John Rutherford and his con flab e dab e dozie family tree


John Rutherford's family tree

This pamphlet’s purpose? Well, other than to lay out the differing theories of

members of this large branch of ‘Rutherford’, the intention originally was to supply

my children, grandchildren, etc with a record of a ‘belonging’ ... much as the brief

tales my father told me as a boy did for me.

As this is a digital record (there may be a limited printing?) I hope it will be of use in

the giving of that ‘belonging’ feeling ... shared and passed on.

So here is an ancestry, at times contradictory, with dodgy19th century census

records, and a difference of opinion amongst John Rutherford (senior)’s decendants

... all good stuff.

Followed up by a couple of Appendixes: a potted history of my father, James Beckett

Rutherford, and a sort of delve into the surname Rutherford’s source.

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