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Kenwood Hall the perfect

venue for your family occasions

and celebrations

Whether you are booking a traditional wedding,

a christening or looking for a venue for any family

celebration, Kenwood Hall offers the perfect setting.

Set in 12 acres of grounds this stunning hotel caters

for all your special family events.

To discuss all our available packages contact our

Special Events Coordinator.

Kenwood Hall, Kenwood Road, Sheffield, S7 1NQ

Call 0114 258 3811

or visit www.kenwoodhallsheffield.co.uk


few years ago I received an email out of the blue

from a Toby Hole who lived in Australia and felt an

urge to contact a fellow Toby Hole (there are not

many of us!). He had been googling his name and

discovered me, living across the other side of the

world and emailed to say hello. Given that almost all the

Holes come from a small area of north Devon I suppose that

in some way we are probably related. I didn’t ask whether

his ancestors had travelled to Australia voluntarily or were

sent there at Her Majesty’s pleasure - given that the Holes

have had their fair share of vicars and villains, the question

would have been indelicate!

Modern technology has made the world smaller than

ever before. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a

smartphone we can connect with people in a moment. I

can remember as a young solicitor working on a deal

simultaneously with companies in Brazil and Japan, the emails quite

literally spanning the world.

June/July 2015

This new connectivity gives us a greater spread of relationships as well

as a greater knowledge of the world which we inhabit. A lawyer once

asked Jesus “who is my neighbour?” and Jesus told him a story about a

Samaritan - a foreigner - and a man beaten up by muggers. What might

his answer be to us today, in a world where we may have more dealings

with someone in Dubai than in Doncaster?

For the same smartphone that enabled one Toby Hole to connect with

another, was quite possibly made in a Chinese factory where workers

suffer working conditions that should appal us. The fossil fuels that we use

to power our industries and sustain our lifestyles are directly contributing

to the change in the world’s climate that is causing desertifi cation in parts

of Africa and fl ooding in Asia. Where do our responsibilities end? Is there

anyone on our planet who is not truly our neighbour?

One of the strengths of being part of Jesus’ church is the emphasis that

Christians place on worldwide concerns. My neighbours are not simply

the Baptists or the Methodists in Woodseats; my neighbours are also the

Christians being terribly persecuted in the Middle East and Pakistan as

well as those living as Jesus’ disciples in South Africa, South America and

everywhere else in the world.

For this reason, St Chad’s has recently joined the TearFund Connected

Church project, allowing us to link directly with a Christian project in the

developing world so that we can better understand their needs, pray

for them and assist them. More details about the project

(Sahaara, in Mumbai) can be found in this edition of Impact

on pages 24 and 25. Their work is inspiring and I hope it

will inspire many of us to fi nd out more about this vital work

amongst children and young women.

Sometimes I hear it said “charity begins at home.” I

couldn’t agree more. My home is this planet. I have seven

billion neighbours, three or four of whom even share my


Rev Toby Hole, Vicar,

St Chad’s Church, Woodseats

Making a Connection

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Weighed down by


0800 328 0006

A boy was walking

down the road

with a monkey

on his shoulder

when a policeman

stopped him.

“Now, now young

lad,” he said, “I

think you’d better

take that monkey

to the zoo.”

The next day,

the policeman

saw the boy with

the monkey on

his shoulder

again. “Hey

there, I thought

I told you to

take that money

to the zoo,” he

said. The boy

answered, “I

did! Today I’m

taking him to

the cinema!”

Why did the lion eat

the tightrope walker?

He wanted a wellbalanced


What is a horse’s

favourite sport?

Stable tennis!

“We learned at church that Jesus is the answer

to everything!”

A bank robber

pulled out a gun,

pointed it at the

cashier and

said, “Give

me all the


or you’re


The puzzled


asked, “Don’t you

mean ‘history’?”

“Don’t change the

subject!” replied

the robber.

How do

you make

a bandstand?

Take their

chairs away!

Why did the

clown go to the


Because he

was feeling


What does a

dentist call his



Why didn’t

the girl tell the

doctor that

she’d eaten

some glue?

Her lips



Just for Laughs



Free debt counselling in your community




from an award winning charity

Tell a friend about CAP Follow us on Twitter Visit CAP on Facebook

Tell a friend about CAP Follow us on Twitter Visit CAP on Facebook




t: 01274 760720. e: info@capuk.org. Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW. Registered Charity No: 1097217.

Charity registered in Scotland No: SC038776. Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales No: 4655175.

Consumer Credit Licence No: 413528



debt help

Mon/Fri 9am - 12

Tue/Wed 9am - 2:45

Fri 12 - 3pm

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church facebook.com/CAPuk

Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi @CAPuk eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Page 4 website: www.stchads.org

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

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Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org




What’s On

If you have an event you would like

to see included in our What’s On

section, email impact@stchads.org

Health Walks

•Mondays - 10am: Graves Park.

Meet outside the Rose Garden


•Tuesdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at downstairs in

Jack’s Bar, car park entrance, at

the Beauchief Hotel;

•Thursdays - 10.30am: Lowedges.

Meet at the Gresley Road Meeting

Rooms, Gresley Road, Lowedges.

Call 0114 203 9337 for details.

June 1

M:eating Place

Beauchief Baptist Church


Three-course home-cooked meal

and an opportunity to meet new

friends. Cost: £3.50 per person.

Call 0114 327 3255 to book.

June 7

Messy Church

Beauchief Baptist Church


Craft, story telling, games, quizzes,

activities and light tea.

All the family are welcome to just

turn up on the day.

June 7 & 21

Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Abbeydale Road South


The regular open days at

Abbeydale Miniature Railway.

June 13

Book Sale

36 Crawshaw Grove, Beauchief


Second-hand books for sale in

aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Donations of good condition

paperback novels or biographies

are welcome.

June 14

Nether Edge Farmers’ Market

Stalls and entertainment in the

streets around the old Nether Edge

Market Place.

June 19

And We, We Did Our Bit

Greenhill Library


An illustrated talk by Sylvia

Dunkley on Sheffield’s women

workers in the First World War.

Tickets, costing £5, are available

from the library reception.

June 21

Story Tent - Sheffield Children’s


Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Stories in the new Story Tent as

part of Sheffield Children’s Festival

2015 with The Story of Little Mouse

at 12pm and Mr Huntsman, the

Clockmaker at 2pm.

July 5

Escafeld Chorale in Concert

St Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane


A concert with an American theme

to celebrate the foundation of the

United States of America.

July 5

Messy Church

Beauchief Baptist Church


Craft, story telling, games, quizzes,

activities and light tea.

All the family are welcome to just

turn up on the day.

July 5 & 19

Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Abbeydale Road South


The regular open days at

Abbeydale Miniature Railway.

July 6

M:eating Place

Beauchief Baptist Church


Send details of your event to impact@stchads.org or write to: Impact,

St Chad‟s Church Offices, 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB.

January 30 - February 5

AEGON British Tennis Tour

Graves Three-course Tennis home-cooked and Leisure Centre meal

World and ranked opportunity players to compete meet new

alongside friends. Cost: local £3.50 Sheffield per players. person.

Call Call 0114 0114 283327 9900. 3255 to book.

July 10-12

February Woodseats 5 Festival

Book This Sale year is the tenth Woodseats

36 Festival Crawshaw and events Grove, will Beauchief include:

10am-12pm • 70s Disco Extravaganza on

Good Friday, quality July 10 second-hand from 7.30-11pm books at

for Woodseats sale in aid Working of the Alzheimer‟s Men’s Club;

Society. • Car Donations Boot Sale on of paperback Saturday,

novels July 11 or from biographies 10am-1pm in good - see

condition www.woodseatsfestival.org.uk are welcome (but not for

larger updates; books due to space


• Family Fun Day at Woodseats

School from 12-4pm. The parade

will take place from Abbey Lane

February 5

School to Woodseats School where




will be a fun fair


with rides and

Millhouses stalls, raffle, Park tombola, face painting,


singing, dancing, craft fair and food

Obstacle stalls. For course more and information stream go to

dipping www.woodseatsfestival.org.uk

activities for 8 - 13 year


Call 0114 263 4335.

Anderson Tree Services

Ecclesall Woods Sawmill


Nature quiz trail, stream dipping





hunting activities for 8 - 13


year olds.

Millhouses Park

Call 0114 235 6348.

The annual event featuring elite

competitions and demonstrations

February in rock climbing, 20 orienteering,

Why mountain Not Try biking, A Bike running and more.

Greenhil Park

10am-2pm July 12

Rediscover Archaeology your in Action cycling skills in

Greenhill Abbeydale Park. Industrial The rangers Hamlet will

provide 11am - 4pm a bike, helmet and

instruction. Find out about Meet local at the archaeology Bowls


and see the




that have

been made at the hamlet as part of

Booking is essential.

the Festival of Archaeology.

Call 0114 283 9195.

Beauchief Abbey Abbey holds holds a variety a

of variety services of services. and anyone For is more

welcome information to attend. see page For 29. more

details see the Abbey notice


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

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Bill Anderson

131 Holmhirst Road

Sheffield S8 0GW

Painter & Decorator

DIY work also undertaken.

A professional service at an

affordable price.

Local, reliable & trustworthy

20 years of experience

No job too small

Fully insured

Contact Neal of Inspirations

0114 255 9205 or 07868 745980



Shower rooms, conversions and tiling,

no job too small.

Full service, all work guaranteed.

Qualified tradesman, 40 years experience.

Call now for your free estimate!

Telephone: 0114 235 9746

Mobile: 0776 156 9068

What’s On

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St Chads Ch

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St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

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Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

In the Beginning God Created...


new theory could answer

the question of how life

began – and throw out the

need for God” began a

recent article that caught

my eye in a national newspaper.

If such a theory proved

true - would it really get rid

of the requirement for God?

Is God just an explanatory

framework? As the gaps in

our understanding diminish - is

there less room for God?

On one level, I wouldn’t fi nd

such a discovery particularly

troubling. Christians claim that

our God is the “maker of all

that is, seen and unseen”. As

science reveals more about the universe,

there is maybe just a little less that’s

unseen - not less room for God.

On another level - there is something

that might trouble us Christians. We

believe that God has inspired the books

of the Bible. Are its claims about creation


Over the years I’ve rather inevitably

had to take an interest in

this sort of thing. It partly

stems from my days at

university. When people

learned that I was both

doing a geology degree

and an active member of

the Christian Union, I came

to expect the upcoming

questions: what did I think of

“Creation v Evolution”? Can

they be reconciled or are

the two entirely incompatible? Clearly the

universe hasn’t been created in both six

days and just under 14 billion years – has


Sometimes an alternative viewpoint

helps to challenge our assumptions.

Around the beginning of the 5th century

AD, a Christian bishop called Augustine

took interpreting the creation account

very seriously. He wrote a book called

‘The Literal Meaning of Genesis’.

He insisted that the Bible’s earliest

chapters could be interpreted

both literally and fi guratively but

that our understanding must

also be informed by other

excerpts from scripture on

creation to form a coherent


Augustine’s literal

interpretation might

surprise you. He

suggested that the six

‘days’ of creation could

be one overlapping

‘As science

reveals more

about the

universe, there

is maybe just a

little less that’s

unseen - not less

room for God’

or recurring, timeless ‘day’, seen from

God’s perspective beyond time. In those

‘days’, Augustine proposed, God creates

the potential and causes that lead to

“future perfections” to be “manifest during

the ages at the appropriate time”. He

envisaged an initial moment of creation

- with time, formless matter and space

appearing together - out of nothing - and

developing from there.

Over 1,600 years since it was written,

much of Augustine’s book still seems to

me fresh and very relevant. Of course

some of it now seems outdated but in

reading it you can sense his humility and

wonder. That’s a good starting position,

either for engaging with scripture, science

or both.

Augustine’s account of creation was

by no means a majority view in the early

church and it would be wrong to portray

him as too closely anticipating modern

theories. He saw God as ultimately

in control - even in things seemingly

random. Nevertheless, I believe he left a

potential theological framework that offers

Christians engaged in natural sciences

considerable freedom to fully explore

where evidence leads them.

David Green

The Abbey Public House

We would like to welcome old and new

customers back to the new Abbey.

We now offer:

Home cooked food, locally sourced

A range of great real ales

A welcoming & relaxing environment

Come and try our excellent Sunday

Roast with real roast potatoes and

Yorkshire puddings.

With a variety of special events

throughout the year, come and see what

we have to offer!

Call us: (0114) 274 5374

Email: info@theabbeysheffield.co.uk

Facebook - The Abbey Public House

The Abbey. 944 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, S8 0SH

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Page 8 website: www.stchads.org

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Page 9

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

website: www.stchads.org

Separated by a Common Language

When I meet new

people and they

(quickly) discover

I’m an American,

they often ask

what the biggest differences are

between our two countries.

I’ve always fumbled around for

an answer, talking about things

like how everything’s

bigger in America

or about the

weather. But I

think the answer

really comes from

the reason they

so quickly realised

I wasn’t ‘from this

side of the pond’

in the fi rst place

– the language

I speak. Yes, I

speak English, but

many Brits I speak

to have been quick

to clarify that it’s

not really English; some

would prefer to call it ‘Americanese’,

I think! And it’s true. I can

try my hardest to fi t in in so many

ways – I’ve learned to drive the

English roads and manoeuvre the

roundabouts, I’ve learned to walk

often instead of always driving

places, and I’ve learned to go out

in the rain (sometimes!). But no

matter how I adapt my lifestyle

to the British culture, I cannot

change the way I speak.

I have had to learn new

meanings for words I thought I

knew. ‘Pants’ is an obvious and

potentially embarrassing one: to

me, a pair of pants is a modest

piece of clothing that covers my

legs rather than the more private

article that should stay covered

by one’s ‘trousers’! Then there

are chips. I like mine crunchy,

but have learned to call

those ‘crisps’ and to call

my fries ‘chips’


When I was a

nanny in London

I never could get

the name right

for what we call a

‘stroller’. I would be

proud of myself for

remembering to call it

a pushchair when the

little girl would protest,

“It’s not a pushchair,

it’s a buggy!”

And the variations

don’t just extend to vocabulary.

Pronunciations are almost more

important if I don’t want to be

immediately exposed as an

American. I’ve tried to pronounce

my ‘t’s a little more sharply, but I

just can’t get myself to lose the

strong ‘r’ that comes at the end

of words. And it’s a toss-up when

I say ‘tomato’. Should I make the

effort to pronounce it TO-MAH-

TOW and risk sounding and

feeling very silly, or should I just

forget it and say my usual TUH-


More and more I’m

learning to speak

the way I speak

rather than

feeling silly trying

to speak like

someone else!

Rebecca Bell


fi nd my youngest daughter’s

fascination with Captain

America, Avengers and

X-Men fi lms slightly ironic.

The Marvel and DC comics

they sprang from were a major

part of my early reading, and I was

often lost in the strange worlds

presented by ‘Sinister Tales’

and the like. I graduated to HG

Wells, Jules Verne, and American

Science Fiction, as well as the

distopian visions of Aldous Huxley

and George Orwell.

Television brought me Supercar,

Stingray and Fireball XL5 – and

of course the fi rst glimpse of the


By the age of ten I’d discovered

and devoured The Hobbit, moving

on to Lord of the Rings in my

teens, but not visiting Narnia

until my fi rst child drew me in –

incidentally, do you know CS

Lewis’ Interplanetary Trilogy? A

treat in store if you enjoy science

fi ction.

The worlds of Tolkien and

Lewis are now accessible to new

generations through the genius

of fi lm-makers, to say nothing of

the ‘strange new worlds’ offered

by Star Trek and Star Wars, which

we can now explore interactively

via computer gaming, along with

new virtual worlds – a source

of amazement to someone who

recalls a silver-haired, slightly gruff

William Hartnell as the original

Doctor Who!

Quite apart from the sheer

excitement and inventiveness

offered by SF and fantasy with

their alien life-forms and bizarre

settings, these stories work on a

deeper level.

When men and women are

placed within a totally unfamiliar

environment, their humanity comes

into sharper focus, and we can

refl ect on what it is to be human,

or evaluate our own society by

comparison with an imagined

world. Against an alien backdrop,

courage and loyalty shine out more

clearly, while greed and cruelty

take on a sharper edge.

Oddly, the Bible, written

thousands of years ago, also offers

glimpses of other worlds.

The Old Testament speaks of

Sheol, the world of the dead, a

dreary shadowland or underworld,

whose inhabitants are scarcely

aware of their own existence.

But at the end of the New

Testament we see a heavenly city

of unimaginable splendour coming

down to a renewed earth. The river

of life fl ows through it, with the tree

of life on its banks.

God promises a life without

sickness, sorrow, pain or death

to all who come to live there. The

only visa or entry requirement is

that we put our faith in Jesus while

we still live in this world.

Ken Goodier

A Glimpse of Other Worlds

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

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email: offi ce@stchads.org

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67 Dalewood Avenue, Beauchief, Sheffield S8 0EG

email: bigdavesummit@hotmail.com

07889 229013



7 Dale View Road, Sheffield S8 0EJ

‘Phone 0114 235 6002

Mobile 07853 350 085

Email mallornroofing@hotmail.co.uk

Specialists in...


Flat Roofing

Ridge Pointing

Replacing Damaged

Slates and Tiles


Storm Damage - Insurance Work


24 Hour Call-Out Service

Where’s that


The world is your oyster

Meaning - if you have the opportunity and

the ability, it’s possible to go anywhere

you want to go and do anything you ever

dreamed of doing in your life.

Derived from - Shakespeare’s words in

The Merry Wives of Windsor published in

1602. Falstaff says to Pistol, one of his

followers, “I will not lend thee a penny”,

to which the man replies, “Why then, the

world’s my oyster which I will, with sword,

open”. Oyster shells are incredibly hard

but once the adductor, the muscle which

contracts to close the shell, is cut then

the shell falls open easily. It can reveal a

very beautiful and highly prized pearl. The

saying used to relate to wealth alone and

of course, those born into wealthy families

grew up in a life of privilege where anything

was possible. Today the phrase is taken

to mean all of life’s richness instead and is

used to inspire and encourage confi dence.

So, if the world is your oyster, the world is

yours to enjoy to the full – but you have to

grasp the opportunity with both hands.


look upon all the world

as my parish; thus

far I mean, that, in

whatever part of it I

am, I judge it ... my

bounden duty to declare unto all

that are willing to hear, the glad

tidings of salvation…” So wrote

John Wesley (1703-1791) as he

fi rmly declined advice to settle


Although raised in a Christian

home, Wesley found his church

faith ineffective to win

people while he

was ministering in

Georgia – one of the

Southern colonies

in British America.

But on board ship

he encountered

a live faith in

Jesus Christ

through meeting

with Moravian


At Aldersgate,

London Wesley felt his

heart “strangely warmed”

as he studied and prayed in

a meeting. He became aware

of Jesus Christ’s love. God had

forgiven him for everything that

was wrong in his life and granted

him eternal life. Wesley set about

stirring up people to experience

the saving love of God as he

had. Despite opposition from the

Established Church, Wesley’s

passion for this revelation did not

abate to his dying day.

Usually on horseback, Wesley

rode up and down the country

preaching two or three times a

day. He covered about 250,000

miles, donated £30,000 and

preached over 40,000 sermons.

In 1779 he preached in

Paradise Square in the centre

of Sheffi eld to the largest

congregation he ever saw on a

weekday. In his journal he also

recorded preaching in other

parts of Sheffi eld and Derbyshire

including Woodseats. His

connection with Woodseats was

mainly due to Elizabeth Booth, a

believer through the preaching

of John Taylor of Sheffi eld. Her

husband, Jonathon Booth, a

sicklesmith, had a farm with fi elds

along what is now Fraser Road,

the lower part of Holmhirst

Road and out onto

Chesterfi eld Road.

The fi rst preachers

of Methodism, John

Wesley; his brother

Charles, a hymn

writer; George

Whitfi eld, whose

“voice startled

England like a

trumpet blast” and

who preached in

the Booths’ orchard;

William Grimshaw,

vicar of Haworth; John

Nelson, a stonemason; other

men; Mrs Green of Rotherham;

Mrs Crosby and Miss Hosmer of

Leeds, used the Booth’s home

as a preaching house and resting

place before entering Sheffi eld to


The infl uence of the Wesleys

and their friends was remarkable

across this country. John

Wesley awakened the church

and empowered the poor as he

strategically set up Bible home

groups and preaching circuits.

To fi nd out more read

Methodism in Sheffi eld by James

Everett, visit the Archives and

Local Studies libraries in Sheffi eld

or look up John Wesley online.

Claire Goodier

‘The World is my Parish’

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

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Taking a

Tour of the World

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‘‘In 1492, Columbus sailed

the ocean blue.” My history

teacher told me so in the

1950s – and she was right.

However, she also said

he was the fi rst person to discover

America and that people in those days

believed that the earth was fl at - but

she was wrong. Research has shown

that the Vikings reached America

long before and, way back in the 4th

century, Aristotle deduced that the

earth was a sphere.

Our ancestors were smarter than we

give them credit for! Centuries ago

they were making hazardous journeys

to conquer, and settle in, other lands.

They explored new areas of the world

and returned with rich pickings which

they could trade.

These were not holidays. The word

“holiday” didn’t feature in anyone’s

vocabulary in centuries past – life

was hard, you worked from sunrise

to sunset with little time, if any, for

leisure. Only the upper classes could

enjoy the pleasures of travel. In the

late 17th century many embarked on

‘The Grand Tour’ of Europe in pursuit

of art and culture, but the majority of

people just had to content themselves

with ‘holy’ days when they were free to

enjoy a day of rest.

The invention of the fi rst steam

locomotive, and the gradual

development of a railway system

throughout Britain, completely

revolutionised our lives. In 1841, a

man called Thomas Cook organised a

day’s rail excursion from Leicester to

Loughborough for

the princely sum

of one shilling a

ticket. From this

humble beginning

grew a company

devoted to

enabling people

see the world.

Foreign travel was

still only available

Thomas Cook to the wealthier

class but now

there was plenty of opportunity for the

less wealthy to see more of England.

Steam ships crossed the Channel and

gradually people gained a taste for

more exciting travel.

The fi rst purpose-built cruise ship

was launched in 1900 and took 240

people on their maiden voyage.

Today The Allure of the Seas, the

largest cruise liner in the world,

has a staggering capacity of 6,296

The Allure of the

Seas – the

largest cruise

liner in the


passengers – it also has, amongst

many other attractions, an equally

staggering 12,000 mature trees on

board! A few years ago, my husband

and I were lucky enough to spend

three months cruising around the

world on a small ship with 400 others

- but no trees! We were able to visit

isolated atolls and exquisite little

islands which were completely offlimits

to any ship larger than ours …

and all for a fraction of the price!

In 1952, the fi rst passenger jet

service was launched and foreign

package holidays became popular in

the ’60s and ’70s. Long haul fl ights

in the ’80s meant that the more

adventurous could travel worldwide

– and how different our world looked

from the air! Almost 700 people,

having paid up to £155,000, are

waiting for a two-hour journey on

Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2. Could

holidays in space become a reality in

the future? Instead of gazing at the

moon, maybe people will be awestruck

by the beauty of this

little planet, Earth, which

we are pleased to call




St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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in style

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• Held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church

Held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church

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Prayer and Praise

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Ash 18,


Wednesday 7.15-8pm

and February July 2813 at 7.30pm


Ash Wednesday, March Service 9 at 7.30pm

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• To be held on Monday June 20 and Monday July

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• A contemplative and meditative form of worship

Wednesday, with the theme March Seeking at Stillness 7.30pm with Jesus .

Wednesday, March 9 at 7.30pm

ick Herron has

back of my mind where it can

Do you know

ick published how many


Herron six has thrillers; back grow of quietly my mind the where darkness. it can I


published the ick Herron most are spoken recent, six

has in

thrillers; Slow grow haven‟t back of

quietly committed my mind

in the


darkness. anything it can to

the world

the Horses published today?

most (2010), recent,

six (Read thrillers; was Slow haven‟t paper grow quietly yet, committed on in the the ground darkness.

anything that to

I if

shortlisted on for for the Horses answer.) Crime most


recent, Writers’ was

Slow paper I haven‟t forget yet, committed that on easily, the ground

anything it‟s that



shortlisted Association’s Like

for Ian many


Horses Fleming Brits,



Writers’ Steel my was

obviously paper



it that not on up easily,

the to ground much. it‟s

that if


Association’s Dagger, shortlisted Sarah awarded and for


the I can’t

Fleming to Crime the speak year’s Writers’ obviously

I forget When it I‟m that

not ready up


to to much.

it‟s start

Steel best


work, When on the I‟m other ready hand, to start I‟ll

Dagger, thriller, Association’s of any while of

awarded his Ian them novella Fleming – other

to the year’s Dolphin Steel than

obviously not up to much.


work, throw When

on as the much I‟m


ready as I hand,

to can start onto

English. I‟ll

thriller, Junction Dagger, We


awarded won do

his the speak

novella Ellery to the it with Queen year’s



throw paper work, on

as as the

much quickly other

as as hand,

can possible onto

I‟ll –


Junction Readers’ thriller, accents while

won Award his however.


novella in Ellery 2009. Queen

Dolphin Amy Sarah Hole

paper fragments, throw as



quickly mostly; as


I snatches can


onto of

grew Readers’ asked Junction up him here, won

Award about in the Beauchief.

in his Ellery

2009. work… Queen

Amy Hole fragments, dialogue, paper as quickly random mostly;

as descriptions snatches





Readers’ from London.


Award Our




2009. sons


Amy are

people want to read the Bible in


What started you writing fiction? Makonde, dialogue, of fragments, places,

and random much mostly;


of descriptions which snatches




of be used.

confused. asked him More about often his work… than not

of But dialogue,

places, I need random

much a lot of of


material which won‟t to hand be used.

What It started started with you reading, writing of fiction? course. at translating it – not a quick job.

they pronounce bath and laugh But before of places, need I write much lot the of

of opening material

which won‟t words, to hand

be and used.

When What

It started

started I was with young reading,

writing I preferred of


course. reading About

before admit But 20 I need I‟ve

years write started a lot after



opening something material starting

my way words, new. and It‟s a

When to real It started

(to rhyme life, was so with

young wanting reading,

with Garth) preferred to write of course.


to hand

reading was a work,

admit way before and of I‟ve

I avoiding with write great


the blank opening celebrations,

not something page syndrome, new. It‟s I

to natural When Sarah’s



life, progression was (to


young rhyme


I from preferred with

to write that. Cath).

words, and

I reading

was wrote


way suppose. admit Makonde




started New Testament



page syndrome,

new. was

Sarah natural stories real laments. life, as progression a so child, wanting And poetry in


to a as write small

It‟s a

that. a young



a published


way of avoiding last summer blank page and 2,800 syndrome, I


stories adult, natural this and as

progression shows started that

child, poetry writing from how


that. a we novel young

I wrote once I When do you write?

copies suppose. were sold the first day


adult, realised stories and

as part I didn‟t a


child, of actually our poetry


identity. need as novel

a anyone‟s young

once When Most do days, you between write? about 7.15 and


realised permission adult, and didn‟t

started to do actually so. writing Reading need

a novel

anyone‟s is always once I 8.30. When Now

Most More do the


you at weekends. translation


write? team

Accents aside, we all feel

about 7.15 and

permission a realised catalyst I didn‟t for to the do


so. young. Reading

need That‟s anyone‟s

are working

is just always




days, on the

at weekends.

between rest of about the

most ‘at home’ in the language

7.15 and

What are the best - and worst -

reason permission

catalyst why for

to the the

do planned so.



That‟s closure is


always of so

Bible. 8.30. I have More training at weekends. in biblical

we know best – usually the one What aspects are of the what best you and do? worst reason many a catalyst libraries why



the is planned a young. long-term That‟s

closure disaster just

of so

one in languages and translation, and

language we grew up with. Other aspects

What The are best of

the part best of you writing - and


worst is redrafting. -

many the reason making. libraries

why the


planned long-term



of so we

in The aspects

hope to

The hard best



work‟s what


part been of





can to

languages can seem distant or

done, is and redrafting. there‟s



Why making.

libraries is a long-term disaster in assist


The a peculiar The this


best team.

formal – even if we know them.

work‟s joy part in deleting been

of writing

done, as is many and


there‟s words

the making.


Why I need thrillers? a solid framework hang

as The

peculiar possible. hard a work‟s Makonde

joy Some in deleting

been evenings man,

As a family, we’re about to


as many

and I struggle there‟s



everything Why need


on, solid otherwise framework I flounder. to hang I as to a used peculiar get possible. down to joy hearing 300 Some deleting words the

evenings or Bible as so, many but in

struggle I words

face some serious language

everything was I need 18 months a



otherwise into framework my one flounder. serious hang

Portuguese. to never as


possible. have down

But difficulty 300

Some it


was evenings when removing or so,

I he


struggle that

disorientation, as we plan to

was attempt everything

18 months at a on, non-genre otherwise

into my novel, one

I flounder.

serious and had I read never many. to John’s get


down gospel difficulty

300 words in in Makonde removing

or so, but



learn two languages over the

attempt written was 18 something months

at non-genre

into like my 100,000 novel,

one serious

and words, that



never he As ‘got for have the it’. difficulty Samuel worst part: in realised removing well, it‟s a that selfinvolved

many. God As for is pursuit. not the worst someone And part: an well, anti-social who it‟s self-


next few years. First we’ll learn

written before attempt realising something

at a non-genre that like I didn‟t 100,000

novel, know and

words, what had that

Portuguese Portugal. Then we

before written was about. realising

something The that crime/thriller like didn‟t


know genre words, likes


involved My to As first ‘eat for thought pursuit.

the alone’ worst on And – part: receiving a Makonde an


anti-social any it‟s a kind selfinvolved

of first saying thought

one. of


it provides before


was about.


move to

a focus The



I crime/thriller lacked I didn‟t on know that genre

what way My invitation pursuit. tends God to on

And isn’t be: receiving

an That‟ll tightfisted.

anti-social cost any kind me one. an of

where invitation evening‟s tends work. to Which be: That‟ll is not cost a me an

provides attempt; it was Portuguese about. and focus it The works crime/thriller is

lacked as




on that


My first thought on receiving any kind of


language. evening‟s response most work. people Which want is not to hear

attempt; as provides a straitjacket. and

a There, focus works Slow I we’ll lacked

as Horses, need

invitation tends to be: That‟ll cost me an


on that for not At

response from evening‟s

the heart

someone most


of the

they‟ve people



suggested want

is not

is the

to to hear an

as instance, attempt; learn Makonde, straitjacket.

and has it a works fairly a

Slow complex language




scaffolding, plot, for but not news

from outing response that

someone to. God most shared


people his


want best

spoken an

instance, what as a straitjacket. interested by 250,000

has fairly me Slow most people


Horses, was in

to hear

that plot,

for it but with

outing to.

what involved instance,

interested a has cast a of fairly

me characters most


was who that

plot, were Which from us. someone He gave

other authors they‟ve his Son

do suggested to

you like? an

a remote corner of the country. it

but become outing a

involved all, what interested one way cast or of

me another, characters

most was failures, who



it Which It might

to. man – Jesus Christ.

It won’t be easy! Why are we

other be authors simpler to do list you the like? books


all, looking involved one for a


cast redemption. or



characters In this, failures,

who as in were I‟ve Which could

It most might

other say





simpler this


leaving the comfort of home

to year do


you – the Nicola like?

himself books

looking much all, in one else, for


redemption. I‟ve or been another, encouraged In this,


as in by I‟ve Barker, It


might into Burley our


be simpler language, Cross this Postbox to


list so


Nicola Theft; books

and of English, for these distant

much the looking work else,

for of redemption.

I‟ve writers been like encouraged Reginald In this, as Hill, in


by Barker, Paul I‟ve could most Murray, know


enjoyed Skippy him


this personally. Dies; Postbox

year Jonathan – Nicola

places and languages?


the who much

work show else,

of what‟s I‟ve


been possible like


Reginald within Hill, the by ‘The

Paul Coe, Barker, Word

Murray, The Burley became Terrible Skippy

Cross Privacy human


Postbox of and

Jonathan Maxwell Theft;

The Makonde people of

who confines the work

show of

what‟s genre. writers


like Reginald


Hill, made

the Coe, Sim; Paul his Barbara Murray,




Skippy Trapido, among


Dies; Sex us’


Jonathan (John and

Mozambique are most ‘at



who show




possible within the 1:14). Sim; Stravinsky; Coe, That’s Barbara

The Terrible worth Scarlett Trapido, translating

Privacy Thomas, Sex



Maxwell Our Tragic

home’ How confines do their you of genre. start own writing language, a novel? into Stravinsky; Universe. Sim; Makonde Barbara Seamus Scarlett – Trapido, and Heaney‟s 6,900 Thomas,

Sex other and latest Our Tragic

just How as By do putting we you are start the in moment ours. writing Go off into novel? for as long languages! Universe. collection, Stravinsky;

Seamus Human Scarlett Chain, Heaney‟s

Thomas, is among latest

Our Tragic his

a as How church By possible. do

putting however, you I start

the have moment

writing a and vague you’re off

a idea novel?

for as for long the

collection, best. Universe. And the Seamus

Human books Chain,

Heaney‟s I‟m Joe looking is Potter among

latest forward his

more as book By

possible. likely after putting the to the

have hear one moment I‟m the vague writing Bible off


for now as

for – long

the so

Joe best. to collection, are and And the Sarah new the


books Potter novels Chain,

I‟m are by looking Kate members is among Atkinson forward


read book won‟t as possible. in after be Portuguese. ready the

I have

one to work I‟m

a Few vague

writing on for really idea

now another for the

so to and best. of are Wycliffe John And

the le new

the Carré, Bible books

novels Translators. and I‟m

by Philip looking

Kate Larkin‟s Atkinson For forward

won‟t year book at after

be least ready

the – one but to work have I‟m writing

on pushed for


another it to – so

understand what they hear. Local


more and Letters to are information John

the to le Monica. new


novels visit and wycliffe.org.uk












– but

to work




for another

it to the Letters

and John




Carré, and Philip Larkin‟s

Translating God’s News

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Tel: (0114) Tel: Church (0114) 274 Offices: 5086 274 5086 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 15 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

The Heavenly Man

other than his memory and God, he

by Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway started to take the good news of

ISBN 185424597X

Jesus to the people of China via

illegal house churches. This gentle


his is a remarkable and true

story of a Chinese Christian relationship with the Lord.

brother called Yun.

Yun suffered inhuman and

Building work has begun on a new

It presents like a modern day horrendous torture when captured by

£16m redevelopment at Graves

parallel to the book of Acts in the the „Public Security Bureau‟. He

tennis and leisure centre which

Bible: spiritual warfare, the power of fasted for 72 days, having no food or

will see a new swimming pool

the Holy Spirit, visions, dreams, water, living only by God‟s grace.

and sports facilities on the site.

miracles, near death experiences, During this fast Yun was repeatedly

New operator Places for People

torture and escaping from impossible tortured, humiliated and beaten by

Leisure was selected by Sheffi eld City


Prison Guards and fellow prisoners. In

Council to take over running the current

Brother Yun experienced all these, prison violent and dangerous men

centre at the beginning of April and will

after following God‟s calling since the observed Yun‟s faith and obedience

manage the new Graves facilities – on

age of 16. Through illegal house to God. They realised that he was not

the same site – from the opening in

churches he helped spread

a criminal, just a committed Christian

summer 2016.

Christianity through China, whilst and came themselves into a deep and

The new development will include a

evading the Chinese authorities who loving relationship with Jesus.

six-lane 25m swimming pool, a separate

saw him as a dangerous criminal. Miraculous and loving interventions

learner pool, a major new fi tness suite

After Do you his have conversion, a few hours spare Yun to support fasted our for helped Yun for example jumping over

and studios, two additional indoor









a bowl

to remain



rice, a ten foot wall; walking through the

within their own homes? tennis courts and Sheffi eld’s fi rst-ever



about the



a chance to open doors of a high security prison

dedicated gymnastics and trampolining

• Part Time Hours glance to suit at you a (2-20 Bible; hrs. p/w) his unobserved and walking after his legs


• Full Induction family training were with Office concerned




will also

so severely




(he was



• No previous care experience necessary

for his sanity. To be

• We welcome applicants of all ages! research

he would


be crippled

as part








found with a Bible would Centre


for Sport and Exercise Medicine

An open heart and have warm meant smile is all serious you need to



in a bid




bring health and


become a Care Companion at Home Instead

consequences and

*Car Driver Desirable wellbeing




under one



punishment. God

Apply Now! Call 0114 250 7709



Hewett, Business

never leaving


him or his

honoured this fast and

Or visit www.homeinstead.co.uk/sheffield






cope alone.

for People

We will


prayer sending Yun a

6 Shirley House, Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL said:




new facilities








Bible. He immediately tremendous



but this

to the






to the

read and memorised

Call Craig today!


to the incredible

that will use



of God and his

chapters from the Bible. Sport




has invested £2.75m

0114 2745229 / 07802 With 752429 few resources of National Lottery funding towards Sian Mann the

- OAP discount

- No VAT

- Uniformed staff

- 10 years experience

- Full packing service

- Dismantle and rebuild services

- From £30 per hour

- Local/long distances

- Full/part removals

- Internal - 19ft 5” x 7ft 9” high x 7ft 4” wide





Quality & Care Assured


Health and

man brought many people into a


At Church House

(56 Abbey Lane)

10am to 12 noon

On the last Saturday of each month.

Bring & Buy (new items)

Handicrafts Home Baking

February 21

Half-term Environmental


Leisure for the Future

Meersbrook Park Walled Garden


Make bird feeders, bird boxes and

bird ID. Activities for 8-13 year olds.

Call 0114 263 4335.

February 27

Wild Designs: Pyrography

Ecclesall Woods Sawmill


Learn how to create designs in

wood using a pyrograph (heated

needle). Booking is essential.

Call 0114 283 9195.

March 6

Junk Boat Race

Millhouses Park


Using your engineering skills, some

glue and a bag of junk, build a

boat and race it on Millhouses

lake. Meet at Millhouses Park

Cafe. Booking is essential.

Call 0114 283 9195.

March 20

Step Out from Greenhill Park

Greenhill Park


Join the rangers on an

exploration of the footpaths from

the park into the countryside.

Meet at the Bowls Pavilion.

Call 0114 283 9195.

March 27

Grass Sledging

Meersbrook Park


Sledge the slopes of Meersbrook

Park with the rangers.

Call 0114 283 9195.

An artist’s impression of the new Graves Leisure Centre

building of the new centre as well as

working closely with the project team to

provide detailed advice and support on

the development of the plans.

Charles Johnston of Sport England

said: “First-class, local facilities are vital

to getting more people playing sport

regularly and the new Graves tennis and

leisure centre will be a great addition to

the city.”

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: offi ce@stchads.org

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: offi ce@stchads.org


St Chads

Offi ce:


9 Linden






eld S8 0GA

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Church St Chads Offi Church, ce: 9 Linden Linden Avenue, Sheffi Woodseats eld S8 0GA

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Tel: Church (0114) Offices: 274 5086 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 7 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

The World and Music

There are no activities that

break down political and

other barriers more than

sport and music. This

makes them truly worldembracing.

In sport, it was so good to see

the Russian gymnast hug the

Ukrainian gymnast who’d just

beaten him to win the European

Championship gold medal

recently, and in cricket it was so

good to see the Afghanistan team

competing in this year’s world cup

in Australia and New Zealand.

Music can also transcend any

notional differences, and Holst’s

Planet Suite is a good example

of this. This piece of music is

not, as commonly believed, about

astronomy, because Earth is

not included; it is instead about


Holst became a good friend of

Clifford Bax, the brother of the

composer Arnold Bax (and later

the librettist for Holst’s opera The

Wandering Scholar). Clifford Bax

was an astrologer; he introduced

Holst to the concepts of astrology

by using a book called The Art of

Synthesis by Alan Leo, in which

each chapter is based on a planet

and describes the astrological

characteristics of them. This was

probably the basis for Holst’s

Planet Suite; in fact, ‘Neptune, the

Mystic’ is given the same title in

both the book and the suite!

According to Holst, the suite

deals with the “seven influences

of destiny and constituents of our

spirit”. The astrological pattern

is clear; the order symbolises the

unfolding experience of life from

youth to old age. Who in the

world is exempt from this cycle?

Mars, the Bringer of War - the

selfishness of the will, the desire

for action and the chaotic energy

of rebellious youth;

Venus, the Bringer of Peace -

peace can only come when the

power of Mars has spent itself,

allowing friendships to prosper;

Mercury, the Winged Messenger

- with peace, the mind can be


Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

- a feeling of happiness and


Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

- everything is a test for truth,

and personal wisdom is gained,

bringing with it greater ease;

Uranus, the Magician - after the

resigned serenity of Saturn, this

brings confidence, enthusiasm,

humour and originality;

Neptune, the Mystic -

timelessness - one is face-to-face

with the eternal spirit.

As Christians we believe that

only Jesus can reach into these

mystical places and set us free

from them.

Simon Kilner

I am indebted to Raymond Head

for his notes on this subject.

The summer of 1914 seemed

fair to continue without a

cloud on the horizon. Old

folk basked in the glory

of Empire and the young

ones danced to new tunes on the

gramophone. Rumour had it that

some obscure archduke and his wife

had been shot dead in a country

few had even heard of, but no-one

could have dreamt that this incident

would draw half the youth of the

world into a conflict which would

rage throughout Europe to Egypt,

Mesopotamia and even Africa. One

day the sky was cloudless, the next

the streets were filled with marching

feet and all roads led to France.

As well as the much-quoted war

poets, other famous people went

to war including CS Lewis, JRR

Tolkien, Basil Rathbone and Nigel

Bruce (Holmes and Watson) and

Ralph Vaughan Williams. Few came

back alive and none unscathed.

What then was gained or learned

from all this carnage? On the face of

it very little it seems – for 20 years

later the world was at war again.

But if we look beneath the surface,

although the world was changed

forever it was not all for the worse.

Doctors and nurses learned to deal

with wounds unimagined before

the war and, building on the work

of Harold Gillies, modern plastic

surgery and operating theatre

techniques were born. From World

War Two we gained penicillin and

modern antibiotics and Archibald

McIndoe pioneered reconstructive

surgery for burned Spitfire pilots and

bomber crews enabling them to face

the world again.

The soldiers of the First World War

never spoke of their experience and

much of what we know today has

been gleaned from the art, poetry

and music of the time. Elgar, who

was too old to fight, spent much of

the war at Brinkwells, a cottage in

West Sussex, from where he could

hear the guns across the Channel.

From here he wrote his War Music,

the Cello Concerto and the Piano

Quintet. Both works look back with

aching regret to a world and friends

from both sides now lost forever.

Vaughan Williams ‘incubated’ his

Third Symphony in the trenches

of 1916 while waiting with the

ambulance wagon to carry away

the wounded. The sound of a bugle,

faint and other worldly at first,

echoes across the fields followed

by a soprano’s unearthly, wordless

lament. And, if you listen carefully,

you might hear Vaughan Williams’

friend Harry Steggles playing his

mouth organ further along the

trench. Perhaps RVW’s most famous

work is The Lark Ascending. Written

in 1914, it lay forgotten in a drawer

until he came home from the war.

He then revised it. The same lark

gladdened the heart of the soldiers

on both sides – their trenches being

only yards apart. As the singing lark

ascends heavenwards, it carries with

it the souls of their dead and dying


From the Second World War

we have Benjamin Britten’s War

Requiem, written in 1962 for the

rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral

– now a centre for peace and

reconciliation for the whole world.

Among the poets now confined to

the dustbin by the critics is Laurence

Binyon who wrote the immortal

words we hear every Remembrance

Sunday. The rest of the poem is

seldom heard nowadays but here is

the final stanza:

“As the stars that shall be bright

when we are dust, Moving in

marches upon the heavenly plain,

As the stars that are starry in the

time of our darkness, To the end, to

the end, they remain.”

From For The Fallen by Laurence Binyon

Sylvia Bennett

World of Wars

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Projections of the World

What does the world look like?

What makes a good map

of the world? Our world is a

globe, and it is impossible to

accurately plot a (roughly)

spherical world onto a fl at piece of paper.

So how can we do it best?

The problem of mapping the world onto

a flat map has occupied cartographers for

many centuries, and the different systems

for mapping the globe onto a fl at surface

are called projections. Many people think

of the world looking something like this:

“Thank you so much for the work you did in totally renewing my bathroom,

I am so very pleased with the overall result. You were 100% professional,

it was a pleasure to have you working in the house. I have no hesitation of

recommending you to my friends and neighbours.” Stella Stacey, S8

t: 0114 220 3299 or 07908 898 827

e: chrisshephard@blueyonder.co.uk


This is a Mercator projection of the

world. It’s one of the oldest projections

around, and has been in use for nearly

500 years. It’s useful for navigating,

because the map axes correspond to

compass points. A version of this is still

used in many places, including Google

Maps, but it really isn’t ideal. What’s the

problem? Looking above, you can see that

Greenland appears to be at least twice

the size of Australia. In reality, Australia

is about 3½ times the size of Greenland.

The Mercator projection badly distorts the

relative sizes of countries, and all the more

so as you move towards the poles.

There are, however, a couple of

projections that don’t do this. One of the

common ones is the Sinusoidal projection,

shown above.

It looks different to the world maps

we’re used to seeing, but is in many ways

more accurate. The scaling is much better

(compare Greenland and Australia again),

but outside of the central area it distorts

the shapes of the countries.

But there is a map that manages to

avoid distorting shapes, and scales

pretty accurately. The Waterman

Butterfl y projection was developed

in 1996, but looks quite different

from other maps. It converts the

globe into a polyhedron, and then

lays this polyhedron out flat. It’s

unusual, but far more accurate

than other projections at accurately

representing the world on a piece of


The example shown right is also a

Pacifi c-centred, rather than Atlanticcentred

map, making it look more

different. The projection works well

Atlantic-centred though.

The only other thing to note is that there

is no good reason why north should be

‘up’ on a map, and south ‘down’. It is only

convention that serves this purpose. But

the world certainly looks different when it’s

viewed upside down!

Rev Duncan Bell

Here’s how little it costs

to advertise in

Adverts are priced

at the following rates for

one year (six editions):

1/8 page: £110

1/6 page: £155

1/4 page: £225

1/2 page: £445

Full page: £915

Call St Chad’s Church office on

0114 274 5086

or email


for more information

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St Chad’s Connecting

with the World

At St Chad’s we have always

believed that those of us

who are relatively affl uent

should give generously to

support those who have

the daily experience of poverty and

deprivation – whether in this country

or further afi eld.

Jesus encouraged all Christians to

give to the poor and many of us have

adopted a principle of giving a tenth of

our income away.

St Chad’s also gives a tenth of our

voluntary income away, meaning

that each year we are able to give

between £8,000 and £10,000 to

projects that explicitly bring the hope

of the Gospel to places where there

often seems very little good news. We

give our money to Mission Partners

– sometimes individuals, sometimes

larger organisations – and a list of these

partners is available in church.

For a number of years now we have

given to TearFund, a Christian charity

that works in developing countries

throughout the world to bring relief for

poverty and to provide training for people

in those countries so that they can

better provide for themselves and their


Most of the projects work directly

with local churches, so the the

chain of accountability is very


St Chad’s has now

decided, through

TearFund, to work with

one particular project

to which all our funding

(presently £1,000 a year)

will go. This project

is based in Mumbai

(India) and is called

Sahaara. Sahaara works

to free children and young

women from the evils of

the sex trade and human

traffi cking in one of the biggest,

and poorest, cities in the world.

Sahaara aims to provide

medical care for sex workers

and their children – HIV/AIDS in

India is increasing rapidly. Many

sex workers are from the lowest

castes and are effectively ‘nonpersons’

with no legal identity

enabling them to claim benefi ts

or free medical care. Sahaara

represents these people and helps

them gain a legal status in society.

On top of this women and girls are

educated (most are illiterate) and trained

in skills such as tailoring and jewellerymaking.

This enables them to work for

Are you looking for

a room to hold your

party or meeting?

St Chad’s Church has

two rooms available for

hire at 56 Abbey Lane

money away from the dangerous world

of the sex trade.

Sahaara helps more than 300 women

and 50 girls a year grow in self-esteem,

education and skills, giving them a future

that they would otherwise not have had.

The £1,000 that St Chad’s is able to give

to the project goes a long way in Mumbai

and we hope that this (and more) will

enable many other vulnerable women

and children to live in hope and not fear.

Call 0114 274 5086 for details

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: 9 Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

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House Rules

by Jodi Picoult

ISBN 978-0340979075

In this book Jodi Picoult

explores some of the

challenges experienced

by the family of a child

with Asperger’s syndrome.

This condition is part of the

Autistic Spectrum where the

sufferer is high functioning but

experiences many difficulties

related to social skills, the

formation of relationships and

an overpowering compulsion for


The story is set in Townsend,

Vermont where Emma Hunt, a

single mum, lives with her two

sons Jacob and Theo. The only

support she receives from the

boys’ father is a monthly cheque

for their keep.

Jacob is the eldest at 18 and

has Asperger’s syndrome. In

order to maintain equilibrium

for him Emma keeps to a

structured schedule. Jacob feels

comfortable only when all of his

daily activities are planned. Any

lack of structure or unexpected

events causes him to feel


Emma creates house rules

for everyone to adhere to which

stipulate the following: Clean up

your messes, tell the truth, brush

your teeth twice a day, don’t be

late for school, and take care of

your brother – he’s the only one

you’ve got.

Jacob’s present obsession is

forensic science and this is all

consuming. A police scanner in

his room clues him in to crime

scenes, and he often shows up

and tells the police what to do

and how to solve the crimes.

Much to their

annoyance he is

frequently right.

Theo is 15

and struggles

with the


of his life that

by necessity

revolves around

his brother’s

needs. In order

to experience

‘normal’ he

begins sneaking

into other

people’s houses

when they are


The family’s

world is turned upside down

when Jacob’s social skills tutor

goes missing, her body is found

later in strange circumstances.

Jacob comes under suspicion

and is accused of her murder.

The book follows the struggle

to get a fair trial for Jacob and

while Emma constantly protests

her son’s innocence there is a

nagging doubt in her mind “Is my

sons capable of murder?”.

I have no personal experience

of living with a child with an

Autistic Spectrum Disorder and

found this book to be thought

provoking. I have no doubt that

it presents many stereotypes

and exaggerations and if read by

someone with a more subjective

view point it would be found


Nevertheless it is a good read

(if a little drawn out) and keeps

the reader gripped and keen to

know the outcome.

Jane Jones

St. Chad’s 3rd Age Book


Book Review

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Registers 2015



19 Harrison Nathan Joseph Hurst



24 Andrew Richard Foster (58)

For Weddings

and Funerals

You don’t have to be a churchgoer

to have a wedding in church or

be ‘religious’ to have a dignifi ed and

meaningful funeral service at St Chad’s.

If you live in the Woodseats or

Beauchief area, St Chad’s would be

delighted to help you, whether it is

planning the Big Day or saying goodbye

to a loved one.

For weddings please contact St Chad’s

church offi ce. For funerals please tell

your funeral director that you would like

to have a church service.



where friendliness is par for the course

Special offers on Golf Membership

Club House lounge

available for hire for all occasions

with full catering facilities

Call the Secretary on

0114 236 9872

The Club House, Bradway Road

Sheffield S17 4QR

Services during June & July 2015

Holy Communion:11.00am

Sun 7th June 11.00am

Sun 14th June 11.00am

Sun 28th June11.00am

Sun 5th July 11.00am

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Evensong ( third Sunday):

Sunday 21st June 3pm

Sunday 19th July 3pm

If you would like to advertise in

call 0114 274 5086 or

email impact@stchads.org

• If you have had a new baby and would

like to celebrate that baby’s birth with

a service in church then please come

to one of our thanksgiving and baptism

mornings at St Chad’s.

The morning will explain the difference

between the two services and give

parents an opportunity to ask any

questions. Please call the church offi ce

on 0114 274 5086 if you are interested in


View of the Chapel & Tower in Spring

Beauchief Abbey, Beauchief Abbey Lane S8 7BD

Heritage Open Days

September 2015

Thurs 10th, Fri 11th, Sat 12th

11am -4pm

Sunday 13th 1pm - 4pm

All Welcome

Our Services are based on the

Book of Common Prayer &


are served afterwards

email info@beauchiefabbey.org.uk


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