Friday afternoon, I’m going home after a busy week with tons of deadlines and articles from our contributors. A few stairs are long enough to make me tired. I’m trying to climb step by step. Suddenly, I catch the scent of baked cakes in the air. Yeah, that is Joseph. This enchanting scent must come from the kitchen of the “conjurer”, Joseph! All my weariness seems to disappear. I run quickly up the last stairs, calling out loud “Uncle Joseph”. Upon coming in, I hug him from his back. Wow, the sweet smell of cream cheese is still lingering on his hair. “The conjurer of cakes” is the nickname I have given Joseph, an old member of my family. Thanks to his career and hobbies, he has had chances to travel around the world. He has cooked the delicious dishes he has learned on his travels since I was a little girl. He also tells me how he “met” those dishes. I usually enjoy the dishes while listening to his endless exciting stories. No matter how mature I am, his dishes and culinary stories are always miraculous. Now, we are preparing the last plates for our dinner today while happily telling funny stories. This time, he is the listener as I’m sharing with him my recipes and my passion for cooking. Actually, in that busy life, what could be more important than the excitement we have whenever enjoying or cooking scrumptious dishes? Why don’t you share with us your own excitement during your culinary journeys? Box: Experience your exciting and memorable culinary journeys in Vietnam and around the world.

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