Corporate file sharing and secure enterprise drop box services with Red Hat Ceph Storage and Storage Made Easy



Many modern enterprises seeking increased agility and lowered costs have adopted open source,

software-defined cloud and storage solutions such as OpenStack ® with Swift and/or Ceph because

those solutions provide easy scale-up and scale-out with significant return on investment (ROI) benefits.

Enterprises want to both satisfy corporate use cases and give their end users storage entry

points. Red Hat ® Ceph Storage with Storage Made Easy (SME) Enterprise File Share and Sync is an

enterprise solution for secure file share and sync, corporate drop box, and home drive replacement.


A joint SME and Red Hat Ceph Storage deployment enables users to access, store, and share files

online from any computer, smartphone, or tablet across public cloud, private cloud, and object

storage environments. The solution brings a behind-the-firewall private drop box, and more, to

Red Hat Ceph Storage environments. Consolidating these traditional file services onto the massive

scale-out capacity tier of private cloud and scale-out storage environments built with Ceph can help

transform a corporation into an agile enterprise, saving money and increasing the capabilities of

internal storage services.


Unified file view cross

cloud search archive

Public Storage

and Software-asa-Service


Over 45 supported services

Encrypt remote data


Group and individual sharing

with workflow-based messaging


Secure file sharing with

passwords and expiration

Access and Sync

From all devices

desktop and mobile



Private Storage

Integrate using FTP/WebDAV

further on-site options in

SME Enterprise


Restrict access by permissions,

cloud, geo location, or device


Track all file events by user,

IP, geo location, and more

On-Premise, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or Hosted


Red Hat Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system that

supports unified storage for a cloud environment. With object and block storage in one platform,

Red Hat Ceph Storage efficiently and automatically manages the petabytes of data needed to run

businesses facing massive data growth. It is proven at web scale and has a number of deployments

in production environments as an object store for large, global corporations. Red Hat Ceph Storage

was designed from the ground up for web-scale object storage and cloud infrastructures. Industrystandard

application programming interfaces (APIs) allow seamless migration of and with your

applications—it is accessible via Amazon S3, OpenStack swift, or native API protocols. Companies

today demand traditional file services without regard to the underlying storage system. This joint

solution provides leading-edge storage with traditional file services built in.


The SME Enterprise solution brings a number of enhancements to Red Hat Ceph Storage, adding

the ease of drop-box style folder access to the massive scale and flexibility of Ceph-enabled object

storage access that a modern enterprise needs, all at a much lower cost than proprietary solutions

currently on the market.

The key services the SME solution adds on top of Red Hat Ceph Storage include:

• Encryption. Encrypt sensitive data with a user-controlled private key before storage with Ceph.

• Collaboration. Use team folders, virtual workspaces, and file commenting.

• Application integrations. Enable Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Microsoft Office, Open Office

integrations, and access files from any application using cloud drive(s).

• Policy-based governance. Establish whether a password is required to access a file and determine

when a file link expires and how many times a file link can be downloaded.

• File event auditing. Capture create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) events in an audit log, including

the remote IP addresses of users who accessed files, and set geo location restrictions for files.

• Audit watch. Receive real-time alerts of any file activity.

• File archive. Back up infrequently accessed files to secondary storage for added data protection.

• File locking, versioning, and comments. Prevent inadvertent data loss and provide enhanced


For agile enterprises, the SME web drives for Windows, Mac, and Linux ® extend Red Hat

Ceph Storage directly into a user’s desktop as a “home filer” user replacement.

Key features of the combined Red Hat Ceph Storage and SME Enterprise File Share and Sync

solution include:

• Simplified file system view of object-based data.

• Identity management integration (Active Directory/LDAP).

• Private/corporate file drop box.

• Project collaboration.

• Cloud file sharing across S3/Swift protocols in Ceph and public cloud.

• Desktop “cloud drive” with Common Internet File System (CIFS) access.

• Federate data across multiple file repositories, including search.

• Data governance and security.

• Anywhere protocol access, adding WebDav, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and

Secure FTP (SFTP) access to Red Hat Ceph Storage.

• Multitenancy to enable a service provider to host multiple customers using the

same infrastructure.

SOLUTION BRIEF File governance and sync/share with Red Hat and Storage Made Easy


• Optimized for internet service provider (ISP) and whitebox to make it easy for cloud service

providers to offer this solution as an add-on.

• Ability to use nonproprietary, commodity-based hardware.

• Striping and replication across nodes to enable data durability, high availability, and high


• Automatic rebalancing using a peer-to-peer architecture to add instant capacity and data

protection with minimal operational effort.

• Upgrade clusters in phases — adding or replacing servers and storage online — with minimal

or no downtime.


The SME Enterprise File Share and Sync solution creates a simple yet robust, feature-rich file

interface for user desktops and mobile devices that is not part of the traditional services offered

in Red Hat Ceph Storage deployments. Adding a file system view to Ceph provides unique

opportunities for these sets of users to save money and increase agility:

• Large-scale enterprise — increasingly agile enterprises looking to add file services to their

private cloud or scale-out infrastructures.

• Service providers — private and/or public cloud service providers looking to give their clients

added-value, multitenant, white-label services.

• Universities and research institutes — institutions looking for massively scalable, quickly

adaptable environments for their user file services. The joint solution also helps research

institutes looking to bring more corporate governance to sharing research data among

internal and close partner collaborators.

• Life sciences —in addition to creating a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

(HIPAA)-compliant solution, firms participating in genomics research have extensively used the

SME solution, allowing both input from sequencers and collaboration by researchers on data.

• Digital media — the joint solution, used most often in pre-production and production, can address

all stages of media production. Ingest, edit, and distribute on a global scale.

• Web scale — prospects considering Red Hat Ceph Storage can include a fully compatible

enterprise file share and sync, migration, and home drive replacement solution by adding SME.


Whether using on-premise or off-premise cloud services, the SME Enterprise File Share and Sync

solution provides greater control and governance for file sharing and collaboration. All corporate

data, whether in an on-premise Ceph cloud or off premise, can be securely accessed and controlled.

Files and folders can be securely shared with passwords and time-expired links. Even external

partners can collaborate through a virtual data room concept.

To simplify access, Ceph cloud drives can appear as standard CIFS/SMB file shares, accessed by

Windows Explorer/Finder. For productivity applications, Microsoft Office and Open Office editing

and PDF annotations are supported.

SOLUTION BRIEF File governance and sync/share with Red Hat and Storage Made Easy



File governance and sync/share with Red Hat and Storage Made Easy


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Red Hat also offers awardwinning

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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory integration allows companies to

centrally control authorization and access to files residing on Ceph-controlled storage. Additionally,

a federated file search, integrated with Apache SOLR and Lucene, can locate the content of files

across multiple datastores and many different document types. Because SME extends across

on-premise and off-premise clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), it can provide a federated

view of multiple document repositories for easy access and management.

While Red Hat Ceph Storage does not by default support WebDav, FTP, or SFTP access protocols,

SME Enterprise File Sync and Share adds these features, making it easy to interact with Ceph or

share data using common protocols. This allows users to create unique workflows, such as storing

files on Ceph, but exposing them with FTP using authorization credentials stored in the corporate

Active Directory.


Red Hat involves the global open source community, including its own engineering resources, to

develop new features and then locks down changes for predictable and stable releases. Red Hat

Ceph Storage helps businesses automatically and cost-effectively manage their storage requirements,

letting enterprises focus on their own business needs and not the underlying IT infrastructure.

As a software-defined storage platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage scales across physical, virtual,

and cloud resources, giving organizations the ability to add capacity as needed without sacrificing

performance or forcing vendor lock-in.


Storage Made Easy (SME) provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync “fabric” that focuses on two

large and emerging markets. The first is data security, encompassing governance and compliance,

and the second is the large and growing cloud market (public and private) for which SME has a large

footprint and strong channel partners.

SME was formed in 2009 and spent three years developing and building the product prior to

releasing it to the market in mid 2013. Today the company provides applications, support, training,

and professional services, enabling customers and partners to build extensive storage solutions

solving the most requested use cases with the leading types of storage systems, both proprietary

and open source.

Further information can be found at


+54 11 4329 7300



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