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Christmas gifts

Welcome to the Christmas 2006 edition of Impact.

The theme this time is Gifts - apt for the season of


The Christmas story has giving at its very heart. Most

of us recall the timeless story of the wise men who

travelled from the east following an unusual light in

the sky. We are told they were overjoyed when,

having made a detour, they saw again the star and eventually found themselves

standing before the infant king. What did they do? Naturally they bowed down

and worshipped, and then they gave gifts.

Giving is a sign. A sign of gratitude. Of thankfulness. So it was a proper thing

for the wise men to do. And it’s a proper thing for us, too, at Christmas-time.

If we’re honest, choosing, buying (or making) presents at Christmas can

sometimes be a pain in the backside! Some people are just so difficult to choose

for, aren’t they? And yet, if we are really to get into the Christmas spirit, giving

presents shouldn't just be ’another thing to have to tick off the list’ but something

more meaningful. Like the wise men, it should be a sign of gratitude.

Christmas is, of course, the birthday of Jesus Christ. Normally when someone

has a birthday, we give them gifts. But at Jesus’ birthday - as I often remind my

children - Jesus is so kind that he lets us give presents to each other instead.

Wow! Now, if that’s not a tremendous sign of generosity, then I don’t know what


Actually, there is a greater sign of giving than that. It’s tied up in the heart of the

Christmas story itself. Scripture tells us that God loved us humans so much that

he gave his only Son, Jesus Christ to us, as a gift from heaven. A gift to be

enjoyed and celebrated. A gift to be received and unwrapped. A gift that makes

an amazing difference - not just to the Christmas season - but to the whole of

life, for it is in following and knowing Jesus Christ that true freedom is found,

both sides of eternity. Now that is a gift worth receiving and unwrapping!

So, as you choose gifts and give gifts at this wonderful season of Christmas,

don’t forget to enjoy the best gift of all - Jesus Christ. Have a very happy

Christmas - and you would be very welcome to join any of our Christmas

celebration services (see page 17 of this magazine).

Matthew Porter

(Vicar—St Chad’s Church, Sheffield)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Special rates for senior citizens

also ..

Vertical Sun Unit



Fun for the under 5’s


9.30am ~ 11.30am


1.00pm ~ 3.00pm

St Chad’s Church

Linden Avenue, Woodseats

For details please contact:

Alison 2818894 or Sam 2745086

Richard Wigfall


All aspects of joinery undertaken

including Laminate Floors

No job too small

Fully qualified & insured

All work guaranteed

11 Westwick Road, Beauchief

Tel: 0114 2359786 or 07947 834477

Need a Plumber?



A member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

A wide variety of

Plumbing solutions

o A fresh new bathroom or cloakroom

o Your old pantry transformed into a W.C.

o New taps or an outside tap fitted

o Showers

o Leaks and repairs

Call John Snowling

Tel: 0114 235 9956

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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“I never repeat gossip,

so I’ll say this only


“Thanks for the trumpet you

gave me for Christmas,”

little Joshua said to his

uncle” it’s the best

Christmas present I have

ever had.”

“That’s great” said his

uncle, “Are you learning

how to play it?”

“Oh I don’t play it,” the little

fellow said. “My mum gives

me 20p a day not to play it

during the day and my Dad

gives me £1 a week not to

play it at night.”

No matter how many

Christmas Cards you

send out, the first one

you get is from someone

you’ve missed.

One Christmas, mum declared that she was no

longer going to remind her children to write their

‘thank-you’ notes.

As a result, their grandmother never received

acknowledgement of the generous cheques she

had given.

The next year was very different however.

“The children came over in person to thank me,”

the grandmother told a friend triumphantly.

“How wonderful” the friend exclaimed. “What do

you think caused the change in behaviour.”

“Oh that’s easy, I didn’t sign the cheques this


Our Youngest daughter, Nancy, was

almost four. My wife and I & our four

older children had tried to prepare

Nancy for Christmas by talking with

her about the real meaning of Christmas

and why the family celebrated it.

Nancy had a wonderful Christmas

with a lot of presents and toys. A few

days later, she was talking with her

older sister about what a great Christmas

she had, and said, “I sure hope

Joseph and Mary have another


The children of our parish had been

rehearsing their Christmas play for days,

and knew all their lines. Right on cue,

the innkeeper said “There’s no room, you

cannot stay here.”

No-one was

prepared, however,

for Mary when she

turned to Joseph

and said, “I told

you to book a


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

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Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 5 web site: stchads.org

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What’s on

Send details of your event to

Nigel Belcher, St Chad’s Church Offices, 15

Camping Lane, Woodseats Sheffield S8 0GB

or email to nigel@stchads.org

Up with the Birds

Sunday 3 rd December - 7am - 11am

Whiteley Woods

Join Sheffield Bird Study Group and the

Rangers for an early morning bird walk in the

Porter Valley. Meet at Whiteley woods entrance

to Bingham Park

For further information contact the West

Ranger Team on 0114 268 6196.

Baby Time

5/11/18 December 2006

Woodseats Library - 10:30.

All babies and their parents or carers are

welcome for an hour of fun with toys, soft

play and musical instruments. Refreshments

will be provided. There is no charge for this

event. For more info contact the library on

0114 293 0411.

Eyam The Musical

5 December to the 7 th of December 2006

Norton College Drama Hall.

Emanon presents "Eyam The Musical".

There is a charge for this event. Norton College

Dyche Lane Sheffield S8 8BR for more

info contact 0114 260 2397

Step Out in Beauchief

Saturday 9 th December - 10.30am - 2pm

Hutcliffe, Ladies Spring and Ecclesall


A round-walk of approx 5 miles incorporating

some of the lands originally belonging to

Beauchief Abbey. This walk includes some

rough paths, some steep and quite possibly

some mud! We’ll pass the Abbey and the

monks’ fish ponds and water well. Strollers

bring a snack. Map ref: SK 332/826.

Meeting point - Millhouses Park café.

Buses No 97 and 97a.

For further information contact the Health

Walks Ranger on 0114 283 9195

Wildlife Watch

Saturday 9 th December 10am - 1pm

Meersbrook Park Pavilion

Wildlife Watch Meeting at the park pavilion.

Children under 8 must be accompanied by

an adult. Wear stout footwear and suitable

clothing. There is no charge for this

event.For further information contact Mark

Colton, South Ranger Team

on 0114 283 9195

Wildlife Watch

9 December 2006 - 10am

Meersbrook Park

A Wildlife Watch meeting at the Park Pavilion.

Brook Road Sheffield S8 9FL. For more

information contact 0114 283 9195

Holly Wreath Making

12 December 2006 - 12:00

Graves Park Animal Farm

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath for your

front door from holly, ivy, willow and yew.

Children under 8 must be accompanied by

an adult. There is no charge for this event.

Meet at Graves Park Animal Farm - Bunting

Nook Sheffield S8 8JW. For more information

contact 0114 283 9195

A Real Magical Christmas

Saturday 16th - 3pm - 10pm and Sunday

17th December 3pm - 9pm

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Adults £3, accompanied children

under 14 FREE.

Sheffield City Council Parks & Countryside

Service have teamed up with the Sheffield

Children's Hospital Appeal, Real Radio and

the Rotary Club to organise a brand new

Christmas experience event at Sheffield Botanical

Gardens. The gardens will be transformed

into a festive and magical place.

Features to look forward to: Simulated Ice

Rink, Santa's Grotto (£2 per child), Festive

Illuminations, Craft Market, Santa's Sled

and Reindeer, Carols in the gardens,

Kiddies Rides

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 6 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Trans Pennine Trail North

Sunday 17 th December - 10am - 4pm

Join the Rangers for a walk of approx. 8 miles

along the Northern section of the Trans Pennine

Trail. The walk will pass through Woolley

Woods, Hartley Brook, Tongue Gutter,

Foxfield Spring Wood, Charlton Brook and

many other hidden green spaces in the north

of Sheffield. Starting from Concord Park the

walk is one way to High Green where transport

will be provide to return. There is uneven

ground and stiles, children under 16 years

must be accompanied by an adult.

Meet at The Cruck Barn, Oakes Lane,

Concord Park

For further information contact the North

Ranger Team on 0114 240 3578

Health Walks Programme Winter 2006

Every Monday 10.00 Graves Park

Meet at the Animal

Farm car park, off

Hemsworth Road

Every Tuesday 10.30 Ecclesall Woods

Meet at Abbeydale

Industrial Hamlet car

park, Abbeydale Road


Every Wednesday 10.30 Totley area

Meet at Totley Library on

Baslow Road

Every Thursday 10.30 Lowedges area

Meet at Community

Wing, Lowedges Jnr


For further information on Health

Walks please ring 0114 203 9337

Holy Communion at 11am

December 10th & 31st

January 14th & 28th

Evensong at 3pm

December 3rd & 17th

January 7th & 21st

December 24th Carol Service 7.00pm

December 25th Holy Communion 10.30am

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 7 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Giving a pint I mean.

Fancy a pint?

If you are one of the 5% of the population that gives

blood, brilliant, if you aren’t — why not?

There are a number of possible answers to this question,

but only two are really acceptable.

1) You do not qualify or have been declined

2) You faint at the sight of a needle

The availability of blood and the products that can be produced from blood is an

essential part of our health care system. Without an efficient and well supplied

blood donation scheme many of the procedures we take for granted from the medical

services could not take place. We tend to take it for granted that if we are severely

injured and require a transfusion that suitable blood will be available as easily

as water from the kitchen tap. Blood and its components are essential for surgery

as well as for the treatment of many cancers and immune system deficiencies.

Nearly three million donations are required in the UK annually to keep pace with


Who can give blood?

You should be able to donate blood every four months without any adverse effects if

you are:

☺ healthy

☺ weigh over 50kg

☺ Between 17 and 65 years old (or 60 for first-time donors).

A number of restrictions do apply. These are gone through fully with the nurse at the

start of each blood donation session. The assessment at the donation centre is

completely confidential.

What happens when you give blood?

• You must have eaten within a few hours before attending the blood donor

session, so that you don’t get faint or dizzy during the session.

• The next stage is to check whether you are anaemic. A few drops of blood are

taken from a prick in your finger and dropped into a coloured solution.

• If you pass the test for anaemia, you can donate one unit of blood. This

represents only 10-12 per cent of the amount of blood in an adult, and the

body quickly makes good the loss.

• A needle is inserted in a vein at the elbow. It takes about 10-15 minutes for the

blood to be taken. The needles used are sterile and discarded after a single

use - they cannot transmit infection.

• After giving blood you should relax for a further 10 minutes.

• You will be given something to eat and drink before leaving the blood donor


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 8 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

How often can a person give blood?

Normally not more than once every 16 weeks. This gives your blood time to build up

its stores of iron before your next donation.

How can I become a blood donor?

It’s really easy. You can just turn up at the Sheffield Blood Donor Centre located at

Cathedral Court

Church Street

Sheffield S1 2GN

This centre is open Mon/Wed/Fri 09:00-16:30

Tue/Thu 12:00-19:00

Further information can be obtained by phoning 0845 7 711 711

Or logging onto the National Blood Service website www.blood.co.uk

Did you know? They only discovered that blood came in different types in

1900. The National Blood Service was set up 46 years later to collect and provide

blood supplies for all the hospitals in England and North Wales. 8,000 units of blood

are needed every day to meet this demand, which keeps rising. Blood comes in four

main types - O, A, B and AB. Group O is the most common which means it's in

demand the most. But blood can also be subdivided into its main components - red

cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. Unfortunately red cells only last 35 days and

platelets are only good for five days. That's why they’re always after your blood.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 9 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

It’s a wrap

Gifts have been wrapped since the invention

of paper in 105 A.D. in China.

The paper-making process was kept a

secret by the Chinese for centuries, but

by 800 A.D. the process was known in

Egypt. The secret spread to Europe,

where the first paper mill was started in


Holiday gift giving began long before

Christmas. The Romans would give gifts

to one another on pagan festivals like

Saturnalia, the winter solstice, and the

Roman New Year. The tradition of gift

giving became associated with Christmas

because of the offerings of the Three

Wise Men, though early on the Church

discouraged the practice of gift giving because of its pagan associations. But by the

Middle Ages the tradition had become so popular that it became a mainstay of the

holiday season.

Wallpaper, first made in England in 1509, was the forerunner of gift wrap and was

used briefly, but it cracked or tore when folded. In the late 19 th century,. gifts were

wrapped in simple tissue paper or more sturdy brown paper. The technology did not

exist to mass produce a decorated, foldable, paper until the 1890's, when

developments in printing presses allowed coloured ink to be printed fluidly on stiffer

papers. A rotary system developed that allowed the printed paper to be rolled onto

cardboard rolls or cut into smaller sheets. The printed gift wrap industry took off at

the turn of the century

Though the practice of gift giving has a long Christmas history, those gifts being

presented in colourful paper and tied up in curls of ribbon is a relatively new

practice. While Christmas cards began to be sent in the mid-nineteenth century it

wasn't until many years later that dressing up presents in Christmas finery caught


Early gift wrappers had to be especially dexterous; sticky tape wasn't invented until

1930! And it wasn't until 1932 that the rolls of adhesive tape were sold in dispensers

with cutter blades. Before then packages were tied up with string and sealing wax.

In the 20's and 30's small sticky circles were sold in packets along with folded

papers that allowed the wrapper to attach the paper. During this time also, small gift

tags and a type of sticky decorative ribbon were developed, often included in

packets of matching wrapping paper.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 10 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Over the years the look of wrapping paper

changed as well. The first wrapping paper was

decorated in the ornate style of the Victorian era,

similar to the Christmas greeting cards that had

become all the rage.

In the 30's and 40's, patterns became more

stylized due to the popularity of Art Deco.

Decorations moved away from nature to symbols

we commonly associate with Christmas today.

Popular patterns included ice skaters, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and candles.

While the symbols remained the same, the artwork became more realistic again in

the 50's and 60's. By the 70's and 80's, Madison Avenue had realized the potential

of wrapping paper and hence, wrapping paper often had movie or TV show tie-ins,

with designs incorporating popular movie or cartoon characters.

Gift wrap was saved from the rationing that many other products were subject to

during World War II. The War Office believed that gift wrap and other Christmas

traditions contributed to raising morale amongst citizens, and also believed that it

encouraged people to send packages to soldiers far from home. Some gift wrap

manufacturers turned to weapon and other wartime production, but the ones that

remained making paper saw business boom. Sales actually increased by more than

twenty percent during the war!

Innovations with gift wrap have continued. The 1980's

introduced decorative plastic and paper gift bags, though

these "new" bags weren't as new as some people

thought. The Victorians had often given their gifts in

decorated bags. The introduction of stick-on bows and

cascade ribbons in the 80's and 90's further helped less

than perfect gift wrappers. Nowadays one can wrap a gift

without even using paper, by going on-line and sending

an e-card wrapped in "virtual paper."

If Santa hadn’t left the present

wrapping until last night , he

might not have got the name

tags mixed up.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 11 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Painter & Decorator

No job too small

Been feeling like your house needs a

bit of a face lift lately? Are there

rooms that really need revitalising?

Not really got the hours in the day?

Here’s where I can help.

Let me come and do the work for

you—just sit back and enjoy the results.

Competitive rates. No job too

small, inside or out.

Just give me a call

Richard Wilshaw

35 Crawshaw Grove Telephone: 0114 2745575

Beauchief Mobile: 07941 352899

Sheffield S8 7EA

Be who you want to be

With Switch from Weight Watchers

you chose what works best for you

and your lifestyle.

Meetings on Tuesdays at 6.30pm

at Woodseats Methodist Church

Holmhirst Road Sheffield 8

Tel: 08457 123 000 for more details

Looking for a room

to hold your

meeting or party?

St Chads church has two

rooms available for hire


56 Abbey Lane.

Contact the Church Office

(274 5086) for further details.


If you need a Hearing Aid, I can cut the

cost by 30% or more on the prices charged

by the large Hearing Aid companies.

All the aids are digital

with prices starting at £495

For a free, no obligation consultation and

Hearing Aid test, simply phone me:

Maurice Naylor MBSHAA

4 Twentywell Drive, Bradway

Sheffield S17 4PY

Telephone 262 0010

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 12 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

A giving church

It’s in giving that we receive. That’s the irony that lies at the heart of the famous

prayer of St Francis of Assisi (see page 19). We have found that at St Chad’s

Church. In fact, over the years St Chad’s has quietly got on with its mission of

reaching out with practical care in the name of Jesus Christ. More recently, new

projects and ways of giving have been developing, relevant to life in 21st Century

Sheffield. Allow me to highlight a few.


Besom in Sheffield is run out of St

Chad’s, headed up by Steve Winks and

team. It helps people to give - of their

time, money or things. It provides a bridge between those who have and those who

don’t. Referrals are usually from social workers, and every week the Besom Van is

out and about delivering and giving. Besom is a great organisation.

3rd Age

This is a relatively new way of giving to the more elderly members of

the community - often those who are housebound, or feel that people

have forgotten them. From home visiting to providing all sorts of interest

groups (including Over 50’s Club, Art Group, Walking Group and

more), 3rd Age is providing an avenue for people to give to the elderly.

Holiday Project

For a number of years St Chad’s has run a Holiday Project, providing holidays for

those in need who have not been able to go away for some time. It is a great way

to give!

Financial Giving

St Chad’s Church is totally self-financing. It does not receive grants from any

central funds and so is reliant on the giving of those connected with the church. We

trust they get value for money!

Some might ask why the people at St Chad’s choose to give as they do? The

cynics would say it is to earn our way into heaven. Thing is, Jesus said that we can

never earn God’s favour like that. No, we give as a response to God’s love, not to

earn it. Giving as a response is how giving should be. We give as a way of saying

‘Thank you’ - as we are thankful to God for him sending Jesus that very first Christmas,

and we are grateful too for the experience of Christ’s presence and power in

our lives today.

Matthew Porter (Vicar - St Chad’s Church Sheffield)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 13 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

10 ideas for Christmas gifts

You don't have to be extravagant. Small and simple presents can look

wonderful if you take the time and trouble to wrap them beautifully.

Stop and think about the person for whom you're choosing a gift. Does

Auntie really want more ornaments to dust, or would she rather have a basket

of delicious goodies which you've chosen from the supermarket shelves

as a treat?

How about giving a gift which can be savoured long after Christmas? - visit

someone who is housebound and spend some quality time with them. Your

company and the conversation would be appreciated much more than a

box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers sent through the post.

Why not make your own gift? It would certainly be unique and all the more

appreciated because of the time and love which you have put into creating


If you want to spread your gift over a

whole year, you could give a subscription

to a favourite magazine - how

lovely to look forward to a present

being delivered every month. Two big

publishers Emap and IPC do special

offers at Christmas. Check out

www.giftmags.co.uk and

www.greatmagazines.co.uk for ideas.

☺ Run out of ideas? Then check out the many Alternative Gift Catalogues

and bring happiness to people you know - and those you don't!

(see page 18 in this issue)

Have you ever thought of sharing your Christmas Day celebrations with

someone who would otherwise be on their own? Now that really would be

a special gift, the memory of which could last a lifetime!

What about giving a healthy gift? A voucher for a spa experience would

surely please anyone - there would be time to unwind, time to think and

time to decide perhaps to live a more balanced life next year.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 14 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

All kinds of "experiences" make wonderfully different gifts - theatre tokens, or

a day out somewhere special. How about coming to the Carol Service at St.

Chad's to hear about the true meaning of Christmas, if you've never been

before? Or, if you have, bring someone who hasn't and share the Christmas

message with them?

And what about giving yourself a little present?

Instead of rushing around the

shops, battling through the crowds,

weighed down by heavy parcels - take

time out to relax for a while and re-charge

your batteries. Enjoy a walk in the park, or

take the phone off the hook, sit down with

a cup of tea and enjoy a good book or

listen to some music.

Pam the poppy painter

Pam Marshall has been sharing her passion and love of painting with her students for

over twenty five years, the last seven years from her `little studio' at 33 Cockshutt Road for

both children and adult's in separate classes. She also gives one to one tuition if required.

Her love of flowers and the countryside is only surpassed by her enjoyment of painting

both. Her favourite flower has to be the bold and beautiful poppy. Local scenes are top of

her painting list as well.

She loves to paint in the Botanical gardens, which combines flowers in a beautiful setting.

Recently she was thrilled to win first prize in the still life and flower section of the `Art in the

Gardens' annual show in the Botanical Gardens with her painting of 'Teasels'. She also

finds painting very therapeutic, believing it makes you forget your troubles.

If the weather permits her groups usually manage a few outdoor sessions at Beauchief

Abbey and the beautiful Fanshaw Gate Hall, which is an artists paradise, where Cynthia

and John Ramsden kindly allow them to paint in their glorious gardens.

As an artist as well as a teacher Pam sells prints of her original watercolour paintings of

local scenes as cards at the Greenhill card shop and at Interior design at Millhouses where

they have framed prints of local scenes on

show for sale.

Pam accepts commissions for local

scenes, flowers and pet portraits, usually

working in watercolour but she also paints

in oils and acrylics when the mood takes


If you would like to find out more about my

classes, my work or any other details

please contact Pamela Marshall at

2748635 (see her advert on page 26)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 15 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


The 9am Service will…

Services at St Chad’s

● be the first service of the day

● be traditional in style

● include Holy Communion, a sermon & organ-led hymns

● include refreshments afterwards

● be taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion

Lifted, the new 10.30am Service will .....

● be informal and relaxed in style

● have an emphasis on families

● include music, led by a band

● include refreshments before the service

FOUNDATION will .....

● be an informal service with the emphasis on

contemporary worship, challenging bible teaching

and prayer.

● be on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm at St Chad's.

The Thursday 10am Service will ….

• be traditional in style

• be taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion

• Include Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

• Be held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church


The Evensong Service will ....

● take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm

● is a quiet reflective service taken from the 1662

Book of Common Prayer.

● include organ led hymns, a psalm and a short

sermon and prayers

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 16 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Celebrate Christmas 2006

at St Chad’s Church

Sunday 17th December


Carol Service

- with lessons & carols

followed by mince pies

& refreshments


24th December


Thursday 21st December



Carol Service

with mince pies & refreshments

9am Holy Communion

(Traditional) a short service on Christmas Eve

10.30am Pre-school Nativity

(0-4yrs) with figures from the stable

4pm Crib Service

(for all ages, especially children)

a fun, dramatic telling of the story

11.30pm Midnight Communion


see in Christmas Day in a traditional way in church



Monday 25th December

Christmas Day Service

(Informal, with Communion, for all ages)

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 17 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

A goat for nanny

My little grandson, Edward, gave me a goat last Christmas. What an odd present

you might think considering that (a) I'm not mad about animals, (b) I not

very keen on goats' cheese and (c) I already have a lawn mower.

Even odder is the fact that he was only just two years old at the time! However,

when he was only a month old the Christmas before, I gave him a very unusual

present - immunisation packs for 10 children in Africa. A strange gift you may

think, but he'd already received lots of toys, books and clothes when he was

born. I was so grateful that he was healthy and that soon he would be able to

have the immunisations against childhood diseases which we in this country

take for granted. He really didn't need anything else and so it seemed only

natural to want to show my gratitude by giving children, less fortunate than

himself, the opportunity for a better start in life.

This started me thinking and I was soon shopping on the

World Vision website ( though other charities like

Oxfam and Save The Children run similar schemes).

Let's face it, what do you give to friends who seem to have

everything? It's fun matching the gift to the person, too.

For instance, my husband is very keen on gardening and

we had just visited South America, so I gave him seeds

for a small community in Bolivia to plant - this would

hopefully enable them to grow enough vegetables to be

self-sufficient. The following year when I retired, my

colleagues wanted to buy me a leaving gift - so I told them

about World Vision and the alternative gift catalogue. Imagine my delight when

hens and chicken coops, hives of bees, a herd of goats, fertilizer, seeds, and

fruit trees were given to people in Africa, to help them earn a living and support

their families.

So do please log on to: www.worldvision.org.uk or phone: 0845 600 6445 to

order your free copy of the Alternative Gift Catalogue, and start choosing your

gifts right away. Then this is what happens. The people for whom you are

buying the gift receive a lovely card telling them all about their present - you

know that someone in need is benefiting in a real, practical way - everyone has

a smile on their face - you get a warm glow knowing that you have brought

happiness to lots of people - and think what you'll save by not buying rolls of

Christmas paper! At least Edward didn't have to wrap up my goat!

Chris Laude

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 18 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086




City and Guilds trained Carpenter/Joiner

General house maintenance & renovations.

Purpose made joinery items made to measure.

Complete Kitchen Design & Installations.

Bedroom wardrobe installers.

Shop Fitting.

New doors supplied & fitted

Tel: 0114 2365011 Mobile: 07843 614967

George Bonar email: GHBCarpentry@aol.com



Garden General Landscaping,

PO Box 1962, Sheffield S8 0XB

Telephone/Fax 0114 235 9728. Mobile 07887 622815

Established 1990 Woodseats based








Competitive Rates,

Professional Reliable & Friendly Service

Advice & Free Estimates available

19 Cross London Street Chesterfield S43 2AG

Tel: 01246 456817 0r 07967 296519

Top Independent School in South Yorkshire

Seamless education from 4-18 years old

Give your daughter a flying start

Senior Entrance Examination Sat 14th January

Infant & Junior Open Morning Fri 17th March

10, Rutland Park, Sheffield S10 2PE

Tel: 0114 2660324

Reg Charity No 306983

Prayer of St Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that

I may not so much seek

to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand;

to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

and it is in dying that

we are born to eternal life.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 19 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

A relaxing bistro style restaurant, specialising in

contemporary cuisine. Emphasis on fresh, quality

locally produced ingredients.

Bookings now being taken for Christmas

book early to avoid disappointment

Open Wed-Sat 6.30pm -10.00pm

2 Hutcliffe Wood Road, Beauchief

Tel: 0114 2491055 Web: www.ranulphs.co.uk

Beauchief Handyman Services




57 Dalewood Ave



S8 0EG

Phone: 236 1050

Mob: 07906146307

Email: philip@crowther1.plus.com

• Painting & Decorating.

• Tiling - floors and walls.

• General Gardening, walls, patios,

fencing & decking.

• Joinery, incl conservatories &

UPVC windows.

• General Maintenance.


Carpenter & Joiner

Doors, locks, floors, architraves, skirting

boards, stairs, stud walling, boxing –off

No job too small

For a reliable, quality service

Tel: 0114 236 4778

Mobile: 07971 528149



Pupils trained in the art of perfect

speech and prepared for examination

and stage work


(Eloc) Gold Medal

31 Cockshutt Avenue, Sheffield 8

Phone: 274 7134



• Sockets & Lighting

• House re-wires

• Part P registered

• Portable Appliance testing


32 Chatfield Road

Woodseats Tel: 0114 274 8424

Sheffield S8 0HE Mob: 07986 174125

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 20 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Registers 2006



29 Samuel Lee Holmes

James Andrew Myers

George Haydn Evans



16 Timothy Beech

Lucy-Ann Dale

Service at Beauchief Abbey



24 Tilly Erin Luke

Jack Harrison Luke

Alanna Parkin



01 Kenneth Christopher (78)

14 Rose Mary Clark (97)


02 Keith James Burrows (62)

05 Iris May Ryan (82)

06 William Geoffrey Shaw (85)

09 Cynthia Hawke (72)

A personal family service at all times


We will visit you in your own home

To make all the arrangements

1-13 Camping Lane

Abbey Lane, Sheffield

Telephone o114 2745508 anytime

Limousines available for special occasions

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 21 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086









It was an exciting moment when we opened the side door at the Big Tree Pub on

Chesterfield Road on September 13 th this was the first session of the Woodseats

Healing Rooms

What is a Healing Room? It is rather like a doctor’s surgery. It is a place where

anyone from the community can come to be prayed for to be made well. Everyone

is welcomed and you don’t need to have a church background.

Who prays with you? We currently have a team of 25 people from 14 churches

around the city working in teams of three. We have been trained by the

“International Healing Rooms Association” based in Spokane, U.S.A.

How much does it cost? There is no charge. We believe that the Gift of Healing

should be free to all.

Why do we do this? All of us on the team believe that it was always the plan of

Jesus that his followers pray for the sick. In the Bible in Luke 10, he sends out 72

ordinary people to go to towns and villages and heal the sick. A major part of

Christ’s work on earth was healing.

The Gospel of Mark 6:55-56 says “They ran through the whole region and carried

the sick on mats to wherever he was. And wherever he went-into villages, towns or

countryside, they placed the sick in the market places. They begged him to let them

touch even the edge of his cloak, and all who touched him were healed.”

When are we open? Wednesday mornings 10-12. Wednesday evenings 7-9

We will be closed for one day only on Wednesday 27 th of December

No appointment is necessary but come early. In the colder weather please use the

main door and go across to the left and up the stairs. Follow the posters.

You will be made welcome and offered a drink whilst you wait. The sessions are

usually about 20 minutes long

The team would recommend the excellent meal facilities at the pub, after your visit.

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 22 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Come and browse a huge selection of quality

cookware, bakeware and chef’s knives, together

with essential kitchen tools and the most

ingenious kitchen gadgets. We can help you to

find that missing ingredient! Encompassing a

great selection of gifts, ideal for accomplished

cooks or enthusiastic amateurs.

Open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Abbott’s Cookshop

550 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1TD

Telephone / Fax: 0114 255 3446

Open Tue-Sun

20% discount

with Michelle

our new stylist

(with this advert)

Hair Stylists

10 Hutcliffe Wood Road Sheffield S8 0EX

Telephone 0114 2357888


Serving Individuals & Small Businesses

Keeping your accounts & records reliable

and up to date is essential. They enable you

to make prompt sensible business decisions

that can make and save you money

and help you budget for the future.

For any assistance in this area call John Shaw

for a FREE initial consultation.

Telephone 0114 2745479

email: john@jshaw2.wanadoo.co.uk








Helping you to help yourself with a variety of issues,

including Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Depression,

Anxiety, and Confidence

102 Holmhirst Road, Sheffield S8 0GX

Tel: 0114 2812099 Mobile: 0774 987 9594

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 23 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

It’s a wonderful life

One of the things I like about

Christmas is the old films that are on

nearly every year. Films such as The

Great Escape, Mary Poppins or The

Magnificent Seven. The beauty of

them, apart from them having stood

the test of time, is that you can start

watching them half way through and

knowing the story so well can pick it

up as though you had just left the

room for a few minutes and come


It’s just so with my favourite film “It’s a

wonderful life”. It is an old black and

white film but tells a story with universal

appeal. The premise of the story

is that George Baily, played by

James Stuart, is so disappointed with

life that he wishes that he had never

been born. He has not been able to

go to college but had to stay at home

in small town America, has given up

almost everything for the family

business only to see it go bust

because of a mistake on the part of

his uncle.

He decides that life now holds nothing

for him, that he is a total failure

and so he will end it all.

An angel sent to save him, Angel

Second Class Clarence Oddbody –

played by Henry Travers, believes

that the best way to show George

what a difference he has made is to

show him how his town which he

loves so much, Bedford Falls, would

be like without him, as if he had never

been born.

If you know the story you will know

that George runs the Baily Building

and Loan Company which enables

people to buy their own affordable

housing. The enemy of the piece is

Mr Potter. Mr Potter owns the only

other place that people can borrow

money from and at inflated prices at

that. He would love to see the end of

the Building and Loan Company. Clarence

takes him to Bedford Falls as it

would be if he, George, had never

been born and Potter had taken over

the town and renamed it Pottersville.

He introduces George to people who

were his friends and family who were

all a lot worse off because he had

never been born to help them.

It is a great Christmas story because

it tells of hope, of the benefits of a

loving family and friendships and how

we are never alone and that everything

that we do, no matter how small

and insignificant it is, affects everyone.

The world would be a worse

place without you! Believe it.

Joy Winks

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 24 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086



• Domestic

• Commercial

• No job too small

• Reduced rates for senior citizens

Martin Goddard

56 Middle Hay View Telephone 254 4758

Sheffield S14 1QL

Beauchief Pre-School

Where learning is fun

Ofsted inspected & approved

for ages 2 1 / 2 to school. Free places

available for 3 & 4 year olds.

A world of discovery, fun & friendships awaits your child

Drop in to see us or for a brochure, more information or to

enrol your child please contact Sarah 274 6930

Beauchief Baptist Church

Hutcliife Wood Road S8

Patrick Knight

Property Services

6 Cockshutt Road Sheffield S8 7DX

Telephone for a FREE QUOTE

Tel 0114 274 5572

Mobile 0798 494 9701

UPVC Windows, Doors, Patio Areas

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laminate floors,

Steamed up Double Glazing Replaced.

Gutter Cleaning Service.

All Types of Joinery Work Undertaken

Decayed Joists and Flooring Replaced

Timber Decking & Garden Fencing

Fully Guaranteed and Insured

Email: patrickknight@dsl.pipex.com

Website: www.jgraham.net/patrickknight/






System Set-ups/Upgrades & Temp Work

TEL/FAX 0114 237 5637

50 Allenby Drive, Sheffield S8 7RS

email: accounts@across4.co.uk



All Work Undertaken

Interior & Exterior

For a free “No Obligation” quotation

0114 2500297 or 07970 678496

57 Cartmell Road, Woodseats, Sheffield S8

Phone: 0114 2749979

Mobile: 07776 050679

PurRfect Curtains

Made to measure

Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Free Estimates

No Obligation

Jo Hart




• Fitted Kitchens & Wardrobes

• Floor & Wall Tiles

• Laminate & Hardwood Flooring

• Decking, Fencing & Patios

• Door & Window Fittings

• General Joinery & Handyman Services

50 Todwick Road For a free estimate contact Alan

Sheffield S8 0NR

Tel: 0114 2817022 Mobile: 0792 9188450

Email: aj27@blueyonder.co.uk

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 25 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086


Part P qualified Domestic Installer

• Rewires

• Sockets

• Lights

• Etc

All work undertaken No job too small

Guaranteed & fully insured. Free Estimates

Contact Russ on 07906 267016 or

236 4441 (Answerphone/Fax)

email: rjburton@tiscali.co.uk

18 Dalewood Road, Beauchief, Sheffield S8 0EB

Local collection & delivery if required

Sewing alterations for all the family.

Bridesmaid dresses made to order

Curtain alterations

Based in the Beauchief area

For an appointment contact Judith

on: 07981 053574 or 0114 2816515



Crown House,

709 Chesterfield Road,

Sheffield S8 0SL

Telephone: 0114 2555553

FAX: 0114 2509330

Email: pyramidcarpets@tiscali.co.uk

Website: www.pyramidcarpets.co.uk

Open 7 Days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

Friday & Saturday: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Wednesday: 8.30am - 8.00pm

Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm










An established family business with over 50

years experience in the carpet industry



All types of Glass & Glazing UPVc Installed

(20 years teaching experience)

• Are you interested in painting & drawing?

• I run small friendly classes for beginners.

• Separate classes for adults and children.

• 1 to1 tuition if required.

• Commissions welcome, pet portraits,

flowers, favourite landscapes.

• Original paintings, prints & cards for sale.

Contact Pamela Marshall 274 8635

Free Survey and Delivery

Doors Patios Windows white/woodgrain UPVc.

Conservatories Design & Construction

Free Quotations and Advice

from a local company with 26 years experience

163 Abbeybrook Drive, Chancett Wood Sheffield S8 7UT

Tel: 274 9746 Fax: 235 9913

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 26 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Frosty the Snowball

You will need:

• 4 tablespoons butter

• 1 cup light brown sugar

• 3 to 4 drops green food coloring

• 2 cups crispy rice cereal

• cinnamon sweets or chocolate flake (optional)

• 4 scoops of ice cream


1) Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.

2) Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Add sugar and stir well.

3) Add three to four drops of green food colouring and stir well.

4) Add cereal and stir gently.

5) Spoon cereal mixture onto waxed paper and divide into four pieces. Form each

piece into a wreath. If you like, decorate the wreaths with cinnamon sweets or

chocolate flakes.

6) Refrigerate wreaths for about 1 hour or until set. Before serving, place a scoop

of ice cream in the middle of each wreath.

Serves 4



At Church House

(56 Abbey Lane)

10am to 12 noon

On the last Saturday of each month.

Bring & Buy (new items)


Home Baking

Please do drop in and join us. It is a good

opportunity to meet and chat. Why not

bring a friend or neighbour?

I don’t care if it is a Bank Holiday, you

are working on Christmas Eve

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 27 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

80 Years Ago

November 1926


At this time of year we have usually

to appeal for support for the

Annual Sale of Work, and this year

is no exception to the rule. It is proposed to

have a two-day sale - Thursday 9th and

Saturday 11th December. The Lady

Mayoress will open the Sale on Thursday 9th

December. In view of the tremendous debt

our district owes to Mr & Mrs Graves for the

gift of the noble park, which will become

more and more useful as time passes, there

should be a splendid gathering to meet Mrs

Graves when she opens the Sale.

WE were favoured with good weather for the

Harvest Festival and the Services were well

attended. On Saturday afternoon a band of

workers decorated the Church, making effective

use of the gifts of flowers and fruit etc

which came in freely. On Sunday, the

congregation seemed very pleased with the

decorations. The choir entered into the celebrations

with their usual keenness and the

music was very helpful.

We thank all who helped to make the Festival

a great success; but as one man said to me

“Why can’t we have the same attendance

every Sunday. We have the same choir, the

same service, the same preacher?”

Well, why not?

The Lady Mayoress - Mrs J Graves will

open the Sale on 9th December , and we

would be lacking in gratitude were we to fail

to give her a rousing welcome. The Graves’

Park will be a lasting blessing to this district.

Mrs Graves’ visit to the Sale of Work

gives us a chance to acknowledge our indebtedness.

On 11th December, Children of the Sunday

School will open the Sale. This is a new venture

on our part and I trust that friends will

rally round and make this innovation a great


All our readers are asked to pray for God’s

blessing on the Sunday School which, taking

full advantage of the building of the Memorial

Hall, is beginning the new (Church) year

with a re-organisation. The World Call of

the church is a call to those at home as well

as to an advance in the foreign mission field.

Perhaps these changes in the Sunday School

are part of the response to that call from the

parish of St Chad.

A very successful meeting was held in

Church House on 15th November. Miss

Elms, who has spent 25 years in Nigeria as a

Missionary, gave a most interesting address

revealing how many changes have taken

place in that country in her 25 years



December 1926

My I ask your practical help for the Sale of

Work on 9th and 11th December, and your

prayers on behalf of the Parochial Mission in


St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 28 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Registers 1926

Holy Baptisms


05 Eric, son of Ezra & Bertha Sanderson

George, son of George & Christiana Stanfield

08 Eric, son of James & Nora Roberts

Ida, daughter of Herbert & Beatrice Marris

15 Eric, son of Francis & Selina Martin

19 John, son of John & Hilda Howe

22 Brenda, daughter of Walter & Edith Bromley

29 Robert, son of James & Elsie Watkinson


03 Jean, daughter of Thomas & Emily Hyde

Joan, daughter of Thomas & Emily Hyde

10 John, son of John & Frances Stacey

Doreen, daughter of William & Lily Newton

Jack, son of George & Fanny Culley

13 John, son of Percival & Fanny Baskill

17 Ivan, son of Harold & Maggie Moore

Joan, daughter of Walter & Annie Greaves

Denis Ross, son of Duncan & Clara Ward

Jean, daughter of Ernest & Ethel Gazzard

20 Ida, daughter of James & Beatrice Law

Joan, daughter of George & Mary Boler

24 Michael, son of Cecil & Elizabeth Whitaker

Ernest, son of Charles & Bessie Street

Muriel, daughter of Frank & Lilian Gill



20 Wilfred Speight & Olive Holmes

22 George Gudgin & Edith Waterhouse


02 George Marshall & Gladys Eastwood



03 Fanny Stamp (80)

07 Elizabeth Ann Couldwell (49)

08 William Chapman (48)

14 Thomas Atkin (65)

25 Francis Armitage Gould (61)

Mary Elizabeth Leach (57)


05 Marjorie Barton (7)

09 Willie Edgar Radley (47)

11 Thomas Henry Fowler (11)

23 Eleanor Mason (34)

25 Ann Darlow (75)


Professional Joiner & Carpenter

Established over 30 years

Complete Building Services

8 Charles Ashmore Road, Sheffield S8 8GJ

Telephone 274 9671 Mobile 07946 752393

Dalewood View is a

homely, purpose built,

60-bed nursing home

and residential care

centre in the heart of Woodseats.

We provide 24 hour nursing care, home cooked

meals and a full activities programme in a

friendly, caring environment

To find out more, either call in or

phone us on 0114 2555060

The Dale,Woodseats, Sheffield S8 0PS

For more support than you thought

possible, join a warm & friendly group

Dore Old School,Dore

Tuesdays at 17:30

The Michael church, Lowedges

Wednesdays at 10:00

Bradway Annex, Bradway

Thursdays at 17:00 & 19:00

Contact Alison

01246 410145

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 29 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Useful Contacts

CHURCH OFFICES 15 Camping Lane 274 5086

S8 0GB

Church Office Administrator Liz Brunt

email: office@stchads.org

Vicar Matthew Porter 274 5086

Reader/Assistant Minister Yvonne Smith 274 5086

for the elderly

Youth Minister Andrew Foulkes 274 5086

Community Development Steve Winks 274 5086

Publishing and Communication Nigel Belcher 274 5086 or

(incl IMPACT &Web Site) 281 1750

Church Wardens Malcolm Smith 274 7159

Nigel Belcher 281 1750

Deputy Church Wardens Cindi Lewis 236 9350

Jane Jones 274 6805

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Guider Christine Carr 281 7793

CHURCH HOUSE 56 Abbey Lane 274 8289

Church House Caretaker Norman Swift 274 9361

Church House bookings Liz Brunt 274 5086

Web site: stchads.org

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 30 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Sherwood House, 152 Abbey Lane Sheffield S8 0BQ

Tel/Fax: 0114 274 5244

A Comprehensive and personal

service to help with all your memorial


Colour brochure

available on request

0114 274 5244

Sherwood House,

152 Abbey Lane,

Sheffield S8 0BQ

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

Sat: 9am - 12noon

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 31 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Pickup a real gift for Christmas




• Complete with floor

cabinet (or pedestal

stand or wall brackets

as required).

• Integrated Digital

Freeview Receiver.

• High Definition ready

• 10000-1 Contrast Ratio


£54.99 per month




• Integrated Digital

Freeview Receiver.

• High Definition


• Compact Design


£34.99 per month




• Integrated Digital

Freeview Receiver.

• High Definition


• Compact Design


£24.99 per month

Add a Panasonic Recordable DVD Player

to any of these for ONLY £6.00 per month

See in-store for more super Rental Deals

from your local Independent Specialist

St Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

email: office@stchads.org

Church Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 32 web site: stchads.org

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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