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Lohr Signalgeräte Industrie Katalog Englisch

Stand: 9. Dezember 2016

Stand: 9. Dezember 2016 LED-Beacon MULTICOLOUR 4 basic colours in one model Low power consumption Robust construction Protection class IP65 easy installation Flexible application possibilities Long-life LED technology (About 50000 hours) Simple control Impact-resistant housing Technical Specification Voltages: Current: IP Rating: 24 V AC / DC 40 – 120 mA 80 – 320 mA IP65 Op.-Temperature -25 °C to +70 °C Housing Colour: Lens Colour: Basic Colours: Material black clear red, amber, green, blue Lens PC / Base MPPO Part.-No. Ø mm Functions Type 102023 70 2 LED-BEACON MULTICOLOUR 102024 90 2 LED-BEACON MULTICOLOUR Robert Lohr Signalgeräte Ki rchstrasse 1-3 · D-88299 Leutkirch +49 756172238 info@r ober tlohr .de

Stand: 9. Dezember 2016 LED-Beacon MULTICOLOUR No matter what kind of colour, thanks to Multicolour. 4 colors in a light, what does it mean? The answer is very simple. Up to 4 different signals can be displayed in one lamp, which is e.g. for the machine builders means that he can dispense with conventional signaling towers which negatively influence the design of his machine. The robust construction in IP65 allows the installation in the outdoor area. Apart from the lifetime of the LED technology. Robert Lohr Signalgeräte Ki rchstrasse 1-3 · D-88299 Leutkirch +49 756172238 info@r ober tlohr .de

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