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John Rutherford and his con flab e dab e dozie family tree

John Rutherford's family tree


SOME SORT OF INTRODUCTION JI ALAN RUTHERFORD From a casual interest, the vague answers received were accepted and, for a number of years, this vague understanding of my ancestry seemed adequate ... then I became uncomfortable with the information I had taken at face value. A resulting driven curiosity was rewarded with an initial overview of my family history, provided by my cousin Ian and hisfamily tree’ document, a painstakingly detailed hand written document on a long roll of draughtsman’s paper. Some of Ian’s conclusions were challenged by another cousin, James ... and as I turned to admire his investigation, another theory proposed by Raymond and Carol appeared ... I am now happily confused and feel an attempt at laying out these differing histories may make an interesting spectacle. V Other than this construction, my recollections and a wee bit of my own concluding, I must confess that a large chunk of the research contained in this pamphlet is the work of others. As befits a decendant of sixteenth century ‘Reivers’ – Anglo-Scottish border families of robbers, liars and brigands (see stealthy Rutherford opposite) – I have stolen, plundered, borrowed, blagged and begged the ancestral information contained herein ... thanks. OCTOBER 2016

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