman

with Yarraville Club Cricket Club

(YCCC) and Melbourne Renegades

Big Bash.

YCCC is the only All-Abilities

Cricket Club in Melbourne’s Western

suburbs, an authentic hub of

cultures and backgrounds.

The YCCC has a high proportion

of overweight and diabetic

residents in some suburbs, as well

as families of low socioeconomic

and migrant backgrounds.

Back to the Community

For Hanif, it has been about

giving back to the sport and the


He acknowledges that dealing

with different disabilities has

been a somewhat hard task as it

is just not about coaching. It also

involves adapting to different

coaching methods to cater for

people with disabilities.

However, his desire to see

players succeed both on and offthe

field has been his motivational

factor in pursuing coaching.

Hanif hopes the prestigious

award will be a catalyst to

bringing more awareness of

All-Abilities Cricket.

Individual attention

The key to working with people

with disabilities is understanding

them on an individual basis,

Hanif says.

He recognises that not

understanding the person and not

spending time with them means

that he would not understand

how they are going to play.

His style has enabled him to

understand each player and

establish a comfort zone with

them, individually.

This challenging task has had

other benefits in Hanif’s coaching

career. The Award has given

him an opportunity to work with

Cricket Australia Coach Darren

Lehman and other coaching staff

in preparing for the Boxing Day

Test and One-Day Series for the


The adaptation of different

methods and skill acquisition has

been a great learning curve.

Hanif also salutes the role

played by volunteer Lorraine

Woodman, who is key figure at

the club with 25 years of experience

in dealing with disabilities

and carers.

With the Victorian Premier

Cricket season starting this month,

the summer months will be

Hanif’s first coaching assignment

would be to defend the Big Bash

AA Cup in December.

His focus will then be with the

senior Cricket Australia National

Championships coaching the

Victorian side.

Hanif is now settled in Melbourne,

married to Henal with

children Aydin and Aanya.

Outside his official role, he

continues to do private coaching

whilst running the Academy.

He also intends to launch a

Junior Programme cAalled ‘Little

Stars Cricket’ as a business in

Melbourne at the end of the year.

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