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>> without knowing... yOU CANNOT MAKE: Exclusive interview with Sig. Cesare Mastrioanni, Absolute Yachts p.06

>> the last challenge: Tribute to the most successful and decorated American Olympians in history p.22

>> pEACE WITH HONOUR: A personal, detailed and well researched travel and historical narrative by the Editor p.38

OCT/NOV/DEC 2016 issue 4

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september 2016 issue 4




Yacht Charter

Industry Trends

The Performance Review


Cover Story

Without Knowing… You Cannot Make

Exclusive interview with Sig. Cesare Mastrioanni, Sales Manager of Absolute Yachts

See Malta from a Different Perspective

A new kind of charter experience with Azure Ultra

The Yachting World’s New Horizons

Kavita Mokha takes a look at the glamorous world of luxury yachting

Exclusive Interview

Providing Differentiated Coverage and Services

MAINSAIL interviews Margaret Zaccaria, SIAT Assicurazione (Unipol Group),

during MIM’s Superyacht Symposium

Centurion 57

The finely-tuned, high performance sailing cruiser from


Tribute to a Legend

The Last Challenge: Michael Phelps, at his earliest Olympics, and today

A fitting tribute to the most successful and decorated American Olympians in history with 25

medals, 21 of those gold





26 Leading Brands & Personalities

show strong support for the Yacht

Racing Forum

The Yacht Racing Forum, Co-hosted by Yachting Malta, and

held for the ninth consecutive time

28 Comanche in Pursuit of Transat


Leading author Brian Hancock charts the Transat Record

32 Cruising the Med

We follow Italian company Conca Delachi, cordially invited

SuperYacht Industry to join the company on a mini cruise in

the Med on board Signora Del Vento; an 85m 5 star three–

masted sailing vessel

36 Prime Minister launches yacht

marina in Sa’ Maison with an

investment of €7.5 million

A double-page feature about The Marina Di Valletta

Consortium’s project

38 Peace with Honour

A personal, detailed and well researched double-page travel

and historical narrative by the Editor, about the Decima

Flottiglia MAS and the WWII attack on Grand Harbour

40 Safety Checklist Before Going


Tom Lochhaas gives us a piece of mind to check our boat

and gear to ensure safety on board

Quote of the Month

“A war of ideas can no more be won without books

than a naval war can be won without ships. Books,

like ships, have the toughest armor, the longest

cruising range, and mount the most powerful

guns.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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MAINSAIL has during the past year established

itself as a new kind of sea publication, reporting

subjects of strong interest to everyone who goes

on the sea. It is full of big, authoritative articles

on sailing, boating, racing, sea faring adventures,

fisheries, individual adventuring, merchant

shipping, conservation, natural history, heritage,

trade, naval matters, nautical books, and anything

else connected with salt water.

Its contributors are people who know how to tell

a good story well. Topics for the first issues have

included the reminiscences Sir Ben Ainsle, the

undisputed king of British yacht racing; an account

of Team Chaudron UIM ClassOne World exploits by

Wilfred Sultana; RC44 Valletta Cup features; Maritime History recollections; diving

stories on legendary wrecks; canoe ocean racing report by Catherine Wieser;

high profile interviews with leading seafaring mariners and yachting experts; epic

stories of sea voyages; naval battle commemorations; coverage of the Volvo Ocean

Race courtesy of Mapfre Middlesea; brokerage updates; chartering opportunities;

maritime statistics; superyacht regattas; and accounts of the Rolex Middle Sea. We

will also be printing new fiction, and telling the stories of the lost world of radio

operators, crossing the Atlantic via a hurricane, the great painters of sea pictures,

and a year in the life of a superyacht.

MAINSAIL is also keen to remind its readers of great sea writers who are

contributing every quarterly. MAINSAIL’s pages are full of intelligent sea reading.

It is published in a unique A4 size, printed on hefty paper, illustrated with charts,

woodcuts and line drawings, and has been greeted with appreciative remarks

from readers all across the local maritime, boats and yachting industry, including

shipping, transport and logistics.

The current issue, number four, published end September 2016 brings unique

insights into the yachting world’s new horizons, features exclusive interviews

conducted during the Superyacht Symposium held recently in Malta, has a feature

on classic yachting, a tribute to Michael Phelps, a story on Signora del Vento,

narrative on Decima Flottiglia MAS and the WWII e-boat attack on Grand Harbour,

articles by Tom Lochhaas, sailing expert, Cannes boat show and the Rolex Middles

Sea Race, making MAINSAIL Malta’s premier boats and yachting publication a true

leader with first-class coverage and compelling reading. There will be further issues

quarterly hereafter – the next will be sent out during the first fortnight of February/

March 2016.

MAINSAIL has had its finger on the pulse of sailing since its inception. We reckon

we are the most enthusiastic sailing fans in the world: we love boats of all kinds,

modern and classic, we like racing and cruising, are fascinated by innovation yet

revere tradition, and nothing that floats is too big or too small for our tastes. That is

why we bring you the choicest cuts in boats and sailing, and we pride ourselves on

our independent tests, in-depth reports and top quality photo journalism.

Publisher - MBR Publications Limited

Editor - Martin Vella

Front Cover Photo - Absolute 60 FLY, Absolute Yachts

Sales Department - Margaret Brincat - Sales Director, Amy Schembri - Senior Sales Executive

Art & Design - Jacqueline Muscat, Gyorgy Vernes

Front Cover Photo - REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi

Advertising - 9940 6743 / 9926 0163


Contributors - Annabel Camilleri; Great Circle Sails; Brian Hancock; Tom Lochhaas; Kavita Mokha;

Michael Phelps; Wilfred Sultana; Martin Vella; Margaret Zaccaria

Special Thanks - Absolut Yachts; About Sailing; Azure; Boatcare Ltd; BBC Sports; DOI; Facebook;

Fairline Yachts; Malta Institute of Management; International Sailing Federation; Instagram; IOC

News; Malata Maritime Directory; Mansion Global; M/V Signora del Vento; Navigation Seamanship;

Palumbo Superyachts Malta; RIO 2016; Johnny Simon; SIAT Assicurazione (IT); Super Yacht Industry;

Tappintomalta Ltd; The Malta Independent; Twitter; USA Swimming; World Sailing; Yachting Malta;

Yachthub Group, Malta

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Editor’s Note

Martin Vella

Cover Story: Superyacht Visits

Cover Story: Superyacht Visits > 06

MBR: If I were a customer and I was

interested in buying an Absolute boat, how

would you explain the main characteristics

of an Absolute boat to me, to make me buy

the boat?

CM: What you can see is the modern line,

you can see a boat where ergonomics is at the

highest level. I can demonstrate to you, this

is accurate. Should you consider our 60 for

instance and the 60 from the competitors, we

have less steps all around the boat, as anybody

else. In the floors, as well as in the ceilings, we

have no sharp edges. We have also best visibility.

So, if you have high clients, you have better

possibilities from the manoeuvring station

toward the inside. You have bigger windows

in the category for every boat. The people that

stay in the boat, in the fly deck or in the lower

deck, have always the best opening view on the

water. This is something that you can see and

you can verify by yourself.

Every year in July, we have a meeting with

our Dealers coming from every part of the

world to draw comparisons. We present them

a competitive analysis of the novelties. We

always demonstrate that the interior design,

the features implement better solutions. From

the statistics everybody has a different taste,

so maybe somebody prefers the American,

European or classical style, and this is

something we cannot control. But from the

functional point of view, our interiors are very


The easy handling, easy docking and very

practical navigation are evident. The position of

the dashboard, the ergonomics of the steering

and the visibility from the steering are the best

of the category. There is of course a contribution

of the IPS, but we also put a lot in this design.

Regarding comfort, you can test in the water

and wherever you want we can show you how

the boat is totally without vibration and creaks,

so the comfort is an absolute priority. When

other magazines or journalists come with their

sound proofing digital meters, they always

record very high preformation types of noise

and at low levels. This is something you can

see, something you can test. We believe that

without listening you cannot say!

We believe in technology and easy management,

in 360° control. We believe in luxury, and not

in waste: our engines are low consumption and

low noise engines. We believe in Design tasting

of salt water, having image and also substance.

We finally believe that the Ocean shall be

respected. That is why we engage in reducing

emissions at their minimum level. And this

not only to safeguard the protected areas, but

also the whole Ocean. The Ocean continent

We believe that without

listening you cannot say!

– before being our business – is the soul of the

Earth. Without knowing… you cannot make!

This is something that the clients can believe

or not but this is reality. Therefore as a

consequence, the lifecycle of the boat is long,

we have clients that sell the boat to the second

generation and third generation, and they are

always happy with the boat. Sometimes we

have the possibility to see our old boats in the

marinas for different reasons, and we are very

happy to see how well they are. Everything is

like new. All thing you have to do is the regular

service, cleaning and polishing.

Cont. Pg 08 >> 07

Cover Story: Superyacht Visits

Cont. Pg 07

MBR: Can you define your niche or target market,

can you describe it?

CM: Starting from 2014, we have introduced a new

range of boats, called “Navetta”, which represents

a meeting between tradition and technology. This

new range has filled a “market gap”, meeting the

needs of many international customers, which have

appreciated this range since the beginning, thanks to

its characteristic shape and its comfort. In fact, we are

proud to announce that in 2017 we will introduce a

new model in this range…

MBR: Can you tell us something about the

significance of the Absolute boats? How will this

provided by the boats, especially not just in Malta but

perhaps in other countries. Do you have a visage that

this will be increasing not just the Absolute image in

Malta but also the activities in the Mediterranean


CM: First of all, Absolute is pushing what we call the

Absolute global project. It is a long road to walk, but

we are walking. We have included Malta in these tasks.

We have one step, very convenient and important for

that reason. Malta has a strategic place on the map for

both the local clients, and the foreigners coming to

Malta. Malta could be a point of attraction. What we

expect from the dealers of every country is the same;

the image and their presentation of Absolute locally, as

well as be our eyes and ears in the market. Why? The

communication with the dealers is always direct, no

faults. The direction from us to them is the proposal of

new products. We are always in advance on the market;

we propose something new.

every choice is always the result of

a mix of different ingredients

MBR: Why do you think that Boatcare is the perfect

partner for Absolute?

CM: Well you know every choice is always the result of

a mix of different ingredients, because the right person

should come in the right time, otherwise it’s not working.

What we know about the dealers is what they have done

before and this is the main matter. Boatcare fulfils all of

our expectations, and so is our perfect partner.

MBR: What vision do you have for Absolute in Malta

or beyond, are they any projects under development?

Coming to Malta do you think of creating something

new or have something in mind, not just only in the

Maltese market.

CM: Our process are structured for the next 3 years.

We have been designing now two models between 60

and 80 feet. I cannot tell you more about that because it

is still top secret. These two models will be our flagships

in 2017 and 2018. In the meantime, we are proud

to announce that we are launching our novelty for

this season, the Absolute 50 fly: the official European

premiere will take place during the Yachting Festival

Cannes, in September 2016.

Together with this investments, the floor area used for

Absolute manufacturing is going up from the current

17.000 m2 to 24.200 m2, representing an increase of

7.200 m2.

It is not just about increasing the available area and

extending the staff. The project of the new development

also includes an optimization of the internal flows

and a different integration between various stages of

processing. All this will be backed up also by some

expected technological novelties.

MBR: Which is the most important and essential

element of the Absolute company? Sales marketing,

production or human resources? Which is the key

element of the shipyard success?

CM: I think people are very important in this company.

Managers and technicians of renowned competence

and experience lead the shipyard, providing the

Sig. Cesare Mastroianni during Dealer Meeting at Cannes

guidelines to a young and enterprising team, made

up by an harmonic structure of seven Departments:

Technical, Sales, Administration, Purchasing, IT,

Warehouse, Manufacturing.

This group of people works every day very hard, in

order to achieve the great results shown.

There is no pyramid of responsibilities, where at the end

of the day nobody cares, but everyone is responsible.

We have just two level approach, so when a problem

arrives the solution is immediate. This is very important

and we are 160 people, so if you have not such an

approach you can imagine only a slow response result.

This is one of the main keys of success.

MBR: When you supply at the end of your day and

you look back and reflect, do you think about what

do you have achieved? What is the most important

factor you think about when you look back?

CM: Of course, the financial economic result of the

company is essential because otherwise it is like in a

body, when you do not eat and you die. Economic

results are very important. That’s why when somebody

is passionate in his work, the most important thing in

the work is smooth running. Everybody should feel

to be in the right place, ready at the right moment.

This is what we are happy to see, not only inside of

the company, but also with the dealers. We felt wrong

when something is not at the same tune or in sync.

There are separate opinions, so we meet, we discuss to

find the same wavelength and a shared solution.

MBR: If you have to describe Absolute’s operation

into three words

CM: For sure, passion of the people, engagement, I

mean to be in the matter fully and to be serious, to be

honest. One word one action. ms

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016

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Yacht Charter

World Sailing > 10 >> 11

Yachting Industry Trends

The Yachting World’s

New Horizons

By Kavita Mokha

Monte Carlo remains an important hub of the yachting world. Aleksandar Vrzalski/Getty Images

The luxury industry is seeing rising interest in Asia and elsewhere. The

glamorous world of yachting, long dominated by destinations such as

Cannes, Monte Carlo and Sardinia, is docking in new harbours.

“Gone are the days when yachting was restricted to the crowded coastline

of the Côte d’Azur, and France held the monopoly on impressive marinas,”

says Daniel Wilde, co-founder of, a web portal that

brings together renters, buyers and sellers of marina berths and moorings

worldwide. “As the marina industry develops, so, too, does the choice of

attractive destinations for owners to berth their yachts.”

The wealthiest buyers are often looking for “superyachts,” which are

usually defined as pleasure boats more than 24 meters (about 79 feet) in

length, often with pools, private screening rooms, basketball courts and

a host of luxury features. Price tags sometimes run in the hundreds of

millions of dollars.

In the first half of 2015, 199 superyachts were sold worldwide, compared

with 226 during the same period a year before. Just 74 were sold in the

first half of 2009 at the height of the recession, according to figures from

Boat International Media.

Though Europeans and Americans have traditionally led the list of

superyacht buyers, China’s growing wealth has builders looking east.

Asia is predicted to overtake Europe in the number of ultra-high-networth

individuals by 2027, according to consultancy Wealth-X. There are

almost 4,930 superyachts longer than 30 meters (about 98 feet) in the

world, and only a fraction of these are in Asia.

There are already signs of growing demand in China. U.K.-based yacht

builders Spirit Yachts opened an office in Hong Kong in 2014, where the

high demand for berth space has kept the marina nearly saturated.

But China is not the only place seeing an upswing in demand.

“Superyacht demand has changed in recent years, both in terms of

new clients and from new regions, and in terms of the kind of yachts,

specifically those over 75 meters or even 100 meters,” said Fabio Ermetto,

sales director at Benetti Yachts, an Italian luxury yacht builder in business

since 1873.

The firm has had increasing interest from Chinese, Southeast Asian, Russian,

Central American and Brazilian buyers. Challenges to development remain

in these new markets, however, and industry professionals say the allure of

the established locales is by no means disappearing.

“Some people like the cachet that comes with the south of France and it

isn’t quite the same in some of the newer places,” said Alasdair Pritchard,

Associate Partner at Knight Frank.

Luxury real estate firm Engel & Völkers opened a new yachting division

in Nice earlier this year and there are plans to open offices in Antibes and

Monaco, with the idea of potentially expanding worldwide, according to

Bart Boury, the head of yachting at Engel & Völkers. The firm will use its

network on a referral basis given that many of the clients who buy highend

property are the same buyers interested in purchasing yachts.

“The French Riviera is one of the most important places for yachting and

we are starting here and focusing on yachts above 15 meters,” said Boury.

“There is greater confidence to invest on the higher end; little by little and

we will go to the market with some major transactions in the next years.”

The changes have some yachting builders feeling bullish. At Benetti, nine

yachts up to 65 meters have sold since September 2014; 45 yachts are

currently under construction compared with 31 yachts during the height

of the crisis between 2008 and 2009.

“Forty-five new-construction orders at Benetti is certainly not a sign of

weakness,” says Boury. ms

Creditline: Mansion Global: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Superyacht Symposium

Superyacht Symposium > 14 >> 15

Sailing Cruiser Focus Focus: Columbus Yachts > 16 >> 17

World Sailing

Weddings at Sea yacht racing rules based on that of the

YRA. The rule is still used today in the 12 Metre,

8 Metre, 6 Metre and other Metre boats.

At that time the IYRU comprised of the yachting

authorities of Austria-Hungary, Denmark,

Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland

and Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and


In November 1929, representatives from the

North American Yacht Racing Union actively

took part in the discussions to ensure that the

North American Yacht Racing Rules and the

International Yacht Racing Rules were almost

identically worded and that neither one would

change their rules without first informing the

other. In 1960 a totally universal code of racing

rules was agreed and implemented.

From 1906 to 1946 a chairman was elected from

time to time to orchestrate the annual meetings

of the IYRU. In 1946, Sir Ralph Gore was elected

the first President and since then the ISAF has

seen five Presidents: Sir Peter Scott (GBR) 1955-

69, Beppe Croce (ITA) 1969-86 Peter Tallberg

(FIN) 1986-1994, Paul Henderson (CAN) 1994-

2004, Göran Petersson (SWE) 2004-2012 and

Carlo Croce (ITA) 2012 to present.

The International Sailing Federation is officially

recognised by the International Olympic

Committee as the governing authority for sailing

world-wide. As such, ISAF is responsible for

promotion of the sport internationally, managing

sailing at the Olympic Games, developing the

International Racing Rules and Regulations

for all sailing competitions and the training of

judges, umpires and other administrators, the

development of the sport around the world,

as well as representing sailors in all matters

concerning the sport. The name change to the

International Sailing Federation in 1996 came

with the change to the name of the sport on the

Olympic programme from Yachting to Sailing.

In order to promote the development of the

sport the ISAF has established several events -

including, but not limited to the ISAF Sailing

World Championships and ISAF Sailing

World Cup (for Olympic equipment), ISAF

Youth Sailing World Championship, Team

Racing World Championship, Match Racing

World Championship, ISAF Women’s Match

Racing World Championship, ISAF Nations

Cup, as well as endorsing and grading the top

international match racing and Olympic Class

regattas, the results of which go towards sailors’

world rankings, which are administered by ISAF.

ISAF currently consists of 139 member nations

who are its principle members, and responsible

for the decision making process that governs the

sailing world.

There are currently over 100 recognized and

Classic Yacht Classes, ranging from the small

Optimist Dinghy up to the largest, the 60ft


ISAF, from its outset, has worked towards a

primary goal to ensure that as many people as

possible go sailing.In 2007 ISAF celebrated it’s

Centenary year by celebrating sailing. The ISAF

members, sailing clubs, regatta organizers, sailors

and fans were encouraged to organize activities

to mark the Centenary with the ‘Sail the World

weekend’ dedicated to getting as many people

out on the water world-wide as possible. ISAF

also launched the ISAF Sailing Hall of Fame in

2007 to acknowledge some of the sports greatest

achievers. ms

Courtesy: World Sailing us for a private viewing

10, Seabreeze, Giuseppe Cali Street, Ta’ Xbiex - XBX1421 - Malta

Tel: (+356) 2133 9908, Mob: (+356) 9920 3444, Fax: (+356) 2133 2259, E-mail:

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Some classic yachting

By Brian Hancock

I did some classic yachting over the weekend, you know the kind where

sailors show up in bowties for the race and sip champagne and feast on

finger sandwiches once the action is over. And classic it was. I was on a

friend’s Alden Challenger, a lovely 38 foot yawl with plenty varnish and

a set of brand new Great Circle Sails (yes I had to get that plug in there).

I enjoyed the sailing even if the race committee were morons and set

impossibly long courses with no way to shorten them once the wind died.

But other than the fine sailing there was one thing that I took away from

the weekend. I am damn glad that there have been some improvements in

sailboats over the last few decades.

Let’s start with winches. We had single-speed hand-crank winches with

what looked to me to be insanely short winch handles. It took some serious

arm work to get the sail in after each tack and I could not help but think

how much more pleasant the day would have been with a modern two or

three speed winch. Then there was the problem of tacking through 110

degrees. The lovely old Alden had a full keel with attached rudder that

made each tack a slow arc and long ‘build to speed’ but the thing that was

most difficult were the tacking angles. It was not much use to tack on each

wind shift; instead it was more like banging the corners to avoid having to

tack at all or get depressed when you saw the angle of the next tack. Yup

those fin keels and spade rudders sure were a nifty invention.

The sails were Dacron and the sheets old polyester. I am used to sailing

with membrane sails and dyneema sheets and was never too concerned

when a puff hit. I knew that the sails were going to stay as they were, but I

had forgotten just how much Dacron sails and old polyester sheets stretch.

Each time a puff hit the leech of the sail, which had been up snug against

the spreader, was suddenly a foot away and the only way to remedy this

was with that aforementioned one speed winch and a lot of elbow grease.

Our boat was fiberglass but still heavy and it was painful to see how long

it took to get the boat back up to speed after each maneuver. It was a

slow build with the trimmers making the final adjustments as the apparent

wind increased. How I missed one of those light, carbon hulls that barely

dropped a knot each time we tacked. There was, however, one advantage

to the extra weight. When we needed to shoot the windward mark against

the tide the boat kept its momentum just long enough for us to squeak


Changes in sailing come incrementally, and year to year we hardly notice

the difference, but when you get to sail on a boat that is older than yourself

you can really see what the old timers went through. I guess that was back

in the days when men were men and so were the women. ms

Courtesy: Great Circle Sails

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Tribute to a Legend Tribute to a Legend > 22 >> 23

Nautical Décor





Plynl Flooring - a modern alternative to flooring which can be used on board

By Vera Sant Fournier

Pattern Inspirations

Interior design in yachts does not have to be

nautical, in fact what better way to enjoy

your time at sea on your own yachts but

to truly have it reflect your individuality too;

nautical décor is basically not a rule.

Interior Designers will come true to you load

and cleat on this, don’t let your yacht become

a ‘décor don’t, a “before” photo in a magazine’.

Same old, same archaic, the teak, the navy

blue or hunter green, the brass, I think we all

know where this is heading. The old school,

headmasters’ office look, and yes next time you

go on board this is exactly what you will think

you have stepped in.

Transform your yacht interiors by doing these

simple things, you and your guests shall be

surprised with the results- it’s worth it. And yes,

do let go and steer away (no pun intended) from

the usual, ‘traditional’ yacht décor.

Fabrics: One does not have to head directly to

the Sunbrella fabric swatches, you can source

plenty of other brands which can withhold the

wear and tear brought on by usage, always check

the Martindale rating and this will guide you

on what level of usage the fabric can withstand.

When you search for options you will find that

you can source impermeable fabrics in hundreds

of colours, meaning things don’t have to stop at

navy blue and white. Explore and be creative

with your space at sea.

Which Colour: Generally people tend to be

drawn to the usual Neutrals, Beige, White and

navy colour scheme. But if you experiment,

with guidance you shall be pleasantly surprised.

Depending on the size of the yacht you may also

have different colour schemes in different areas.

To Pattern or not: For the sofa covers it is

recommended to go for solid colours, but if you

want to be daring then go for a bold, statement

pattern. With a clear design concept you can

work wonders.

Flooring: If, like most boats you have teak

flooring in your cabins which have now see better

days know that teak is not your only options.

Again it is recommended to go for solid colours.

Carpets tend to get dirty easily especially lighter

type colours, Plynly is a great modern alternative

to flooring, which can be easily cleaned and is

hardwearing, even on a commercial and outdoor


Lighting: Like residential and commercial

projects, lighting on board plays a big part in

creating ambience, accent and task lighting

needs to be well thought out. Updating your

light fittings will go a long way, even with

regards to energy consumption.

Taste is truly subjective. Giving some thought

and attention to your yacht interiors, and I

have seen this being overlooked, yes it is trivial

in comparison to the safety standards of your

yacht but the décor can be an evolving work in

progress which does not have to break the bank

and will maximise your general feel good factor

out at sea. ms

Vera Sant Fournier has been awarded as

Malta’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year

2016 and also as Malta’s Best Interior Design

& Décor Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

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Yacht Racing Forum

Leading Brands and Personalities


When dazzle no longer limits

your horizons.

Polarised lenses by


Tucker Thompson, Richard Moore, Tom Touber, Cameron Appleton are some

of renowned speakers to be present at Forum

America’s Cup commentator Tucker Thompson, Alter CEO Richard Moore,

outgoing Volvo Ocean Racing COO Tom Touber, World Champion Cameron

Appleton are just a few of the renowned speakers who have confirmed their

participation at the 2016 Yacht Racing Forum which will take place at the Grand

Hotel Excelsior, Valletta between the 28th and 29th November.

Co-hosted by Yachting Malta, and held for the ninth consecutive time, the Yacht

Racing Forum will take place immediately after the RC44 Valletta Cup and will

see many of the industry’s most involved stakeholders and brands here in Malta.

Their participation promises to deliver a fruitful Forum which will be split into

four modules:

Chaired by America’s Cup commentator Tucker Thompson (USA), the

opening conference will focus on marketing and media, and spark debates

and presentations on social media, television and sponsorship.

The second module, on Monday afternoon, will be chaired by Alter

CEO Richard Moore (UK) and discuss Event and Race Management. A

specific focus will be put on sustainability issues, as well as challenges and

opportunities in events management.

The entire morning of day two will be dedicated to Risk Management

and Safety. The sport of sailing has changed dramatically over the last five

years, with faster and foiling boats and a trend to generate closer action.

Chaired by the Volvo Ocean Race outgoing COO Tom Touber (NED),

this conference will question the sport and its participants’ awareness of

those changes.

Chaired by Seahorse magazine chief editor Andrew Hurst (UK), the last

module, on Tuesday afternoon, will focus on the « top of the sport » and

the future of yacht racing. The conference will (amongst others) discuss the

future of match racing, the Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup.

The Design & technology Symposium will take place alongside the Yacht Racing

2015 - RC44 Valletta Cup Fleet Racing (Day 1)

Forum on Monday November 28; it will once again be hosted by Seahorse

journalist Dobbs Davis(USA).

Keynote presentations will be made by Formula One designer and engineer Mike

Gascoyne, the new World Sailing CEO Andy Hunt. The Yacht Racing Forum

and the sports’ governing body have just announced a long term partnership

which further reiterates the importance of this Forum.

Other confirmed speakers so far include Melissa Payne, Jean-Baptiste Durier,

Cameron Appleton, Jordi Arbusa, Sam Usher, Jean-Baptiste Epron, Simeon

Tienpoint, Andrew Pindar, Wouter Verbraak, Sander van der Borch and Juan


The Forum has also secured the support of a number of partners and exhibitors

which include the Volvo Ocean Race, Marine Camera Solutions, Gurit,

GeoRacing, Mirabaud and Virtual Regatta, alongside no less than fourteen

media partners.

“The Yacht Racing Forum is the only business to business conference the brings

together over 200 industry movers and shakers and provides them with the

opportunity to discuss issues facing the sport, share experiences and best practices”

commented Niki Travers Tauss, Director, Yachting Events. “The Forum

also facilitates business development through providing quality networking

opportunities with decision makers from all areas within the industry and we

hope that local organisations will consider partnering with us”.

Sailing is one of the fastest media for sponsorship. It offers the possibility to open

new business opportunities as well as further strengthening existing ones to a

global audience. The Yacht Racing Forum is one of these excellent media, and

local organisations are strongly urged to look at the opportunities this Forum

will present to them.

More information on the Yacht Racing Forum can be found on or

Alternatively contact Yachting Events on ms

Courtesy: Yachting Malta



ZEISS Polarised Lenses

• For activities in dazzling and diffuse light conditions

• Magnificent colour contrast and clear vision,

especially in bright sunlight and reflections on water

or other wet surfaces

• Protection from UV rays and the elements are

ensured at all times thanks to wrapped geometry

For more information

E: info@classoptical com | T: +356 2381 100 | ZEISS Optical Malta

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Survival Course > 30 >> 31

On Board Signora del Vento

On Board Signora del Vento >

Issue 4 >> 32 >> 33

International Maritime Law Institute


Exploring Most Beautiful Places

Life on sailing ship represents a metaphor of life

at work. Sailing is a sport in which leadership,

communication motivation, problem solving and

decision making processes are crucial factors in

order to achieve common goals. It is a sport in which

human potential is continuously stimulated and

challenged. Team building takes businessmen away

from their everyday life and let them face situations

that will generate behaviour that can be applied in

everyday life. Signora del Vento is the only training

ship where guests can learn the secrets of sailing, take

part in rigging the sails, use nautical instruments and

equip and steer sails. The characteristic of the sailing

ship, built and used as a training ship, provides great

value added to the team building experience, giving

the participants the awareness of having shared a

unique adventure.

“The Signora del Vento offers a once-in-a-lifetime

experience for the passengers on board”, claims

experienced Captain Coscia. “We offer passengers

the possibilities to learn about navigation techniques,

rigging, instrumentation, armaments and everything

about the state-of-the-art of sail handling. All these

shipboard activities, combined with the wind and

the sea, allow passengers to enjoy an incomparable

group experience. For those who dream about an

unforgettable holiday in the Mediterranean Sea, we

offer the vast experience of our crew. They know the

most beautiful and exotic places to visit on every

island or place along the Mediterranean coastline.”

Business Meetings and Cruises

The three-masted Signora del Vento is an elegant

and unique setting for any kind of event. She is a

charming place and an enchanting location that

allows passengers to admire the work of men

and the wonders of nature. Gazing from her

deck, some amazing views and seascapes will take

breath away from passengers. The wonderful and

welcoming hall, the eastern bar, the comfortable

cabins, the large prow, as well as a refined cuisine,

make the Signora del Vento a perfect location to

host business meetings and cruises and events

with absolute privacy, leaving old time memories

and emotions to her guests. The atmosphere

pervading the interior and the exterior spaces of

the sailing ship make it the perfect environment

to develop connections and long term contacts.

Glamorous Events at Sea

Emotion, functionality, energy, activity, wellbeing

and getting in touch with nature create an

irresistible, mix, in order to satisfy any marketing

and communication requirement. The sailing

vessel provides a unique opportunity to provide

visibility and glamour for companies and brands,

to strengthen business and social relationship

in a relaxed atmosphere, to praise and motivate

the company management. The sailing ship on

account of her refinement, functionality and

elegance, is an exclusive ship that allow her guests

to live unique and glamorous events at sea. The

right balance between tradition and innovation,

a flawless reception service, the overnight stay in

very comfortable cabins, as well as the possibility too

enjoy the refined restaurant, make this sailing ship

a unique location to stay in while events take place

both on land and at sea.

Floating Dream

Spending time on board Signora del Vento helps

to appreciate the accurate care of many people who

want to preserve something unique and valuable

for our history and culture. The sobriety and the

attention to detail, the warm atmosphere, along

with the multiply possibilities of activities make the

sailing ship an inviting floating dream made up of

pleasure, enjoyment and enthusiasm. ms

Courtesy: & Super Yacht Industry

Conca Delachi

Conca e Delachi art srl is an Italian media office

specialized in Media Relations, Special Events &

Projects as well as in Relationship Marketing and in

Media Strategy (Media Planning & Media Buying).

In 2000 the two founders Paolo Conca and Frederica

Delachi decided to unite their separate agencies and

started a new joint venture in 2001 that immediately

witnessed a significant growth due to new important

acquisition such as BMW Group Italia.

The company’s activities and services with regard

to Media Relation include a costumers list of wellknown

names such as:

--Kalleis – Beauty

--Philip – Watches

--Gruppo Redico – Real Estate

--Signora del Vento – Nautica Yachting

--Le Fablier – Amedamento Mobili / Décor Interior


--Sacea – Arredamento/Contract

--Grosvenor – Real Estate

--Eversheds Piergrossi Bianchini – Studio Legale/

Law Firm

--Studio Magri – Studio Legale/ Law Firm

--Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano

--Centax – Boober Italia

--TFP – Studio Legala/Law Firm

Activities and services with with regard to Media


--Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano

Activities and services with regard to Special Events:

--Swarovski Italia

--Cittat di Venezia

--Signora del Vento

Cutrico Marine is one of the leading providers of marine

equipment and maintenance services in the Mediterranean, and

supply some of the leading brands in the industry.

All installations and services are undertaken by fully qualified

factory trained technicians, with 24/7 service available to clients to

ensure the highest level of service.

Our Services:

• Marine Air-Conditioning

• Marine Refrigiration & Cold Rooms

• Marine Water Makers

• Marine Sewage Treatment Plants

• Ventillation

• Engine Room Ventillation

• Ballast Water Treatment

• Sanitation Systems

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On board we offer excellent

New Marina New Marina > 36

Photos by Michael Camilleri

launches new

yacht marina in

Sa Maison with

an investment

of €7.5 million

Paulo Vitelli Chairman of Azimut Benetti Group said that ever since he had

his first yacht, he had dreamed of opening a business related to this industry in

Malta. “Malta is the place to have a boat to enjoy a long season and to have the

best destination.”

He thanked the Maltese government for being extremely intelligent in creating

the Maltese flag, as it is a tool vital for the industry till this day. Mr Vitelli said

that the government was determined to work on the project and open for

business and investment.

The Prime Minister reiterated the news that Malta is now officially the country

with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. “This is why Malta is a great place

to invest, and a great place to live.”

Minister for Transport Joe Mizzi expressed his satisfaction at the launch of this

project. He said that yachting is one of the most popular past times of the island.

Minister Mizzi said that the Maltese ship registry saw 14% increase in the last

years. “Yachting sector is a sector with a huge potential. With this project, Malta

can now provide berthing for up to 2,200 yachts.” He said this will address the

acute problem related to the shortage of berths. Some 13,000 small boats are

currently registered with Transport Malta. ms

New standards expected in €7.5m yacht marina at Sa’ Maison

The project, which Dr Muscat praised for its high standards, is being handled

by a consortium of Italian and local entrepreneurs. Works start in September.

The Marina Di Valletta Consortium was first selected by Transport Malta to

develop and run the marine last summer, having beaten four other bidders to

secure the project.

In a speech Dr Muscat underlined the importance of the sea for Malta’s economy.

“What we are launching today is clear demonstration of our vision to create

new sectors in our maritime industry and our economy. This upmarket marina

concept is what we need to up our game in the yachting sector.

“By raising our standards we want to attract the best people in the sector. The

partnership between Azimut Benetti, Esprit Yachting and local entrepreneurs is

surely a step towards higher standards in the yachting industry.”

He said the government is committed to work with the private industry

to provide better standards and does not shy away from partnering with the

business sector, taking a very professional pro-business approach.

“Having seen the plans for this marina I have to say that I am impressed with

the standards the consortium is considering. A total €7.5m investment for high

end berthing facilities. The regeneration of Sa Maison area and a marina that shall

satisfy the latest environmental norms related to fixed point facilities for black

water extraction – which means that this marina will be ahead of the times before

such environmental standards become mandatory. It is also of great satisfaction

that this project is expected to be concluded in time for the coming season 2017.

“It is the sort of investment that would attract new people to Malta. I am sure

that once berthed in Malta for the first time, get the right treatment whilst in the

marina and start discovering the island, they will come back,” Dr Muscat said.


“It is in this scenario that I must admit our country needs to up the game,” Dr

Muscat said.

“If they berth on high-end facilities, they must find a high-end country. Their

first impression of the island starts at the marina, but really and truly those who

want to explore the island need to find the right environment for them to come


“Our job is to continue upgrading the country, keep it clean and provide the

right environment. Our history, culture, climate and the Mediterranean love of

life will surely hit home with your clients. There is that little more to be done

to upgrade our streets and amenities to continue to reflect the greatness of our

small island.”

Works on €7.5 million Sa Maison marina to start in September

“Marina di Valletta shall be the first local marina to satisfy the latest

environmental norms related to fixed point facilities for black water extraction

in anticipation of such facilities becoming mandatory in the coming years”

Marina di Valletta general manager Niki Travers Tauss said.

“Furthermore the Marina shall regenerate a derelict area into a top-end

international yachting destination to complement the bustling city of Valletta

and it’s majestic fortifications which overlook the marina in all their splendor”.

Artist's impression.


• Consortium awarded 25-year concession for the construction of a new

marina catering for up to 274 berths

• Marina Di Valletta Consortium was selected by Transport Malta for the

development, operation and management of an all-weather marina at Sa


• Transport Malta CEO James Piscopo and Azimut|Benetti Group founder

Paolo Vitelli have signed a 25-year concession agreement which will allow

the Marina di Valletta consortium to develop, operate and manage a

€7.45 million yacht marina at Sa Maison.

• The consortium is made up of local and Italian firms, with the lead

investor being the Italian marina operator Marina di Varazze srl, which

already operates marinas in Varazze, Viareggio, Livorno and Moscow.

The consortium includes Azimut|Benetti’s representatives in Malta,

Esprit Yachting, together with Arrigo Group of Hotels, Joinwell and

Tal-Maghtab Construction. With 138 offices, Azimut|Benetti Group is

present in over 68 countries.

• Present for the signing were Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Transport

Minister Joe Mizzi, both praised by Vitelli for the “quick, practical and

efficient way the government conducts business with the private sector”.

• Works on the weather protection infrastructure will start next month,

with the construction of an outer breakwater. It will be built by ORSTA,

a Dutch company specialised in on-location construction of concrete

cason wave attenuators.

• The second and larger intervention shall take form in a 200+ linear metre

rubble mound breakwater to be located along the Pieta quay. This would

absorb long period waves present within the site in inclement weather.

• The marina will be equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, which

will include controlled access parking dedicated to owners, round the

clock berthing assistance, 24hr security and a marina office offering

conveniences and concierge services. The marina will boast a luxury

environment with high-end finishes installed throughout the concession


• Pontoons shall be wider than the average width of local marinas offering

better stability and comfort for marina patrons and will cater for up to

274 Berths from 10metre to 28metre upon completion on the various

project phases.

• Dedicated and shared berths shall available for transit yachts up to 24m

and during the season the outer arm of the 120m breakwater shall be

certified to welcome Superyachts up to 50metres in length or 500GT

in transit.

• Transit yacht owners shall, for the first time, have direct access to Valletta

and City Gate within walking distance and the company is looking at the

possibility of establishing a direct transport link to the capital for marina


• The marina is expected to be fully operational in time for the 2017

yachting season. ms

Sources: TMIS/Times/DOI >> 37

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Marine Safety Sailing Cruiser Focus > 40 >> 41

Sailing Author Series Rolex Middle Sea Race


calendar of yacht

races and regattas

4th Quarter 2016

ClassOne Powerboats > 44 >> 45


Survival Course > 46 >> 47

Optimist World Champions



2016 Optimist



By Wilfred Sultana

“The United States of America are the new Team

Racing World Champions.

Switzerland’s Max Wallenberg, in the boys, and

Malta’s Victoria Schultheis, in the girls, are the new

Optimist World Champions.”

This was the final outcome of the 2016 Optimist

World Championships (June 25-4 July) held at

the Clube Internacional da Marina de Vilamoura,

in Vilamoura, Portugal. A great event indeed

contested by 255 sailors (209 boys/46 girls) from

58 countries.

Yes, it is so important to compete in such

paramount international championships, and

Malta had three sailors in Portugal - Lucas Le

Gault (15 years), Jake Satariano (13) and Victoria

Schultheis (15), all members of the Malta Young

Sailors Club - yet it is so prestigious to savor success

at such level.

In the first two days of the Worlds competitors

raced 6 races as a result of which they were divided

into 4 fleets - Gold - Silver - Bronze and Emerald

in the final series.

Both Jake Satariano and Lucas Le Gault classified

to the Bronze division where Satariano placed

3rd and Le Gault featured in 53rd place. The

Worlds in Portugal were the second for Jake after

he competed in the Worlds in Argentina while

for Lucas he participated at the 2015 European

Championship in Pwllheli Wales.

Victoria Schultheis had a bad start but managed to

work her way up to the top of the Gold Fleet and

eventually win the female World Championship

on her first World’s experience.

The participation of the Malta team at the 2016

Optimist World Championships was sponsored by

Crosscraft and Mapfre Middlesea Insurance.

The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing

dinghy recognised as the boat in which the young

people of the works learn to sail. In fact it is

intended for use by children up to the age of 15.

A few days after the Worlds, Club Velico Crotone,

Italy hosted the 2016 Optimist European

Championship (15-22 July), contested by 256

(159 boys/97 girls) sailors from 37 competing

nations. Here again Malta was present with six

youngsters, five boys, namely Craig Farrugia Vella

(15), Matthew Micallef (14), Saul Vassallo (12),

Richard Schultheis (11) and Patrice Pace (12),

and one girl, Antonia Schultheis (13), again all

members of the Malta Young Sailors Club.

The 8-day Europeans were characterised by

unexpected high winds of 15 to 30 knots and

with high waves which resulted in almost daily

postponements. Richard Schultheis, the youngest

Photo: 15-year-old Victoria Schultheis winner of the girls Gold division and the 2016

Optimist World Championship.

and lightest sailor in the boy’s fleet, had a good

qualifying series entering the finals in a leading

position. For Saul Vassallo and Patrice Pace this

was the first European Championships while Saul

Vassallo qualified for the Gold fleet

Antonia Schultheis improved her position almost

every day and on the last day she placed 1st in two


In the Gold fleet Richard Schultheis finished 2nd,

Craig Farrugia Vella 7th, Matthew Micallef 35th

and Saul Vassallo 48th. Patrice Pace placed 19th in

the Bronze fleet. Antonia Schultheis finished 2nd

in the girls’ Gold fleet.

Surely these results show the validity of the Malta

Young Sailors Club in the enhancement of local

young sailors. But how does such representations

uplift Malta’s image in the world of sailing and does

Malta’s Optimist international event - Euromed -

benefit from such results?

“Yes I am sure it will …last year we had 200 sailors

plus and I am sure that this year we will either

match it or surpass it. In 2016 Malta was the most

successful country with 3 medals in the top events

organised by International Optimist Dinghy

Association”, observed Anna Rossi, Secretary of the

Malta Young Sailors Club.

Following this year’s Optimist Class Worlds and

Europeans Andrea Schultheis is definitely proud.

For, Andrea is the mother of Victoria, Richard and

Antonia, three young sailors with great potential.

How did this passion for sailing begin and what are

the special ingredients for such success?

“Our kids got their first sailing experience when

they were just a few months old by joining us on

sailing boats. Later they couldn’t await the moment

to learn how to sail themselves. We moved to

Malta in the summer of 2011. Shortly after, say in

the beginning of 2012 they started sailing lessons

at the Malta Young Sailors Club.

Regarding the special ingredients for success, it is

dedication, hard and intense training on the water

and on shore. The kids followed a two year program

at the Malta Young Sailors Club supported by

the Club’s coach Jean Paul Fleri Soler and the

international coach Maurizio Bencic. A lot of

traveling to top regattas provided the international

experience, which is crucial for increasing the level

of sailing”, remarked mamma Schultheis.

Jean Paul Fleri Soler, the Malta Young Sailors

Club coach, believe that ”It has certainly been a

great year so far for the Malta Young Sailors Club

athletes competing in various competitions abroad.

We have been building up for this moment for

these last 2 years and thanks to the support of the

Club together with the efforts of the young sailors

themselves and their parents these sailors have

made Malta and the Club proud.” ms

The Malta Team at the 2016 Optimist European Championships - (l. To r) Craig

Farrugia Vella, Patrice Pace, Matthew Micallef, Richard Schultheis, Antonia

World Sailing and Rolex are inviting

nominations for the Rolex World Sailor of the

Year Awards 2016.

The Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards is

the most prestigious award of recognition in the

dynamic sport of sailing. Since the awards inception

in 1994, the trophy has proudly accumulated the

names of those who have demonstrated unparalleled

endurance, performance and accomplishment in


Beginning with Sir Peter Blake and Sir Robin Knox

Johnston, the inaugural winners, the trophy reads

like the definitive who's who in sailing.

Rio 2016 Olympic gold medallists from New

Zealand, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke won the 2015

male Rolex World Sailor of the Year title for their

dominance in the 49er and the golden girl of British

sailing, Sarah Ayton, was awarded the female title.

Sailor nominations can be made by any one with the

only criterion being an "outstanding achievement in

the sport of sailing between 1 September 2015 and

18 September 2016."

World Sailing must receive nominations no later

than 19:00 UTC on 18 September 2016. Visit

our website for the Official Nomination Form -

Rolex World Sailor of the Year

Luxury Motor Yacht

Fairline appoints new dealer for

Benelux and West Germany

British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Fairline Yachts, announces the

appointment of a new dealer covering the Benelux and West Germany area

– Jonkers Yachts, which will trade as Fairline Benelux & West Germany.

Jonkers Yachts is a full service yacht broker who will sell both new and

used Fairline boats, alongside complementary boats by Linssen Yachts,

Maxi Yachts and Jeanneau Motorboats. Jonkers Yachts, which is based in

Scharendijke, Zeeland in the Netherlands, offers a comprehensive range of

yacht services, including maintenance, financing, insurance, mooring and


Alexander Jonkers, Managing Director of Jonkers Yachts, says, “I am very

pleased Jonkers Yachts is announced as the new dealer for Fairline Yachts

in the Benelux and West Germany area. Fairline produces beautiful boats,

which are very well known and well thought of in this market. The brand’s

long heritage of creating high quality yachts coupled with its exciting

direction for the future, through collaborating with Dutch engineers

Vripack and renowned superyacht designer Alberto Mancini, means I am

highly confident this new partnership will be a great success and Jonkers

Yachts looks forward to welcoming both new and old Fairline customers.”

Managing Director of Fairline Yachts, Russell Currie, adds, “The

appointment of Jonkers Yachts as our dealer for the Benelux and West

Germany regions is a clear demonstration of our continued focus on

strengthening our global dealer network. Alexander and his team have an

unrivalled knowledge of the market, and are the perfect partner to deliver the

world-class experience a Fairline customer expects.”

To celebrate Jonkers Yachts becoming part of the Fairline family, there is the

chance to win €10,000 towards the next service of your existing Fairline at

Jonkers Yachts, simply register your details at You

must register on or before the 23rd of December 2016 and the winner will be

announced on Christmas Eve. ms

For more information about Fairline and Jonkers Yachts, please visit: www.fairline.

com or

Yachthub Group will be at the Cannes Yachting Festival

The following boats will be launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Pre-book an appointment

for a guided viewing.

Invictus GT 370

Cranchi Evolution 52 F

Cranchi Evolution 52 S Sunseeker Manhattan 52

*Entry passes will be provided at the door for all appointments made.

Fairline Targa 62 GTO

Write to to book an appointment. All appointments

made will entitle you to an entry pass*

Creditline: Yachthub Group, Malta

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