Live Magazine October Edition

Adult party games, video games and a list of the top horror movies - just in time for halloween! All in Live Magazine!

Adult party games, video games and a list of the top horror movies - just in time for halloween! All in Live Magazine!


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Video Games, Board Games,<br />

Card Games... Fun Issue!<br />

Exploding Kittens<br />

Cards Against Humanity<br />

Suddenly Drunk<br />

Joking Hazard<br />


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Adult Party<br />

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This issue is a bit different. It’s a very<br />

social issue.<br />

Well, it’s a lot different. Firstly you<br />

may have noticed the MA15+ icon<br />

on the cover. That’s because some<br />

of the games we adults play have<br />

adult content. Language, themes<br />

and all that stuff that censors take a<br />

careful look at. Plus we’ve featured a<br />

lot of non-screen gaming this issue,<br />

and that’s because we’re noticing a<br />

world wide trend.<br />

Board Games are Back!<br />

So this is a card and board game<br />

special. In particular party games<br />

- games that you will have a blast<br />

playing with friends on a Saturday<br />

night, munching on pizza and having<br />

a beer or wine (over 18 of course) .<br />

Plus we’ve got our regular Halloween<br />

special with our look at horror movies<br />

- thanks to Scott. And we thought<br />

we’d ask the experts in movies - our<br />

friends in podcasting, Phil and Dean<br />

from Chillpak Hollywood, they share<br />

their top horror too. Get the popcorn<br />

ready and invite your friends over for<br />

a horror movie night.<br />

Enjoy this issue!<br />

Rob Jenkins<br />

Publisher<br />

Publisher: Rob Jenkins<br />

(GTHQ)<br />

Art Director: Giselle Capozza<br />

(GTHQ)<br />

Game Review & Preview Editors:<br />

Nick Getley & Kylie Tuttle<br />

(Sticky Trigger)<br />

Retro Editor: Paul Monopoli<br />

Comics: Scott Sowter<br />

Cosplay Editor: Anny Sims<br />

& Tiffany Dean<br />

Sticky Trigger Writers:<br />

Kylie Tuttle<br />

Nick Getley<br />

Alex Holmes<br />

Aaron Milligan<br />

Ben Rachow<br />

Bridget Sweeney<br />

Sean Fox<br />

Sasha Karen<br />

Jason English<br />

Johnny Scene




Disturbed Friends is a party game<br />

designed to find out how disturbed<br />

your friends are, but, more importantly,<br />

how disturbed they think you<br />

are.<br />

You will be faced with horrible situations,<br />

sexual scenarios and unethical<br />

debates that may cause you to reevaluate<br />

your friendships.<br />

The game is simple, even a handicapped<br />

goat could play. One unlucky<br />

player picks up a multiple<br />

choice question card and reads it<br />

out loud. The other players vote on<br />

what answer they think their friend<br />

will choose.<br />

There’s been a real move toward more social gaming. Board games are extremely popular and experiencing<br />

huge growth. Card games too have become massive thanks to the many Kickstarter<br />

campaigns that have launched many of the games you’ll see over the next few pages. It seems that<br />

people are enjoying each other’s company again. Video games too have a ton of options for social<br />

play and we’ll take a look at them next issue, but for this issue we’re looking at card games and, yes<br />

we’re looking at Adult Party Games, simply because those are the games fans are rushing out to buy.<br />

so let’s take a look at what’s hot...<br />

Disturbed Friends Trivia and Stuff<br />

Firstly it’s... gross and funny. Seriously - no kids<br />

You will discover how weird friends are when you play.<br />

It has explicit language - again - no kids!!<br />

Their website claims... “Our objective was to produce a game<br />

that most people would find revolting, and to push the limits both<br />

legally and ethically.”<br />

Website for how to play - www.disturbedfriends.com<br />

Seriously - no kids.<br />

Warning: some really are quite... adult...


DRUNK<br />

Suddenly Drunk can easily be added<br />

to any turn-based board or card<br />

game that transforms it into a hilarious<br />

drinking game for 3 - 8 Players.<br />

Created by veteran Gaming Bar<br />

Event Manager and co-owner of<br />

board/card/video game bar Beta<br />

Bar, Skaidris Gunsmith. Suddenly<br />

Drunk is the culmination of years of<br />

research in how people enjoy drinking<br />

and playing games. Pick your favorite<br />

board or card game. Suddenly<br />

Drunk works best with simple party<br />

games like Cards Against Humanity,<br />

Jenga or Uno but can be played with<br />

ANY turn based board or card game.<br />

Suddenly Drunk Trivia and Stuff<br />

It’s not a stand alone game, you play in conjunction with<br />

another game.<br />

It helps you... get drunk. You have to take shots.<br />

There’s a video on their website so you can see how to play:<br />

www.suddenlydrunk.com<br />

Don’t drink too much - you get sick.<br />



In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered<br />

version of Russian Roulette, players<br />

draw cards until someone draws an<br />

Exploding Kitten, at which point they<br />

explode, they are dead, and they are<br />

out of the game -- unless that player<br />

has a Defuse card, which can defuse<br />

the Kitten using things like laser<br />

pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches.<br />

All of the other cards in the<br />

deck are used to move, mitigate, or<br />

avoid the Exploding Kittens.<br />

F**K the Game Trivia and Stuff<br />

It’s really rude. It has lots of swearing.<br />

It’s Australian...<br />

It uses a psychological phenomenon - the Stroop effect that<br />

messes with your brain’s responses.<br />

No - we don’t think it’s got anything to do with the CIA<br />

www.f--kthegame.com is the website.<br />

No kids!!<br />

F**K THE<br />

GAME<br />

F**k. The Game is a hilarious new<br />

Aussie card game which will help<br />

you get smarter while swearing at<br />

your friends. This is a great social<br />

card game that will f**k with your<br />

head by using a hysterically tricky<br />

combination of colours and swear<br />

words.<br />

Exploding Kittens Trivia and Stuff<br />

The most funded game in Kickstarter history!<br />

The most number of backers in Kickstarter history.<br />

How to play guide : www.explodingkittens.com<br />

Plus there’s apps on iOS and Android<br />

Two editions - one for ages 8 plus and there’s an adult edition too.



The game is simple. It plays similar<br />

to the classic game of Crazy 8s, but<br />

with a few evil twists. There are 4<br />

basic Realms to play in (like suits in<br />

a card deck) and the Chaos Realm<br />

which really screws with the game.<br />

All you have to do is be the first player<br />

to get rid of all your Monster Rejects<br />

to win the game.<br />

Monster Rejects Trivia and Stuff<br />

It’s about monsters - well sort of.<br />

It has evil twists.<br />

It’s not for kids - really not for kids!!!<br />

It’s quick to learn.<br />

You might need a shower afterwards.<br />

Play info - www.monsterrejects.com.<br />

JOKING<br />

HAZARD<br />

From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness<br />

comes a card game where<br />

players compete to finish an awful<br />

comic strip. Draw 7 cards. The deck<br />

plays the first card, select a Judge<br />

to play the second, then everyone<br />

selects a third card to create a three<br />

panel comic strip. The Judge picks<br />

a winner.<br />

The game includes a deck of 250<br />

unique panel cards - that’s 15.4 million<br />

combinations of comics!<br />

Joking Hazard Trivia and Stuff<br />

You play by creating a comic strip using the cards.<br />

It too started on Kickstarter and got fully funded in an hour!<br />

It is offensive to some.<br />

No kids<br />

Have fun!<br />

COUP<br />

Coup Card Game Trivia and Stuff<br />

In a future where the government is<br />

run for profit, all but a privileged few<br />

live lives of poverty and desperation.<br />

The Resistance rises out of these<br />

oppressed masses in revolt and<br />

throws the government into chaos.<br />

To take command, you must destroy<br />

the influence of your rivals and drive<br />

them into exile. Only one can survive.<br />

Coup is a game of bluff and deception<br />

set in The Resistance universe<br />

for 2-6 players with a 15 minute play<br />

time.<br />

This one is safer for younger players - most people<br />

suggest aged 10+.<br />

It’s been nominated by Golden Geek for Best Card game.<br />

You need to bluff and be good at bluffing.<br />

It had over 5,400 backers on Kickstarter!

POOP<br />

POOP is a game where the first<br />

player to run out of cards wins!<br />

Take turns pooping but don’t clog<br />

the toilet! Some cards make players<br />

perform crazy acts. POOP is<br />

playable with up to 10 players when<br />

combined with the PARTY POOPER<br />

<strong>Edition</strong>.<br />

Poop Trivia and Stuff<br />

Yes there is game called Poop.<br />

It’s promoted as family friendly<br />

It’s kind of like Uno.<br />

You can read more at www.poopthegame.com<br />

Kids ok... parental supervision maybe..<br />

We got some last minute additions that are definitely NSFW - Not Suitable for Kids - MA 15+ and<br />

all that rating and warning stuff so don’t blame us if you get offended!<br />

DIRTY<br />


Dirty Neighbors is the game that will<br />

make everyone funny... even you! It’s<br />

the easiest game to play with small<br />

or huge groups and gets everyone<br />

laughing right from the first card.<br />

One person is the Dirty Neighbors<br />

while everyone else writes an answer.<br />

Bring some originality to your<br />

next party!<br />

Dirty Neighbours Trivia and Stuff<br />

It’s simple to play<br />

They recommend ages 17 plus...<br />

It’s got rude stuff<br />

Website - www.dirtyneighborsgame.com<br />

Boss Monster Trivia and Stuff<br />


The Dungeon Building Card Game<br />

The creators obviously love retro!<br />

It’s created by Brotherwise - a company that is run by... brothers.<br />

One brother has lots of hair the other does not - but he looks like he shaves his head.<br />

The game is fun and ok for kids 13 plus.<br />

In most dungeons, you enter as an<br />

adventurer and fight your way to the<br />

center. There, you defeat the big<br />

boss monster and win treasure or<br />

something. Well, enough is enough.<br />

It’s time for YOU to be the big boss<br />

monster. It’s time for YOU to build<br />

your own nefarious dungeon. And it’s<br />

time for YOU to destroy more adventurers<br />

than your fellow boss monsters.<br />

It’s time to play: Boss Monster:<br />

Dungeon-Building Card Game.<br />


Exploding Kittens NOT SAFE FOR<br />

WORK <strong>Edition</strong> is a card game for<br />

people who are into kittens and<br />

explosions and boob wizards and<br />

sometimes butts. This NSFW <strong>Edition</strong><br />

of Exploding Kittens is an ADULT<br />

ONLY party game for 2-5 players<br />

(up to 9 players when combined with<br />

any other deck).<br />

This is the most-backed project in<br />

Kickstarter history and all cards feature<br />

illustrations by The Oatmeal. Includes<br />

56 cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches),<br />

box, and instructions. This box, like<br />

99.99% of boxes, does not meow.<br />

Exploding Kittens NSFW Trivia and Stuff<br />

See Exploding Kittens page and adult mix.<br />

Yes you can get all these at Gametraders, but be warned they are for mature players.

geek out<br />

10<br />


MOVIES<br />




your say<br />

WHAT<br />


STAFF LOVE...<br />


A BRIEF<br />


5 BOARD<br />

GAMES you<br />

just gotta<br />

play!<br />


DEAD OF<br />

WINTER:<br />


BOARD GAME review<br />





DIARIES:<br />

1994-1995<br />

retro<br />


MOVIES<br />




IT’S OK TO BE A<br />

NERD<br />






your say<br />



“Cards Against Humanity... especially<br />

when your nan gets involved! And<br />

wins!”<br />

- Trent Moullae<br />

“Rockband.”<br />

- Brendan Russo<br />

“Hungry hungry hippos with washing<br />

baskets where one person holds it,<br />

a friend holds their legs and the balls<br />

that are in the ball pits are what you<br />

have catch with the washing basket<br />

lol good times.”<br />

- Hoffman Andrew Ashley<br />

“Super Smash Bros (played with<br />

random characters/stages) with all<br />

items turned off except for master<br />

balls. Non-stop legendary Pokemon<br />

insanity!”<br />

- Zoe Zatz All Hatt<br />

“Kings cups”<br />

- Eric W Borchard<br />

“Any Worms game. Especially if no<br />

one knows how to play.”<br />

- Ben Rachow<br />

“Golden Eye 64 or Mario Kart 64.”<br />

- Adzy Wizzle<br />

“Cards Against Humanity and Gerty’s<br />

drawing cards game.”<br />

- Tristan Thorpe<br />

“Exploding Kittens!”<br />

- Samantha Castle<br />

“The Mario Party series was pretty<br />

fantastic & had a substantial amount<br />

of mini-games. I really enjoyed Bishi<br />

Bashi Special on PS1. It had plenty<br />

of wacky Japanese fun.”<br />

- Simon Che Rodriguez<br />

“Mario Party.”<br />

- Cameron Hons<br />

“Super Smash Bros & Mario Kart.<br />

Any version (preferences are Mario<br />

Kart Double Dash & Smash for Wii<br />

U). No one seems to complain about<br />

playing either of them... but never<br />

mention Mario Party!”<br />

- Jean-Paul Bartolomei<br />

“Singstar!”<br />

- Dylan Faith<br />

“Jackbox party pack is always fun<br />

to play for a few hours with your<br />

mates.”<br />

- Logan Xavier Skilling<br />

“Gears n Beers nights. Playing hord<br />

till all hours and or not even sleeping.”<br />

- Anthony Baseley<br />

“Wii sports was a good one for small<br />

family gatherings as it was just easy<br />

for anyone of any age group to pick<br />

up and have fun.”<br />

- Angela Haines<br />

Want your<br />

response<br />

featured in our<br />

next live magazine<br />

edition? ‘like’ us<br />

on facebook and<br />

look out for the<br />

‘your say’ status!<br />





This month staff are excited about some of the great games and pop<br />

culture items coming out in time for you know what... Christmas!!<br />

“Things that have us excited: The<br />

new D&D book ‘Storm Kings Thunder’<br />

the soon to be released Captain<br />

America: Civil War Hot Toys.<br />

Kingdom Hearts 3 (when it finally<br />

comes out) Horizon Zero Dawn, we<br />

practically watch the trailer on loop.<br />

Just to name a few things.<br />

“We can’t wait for Watch Ya Mouth!<br />

Here’s abit about the game...<br />

Watch Ya’ Mouth is the AUTHENTIC,<br />

Hilarious, Mouthguard Party Game.<br />

Originated in viral videos, Launched<br />

on Kickstarter, and we will soon<br />

have it just for you! In this laughterinducing,<br />

competitive card-based<br />

game, teams of players, hampered<br />

by cheek retractors, attempt to<br />

read and interpret/speak out phrases<br />

and... Hilarity ensues!”<br />

- Staff from Gametraders Ingle<br />

Farm<br />

“Pokemon evolutions due out November<br />

will be the most popular<br />

card set release since it launched.<br />

It’s full of reprints from the base set<br />

in honour of the 20th anniversary of<br />

the trading card game”<br />

- Byron from Gametraders<br />

Hyperdome (ACT)<br />

Here’s what staff are loving:<br />

Andrew: the upcoming Star Wars X-<br />

Wing Expansions<br />

Naomi: the R2-D2 tea set...<br />

Melanie: the Scooby Doo pop figurine<br />

set<br />

Peter: the Last Guardian<br />

Joanna: the new Star Wars hot toys<br />

to go with Leia.<br />

Jimmy: the new LOTR Larp weapons,<br />

they should help to keep some<br />

order around here.”<br />

- Staff from Gametraders<br />

Macarthur Square<br />

gametraders<br />

macarthur<br />

square team<br />

There’s a quick look at what our team are loving this week at Gametraders. Want to know more about what’s happening - check out the stores’ Facebook<br />

pages and join so you keep up to date with the latest releases. Also subscribe so you get our free magazines and catalogues.




1.<br />

1. Dungeons & Dragons Rule Book.<br />

2. Pachisi Mat<br />

3. Painting in tomb of Egyptian Queen<br />

Nefertari (1295–1255 BC)<br />

4. Dungeons & Dragons Game<br />

5. Axis and Allies Box<br />

6. Dice<br />

7. Senet Game Pieces<br />

Images from Wikipedia.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

Board games are back, but have<br />

they ever been away? Not if you<br />

talk to the many fans out there. But<br />

where did it all start? What was the<br />

first board game and how did they<br />

evolve into the intricate gaming experiences<br />

we have today?<br />

Let’s take a quick look back in time.<br />

In South East Turkey, small carved<br />

painted stones were found that date<br />

back to around 5,000 years ago and<br />

these are thought to be the earliest<br />

gaming pieces found. An early<br />

board game found in Egypt is Senet,<br />

a game with a grid of 30 squares in 3<br />

rows of ten according to Wikipedia,<br />

the board features 2 sets of pawns<br />

and while details of the rules are<br />

sketchy, historians Timothy Kendall<br />

and R.C Bell, have apparently reconstructed<br />

the rules and game play for<br />

modern play.<br />

sion of Ludo or Sorry. It originated<br />

in ancient India and is played on a<br />

board that is shaped like a cross.<br />

The Ludo version was patented in<br />

1896.<br />

Dozens of board games if not hundreds,<br />

were invented and played in<br />

those early years. Back then there<br />

was no internet, game consoles etc,<br />

so families and groups of friends<br />

made their own fun sitting in front<br />

of the fire and playing those early<br />

games.<br />

Fast forward to the 1970s and we<br />

see the first Dungeons and Dragons<br />

being published, 1974 to be precise.<br />

The game known as D&D was designed<br />

by Gary Gygax and Dave<br />

Arneson and published by Tactical<br />

Studies Rules, inc (TSR) and was<br />

derived from a miniatures war game<br />

called Chainmail.<br />

game so much so that even those<br />

early D&D games had some groups<br />

concerned that playing the game<br />

could lead to witchcraft and devil<br />

worship... according to Wikipedia,<br />

the panic by some groups also led<br />

to fans and players being ostracised<br />

and treated as weirdo geeks<br />

(our description not Wikipedia). Like<br />

anything in life, you can take things<br />

way too seriously and end up letting<br />

it overtake your life, whether it be<br />

video games, social media or even<br />

board games.<br />

Today though, most people just love<br />

hanging out and playing. Games are<br />

a great reason to get together, grab<br />

a drink and some pizza and spend a<br />

couple of hours battling each other<br />

or solving a mystery. Back in the 80s<br />

game boxes often came with the<br />

descriptions of being great “beer<br />

and pretzels” games.<br />

5.<br />

6. 7.<br />

4.<br />

But enough of ancient games, what<br />

about classics like Monopoly?<br />

The earliest versions were called<br />

“The Landlord’s Game” created by<br />

Elizabeth Magie, and existed around<br />

1902. The game was one of a series<br />

where players bought and sold<br />

land and then developed the land.<br />

In 1933, according to Wikipedia, a<br />

version of the game resembling the<br />

Parker Brothers classic, was being<br />

sold. It’s thought Charles Darrow invented<br />

Monopoly as we have it today<br />

and he, in fact, became a millionaire<br />

game designer - the first ever.<br />

Another game from ancient times is<br />

Pachisi which is sort of a early ver-<br />

D&D is thought to be the beginning<br />

of modern role-playing games. While<br />

the game is structured it is also<br />

open-ended where a party of players<br />

controlling one character each<br />

adventure in a fantasy setting.<br />

(Editors Note: Want to see a fun video<br />

on Youtube - check out Acquisitions<br />

Incorporated - PAX West 2016<br />

D&D Game: youtu.be/XQyicFbPCRs.<br />

It’s where players comment on their<br />

game and play dressed in costume.<br />

Funny but some swearing)<br />

Games have evolved incredibly over<br />

the years, complex game mechanics<br />

and beautifully designed boards<br />

and characters immerse you in the<br />

War games like Axis and Allies would<br />

have you locked in board game war<br />

for hours on end. Other games like<br />

Fury of Dracula had one player take<br />

on the role of the vampire whilst others<br />

would work together to hunt the<br />

evil fiend down.<br />

They encouraged team work, laughter<br />

and real life social interaction.<br />

Don’t get me wrong, we love our<br />

tech, our phones and consoles but<br />

sometimes sitting around a board<br />

game and losing yourself for a few<br />

hours is just the best.<br />

All images from Wikipedia.


5 board games you<br />

just gotta play!<br />

What happened? We went from a<br />

few people playing games now and<br />

then to a full on major pastime. I<br />

have a theory, no, not a conspiracy<br />

theory, although at <strong>Live</strong> we love to<br />

consider those too. But my theory<br />

is this...<br />

When smart phones became mainstream<br />

I think many people became<br />

so glued to screens that the personal<br />

connections in our lives shrunk to<br />

the bare minimum. The Pokemon<br />

GO came out and millions of trainers<br />

hit the streets, sometimes in<br />

packs, looking for Pokemon. That<br />

was a good start to getting the social<br />

interaction happening again.<br />

At the same time, lots of gamers<br />

discovered or re-discovered the<br />

simply joy of playing a board game,<br />

table top game or card game. The<br />

sheer fun of destroying your friend<br />

or hunting them down or blowing<br />

the daylights out of their Tie Fighter<br />

in X-Wing was just irresistible!<br />

Here at <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> we talk to<br />

Gametraders store owners, suppliers<br />

and distributors of cool stuff<br />

and the amazing thing is how popular<br />

these games have become. It<br />

seems the good old days of Friday<br />

night pizza, drinks and board gaming<br />

is back bigger then ever.<br />

Over the past few weeks some of<br />

us here at <strong>Live</strong> dabbled in some X-<br />

Wing and within minutes, we were<br />

hooked. The strategy and touch of<br />

chance in dog fighting in space is<br />

a brilliant gaming experience. We<br />

also found that many stores now<br />

offer game nights featuring table<br />

top games so you can take those<br />

skills you’ve honed and test yourself<br />

against other fans. Super!<br />

Seems many of our readers love<br />

board games too from the feedback<br />

we get. So we decided to produce<br />

a list of the top selling games<br />

so that you know which ones to try<br />

out and enjoy.. let’s take a look.<br />

But first - we’ve also included some<br />

video review links from Youtube and<br />

we can’t take responsibility for the<br />

content - they seem fine but there<br />

maybe language or themes not<br />

suitable for kids...<br />

Dead of Winter<br />

The Long Night<br />

The game has players at a new<br />

colony location trying to survive<br />

with new survivors against brand<br />

new challenges. Can you handle<br />

being raided by members of other<br />

colonies? Will you explore more and<br />

unravel the mysteries of the Raxxon<br />

pharmaceutical location to find<br />

powerful items but release stronger<br />

enemies?<br />

Or will you upgrade your colony to<br />

help it better withstand the undead<br />

horde? These are all choices you<br />

will get to make in this new set, and<br />

if you want, you can mix in the survivors<br />

and cards from the original set<br />

to increase the variety even more.<br />

Please note this is a stand alone<br />

expansion for Dead of Winter: A<br />

Crossroads Game...<br />

Check the Review and Play Through<br />

by The Dice Tower here:<br />

https://youtu.be/RTwViWemx9g<br />

Pandemic The<br />

Reign of<br />

Cthulhu<br />

Beings of ancient evil, known as Old<br />

Ones, are threatening to break out<br />

of their cosmic prison and awake<br />

into the world. Everything you know<br />

and love could be destroyed by<br />

chaos and madness. Can you and<br />

your fellow investigators manage to<br />

find and seal every portal in time?<br />

Hurry before you lose yourself to insanity.<br />

• Classic Pandemic gameplay with<br />

a horrific twist.<br />

• Over 10 Old Ones with unique<br />

powers.<br />

• Custom die and figures.<br />

Review and play through:<br />

https://youtu.be/7he6CWIb6Xg<br />

Mansions<br />

of Madness<br />

Second <strong>Edition</strong><br />

Mansions of Madness Second <strong>Edition</strong><br />

is a fully cooperative, appdriven<br />

board game of horror and<br />

mystery for one to five players that<br />

takes place in the same universe as<br />

Eldrich Horror and Elder Sign. Let the<br />

immersive app guide you through<br />

the veiled streets of Innsmouth and<br />

the haunted corridors of Arkham’s<br />

cursed mansions as you search for<br />

answers and respite. Eight brave investigators<br />

stand ready to confront<br />

four scenarios of fear and mystery,<br />

collecting weapons, tools, and information,<br />

solving complex puzzles,<br />

and fighting monsters, insanity, and<br />

death. Open the door and step inside<br />

these hair-raising Mansions of<br />

Madness Second <strong>Edition</strong>. It will take<br />

more than just survival to conquer<br />

the evils terrorizing this town.<br />

Review and play through:<br />


Betrayal at<br />

House on the<br />

Hill<br />

Betrayal at House on the Hill quickly<br />

builds suspense and excitement as<br />

players explore a haunted mansion<br />

of their own design, encountering<br />

spirits and frightening omens that<br />

foretell their fate. With an estimated<br />

one hour playing time, Betrayal at<br />

House on the Hill is ideal for parties,<br />

family gatherings or casual fun with<br />

friends. Betrayal at House on the Hill<br />

is a tile game that allows players to<br />

build their own haunted house room<br />

by room, tile by tile, creating a new<br />

thrilling game board every time. The<br />

game is designed for three to six<br />

people, each of whom plays one<br />

of six possible characters. Secretly,<br />

one of the characters betrays the<br />

rest of the party, and the innocent<br />

members of the party must defeat<br />

the traitor in their midst before it’s<br />

too late! Betrayal at House on the<br />

Hill will appeal to any game player<br />

who enjoys a fun, suspenseful, and<br />

strategic game. Betrayal at House<br />

on the Hill includes detailed game<br />

pieces, including character cards,<br />

pre-painted plastic figures, and<br />

special tokens, all of which help<br />

create a spooky atmosphere and<br />

streamline game play.<br />

Review and play through:<br />

https://youtu.be/8GL-VvJjPT4<br />

One Night<br />

Ultimate<br />

Werewolf<br />

No moderator, no elimination, tenminute<br />

games. One Night Ultimate<br />

Werewolf is a fast game for 3-10<br />

players in which everyone gets a<br />

role: One of the dastardly Werewolves,<br />

the tricky Troublemaker,<br />

the helpful Seer, or one of a dozen<br />

different characters, each with<br />

a special ability. In the course of a<br />

single morning, your village will decide<br />

who is a werewolf...because all<br />

it takes is lynching one werewolf to<br />

win! Because One Night Ultimate<br />

Werewolf is so fast, fun, and engaging,<br />

you’ll want to play it again and<br />

again, and no two games are ever<br />

the same.<br />

Review and play through:<br />

https://youtu.be/AM5NYQAolNk<br />

Read <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Anywhere...<br />

want to see more of our top selling board games? visit<br />

issuu.com/gametraders/docs/board_game_catalogue<br />




long night REVIEW<br />

Dead of Winter is a tabletop game<br />

that takes place in a Zombie Apocalypse.<br />

In this world, everyone involved<br />

must band together to survive,<br />

unless you’re the betrayer... in<br />

which case, bring them down, bring<br />

them all down.<br />

Dead of Winter: Long Night is the<br />

stand alone Dead of Winter expansion<br />

set that adds new characters,<br />

new locations, new crossroad<br />

choices and more adventures for<br />

anyone exiled. As mentioned, it is<br />

also a standalone expansion, giving<br />

excellent value for money for people<br />

wanting to play a Dead of Winter<br />

game for the first time.<br />

Speaking of for the first time.<br />

Learn How to Play<br />

The photo on the left is my desk after<br />

what I thought would be a quick<br />

lunch break to learn how to play.<br />

While the gameplay mechanic<br />

is easy enough to get your head<br />

around it after a couple of rounds,<br />

it’s putting in the time to learn how<br />

to play the game that is the true beginning<br />

of the adventure.<br />

This isn’t a light tabletop game,<br />

Dead of Winter is deep, requiring<br />

at least one dedicated player to sit<br />

down with the instructions and have<br />

a good read before following that up<br />

with a couple of How-To you tube<br />

videos. Luckily, Plaid Hat Games<br />

thought ahead and included some<br />

helpful links to their recommended<br />

How-To video.<br />

But how to teach<br />

everybody to play<br />

all at once?<br />

Always a trickly question, you’ve<br />

just put aside the time to learn the<br />

game yourself, will it take the same<br />

amount to teach the other players?<br />

What if you can’t do a great job like<br />

the How-To video?<br />

There is a simple answer: Pizza &<br />

finger food.<br />

When embarking on the first play<br />

through with friends, schedule the<br />

game for an early dinner/ brunch/ or<br />

lunch timing. Here in lies the solution,<br />

people arrive hungry and you all<br />

sit down for food WHILE all watching<br />

the How-To video together.<br />

The food in your belly assists in the<br />

learning of the new game & the deliciousness<br />

of pizza combined with<br />

good friends makes the 27minute<br />

How-To video pass in seconds.<br />

Okay. It’s time to play!<br />

The turn flow in Dead of Winter is<br />

one of its great qualities: there’s a<br />

crisis, everyone discusses on how<br />

to overcome it, plan out your survivor’s<br />

missions to secure the resources<br />

needed, weighing up both<br />

resource collection and Zombie<br />

horde management. The turn flow<br />

Quick Overview<br />

Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a standalone expansion for<br />

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game that introduces the Raxxon<br />

location where horrible experiments will spill out into the town unless<br />

players can contain them.<br />

The game has players at a new colony location trying to survive<br />

with new survivors against brand new challenges. Can you handle<br />

being raided by members of other colonies? Will you explore<br />

more and unravel the mysteries of the Raxxon pharmaceutical<br />

location to find powerful items but release stronger enemies? Or<br />

will you upgrade your colony to help it better withstand the undead<br />

horde? These are all choices you will get to make in this new<br />

set, and if you want, you can mix in the survivors and cards from<br />

the original set to increase the variety even more.

allows for great team cooperative<br />

adventure, the happy rush of finishing<br />

a team goal together and the<br />

satisfaction in culling an approaching<br />

Zombie army.<br />

And then the Long<br />

Night expansion<br />

kicks in...<br />

Long Night adds a wonderful reward<br />

vs risk facility into the mix<br />

with its Raxxon element. There are<br />

great chemical advantages to be<br />

gained for your survivors in its darkened<br />

halls… however, more powerful<br />

zombies also lurk in its shadows.<br />

The graveyard location will also<br />

keep you guarded as new crossroad<br />

outcomes unlock Zombie storylines<br />

that will haunt the dreams of<br />

your survivors.<br />

It’s the Bandits that steal the show.<br />

Can’t overcome a crisis? You’ve<br />

now got an influx of Bandits from<br />

a rival colony, and they want your<br />

beans.<br />

The Long Night expansion brings<br />

with it some rather fun outcomes<br />

for an innocent player wrongfully<br />

exiled... they can become the Bandit<br />

King. To make matters worse<br />

for the survivors, the Bandit King is<br />

pretty pissed about being thrown<br />

out of the colony, and he will have<br />

his revenge, in this life or the next.<br />

Dead of Winter: Long Night is a flexible<br />

game that allows its players to<br />

solve a crisis with great freedom<br />

of thought. This forces each player<br />

to weigh the stressful decision between<br />

risk and reward on each dice<br />

roll, keeping tension high throughout<br />

the gameplay.<br />

Thanks to this freedom, Dead of<br />

Winter: Long Night offers a unique<br />

gameplay experience each time<br />

you gather your friends to take on<br />

the horde of the undead.<br />

The potential of having a betrayer<br />

in the group keeps everyone on<br />

their toes questioning every action<br />

taken.<br />

Our own story of a betrayer revolves<br />

around confusion on resources<br />

needed, combined with some quick<br />

and unpredictable group voting.<br />

The short story, as a group we exiled<br />

an innocent and created a Bandit<br />

King. That’s just how the story<br />

goes in a Zombie Apocalypse.<br />




Should I Play Dead of Winter: Long Night? YES!<br />

AdvantageS<br />

Great Value for Money with new Dead of Winter players.<br />

Short or Long game objectives allow for tabletop gaming time management.<br />

Each objective card has both normal and hardcore mode, allowing for lasting playability.<br />

Game mechanics are designed to engage and draw a player in to their survivor’s continued existence.<br />

Decisions demand team effort and discussions, this is no Monopoly negotiation on sale price, this is a<br />

group of people discussing the advantages or disadvantages on killing survivors to keep others alive.<br />

For the greater good...<br />

Disadvantages<br />

Learning the game will require time set aside for learning the rules and mechanics.<br />

You’ll need a large table area to play the game properly and to properly fit a bountiful cheese platter.



Which core set should I get?<br />

Follow your heart.<br />

There are two different core sets<br />

available for X-Wing. You have the<br />

original trilogy core set featuring 2<br />

TIE Fighters and on X-Wing or The<br />

Force Awakens core set which includes<br />

2 First Order TIE Fighters<br />

and a T-70 X-Wing. While both sets<br />

are different, the differences lie in a<br />

different damage card list and the<br />

difference in ship stats between<br />

the T-65 and the T-70 X-Wing.<br />

The short answer, choosing one<br />

over the other does not leave you<br />

in a noticeable advantage or disadvantage<br />

in gameplay or squad<br />

building.<br />

Follow your heart. If The Force<br />

Awakens Starfighter battles filled<br />

you unbridled excitement and wonder,<br />

pick up the Force Awakens<br />

core set. Or, if the majesty of the<br />

WW2 dogfight-inspired battles of<br />

the original trilogy runs through your<br />

veins, pick up the original trilogy<br />

core set.<br />

Rebels or Imperials, which<br />

faction should I concentrate<br />

on?<br />

Know yourself.<br />

One of the greatest tacticians in<br />

history, Sun Tzu, once said “If you<br />

know the enemy and know yourself,<br />

you need not fear the result of a<br />

hundred battles.” Those words are<br />

there to guide you, just as they did<br />

Generals hundreds of years ago.<br />

Look deep within your soul and<br />

meditate on whether you prefer<br />

to be small and manoeuvrable or<br />

strong and slow.<br />

As in the movies, so to in X-Wing<br />

miniatures does the Empire favour<br />

weaker Starfighters but in greater<br />

number while the Rebels specialise<br />

in lower number but stronger<br />

Starfighters. In your first couple of<br />

games you’ll get the feel for the<br />

quick (yet unshielded) & zippy TIE<br />

Fighter up against the comparatively<br />

sluggish but great firepower<br />

& shields of the X-Wing. For your<br />

first steps into the realm of X-Wing<br />

expansions, if you feel yourself<br />

drawn to the Ninja-esk playstyles<br />

you’ll be looking at putting your time<br />

and money into the Imperial forces.<br />

If you like the feeling of shields and<br />

heavy laser fire, Rebels is a good<br />

direction.<br />

What’s the ship & pilot<br />

upgrades all about?<br />

To further enhance your play style.<br />

Sifting through all your ship upgrades<br />

& pilots can seem like a<br />

daunting task at the very beginning,<br />

but with some experimenting and<br />

imagination you can create a squad<br />

that complements your play style<br />

perfectly.<br />

By trying out different upgrades on<br />

different pilots you can propel your<br />

ninja-like attack style to be near on<br />

undefeatable. Upgrading your TIE<br />

Fighters with extra hull & assigning<br />

pilot cards that come with defence<br />

or attack bonuses can turn<br />

what was once a weak ship with<br />

good turns into an incredibly hard to<br />

hit target while packing a powerful<br />

close range laser volley.<br />


Quick Overview<br />

X-Wing is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players<br />

take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE<br />

fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space<br />

combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-<br />

Wing recreates exciting Star Wars space combat throughout its<br />

several included scenarios. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers,<br />

and complete your mission!<br />

The X-Wing starter set includes everything you need to begin your<br />

battles, such as scenarios, cards, and fully assembled and painted<br />

ships. What’s more, X-Wing’s quick-to-learn ruleset establishes<br />

the foundation for a system that can be expanded with your favorite<br />

ships and characters from the Star Wars universe.

STOP<br />

PRESS!<br />

Gametraders stores now<br />

have gaming tables where<br />

you can see the latest in<br />

table top gaming in action!<br />

I want to build a 100point<br />

squad, what should my first<br />

expansions be?<br />

Imperial Aces & Rebel Aces pack<br />

are a great first expansion experience.<br />

The Imperial Aces comes with two<br />

TIE Interceptors (including Royal<br />

Gard pilots) & the Rebel Aces pack<br />

comes with an A-Wing and a B-<br />

Wing. These are recommended<br />

first purchase expansions as they<br />

double down on the characteristics<br />

of each faction. The TIE Interceptors<br />

allow an already ninja mindset<br />

to control the space battle through<br />

their incredibly good manoeuvring.<br />

Zipping along at breakneck speed<br />

to loop behind an unsuspecting X-<br />

Wing is the TIE Interceptor’s speciality.<br />

The A-Wing gives the Rebel faction<br />

a fast, manoeuvrable (and cheap<br />

on squad points) interceptor that<br />

has the added bonus of shields, it’ll<br />

give TIE Fighters a definite challenge.<br />

The B-Wing, with its sleek<br />

design, may not move too fast or<br />

manoeuvre too quickly, however,<br />

it’s shielded up the wahzoo and<br />

packs a hard punch, especially with<br />

weapons upgraded.<br />

With these on your list for your first<br />

expansions, you’ll be able to build<br />

upon your playstyle first forged in<br />

the fires of your core set games.<br />

There are a lot of<br />

accessories out for X-Wing,<br />

what one is going to succeed<br />

in transporting me to the<br />

Star Wars universe?<br />

An official X-Wing game mat.<br />

For a long while I was playing on tables,<br />

board room tables & coffee tables<br />

and using string, masking tape<br />

& lanyards strung together to map<br />

out the borders. That all changed<br />

when I purchased the X-Wing mat.<br />

As a lover of giant space battles, I<br />

had to go with the Death Star II over<br />

Endor for the X-Wing map design.<br />

The landscape under your space<br />

battles really sucks you into the<br />

game, the pieces move better when<br />

placing positions and all the border<br />

dimensions are nicely played out.<br />

My Instagram is now filled with pictures<br />

of my Starfighters over Endor.<br />

This has been a brief introduction to<br />

answer some of the questions I first<br />

struggled with when I took up the<br />

X-Wing Miniatures Game love. Stay<br />

tuned for more strategy, buy guides,<br />

new Scum faction, new ships and<br />

information on X-Wing!<br />

LEARN TO PLAY tutorial:<br />

www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-FqCUniXR0&feature=youtu.be&list=PLBS8yOLcZ_ec7z9eL6MH3Od8tKMWfRo-m<br />

Fantasy Flight Games have a series of indepth<br />

tutorials to help you go from rookie<br />

to fully fledged pilot in no time!<br />

BY dustin wilson

etro<br />

the continuing story of retro editor, paul monopoli’s gaming journey...<br />

The Gamer diaries:<br />

Being a high school student with a<br />

job had its ups and downs. On the<br />

one hand, I was able to buy whatever<br />

I wanted, and I did! On the flip<br />

side, I had less time to do the things<br />

that I wanted to do. This trend has<br />

continued into adulthood, where<br />

I now find myself writing about<br />

games more than playing them. I’m<br />

not complaining, far from it. I know<br />

my video games will be there when<br />

I have the time, but it’s interesting to<br />

see how life works.<br />

In late 1994 I was finally in a position<br />

to purchase a PC that was able<br />

to handle the newest titles on the<br />

market. I ordered my 486DX4-100<br />

and patiently awaited the phone<br />

call to tell me that it was ready to<br />

pick up. Thankfully it was the school<br />

holidays so being available to get it<br />

wasn’t he issue, but transport was.<br />

My father reluctantly took me to<br />

pick up the computer, but the catch<br />

was that I had to stay at my Aunt’s<br />

house while he went to work. My<br />

Aunt lived near his workplace, so it<br />

was a convenient solution for him.<br />

It wasn’t so convenient for me, as<br />

my computer sat in the corner of<br />

her lounge room all day while I sat<br />

around waiting for him to finish work.<br />

I eventually got it home, plugged it<br />

in, turned it on and the phone rang.<br />

My night fill manager was on the<br />

line. He asked if I had picked up the<br />

computer, and I confirmed that I<br />

had. He said “well, that’s a shame,<br />

as we need you to come in tonight<br />

and fill some shelves”. I could hear<br />

the mocking smile in his voice, but I<br />

needed the money.<br />

Before I purchased my PC I had<br />

found a cheap copy of The Lost Vikings<br />

at Radio Rentals in Tea Tree<br />

Plaza. I tried to play it on the Amstrad<br />

5286 but the game would<br />

detect the onboard chipset and display<br />

a message saying that it would<br />

not run on anything below a 386. I<br />

installed the game on my new 486<br />

and it ran like a dream. The game<br />

is a platform puzzler that features<br />

3 vikings, all with their own abilities,<br />

who are lost in time and space. The<br />

graphics were nice and detailed for<br />

their time, with a decent soundtrack<br />

to boot. The controls are extremely<br />

precise, so while the game is a little<br />

frustrating in later levels, you really<br />

have no one to blame but yourself<br />

if you die. The Super Nintendo version<br />

was available, but the PC version<br />

was cheaper.<br />

James had started delving into the<br />

world of retro gaming well before I<br />

did. A couple of years prior his parents<br />

had bought him an Intellivision<br />

with a bunch of games. I’m pretty<br />

sure they picked it up at a garage<br />

sale. We had played it a few times<br />

over the years, and initially I wasn’t<br />

too impressed. With us abandoning<br />

our Amstrad computers, we<br />

seemed to need more of a gaming<br />

outlet than the Super Nintendo<br />

alone. Almost every time I would<br />

visit we would get out the Intellivision<br />

for a few rounds of Baseball.<br />

James had other games, but he<br />

seemed really keen on this one. I<br />

remember that Tron Deadly Discs<br />

was another favourite. I found the<br />

circular control a little awkward, but<br />

it is something a person can get<br />

used to given time.<br />

The Bi-Lo supermarket at the Ingle<br />

Farm Shopping Centre used to<br />

have a news agency directly across<br />

the mall. There was a hot dog stand<br />

in the middle, where an Italian man<br />

with an afro hair style would serve<br />

hot dogs and soft serve ice cream.<br />

I used to indulge in a ‘dog when I<br />

was working enough hours to require<br />

a lunch break. During breaks<br />

or after work I would head across to<br />

the newsagent. While I had stopped<br />

collecting Amstrad Action, and had<br />

sold the Amstrad computer itself, I<br />

still kept up to date with the goings<br />

on in the world of the CPC. Sadly<br />

not much was happening in that<br />

world, and the magazine was filled<br />

with commercial games being rereleased<br />

on budget labels and public<br />

domain software. The magazine<br />

was also a lot thinner than the 80+<br />

page issues that I used to buy.<br />

I was looking for a new magazine<br />

to keep me informed about the goings<br />

on in the PC scene. I’ve always<br />

loved a good magazine, something<br />

that allows the writers to display<br />

a bit of themselves in their writing.<br />

Future Publishing, the makers<br />

of Amstrad Action, had released a<br />

magazine called PC Format. The title<br />

seems a little “gamer unfriendly”<br />

but it featured some of the same<br />

1994 - 1995

writers that used to be in Amstrad<br />

Action, as well as having a similar<br />

feel. In the 90s I would always be<br />

drawn to Future Publishing magazines,<br />

as they always felt so welcoming,<br />

as well as being full of the<br />

content that gamers needed in the<br />

pre-Internet days. I would read each<br />

issue from cover to cover, sometimes<br />

more than once.<br />

Now that I had a modern PC I was<br />

able to rejoin the world of the pirates<br />

and trade games with the kids<br />

at school. No one thought twice<br />

about piracy, it was just a thing that<br />

happened. If someone had a game<br />

you wanted you would simply give<br />

them a blank disc, only to receive<br />

it back the next day with that game<br />

copied onto it. I had delved into the<br />

world of Leisure Suit Larry with Carmelo,<br />

though I wasn’t aware that the<br />

game had been remade with VGA<br />

graphics. I traded a copy of this version<br />

and returned to Lefty’s Bar for a<br />

more graphically enhanced attempt<br />

at wooing the ladies. The icon system<br />

was a little frustrating to begin<br />

with, but I enjoyed this more than<br />

the original.<br />

A year or two earlier I was with my<br />

father when he visited a friend of<br />

his. As was the norm with him, during<br />

the visit I was evicted from the<br />

room where the grownups were &<br />

was sat in front of an Amiga with<br />

a collection of discs. One of the<br />

games I played, and thoroughly enjoyed,<br />

was The Secret of Monkey<br />

Island. It was one of those games<br />

where the formula was perfect. The<br />

graphics, the interface, the music<br />

and the humour all felt like digital<br />

perfection. It’s little surprise that the<br />

game is still popular today. At school<br />

the big game doing the rounds was<br />

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.<br />

I noticed the similar interface<br />

to Monkey Island and knew that if it<br />

was from the same developer that I<br />

was in for a treat.<br />

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis<br />

kept me entertained for many<br />

hours, and I completed the game 3<br />

times over. As you progress through<br />

the game you are presented with 3<br />

paths, commonly referred to as the<br />

“Team path”, the “Fists path” and<br />

the “Wits path”. I remembered a<br />

game with the same title previewed<br />

in Amstrad Action magazine a couple<br />

of years prior. The image in the<br />

magazine bore no resemblance to<br />

what I was playing here, which surprised<br />

me. I figured that an 8-bit<br />

computer could easily replicate the<br />

SCUMM interface used with the LucasArts<br />

point and click titles. Alas, it<br />

was not to be, and I later learned that<br />

the 8-bit computer line received an<br />

isometric 3D action game instead<br />

of the SCUMM classic.<br />

In early 1995 I purchased my next<br />

SCUMM title, Sam and Max Hit the<br />

Road. For this release the interface<br />

was given a complete overhaul and<br />

was significantly different to Monkey<br />

Island and Indiana Jones. <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

reviews of the game were favourable,<br />

though many reviewers could<br />

not take to the new interface. I was<br />

more focused on the brilliant story<br />

and laugh-out-loud humour than<br />

the new controls. I have remained<br />

a fan of the game, and one of the<br />

highlights of my life so far has been<br />

interviewing Bill Farmer (the voice<br />

of Sam) about his involvement in it.<br />

It’s common knowledge that a sequel<br />

was in development before it<br />

was abruptly cancelled, but what<br />

many people may not know is that<br />

all of the voice work was completed.<br />

Bill still has copies of the CDs<br />

in his home in Los Angeles. While<br />

certain agreements prevent him<br />

from allowing these recordings to<br />

be released, he did confirm that in<br />

the cancelled game Sam and Max<br />

switch bodies, meaning that Bill had<br />

to voice Max while he was in Sam’s<br />

body, and Nick Jameson (the voice<br />

of Max) had to do the opposite.<br />

What might have been...<br />

1995 saw the release of the first<br />

LucasArts archive bundle, and I<br />

purchased it on release. I played<br />

through Indiana Jones and the Fate<br />

of Atlantis all 3 times again, only this<br />

time with full speech! It wasn’t Harrison<br />

Ford, that much was obvious,<br />

but the game was so immersive<br />

and so much fun that I didn’t care.<br />

Day of the Tentacle was included<br />

in the package, and I had read an<br />

article in PC Format claiming that it<br />

was a much better game than Sam<br />

and Max Hit the Road. While I enjoyed<br />

Day of the Tentacle I felt that<br />

Sam and Max was the superior title.<br />

There was just something about<br />

those characters that drew me into<br />

their world. Sam and Max was also<br />

included with LucasArts Archives,<br />

and I promptly sold this second<br />

copy to my buddy Maurice.<br />

One evening I found myself back<br />

over my Aunt’s house and The Empire<br />

Strikes Back was on TV. I hadn’t<br />

seen a Star Wars movie since the<br />

80s, but as there was nothing else<br />

for me to do I sat down and watched<br />

it. This was a turning point for me,<br />

and it began my obsession with Star<br />

Wars. I discovered the expanded<br />

universe that was being developed<br />

around this time, starting with Timo-<br />

1994 - 1995

thy Zahn’s Admiral Thrawn trilogy of<br />

novels, and I became immersed in<br />

it. Books, comics, VHS originals of<br />

the movies, and video games, I had<br />

to have it all! 1995 saw the release<br />

of Dark Forces, and my recently<br />

acquired PC was more than up to<br />

the task of playing this game. While<br />

it was receiving positive reviews in<br />

the gaming press, it was still seen<br />

as inferior to Doom. As a Star Wars<br />

fan I completely disagree. I have always<br />

felt that both games are superior<br />

in their own right.<br />

I would regularly keep an eye on<br />

catalogues, looking for Super Nintendo<br />

discounts. Though I now had<br />

a job I was only a casual and the<br />

games were still expensive. I spotted<br />

a catalogue that featured Super<br />

Mario Kart for $39.95. An absolute<br />

bargain! I made my way to the store,<br />

I believe that it may have been Harris<br />

Scarfe, and purchased the game.<br />

While I hadn’t played it yet, Super<br />

Mario Kart was receiving rave reviews<br />

in the gaming press, and the<br />

footage I had seen of it was quite<br />

impressive. Whenever I used to<br />

visit James or Clinton, Streetfighter<br />

2 was still the game that saw the<br />

most action in the Super Nintendo.<br />

When Super Mario Kart came<br />

along, we all of a sudden we went<br />

from kicking each other’s heads in<br />

to racing and battling on the Mario<br />

themed tracks.<br />

Interestingly, the “VS mode” was<br />

the least used, as my friends and I<br />

preferred battle mode with the occasional<br />

grand prix race. I played<br />

the game at every opportunity and<br />

became so good that I would use<br />

the “shrink characters” cheat code<br />

to give myself more of a challenge.<br />

This can be achieved by highlighting<br />

your desired racer on the character<br />

select screen, then holding down<br />

the Y button and pressing A. Your<br />

character will shrink as if they had<br />

picked up a poisonous mushroom.<br />

However, beware of the other racers.<br />

If you don’t get to the front of<br />

the pack quickly then you’re likely to<br />

be squashed over and over again!<br />

That’s all the space I have for this<br />

month. Join me next month as<br />

James and I explore the dark side<br />

of Super Nintendo gaming!<br />

I can be found online doing crazy<br />

things like writing about video<br />

games. If you want to see more of<br />

what I do then feel free to give me<br />

a follow on Twitter, where I am @<br />

dizrythmia<br />

See you next time!<br />

1994 - 1995<br />


movies<br />

It’s <strong>October</strong> and that of course means<br />

Halloween is coming. Whilst not as big<br />

in Australia as the U.S, more and more<br />

Australian kids are going to be out door<br />

knocking and hoping for Treats.<br />

Halloween is also a great time to<br />

get your friends around, grab a horror<br />

movie or two and get enjoy being<br />

frightened. So to help you pick the right<br />

movies we thought we’d share our<br />

friends in Podcasting, Phil Leirness and<br />

Dean Haglunds’ to horror movies from<br />

their recent podcast - Chillpak Hollywood<br />

The guys talked through their<br />

top 10 horror movies and so in the spirit<br />

of cross media friendship, we proudly<br />

present their list, but first... who’s Phil<br />

and Dean?<br />



Phil’s Top Horror Movies Dean’s Top Horror Movies<br />

10 - It Follows from 2015<br />

With Maika Monroe and Jake Weary<br />

Directed by David Robert Mitchell<br />

10 - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide from 1920<br />

starring John Barrymore and directed<br />

by John S. Robertson<br />

From their website bio:<br />

“Dean Haglund, the actor, improv comic<br />

and inventor (best known as “Langly,”<br />

one of the three computer-hacking<br />

geeks on “The X-Files” and their<br />

spin-off series “The Lone Gunmen”)<br />

engages in thought-provoking, insightful,<br />

and irreverent cultural conversation<br />

with his co-host and producing partner,<br />

independent filmmaker and certified<br />

violence prevention specialist Phil Leirness<br />

in the production offices of Rational<br />

Exuberance. Warning: Dean and<br />

Phil’s usually hilarious and frequently<br />

inspiring discussions are habit-forming,<br />

so please, enjoy responsibly!”<br />

As a long term listener Chillpak is one<br />

of the most enjoyable listens for podcast<br />

fans. It’s funny, informative and<br />

a damn good listen. Now, over to the<br />

boys for their top horror movies and<br />

see if their list matches yours.<br />

9 - Let the Right One In - Swedish<br />

Version from 2008<br />

Starring Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson<br />

Directed by Tomas Alfredson<br />

8 - Ringu - (Ring) the Japanese horror<br />

movie from 1998<br />

Starring Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani<br />

and directed by Hideo Nakata<br />

7 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 1974<br />

Starring Marilyn Burns, Paul A Pertain,<br />

Edwin Neal<br />

Directed by Tobe Hooper<br />

6 - Repulsion - 1965<br />

Starring Catherine Deneuve and directed<br />

by Roman Polanski<br />

5 - Jaws - 1975<br />

With Roy Schieder, Robert Shaw, Richard<br />

Dreyfuss<br />

Directed by Steven Spielberg<br />

9 - Let the Right One In - Swedish Version<br />

from 2008<br />

Starring Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson<br />

Directed by Tomas Alfredson<br />

8 - Night of the Living Dead - 1968<br />

Starring Judith O’Dea, Duane Jones<br />

and directed by George A. Romero<br />

7 - Candyman - 1992<br />

Starring Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd<br />

Directed by Bernard Rose<br />

6 - Dracula - 1931<br />

Starring Bela Lugosi and directed by<br />

Tod Browning with uncredited Karl Freund<br />

5 - Nosferatu - 1922<br />

Starring Max Schreck and directed by<br />

F.W. Murnau<br />

ONLINE:<br />

www.instagram.com/deanandphil<br />

www.facebook.com/chillpakhollywood<br />

www.twitter.com/DeanAndPhil<br />

Listen to Phil and Dean for the rest of the list here... www.chillpakhollywood.com<br />

and listen to Chillpak Hollywood Hour number 486<br />


movies<br />

Halloween is almost here, my personal<br />

favorite time of year! So I was<br />

asked to make a little list for you all.<br />

As a horror film nut, to put together<br />

my top ten favorite horror films! It’s<br />

about to get messy!<br />

10. SCREAM (1996)<br />

10 nightmares<br />

Wes Craven’s irreverent, self-aware<br />

masterpiece is one of the best<br />

slasher films around. Mostly due to<br />

it’s clever and witty script that not<br />

only serves to make a great and<br />

effective slasher film, but also tear<br />

the genre apart in true tongue and<br />

cheek satirical style. It also gave<br />

us the great screen killer “Ghost-<br />

Face” who would go on to kill<br />

again in three more sequels and a<br />

TV show spin off. The original film<br />

though stands as a great horror film<br />

but also as a great dark-comedy.<br />

Well worth a watch!<br />

9. Night Of The Living Dead<br />

(1968)<br />

George A. Romero’s 1968 Night<br />

of The Living Dead sees the birth<br />

of the modern zombie film. This<br />

black-and-white gem shows us a<br />

disturbing reality where the dead<br />

come back to life to feast upon the<br />

living. It is very famous for several<br />

reasons. It is one of the first films<br />

to feature a protagonist of colour,<br />

which still makes it significant. The<br />

film really stands as one of the first<br />

horror films with a real downer of an<br />

ending. Usually in old horror films at<br />

the end of the movie, the sun rises,<br />

evil is defeated and the heroes walk<br />

off (or limp off) into a safe dawn. In<br />

Night of the Living Dead... Nope. After<br />

surviving the entire night from<br />

attacking undead monsters, our<br />

hero Ben emerges from the house<br />

only to be shot dead by a group of<br />

militant locals putting down the living<br />

dead. The film ends with gruesome<br />

images of Ben being picked<br />

up with meat hooks like livestock<br />

and being thrown on a bon fire. A<br />

cruel and gruesome end to a good<br />

man. The movie leaves you with a<br />

sinking feeling in your stomach, as<br />

all good horror should.<br />

8. Halloween (1978)<br />

John Carpenter’s Halloween still<br />

stands as my favorite of the slasher<br />

movies. There is something<br />

wonderfully horrible about Michael<br />

Myers. Seen by the public as an escaped<br />

murder/mental patient. Yet<br />

his psychiatrist sees him as the living<br />

embodiment of pure evil. It presents<br />

this somewhat realistic story<br />

of a crazed killer, yet at the end<br />

begs the question of a seemingly<br />

supernatural influence over the<br />

story. Just remember that not every<br />

trick or treater is out to have fun.<br />

7. The Thing (1982)<br />

Another hit for John Carpenter. The<br />

Thing is a masterpiece of psychological<br />

horror, paranoia horror and<br />

ultimately body horror. As an alien<br />

being infects members of a remote<br />

arctic research base. The remaining<br />

crew members are left to work<br />

out who is their friend and who is<br />

a monstrous alien beast seemingly<br />

wearing their friends as a suit.<br />

The resulting tension is absolutely<br />

fantastic. When you finally see the<br />

creature itself it stands as one of<br />

the best implementations of practical<br />

special effects and still to this<br />

day looks incredible and disgusting!<br />

You never know who to trust.<br />

6. Jaws (1975)<br />

The first blockbuster. I had to have<br />

Jaws on this list. It is in my opinion<br />

still the finest film ever made. As a<br />

horror film their have been better,<br />

but as a film, it is pretty flawless.<br />

This giant shark movie could be<br />

considered the starting point for all<br />

other nature run amok horror films,<br />

yet Jaws still stands as the best.<br />

Elevated by a great script, perfect<br />

Spielberg direction and three Oscar<br />

worth performances from Robert<br />

Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard<br />

Dreyfus. Jaws becomes a great<br />

barreling beast of a film that grips<br />

you from its dark isolated beach<br />

opening till its bombastic explosive<br />

finale.<br />

5. The Exorcist (1973)<br />

William Friedkin’s The Exorcist still<br />

stands as one of the most terrifying<br />

films ever made. The story of a<br />

violated youth by the darkness of<br />

pure evil and the redemptive story<br />

of priest out of touch with his faith<br />

still remain such a powerful story.<br />




The year of it’s release saw Catholic<br />

church attendance go through<br />

the roof. It was one of those first<br />

truly gruelling cinema experiences.<br />

A test to see if you could make it till<br />

the end. It’s use of religion and symbolism<br />

as well as subliminal imagery<br />

remains the best in modern cinema.<br />

It is a powerful and remarkable film,<br />

but is not for the weak of heart.<br />

4. Re-Animator (1985)<br />

Stuart Gordons darkly funny adaptation<br />

of the H.P. Lovecraft story<br />

Herbert West Re-Animator is the<br />

best adaptation of a Lovecraft<br />

story (with the only possible competitor<br />

being Gordon’s later adaptation<br />

of From Beyond). Re-Animator<br />

is a gruesome, often hilarious horror<br />

comedy about a scientist trying<br />

to invent a cure for death. The results<br />

are however... Less than successful.<br />

Often turning people into<br />

insane monsters. The blood never<br />

stops flowing in this insane movie.<br />

One scene involving an undead cat<br />

is simply the funniest scene in the<br />

film. Well worth watching! Also introduced<br />

the world to cult star Jeffery<br />

Combs.<br />

3. Alien (1979)<br />

Alien in my opinion is one of the<br />

most remarkably twisted and perverted<br />

films ever made. The film<br />

revolves around the crew of a<br />

spaceship being assaulted by a<br />

remorseless killing machine, the<br />

eponymous Alien. It first impregnates<br />

a man, and comes into the<br />

world through a very violent birthing<br />

scene! It then proceeds to grow up<br />

and crawl about the ship penetrating<br />

the crew members. It is a horrific<br />

sexual predator. All of the designs<br />

from master creep H.R. Giger have<br />

a bizarre level of sexual imagery<br />

about them, making the Alien and<br />

it’s surrounding that much more off<br />

putting and terrifying. It is a brilliant<br />

and tense film that birthed an epic<br />

legacy.<br />

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre<br />

(1974)<br />

The sixties ended with Charles<br />

Manson and the death of the hippie<br />

culture. The youth of America in this<br />

time were left with the Vietnam War<br />

and a sense that they had somehow<br />

lost. Peace and Love changed<br />

nothing... This volatile environment<br />

in the social fabric of America gave<br />

birth to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.<br />

Tobe Hooper brings us a gritty,<br />

realistic, unrelenting horror film,<br />

that is filmed more like a documentary<br />

than regular cinema and what it<br />

gives you is a pure nightmare engine.<br />

The story of a cannibalistic family of<br />

serial killers from the remote backwoods<br />

of America took the world by<br />

storm and introduced us to the killer<br />

known as Leatherface, a killer who<br />

literally wears other people’s faces.<br />

The film is savage and filthy. And at<br />

the end of the film, the victim barely<br />

escapes although her sanity is left<br />

in question and the killers are left to<br />

continue their rampage of murder,<br />

torture and feasting. It’s a true HOR-<br />

ROR film.<br />

1. EVIL DEAD (1981)<br />

My favorite horror film is Evil Dead.<br />

The darkly funny, brutal masterpiece<br />

from then twenty-one-yearold<br />

filmmaker Sam Raimi. The film<br />

is just a blood bath. It was so violent<br />

it was banned in England on it’s initial<br />

release. The film tells the story<br />

of a group of friends in an isolated<br />

cabin in the woods who unwittingly<br />

unleash an army of demons called<br />

deadites, who possess the group<br />

one by one. The only way to stop a<br />

deadite, “complete bodily dismemberment”.<br />

What follows is more<br />

blood and gore than any other movie<br />

of the time period. The film’s real<br />

legacy is its hero Ash, played by<br />

Bruce Campbell. The film spawned<br />

two sequels, a few video games<br />

and now a hit TV show. It is a great<br />

ride, gory, scary but above all fun.<br />

Happy Halloween!<br />

BY scott f. sowter

artist feature<br />

tien<br />

2.<br />

blacktown artist<br />

Here at <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> we love<br />

sharing the art and passion of our<br />

friends. This month we got to know<br />

a talented artist, Tien who is a friend<br />

of our Blacktown Store. We asked<br />

Tien about her art and how she got<br />

started...<br />

I got into art from a very young age.<br />

Specifically when I was in Kindergarten<br />

I really enjoyed drawing and<br />

thought how amazing it felt to be<br />

able to create and recreate a favourite<br />

character with my own hands just<br />

by looking at an image. As I grew up,<br />

I kept trying to improve my drawings<br />

more and so I started creating a lot<br />

of my works from scratch during the<br />

beginning of high school.<br />

What inspires you?<br />

Inspiration comes to me when I see<br />

other artists’ work. I treat other artists<br />

as my own mentor, which motivates<br />

me to hope I can one day surpass<br />

them with my own style – that leads<br />

me to how I start a project. I usually<br />

try to get an idea of how I would<br />

compose my work just by looking<br />

at other artists’ work or think of different<br />

concepts that I could compose<br />

my ideas and styles with. For<br />

example, my original concept with<br />

the bombing of Hiroshima - in link<br />

with the Fallen Angel as the mythical<br />

creature for that historical event.<br />

The image below (left) was for my<br />

HSC Major for Visual Arts course of<br />

Year 12.<br />

You’ve already produced some<br />

great art, what’s next?<br />

My future goals at this moment<br />

with my art, is to get into a design<br />

course in University or other pathways,<br />

as long as I can get my skills<br />

to improve in all aspects, as well as<br />

achieve positive and professional<br />

recognition when I bring my skills<br />

into a workplace. Yes, I have also<br />

done studies through school and<br />

during my personal time. The way I<br />

study designing and development<br />

of art is through reading art history<br />

and art critic of different artists<br />

(e.g. Banksy, Andy Warhol, Stelarc), I<br />

would say it made me more open to<br />

the impression of art and it’s not just<br />

about the image but the meaning of<br />

the composition and concept. Other<br />

ways I usually study is also through<br />

playing different games on different<br />

consoles, as the art itself within different<br />

games has taught me how it<br />

links with the audience’s experience.<br />

Also, watching tv shows and anime<br />

has also influenced my art making.<br />

To be honest, I truly adore the styles<br />

of different mangas/comics and animations.<br />

To see more of Tien’s art head over<br />

to one of her online pages.<br />

Readers are more than welcome to<br />

find my work through my facebook<br />

page @ facebook.com/tiennieeart,<br />

Instagram @tienniee and devianart<br />

@ tienniee.deviantart.com.<br />

ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/tiennieeart<br />

www.instagram.com/tienniee<br />


opinion<br />

I was attending an event where two<br />

mutual friends were having a discussion.<br />

One of them loves Pokeit’s<br />

ok to be a<br />

During my lunch breaks at work I from one another. If you were to believe<br />

the ramblings of Mr Larsen you<br />

will often read the news, just to see<br />

what’s going on in the world. Yes, could be forgiven for thinking that<br />

outside of writing articles for magazines<br />

I have a standard 9-5 job, with brush as he states that:<br />

all nerds are tarred with the same<br />

all of the adult responsibilities that<br />

go along with it. During one of these “Nerds don’t sit around in a nice furnished<br />

apartment and have healthy<br />

breaks I came across an article that<br />

was written by an alleged ‘comedian’<br />

who goes by the name Greg gerously overweight, or under-<br />

social lives/bodies. They are dan-<br />

Larsen. Larsen is a self confessed weight, live in dank basements decorated<br />

with Donald Trump posters<br />

“nerd” who paints a dark picture of<br />

other people who identify as such. and scream death threats and obscenities<br />

at 12-year-old kids while<br />

The article is titled “Why I Hate the<br />

Big Bang Theory”, and while I abhor playing Counter-Strike on their Alienware<br />

PCs. I know. I have been<br />

the idea that many of you might<br />

want to go and read it, giving the in those basements. You don’t ever<br />

page valuable clicks, my University want to find yourself there.”<br />

training has taught me that citations<br />

are important. So in the interests of<br />

protecting ones self from any potential<br />

problems I will provide a link<br />

at the end.<br />

Firstly, allow me to say that I am<br />

disgusted with news.com.au for not<br />

only publishing this article, but paying<br />

this ‘comedian’ to write it. Regardless<br />

of whether you are a fan<br />

of the Big Bang Theory or not, an<br />

article that is designed to promote<br />

hatred towards a facet of popular<br />

culture is simply not cool. I do a<br />

lot of work for conventions in Adelaide<br />

and Melbourne, so I see a lot<br />

of people who identify as ‘nerds’,<br />

‘geeks’ and ‘tech heads’. Like any<br />

group of people you might meet,<br />

they come from a variety of backgrounds.<br />

They have all been raised<br />

in different parenting styles, come<br />

from different areas, live differently<br />

I have never seen such a disgusting<br />

generalisation written about a<br />

group of people from a person who<br />

claims to be one of them. He further<br />

states that nerds are “bitter<br />

little sh*ts who have nothing but<br />

contempt for anyone who doesn’t<br />

own a $5000 gaming PC with a<br />

mechanical keyboard and a triple<br />

monitor set up.” Larsen further<br />

adds “Nerds aren’t cool. Most of<br />

them aren’t studying physics, they<br />

are arguing with people in My Little<br />

Pony pornography forums, or hacking<br />

government websites so they<br />

display hardcore porn, or taking<br />

photos of their di*ks after inserting<br />

stuff into them and uploading it to<br />

4chan. Basically pornography is always<br />

involved.” He ends the article<br />

by claiming that nerds are “the very<br />

worst people our society has to offer”.<br />

While I find Larsen’s description of<br />

nerds disturbing, they most certainly<br />

do not apply to me. I live in a<br />

nice 3 bedroom house that I own,<br />

with my gorgeous wife and adornerd!<br />



I feel that there are two important<br />

points that need to be addressed<br />

here; why does someone feel the<br />

need to publicly bash a TV show<br />

that brings joy to many, and where<br />

does this stereotype of nerds has<br />

come from? Let me bring both of<br />

these together and actually support<br />

one of the arguments that Mr<br />

Larson has put forward.<br />

mon, she plays every game that<br />

is released and owns a fair chunk<br />

of related merchandise. The other<br />

friend absolutely hates Pokemon,<br />

he feels that the premise is simplistic,<br />

the show is poorly animated<br />

and that fans of the franchise go<br />

overboard, clogging up his Facebook<br />

feeds every time a new game<br />

is released. During their discussion,<br />

the friend who likes Pokemon casually<br />

mentioned that she had been<br />

playing the game recently which<br />

caused the other friend to deliver<br />

a two hour diatribe on everything<br />

that was wrong with the franchise.<br />

At the end of the rant my Pokemon<br />

loving friend felt genuinely bad for<br />

liking it and was close to tears. As<br />

a consequence they have little to<br />

do with each other and the ‘ranty’<br />

friend is at a loss as to why that is.<br />

This is one of Mr Larsen’s “bitter little<br />

sh*ts” who are apparently everywhere<br />

in the community.<br />

Having been involved in conventions<br />

and gaming events I have<br />

come across a few other people<br />

who act like this. These people<br />

brew their own individual form of<br />

‘social poison’ with their attitudes,<br />

yet blame others around them<br />

when they end up alone with nobody<br />

to hang out with. It’s important<br />

to note that these people are a minority,<br />

and are more often than not<br />

rejected from the mainstream nerd<br />


ing puppy dog. I don’t own a $5000<br />

gaming PC, and would rather use<br />

my 2011 17” Macbook Pro with a<br />

single monitor. Being that it’s a laptop,<br />

the keyboard is standard Apple<br />

issue and is nothing special. I’m not<br />

studying physics, but I have a Bachelor<br />

of Education with graduate<br />

level TESOL qualifications and am<br />

studying a Masters in Journalism. I<br />

have never had much of an interest<br />

in pornography and, not to brag,<br />

but I haven’t really needed to if you<br />

know what I mean… I would consider<br />

myself to be slightly overweight, but<br />

I can fit into most ‘medium’ sized<br />

clothing. My house is always well lit,<br />

I am mild mannered and do not own<br />

a Donald Trump poster. I think that<br />

covers most of the gross generations<br />

that were mentioned.<br />

At this point you might be asking<br />

what my nerdy qualifications are.<br />

Well, I write about games, I play<br />

games, I watch anime and I interview<br />

video game and pop culture related<br />

celebrities. I help to run the website<br />

www.retrospekt.com.au, I have<br />

hosted video game trivia shows at<br />

AVCon, Oz Comic Con, PAX Australia<br />

and the Adelaide Fringe, and<br />

I contribute video game related<br />

presentations at these events. Almost<br />

everybody that I know who<br />

identifies as a nerd has a job, lives<br />

in their own space, and can function<br />

in everyday society. I am struggling<br />

to think where this extreme stereotype<br />

of nerds has come from. Maybe<br />

Mr Larsen needs to explore the<br />

greater community before passing<br />

judgement, and I question whether<br />

he has ever attended a pop culture<br />

event.<br />

The other point addresses the fact<br />

that Larsen so brutally criticises a<br />

TV show that is beloved by millions<br />

of people. Additionally, his knowledge<br />

of the program appears to be<br />

quite out of date, but as it is continuously<br />

being rerun on Channel 9<br />

one could forgive that. Whether you<br />

enjoy The Big Bang Theory or not<br />

is completely irrelevant, by the way.<br />

Love it or hate it, it really doesn’t<br />

matter here. I have provided one<br />

example of how one over the top<br />

rant has caused another person<br />

to feel, but this sort of thing occurs<br />

all of the time in the greater community,<br />

and more often than not by<br />

people who don’t identify as nerds.<br />

When I was growing up I was always<br />

told that most of my interests were<br />

“not normal”, and that continues<br />

to this day. The kids I would go to<br />

school with and those on my (now<br />

estranged) father’s side of the family<br />

would take great delight in telling<br />

me that what I was interested in<br />

was not the social norm. Apparently<br />

I was supposed to enjoy sports,<br />

mainly football, and drinking and<br />

gambling when I got older. I was not<br />

allowed to enjoy anything that was<br />

animated, old, video game related<br />

or considered childish without being<br />

criticised for it. At family events<br />

I would be asked “what position are<br />

you playing this year?” only to reply<br />

that I wasn’t playing football. This<br />

would abruptly end the conversation,<br />

as the person who asked the<br />

question would turn away as if the<br />

last 10 seconds had never happened.<br />

If I was watching an anime<br />

on the family television I would be<br />

told to “turn that rubbish off”. When<br />

I developed an interest in Star Wars<br />

my father asked me “why would you<br />

want to watch that? It’s old isn’t it?”<br />

If I was playing a video game I would<br />

be encouraged to not play for an<br />

extended period and to do something<br />

else. The fact that those people<br />

who criticised me would spend<br />

many hours in front of the television<br />

was ignored. It seems that anything<br />

that catches on with the current<br />

generation is often heavily criticised<br />

by the one before it. I don’t wish to<br />

generalise, as Mr Larsen has done,<br />

as I know that many adults would<br />

play video games with their children,<br />

or embrace their interests.<br />

I guess I wasn’t so lucky, but from<br />

what I have observed in myself and<br />

others, those sorts of experiences,<br />

like all life experiences, will shape<br />

a person. As people we have a<br />

choice to use that negativity to either<br />

become bitter, or to learn and<br />

become more accepting of others.<br />

I am guessing that Mr Larsen has<br />

become the former, while I have<br />

become the latter.<br />

There are sections of pop culture<br />

that I have no interest in at all. If a<br />

person asks me a question about<br />

cosplay they will get a polite brush<br />

off, as it’s not something I am interested<br />

in at all. However, rather than<br />

criticise it, I will attempt to redirect<br />

the conversation and find something<br />

else to talk about. In nerd<br />

communities it’s rare to find someone<br />

who you have absolutely nothing<br />

in common with. The word ‘nerd’<br />

has often been used to describe<br />

those who are socially awkward,<br />

who obsess over the obscure, and<br />

love technology. Keep in mind that<br />

the word has only been in the English<br />

lexicon since the 1950s, and<br />

its definition has evolved over that<br />

time. The introduction of the term<br />

“sports nerds” and its frequent use<br />

proves that this definition is changing.<br />

On a personal note, I love that<br />

expression. Referring to sports lovers<br />

as a different form of nerd puts<br />

everyone on the same level, and<br />

it has been proven that sports are<br />

not as popular as they once were.<br />

New, interactive forms of entertainment<br />

have been developed that,<br />

to many, are far more appealing<br />

than watching or participating in<br />

a game of football. I’m not saying<br />

that being active has no relevance<br />

in today’s society, I myself have a<br />

second degree blackbelt in a variation<br />

of Kyokushin Karate. There are<br />

people who enjoy both sports and<br />

video games. The point is that one<br />

interest is not superior to another,<br />

yet to many people society still dictates<br />

that this is not true.<br />

The terms “haters gonna hate” was<br />

created for a reason. There is a<br />

subculture of people who will ‘hate<br />

on’ anything that they have no interest<br />

in or don’t agree with. What<br />

people need to be aware of is that<br />

it’s damaging and hurtful. Everybody<br />

needs to understand there there is<br />

more in this world than the tiny corner<br />

that they inhabit. If you don’t like<br />

something that other people do (or<br />

‘millions of people do’ in the case<br />

of the Big Bang Theory) then that’s<br />

fine, it’s probably not for you. Being<br />

bitter about it, to an extent that<br />

others feel bad for enjoying it, is not<br />

how we should be behaving, especially<br />

in a public space like news.<br />

com.au. I can be found doing my<br />

retro thing on Twitter. Feel free to<br />

give me a follow @dizrythmia<br />

Citation:<br />

Larsen, G. (2016). Why I Hate The Big Bang Theory. News.<br />

com.au. [online] Available at: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/why-i-hate-the-big-bang-theory/news-story/<br />


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REVIEW<br />

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The Lego franchise has been a<br />

big part of gaming industry since<br />

their first licensed release in 2001,<br />

which brought us Lego: Harry Potter.<br />

Although they have brought out<br />

numerous other titles since then, I<br />

find that the biggest hype is always<br />

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With each game there are usually<br />

a slight difference in gameplay,<br />

The Force Awakens introduces<br />

re-buildable blocks, cover-to-cover<br />

shooting and space/flying battles.<br />

If you are a perfectionist like myself<br />

and want to collect everything…<br />

Good Luck! Lego provides<br />

well over 200 characters to collect,<br />

10 ‘Minikits’ per level and 18 total<br />

‘Red Bricks’. For each character<br />

you unlock you may find they will<br />

have multiple different outfits to<br />

unlock as well, which could be as<br />

simple as buying them if you have<br />

the ‘Studs’ or collecting materials<br />

such as ‘Carbonite Bricks’, which<br />

can take up quite a lot of time.<br />



Before each level of game play,<br />

you are played a small ‘film clip’.<br />

This is easily one of my favourite<br />

parts of the Lego games, bringing<br />

a humorous and entertaining side<br />

to each short clip. Although the<br />

clips keep you laughing, they are<br />

surprisingly accurate to the movie<br />

and progression of the game.<br />

‘Studs’ are the common currency<br />

of each Lego title and can be<br />

found anywhere in the game. For<br />

first time players, the best advice<br />

I can give is break everything in<br />

sight and explore each level with a<br />

fine tooth comb. You will occasionally<br />

find blue and purple studs if you<br />

find secret areas or hard to reach<br />

places. Studs will help purchase<br />

new characters and activate any<br />

red bricks you have found.<br />

Throughout each mission you will<br />

find blocks bouncing and moving<br />

on the ground. These are ‘re-buildable<br />

blocks’ and are strategically<br />

placed for you to build a structure<br />

to help you progress through the<br />

level. In previous games you would<br />

build exactly what you needed and<br />

move on quickly, but this isn’t the<br />

case in Force Awakens. Each<br />

structure you build can usually be<br />

built 2 or 3 different ways, which<br />

in turn gives you trickier puzzles or<br />

helps you get to those secret areas<br />

mentioned earlier. To verify how<br />

many different ways, you can build<br />

these blocks simply stand in the<br />

spot required to build and orange<br />

silhouettes will flash in the locations<br />

you are able to build.<br />

The cover to cover shooting feature<br />

was exactly what the game<br />

needed to put you in the thick of<br />

battle and break up the basic hack<br />

and slash fighting that is throughout<br />

the entire game. Generally, it<br />

will give you characters with blasters<br />

in order to actually be able to<br />

fight back against the waves of enemies,<br />

but it’s not always as simple<br />

as shooting back. Most of the time<br />

you will be looking for a strategic<br />

advantage and switching to characters<br />

that help you achieve your<br />

goal and moving to certain cover<br />

to get better angles on enemies.<br />

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there<br />

were two types of battles – space<br />

and flight battles, each consisting<br />

of free flight and linear. During the<br />

free flight battles you have complete<br />

control of the space craft,<br />

allowing you to move and dodge<br />

in which any direction which allows<br />

for exploring of the arena and interesting<br />

fire fights. Linear battles<br />

are exactly as they sound, you are<br />

generally on one set path dodging<br />

and shooting any object in your<br />

way.<br />

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens<br />

is an overall great game, providing<br />

a good mixture of puzzles,<br />

space battles, hack and slash and<br />

countless hours of game play. If<br />

you are a first time player or veteran<br />

of the series I have no doubt<br />

in saying you will find endless entertainment<br />

playing this game.<br />

PROS:<br />




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13UyQre0qd4<br />


CONS:<br />







NO MAN’S SKY<br />


REVIEW<br />

NO MAN’S SKY<br />

We are not alone... oh wait.<br />

From the ambitious, technological<br />

wonder that was the original<br />

concept of Sean Murray and Hello<br />

Games’ No Man’s Sky that had<br />

the gaming community head over<br />

heels. Now, ‘No Man’s Lie’, the<br />

2016 Space Action-Adventure has<br />

gone from 2001: A Space Odyssey<br />

to Minecraft ALPHA in space.<br />

No Man’s Sky is not a constant<br />

multiplayer game, it is not a spacesimulator,<br />

it is not a story-driven<br />

experience, and it is by far not<br />

what was presented to consumers<br />

at exhibitions and public displays.<br />

You start on one of ‘millions’ of procedurally<br />

generated planets in the<br />

middle of a random space-system<br />

in the middle of a gigantic universe.<br />

Your ship is broken. You have to<br />

find a number of certain elements<br />

around the planet to fix your ship.<br />

You look around; the planet is<br />

beautifully vivid and amazingly alien.<br />

Fauna, rocks, maybe even a<br />

little critter running around. You set<br />

off in the most interesting looking<br />

direction following the steppingstones<br />

of learning the game mechanics,<br />

naming your first planet,<br />

and fixing your ship. Things are<br />

looking good at the first hour mark.<br />

At close to the three-hour point<br />

you realise what you’ve just begun.<br />

No Man’s Sky is a resource management/survival<br />

game.<br />

I’d suggest making your own experience<br />

and story out of No Man’s<br />

Sky. Take your time, discover as<br />

much as you can on your first<br />

planet and don’t leave until you are<br />

struggling to find that last creature.<br />

You still look up amongst the<br />

stars astonished at the possible<br />

wonders waiting for your discovery<br />

throughout the galaxy… ignorance<br />

is bliss. The bare-bones story involves<br />

an entity called the Atlas<br />

that sets you on a specific journey<br />

to find knowledge stones and<br />

learn more about the alien races<br />

around you. However, the actual<br />

ultimate goal is to journey to the<br />

centre of the universe. The journey<br />

is long, it’s redundant, and (MINOR<br />


GRAPH) not worth it at all. I won’t<br />

go into detail, but... well, there isn’t<br />

much in the ending anyway.<br />

Gameplay becomes tedious after<br />

about three hours. You’re out of<br />

Carbon to fuel your multi-tool. Oh,<br />

now you’re out of Plutonium to fly<br />

your ship. Whoops, you need to<br />

refuel your life-support systems or<br />

you will die. This would all be fine<br />

resource management if it was<br />

backed by some sort of interesting<br />

story, motivation driving you to the<br />

centre of the universe, small sidequests<br />

or plot points that aren’t<br />

“Hey… you’re going to need some<br />

more of [insert element here] to<br />

fuel [insert game mechanic here]<br />

and then craft [progression device<br />

here]”. Limited by an extremely low<br />

initial inventory space and clunky<br />

inventory system, navigating the<br />

user interface is not fluent at all<br />

and leaves for frustrating crafting<br />

and management. This becomes<br />

the entirety of the mid-game as<br />

it’s integral to upgrade your exosuit<br />

and ship to progress to the<br />

next systems with ease. Mine, use,<br />

rinse, repeat. Use your resources<br />

as fuel, to heal yourself, or continue<br />

along your journey. Maybe<br />

you’ll find some treasure or rare<br />

elements along the way, sell it off<br />

in the universal market and rake<br />

in some space dollars to spend<br />

on pimped out space ship – but<br />

what’s the point if everything is so<br />

dull?<br />

In your now fixed ship, you can<br />

freely travel around the planet and<br />

galaxy. Each planet is dotted with<br />

special locations, such as other<br />

crashed ships, star ports, a store,<br />

or an area of relief from violent<br />

weather conditions. However, after<br />

your third planet discovery, the<br />

quick realisation that everything<br />

is “the same but different”, in the<br />

sort of style of a paint by numbers<br />

where the numbers just mean different<br />

colours each time but form<br />

the same picture. You may find a<br />

planet ridden of fauna or wildlife,<br />

maybe one without a sea, but who<br />

wants that? You stay there to get

the required advancements and<br />

fly off to the next planet and find<br />

something interesting to play. This<br />

is fault of procedural generation, a<br />

randomiser won’t always provide<br />

you with the perfect landscape<br />

but it should be at least interesting<br />

every time.<br />

Despite the pretty much non-existent<br />

multiplayer besides possibly<br />

finding someone’s 45th already<br />

discovered creature “Banana<br />

Rider 82”, You’re not completely<br />

alone. You’ll regularly run into other<br />

sentient aliens. Language is an interesting<br />

barrier and a means of<br />

progression. Uncovering ancient<br />

ruins or knowledge stones gives<br />

you additional words you can use<br />

to piece together each conversation<br />

and meeting. Soon enough,<br />

you’ll be able to garner a strong<br />

enough alliance with the Vy’keen,<br />

Gek, or Korvax that they’ll heal<br />

you or your shields. If you’re lucky,<br />

they’ll give you a multi-tool that is<br />

slightly worse than the one you<br />

already found on the wall behind<br />

them. These aliens are interesting<br />

and the concept of discovering<br />

their language, attitudes, and likes<br />

to progress easier in their alliances<br />

is great – the let-down is that<br />

it goes nowhere. Siding with one<br />

race doesn’t grant you much more<br />

benefit than another, and they’ll all<br />

provide similar options and honestly<br />

they aren’t that intriguing or<br />

motivating to keep you exploring.<br />

Automated drones called Sentinels<br />

patrol the universe, ranging from<br />

passive to chaotic but typically<br />

don’t pose much of a threat unless<br />

you continuously mine fauna and<br />

kill creatures. Aggressive ships in<br />

space are far more of a difficulty,<br />

mostly due to the terribly inadequate<br />

ship controls. After death<br />

you return to the last time you exited<br />

your ship or closest save point,<br />

making No Man’s Sky one of the<br />

more casual survival games out<br />

there with death becoming a mere<br />

inconvenience rather than a real<br />

threat.<br />

What really works with No Man’s<br />

Sky is from its technological standpoint.<br />

Despite the repetitiveness<br />

in some of the procedural generated<br />

elements, it is quite astonishing<br />

what Hello Games’ were able<br />

to do here. Crazy flapping cowant<br />

eater contraptions and tiny<br />

elephant monsters running around<br />

planets are nearly always an exciting<br />

experience. The soundtrack<br />

composed by British post-rock<br />

band 65daysofstatic or 65DOS is<br />

also generated procedurally and<br />

may even be the best part of the<br />

game. It’s atmospheric, it fits the<br />

mood of the game, it feels like it’s<br />

your theme. The seemless traversing<br />

from planet surface, to space,<br />

to space station, to another planet

4.8/10<br />

PROS:<br />






GAME<br />

CONS:<br />







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aozqa_7PLhE<br />


is one of the things the developers<br />

promised from the beginning<br />

and made its way to the final release.<br />

No loading screens is almost<br />

a shock and awe moment<br />

when first experiencing it, as is the<br />

aesthetic. It’s a beautiful game to<br />

look at most of the time. It literally<br />

looks like a surreal, sci-fi, acid trip<br />

painting. Graphically, it’s not very<br />

impressive and definitely doesn’t<br />

stand anyway near the ranks of<br />

something as impressive as The<br />

Witcher 3, but I believe the look it<br />

does provide helps cover that.<br />

It’s not what consumers were<br />

promised at all. However, for what<br />

it is, it’s okay. Not an exciting game,<br />

nothing to play to get an adrenaline<br />

rush or to delve hours upon<br />

hours into in a single sitting. I believe<br />

No Man’s Sky is a peaceful<br />

casual game, along the lines of<br />

Minecraft or FTL. It excelled when<br />

I sat down, chuck on an album or<br />

podcast to listen to alongside and<br />

spend a good hour or two just flowing<br />

through the universe, exploring<br />

what you can, making discoveries<br />

and just doing what you feel. In result,<br />

it’s a great game to introduce<br />

gaming to someone new, they’ll be<br />

able to pick it up and just roam the<br />

planet surface without having to<br />

worry too much about the clunky<br />

inventory and lack-luster story.<br />

Hello Games’ and Sean Murray<br />

surely made many massive business<br />

mistakes with their promotion<br />

and development of No Man’s<br />

Sky, but for what we received, it’s<br />

mediocre at best. The grand scale<br />

space spectacular they seemed<br />

to advertise to consumers have<br />

lead to much hate, controversy,<br />

and critique for the game, which is<br />

rightfully deserved with predicted<br />

law-suits to come. Nonetheless,<br />

the game we have has a very light<br />

story with almost nothing to invest<br />

a player into, focusing on boring<br />

gameplay mechanics that leave<br />

motivation to reaching a disappointing<br />

ending void. The economy<br />

system is as basic as it gets,<br />

though having a nice ship is sort<br />

impressive for ten minutes. Similarly,<br />

the exploration of the planets<br />

and the universe leaves you<br />

interested for only a short period<br />

until the ecstasy wears off. The<br />

game is aesthetically pleasing<br />

and combined with an excellent<br />

soundtrack composed by 65DOS.<br />

Unfortunately, multiplayer is essentially<br />

not existent outside learning<br />

of random player’s prior discoveries.<br />

It is a resource management<br />

game. Fun for a bit, but not worth<br />

the price.<br />

WRITTEN BY omi<br />


Star Ocean Integrity and Faithfulness<br />


REVIEW<br />



We’ve finally cornered the brigands<br />

who have been preying on<br />

our castle town, cornering their<br />

leader at the precipice of a waterfall<br />

with our hastily mustered<br />

force. That’s when the bandit chief<br />

pulls out something our characters<br />

have never seen before, a<br />

metal rod that seems to shoot fire.<br />

Someone has brought a blaster to<br />

this sword fight.<br />

Of course, it’s hard to be scared<br />

of the occasional neat line of laser<br />

fire in a world that has mages.<br />

In the boss fight that follows I am<br />

more concerned with the brigand<br />

mages, who can make the ground<br />

explode in area of effect with vortexes<br />

of fire. Next to that a tinker<br />

toy like a raygun seems almost<br />

quaint.<br />

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness<br />

blunts its own impact<br />

with too much adherence to JRPG<br />

tropes. It makes sense for healing<br />

magic to exist in a fantasy setting,<br />

but Star Ocean aspires to a scifi<br />

vibe too. Rather than getting a<br />

contrast between the old and the<br />

new, the medieval and the space<br />

age, we have a muddle of different<br />

influences. Imagine if one act into<br />

a Fire Emblem game the heroes<br />

went off into outer space to fight<br />

aliens and you can imagine the feel<br />

of Star Ocean.<br />

Star Ocean is awkwardly positioned<br />

as a niche JRPG classic, good<br />

enough for its PS1 and PS2 entries<br />

to evoke fond memories but not a<br />

monster franchise like Final Fantasy<br />

or Chrono Trigger. There is a<br />

changing of the guard in this entry,<br />

the first new entry since the PS2<br />

era, and with new producer Shuichi<br />

Kobayashi at the helm there<br />

is a very visible attempt to retain<br />

what makes the series distinctive.<br />

Star Ocean‘s trademark real time<br />

combat, generous alternate endings<br />

and endless crafting options<br />

are preserved, but throughout the<br />

experience has been streamlined<br />

to bring it into line with the diminished<br />

attention span of the timepoor<br />

modern gamer.<br />

Star Ocean has historically had its<br />

space-faring protagonists visiting<br />

apparently primitive worlds, the videogame<br />

equivalent of a Star Trek<br />

away mission where the Prime Directive<br />

is put to the test. Here roles<br />

are reversed, and for the first few<br />

hours the player could be forgiven<br />

for thinking they had accidentally<br />

booted up a Tales game, with bland<br />

sword-toting protagonist Fidel traversing<br />

his land of monsters and<br />

magic to raise troops to protect his<br />

vulnerable castle town from opportunistic<br />

bandits.<br />

The sci-fi elements are trickled<br />

in, but badly upstaged by the pervasiveness<br />

of magic. After a few<br />

hours we see futuristic healing<br />

technology – complete with stasis<br />

tubes – and does not compare<br />

favourably with the simplicity<br />

of just casting a healing spell.<br />

Later, standing on the bridge of a<br />

spaceship, there is definitely a Star<br />

Trek-style feeling of wonder and<br />

grandeur (helped along by Motoi<br />

Sakuraba’s inspired soundtrack).<br />

But to get there with have to slog<br />

through almost strikingly generic,<br />

antiseptic fantasy. This attempt to<br />

build mood means that the casual<br />

player will need to persevere for<br />

hours before the game begins to<br />

reveal its unique identity.<br />

As unwieldy as the moniker “Integrity<br />

and Faithlessness” is, refreshingly<br />

it points to how the game is<br />

seriously interested in using the<br />

JRPG to explore a theme of loyalty.<br />

Fidel crosses paths with young girl<br />

Relia, an amnesiac with the power<br />

to stop time, and becomes her protector<br />

as various forces in his world<br />

vie for control of her. Consistently,<br />

characters are forced to ques-

PROS:<br />


COMBAT<br />



CONS:<br />







6.4/10<br />

tion their loyalties and sometimes<br />

break the rules. In one highlight two<br />

interstellar visitors who are travelling<br />

with the party incognito debate<br />

whether to violate their nonintervention<br />

directive to save the<br />

life of a party member. The JRPG<br />

story so often gets lost along the<br />

way that it was very satisfying to<br />

see one idea explored thoroughly<br />

over the course of the game, and<br />

it was just enough to elevate the<br />

story here above the average for<br />

games.<br />

While the story can be quite engaging,<br />

the characters are unfortunately<br />

on the dull side, lacking<br />

the strong personality of Final<br />

Fantasy heroes or the timelessness<br />

of Dragon Quest‘s warriors.<br />

Fidel is every young, benevolent<br />

hero with a sword (although in a<br />

concession to an ageing audience,<br />

he is in his mid-20s rather than a<br />

teen). The character designs are<br />

quite nice, especially the detail<br />

on the clothes, but it is hard to<br />

get past the distractingly doll-like,<br />

creepy facial animations of the 3D<br />

models.<br />

Fortunately combat is fresh and<br />

engaging, real-time brawls where<br />

you control one party member. As<br />

your party fills up, battles become<br />

very crowded, and often you just<br />

choose one target to whittle away<br />

at while keeping one eye on the<br />

health of other party members in<br />

case anyone needs to be thrown<br />

a potion. You can give the party<br />

members standing orders to follow<br />

in a simplified version of Final Fantasy<br />

XII‘s gambit system, so with<br />

a little preparation I never had to<br />

worry about any of my AI companions<br />

doing anything ostentatiously<br />

dumb.<br />

Combat itself depends on a simple<br />

but effective rock-paper scissors<br />

system. Light attacks can be<br />

blocked and countered, but heavy<br />

attacks can crush block. Light attacks<br />

can also interrupt heavy<br />

attacks, so while you have three<br />

options none of them are always<br />

safe. This means you always have<br />

to pay attention to what opponents<br />

are doing. Green dragons you face<br />

early on provide this lesson, always<br />

countering light attacks but<br />

leaving themselves open to be<br />

smashed with a heavy attack. One<br />

fun early boss would constantly<br />

spasm with light attacks, and just<br />

by keeping up my block and being<br />

patient I was unable to unleash a<br />

lot of meaty counters.<br />

For the most part, combat isn’t<br />

much challenge, especially when<br />

party ranks swell and you are taking<br />

on enemy mobs with a small<br />

army. I had the most fun in the<br />

extra-tough ‘Cathedral of Oblivion’<br />

bonus dungeons, which along with<br />

some rocking music set my party<br />

against some very nasty Beholders.<br />

Memories of classic JRPGs<br />

came flooding back in one 20 minute<br />

battle against a floating eye<br />

that wiped out my supply of healing<br />

items and left me with just one<br />

character between my party and<br />

game over. Here I felt some of the<br />

old excitement and tension that<br />

has been almost completely beaten<br />

out of the genre.<br />

Where the game feels freshest<br />

is in pace and presentation. Random<br />

battles are gone, with another<br />

nod to Final Fantasy XII having enemies<br />

always visible on the world<br />

map and nearly flawless transition<br />

between exploration and combat.<br />

Menus and maps also pop up instantly,<br />

removing a flow-breaking<br />

niggle that has crippled too many<br />

games in the genre. Less successfully,<br />

the commitment to a seamless<br />

experience means that there<br />

are no dramatic cut scenes, just<br />

party conversations like the ones<br />

in Dragon Age, although here they<br />

are mandatory and unskippable.<br />

As laudable as the developer’s<br />

aims are here, being trapped in a<br />

red ring while character models<br />

deliver dialogue to each other isn’t<br />


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewkFPMMhx6I<br />

an improvement on the dynamic<br />

storytelling presentation of cinematic<br />

camera angles.<br />

The graphics are decent if a little<br />

generic, but the real star here<br />

is Motoi Sakuraba’s outstanding,<br />

pounding space opera soundtrack.<br />

Combat tracks get the blood<br />

pumping while the main theme has<br />

a searching sense of wonder that<br />

fits perfectly with the majesty and<br />

expanse of space.<br />

Integrity and Faithlessness is a<br />

bold attempt to both preserve the<br />

Star Ocean brand and update if<br />

for a new audience, but it is still a<br />

throwback to another era, shamed<br />

by the vivid characters and settings<br />

of modern classics such as<br />

Xenoblade or Persona 4. However<br />

it trims just enough flab from the<br />

genre to justify a play, a fast forward<br />

blitz from tutorial to last boss.<br />

On the PS2, this would have been<br />

a classic, but it is too mired in the<br />

past to be more than a curio or a<br />

fun timewaster.<br />




your say<br />


“The Xbox one S has been a big<br />

game changer for me, the most part<br />

of this gen of consoles I have played<br />

my ps4 mostly, aside from exclusives.<br />

With the launch of the S I haven’t<br />

even touched my Ps4 since picking<br />

up, it’s a much crisper an clearer<br />

gaming experience an being able to<br />

watch 4K movies had been a blast.<br />

I even have friends that just want to<br />

come and hang an watch Deadpool.<br />

I feel this is a huge step in the right<br />

direction for Microsoft and could<br />

even be the claim back into the console<br />

war they’ve been needing.<br />

I would also recommend the following<br />

games because these are the<br />

ones I’ve noticed a massive difference<br />

in the visuals on.<br />

Rise of the tomb raider, revisiting<br />

this game on the S was an amazing<br />

experience.<br />

Arkham knight, if you’re a big batman<br />

fan and thought this game can’t<br />

getter any better, let me tell you that<br />

I can.<br />

And Fallout 4 this game seems to be<br />

the best upscale I have found so far,<br />

the depth in the fog and the increase<br />

in the intensity of the rad storms is<br />

much more than I had expected.<br />

This so far is my must play for the<br />

Xbox one S.”<br />

- Brian Stacey<br />

“I haven’t got an Xbox One yet...<br />

but I do want a 500GB Xbox One S<br />

though. No power brick is a plus &<br />

it’s whisper quiet too. As for games...<br />

yeah I can’t really see anything outside<br />

of Rare Replay, Halo & maybe<br />

Gears of War 4 being worth the purchase<br />

since most of the games are<br />

also on PC... but it still has the best<br />

multiplayer around.<br />

Look, I’m a Nintendo/Japanese<br />

games kinda guy... so Xbox One isn’t<br />

my top pick. It’s a casual media box<br />

that plays games every blue moon &<br />

is great for the audience that grew<br />

up on Xbox. Also I’m 30 so I focus on<br />

single player games & games with a<br />

story.”<br />

- Jean-Paul Bartolomei<br />

“My partner has the Xbox One in this<br />

house, I haven’t used it much. But I<br />

do love the variety of media formats<br />

you can use on it, the variety of<br />

games on offer, and the state of the<br />

arts graphics it provides for a console.<br />

My son loves Minecraft, and<br />

this runs smoothly on the Xbox One.<br />

I have been told this is a highly demanding<br />

graphical game, so thumbs<br />

up to Xbox for the continually increased<br />

attention to graphics.”<br />

- Ashley Beech<br />

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your say<br />


“ I have the XBox One Halo 5 Limited<br />

edition, it looks cool and has some<br />

nice media features once you get<br />

the apps for it.<br />

So here’s my list of recommended<br />

games for the XBox One.<br />

Halo : The Master Chief collection.<br />

It wouldn’t be XBox without Halo and<br />

The Master Chief is a must have for<br />

anyone who are new to Halo franchise<br />

or those who want to add another<br />

addition to their Halo library.<br />

It has all four main Halo games into<br />

one disc and it runs at 60 frames per<br />

second.<br />

Rare Replay<br />

Rare has joined in the retro games<br />

compilation club with the likes of<br />

Namco, SEGA, Atari and Capcom<br />

with their title Rare Replay.<br />

They have most of their games on<br />

here ranging from the ZXSpectrum<br />

up to the XBox 360 with many titles<br />

that you know and love, like Banjo-<br />

Kazooie, Killer Instinct Gold and<br />

Conker’s Bad Fur Day (The original,<br />

not the XBox classic one).”<br />

- Marc Sola<br />

“If I’m honest, I really like the Xbox<br />

One S most because of it’s looks.<br />

The original is a hideous beast compare<br />

to the beauty of the One S. If<br />

that weren’t enough they finally got<br />

rid of the external power supply, it<br />

just fits better everywhere now.<br />

It’s hard to think of games when I<br />

have played and loved so many, but I<br />

can recommend the ones I am playing<br />

now.<br />

Overwatch is a fantastic game for<br />

people looking for online competitive<br />

play.<br />

Recently I picked up ReCore and I<br />

am loving it. Combat is easy and intense<br />

all at once, free to roam openworld<br />

with some super fun dungeons<br />

thrown in and you get to make robot<br />

pets! Now that is badass.”<br />

- Hamish McNaughton<br />

“The Xbox One is by far the best<br />

console MS has made, and it keeps<br />

getting better. With regular updates<br />

every couple months and lots of<br />

new features based on community<br />

feedback.<br />

With an impressive array of first party<br />

titles and backward compatible<br />

functionality of which the list keeps<br />

increasing I’ll soon have no need for<br />

my 360 to play some older games,<br />

as the X1 controller is a lot more<br />

comfortable than the older 360 controller.<br />

The older games run exactly<br />

the same as they did then (some<br />

that struggled then perform a little<br />

better now)<br />

Not to forget the media functionality,<br />

when I have friends over or having<br />

a night in, I’ll often bring up the<br />

Youtube App to catch up on trailers<br />

or Lets Plays on my bigger TV, plus<br />

I can plug in an External HDD and<br />

watch media from that, but I have<br />

one permenantly connected for extra<br />

storage space for my games.<br />

Speaking of games, if there’s a must<br />

have game, it’ll have to be Halo:<br />

The Master Chief Collection, Halo<br />

being Microsoft’s flagship title this<br />

bundle has it all, with Halo 1-4 and<br />

ODST as an optional extra. On top<br />

of that, Halo 1 and 2 are the Anniversary<br />

editions, marking the 10th<br />

anniversary of both those titles and<br />

have been given a makeover, giving<br />

a graphical, sound and music overhaul.<br />

But, if you want to see how they<br />

looked originally, with a simple press<br />

of a button you can switch to classic<br />

mode and play them exactly as<br />

they were before. From the collection<br />

my favourite part is the redone<br />

cutscenes for Halo 2 Anniversary. All<br />

of the scenes were done in full movie<br />

quality CGI by BLUR, who’ve worked<br />

on various movies in the past and<br />

have worked with Microsoft before<br />

on some other Halo projects like<br />

Halo Wars. This bundle is excellent<br />

value, with all 4 games for the price<br />

of 1 and featuring their original Multiplayer,<br />

plus a special Multiplayer version<br />

for H2A. That’s over 100 multiplayer<br />

maps total and 45 campaign<br />

missions. So if you ever wanted to<br />

try out Halo but didn’t know where to<br />

start after hearing about last year’s<br />

release of #5, this is the best place<br />

to start out..”<br />

- Matthew Caust<br />

Want your<br />

response<br />

featured in our<br />

next live magazine<br />

edition? ‘like’ us<br />

on facebook and<br />

look out for the<br />

‘your say’ status!<br />


C O S P LAY<br />



cosplay interview<br />


TAIPAN<br />

cosplay interview<br />



SPECIAL:<br />

CEASER237 ART<br />

sfx images<br />

photography tips<br />

horror pics by readers<br />

horror photo tips by<br />

mike rollerson



www.facebook.com/thecrystalshoe<br />

Welcome to <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>! First<br />

up, can you tell our readers where<br />

you are based?<br />

Hello! I’m a 24 year old cosplayer<br />

based in Argentina.<br />

And how did you get into cosplay<br />

and making costumes?<br />

I started collecting and going to<br />

conventions and I saw all the cosplayers<br />

and wanted to do it immediately<br />

! I started cosplaying back<br />

in 2010.<br />

What’s been your most challenging<br />

costume so far?<br />

My most challenging costume si<br />

far is Queen Amidala from star<br />

wars, I made the pre-senate kimono.<br />

It took me 4 month, a lot<br />

of new techniques and a lot of<br />

patience<br />

You’re based in Argentina, what’s<br />

the cosplay scene like there?<br />

The cosplay scene in Argentina<br />

started to grow in the last couple<br />

of years, we are no a lot but we<br />

have a lot of great artist here !<br />

Are there many cons and what<br />

are your favourites?<br />

Yes there are! My favorite con<br />

in Argentina is Argentina Comic<br />

Con.<br />

Do you travel for cons in other<br />

countries?<br />

I only traveled to New York to the<br />

NYCC 2015 to compete in the<br />

Nycc Championship of Cosplay<br />

with my Queen Amidala costume.<br />

Tell us about photo shoots you’ve<br />

done, how does a typical shoot<br />

get planned and what happens<br />

on the day?<br />

Usually, I make costume to make<br />

photoshoots, when I finish the<br />

costume I start looking for any<br />

photographer colleague that<br />

would like to photograph me with<br />

my costume, and try to choose<br />

someone with a matching style.<br />

On the day, I wake up early, take a<br />

shower and start with the makeup<br />

slowly and relaxed to get everything<br />

okay, I get dressed up and<br />

I leave for the photoshoot!<br />

Do you have any tips for cosplayers<br />

who might be planning their<br />

first photo shoot?<br />

Yes! Try to practice postures, investigate<br />

what other cosplayers<br />

did as an inspiration and look for<br />

reference photos of the characters<br />

!<br />

We love your photos you’ve<br />

shared, where can our readers go<br />

to find out more about you?<br />

Thanks! You can look me up in<br />

facebook as Thecrystalshoe<br />

Costumes and Thecrystalshoe in<br />

Deviantart.com.<br />

Instanto | www.facebook.com/ instantofotografia<br />

ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/thecrystalshoe<br />


Dr. Dani Photography | www.facebook.com/Dr.Dani.Producciones<br />

Ramroche Michael | www.facebook.com/Ramroche-Michael-284180838340876<br />

Dahlia Fortescue | www.facebook.com/dahliafortescueph<br />

Fernando Brischetto from Photograpes Sans Frontieres | www.facebook.com/ PhotographesSansFrontieres


Task Force Taipan<br />

Welcome to <strong>Live</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> Task<br />

Force Taipan -Thanks Hallam<br />

Bassett, Craig Faehrmann and<br />

David Benveniste for letting us interview<br />

you. Tell us what got you<br />

started.<br />

HB - It all started when I met some<br />

guys from Sydney a few years<br />

ago and we all had a common<br />

interest in military games, so we<br />

decided to make a cosplay group<br />

of like-minded people, it just sort<br />

of went nuts from there.<br />

DB - The military theme will always<br />

be the core of what Taipan<br />

is about, but it’s also just the start<br />

of what our group has produced.<br />

Quite a few of our members will<br />

get together to assemble group<br />

cosplays based on other gaming<br />

franchises such as The Division<br />

recently, and films like Star Wars.<br />

Your team do amazing props -<br />

how long does an average pistol<br />

take and what’s the most challenging<br />

weapons you’ve created?<br />

HB - as one of the original members<br />

and prop makers I can confidently<br />

say a pistol mod (depending<br />

on the model) would only take<br />

an hour or two, the most challenging<br />

was probably an AK I made<br />

for a customer that wanted it to<br />

weigh as much as a real one and<br />

be sturdy enough to take harsh<br />

usage.<br />

CF – On top of that though,<br />

painting the prop can often take<br />

as long as the build itself depending<br />

upon the method e.g. by hand.<br />

The uniforms are so amazing too<br />

- where do you begin with creating<br />

them?<br />

HB - Usually we buy our uniforms<br />

from air-soft websites and off of<br />

people through Facebook swap<br />

meet pages, but sometimes we<br />

do a bit of sewing too.<br />

CF – Often times we also purchase<br />

the legitimate military<br />

grade clothing, for example when<br />

our members want the most accurate<br />

option, if we can’t get<br />

large enough sizes or when we’re<br />

sick of them becoming damaged<br />

or torn too easily (Laughs).<br />

we would happily welcome more<br />

girls to get involved.<br />

You attend a lot of cons, what<br />

have been some highlights?<br />

HB - Probably the biggest highlights<br />

were when David and I attended<br />

EB Expo in Sydney and<br />

when Taipan had their own stall<br />

at AVCON here in Adelaide.<br />

CF – This one convention, can’t<br />

remember which, but we’d had a<br />

group attending in excess of ten,<br />

and we’d split into teams patrolling<br />

the con and were maintaining<br />

radio contact throughout the<br />

weekend. That was a lot of fun.<br />

DB – I’d have to agree with Hallam<br />

personally, making the trip over to<br />

Sydney for EB Expo a few years<br />

back was a fantastic opportunity<br />

for both of us. Having the chance<br />

to meet the lead writer of Watch<br />

Dogs, whilst in my Aiden Pearce<br />

outfit, was pretty awesome too<br />

(laughs).<br />

Australian Cosplay Group<br />

Are there many females involved<br />

in your team?<br />

HB - There are a couple of female<br />

members in our team but<br />

Do you have tips for cosplayers<br />

making weapons?<br />

HB - the list of tips on making<br />

weapons is huge (Laughs) main<br />

ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/TaskForceTaipan<br />

www.youtube.com/user/TaskForceTaipanSA<br />

Steamkittens | www.facebook.com/steamkittens

Steamkittens | www.facebook.com/steamkittens<br />

David Benveniste | www.facebook.com/TaskForceTaipan<br />

things I’d recommend would be to<br />

do research on said weapon, get<br />

all the specs and go from there,<br />

it’s like building a computer basically,<br />

familiarize yourself with all<br />

the components first.<br />

CF – Yeah I agree with Hallam,<br />

take your time, make sure you<br />

have every part you need before<br />

you begin a stage. There’s nothing<br />

worse than getting halfway<br />

through a build and suddenly realizing<br />

you’ve made a mistake<br />

early on. However if you do make<br />

a mistake, just stop and take the<br />

time to think about how you can<br />

work around the problem.<br />

What about the legality of these<br />

weapons? Do you have to be<br />

careful in transporting them to<br />

cons?<br />

HB - yes very careful, they can<br />

land you in hot water so we make<br />

sure to properly tag them when<br />

they’re in public view and when<br />

transporting them they stay well<br />

hidden.<br />

DB – This extends to the way we<br />

treat our other equipment and<br />

uniforms too. We try not to wear<br />

our uniforms out and about, especially<br />

before and after a con.<br />

Most times we’ll get ready on the<br />

site of the convention.<br />

To follow through on your cosplay<br />

I’m guessing you all study weapons<br />

handling too - any tips you<br />

can share?<br />

HB - Some of us do practice<br />

weapon handling, really the only<br />

tips I would give is 1. Remember<br />

they are props, not real guns;<br />

however they can still get you in<br />

trouble. 2. If you are making a film<br />

and want it to look somewhat realistic,<br />

research videos of tactical<br />

instructors and see how they use<br />

weapons. Lastly have a look at<br />

what real guns look like then familiarize<br />

yourself with them and<br />

you should be able to look pretty<br />

convincing with your prop.<br />

Finally where can our readers go<br />

to find out more?<br />

HB - We have a public Facebook<br />

page people can go to: Task<br />

Force Taipan - Australian Cosplay<br />

Group, also I have a personal<br />

cosplay page, you can message<br />

mine which is Ice Giant Cosplay,<br />

and Craig has one which is called<br />

Hunter Forged Cosplay. Otherwise,<br />

look for the guys in camo at<br />

cons.<br />

CF – There’s a pretty good<br />

chance it will be us (laughs).<br />

Steamkittens | www.facebook.com/steamkittens




<strong>October</strong> means Halloween, so we put together some special<br />

Halloween Cosplay from Cosplayers, Photographers & fans...

COSPLAY photography<br />

CEASAR237 ART<br />

www.cesar237art.com<br />

Firstly can you tell us a bit about<br />

yourselves and what you do.<br />

My name is Cesar237 and I am a<br />

self taught photographer based in<br />

Los Angeles. For the past 5 years<br />

I have been creating dark and<br />

disturbing photography. When<br />

people look at my photos I want<br />

there to be lots of questions....<br />

who is that?....what’s going on?....<br />

what does that mean? I try to create<br />

a balance between beautiful<br />

and creepy; something that might<br />

almost be overlooked if it were<br />

hanging up in someone’s home<br />

and you weren’t looking closely.<br />

Your website is a horror destination<br />

for fans - how do you collect<br />

all your content?<br />

All my content is original. I take<br />

inspiration from several different<br />

sources; I try to bring a hint of a<br />

vintage look to most of my photos<br />

because I am a huge fan of<br />

the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Another<br />

big inspiration is my fascination<br />

with forensics and crime scene<br />

investigation. I’m working with the<br />

idea of recurring characters in<br />

some of my photos and I’m trying<br />

to create the world in which these<br />

photos come from...almost like an<br />

alternate dimension.<br />

Tell us about your photography<br />

with regard to horror - how do<br />

you organise a project, sourcing<br />

the model, etc?<br />

Horror movies have a lot more<br />

freedom to express an idea, like<br />

sound and movement. With an<br />

image you are much more limited.<br />

I want to create the type of horror<br />

that is more psychological; blood<br />

and gore will only get you so far. A<br />

project starts with an idea. I don’t<br />

always use a model depending<br />

on what i’m trying to do, sometimes<br />

it’s just me in the photo. I do<br />

a rough sketch of the idea to help<br />

me visualize the layout and details.<br />

Once I know what I’m doing I<br />

start gathering everything for the<br />

set, props, and costume. I build<br />

the set from the wallpaper to the<br />

lighting and if I can’t get a hold<br />

of the props I need I will build it. I<br />

design the costume and my wife<br />

helps with the sewing;​ she also<br />

does the hair/make-up for my<br />

shoots and assist on set. Once<br />

the shoot is over I edit the photos<br />

to help bring out the creepiness;<br />

sometimes I will even change<br />

costumes and pose multiple<br />

times so I can edit different images<br />

of myself into the same photo.<br />

When we use models I usually<br />

meet them on Facebook believe<br />

it or not. There are lots of model/<br />

photographer groups for different<br />

areas where you can post a casting<br />

call; I’ve met my best models<br />

through these groups.<br />

Can models or cosplayers contact<br />

you about a photo shoot?<br />

Absolutely! I get lots of models<br />

who want to try something different.<br />

I can build custom sets for<br />

cosplayers so they get the most<br />

out of the hard work they put into<br />

their costumes. Emails cesar237art@gmail.com.<br />

Or you can<br />

go to my website, cesar237art.<br />

com. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram,<br />

and Tumblr; just search<br />

cesar237art.<br />

With Halloween coming what are<br />

your plans?<br />

I’m very excited to attend Universal<br />

Studios Halloween Horror<br />

Nights. It’s an annual tradition for<br />

us and this year they have some<br />

of my favorites.<br />

Some quick questions - what’s<br />

your favourite 3 horror movies<br />

and games?<br />

The Shining<br />

The Conjuring<br />

Friday the 13th<br />

Silent Hill<br />

Resident Evil<br />

Doom<br />

Finally where can readers go to<br />

find out more?<br />

They can go to<br />


ONLINE:<br />

www.ceaser237art.com<br />

www.facebook.com/cesar237art<br />



based in South Australia

ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/SFXimages<br />


photography tips<br />

ADDING<br />

MOOD<br />

tips to making your cosplay pics creepy<br />

I’m no Mike Rollerson - that guy’s hallway was exposed well. She<br />

a photo genius, especially when posed in that weird creepy way<br />

it comes to horror photography, you see in some of those Japanese<br />

horror movies and then I<br />

he’s got it down to an art form. But<br />

a while back our photo group and simply turned it to black and white<br />

a bunch of our cosplay friends and added grain.<br />

got together for what I called<br />

“Fright Night” based on the classic<br />

movie - no, not the remake<br />

but the original from 1985.<br />

We headed off into the night to<br />

create some creepy photos. I<br />

don’t have the compositing skill<br />

some artists do so I decided to<br />

keep it simple. Using the cosplayers<br />

skills as models and costume<br />

makers I looked for shadows<br />

and creepy locations to try<br />

to get some photos that I though<br />

were a bit on the horror side. The<br />

first photo is a silhouette featuring<br />

Bec (Graceful and Graceless<br />

cosplay), we found a hallway and<br />

I exposed the photo so she was<br />

just the shadowy figure and the<br />

The second photo features Lightish<br />

Red cosplay - she was in a<br />

Harry Potter film inspired cosplay<br />

and we found another hallway<br />

that hd weird light. This one too<br />

featured her posing in a creepy<br />

pose and then I turned it black<br />

and white and added a bit more<br />

grain to give it that old horror look.<br />

I made her stand under the light<br />

so that her face had some light<br />

on it but not too much to spoil the<br />

mood.<br />

The third image features JusZ<br />

cosplay and Lucy from Villain Visage<br />

- in this photo I put Lucy as<br />

the “innocent” victim of a Japanese<br />

“The Grudge” inspired attack<br />

by JusZ cosplay ... ok so<br />

she’s not quite innocent looking in<br />

this costume but you get the idea.<br />

Again this photo is made black<br />

and white for effect as black and<br />

white tends to reduce distractions<br />

in a photo leaving you with<br />

the main story or focus of the picture.<br />

Then it’s all them - the cosplayers<br />

here made the photo with<br />

their acting skills. Justine (Jusz) is<br />

doing her best Grudge pose. The<br />

long dark hair, the creepy hands<br />

reaching out to her victim and the<br />

look on her face make this photo.<br />

So like I said before, I’m no Mike<br />

Rollerson, but using simple backgrounds,<br />

good cosplayers and<br />

moody lighting you can create<br />

simple horror photos for Halloween.<br />

Yes you can even use your<br />

camera phone as long as you get<br />

the basic right.<br />

Have fun!<br />

Rebecca - Graceful and Graceless Cosplay<br />

JusZ Cosplay<br />

Lightish Red Cosplay<br />

ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/robjenkinsphotography<br />


eaders pics<br />

Horror Pics<br />

Reader’s love horror too - here’s their cosplay photos!!<br />

Safehead The Evil Within. After playing the game, I knew I wanted to make one for Avcon<br />

2015. The hardest part of this cosplay was being able to see out of the safe head, which<br />

I didn’t manage to achieve. I could see a blur in front through one of the dials, and about a<br />

metre in front of me from looking down so was sherpered around most of the time lol.<br />

Dead Space Isaac Clarke. Avcon<br />

2014. Also being a massive fan of<br />

the Dead Space series, i wanted to<br />

do a fully lighted Isaac Clarke Engineering<br />

suit. The EL tape worked<br />

better than I expected to light up the<br />

helmet slots and back piece. Was a<br />

fun cosplay to make and wear and<br />

it’s quite functional!<br />

Resident Evil Biosuit. This was from Avcon 2013. I wanted to make an<br />

infected style biosuit and used a welders glove with expanding foam/<br />

shoulder spikes/leg decay and about 1/2 litre of fake blood :).<br />

I made this as I’m a HUGE fane of Resident Evil and wanted to do<br />

something a bit different. This one currently sits at Gametraders offices<br />

as I donated it to the Cosplay Museum :).<br />

All photos by Simeon from www.facebook.com/SpargosCosplays

eaders pics<br />

Horror<br />

Pics<br />

Reader’s love horror too -<br />

here’s their cosplay photos!!<br />

photography tips<br />




My daughter Maddi and I at Oz Comic Con Perth.<br />

- Julian Hart.<br />

My Maitlands costumes. I made the masks from paper mache. I’d love<br />

to get a cool photo of them with a smoke machine behind. :)<br />

- Julian Hart.<br />

My top tips for creating great horror<br />

photos involve lighting, action<br />

and framing. I’ve been a longtime<br />

fan of the horror genre and over<br />

the years I’ve picked up some different<br />

tricks that I feel really take<br />

horror photos to the next level.<br />


Lighting plays a huge role in setting<br />

the mood and this is especially<br />

true with horror photography. A<br />

backlight to create a silhouette, a<br />

top-down lighting to create some<br />

interesting shadows while showing<br />

a bit of detail on the subject<br />

and some low-light ambient tones<br />

and different colors will really<br />

help set the mood (whether it’s a<br />

cold look, a warm one or just to<br />

outline your subject). Play around<br />

with the lighting and you’ll see it<br />

really start to set the mood! Play<br />

around with neon lights, black<br />

lights, different modifiers and just<br />

see how the look of the shot can<br />

completely change.<br />


Most of the time you want your<br />

subjects to be still to keep them in<br />

focus and get a nice sharp shot.<br />

Everyone loves a really clean shot<br />

but sometimes it’s that mystery<br />

that adds to a horror shot. Shoot<br />

at a high ISO to get a grainy shot,<br />

shoot at a low shutter speed to<br />

get some motion and have your<br />

subject get intense and move<br />

quickly for some shots. Holding a<br />

smile might be easy but holding a<br />

“scary pose” proves to be much<br />

harder and doesn’t photograph<br />

as well. Having your subject act<br />

and move around can create<br />

some really unique images and<br />

you’ll see some major differences<br />

in even the poses.<br />


Use an ultra-wide to get an upclose<br />

shot with a full-body and<br />

background in the shot, use a<br />

fast prime or telephoto to get a<br />

neat detail shot, don’t be afraid to<br />

try new things. Angles and framing<br />

will make a huge difference in<br />

your finished product. Sometimes<br />

it won’t work, but when it does<br />

you’ll get some really unique looking<br />

shots so don’t hesitate to try<br />

new things.



ONLINE:<br />

www.facebook.com/mikerollersonphotography<br />



by mike<br />

rollerson<br />

One of our good friends in cosplay photography is Mike<br />

Rollerson and it wouldn’t be a Halloween Cosplay Special<br />

without touchiing base with the Master of Horror who,<br />

interestingly has a fun new project that is so cool and retro...<br />

Polaroids! Mike, tell us what it’s all about...<br />

I’ve always been a big fan of printed<br />

photos. The first convention<br />

I ever went to, E3 Expo (many,<br />

many years ago!), I ran around<br />

with a backpack full of disposable<br />

film cameras and had a blast..<br />

having all of those memories as<br />

actual photos just seemed so different<br />

from what we end up with<br />

today in the world of digital photos.<br />

For the last decade I’ve shot<br />

exclusively digital, bought into the<br />

newest DSLR cameras, lenses<br />

and flashes and would spend<br />

hours in Photoshop editing these<br />

pictures and eventually getting<br />

many of them printed as largescale<br />

posters and wall-art for the<br />

studio.<br />

Recently the Instax and Polaroid<br />

cameras have been making a big<br />

comeback and I picked one up for<br />

some general behind-the-scenes<br />

photos and to bring along to conventions.<br />

After taking it out to a<br />

few conventions and shooting<br />

around 2,000 instant photos, I’m<br />

really loving the look it gives. You<br />

learn to make each shot count<br />

(each one has a cost associated<br />

with it), you learn the little tips and<br />

tricks (there is no live preview, the<br />

viewfinder is off and there’s minimal<br />

control over the photo settings),<br />

but those couple minutes<br />

after taking a photo while you<br />

watch it develop are a lot of fun,<br />

seeing just how the shot turned<br />

out and super rewarding when<br />

everything just works together<br />

and you’ve got that one-of-a-kind<br />

shot!<br />

(Love these Polaroids? Experiment at your next Con and grab a Fuji Instax or similar and start<br />

producing prints that are so much fun - Ed)<br />



The Australian Classification Board<br />

There are two separate Boards that are independent from the government and from<br />

each other. There is the full time Classification Board that decides the classifications of<br />

films, video games and certain publications and the Classification Review Board that<br />

meets only to review a decision of the Classification Board when there is a valid application<br />

for review.<br />

The Board bases its’ classifications on six elements:<br />

Themes, Violence, Sex, Language, Drug Use & Nudity<br />

Below are a list of classifications you’ll find on games and movies:<br />

CTC - Check the classification.<br />

MA 15+ - Mature Accompanied 15+.<br />

CTC<br />

The content has been assessed and approved for advertising unclassified films and<br />

computer games.<br />

Any advertising of unclassified films and games must display the CTC message on<br />

posters, trailers, on the internet, and any other types of advertising.<br />

G - General.<br />

The content is very mild in impact.<br />

The G classification is suitable for everyone. G products may contain classifiable elements<br />

such as language and themes that are very mild in impact.<br />

However, some G-classified films or computer games may contain content that is not<br />

of interest to children.<br />

PG - Parental Guidance.<br />

The content is mild in impact.<br />

The impact of PG (Parental Guidance) classified films and computer games should be<br />

no higher than mild, but they may contain content that children find confusing or upsetting<br />

and may require the guidance of parents and guardians. They may, for example,<br />

contain classifiable elements such as language and themes that are mild in impact.<br />

It is not recommended for viewing or playing by persons under 15 without guidance<br />

from parents or guardians.<br />

M - Mature.<br />

The content is moderate in impact.<br />

Films and computer games classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact<br />

and are recommended for teenagers aged 15 years and over.<br />

Children under 15 may legally access this material because it is an advisory category.<br />

However, M classified films and computer games may include classifiable elements<br />

such as violence and nudity of moderate impact that are not recommended for children<br />

under 15 years. Parents and guardians may need to find out more about the film or<br />

computer game’s specific content, before deciding whether the material is suitable for<br />

their child.<br />

The content is strong in impact.<br />

MA 15+ classified material contains strong content and is legally restricted to persons<br />

15 years and over. It may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug<br />

use that are strong in impact.<br />

A person may be asked to show proof of their age before hiring or purchasing an MA<br />

15+ film or computer game. Cinema staff may also request that the person show proof<br />

of their age before allowing them to watch an MA 15+ film. Children under the age of<br />

15 may not legally watch, buy or hire MA 15+ classified material unless they are in<br />

the company of a parent or adult guardian. Children under 15 who go to the cinema<br />

to see an MA 15+ film must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the<br />

duration of the film. The parent or adult guardian must also purchase the movie<br />

ticket for the child. The guardian must be an adult exercising parental control over<br />

the person under 15 years of age. The guardian needs to be 18 years or older.<br />

Parents and guardians may need to find out more about the film or computer game’s<br />

specific content, before deciding whether the material is suitable for their child.<br />

R 18+ - Restricted to 18+.<br />

The content is high in impact.<br />

R 18+ material is restricted to adults. Such material may contain classifiable elements<br />

such as sex scenes and drug use that are high in impact. Some material classified<br />

R18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community. A person may be asked for<br />

proof of their age before purchasing, hiring or viewing R18+ films and computer games<br />

at a retail store or cinema.<br />

There is also an X 18+ for adult films and these titles are only available for sale in the<br />

ACT and the Northern Territory.<br />

Sometimes games are refused classification. This can cause gamers to be frustrated,<br />

citing that the R18+ classification should take care of adult content. But still some<br />

games don’t get classified until the publishers/developers have addressed the concerns<br />

of the Classification Board.<br />

Want to know more? Visit the Australian Classification website -<br />

www.classification.gov.au<br />


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