April/May 2008

Reaching 12,000 people in the

Woodseats and Beauchief area

E n t e r o u r S u n f l o w e r

Co m p e t i t i o n

F r e e s e e d s

i n s i d e

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This latest edition of St Chad’s free magazine - Impact -

should arrive through your letter-box just after Easter. We

hope you enjoy it!

Summer’s Coming

For many, Easter marks the end of winter, as they begin to

look to the warmer summer weather anticipated in the coming months. I quite like

winter, but I am really a summer person. I love to feel the warmth of the sun on my

face; to smell cut grass in the air; to hear the birds sing and see people enjoying

being outside. Summer plants and flowers fill our gardens and parks - and one I like

best is the sunflower. It’s a favourite of many a child - as they watch it grow into a

tall elegant plant with its beautiful golden petals and its middle which becomes full of

seeds. The sunflower sums up what so many of us wish for during summer.

Sunflowers in the Community

When someone at St Chad’s had the idea that it would be great to fill the local

community with sunflowers, and that we could actually do it, I leapt at the

opportunity. And so in the middle of the magazine you will find an envelope with ten

sunflower seeds inside it, ready for you to plant. You will also find directions of how

to plant, and the best time.

Why sunflowers?

The sunflower speaks of sunshine and happiness. We at St Chad’s want to help

bring sunshine to Woodseats and Beauchief, and want to affirm and encourage all

those who are seeking to do the same. So we are very pleased to bear the cost of

the seeds and distribution - and hope that you, along with the local schools, preschools

and other community groups might join with us in this simple but delightful

project. It’s simply about planting some seeds, and enjoying what comes up!


We’d also like to see who can grow the tallest plant, who can have the biggest

sunflower head, and who can draw/paint the best sunflower. To help us, we will be

having a competition for both adults and children, which will be judged on

September 13 and 14. During that weekend St Chad’s will be spearheading a

Weekend of Thanksgiving, during which we want to celebrate the many good things

that we see in this locality. Mark the date in your diary, and join us as we say thank

you to many local people and organisations for all they give to the life of this part of


So, please plant your sunflower seeds - and let’s fill Woodseats and Beauchief with

sunshine, as we celebrate the sunny things in life this summer.

Matthew Porter

(Vicar - St Chad’s Church, Sheffield)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

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Fun for the under 5’s


9.30am ~ 11.30am


1.00pm ~ 3.00pm

St Chad’s Church

Linden Avenue, Woodseats

For details please contact:

Alison 2818894 or Sam 2745086




All aspects of joinery undertaken

Specialist in Timber Decking

and Laminate Floors

No job too small

Fully qualified & insured

All work guaranteed

Need a LOCAL Plumber?



A member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

A wide variety of Plumbing solutions

• A fresh new bathroom or cloakroom

• Your old pantry transformed into a W.C.

• New taps or an outside tap fitted

• Showers

• Leaks and repairs

Call John Snowling

Tel: 0114 235 9956

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Why did the cow cross

the road?


To get

to the



Why did Cinderella

get dropped from

the football team?

She ran away from

the ball!

A man goes into a fish

and chip shop with a

salmon under his arm.

He asks 'Do you sell

fish cakes here?'

'No' was the reply.

'Shame, it's his


Boy: Sir, I'd like your

daughter for my wife.

Father: Can't she get

one of her own?

What’s white and furry

and smells of


A polo bear!

Out of the mouths…

A mother was teaching her threeyear-old

daughter The Lord's Prayer.

For several evenings at bedtime, she

repeated it after her mother. One

night she said she was ready to say

it on her own.

The mother listened with pride, as

she carefully said each word right up

to the end…

“And lead us not into temptation”,

she prayed, “but deliver us some

email, Amen.”

Brian: (eating lunch at school) Miss,

I've got a bone stuck in my throat.

Teacher: Are you choking?

Brian: No, I'm serious.

A man was walking

down the street and

he met a small boy.

The man asked

what was his name.

The boy replied, 'six

and seven-eighths.'

The man asked him

why his parents had

given him such a

strange name, and

he replied, 'they just

picked it out of a


“My mum used to

dress off the peg -

but now the

neighbours take their

washing in at night.”

Two packets of crisps were walking

along the road.

A passing car stopped and the driver

asked if they would like a lift.

"No thanks," said the crisps, "we're


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 5 website: www.stchads.org

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Are you organising a local event and

would like to advertise this FREE in

Impact? If so email impact@stchads.org

or write to: Impact, St Chad’s Church

Offices, 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8


Health Walks

• Mondays – 10am: Graves Park

Meet at the Animal Farm car park;

• Tuesdays – 10.30am: Ecclesall Woods

Meet at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet;

• Thursdays – 10.30am: Lowedges

Meet at the Community Wing, Lowedges

Junior School.

Call 0114 203 9337.

Sharrow Lantern Carnival

April 5


The theme for this year’s carnival is Big

Up. You can interpret that how you like,

the poster for the carnival features a huge

shrimp fishing for a little whale.

So go along and make a massive or mini

lantern. The only limitation is your


• Email sharrowlanterncarnival@hotmail.co.uk

or call 07763970686.

Step Out to Bowshaw and Beyond

April 5


Lowedges to Dronfield via Bowshaw

A round-walk of approximately six miles

across the city boundary to Coal Aston

and beyond. Route includes inclines,

rough ground, stiles and lots of mud.

Call the Parks and Countryside

Rangers on 0114 283 9195.

Dream On

April 11-12

Abbeydale Picture House

The Picture House Youth Theatre

(Juniors) present Dream On - a musical

version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

created for young people.

Call the box office on 07775 966106.

Bamford Bound

April 12

Bamford Moor

Opened up to the public by the

Countryside Rights of Way Act, Bamford

Edge is the highlight of this walk along a

route less followed.

Call the West Ranger Team on 0114

268 6196.

Ladybower the Long Way!

April 19


Dark Peak

Join the Rangers for a two-wheel trek on

and off road. Bring your own (push) bike


Call the West Ranger Team on 0114

268 6196.

Continental Market

May 1-5

City Centre

The Continental Market returns to Fargate

with over 50 traders from all parts of


Beauchief Abbey holds weekly services

to which anyone is welcome to attend.

Holy Communion at 10.30am and

Evensong at 3pm are held on alternate


See the Abbey notice board for more


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 6 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Highland Fling Country Fair

May 5

Graves Park


Last year over 15,000 people turned out

to enjoy the fair.

This year attractions include a farmers

market and craft tent, Highland Cattle,

shire horses, dog agility, falconry displays,

show jumping and rides. Adults

£3, accompanied children up to 14 free.

Call Bob Worm on 0114 244 0353;

Kevin Cheetham on 273 6433; or Howard

Simpson on 273 6839

Big Dress Festival

May 8-12

Endcliffe Park

Music, workshops, education, raising

awareness of world poverty issues

Call Dave Ryan of Speak Network on

0114 273 6839


May 10

Abbeydale Picture House

An evening of sophisticated entertainment

featuring music and songs from

films and shows, presented by a group

of professional Yorkshire musicians

and singers.

Call the box office on 07775 966106.

Totley Festival

May 22


Greenoak Park

Call Avril Crithley on 0114 236 1568.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 7 website: www.stchads.org

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As I write this the rays of the sun are

darting through my living room window,

leaving the settee bathed in a bright


Opposite the tiles on the roof are

shimmering crimson as they too receive

a bath in the sun. My word I think, this

could be Provence but its not, its

Beauchief and it’s a Saturday in

February of all months.

The world’s gone mad, it should be

damp and wet, cold and miserable.

Everyone should be sat in front of the

fire, or enduring pain at the Lane or

Hillsborough, or maybe stuck in a traffic

jam heading for Meadowhall.

Instead ‘come on let’s get your woolly

hat on, we’re going out’. We’re off to

Eccy woods, or Graves Park or maybe

Longshaw or Stanedge Edge,

somewhere that gets the pulse racing

the blood tingling. It might be cold but it

feels good, who needs to go to Province

to see the sun?

There is a line in a Pink Floyd song

‘When I come home cold and tired it’s

good to warm my bones beside the fire’

- it’s a kind of English thing in the winter,

warm fires, hot toast and muffins, a warm

drink on a Sunday afternoon.

Of course now people head off to

warmer climes for winter sun, Egypt, The

Canaries, Florida – others like to ski, if

you can find snow, at least here you can

enjoy the winter sun.

The urge is for sunlight to drive away

the darkness of the winter but many

simply through circumstance cannot

escape to foreign places, so the fireside

is a nice alternative but sadly you don’t

get the benefit of the sun.

According to recent research 60 per

cent of the UK population is deficient in


Vitamin D by the end of winter, in other

words we don’t have sufficient in our


The same research suggests that

Vitamin D and not C is needed to ward of

winter chills and the like. Vitamin D of

course is found in sunlight, something we

in the UK miss in the winter. Indeed

according to the same research 20

minutes in the sun over a weekend could

help greatly in warding off winter colds

and the like. But as someone who has

seen the effect of skin cancer in a loved

one I also advocate listening to all the

warnings about too much sun and not

covering up.

The authors, from Winthrop University

Hospital, Mineola, New York, say vitamin

D stimulates "innate immunity" by

activating peptides in the body that

attack bacteria, fungi and viruses.

"Vitamin D supplementation,

particularly with higher doses, may

protect against the typical winter cold

and flu.”

Sun tips

• It takes 20 minutes in full sun for a

person with white skin to make the

maximum amount of vitamin D that can

be generated in one day, but begin

cautiously with just a few minutes'


• Cover-up, apply high-factor sunscreen

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 8 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

or seek shade if you feel any burning


• Babies can be taken into weak sunlight

(avoiding 11am to 3pm) in only their

nappies (no suncream) for five to ten

minutes a day, according to Prof Nick

Bishop of Sheffield University.

• Some experts suggest allowing

children to play in weak sunlight, but to

avoid exposure around midday. Others

believe children should be exposed in a

swim suit to full midsummer sunlight for


15 to 30 minutes a day, provided they

don't burn.

Finally as I write this in my dining room

the sun is streaming in and the room is

basked in sunlight.

The funny thing is that by my reckoning

only at this time of year can the sun be at

this angle, or maybe it’s the angle of the

earth to the sun and to that effect each

day is unique and something to be


Jimmy Johnson



Fun for the under 5’s


9.30am ~ 11.30am


1.00pm ~ 3.00pm

St Chad’s Church

Linden Avenue, Woodseats

For details please contact:

Alison 2818894 or Sam 2745086

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 9 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Bring Me Sunshine was the name of the

theme tune sung by Morecambe and

Wise on their TV show, which ran from

1961 up to 1984 when Eric

Morecambe’s fatal heart attack brought

their partnership to a premature end.

The song itself – “Bring me sunshine, In

your smile, Bring me sunshine, All the

while” summed up the way that the two

comedians captured the hearts of the


Their viewing figures were massive, still

holding records to this day, especially their

Christmas specials with hosts of guest

stars. They got more viewers than the

Queen’s speech!

Young people today can’t see what all

the fuss was about but those of us old

enough to see Morecambe and Wise in

their heyday can vouch for their star


Morecambe was the funny guy and

Wise the straight man but they were a

perfect team.

They became famous for featuring

celebrities, often involving them in silly

plays or song and dance routines. Angela

Rippon, the newsreader, shocked the

nation by appearing in tights and showing

a new talent.

Famous people were queuing up to

appear on the show.

They made two very good feature films

and translated quite well onto the big

screen, unlike many other TV stars. Eric

was the mad one, with many catchphrases

and one-liners while little Ernie was the fall

guy, having to put up with constant jibes

about his wig, his age and his lack of


Their success did not come easily. They

had worked the clubs for years and had

several setbacks. In 1960, however, they

made 22 guest appearances on TV shows


Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wise play

“all the rights notes but not necessarily

in right order” with Andre Previn in 1971

including the famous Sunday Night at the

London Palladium. This led to their getting

their own show on ITV. They then

appeared on BBC for many years and

then went back to ITV.

Morecambe and Wise always appeared

to me as professionals who really enjoyed

their work, who rehearsed hard, but often

would throw the occasional ad-lib in, to

great audience appreciation.

The song “Bring me sunshine” was, I’m

sure, carefully chosen by the pair, to be

sung each week, at the end of the show.

It was saying “Hope you have enjoyed

our efforts in making you laugh, now enjoy

the forthcoming week at work and play, let

the sunshine spread right through the

week, enjoy yourselves!”

And we ought to be able to learn from

this. Enjoy life, enjoy the world and all its

riches, provided by God.

God gives us sunshine, but he also

gives us the ability to find light, to find

sunshine in things we enjoy – let’s

continue to ask Him to bring us sunshine.

And for us … to smile, all the while.

David Manning

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 10 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Without the sun, there would be no life.

In fact we are dependent on the sun for

our very existence on this planet.

Without its presence and its light and

heat, we would die.

Because of this, some ancient people

chose to worship the sun. However the

bible tells us that the sun is part of

creation, rather than being the Creator.

It is the Creator who is to be adored

and thanked - and on a lovely

hot day we would do well to

remember this!

Although we shouldn't

worship the sun, the sun

is a helpful picture of

God. It is not a perfect

picture of God but it

does help us

understand God better.

So here is the picture:

The sun is rather like God

- God the Father. The sun is

strong, powerful and resplendent.

It provides life whilst also being an allconsuming

fire. Interestingly, these are

all words or phrases used in the bible to

describe God.

Light emanates from the sun. This

light helps us to see the way. It

provides direction and exposes the dirt.

These are words or phrases that

describe Jesus - God the Son. In fact

one of the names of Jesus is ’Light of

the World’.

Heat also comes from the sun. This

heat is crucial to life and to growth on

our planet. We can enjoy the feeling of

the warmth of the sun - as well as

feeling cold (a lack of heat) when we are

further away from the sun, or something

blocks off the sun’s heat. These words

could be used of the Holy Spirit - who


brings life to our souls and helps us feel

the presence of God. At times when we

turn from God or things get in his way,

we can feel spiritually cold. His Spirit,

however, wants to warm our hearts and

help us experience the warmth of his


So you see that the sun can help us

grasp more clearly who God is. It also

tells us that the Christian idea of God

as Trinity (God being three-inone)

might not be such a

crazy idea after all - in fact

it might be a very useful

way of understanding


As we plant our

sunflower seeds this

summer, I hope they

come up and look great.

Interestingly, sunflowers

(like many flowers) are able

to rotate their heads so that

they keep facing the sun. This is

what sunflowers need to do to reach

their full potential. Perhaps there is a

lesson in life here for us (as we think of

how the sun says something about

God), for similarly we need to be those

who keep turning our faces towards

God. This is how we thrive: by facing

the sun.

Matthew Porter


St Chad’s Church


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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At Church House

(56 Abbey Lane)

10am to 12 noon

On the last Saturday of each month.

Bring & Buy (new items)


Home Baking

Please do drop in and join us. It is a good

opportunity to meet and chat. Why not

bring a friend or neighbour?

All internal

Plastering and

Dry Lining

Please call Andrew Ellis

Free Friendly Advice

and Estimates

Tel: 07955 093234

0114 2648102

Qualified by the Guild of Master Craftsmen

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Did you know that 15-20 minutes of

exposure of the face and arms every day

in the summer should supply you with

enough vitamin D for the year?

Vitamin D is essential to people over

50 to help absorption of calcium and

make healthy bones but care is needed

not to allow the skin to burn. Sunshine

strengthens bones as well as providing

us with warmth, light and energy.

We can also enjoy sunshine in the

relationships we make, the warmth of a

hug, the light from smiling eyes and the

energy from helping hands to name but a

few examples. Along with these we all

need human sunshine in our lives.

However there are times when we feel

bereft of human warmth, and there are

many in our community who are unable

to live independent lives and rely on love,

energy and stimulating care given by

others to experience any quality at all in

their lives.

During last summer I had the

opportunity to draw close to such a

community in our neighbourhood on the

Fraser estate. This home, owned by

national group Dimensions, was opened

in 1993 as one of their nine Sheffield

homes caring for up to 12 adults with

learning disabilities looked after by 24


On my first visit I was warmed by the

loving human sunshine I found. More

recently I visited again, shared a cup of

tea with the manager, Carol Loftus, and

re-experienced that warm, light, loving

sunshine but, on this occasion,

appreciated a quiet energy and a strong

desire to respect and support all the

members in this community.

I was already aware of the willing

support given to each other. One such

gesture was the tying of another’s

shoelaces, another the friendly banter

two friends shared when their opinions

on a TV programme differed but the

argument didn’t extend beyond the


I laughed at the mischief of one,

unable to speak, when staff had to

search for the garden brush she had


I appreciated their energy on

discovering everyone in the family

experienced the fun of an annual holiday

at Blackpool, Flamborough, on the

Norfolk Broads or on a barge on a canal.

Last year, to celebrate 50 years of

care, Dimensions planned to make the

dreams of a few individuals come true

many of whom have no family or even a

recognised community friend.

Three names from the Fraser home

were chosen and their dreams became a

reality. One enjoyed a Grand Prix-style

ride in a Lotus Elise at Donington Park

with a champagne celebration on the

podium, another went to Durham on the

Orient Express and ate a champagne

brunch and slap-up dinner, with the last

going Christmas shopping in Edinburgh.

At the end of my second visit I was in

no doubt that the sunshine in this

community shone two ways with carers

and cared-for growing together in

strength, respect and love with others

within the city, like Burton Street Centre,

contributing to the sunshine with music,

art and dance.

What a wonderful inspiration for us to

consider – to bring and share human

sunshine with all who live within our local

community irrespective of ability, age,

gender or creed.

I look forward to my next visit to share

more sunshine!

Yvonne Smith

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 13 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


The 9am Service will…

● be the first service of the day

● be traditional in style

● include Holy Communion, a sermon & organ-led hymns

● include refreshments afterwards

● be taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion

Lifted, the 10.30am Service will .....

● be informal and relaxed in style

● have an emphasis on families

● include music, led by a band

● include refreshments before the service

FOUNDATION will .....

● be an informal service with the emphasis on

contemporary worship, challenging bible teaching

and prayer.

● be on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm at St Chad's.

The Thursday 10am Service will ….

• be traditional in style

• be taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion

• Include Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

• Be held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church


S S C’

The Evensong Service will ....

● take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm

● be a quiet reflective service taken from the 1662

Book of Common Prayer.

● include organ led hymns, a psalm and a short

sermon and prayers

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 14 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 15 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

The yellow packet on these pages

contains ten sunflower seeds as

a gift from St Chad’s church.

These seeds are of the highest

quality and with a little care

should produce plants up to

three metres tall with giant

yellow heads.

We are giving 54,000 seeds

to homes, businesses and

schools in Woodseats,

Beauchief and Chancet Wood

and holding a competition to

reward the best results.

Why? You might ask.

Well, partly because, as a church, we

like to give, but also we wanted to

encourage an activity which would be fun

and easy and provide a common interest


for the community. Sunflowers are

simple to grow, the results can be

spectacular and you don’t need

a big garden (or a garden at


In addition to the pleasure we

hope you will get from seeing

these seeds grow and the

spectacle of seeing the

area ablaze with yellow,

we are also holding a

competition with

trophies, medals and

£100s of excellent prizes.

Prizes will be given in the following


►Tallest Sunflower

Adult (winner & runner-up); Child (0-14)

(winner & runner-up)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 16 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

►Biggest Sunflower Head

Adult (winner & runner-up); Child (0-14)

(winner & runner-up)


►Children’s Painting/Drawing

KeyStage1, KeyStage2 and 11-14 (winners

& runner-up)

As well as some top prizes including a

digital camcorder, a trophy will be

provided to the winner in each category

and a medal to the runners-up.

Judging is expected to take place at St

Chad’s church on Saturday September 13.

Full details of the competition entry rules

and a list of the great prizes will be given in

the June/July edition of Impact and on our

website (www.stchads.org).

Your free



to take


in our



from Neil Grant

Sunflowers are easy

to grow, great fun, very

rewarding and every age

can enjoy growing them. Have fun!

Sunflowers love hot sunny spots so

choose a site for them in your garden

before you fill all the spaces.

You can sow straight into your soil

in early May, 5cm (2in) deep and

spaced 45cm (18in) apart in your

border. When the seedlings come

through, water them regularly. It will

take about 21 days for germination.

Or you can start your plants earlier

indoors in a greenhouse or on the

windowsill. Sow in April into 7.5cm

(3in) pots (Yogurt pots are ideal) in a

good compost such as Levington

Multipurpose compost. Sow one seed

2.5mm (1in) deep per pot. Water, and

cover with a polythene bag or if you

have a heated propagator place the

pots inside it at 13°C (55°F).

Remove the plastic bag or propagator

cover when the leaves appear. You

can plant your seedlings outside when

they're large enough to be handled and

the root system is well developed. Add

garden compost to the soil, you can do

this any time from now.

Feed sparingly with a liquid fertilizer

such as Miracle Gro when 60cm (2ft)

high, ensuring that you don’t splash

water or fertiliser solution on the stems

or leaves. Stake so the plants stay

upright, and protect young plants from

pigeons with a net or fleece when you

first plant outside. Use copper rings or

slug barrier to protect against slugs.

• Neil is a Beauchief resident, managing

director of Ferndale Garden Centre and The

Abbeydale Garden Company. He can also be

heard on BBC Radio Sheffield every Sunday

at 9am answering listener’s questions.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 17 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 18 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Look out for the ‘Hope’ logo this year, in

S8, in Sheffield, and across the UK.

When you see it you can be sure that

there’ll be a local church engaging with

the community in a fun and creative way.

Hope is a national initiative which is

all about churches getting stuck in to

their local communities and serving

them. This is what church is all about:

being there to make a difference to

people’s lives. And we do that not

because it will earn us Brownie points

with God, but because we want to show

God’s love in very practical ways.

The sunflower project - ‘Bringing

Sunshine’ to Woodseats and Beauchief

is one example of a Hope project, but

there are loads more, both in this area

and across the city.

Here are some examples of things

happening in this area:

At present

Living Life Courses running at

Woodseats Baptist church,

encouraging practical skills for life

Sunday, April 13

‘Truth, Righteousness & Justice’

marching through Woodseats by

local churches

In May

Churches will be joining in

something called ‘A Million Hours

of Kindness’ and getting on the streets

and helping people who need practical

jobs doing

Sunday, July 13

Woodseats Festival, at which the

local churches aim to be fully


In September

An ‘Alpha’ course will be running

at St Chad’s to help those who

H 08

want to find out more about what it

means to follow Jesus today

Saturday and Sunday,

September 13 and 14

‘Weekend of Thanksgiving’ -

where we celebrate good things in life

and our community

In December

There will be all sorts of pre-

Christmas events in the

Woodseats area, to help us celebrate

this festival of festivals. There will be

more details nearer the time.

At the same time, churches like St

Chad’s will continue in 2008 to

spearhead ‘Besom in Sheffield’ -

providing a bridge between those who

have time, money or things to give with

those who don’t.

We’re also committed to ‘The Holiday

Project’ where, in conjunction with

recommendations from social workers,

we provide a holiday for those who

aren’t able to afford one.

The ‘3rd Age Ministry’ also will

continue to help those more elderly and/

or housebound members of the

community with support and friendship.

Hope 08 is about reaching out

beyond ourselves to make a difference,

so watch out for these initiatives during


Matthew Porter

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 19 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Did you know the following facts about


Z The scientific name for the sunflower is

Helianthus — Helia for sun and Anthus for


Z Sunflowers are a great choice if you

want to attract birds to your garden.

Z Sunflowers can grow eight to 12 feet

tall in rich soil within six months.

Z The tallest recorded sunflower was 25ft

5½ins and was grown in 1986 in the


Z Sunflowers only need 90 to 100 days

from planting to maturity.

Z The former Soviet Union grows the

most sunflowers. The sunflower is the

national flower of Russia.

Z The sunflower is native to North

America and was used by the Indians for

food and oil.

Z Sunflower seeds have lots of calcium

and 11 other important minerals.

Z Sunflower heads consist of 1,000 to

2,000 individual flowers joined together

by a receptacle base.

Z A sunflower head tracks the sun's

movement, a phenomenon known as



Carpenter & Joiner

Doors, locks, floors, architraves, skirting

boards, stairs, stud walling, boxing –off

No job too small

For a reliable, quality service

Tel: 0114 236 4778

Mobile: 07971 528149



Pupils trained in the art of perfect

speech and prepared for examination

and stage work


(Eloc) Gold Medal

31 Cockshutt Avenue, Sheffield 8

Phone: 274 7134



City and Guilds trained Carpenter/Joiner

General house maintenance & renovations.

Purpose made joinery items made to measure.

Complete Kitchen Design & Installations.

Bedroom wardrobe installers.

Shop Fitting.

New doors supplied & fitted

Tel: 0114 2365011 Mobile: 07843 614967

George Bonar email: GHBCarpentry@aol.com

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 20 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

R 2008



27 Daniel James Marshall



24 Isabel Lily Dumoulin-Webb



4 Mary Elizabeth Wallace (85)

7 Joyce Taylor (76)

10 Gladys Bird (101)

10 Joan Patricia Bartlett (77)

21 Doreen Maskrey (81)


8 Mary Russell Gibb (90)

11 Peter Brown (77)

19 Joan Roberts (78)

20 Ivy Ward (86)

► If you would like information about getting married, organising a thanksgiving

or baptism service or arranging a funeral at St Chad’s please call the church

office on 0114 274 5086.

A relaxing bistro style restaurant,

specialising in contemporary cuisine.

Emphasis on fresh, quality

locally produced ingredients.

Open Wed-Sat 6.30pm -10.00pm

2 Hutcliffe Wood Road, Beauchief

Tel: 0114 2491055 Web: www.ranulphs.co.uk

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 21 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

We were very fortunate over the

Christmas period to spend a few weeks

in Hong Kong. The weather was quite

nice at about 25 degrees and most of

the time we just went about in teeshirts,

which got me thinking. I knew

that we were enjoying warmer

weather because we were nearer

the equator but we were not that

much nearer the sun. Surely

given that the sun is 93,000,000

miles away any difference would

be minimal – wouldn’t it. So two


Why do we enjoy longer days in

the summer and why is it so much

warmer in summer than in winter?

Why do we get longer days in the

summer? Well the straight answer is

that in the summer the Northern

Hemisphere, where we are, is tilted

towards the sun. In winter the opposite

is true, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted

away from the sun.

The effect is greater the further away

you are from the equator. At the equator

the length of day is pretty similar no

matter what the time of year because

the angle to the sun is fairly constant –

about 23 degrees. The further away you

are from the equator the longer are the

days in summer and the shorter are the

days in winter.

Why is it so much warmer in

summer than in winter? Well, oddly

enough its not because the Northern

Hemisphere is nearer the sun in

summer, because it isn’t – because of

the earth’s orbit round the sun, the earth

is about 3,000,000 miles nearer the sun

in winter than it is in the summer – but

simply because of the angle of our part


of the earth to the suns rays. If the rays

hit us at a greater degree of tilt then the

heat is scattered of a larger area of the

earth’s surface but also the rays have to

pass through more atmosphere and so

lose more heat (see picture below).

Simple isn’t it!

Steve Winks

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 22 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Woodseats Healing Rooms are

bringing sunshine into the

community. They have been set

up to allow anyone to go along and

to receive prayer for any sort of

physical, emotional or spiritual


Here one of the volunteers tells

us what Healing Rooms is all


God’s word, the bible is a

marvellous thing indeed.

Like a roadmap for our lives, it

points the way to put us on the

right path. Jesus said that the bible

contains seeds, and if we plant

them they will grow.

Our friend was dying of cancer…

and we planted the seed of God’s

word, in our friend’s heart

In the bible, Psalm 118 verse 17

says: “I shall not die but live and

declare what God has done”

She has now recovered from

terminal cancer, and is now cancer


This is what we do at

Woodseats Healing Rooms. We

use God’s word (the bible) as

seed, and water it with prayer.

Many have received healing.

You are welcome to pay us a

visit. Woodseats Healing Rooms is

held every Wednesday, upstairs at

the Big Tree pub on Chesterfield

Road from 10am to 12pm and 7pm

to 9pm.

For more information go to


email info@woodseatshealing

rooms.org or call 07847 031731.

It is free and no appointment is


Here are two testimonies from people

who have been along to the Healing



I hurt my back whilst lifting a patient

15 years ago and suffered

from sciatica which is shooting

pains in my left leg and foot.

I came to Healing Rooms when a

word was given to the effect that I

had a trapped nerve.

I received prayer and from that

same day received healing and

the pain has not returned at all.


I had been diagnosed with depression

and some anxiety

around one month beforehand,

after having suffered for around

one year.

I went to the Healing Rooms with

my small son, who was kept quietly

entertained by a kind lady.

Three people prayed for me – I

was able to give some issues to

the Lord and felt at peace.

Since then, I have not felt any of

the black, crashing “lows” I had

been experiencing – and am

much more stable in mood and

positive in outlook.

Thanks be to God.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 23 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Some might think, given our less than tropical climate, that UK solar power is a

concept destined for failure as surely you need plenty of sunshine to generate

electricity using the power of the sun. In fact, this is far from the case and the UK

solar power industry is already big and continuing to grow in light of increasing

concerns about fossil fuels.

UK solar power is a reality because the intensity of the

sun is far greater than people realise. We might recognise

its power in the hot summer months when metal objects

become too hot to touch if left in direct sunlight, but we

certainly wouldn’t acknowledge that we get much energy

from the sun during the rest of the year. In fact, UK solar

power is as much as 60% of that at the equator with

energy available to harness from the sun all year round.

Today we can use solar collectors for heating water and

air in our homes. If you’ve seen a house with big shiny panels on the roof, that

family is using solar power. We can also use solar energy to make electricity. The

process is called photovoltaics. If you have a solar-powered watch or calculator,

you’re using photovoltaics!

Over 1.5MW of building-integrated solar photovoltaic is already installed in the UK

with this set to increase. This is partly due to our concern about fossil fuels but

mainly because the installation costs have fallen rapidly and modern technology is

quickly improving the efficiency of photovoltaic cells and therefore increasing their

cost effectiveness.

Interesting facts on solar energy:

Z It takes 8 minutes 17 seconds for light to travel from

the sun’s surface to earth.

Z In 5 billion years the sun will run out of fuel.

Z Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his

experiments with solar energy and photovoltaics.

Z If we covered a small fraction of the Sahara desert

with photovoltaic cells, we could generate all the

world’s electricity requirements.

Z All TV and communications satellites are powered by

solar energy using photovoltaic cells.

Z Enough sunlight falls on the earth's surface every hour to meet world energy

demand for an entire year.

Z Silicon from just one ton of sand, used in photovoltaic cells, could produce

as much electricity as burning 500,000 tons of coal.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 24 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086








Competitive Rates,

Professional Reliable & Friendly Service

Advice & Free Estimates available

19 Cross London Street Chesterfield S43 2AG

Tel: 01246 456817 0r 07967 296519

Beauchief Pre-School

Where learning is fun

Ofsted inspected & approved

for ages 2 1 / 2 to school. Free places

available for 3 & 4 year olds.

A world of discovery, fun & friendships awaits your child

Drop in to see us or for a brochure, more information or to

enrol your child please contact Sarah 274 6930

Beauchief Baptist Church

Hutcliife Wood Road S8


Professional Joiner & Carpenter

Established over 30 years

Complete Building Services

8 Charles Ashmore Road, Sheffield S8 8GJ

Telephone 274 9671 Mobile 07946 752393



• Fitted Kitchens, Bathrooms & Wardrobes

• Floor & Wall Tiles

• Laminate & Hardwood Flooring

• Decking, Fencing & Patios

• Door & Window Fittings

• General Joinery & Handyman Services

50 Todwick Road For a free estimate contact Alan

Sheffield S8 0NR

Tel: 0114 2817022 Mobile: 0792 9188450

Email: aj27@blueyonder.co.uk

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 25 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Bright Spark Electrical

All types of electrical work

Part P qualified

Burglar alarms

Telephone sockets

Computer tuition, setup/

repair and upgrades.

Malcolm Holmes

77 Holmhirst Road

Sheffield S8 0GW

Tel: 0114 2490889

Mob:07966 141780

Email: msholmes1@yahoo.com

Looking for a room

to hold your

meeting or party?

St Chads church has two

rooms available for hire


56 Abbey Lane.

Contact the Church Office

(274 5086) for further details.



Crown House,

709 Chesterfield Road,

Sheffield S8 0SL

Telephone: 0114 2555553

FAX: 0114 2509330

Email: pyramidcarpets@tiscali.co.uk

Website: www.pyramidcarpets.co.uk

Open 7 Days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

Friday & Saturday: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Wednesday: 8.30am - 8.00pm

Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm










An established family business with over 50

years experience in the carpet industry

Don’t forget to tell

our advertisers

you saw them in...

Phone: 0114 2749979

Mobile: 07776 050679


Made to measure

Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Free Estimates

No Obligation

Jo Hart


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 26 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Sunflower Seed


Preparation time: less

than 30 minutes

Cooking time: ten to 30



75g reduced fat


85g golden caster sugar

1 egg, beaten

75g raisins

50g sunflower seeds

50g plain flour

1 tsp vanilla essence

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda


½ tsp salt

40g porridge oats


1. Cream together

margarine and sugar until

light and fluffy, then beat

in the egg and vanilla

essence. Stir in remaining

ingredients until


2. Spoon tablespoons of

the mixture onto non-stick

baking sheets, leaving

enough space for the

mixture to spread.

3. Bake the biscuits in the

oven (350F/Gas 4) for 12-

14 minutes until golden.

Leave to cool for a few

minutes and then transfer

to a wire rack.

Joy Winks

Seeded Muesli

Bar Slice


1 cup rolled oats

1 cup desiccated coconut

½ cup wheat germ or

wheat bran

½ cup sesame seeds

½ cup sunflower seeds

½ cup pumpkin seeds

1 cup sultanas

125 g butter

½ cup honey

⅓ cup brown sugar


1. Grease and line 3cm

deep 16 x 28cm baking

tray with baking paper.

2. Cook the oats,

coconut, wheat germ,

sesame seeds, sunflower

kernels and pumpkin

seeds in a frying pan over

a medium heat stirring for

between eight and ten

minutes until golden.

Place in a large bowl to

cool and stir in sultanas.

3. Heat butter, honey and

sugar over med heat,

stirring, for three to four

minutes until sugar


Reduce to low and

simmer without stirring for

seven minutes.

4. Add to dry ingredients

and mix well.

5. Spoon into pan and

press down firmly, allow

to set for a few hours in

the fridge, then cut into

slices and enjoy!

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 27 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

80 Years Ago

March 1928


In this number appears an

account of the Parochial

Meeting, and a Summary of the

Accounts for the past year. May

I draw your attention to the fact that the

Parochial Meeting instructed the Finance

Committee to prepare a “Freewill Offering

Scheme,” and ask your sympathetic support

when the Committee make their appeal.

In connection with the World Call, we are

holding a “Missionary School” during

March, on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. The

lecturers are all well-known clergymen, and I

trust there will be large attendances. If the

Missionary Exhibition has at all stirred you

interest, the “School” lectures will add

information. The meetings will be held in the

Church House, or, if that is not large enough,

in the Hall. I trust we shall have splendid

meetings, and that our support of the

Missionary work of the Church will be

greatly increased as a result.

seeing the building up of St Chad’s parish

completed, as one’s contribution to the

building of Christ’s Kingdom, it is an

exceeding bitter prospect that is before me,

should I have to leave before my task is


The prospect is there, however, and the

possibility must be faced.

The work has been a very happy task, and a

Vicar never had more splendid helpers than

I have had, or received more evidences of

appreciation and friendship than I have. It

is, however, the work that matters, and I

could never contemplate becoming a

hindrance to the progress of the parish. I

believe that you will all pray with me that

God will so order things that only His will

shall be done, be it for me “ a broken arc,”

or a fulfilled task.

I shall not take any of the services on Easter

Day, but I have provided ministers, and I

trust you will all unite to make it a record

Communion at St Chad’s.

Yours in Christ’s Service,


Yours in Christ’s Service.

April 1928


I am extremely sorry that all the plans I had

formed for Lent have miscarried on account

of a sudden illness. For three months I had

felt as if I had regained my normal health,

and had put in a full measure of work, and

then all at once came this illness. Until I get

about again I shall not know to what extent it

will modify my plans for the future.

From what doctors tell me it is fairly

apparent even now that we shall have to

engage the services of a Curate, or I shall

have to seek a much lighter job. When one’s

whole heart and soul have been fixed on


For flowers that bloom

about our feet,

For tender grass,

so fresh, so sweet,

For song of bird, and

hum of bee,

For all things fair we

hear or see,

Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

For blue of stream and blue of sky,

For pleasant shade of branches high,

For fragrant air and cooling breeze,

For beauty of the blooming trees,

Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 28 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Holy Baptisms


4 Thelma, daughter of Harry and Elizabeth


15 Winifred, daughter of Ernest and Alice W.


22 Josephine, daughter of Lawrence and Victoria

M. Norton

29 Ewart Harold, son of Wiliam W. and Mabel



5 Baden Harper, son of Harry B. and Irene Dallyn

5 Audry, daughter of Cyril and Lucy Dean

8 Claude, son of Frank and Emily Parker

15 Ada, daughter of Leonard and Ada Humpherson

19 Frances Margaret, daughter of Edgar and Ethel

Van Cooten

22 Elsie, daughter of Harold and Amy Wood

26 Edward Peter, son of George E. and Edith A.


26 Sheila Mary, daughter of Henry and Doris M.


26 Louisa Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Elsie




28 Thomas Haurahan Ruddle and Lilian Jane



1 Ernest Sidney Ballard and Doris May Rowland


Registers 1928


7 Mary Elshaw (52)

7 Kathleen Booth (64)

7 Audrey Brearley (17 days)

10 William Broadbent (68)

17 Charles Robert Foster (22)

19 Eleanor Croft (63)

19 Thelma Bedford (1 month)

24 John Scott (70)


2 Michael W. Jarvis (2 months)

24 Fred Emmis (37)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 29 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Useful Contacts

CHURCH OFFICES 15 Camping Lane 274 5086

S8 0GB

Church Office Administrator Liz Brunt

email: office@stchads.org

Vicar Matthew Porter 274 5086

Reader/Assistant Minister Yvonne Smith 274 5086

for the elderly

Youth Minister Andrew Foulkes 274 5086

Community Development Steve Winks 274 5086

Publishing and Communication Nigel Belcher 274 5086

Impact magazine Tim Hopkinson 274 5086


Church Wardens Malcolm Smith 274 7159

Nigel Belcher 281 1750

Deputy Church Wardens Jane Jones 274 6805

Linda Jones 07930 936067

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Guider Christine Carr 281 7793

CHURCH HOUSE 56 Abbey Lane 274 8289

Church House Caretaker Norman Swift 274 9361

Church House bookings Liz Brunt 274 5086

Website: www.stchads.org

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 30 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

For all your uPVC door, window, porch,

conservatory and roofline requirements, call



Showrooms at:-

216 Oakbrook Road

(Nethergreen) (open 7 days)


7 Rockingham Street

Sheffield 1

(open 6 days)

Free written quotations. No deposit.

10 year guarantee, no follow up phone

calls and NO pressure sales

Tel: 0114 281 3333

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 31 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 32 website: www.stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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