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Official Newspaper of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 8 – 15 October 2016

Golden Couple

Take Honours

Central Australia’s most

decorated running couple

last night held off all

challengers to take out the

overall Masters Mile for

men and women.

Middle distance running star

Emma Kraft was first across

the line in a time of 5:22:02. It

was a double act in the men’s

run half an hour later when

her partner Brad White won

in 4:56:04.

Kraft’s time of 5:22:02 was

eight seconds outside the

Games record of 5:14:45 set

by fellow Central Australian

Andrea Foot in 2012.

Kraft’s win comes after

placing second behind Foot

at last year’s Games. It also

comes as she prepares

to compete in Sunday’s

Medibank Melbourne


She said her intention last

night was not to push herself

too hard – but the 33-yearold

led from the start.

“When I came to the final

300m and saw the clock and

heard the crowd cheering me

on, I thought why not go for

it,” she said.

“At the 1km split my time

was about what I did in the

Mitchell Street Mile in Darwin

recently, and I was the first

Territorian finishing that one

in 5:15.

“I didn’t plan to run the time –

it just happened. Hopefully I

won’t regret it on Sunday.”

White clocked 4:56:04 for the

Mile to win from Ben Bruce,

who had a heavy cycling

program, and local runner

Mitch Cameron.

Bruce and Cameron jumped

out of the blocks to lead early

but White passed them after

about 150m and was not

challenged for the rest of

the race. Bruce finished 13

seconds behind him.

White said he was “solid”

from the 150m mark.

“The conditions were perfect,

the wind had died down and

the temperature was nice so

it was good for running.

“The Goulburn Galahs

hockey side were out in full,

supporting me, which also

spurred me on.”

White said his split for the

800m was quicker than he

ran in the 800m earlier in the

Games and his Mile time was

quicker than his 4:59 in the

1500m on the track.

He said his time was slower

than 2014 because he was

two years older and coming

back from injury.

There was an interesting

array of the usual and new

runners in this year’s event.

Big cheers went up for crowd

favourite Gladys Gullock, the

oldest runner in the event,

who turns 88 today.

Darwin mum Nicole Hoey

received a good reception

as she pushed her baby the

1600m in a pram, winning

silver in her age group and

fourth overall.

Then there was Jared

Ewin who ran in a Batman


“I like to cause a bit of a riot

when I run,” he explained.

“My son called me Batman a

couple of months ago so I did

it for him.”

Beware the Men in Pink

Friday 14th October | Issue 7

There were some good

lookin’ sorts at the Pat

Gallagher Netball Centre on

Monday night.

Their tight lycra uniforms

and bright magenta hair

caused a few stares but

they were oblivious in their

determination to win.

The feature game was being

held as part of the annual Pink

Night fundraiser to help fight

breast cancer.

The night was organised by

the Spectrum Netball Club

from Western Australia and

traditionally features a game

against guys wearing the club’s

old uniforms.

Donations poured in from

spectators, other players and


“Everyone was so generous

it was amazing,” Spectrum

organiser Mardi Miles said.

“It was a fantastic night and we

raised $1534.

“The guys won the game. We

let them because we want

them back to play again in two

years’ time.”

The men who took part came

from around Australia - Touch

Football Melbourne, Boomer

Baseball in NSW, the Polar

Bears basketball team in the

NT, the Syndicate cricket team

from Queensland and the Alice

Masters basketball team.






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Sports Horoscope

14 October 2016 will see the ascendance of the House

of the Rising Sun, causing the ruin of many a poor boy.

And yes, you might be one. Don’t spend your life in sin

and misery ... and especially avoid planning a trip to

New Orleans today.


Adopt the badger as your spiritual guide. The honey badger

is an especially lucky charm for athletes of Scottish heritage.

After all, there’s a reason the badger is listed in the Bern

Convention for the Conservation of European Wildlife and

Natural Habitats.


Your star sign is the bull so charge through the day with

your horns in the air like you just don’t care. Just don’t snort

like a bull - that’s very unattractive.


Pain! Oh the pain! The agony of losing can’t match the

dull aches wracking your body today. Wrapping yourself

in bandages will make you feel better. Tutankhamen has

nothing on you.


Cartwheeling after scoring that winning point may feel like a

good idea but just think about how you’ll look upside down.

It’s not a surgery-free answer to the effects of gravity. Get a


Aloha to Alice Gold

Battling the heat, humidity and

windy conditions of the World

Ironman Championships in Kona,

Hawaii has not had any adverse

effects on Alice Springs triathletes

Kevin and Fiona Coyle.

In fact, the 3.8km sea swim, 180km

bike ride and 42.2km run set the duo

up well for yesterday’s duathlon in

Alice Springs.

The Coyles arrived home on

Wednesday and won the outright

honours yesterday.

“I’m feeling great and didn’t want to

put too much stress on my body after

Kona,” Kevin Coyle said.

“It was nice to be cold in a race again.

“I just went out to do the best I could.

“I got on to the bike in fourth position

and had good speed taking the lead

after a couple of minutes.”

Duathlon coordinator Deanne Ward

said there were about 50 athletes in

the event which began at the Alice

Springs Desert Park over a long and

short course.

The long course was a 2km run, 20km

cycle and a 4km run to finish. The

short course was 2km, 14km and 2km.

Ward said that apart from the Coyles,

there were some other impressive

performances, including in the 70-74

age group where Jack Street registered

the overall fastest time on the short


She said Alice Springs turned it on for

the event, with the stunning backdrop

of the MacDonnell Ranges and the

flowers of the Desert Park in full


“While the setting was magnificent,

I didn’t see anyone stop to smell the

flowers,” she said.

Coyle admitted he didn’t even notice

the flowers as he was too focused on

his run.

“I did see a dingo that looked right at

me. I didn’t slow down but that was a

pretty cool moment,” he said.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to see the

older athletes getting out there and

putting their foot forward.

“The shorter course is great for them

as it is more welcoming and gets more

people into the event.”

The Coyles have been busy since

arriving home from Hawaii.

They not only entered and won the

duathlon yesterday morning but were

helping with the Masters Mile last

night and the 10km run this morning.

The pair will also compete in the

triathlon tomorrow.

“I won the triathlon in 2014 and I’m

looking to repeat that,” Kevin Coyle


There will be more than 82 individuals

and teams entering the triathlon

tomorrow morning.

It’s not too late for Games participants

to put their name down to join a team

for the tri. Register an interest at the

Games Centre on the Town Council

lawns before noon today.

The tri event begins at the Alice

Aquatic and Leisure Centre, off Speed

St across the road from Traeger Park,

at 6am.


Ice, Ice Baby is your theme song today. By this evening

everything that can hurt, will hurt ... even your armpits.

Stop at the servo and stock up.


Remember Norm from the Life Be In It ads in the 80s? Yeah

those were good times. But he shouldn’t be your idol. You’re

an athlete now. Snap out of it.


It’s not too late to redeem yourself for your hand in the

team’s poor performance. Secure your place in the team’s

heart by shouting the bar after play. Trust me, no one will

remember how little you actually added to the competition.


You may find your wheels are spinning and you’re going

nowhere fast. Just step back, take a deep breath … and get

the chain on your bike fixed.


You will amass a large following of spectators at today’s

match. Don’t fool yourself. The rumour has gone around

about your special athletic ability. They’re there to laugh.


Lady Luck is smiling down on you ... or did you pick up a

penny for good luck? Either way, there’s a reason you’re

grinning like a Cheshire cat. Take that confidence into

today’s competition.


You’ve been stressed lately. The pressure of competition is

definitely getting to you. Take a yoga class, stretch and relax.

Let your mind wander but be careful not to start snoring in

the corner. You are not Rip Van Winkle.


The end is nigh … no, not the end of the world, just the

Games. Your body will look forward to the rest but that’s

no excuse to put in a less than stellar performance.

Gold is in your sights.

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Jose Bohn

Gladys Gullock

Maurice Green

Greg Borchers

Angela Harrison

Sharon Hayes

Alison Kain

Bec Thompson



Just Living the Good Life

One of the oldest

competitors in this year’s

Alice Springs Masters

Games is celebrating her

birthday today.

Jose Bohn turns an

impressive 93.

She said there wasn’t really

a secret to her longevity.

“I just live. I do things. I

enjoy life,” she said.

“I don’t know what it is ... I

worried when I had to, and

if I didn’t have to worry – I

just enjoyed it.”

The mother of nine is among

139 participants celebrating

birthdays during the Games


The lawn bowler, hailing

from Foster in Victoria, is

making her Alice Springs

Masters Games debut this


Her involvement in the

Games was prompted after

her son, Andrew, moved

to Alice Springs about 12

months ago with his wife.

“He said ‘mum we’ve got a

golf and bowls tournament

and you’ve got to come up

and play’,” she said.

“It gives me something to

do while they are at work.”

Jose said her mother lived

until she was 104 years old

by “just living her life”.

Jose has had a couple of

rolls on the Memo Club

green, which she described

as “magnificent”.

But she said she hasn’t had

much luck so far.

“If I put a good bowl in,

someone else takes it out ...

but that’s bowls,” she said.

“It isn’t winning that counts,

it’s the way you enjoy it.”

Jose first played bowls in

1954 on black rubber dust

at her local bowls club.

“It was all right until there

was a wind, and then it went

a little bit wavy and the men

would go out and wipe it

over with chaff bags,” she


Jose said she would happily

spend today umpiring at

the lawn bowls.

Photo Caption Competition

SMS 0401 119 467 with your name,

Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterday’s Photo Caption Winner

“Left-handed Louie” had such a big night

she went on with the wrong glove

- Judy Lloyd, QLD

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.

Master Pips National Champion

A New South Wales archer has

beaten the national champion by

just one arrow to take top honours

in the recurve sighted event at the

Dead Centre Bowhunters Club.

Dennis Luobikis forced Thomas Maple

into second place just a week after

Maple won the national championship.

But Luobikis is no stranger to collecting

gold after winning one, plus a silver

and two bronze in 2012 and four gold

medals in 2014.

“We shot 140 arrows over two days

and won by one so it was a pretty

good close competition,” he said.

The 63-year-old said the competition

at the Games is of a good standard.

“This is the best Masters around. It’s

a week or archery, shooting different

aspects of the sport,” he said.

“The setting and weather are great


“Archery is not a money sport but it’s

a fantastic opportunity to travel the


“There are a lot of opportunities to

represent Australia with events in

China and the USA.

“I’ve also been to the New Zealand

Masters and Norfolk Island.

“Some archery events are very popular

with entries having to be closed off

and even some knocked back.”

The 63-year-old, who hails from Eden

New South Wales, took up archery

four years ago and has become

dedicated to his sport. He joined the

nearest club to his home – 400km way

in Gippsland.

The archery competition continues

through to, and including, Saturday

for the 35 competitors.

The Friendly Times

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What Was Your Games Highlight?

In 2016 the Alice Springs Games marked a significant milestone – 30 years since the first Masters Games were held in Australia. We have the honour of being the longest-running

Masters Games in the country; and the second-oldest Masters Games in the world. For the 3838 participants and hundreds of volunteers involved in 33 sports, the Friendly Games

are drawing to a close. There has been lots going on over the past week, so we went out and about to discover what the highlights have been.

Grant Connelly, 40 - NT

Mini Edwards, 55 - NT

Kate Briggs, 64 - SA

Jodi Shulver, 43 - SA

Paul Berry, 59 - NT

Opening night with

the family.

Socialising and catching up

with interstate friends.

All of it’s been good. Loved

the Opening Ceremony and

Wednesday Mid-week Party.

The Opening Ceremony and

seeing my Dad race.

Being injury-free so far.

Grant Hamon, 55 - NT

George Jeffery,79 - NT

Clinton Ghea, 51 - NT

Geoff Reichstein, 67 - SA

Danni Hughes, 35 - NT

Having the go-karts involved

for the first time - I can see

this growing. It’s going to be

huge in the future.

The single action shooting

yesterday – I got two bronze

and two silver.

Winning an unexpected


I love coming up and seeing

my two-yearly friends.

Having my mum here. She’s

a sports co-ordinator. There

are also a number of bowlers

who’ve known me since I was

8, so it’s been great catching

up with them.

Kathy Dorksen, 61 - QLD

Anja Taylor, 49 - NT

Andrew Nocera, 34 - NT

Jim Einam, 54 - NT

Squizzy, 60 - NT

The friends you make; it’s

been a great reunion. I save

hard to come back each


Watching my records

crumbling and not being able

to defend them because I’m

off with a medical problem.

Atmosphere, mingling with

the boys and getting out

for a ride.


I’ve had some good

competitive games.

Jackie Bannon, 56 - VIC


Karen Byrne, 55 - NT

Listening to Clearway - best

band we’ve heard in a long


Leeann Lee, 51 - NT

This year has been the

toughest competition of all

the years we’ve played.

Tiny and Radar Haines,

both 50 - QLD

Team dinner last night at the

Gillen Club.

Jason Stewart, 38 - VIC

I’ve been sick but was still

able to participate and win

two gold medals.

Noel and Sue Avery,

68 and 61 - QLD

Playing in the doubles and

beating her husband.

Vicky Trindle, 53 - NT

Dedicated Games to her

mother Maureen Trindle,

who was a founder of hockey

in Alice Springs and who

passed away recently.

Viki-Ann Miller, 56 - NT

A mother/daughter

competition where Viki will

play against her daughter

Shane-Ann Casimiro.

Starlight, 50ish - QLD

Getting through his 5th

Masters without injuries.

Darren Welch, 51 - USA

Absolutely enjoyed the

Mid-week Party.

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Bullies say Yes to Disability

The Alice Bullies hockey team has a

secret weapon.

The team, which is in its ninth Games, has

signed a 46-year-old star player – who is

hearing impaired.

Simon Witney, from Queensland, is the

team’s goalie and team mate Darryl Smith

said “he’s unbelievable”.

“He’s an amazing man. We’re lucky to have

him,” Smith said.

“As the goalie, he has the most important

job and he’s fantastic.”

Smith said Witney’s lack of hearing was not

an issue.

“What we do is put our team manager

Arthur Gomes behind the goals,” he said.

“Don’t ask me how, but they point different

ways and the message seems to get


Witney plays in a deaf hockey league

in Queensland and contacted the Alice

Springs Masters Games hockey coordinator

looking for a team to join.

“When I was contacted by the co-ordinator

I thought how are we going to do this?,”

Smith said.

“But it has worked.”

Smith, who is a striker, said when the team

talked tactics, they just scribble down

instructions on pieces of paper to Witney.

“It’s really not an issue and we’re having a

lot of fun.

“I hope Simon decides to come back for the

next Games.

“He’s a wonderful guy.”

The Alice Bullies are in the 44+ age

division. There are only two teams in that

competition so they are assured of a medal.

Around the Traps...

The Friendly Games are living up their reputation.

Long-term locals Hedda Ed and Neil Tranthem of the

SANFU darts team are tying the knot this weekend.

Together for 21 years, the couple announced their

engagement on Monday and will marry on Sunday,

ensuring their nuptials will not interfere with their

Masters Games commitments. Good to see they have

their priorities right.

The world is truly a small place. Johnann Harris, who

is from South Australia, and Western Australian Dot

Shipard met at these Games. They got chatting and

discovered their kids coached the Australian softball

team at the recent Rio Paralymics.

Sharon ‘Chook’ Roberts was one happy golfer

yesterday. After hitting a straight shot over the

bunker on the third, the ball couldn’t be found on the

green or over the back. A little jig was danced after

Chook found the ball at the bottom of the cup!

Games staffer James Perrin was not so happy at the

golf yesterday. While filming a segment for the Games

Video Diary, James, who was innocently sitting in a

golf buggy, was on the receiving end of a flying golf

ball. The whack to his calf was loud enough to register

on the camera recording. He was not amused by the

egg sized lump left behind but videographer Shane

Mulcahy couldn’t help but laugh.

We like a man who’s not afraid to express his

feminine side. Games competitor Cam Wilkie of

Western Australia, donned a bright shade of fuschia

pink lipstick to pucker up with Michelle McNeill for

breast cancer awareness month.

If you have news or want to give a shout out please SMS or CALL 0401 119 467

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