Life in the Ocean


Life in the Ocean is a nonfiction children's book about ocean animals and the characteristics of living things written by Ashland University Early Childhood Education students.

About the Authors

Hello Readers! My name is Polly Dexter, co-author of Life in the Ocean. I will

graduate this year with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I can't wait to be a

teacher because I will get to learn new things every day while helping readers like you

to discover how this big wide world works and what you can do in it. My favorite

ocean animals are Jellyfish because they are graceful swimmers and some even glow

in the dark using bioluminescence!

My name is Leslie Childers and I am a senior Early Childhood Education major at

Ashland University! I want to be a teacher because my elementary teachers inspired

me and I want to inspire my students one day as well. My favorite ocean animal

would have to be a seahorse because they are the only species on Earth in which the

males have the babies!

Hello! My name is Tristan Renninger and I am a senior at Ashland University and will

be receiving a dual licensure in Early Childhood Education and Intervention Specialist. I

want to be a teacher because I want to make sure that my students always have a

comfortable and positive place to learn and grow. My favorite part of the ocean is the

coral reef because of all of the beautiful colors it produces.