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laura lyON<br />

saving the earth<br />

frEE<br />

<strong>fall</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Mothers are givers by nature.<br />

Learn more about<br />

the gift that will<br />

help healing begin<br />

after you’re gone.<br />

Call Michelle O’Hara to<br />

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(810) 982-0179<br />

Pollock-Randall Funeral Home<br />

912 Lapeer Avenue<br />

Port Huron, MI 48060<br />

810.982.0179<br />

www.pollockrandall.com<br />

Manager: Ann Randall Kendrick<br />

Marysville Funeral Home<br />

1200 Mic<strong>hi</strong>gan Avenue<br />

Marysville, MI 48040<br />

810.364.7100<br />

www.pollockrandall.com<br />

Manager: John W. Kendrick<br />

Karrer-Simpson Funeral Home<br />

1720 Elk Street<br />

Port Huron, MI 48060<br />

810.985.9605<br />

www.karrersimpson.com<br />

Manager: Thomas K. Simpson

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Karen harris 5<br />

catherine duffy houghton 6<br />

keiryn ajayi-obe 8<br />

laura lyon 10<br />

from the editor<br />

Happy Fifth Anniversary to us!<br />

With t<strong>hi</strong>s issue, Blue Water Woman officially turns five years old.<br />

To celebrate, I have “rebranded/redesigned” the magazine, primarily in font and<br />

color. I hope you enjoy the refresh and, of course, the same great stories that are<br />

exclusively written about women in our Blue<br />

Water Area.<br />

The photos on t<strong>hi</strong>s page are a few of my<br />

favorite -- or they are pictures of some of my<br />

favorite people -- from Blue Water Woman<br />

parties and awards ceremonies that have taken<br />

place over the past five years. I am thankful to<br />

everyone pictured (and lots more people who are<br />

not shown here) for all of their love and support<br />

over the past five years...whether it was serving<br />

as my Vanna W<strong>hi</strong>te during an awards program<br />

or helping tear down after a networking party,<br />

everyt<strong>hi</strong>ng you’ve done for me matters and is<br />

appreciated.<br />

Most of all, I would like to thank the 265+<br />

women in the Blue Water Area who allowed me<br />

to feature them in some way in t<strong>hi</strong>s publication<br />

over the past five years. You all inspire and amaze<br />

me. Thank you for allowing me to share your<br />

stories.<br />

advertise<br />

in Blue Water Woman!<br />

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just ask our advertisers!<br />

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at 810-987-1256 or email her at pjsamar@aol.com<br />

volume 6, number 3 spring <strong>2016</strong><br />

Blue Water Woman is published quarterly by The Write Company,<br />

511 La Salle Blvd., Port Huron, MI 48060. Circulation 5,000.<br />

Editor & Publisher:<br />

Patti Samar, owner, The Write Company<br />

Advertising:<br />

Patti Samar at 810-987-1256 or pjsamar@aol.com<br />

Questions, comments or story ideas?<br />

Call Blue Water Woman at 810-987-1256<br />

Mission:<br />

Blue Water Woman is the premiere publication<br />

for women living, working and playing in the Blue Water Area of Mic<strong>hi</strong>gan.<br />

Its stories and features are written and designed<br />

to be inspriational, motivational and encouraging.<br />

www.BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

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of Patti Samar of The Write Company<br />

The Write Company is a writing, grap<strong>hi</strong>c design<br />

and marketing consultation firm.<br />

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Patti Samar<br />

Editor & Publisher<br />

Blue Water Woman<br />

2 FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

IntroducIng:<br />

A blog-style dIgItAl publIcAtIon<br />

About the greAt women<br />

of the greAt lAkes regIon.<br />

Come follow their stories & subscribe (for free!) today.<br />

to recommend A womAn<br />

As A story subject, contAct:<br />

Patti Samar<br />

pjsamar@aol.com<br />

FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 3

haPPy fifTh aNNiVErsary,<br />

bluE WaTEr WOMaN!<br />

aNd, PrOudly iNTrOduCiNg...<br />

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haPPy aNNiVErsary TO us!<br />

Blue Water Woman magazine is so very pleased to be able to<br />

celebrate t<strong>hi</strong>s milestone anniversary with all of you: our faithful<br />

readers and advertisers.<br />

When we began t<strong>hi</strong>s journey together in 2011, we had no idea if<br />

anyone would even want to read about <strong>blue</strong> Water area women<br />

or if t<strong>hi</strong>s could be a viable business venture.<br />

We should never have underestimated anyone’s interest in the<br />

very awesome and cool women of t<strong>hi</strong>s community.<br />

Over the past five years we have featured more than 265 Blue<br />

Water area women in the pages of our publication and we are so<br />

proud of each and every one of them.<br />

<strong>blue</strong> <strong>water</strong><br />

Woman<br />

people places passions professions<br />

she will stay if...<br />

korissa kramer<br />

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Pennsylvania or New york, please let us know about her! We would love to write a<br />

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and, keep your story ideas coming for Blue Water Woman, too! We are especially<br />

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you know...women just like you.<br />

ThaNK yOu so much for the past five years...looking forward to the next five!<br />

Patti Samar<br />

Editor/Publisher<br />

game love<br />

jessica guyor<br />

free<br />

<strong>fall</strong> 2011<br />

VOl. 1, issuE 1,<br />

KOrissa (KraMEr)WilKiNs<br />

4 <strong>fall</strong> <strong>2016</strong> bluEWaTErWOMaN.COM

coming<br />

home<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

S<br />

Karen harris, CEO<br />

Visiting Nurse Association<br />

and Blue Water Hospice<br />

To Karen Harris of Port Huron, life is all about home, family and<br />

giving back to the community.<br />

Harris, the c<strong>hi</strong>ef executive officer of the Visiting Nurse Association<br />

and Blue Water Hospice, feels right at home at work, where she took<br />

the reins earlier t<strong>hi</strong>s year. Her impact on the nonprofit healthcare<br />

organization – where she previously served as c<strong>hi</strong>ef operating officer<br />

– has been felt in a positive way since she began her tenure there in<br />

early 2015.<br />

“The mission drives the vision and that drives our strategic plan,”<br />

she said. “I’m very driven by the mission of t<strong>hi</strong>s organization. All of<br />

that has <strong>fall</strong>en into place. Our patient volumes are <strong>hi</strong>gher than they<br />

have been in at least four years and our hospice home is consistently<br />

full for the first time since it opened.<br />

“And I’m very proud of our staff because our quality scores and our<br />

service scores are the <strong>hi</strong>ghest in the area.”<br />

Staff is like family to Harris. “Staff turnover is stable and we’ve<br />

built a great team here and everyt<strong>hi</strong>ng is just <strong>fall</strong>ing into place.”<br />

The opportunity to become a CEO at t<strong>hi</strong>s point in her career<br />

– Harris began her career as a registered nurse before going on to earn<br />

a bachelor of science degree in nursing and a master’s degree in health<br />

care administration – just felt like the right fit after working for many<br />

years in a hospital setting, ending her hospital career after serving as<br />

both associate vice president of operations and c<strong>hi</strong>ef nursing officer.<br />

Prior to her employment at VNA/BWH, Harris had served on the<br />

organization’s board of directors for five years.<br />

“I just knew it was a good and compassionate organization,” she<br />

said. “It’s been a good move for me. We have a good team. It’s a small<br />

organization and everybody cares about each other. I’m from a small<br />

town and so it feels like I’m home again.”<br />

That small town Harris called home growing up is also known as<br />

Capac. A member of the <strong>hi</strong>gh school cheerleading squad, she married<br />

her <strong>hi</strong>gh school boyfriend who was captain of the football team.<br />

“I graduated with 97 others and I still keep in touch with about half<br />

of them,” she said.<br />

Her hometown roots and her family life are still the most important<br />

parts of her life, said Harris.<br />

“Family is what is important and we both feel that way,” she said<br />

of her husband. “We center everyt<strong>hi</strong>ng all around our family. I’m not<br />

really your typical career <strong>woman</strong>. Everyt<strong>hi</strong>ng is about our kids and<br />

our grandkids.”<br />

During her off time, Harris spends a tremendous amount of time<br />

with her six grandc<strong>hi</strong>ldren, even dropping them off and picking them<br />

up from school many days. It keeps her grounded and reminds her of<br />

what she values in life.<br />

W<strong>hi</strong>le family activities occupy a lot her free time, Harris also enjoys<br />

traveling with her husband and they have been able to make a number<br />

of international trips. “We like cruising,” she said.<br />

Harris also believes it is important to give back to the community<br />

and she and her husband support causes that are important to them.<br />

“We feel it is important to give back,” she said, noting that some<br />

of that ties back into her work life and her desire to help people. “I<br />

just want to do good t<strong>hi</strong>ngs for the community and the community’s<br />

health. I’m less competitive at t<strong>hi</strong>s point in my career. I’m not trying<br />

to be t<strong>hi</strong>s extraordinary CEO. I just want to do good t<strong>hi</strong>ngs. I just<br />

want to be proud of what we’re doing as an organization.”<br />

FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 5

Catherine<br />

duffy houghton<br />

Community Activist & P<strong>hi</strong>lanthropist<br />

Living a meaningful life<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Catherine Duffy Houghton, 98, of Fort Gratiot, began her self-proclaimed<br />

“love affair” with trains when she took her first ride on one at the age of just<br />

two years old.<br />

Fate s<strong>hi</strong>ned a bright light down on her when she grew up and married a<br />

man whose family owned a railroad.<br />

“I was just batty about trains,” she said, “and here comes t<strong>hi</strong>s guy with<br />

trains! I was so excited I was with a family that owned a railroad. What<br />

more could you wish for?”<br />

That man was George Duffy, whose family owned the 19-mile long Port<br />

Huron & Detroit Railroad, and Duffy Houghton felt truly blessed to be<br />

<strong>hi</strong>s wife for 45 years. Together, they had three now-grown c<strong>hi</strong>ldren: George<br />

“Sandy” Duffy, Jr.; Michaele “Mino” Duffy Kramer; and Katherine<br />

“Kathy” Duffy, all of whom still live in the Blue Water Area. Duffy<br />

Houghton’s marriage to George and, subsequently, after <strong>hi</strong>s death to<br />

Englishman Herbert Houghton, took Duffy Houghton on a fun-filled and<br />

meaningful life path that saw significant life changes for women and left her<br />

with a global view of the world that one can only obtain after almost 10<br />

decades on the planet.<br />

A Midwestern gal who was born in Cleveland, O<strong>hi</strong>o, Duffy Houghton<br />

eventually settled in suburban Detroit, where she completed <strong>hi</strong>gh school at<br />

the notable Kingswood School Cranbrook, on the campus of what is now<br />

known primarily as Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills. W<strong>hi</strong>le there,<br />

she took ceramics classes from the renowned Marshall Fredericks, who later<br />

went on to sculpt many famous public art pieces, including the “Spirit of<br />

Detroit” and the Night and Day sculptures in front of McMorran Place in<br />

Port Huron. She continued her friends<strong>hi</strong>p with <strong>hi</strong>m until <strong>hi</strong>s death a number<br />

of years ago.<br />

Following <strong>hi</strong>gh school, she attended Sarah Lawrence College, a school of<br />

the arts for women, near Bronxville, New York, in Westchester County. The<br />

following year, she attended Connecticut College.<br />

Following her collegiate years, Duffy Houghton eventually followed her<br />

parents when they moved to Port Huron. Here, she worked in the office of<br />

the local American Red Cross chapter as a secretary until her marriage to<br />

6 FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

George Duffy.<br />

Throughout her first marriage, Duffy Houghton was a wife, mother and<br />

involved community citizen, volunteering with projects for her c<strong>hi</strong>ldren and<br />

causes that were dear to her. To t<strong>hi</strong>s day she very carefully follows local, state<br />

and national politics and during the 1960s she was very involved with the<br />

Republican party.<br />

“I was president of the Republican Women’s Club,” she said, noting<br />

that her c<strong>hi</strong>ldren recall, from a young age, being dragged along to local<br />

Republican headquarters to stuff and stamp envelopes during campaign<br />

seasons. Today, Duffy Houghton feels disappointed in a Republican party<br />

that she doesn’t recognize.<br />

She recalled hosting former Mic<strong>hi</strong>gan Governor George Romney in her<br />

home and she called former Governor William Milliken a “gentleman.” She<br />

chuckled when recalling her “Obama” sticker on her car years ago. “Can you<br />

imagine? The former president of the Republican Women’s Club?”<br />

Duffy Houghton closely follows current events and there are issues that<br />

are near and dear to her heart and she is generous in her support of those<br />

good causes.<br />

“It’s hugely important to me (to give back),” she said. “There is so much<br />

that needs doing and these organizations just don’t have the money needed<br />

to do it all.”<br />

Issues of greatest importance to her include the environment, Planned<br />

Parenthood and, as an accomplished artist herself, the arts.<br />

“The world’s population is a great big huge problem,” she said. “It touches<br />

our <strong>water</strong> systems, it touches our school systems and many other facets of<br />

life.” She is fascinated with what she has read about stem cell research and<br />

she considers it a personal responsibility to have a global view of the world.<br />

She noted that young people need to be encouraged to look creatively at<br />

the world and its problems and to be creative in their thoughts and actions.<br />

“All older people should feel the way I do because we have somet<strong>hi</strong>ng to<br />

compare our world view to,” she said. “There was more love than hate in the<br />

past. People tend to be more selfish now and you feel kind of vulnerable now.<br />

It doesn’t have to be that way.”

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FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 7

Making<br />

a difference<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

keiryn ojayi-obe<br />

EnglishTeacher<br />

Port Huron High School<br />

8 FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

Keiryn Ajayi-Obe knows what a difference a teacher can make in the<br />

life of a struggling student because she was once that struggling student<br />

– and now she is that teacher.<br />

Ajayi-Obe, 35, who teaches English at Port Huron High School,<br />

knew from a young age that she wanted to work with words because<br />

she loved reading and writing so much.<br />

“I told my mom when I was in <strong>hi</strong>gh school that I wish someone<br />

would pay me to read and write and so I became a teacher,” she said.<br />

But overall, Ajayi-Obe struggled academically with various<br />

subjects in school. She felt discouraged at times and didn’t always feel<br />

encouraged by teachers in those subjects in w<strong>hi</strong>ch she struggled.<br />

“But then I had a really phenomenal teacher in <strong>hi</strong>gh school and she<br />

didn’t hold me back,” she said. “It was really important to me at that<br />

time to have someone who believed in me. She let me choose what I<br />

wanted to write about.<br />

“I had some struggles academically, but she didn’t see me that way.<br />

She just saw that I could learn. She totally believed in me. Without her,<br />

I would have just accepted what all of my other teachers thought. The<br />

issue was, I just didn’t learn the way other kids learned.<br />

“Now, as a teacher, I realize how easy it is to forget what each kid<br />

needs.”<br />

Ajayi-Obe also came from a supportive home environment and had<br />

parents who believed in her abilities to overcome her obstacles, as well,<br />

but now, as a teacher, she sees that is not always the case.<br />

“I had a great c<strong>hi</strong>ldhood and my parents were very involved in my life<br />

and they had a lot of rules and a lot of structure,” she said. “Now, the<br />

stories I hear from some of my students are heartbreaking and they are<br />

hard to hear.”<br />

She noted that when students struggle with their home environment,<br />

it can affect their school work, but she works with them, reminding<br />

herself of her own academic struggles.<br />

“I find what works best is to just keep at them and tell them they can<br />

do it,” she said. “I don’t want to tell them what they can and can’t do,<br />

but I won’t sugarcoat it for them. And I won’t tell them they can’t do<br />

somet<strong>hi</strong>ng I can see they are determined to do.<br />

“I also just really try to support those who don’t have a great home<br />

life…it’s important for them to know there’s someone who cares<br />

about them. When you are a teacher, you are a parent from 7:30 in the<br />

morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. Even the kids who come from good<br />

homes still need a mom in the building from 7:30 to 2:30.”<br />

Actually, Ajayi-Obe is a mom outside of her work hours, as well.<br />

She and her husband are the parents to two young c<strong>hi</strong>ldren, aged two<br />

years and nine months. And w<strong>hi</strong>le she loves being a mother, Ajayi-Obe<br />

doesn’t let that define her entire life outside of work.<br />

“I’m not just a mom,” she said. “There are other parts of my life that<br />

are important to me and that’s okay.” In her spare time, she likes to<br />

read and travel and can tick off a long list of travel destinations around<br />

the world where she has already touched ground.<br />

“Also, I have a close knit group of friends so when I feel like my sense<br />

of reality is off, I can call on those friends. It’s nice to have a group<br />

of friends who can go through all the life changes with you. And I’m<br />

a Christian, so for me, God is first in my life and so even when it gets<br />

tough, I know that it will eventually get better.”

FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 9

laura lyon<br />

Fiber Artist/Owner<br />

“Beatrice” of Lexington<br />

saving the earth<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Fiber artist Laura Lyon is helping save the earth by rescuing one piece of<br />

junk at a time.<br />

And she is doing it in a bright and suns<strong>hi</strong>ny place also known as<br />

“Beatrice,” her retail shop located in the heart of downtown Lexington.<br />

Beatrice is full of items handmade by artists who use recycled materials<br />

in their artwork. Lyon, who creates her own line of custom- made sweater<br />

coats from recycled sweaters and fabrics, ex<strong>hi</strong>bits and sells her work in her<br />

shop as well.<br />

“Not<strong>hi</strong>ng in my shop says ‘Made in Mexico’ or ‘Made in C<strong>hi</strong>na’,” she said.<br />

“There is a mixture of one-of-a-kind art.”<br />

Beatrice opened in March of t<strong>hi</strong>s year and it came to be after a leap of<br />

faith for Lyon.<br />

“I’d never worked in retail so there was some fear in the belly,” she said<br />

with a chuckle. “But we’ve done very well here.”<br />

A resident of St. Clair County, she chose to locate her shop in Lexington<br />

because she felt it would be supported there. “You don’t really find another<br />

store like ours in Lexington,” she said. “T<strong>hi</strong>s community supports the arts<br />

and we’re excited to be here.”<br />

Lyon earned a bachelor’s degree in grap<strong>hi</strong>c design in 1991, but ended up<br />

working in the sales industry for many years. Her first job out of college was<br />

as a sales representative for the Port Huron Times Herald and that led to a<br />

long career in newspaper advertising sales.<br />

“I have an art degree and even though I worked for corporate America, I<br />

always stayed in the arts by attending fiber workshops,” she said.<br />

When she left the paper in 2005, she had earned the title of advertising<br />

sales manager. She said early on in her career she felt she was using her<br />

grap<strong>hi</strong>c design skills at the newspaper by helping clients with their ad design,<br />

but eventually she saw the industry changing and felt it was time to pursue<br />

other interests.<br />

She dabbled in other working environments for a number of years before<br />

10 FALL <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

deciding it was time to go back to her artistic roots and begin creating and<br />

working for herself.<br />

Her idea for creating sweater coats came after she received sweaters from<br />

a family member who had passed away. She wanted to create somet<strong>hi</strong>ng to<br />

help keep alive the memory of her loved one in a new and useful way.<br />

Though she makes good use of her art degree when selecting various<br />

fabrics and colors to coordinate in one of her sweater coats, Lyon didn’t grow<br />

up knowing how to sew and to t<strong>hi</strong>s day, she creates the coats free-style.<br />

“I don’t sew with patterns,” she said. “I just see and cut and sew. I love the<br />

fiber arts and the design was just a continual process of experimenting.”<br />

After creating her first few coats, friends and family encouraged her to sell<br />

them on the art show circuit and she found herself frequently down in the<br />

Detroit area.<br />

“People thought they were cool and I ended up in Detroit at art shows,”<br />

she said, noting that the more she sold, the more she knew she was onto<br />

somet<strong>hi</strong>ng.<br />

“Another reason for opening my own shop in Lexington was I got tired<br />

of being on the road to the art shows,” she said. Being in one place – she<br />

has a workshop in the back of her shop where she now creates her artwork<br />

– allows her to sell her items in a stable environment.<br />

Lyon feels good when she is able to give back to the community and she<br />

has been able to get involved in a number of arts-oriented volunteer projects<br />

in both St. Clair and Sanilac counties.<br />

Additionally, she has been able to offer other artists who create upcycled<br />

art the opportunity to sell their items in her shop, as well. And, she said,<br />

customers are digging the whole concept.<br />

“It makes them feel like they are being good to our earth,” she said.<br />

“Instead of junking up our landfills, we are saving the earth one piece of<br />

junk at a time.”

who will be named...<br />

Blue Water Woman<br />

Easy<br />

nomination<br />

process!<br />

?<br />

of the Year?<br />

Nominations now being accepted<br />

for Blue Water Woman of the Year!<br />

The Blue Water Woman of the Year Awards will honor women who reside in the<br />

Blue Water Area of Mic<strong>hi</strong>gan who demonstrate excellence and ac<strong>hi</strong>evement<br />

in one or more of the following areas:<br />

• Volunteerism<br />

• Mentoring other women<br />

• Professional ac<strong>hi</strong>evement<br />

• Blue Water Young Woman of the Year (21 and under)<br />

• Overall Honor: Blue Water Woman of the Year<br />

Award Process:<br />

Nominators MUST complete the nomination form and rules available at<br />

www.BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

A distinguished panel of judges from the Upper Peninsula selects award recipients.<br />

Honoring the Award Recipients:<br />

Those selected for awards will be notified by Blue Water Woman at the end of January/early February<br />

2017. All will be featured in a story in the Spring (February/March) 2017 issue of the magazine. All<br />

will be honored at a public reception (open to men and women) in February 2017.<br />

Nominator Requirements:<br />

Nominators must be committed to selling a minimum of 20 adult tickets to the awards reception.<br />

Receiving an award is no fun without a cheering section!<br />

Deadline for Submissions:<br />

Submissions must be received by email or snail mail no later than Friday, January 7, 2017.<br />

Submissions must be emailed to: pjsamar@aol.com.<br />

Use your smart phone<br />

to visit our website<br />

and view the<br />

nomination form:<br />

Sponsored by:<br />

Blue Water Woman reserves the right to refuse nominations for consideration without cause. All decisions are <strong>final</strong> and subject<br />

to approval by Blue Water Woman. Why? Because we said so. ;)

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all your life’s moments<br />

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We protect it.<br />

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www.TheWriteCompany.net<br />

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at fighting cancer.<br />

You don’t have to go far for better cancer treatments. Better is close to home with the<br />

Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Port Huron. As part of the largest<br />

cancer research and provider network in Mic<strong>hi</strong>gan, we have better specialists and better<br />

treatments such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy, as well as greater access to<br />

clinical trials. When it comes to cancer, better begins at Karmanos.<br />

1-800-KARMANOS<br />

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Better treatments. Better outcomes.

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