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Innovation Awards 2016 Zine


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INNOVATIONAWARDS.ORG.NZ 1 I am immensely proud to be a Kiwi and to have the great privilege of seeing and hearing all about the wonderful new product, service and business innovations that are created and commercialised here in New Zealand on a daily basis. When I think about ideas, I imagine sparks of light that emerge out of the darkness - ideas that grow and develop as they are nurtured. These sparks hold unbridled potential and energy. They are the impetus that unites us to create breakthrough solutions, products, and ways of doing things. They brighten our lives, impact many millions of people and make world changing things happen. 2 BAYER SUPREME NEW ZEALAND INNOVATION & INNOVATION IN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 4 YOUNG NEW ZEALAND INNOVATOR 6 MOST INSPIRING INDIVIDUAL 9 START-UP INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 11 EXPORT INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR & SUSTAINED INNOVATION EXCELLENCE 13 EMERGING NZ INNOVATOR 15 INNOVATION IN SUSTAINABILITY & CLEANTECH 17 EXCELLENCE IN SOCIAL INNOVATION & INNOVATION IN EDUCATION, TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT 19 INNOVATION IN FINANCIAL & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 21 INNOVATION IN MEDIA, MOBILE & ENTERTAINMENT 23 INNOVATION IN DESIGN & ENGINEERING 25 INNOVATION IN AGRIBUSINESS & ENVIRONMENT 29 INNOVATION EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH 31 INNOVATION IN FOOD & BEVERAGE 33 INNOVATION IN HEALTH & SCIENCE 35 INNOVATION IN MAORI DEVELOPMENT 37 INNOVATION IN MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS 39 PEOPLE'S CHOICE The entrepreneurs, innovators, astute business people and brilliant researchers that make these sparks come to life deserve recognition and celebration for their achievements and the support of the wider community who want them to succeed. We encourage and support each other to tackle bigger problems, to dream bigger and to harness our collective innovative abilities to bring lasting solutions to life. This magazine is a snapshot of what we are achieving in New Zealand right here right now. The people that make innovation happen and the attitude that makes New Zealanders globally successful. To innovators everywhere, New Zealand needs you to succeed and we are here to help. From the New Zealand Innovation Council and our partner organisations, we congratulate the winners of the New Zealand Innovation Awards on their innovation success – you are truly doing truly world changing things! LOUISE WEBSTER CEO New Zealand Innovation Council Director KPMG