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Official Newspaper of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games 8 – 15 October 2016

Partying to remember

About 1500 people flocked to the

centre of town last night to help

celebrate the 30th anniversary of the

Alice Springs Masters Games.

The Alice Springs Town Council lawns

were crammed with people of all

ages, from locals to interstate and

overseas visitors, and Games athletes

to interested onlookers.

Cover band Clearway didn’t fail to

entertain, getting many up on their feet

and swaying to a strong repertoire of

new and classic hits including N.E.R.D’s

She Wants to Move, Robin Thicke’s

Blurred Lines, One Republic’s Counting

Stars and the perennial favourite made

famous by Bryan Adams Summer of 69.

Games Ambassador Daryl Somers and

Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan had

the honour of cutting the four massive

milk chocolate and white chocolate

mud cakes which the crowd quickly


The cakes represented a significant

milestone, marking 30 years since the

Games inception in 1986.

The Games were the brain child of the

Australian Sports Commission which

came up with the idea of a Masters

Games in the 1980s. Games Patron

Dawn Fraser was on the original

planning committee.

The Northern Territory Government

realised the potential opportunities for

economic and social development and

embraced the idea. So the first Masters

Games event in Australia was born and

held in Alice Springs.

The 1986 Alice Springs Masters Games

(then called the Central Australian

Masters Games) became only the

second event of its kind to be staged in

the world.

The only previous multi-sport Masters

Games was the first World Masters in

Toronto, Canada in 1985.

The Alice Springs Masters Games

developed in to a success story

and quickly earned the reputation

of ‘The Friendly Games’ because of

the camaraderie and good spirited

nature of the competitors and the

environment created by the games

village atmosphere of Alice Springs.

Many thousands of former participants

and volunteers are scattered around

the world, with 47 who attended the

very first Games, registering for this

year’s 30th anniversary event.

The good natured camaraderie for

which the Games is known, was evident

last night as athletes turned up to party

in their team colours and costumes.

Of course, there had to be a bit of

good old fashioned sports rivalry with

four teams taking on the tug-o-war


There were a couple of good tussles but

the Henley-on-Todd Vikings managed

to beat off the Spectrum netballers

to come first. Licorice Allsorts put in a

good showing to hold off the Bulls to

take third place.

The evening finished relatively early at

9pm, with many participants dispersing

to nearby pubs and bars to continue to

share the spirit of the Friendly Games in

to the night.

Thursday 13th October | Issue 6






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The Friendly Times

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Sports Horoscope

13 October 2016 is a lucky day for most. Don’t be put

off by the number 13. Astrologically the traditionally

superstitious digit is rendered harmless by the lucky

number 10 that represents the month of October. Seize

the day and run out on to the field knowing the planets

are aligning.


You may be feeling as if you just can’t catch a break. Search

for that lucky Rabbit’s foot you found at your Uncle’s farm,

tie it to your sports bag and your scores are bound to



When you look in the mirror you see a strong, fit specimen

of a human being. Then you put on your glasses and … well,

need we say more? It’s time to remember you are what you


Changing Fortunes Lead to Gold

An Alice Springs athlete who switched

from running to walking took home

the honours at yesterday’s 10km walk.

Champion walker Debbie Page was

the first woman and overall event

winner in a time of 1:00:17.

Mitch Cameron backed up his age

category win in the 5km cross country

on Tuesday with another gold medal,

this time finishing in 1:07:39.

Page made her running début at the

age of 40, competing in the 2000

Sydney Marathon. Unfortunately,

immediately following the event,

and despite her new-found love for

running, she acquired a significant hip


Her physio told her there’d be no

more running, so she better start

walking instead.

Determined to keep competing at

something, Page entered the Walk

in the Alice Springs Masters Games

in 2000 and happily found herself

passing people.

She continued trying to get faster,

and learnt a lot from watching others


Page returned to Sydney 10 years

later and entered the World Masters

to celebrate her 50th birthday.

In a twist of fate, Page met Australian

race walker Heather Carr on a train.

Carr quickly shared some of the

sports’ most important rules.

Page went on to win gold in the 10km

walk and silver in the 5km walk during

those Games.

Page honed her skills with the help

of renowned race walking coach and

judge Bob Cruise.

He helped with training programs

and encouraged Page to attend the

2012 Australian Walk Championships,

where she received the team gold

medal with Claire Tallent and Gloria


Page was named the NT Masters

Sportsperson of the Year in 2010.


Thursday is your hump day this week. If you can get over

the disappointment of your continuous losses, you’ll skate

through the rest of the week and may even fluke a medal.

Keep your fingers crossed.


You’ve been longing to excel in a sport for some time. The

traditional sports may not be for you. Try quidditch … or

extreme ironing … or gurning (you know, the sport where

the ugliest face wins). You’re bound to find your niche.


A brewing rivalry with a particularly strong opponent could

jeopardise a promising team effort. It’s up to you to knock

some heads together and get everyone back on track.


You’ve been on a winning streak recently but all that is

about to end. The Gods of sport want a more even playing

field and are giving your luck to another.


Congratulations! You are the recipient of the generosity of

the Gods of sport. You should start experiencing a winning

streak any day now. Be patient.


If you’re having a rough day on the field, use your sense of

humour to lighten the vibe. After all, laughter is the best

medicine – just avoid the maniacal kind that attracts men in

white coats.

Page 2


You know that feeling when your opponent is doing well ...

really well ... and you think there’s absolutely no way you’ll

be able to pull off a win? That pretty much sums up today.

Stay home.


It’s a good day. All the stars are aligning, the bones aren’t

clicking, the Voltaren gel is working a treat and you’re

strapped to within an inch of your life. You can conquer the



You should be grateful ASADA thought it was too expensive

to fly to Alice Springs. Otherwise all that alcohol you drank

last night at the Midweek Party might be an issue. Thank

your lucky stars.


The logical side of your brain is telling you that you should

have a strategy to knock off that opponent. Unfortunately,

you are a Piscean and you will do whatever you like anyway.

It’s time to listen to others.

Many old friendships are being renewed at the basketball stadium during this year’s 30th Anniversary

Masters Games, with teams looking to continue past good form.

Smith’s Long Walk to Gold

An 81-year-old man who walked

700km for charity has taken out the

gold in the 5km walk.

Leigh Smith, from Hahndorf in South

Australia, won his age division in a

time of 40:50:09.

The keen walker has had plenty of

practice – last year he walked from

the Docklands in Melbourne to his

home in Hahndorf, completing the

incredible 700km journey in 13 days.

“When I had the idea of walking from

Melbourne to Hahndorf it was for me

to show my appreciation to all the

people that had given me support and

happiness during the past 80 years

and, at the same time to raise money

for the Cancer Council and Heart

Foundation,” he said.

Smith covered 40-65km every day

on what he called his ‘Thank You

Walk’. He sometimes walked with his

daughter and son, but mostly made

the trek on his own. He raised an

amazing $25,000.

He said the highlight was a man on

a tractor approaching him and giving

him a handful of coins worth about


The octogenarian timed his arrival

into Hahndorf Football Club, where

he’s a life member, on Anzac Day in

between the seniors’ football games.

He said the arrival was an unbelievable


“Family, friends and football club

supporters were there to welcome be

back to Hahndorf, “ he said.

“It was a very emotional moment and

will always be with me.”

Following his long walk, Leigh says he

never wants to see a Sustagen drink

again, or eat any more lolly snakes.

The Friendly Times



Debi Doheny

Joanne Van


Narelle Sizer

Gary Renkin

Jo Bartlett

Albert Tilmouth

Jayne Winter

Jeremy Taylor

Singapore Swing

A former Sydney man has flown

more than 4000km to Alice Springs

for a game of baseball.

Darren Llewellyn is part of the Bulls

Baseball Club, based in Adelaide, but

flew all the way from Singapore where

he now works and lives.

It is Llewellyn’s fifth Alice Springs

Masters Games and he’s made the

trek from the South East Asian nation

each time.

“The Games are a chance to reconnect

with friends from my old clubs, as well

as meet new folks,” he said.

“An email goes out six months before

the Games calling for people to

confirm their place in the team and

that’s when it’s decision time.

“From that point on it gets exciting.

“We’re all back in contact and emails

fire backwards and forwards as we

make plans from our corners of the


“Hopefully we’ll play well enough to

compete for a gold medal at the end

of the week, but you can be sure the

Bulls will make their mark on the

Games in the social part of the week.”

The 46-year-old said he always enjoys

his Alice Springs Masters Games


“Even though we’re more seasoned,

the competitiveness still bubbles up

from time to time, and for a brief

moment I forget the aches and pains,

and the mind tries to convince the

body to make the extra effort.”

Llewellyn was first invited to compete

at the Games with mates from Sydney

in 2008.

He came, saw, enjoyed and made the

commitment to return in the future.

He just didn’t relise that his future

would be in Singapore.

Llewellyn has been involved with

baseball for more than 30 years. He

co-founded the Singapore Brewers

baseball club in 2010.

“It’s a group of adult expats and beer

aficionados competing in the national

league,” he said.

In the past few years Llewellyn has

transitioned to the off-field running of

the club, but still makes the occasional

on-field appearance.

“I’d hardly call it preparation for a

serious Games campaign though.”

Llewellyn also competes in athletics

events in his spare time to stay active

and meet new people.

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Accreditation ID (on your Accreditation Pass)

and make a caption for today’s photo. The best

caption will win an prize. Winners announced

in each edition of The Friendly Times.

Yesterday’s Photo Caption Winner

“Wrangler butts drive me nuts”

- Leanne Rumbalu, QLD

Drop into the Media Centre to get your prize.

Unknowns could Challenge in Masters Mile

Alice Springs couple Emma

Kraft and Brad White are in

good form leading in to this

evening’s Masters Mile with

both clear favourites for the


Kraft won the 5km cross country

on Tuesday while White won the

800m by two laps and also clocked

a good time in the 3000m.

Kraft is breaking her training

schedule for the Melbourne

Marathon by running the ‘short’

distance event.

While Kraft has said she is only

doing it for the fun of the mile, she

only knows one way to run once

the gun goes off at the start – to


The duo will have the advantage

of being local residents so should

not be too hindered by the 25C

forecast for the race this evening.

The Masters Mile is traditionally

a popular spectator event with

people lining the street from the

start at Strehlow Street to the

mass crowd at the finish near the

Games Centre on Todd Street.

They cheer everyone on – from

the front runners to those aged

80-plus further down the field.

John Bell holds the record for

winning the most outright Masters

Mile events with three.

Athletics coordinator John

Bermingham said, as of yesterday,

there were 189 participants

entered in both the women’s and

men’s events.

He said while Kraft and White

will start as favourites, there

are runners in the field who

could push them – especially as

entry isn’t restricted to athletics


“There are also good runners

in other sports. We don’t know

about their form or ability,”

Bermingham said.

There will be many crowd

favourites returning this year

including hearing impaired runner

Cristine Suffolk.

Entry is open until 5pm today.

Games participants in other

sports who want to compete in

the event can enter at the Games

Centre by paying a $5 fee.

The women’s race starts at 6pm.

The men are due to start 30

minutes later.

If you want to watch the action,

make sure you get to the finish

line in front of the Town Council

lawns early to secure a good

vantage point.

The Friendly Times

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Record Medal Haul at Pool and Track

An amazing number of athletics and

swimming records have tumbled at this

year’s Alice Springs Masters Games.

Swimmers have taken to heart Australian

sporting icon Dawn Fraser’s message that

records are there to be broken.

In the first four days of competition, 169

new swimming marks were set. And the

tally from athletes competing across the

road were not far behind.

First time Alice Springs Masters Games

participant Darrin Tahere is surprised he

was a star performer of this week’s meet.

Tahere made a big splash in the pool with

eight Games records in the 35-39 age

category. He set eight records – five for

individual swims and three in relays.

“I am really surprised to have broken the

records,” he said.

“There were not a lot of swimmers in my

age group but I was expecting a couple of

people might be ahead of me.

“It is my first time and I love it.

“I have met a lot of people in town who do

swimming so it is good networking … and a

lot of fun.”

Tahere is not alone in setting the pool alight

during these Games.

Others to do well include the oldest male

swimmer 87-year-old Gordon Medcalf who

set six new records.

Dr Clare Hand, who is also providing sports

medicine at the pool, broke five records

while the swimming coordinator Julie

Collins also broke five records.

Alice Springs swimmers Chris Daffy and

Josh van Haaren both registered four


There were also records set across the road

in athletics events.

Charles Crowley, who competed in the 80+

age group, showed the way with five new


Hearing impaired runner Cristine Suffolk

showed she was in good form with a record

in the 3000m women’s 45+ age group,

with a time of 11:53. She backed it up with

5:49.57 to win gold in the 1500m to add

to her collection from the past four Alice

Springs Masters Games.

Suffolk is heading to the World Masters

games in two weeks.

Rhondda Dundas was a triple record

breaker in the women’s 70+ division in the

shot put, hammer and discus.

Other records were set by Volodymyr

Shelever, Noela Medcalf and Coral Allan.

And there were plenty of other highlights

on the four days of the meet.

New track star and 34-year-old Clancy Snell

ran good times in the 100m and 200m but

was shaded in the 400m by Kat Cacavas,

who won silver in the 5km cross country

earlier in the day.

Local legend Dick Kimber won gold in both

track and field in his 75+ age group. He also

won gold in the 100m and shot put.

Gladys Gullock, 88, and Gordon Medcalf,

who had a good meet at the swimming,

showed a strong turn of pace, both winning

the 100m sprints in a shade more than 30


Grant Allan won a swag of medals in the

60+ age category including gold in the

3000m, 1500m, 400m and 200m.

Man of Many Gold Talents

Octogenarian Ian Stewart may have to buy extra baggage

allowance after his record medal haul at these Games.

The spritely 81-year old will be

weighed down with gold and silver

when he returns home to Western

Australia after amassing an amazing

13 medals this year. His feat is all the

more impressive because he did it in

the pool and at the track.

Stewart has been swimming since he

was nine years old, and this week he

went on to win eight gold medals and

break seven Games records in the


He swam a mixture of strokes

including breast, back and freestyle

over distances ranging from 25m to


And if that wasn’t enough, Stewart

filled in his time by winning a gold

in shot put and silver in long jump,

triple jump, discus throw and the M80

javelin throw.

He would have also entered the

1500m in the pool and the Masters

Mile – but he’s had to retire early with

a pulled muscle.

Stewart is a seasoned Games veteran,

being to every Alice Springs Masters

Games since 1996 and only missing

the 2014 Games.

His first Masters challenge was the

World Masters Games in Brisbane in

1994 where he won silver and bronze.

Stewart loves the competition at the

Alice Springs Masters Games but says

the highlight for him this year was

getting to shake swimming legend

Dawn Fraser’s hand – not just once but

for six of his 13 medal presentations.

He said he’s looking forward to

returning in 2018 to see if he can

break even more records.

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The Friendly Times

Debutante will be Back

Organisers of the Go-Karting competition have hailed

the sport’s entry into this year’s Games a success.

It’s taken 30 years to get the sport to join the Alice Springs

Masters Games family and spokesman Tony Connor said

they’ll be back in 2018.

“We didn’t know what to expect for our first Games but it

turned out to be a good first night,” he said.

“There was a bit of confusion early with the points due to

the heats being pushed through quickly to make sure we

finished in good time.

“But it was a fun night, better than I expected.

“A lot of different people won medals and it was good they

were spread around a bit.

“Everyone is happy.

“There was a bit of contact in the 125s but that’s Go-


“We’re now working on how to make it better in 2018.”

Western Australian Michelle Joyce had the honour of

being the first winner in the Alice Springs Masters Games

Go-Karting competition, taking out the opening heat on

Tuesday in the 125 class.

Go-Karting will have its final competition of the Games


The teams’ event will start when the sun goes down

although drivers will be out and about at the Arunga Park

track from 5pm.

Even Musos Can Jump

The Alice Springs Masters Games attracts all sorts –

even superstar musicians.

Alice Springs-raised music legend, Ian Moss, has seen the

light and is taking part in his first Games.

Moss was lured to the Games by long-time friend and

owner of 8HA radio Roger Harris to play in the Tjilpis

(pronounced chill-pees) basketball team. The team is made

up of men all over the age of 60.

Moss, 61, is best known as a guitarist and occasional

vocalist with Cold Chisel. He went on to have his own

successful solo career.

Cold Chisel reformed in 2011, performing 24 shows in

Australia and another two in New Zealand on their Light

the Nitro tour.

Last year they visited 13 major Australian regional centres

and capital cities in their One Night Stand tour.

Moss arrived in Alice Springs on Monday morning, fresh

from a gig in Perth on Sunday night.

“I’d been on the ground for five minutes and was straight

into a game,” he said.

“I don’t normally play basketball, but I do maintain quite

a strict fitness regime so I’ve pulled up OK, though I must

point out we were really only playing for fun.”

Despite leaving Alice Springs 40 years ago to move to

Sydney, Moss said that Alice Springs “still feels like home”.

And he said he’d enjoyed his time at the Games.

“This truly is the Friendly Games with the social aspect of

the event as much of a lure as the sport itself,” he said.

“I’ve had a great time catching up with old friends, making

new ones and remembering the Alice of old. Maybe I’ll

even make it back for the next ones.”

Let’s hope he comes back to not only compete but to

perform at the next Games in 2018.

Around the Traps...

You have to feel for the golfers playing at the Alice

Springs Golf Club. It’s breeding season for the local

plovers who are dive-bombing participants they

believe pose a threat to their young. There have been

some agitated golfers doing some jerky arm waving

moves in response. Best way to stop the problem is

to move in groups or wear a hat and sunglasses.

It is a time-honoured tradition in major sporting

contests for teams to exchange gifts before the

Games and most netball teams have adopted the

practice. Usually, it’s a simple trinket or something

similar. The GapView Cocktails team took things to a

new level with their gift of a cocktail, complete with

straw and stubby holder. One of the delectable drinks

was called Hell on Wheels.

You won’t see this every day. Alice Springs man Hugh

Round is competing in his first Masters Games and in

his first attempt at orienteering. He added an extra

challenge for himself – taking 17-month old Louis

along for the ride. The toddler weighs in at about

15kg but fell asleep during the outing, forcing Hugh

to slow down for the bigger rocks so as not wake the

youngster. Oh, to be 36 again and fit enough to cart

an extra 15kg around while competing!

We pass this tidbit on without comment … the Viagra

Hawks baseball team has apparently not washed the

jockstrap worn over the catcher’s pants for many a

year … the rumour is that it may have been 2009 ….

Alice Springs mountain biker Ben Gooley has been a

standout performer at these Games, taking out gold

in the 30-34 age group in every race he’s entered. The

tally is at 5 with still more races to go.

The Queens of the Desert are putting in a sterling

effort, refereeing more than 36 basketball games so

far between them … and some of them are playing

as well - in two teams no less! Now that’s dedication.

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