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Not My Problem”


Clark County District Attorney

Steve Wolfson

Nevada Attorney General

Adam Laxalt

Mr. Incompetent”

Mr. Irrelevant”



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november 16


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The list below sets forth our Vegas Voice endorsements. Such endorsement was based solely on

a candidate’s support of our proposals (see below). We take no position on the other issues; and

yes, we fully recognize that such other issues may be of more importance to you.

US SENATE: Dr. Joe Heck (R)


Tarkanian (R)


Joyce Woodhouse (D) or

Carrie Buck (R) - SD 5

Victoria Seaman (R) SD 6

Aaron Ford (D) SD 10

Alexander Marks (D) SD 18


Christine DeCorte (R) AD18

Jim Marchant (R) AD 37

Nick Phillips (R) AD 41



Steven Sisolak (D)

The Vegas Voice has proudly endorsed

Victoria Seaman (pictured with Rana)

for Nevada Senate District 6

Our Solution to Reforming Guardianship


(1) For every ward that appears before the Guardianship Court

(2) Senior volunteers that are fully trained & certified

(3) “Interested Person” court status

(4) Independent from Court/Guardians

(5) Independent mediation between family members and/or guardians


(1) Quarterly updates/filing with standard forms

(2) Volunteer & trained senior auditors


(1) Nevada Secretary of State to provide “Guardianship Lockbox”

(2) Temporary Lockbox by Association for Guardianship Nominations



(1) Training & certification based in Nevada geared for Nevadans

(2) Criminal sanctions for any guardian who abuses their fiduciary


IV. Miscellaneous

(1) No tax monies used

(2) Association pursues public/private grants

(3) Association to raise additional funds to cover all costs



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Dan Roberts

Failure of our Law Enforcement

Roberts Rules

“Trust us.” That was the constant phrase

used by law enforcement agencies regarding

the guardianship scandal.

It took The Vegas Voice over 18 months of

assisting, helping, and then patiently waiting

to finally understand that “trust us” was simply

“government speak” for “not our problem.”

As regular readers are well aware, The Vegas

Voice has extensively investigated and wrote

about the Nevada Guardianship system. From

outright stealing, bold-face lies to complete

judicial indifference (and protecting their

own) we have exposed those individuals that

should face the consequences for their wrongful


We begin with our District Attorney, Steve

Wolfson. Despite overwhelming evidence

provided by many families – and especially

by our guest guardianship columnists, Steve

Miller and Richard Black, the DA has done

nothing to prosecute this criminal wrongdoing.

Absolutely nothing.

In fairness to Mr. Wolfson, nobody had any

confidence in him in the first place. “Mr. Incompetence”

never showed any interest in

prosecuting the bad guardianship guys and

directed the victims to merely seek help from

the Family Court.

Apparently Mr. Incompetence was, and remains,

too busy promoting his TV program,

Las Vegas Law (What you haven’t seen it?

Don’t feel bad, nobody else has either) to concern

himself with anything regarding guardianship

wrongdoing. Since we regrettably accepted

his incompetence years ago, we really

can’t blame him for not doing anything.

No, our biggest disappointment goes to the

Nevada Attorney General, Adam Laxalt. Our

mistake: we really believed him when he told

guardianship victims and reformers to “trust


Our first meeting occurred on March 11,

2015. Political editor Rana Goodman, Rick

Black (and wife Terri)

and yours truly met

with the AG


in Carson

City. At that

time and place,

they advised and urged

that we should get

as many victims

as possible and

obtain as much


necessary to support

their claims

and forward it directly

to the AG.

There are no words to describe how diligently

and zealously Rick worked to roundup

the victims. He provided at least 30 separate

family cases.

Additionally, my Rana put together packages

and provided guidance and transportation

for guardianship victims to meet with the Attorney

General’s office. Not only that, she also

did the running around to various medical

facilities (at the behest of AG investigators) to

obtain missing medical records.

And then five months later, in late September,

2015, the “Joint Task Force”, armed

with subpoenas raided private guardian April

Parks’ office and home. They seized boxes

and boxes of documentation.

Victims and advocates applauded such law

enforcement actions and waited for justice.

And waited…and waited.

Over one year has elapsed since the raid,

18 months since the Attorney General started

to receive paperwork from Rana, Rick (and

countless others) and the results were…

well, April Parks left the

state and now resides in


There’s now

a lot of talk that

Mr. Laxalt does

not have “primary

jurisdiction” even

though Nevada law

(NRS 228.120) grants

the Attorney General

the right to do

so. They point to

DA Wolfson.

If we accept

that logic, why did the

Nevada Attorney General offer to take the information

in the first place? It appears that all

our work, and most importantly, our faith and

hopes were misplaced.

Mr. Laxalt certainly talked a good game,

and we admit we fell for the “trust us” language.

Apparently the chief law enforcement

agency in the state is helpless to assist the

citizens-victims and Attorney General Laxalt

should, therefore, be excused from any blame.

By his own admission, he is, “Mr. Irrelevant.”

As for (former) private guardian Ms. Parks?

She’s still laughing at Nevada law enforcement.

Parks has become a new “poster child”

– Mad magazine’s Alfred E. (“What? Me Worry?”)


As for those seeking justice? Not one of the

bad guys has faced any consequences and

business remains as usual. Money stolen,

families destroyed means nothing to our law

enforcement agencies.

Rest assured Rana, Rick and The Vegas

Voice will continue reporting about “Mr.

Incompetent” and “Mr. Irrelevant.” And

if one day, they really meant what they said

(and promised) this publisher will be the first

one to admit that I was wrong and give them

credit for doing their jobs.

Until then, when you hear them say “trust

us,” try not to laugh out loud.

november 16

Paid for by Friends of Joe Heck


Rana Goodman

The Disappointment Continues

On My Soap Box

In the 18 plus months that we have been

knee deep in the guardianship investigation,

it has puzzled and frustrated me how most

authorities either turn a blind eye to problems

involving the elderly, or state publicly

how much they care - yet do nothing.

In our early stages, we thought we had a

huge win after some of our group appeared

before the Clark County Commission. They

testified about the exploitation and theft

going on at the hands of private guardians,

seemingly with the rubber stamping of the

hearing master and judge. Soon thereafter,

the Nevada Guardianship Commission was

formed to suggest reforms.

Testimony was given to the commission

from many families about the treatment they

received in Hearing Master Jon Norheim’s

courtroom and decisions made under Judge

Charles Hoskin’s hammer. Their only penalty

was to move them from adult guardianship

cases to those involving children.

Police departments across the state made a

vow to the Nevada Attorney General to assist

in all elder abuse cases, yet we have been told

Rana Goodman answers guardianship question at last

month’s seminar in Sun City Summerlin

that seniors attempting to file complaints are

just being told to contact legal counsel.

One particular senior, a woman 93 years

old has been attempting to get a power of attorney

revoked. We suggested she go to legal

aid. The lady called for transportation, had

the forethought to put all

her documents in her bag

and went there to get help.

However, with each

visit, the legal aid attorney

asked her to bring a newly

dated letter of competency.

She was always one step

ahead since her doctor

signs one each time she

goes out in public because

she is afraid that she is

“going to be taken” and

placed in a home “just

because she is old.”

Over a year ago, an investigator

from the AG’s

office asked that I get

documents regarding our

Vegas Voice guardianship

investigation. I did as requested, and even

drove one of the victims back and forth to her

office so that she could be interviewed, shown

photographs etc.

Many of those same victims have called

District Attorney Steve Wolfson’s office asking

when they would see someone arrested,

or how he could allow private guardian April

Parks to leave our state. In spite of those efforts,

and the testimony of many, many

victims and family members, nothing has

happened and April Parks is, I’m sure, still

laughing at Nevada’s ineptness.

I also recall placing a call for a senior (86

years old) to the Senior Law Project about two

years ago. He was being harassed by his HOA

and needed help with a restraining order.

Because he was so intimidated, he asked

me to place the call. When I got through, I

was asked “had he been physically abused?” I

said, “No, just constantly harassed and at his

age he cannot tolerate it and he needs some

legal help and advice.”

The response was, “we cannot help him,

but if he is ever physically abused, have him

call us.” I shot back with, “a frail elderly man,

physically abused would most likely die, so in

that case I would have to call a coroner, but

thank you!”

The only other resource for seniors to get

help is by calling Elder Protective Services,

which can be a double edged sword. Looking

on line for the number will yield many

that offer elder services, but they ARE NOT the

state agency.

If they are a private business, remember,

they are in business to make money, so as always,

“buyer beware.” If you know of a senior

in need of help, this is the correct agency to

call: Elder Protective Services 702/486-6930.

The Foundation Assisting Seniors’

HowRU Program

The HowRU Program is a free service

that provides a daily wellness call to subscribers

to ensure that they are well. If no one

answers the call, a second call will be made

15 minutes later.

If the subscriber does not answer the second

call, the emergency contacts designated

by the subscriber are contacted

follow up.





emergency contacts

not answer; a monitor will call 3-1-1

to send emergency responders to perform a

welfare check on the subscriber.

This year the HowRU program received

endorsements from Henderson and North

Las Vegas fire and police chiefs. HowRU

provides peace of mind to seniors and their


The Foundation provides additional limited

free services to seniors to help make life a

little bit easier. Durable medical equipment

such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and

hospital beds are available for pick up or delivery.

There are also transportation services

for medical appointments or the grocery

store, and home maintenance services such

as changing light bulbs or air filters.

To set up HowRU today, call (725)

244-4200 or visit and click

“Sign Up” to fill out the form. To find out

more information about the Foundation Assisting

Seniors, call (725) 244-4200 or visit

ovember 16


Richard Black

No Satisfaction for Guardianship Abuse Victims

Guardian Concerns

Last month marked the beginning of my

four year investigating and reporting on the

rampant nature of fraudulent guardianships in

Nevada and its sponsorship by several Family

Court judges; particularly Hearing Master Jon

Norheim and Judge Charles Hoskin.

Over the past three years, media coverage has

played a major role in motivating a few public

officials to take action and we gained several

long overdue reforms. Certainly our efforts to

educate made it clear you must do everything

to never be drawn into Family Court. If you are

drawn into their grasp, you will likely be financially

exploited - even if you have legitimate

estate documents.

When I started my research, I quickly identified

five professional guardians with suspect

activities; Jared Shafer, Kathleen Buchanan,

April Parks, Patience Bristol, and Denise


Patience Bristol was arrested in 2013 after

Wells Fargo filed a criminal complaint against

her for withdrawing her ward’s funds. She was

prosecuted while Norheim and Hoskin continued

to defend her.

Hearing master Jon Norheim

Once our advocacy became known, dozens

of families came forward complaining about

their experiences in Norheim and Hoskin’s

courtroom and the bias the court reserved for

these four guardians. All had trained under

Jared Shafer, the first Public Guardian in Clark


Over the last 18 months, evidence packages

were given to the Nevada Attorney General’s office

on suspect elder exploitation. All but one

involved Shafer, Buchanan, Parks, or Comastro.

Additionally, 20 evidence packages were given

to the Nevada State Medical Board on nine

Judge Charles Hoskin

medical professionals who routinely provided

confidentially protected information to professional

guardians to support fraudulent guardianship


In 2016, all resigned from professional

guardianship. Ms. Buchanan retired and the

other 3 “blamed” the newly established Nevada

guardianship licensing requirements for their


Sadly, Hoskin and Norheim continue to serve

in Family Court. Hoskin made $241,142 in total

compensation in 2015. Norheim continues as

a hearing master and made $190,037 last year.

Both continue to be protected by the court,

regardless of their biased rulings.

The state of Nevada has benefitted by over $3

million in funds to reform guardianship adjudication

and improve elder abuse prevention.

The Attorney General was recently granted $1.3

million of National Mortgage Settlement Funds

from the state legislature and an additional

$925,000 from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Nevada Supreme Court was granted

$800,000 from the National Center for State

Courts to install guardian expense reporting

and auditing software in Clark County. The AG’s

office and the Supreme Court have successfully

leveraged a very sad story for their financial

and political gain.

Unfortunately, things have not gone so well

for the victims. No guardians, doctors, attorneys,

or judges have been arrested and not a

dollar has been returned.

As for private guardian April Parks? Immediately

after her offices were raided by the joint

task force last year, she began withdrawing

from her cases. As she withdrew from her cases

she refused to submit accurate accountings.

She and her attorneys took over $275,000 in

final payments from her ward’s estates as they

exited. Judges approved all the payments over

the objections of the victims or their families.

Judge Dianne Steel recently issued two bench

warrants for April Parks arrest but the bench

warrants did not include extradition. The Judge

didn’t take action until after Parks went AWOL

and gave the court false contact information.

Judge Steel knew Parks’ refused to account

for her ward’s estates, her offices were raided,

she fled the state, and filed bankruptcy before

she finally issued a bench warrant. Insulting

a judge appears to be a greater crime than exploiting

the vulnerable.

Sadly, the victims continue to be victimized.

We still await law enforcement’s first arrest.

Sun City Musicmakers

Sun City Musicmakers presents “GLORIA,”

a concert for the Holidays featuring Vavaldi’s

(1678-1741) “Gloria in D.” Along with this

beautiful piece, there will be songs celebrating

winter, Hanukkah and Christmas. Something

for everyone, even a little sing-a-long.

Conductor Dennis Gazso and accompanied

by Eddie Fluellen, the Musicmakers

work very hard to present a beautiful sound.

Tickets are $10 and available online at www.

scscai or cash or check at the monitor stations.

Saturday,7 pm, December 10 th , and

Sunday, 2 pm, December 11 th at the Starbright



november 16


Sam Wagmeister

Lawry’s “Murders” Solved

People & Places

Anthony Payton was murdered last month at

Lawry’s Prime Rib on Paradise in front of witnesses...done

in between Lawry’s famous spinning

salad bowl and the entrée. Mastermind

of this latest homicide was, once again, Jay

Joseph who has orchestrated numerous other

undoings throughout Nevada since 1985.

Joseph, the salt and pepper haired dapper

who modestly boasts Gene Kelly chic and good

looks, began his company, A Touch of Mystery

in 1985, taking it full time in 2001. The company,

abbreviated ATOM, has performed before

dinner audiences, at private corporate events

and aboard cruise ships.

As a Los Angeles performer over 30 years

ago, he was challenged to “try something different.”

The solution, he said, was “I’ll write a

murder mystery.”

His actors staged an argument at a private

party; things, as scripted, got out of hand and

the party-goers witnessed what appeared to be

a murder. With his core of accomplished singers,

dancers and actors, Joseph customizes his

shows as light hearted murder mysteries, musicals

and team building events. Audiences, be

they dinner theater, party or corporate, can be

divided into teams to help solve the crimes, a

Murder mystery cast (L to R) Brian Gressley, Andee Gibbs,

Ayler Evan, Gret Menzies, Kellie Wright, Jay Joseph

quality appreciated by corporate clients.

Joseph’s career began where David Janssen’s

The Fugitive ended, Pacific Ocean Park at Santa

Monica Pier, where the illusive “one-armed

man” met his fate. While Joseph’s mother was

shopping, the 3-year-old Jay wandered away,

flamenco dancing on the pier and collecting

$13.00 in tips, “my very first paid gig.” I would

expand. There’s always an opportunity.”

As the lead in the Broadway road show

Chicago, Joseph finished the LA engagement

heading for Vegas and the

Palazzo - September 10,

2001. The world changed.

The show was cancelled.

But Joseph was undeterred.

Joseph typifies the American

hard work success story.

“Nobody has my spark,” he

says of his creativity and focus

on the business part of

“show business.”

He prides himself on his

organization, responsiveness

and “fluid prioritization.”

“How long does it

take to respond to a phone

call or email?” he asks rhetorically.

Joseph writes, directs, casts his shows and

structures contracts; he cold calls for venues

and opportunities to perform. He’s taught

himself social media skills, Google’s search

engine optimization and team building basics;

all in an effort to provide a wider audience

and better product.

Joseph respects the professional preparation

of his cast/friends. His pet peeve he says,

are performers “unprepared for auditions.”

“Casting directors (from Hollywood) don’t

like coming here,” he says of performers who

audition in jeans and t-shirts.

Joseph’s cast members speak glowingly of

him. The brassy Kellie Wright, a multiple murderess

in Joseph’s productions for eight years,

says, “He’s a great boss and entertainer. He’s

wonderful to work with and harmonize with.”

Today ATOM also provides scavenger hunt

parties, flash mobs, trade show ambassadors,

emcees and production shows, including the

popular Shades of Sinatra. “Every time it got

slow, I would expand. There’s always an opportunity.”

For more information, www. or (702) 497-7936.

Sam Wagmeister, a local Realtor specializing in Las Vegas senior communities, covers

the hidden gems of Las Vegas Entertainment for The Vegas Voice. He would love to

hear what you think. Contact Sam at: or (702) 245-6556

Adrea Nairne-Barrera

Food Choices Now Going My Way

I have always moaned & groaned about restaurant

choices, but recently, I’ve read about

so-called healthy selections and the nutrition

expert’s opinions were vastly different in 2016.

They’ve been pushing kale on me for a few

years now. I hate kale! Now, suddenly, as if an

answer to my plea, I read that a spinach salad

with cherry tomatoes is better for my mood

than kale. I could have told you that.

Thank goodness dark chocolate has stayed

on the list of good mood foods. Oh happy day!

I’m still wrestling with the Bloomin’ Onion

now classified as a mood killer. It never killed

my mood, although I do have a lot of food

guilt when I eat it. But it passes quickly.

And it really is true that as you get older,

your food consumption goes down almost in

auto mode. So how come the weight doesn’t

go down with it?

You would think that after all these years

there would be some kind of reward for eating

less. There’s something almost sinister in that.

Restaurants still have to decorate and

change everything, so the new normal is explaining

what you don’t want as opposed to

what you do. To accomplish that, they have to

manually take your order and figure out how

to translate it into a computer entry for

the cooks. Anyone ever think to walk

into the kitchen and just tell them?

I was pretty happy to learn about

beef & cheddar being better than turkey,

ranch and bacon sandwiches. And

now avocado is the magic food of the

year - so guacamole dip is guilt free

(along with a crab & avocado stack)

from Marie Callenders. I haven’t solved

the chips dilemma.

And did you know that a cup of hot

& sour soup has 7,980 mg. of sodium?

Whoa! That will blow up your blood

pressure! Not good for Chinese restaurants. No

offense meant.

On the good list are cranberries, red grapes,

blueberries, lots of different seafood, and a vast

assortment of creations designed to improve

your brain, sleep habits, sugar intake, blood

60’s to 60

pressure and all around health. It doesn’t tell

you to eat things in any particular order, just

so long as you spread them out over the day.

It’s a little bothersome that I’m finishing up

my 60s soon and I have to re-group. I thought

I had already re-grouped when I learned

about blood pressure, salt and carbs. Guess I

went there but didn’t do it right.

No one ever explains how long it takes to

notice changes so we need to have faith it’s a

quick fix for a lifetime of food blunders.

Remember the comedy routine about dad

giving kids chocolate cake for breakfast and

justifying it? It contained chocolate, eggs, flour

and so on. It was just a question of how you

assembled it.

Now with chocolate remaining on the list I

can have chocolate cake and stay within the

guidelines, right?

It’s actually a wonder we’ve lasted this long!


november 16


Evan Davis

Places to Go

I Know a Place

Let’s talk about what’s going on in November.

From Summerlin to The Smith Center to

Henderson and back, there is always something

great going on.

Have you been to Ichabod’s lately? It’s a

smoke free restaurant at Flamingo and Pecos

with 24-hour gaming, reasonably priced

drinks and entertainment 7 nights a week.

The entertainment varies nightly with the

great American song book, top 40s hits, country

classics and even rock and roll. Friday and

Saturday nights delivers a late night group as

well. If you like to eat, drink and dance, then

Ichabod’s is the place to meet.

Looking for some Jazz? Stop by the Dispensary

Lounge at Tropicana and Eastern. The 10

pm start is just right for the late night snackers

- plus you will always hear great jazz singers

and musicians who know what this music is

all about.

Stay on the east side of town and drop by

the Italian American Club for a drink in their

lounge. There is fantastic entertainment 5

nights a week. They are open Wednesday

through Sunday.

Evan with Michael Monge

In November, they have some fantastic

shows in their showroom - which include a

Christmas music show, the Brazilian sensation

Patty Asher, Jonathan Karrant’s “Autumn in

New York” with special guest Chadwick Johnson,

Michael Monge’s Encore Performance for

a trip down memory lane and Tommy Ward

singing The Sunny Side of Life.

Did I mention the food? Consistent, good

and reasonably priced.

The Smith Center has been hosting

many local performers in their Cabaret

Jazz Room. Seating about 250 with a

state-of-the-art sound system and shows

that are reasonably priced, it has become

a hub for locals to see the best performers

and musicians in town.

November’s scheduled shows include

the Composers Showcase, the Great

American Soul Book, Daniel Emmet and

Philip Fortenberry, Frankie Moreno and

Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Head out west and you’ll find entertainment

at Downtown Summerlin. Or

you can find some of the finest singers in

town at Vintners Grill on Thursday nights.

Maybe you’ll stop by Salvatore’s on Tuesday

nights in the Suncoast Hotel or Addison’s

Lounge in the Rampart casino on the weekends.

They also have entertainment in their

Round Bar. You can also spend a late night at

Club 7777 to hear a mix of blues and rock with

a big dance floor available.

And with a great deal of pride, let me mention

“A Twilight Affair” presented by The Vegas

Voice and hosted by yours truly. The third

Tuesday of every month we present a variety

show at the Silverton in the Veil Pavilion.

A half-dozen talented, wonderful artists

singing with a live band. It doesn’t get any

better than that.

As you can see, there are many venues and

many performers playing every night of the

week, so what do we do? We have to pick and

choose, but try to make it out to see them all

eventually. The performers really appreciate

seeing their fans come out to support them.

Evan Davis is the entertainment editor of The Vegas Voice. You can

read his entertainment blog and sign up to receive his free email weekly

Calendar of Events at You can also email

him at:


Hollywood Memories

Beverly Washburn

Saying Goodbye

To all my loyal readers (and I

thank you) and to those who are

new to my column, you know

that I write about my memories

of growing up in Hollywood, being

a child actress and my experiences

of working on various

movies/TV shows with various


This month I’d like to write

about a different experience.

Please indulge me as I share this


I’m sure you are aware that

I am an animal lover and have

had pets my whole life. Along

with having pets, there sadly

comes the time when they get

old or sick and have to be euthanized.

For those who have pets, I know

you will agree that they are part of

our “family.” Saying goodbye to them is devastating.

Sadly, I had to put my little rescue “Reggie”

down. He was a little mixed Terrier who

had seizures his whole life and was quite the

character. I actually think he had a sense of


He lived to be 17 (for which I’m very grateful)

but in the end, he could no longer walk

and was starting to fail. I knew the time was

drawing near for him to go to the Rainbow

Bridge, but it’s never easy to make that decision.

Knowing that the drive there, and what

you are about to do, and then, the long drive

home with them no longer beside you has always

been a heart wrenching moment.

I go to a wonderful Veterinarian Hospital

called “Legacy” and I love my wonderful

vet, Dr. Terry Muratore. Dr. M. has always

treated my pets with love and kindness and

has kept them healthy for a very long time.

What I didn’t know is that Dr. M. has another

wonderful vet named Dr. Toby Goldman.

Dr. Goldman performs animal hospice

and “in home euthanasia.”

I decided to do that for my Reggie, and I

realize that there are many people who aren’t

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Linda Q. Photography

aware of that service.

I now know that it is the ONLY way to do it.

Yes, it’s still hard, but it was so peaceful.

I had candles burning, soft music playing,

and Reggie was in his own bed, in his own

surroundings with his “brothers” and “sister”

and his “mom” right beside him. There

were no bright lights, other dogs barking or

strangers here.

It was most peaceful and comforting, and

was as if he just drifted off to sleep. Dr. Toby

(as he goes by) was kind and caring. He explained

everything to me and I felt a warmth

that exuded from him.

For those who have pets, I pray it will be a

long time before you have to make that decision.

But when you do, I truly hope you will

contact Dr. Toby. He has a heart full of love

and compassion.

Although, of course, I cried my eyes out,

I can say that it was the most comforting,

kindest, and gentlest way that I’ve had to

say good-bye to one of my little furry ones.

Dr. Toby can be reached at: TheLapofLove.

com or at 702/703-9590.

Rest in peace my little Reggie. You will forever

be in my heart.

Until next time, remember to always cherish

the everyday moments.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and is the author of Reel

Tears which can be bought online at or ordered through Barnes &

Noble bookstores. You can contact Beverly at: Check out her

awesome, new website:

november 16


Marty Allen

Marty’s Top Ten

1. If a man works like a horse for his money,

there are a lot of women anxious to take

him down the bridal path.

2. You have to be very smart to get along

these days. I know a guy who wore a mask all

his life so nobody would recognize

him. He only took it off

when he was robbing a


3. Women are like

cell phones. They

like to be held and

touched often

- but push the

wrong button

and you’re disconnected.

4. “Fishing?”

“No Drowning Worms.”

5. My wife is magnetic - everything she

wears is charged.

6. Alimony is like paying off the installments

on the car after the wreck.

Hello Dere

7. Jim: “They fired my girl from her job at

the bank.” John: “Why did they do that?” Jim

replied: “Well when customers brought in

money, she’d always say: ‘For me?’”

8. She loves his company. He loves his company

– It grosses $6 million a year!

9. The drunk collapsed on the

bar, his head down. “Gimme

a drink” he mumbled.

“Not in here,” said

the bartender.

“Look at you.

You can’t even

raise your head.”

“Okay” said the

drunk. “Gimme a

haircut instead.”

10. My friend

Lou said he’s been losing weight and losing

weight and he just found out why. His wife

got a new rubber mattress and at night he

tosses and turns and that’s what’s doing it.

He’s erasing himself!

For over the past decade, Marty Allen has performed with his on and off stage

singing partner Karon Kate Blackwell.

Bill Caserta

You Have to Laugh



A man

in Florida, in

his 80s, calls

his son in New

York one November


The father says

to the son, “I

hate to tell you,

but we’ve got

troubles in the

house. Your

mother and

I can’t stand

each other

anymore, and

we’re getting a


“I’ve had it! I want to live out the rest of

my years in peace. I’m telling you now, so

you and your sister shouldn’t go into shock

later when I move out.”

The son hangs up and immediately calls

his sister in the Hamptons and tells her the


The sister says, “I’ll handle this.”

She calls Florida and says to her father,

“Don’t do anything till we get there! We’ll be

there Wednesday night.” The father agrees,

“All right.”

The old man hangs up the phone and

hollers to his wife, “Okay, they’re coming for

Thanksgiving. Now, what are we going to tell

them for Christmas?”

Rules for Assisted Living: Joe was

looking into moving to an assisted living

facility and met with the activities director.

While touring the rooms he was advised that

“The female sleeping quarters will be out-ofbounds

for all males, and the male dormitory

to the females. Anybody caught breaking

this rule will be fined $20 the first time.”

She continued, “Anybody caught breaking

this rule the second time will be fined $60.

Being caught a third time will cost you a fine

of $180. Do you have any questions?”

Joe thought about it for a while and then

asked: “How much for a season pass?”

True Senior Businessman: A clearly

inebriated woman, stark naked, jumped into

Bill’s Blurbs

a taxi in New York City and laid down on the

back seat. The cab driver, an elderly gentleman,

opened his eyes wide and stared at the


The woman glared back at him and said,

“What’s wrong with you? Haven’t you ever

seen a naked woman before?”

The elderly driver answered, “Let me tell

you something, lady. I wasn’t staring at you

like you that.”

The drunk woman responded, “Well, if

you’re not staring at me sweetie, what are

you doing then?”

He paused a moment, then told her: “Well,

I’m looking and I am looking, and I am

thinking to myself, where in the world is this

lady keeping the money to pay for the ride?”

With Friends Like These: Jack goes to

his friend Mike and says, “I’m sleeping with

the minister’s wife. Can you keep him in

church for an hour after the service for me?”

Mike doesn’t like it, but being a friend, he


After the service, Mike starts talking to the

minister, asking him all sorts of stupid questions,

just to keep him occupied. Finally, the

minister gets annoyed and asks Mike what

he’s really up to.

Mike, feeling guilty, confesses to the minister,

“My friend is sleeping with your wife right

now, so he asked me to keep you occupied.”

The minister thinks for a minute, smiles

and says, “You’d better hurry home. My wife

died 3 years ago.”

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and has a very “unique” sense of

humor. He welcomes all funny submissions at:




















Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must have a

Boarding Pass and valid ID. Must be 50 years of age or older.

Movie matinees before 6pm. Complete details at Rewards

Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!

november 16


Yvonne Cloutier

The Easy Listening Music Master

Musical Moments

The future as a concert pianist at the Toronto

Conservatory of Music for this child prodigy

seemed promising until, at age 18, his younger

sister’s clothing caught fire. He put the flames

out with his bare hands - saving her life, but

damaging his hands so badly that he couldn’t

play the piano for almost a year.

This child prodigy was Percy Faith, the

renowned orchestra leader, composer and arranger

of some of the most beautiful mood


Percy Faith, the oldest of eight children, was

born in 1908 in Toronto, Canada. His father

was a tailor, his uncle a noted violinist.

At age seven, Percy started as a violinist, soon

switching to piano. At 11, he gave his first concert

at Massy Hall, Toronto’s most prestigious

concert venue. At 15, he played piano in theatres

for silent film sound tracks.

When he was 20, Percy dropped out of the

conservatory without finishing his degree,

married his only wife, (they had two children)

and worked as a hotel and theatre conductor.

In the 1930s, he was hired as arranger/conductor

for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Radio Shows.

While at the Toronto Conservatory of Music,

his skill of arranging and composing music

helped in his hiring by CBC Radio Programs.

He was there for ten years, developing his lush,

pop-instrumental style.

His popular radio show, “Music by Faith”,

was aired in the United States. He moved to

Chicago, then New York, and became a U.S.

citizen. Percy was soon hired by NBC where

he had the Coca-Cola Radio Show (and other

shows along with Buddy Clark. the 1940s top

crooner, who, sadly, in 1949, was killed in a

plane crash).

Percy joined Columbia Records as musical

director and a recording artist in 1950. He became

the pioneer of easy listening music with

his albums, adapting his works to different

kinds of popular and Broadway music.

He was successful in adjusting to songs of

new eras, such as the Beatles and other later

pop/rock songs. Percy recorded 85 albums and

three hit singles.

His first No. 1 single hit was “Delicado” in

1952. In 1960, he won a Grammy (with Max

Steiner) for “The Theme from A Summer

Place”, a movie starring Sandra Dee and Troy

Donahue, and again in 1953 for, “Theme from

Moulin Rouge.” He wrote the score for 11 movies.

Percy had the ability to match singers and

hit songs with just the right arrangements and

orchestration. Examples include Tony Bennet

(Because of You), Rosemary Clooney (Come

on-a-My House) and Doris Day with music of

the breakthrough film “Love Me or Leave Me.”

His many instrumental compositions with

Carl Sigman, include: “My Heart Cries for

You”, “Noche Caribe”, “Perpetual Notion”, and

“Brazilian Sleighbells.” He was also awarded a

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Faith slowly withdrew from his musical career

in the late 1960s. In 1976, he died in Los

Angeles, from cancer, but his beautiful music

will always live on.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music background, specializes

in ragtime piano. She is an author and has written an easy-to-read book on Scott

Joplin. She reports about music on Alive! You can contact her



ovember 16


Our Hometown Holidays...

Four performers from four different backgrounds,

sharing their funny stories & memories from Holidays Past...

Favorite songs from the season, as well as some new, original music!

Bruce Ewing

Joan Sobel

Rhonda Carlson

Musical Theater


Musical Director,

Coach & Author

Las Vegas Performer

from “Forever Plaid”

“Phantom” and “THE


Kevan Patriquin

Las Vegas Performer

from “EFX at MGM”

“Phantom” and “THE


World-wide Concert

Soloist & Opera

Singer, as well as

Carlotta in Las Vegas


Friday, Dec. 16th, 2016

Doors open at 6:30pm • Show begins at 7pm

Sun City

MacDonald Ranch

For more information call:

The Vegas Voice


Community Center

Tickets: $ 20 in advance


25 at the door

Rich Natole

My Friend, Jon


As we entertainers go through our journey

of hard knocks, we meet so many interesting

and helpful people along the way. The gentleman

I’m highlighting this month is very deserving

of all the accolades this business can

dish out.

Simply put, Jon Lindquist is not JUST the

man with the golden radio voice!

Jon is among radio icons with his uniqueness

and sound. That however, only scratches

the surface of his talents.

As a recent guest on our TV/Podcast show,

“Watching The Vegas Voice” Jon told me all

about his passion for radio and attraction to

all aspects of the industry. I love to hear the

great stories of an artist’s journey. How they

started and where the love for their craft comes


Jon hails from Montana. It was there, while

still in school where he was forever bitten by

the radio bug. He read copy over the intercom

system in high school.

While still in his home town he began working

on local radio shows and running the

productions to gain experience. To continue to

grow, Jon made his way to Las Vegas and has

been working nonstop in radio ever since.

I had the pleasure of working with him

at KLAV, a Las Vegas radio station. There were

several things that impressed me about Jon.

One word however stands out - professionalism!

This guy really knows what he’s doing,

right down to the smallest details. He even

dressed like a pro. The sharpest looking guy in

the meeting room.

More importantly, I want to mention what a

kind and helpful person Jon is. When I began

hosting “Listening to The Vegas Voice” I really

didn’t know what I was doing.

Even though I had been a guest on hundreds

of radio shows, I had never hosted one. It

was Jon who offered great tips and advice. He

was so helpful to me. I will never forget that

he did that.

We learn from experts, and when it comes to

broadcasting, Jon is definitely in that category.

He was a 2010 inductee to the Nevada

Broadcasters Hall of Fame. That’s because he’s

able to do it all! He has great technical skills,

can write copy and produce any show. I guess

that’s why he was also honored with being one

of the top 100 Las Vegas Men of the Year.

Jon and his wife Annette recently founded

Black Eagle Sound Design. It’s a top notch

voiceover company.

I’m honored to be on their roster of talent

professionals. For more info on this company,


Rich Natole is a comic/impressionist headlining entertainer & host of The Vegas Voice

Television/Podcast Show. For more information visit: You can

also contact Rich at:

Psychic Phenomenon

Ali Guggenheim

Seeing 11:11 or Other Re-

Occurring Digits?

“Mathematical laws underpin

the fabric of our universe

– not just atoms, but

galaxies, stars and people.”

If you’re one of those people

that are seeing 11:11, or other

reoccurring numbers, you’ve

probably wondered if this is

a coincidence, or if there is

something bigger happening

here? You may be surprised to

hear that you are not alone.

This phenomenon is happening

to millions of people

daily, all over the world, sometimes

several times a day, for

weeks, months and even years.

The scientific and logical

explanation claims:

(1) Chance is when you just happen to see

a number that you connect with, i.e. favorite


(2) Predisposition is triggered by whatever

you focus on, which brings in more of the


(3) Acceleration is triggered when you become

aware of the repetition.

(4) Synchronicity is the illogical belief in

the connective flow between different people,

places and/or things that somehow happens.

Numbers are all around us; telephones, licenses,

addresses, etc. We interact with numbers

all the time.

However, what are the chances of the exact

numbers appearing on grocery receipts,

boarding passes, your favorite athlete’s shirt,


Einstein said: “Synchronicity is where God

stays anonymous.” That is the magic of life

when we pay attention.

There are a number of spiritual theories

about seeing repetitious digits but, they all

agree that these reoccurring numbers are

trying to relay a specific message to you.

However, figuring out your personal message

is up to you.

Fact - everything in life has a vibration.

Each number has its own unique, vibration

and meaning. That’s why the numbers that

keep reoccurring in your life are specifically

significant for you.

Numbers are the only infinite and universal

language. They are unbiased, factual,

consistent, and predictable.

Numerology is a science based study of all

numbers’ significance and their individual

interpretation. It is important to pay attention

and to listen to your intuition to understand

how it applies to you.

For example: The most common spiritual

theory is that you need to make a wish (no

negativity) when you see 1111. This is because

in Angel numbers, it signifies the opening

of an energetic gateway that can rapidly

manifest your thoughts into reality.

In Numerology, the number 11 is a master

number used for the awakening of “light

workers.” It represents the spiraling twin

strands of human DNA moving into a higher

frequency of consciousness.

Experiencing 11:11 is you tapping into

the universal mind-energy. Its purpose is to

manifest love and light for all of creation.

Once you take the time to listen to your subconscious,

it will go into overdrive attempting

to decipher how this information applies

to you.

When you notice your numbers appearing

more frequently, it is a sign that “it is your

time” for personal growth. Seeing your number

says, “notice your surroundings, your

thoughts, decisions you’re making, and your

life’s events.”

Until you figure it out, the message will

keep reappearing. Just be assured and know

that it’s a sign that you’re on the right path to

your personal evolution.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes, workshops, and

readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.


november 16


Vicki Wentz

And Eat Lots of Fish - Just for the Halibut!

Vicki’s Voice

I read Prevention Magazine regularly. It’s

where I learn about a different health regimen

every month, and each one is supposedly

the IT way to eat, and the PERFECT exercise

program, and the absolute MUST-HAVE vitamins

and supplements.

This gets frustrating if it’s only been thirty

days since I went to the “healthy” grocery

store (aka TAKE OUT A LOAN!) and outfitted

my entire pantry and medicine cabinet with

everything touted in LAST month’s edition as

being vital to living at least to 104 - provided

you don’t get hit by a bus.

So, I return the brazil nuts and the whole

fennel bulbs, or the Glucosamine and the Turmeric

capsules. Instead, I get the green split

peas, the walnuts, the Probiotics and the steelcut


As the checkout guy bags my shiny new

health agenda, he gives me a smirky eye-roll.

“You read Prevention, don’t you?” When did

everyone become a smart aleck?

Combining last month’s mandates with

this month’s decrees is not a winning strategy.

You’re cooking something intricate for every

meal, not to mention taking supplements out

the ying-yang.

It’s ridiculous. Even if something felt better,

who knew what was working?!

Plus, I usually forget to take something

during the day (I do have a life...sort of) so

this was not a realistic trial. I needed to concentrate

on MY issues. I had to prioritize.

This required a pen and paper because forgetting

to take supplements was only the tip of

the iceberg in the remembering department.

So, I prioritized memory as #1, and immediately

wrote that down...or I would’ve forgotten


Osteoarthritis is priority #2 because there

has to be something out there that will make

it possible for me to move…you know, without

enough pain to put a lesser woman in bed.

A supplement that will allow me to forego the

knee replacement. I will find it, so help me!

Priority #3 is stomach issues because I’m

on a steady diet of Nexium, Pepto-Bismol and

GasX! I may not be a Millennial, but I’m not

ready for “the home” yet. I should be able to

eat any freakin’ thing I want and not spend the

evening clutching my stomach and moaning.

(It’s off-putting to guests, and totally OMG in

the eyes of my children.)

Finally, it’s cholesterol. My mother - barely

5 feet tall and maybe 103 pounds after a huge

Italian meal has sky-high cholesterol.

The doctor says it’s hereditary. In my view,

if it’s hereditary, there’s nothing one can do

about it. Mom could eat halibut and steel-cut

oatmeal for the rest of her life and it won’t

make an iota of difference! She - or, say, I -

might as well order a pizza and get back to

living, am I right?

But, I have to make it priority #4, just to

say I tried.

So, armed with my priorities, I read this

month’s Prevention and chose just a few dietary

changes to address them. The first was

Mung beans, which supposedly improve cholesterol.

I found them at the EVERYTHING-IN-




Last night, a friend came for dinner. I created

a beautiful, healthy and delicious Mung

Bean Root Vegetable Curry in only 4 hours

and 23 minutes. She loved it and was thrilled

with its health-inducing capabilities.

A half-hour later, her cheek and the skin

around her eye began to swell. (I didn’t say

anything; please, I don’t judge.) Then she

noticed that the bottoms of her feet were ballooning

as well.

At that point, I gently encouraged her to

stop by the Urgent Care on her way home,

which, I suggested, should be RIGHT NOW.

She agreed.

As I watched her drive away with her one

good eye, a puffy foot flailing at the pedals,

I saw tomorrow’s headline: “Woman Kills

Friend with Mung Bean Dinner.” I was terrified.

The Mung beans went in the trash. Low

cholesterol is so overrated.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North Carolina. Readers may

contact her - and order her new children’s book! - by visiting her website at

Substitute Bacon with


Turkey Bacon!

Substitute potatos with

cottage cheese,

fruit, or tomatoes!








Stu Cooper - Travel Editor

Traveling Together

Happy Destinations

Don’t leave your brain at home when you

go on vacation. I have said and written that

many times in the past.

I guess what I’m saying is

that when we go away; when

we’re “playing,” we tend to let

our guard down. We just might

not be as alert as we should be.

And we can all understand that

mind set.

We’re taking in the sights,

sitting in a beautiful outdoor

cafe, strolling the boulevards of

Europe or the frenetic streets of

New York City. New and exciting

sights and sounds understandably

divert our attention.

So it is my job, every now and

then, to remind you to stay in

the moment. When you travel,

keep alert, be aware of your surroundings

and keep an eye out.

I’m not telling you to be paranoid or neurotic

while on vacation, just don’t go to that

“deer in the head light zone” where you might

get targeted by some less then friendly local

who wants to prey on the obvious tourist.

In my opinion, one of the ways to possibly

and quite probably

reduce your

chances of encountering problems on your

vacation is to travel with a group. Strength in

numbers is a good thing.

I really believe that is one of the major benefits

of traveling with a Vegas Voyagers group

is that members of the group might be on the

lookout for one another. I do know that when

we have group escorts, we are always keeping

account of our group members.

Over the years,

we have had Vegas


get a little



or lost

while touring, and in every circumstance, we

tracked down our wayward travelers and got

them back. And this is how it should be.

Strength in numbers and making sure we

have your backs. An extra pair of eyes and ears

while traveling is always a good thing.

With all of this in mind, last month was one

of the busiest months in Vegas Voyager Travel

Club history. Just with Princess Cruise Line

alone, we had three different groups totaling

over 180 people cruising.

Add to that another 20 plus on Royal Caribbean

and 200 folks were “group” traveling.

And our “Voyagers” visited the Caribbean, the

Panama Canal, South America, Costa Rica,

the Mexican Riviera, the California coast, the

Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu and

Australia. Not too shabby.

I really do think that this concept of group

travel resonates because, with a group, you’re

not on your own. You’re not alone because

there are familiar faces around. You have a Vegas

Voyagers group escort traveling with you,

or with small groups, we’re only a phone call

or email away if questions arise.

Vegas Voyagers group travel have become a

very large part of who we are and we look forward

to offering group travel to many new and

exciting destinations.


november 16




The Travel Company

It’s Time For Something New!


Itineraries from

Globus and Tauck!

Recently, I encountered two clients

who were looking for something new

and exciting. They were searching for

a guided tour of the Iberian peninsula

and they wanted it to include a day or

two in Tangiers, Morocco. It seemed

perfectly logical to include this exotic

location. After all, it’s only a short ferry

ride from Algeciras across the straight

of Gibraltar to Africa. But I couldn’t

find an itinerary that

featured this exotic

destination. Of course,

a day in Tangiers could

be added to any Vacation,

but it wasn’t easy.

Then after some serious

research, my client

and I came to the same

conclusion. Globus offered the perfect

itinerary. Their 13 day tour hit all the

Iberian hot spots and included an

overnight in Tangiers. Perfect! It was

exactly what my clients were seeking.

And I was really impressed with

Globus and their staff, too. They were

professional, helpful, and they quickly

won my confidence.

The Globus Family of Brands has

played a major role in guided travel

for 89 years,and they have expanded

into four distinct divisions, so they

really have something for everyone.

Cosmos was my first introduction to

their company. If you remember the

sixties, think “If It’s Tuesday It Must

Be Belgium” but in a good way. These

tours were and still are action packed

with full itineraries, tight schedules and

great value.

If you are looking for a bit of

elegance and extra experiences at a

comfortable pace, the company identified

as “Globus” has worldwide,

guided travel with itineraries that offer

that special the addition

of Tangiers to an Iberian tour to Spain

and Portugal.

And then, there’s Monograms, independent

travel with a twist that takes the

guess work out of your vacation.

This service is so extraordinary, it gets

it’s own column next time. Stay tuned!

Here’s Globus’ 13 Day Vacation to Spain,

Portugal & Tangiers, Morocco from $3721. pp/

dbl. w/air from Las Vegas! (other dates available)

DAY 1, TUES. MAY 16, 2017

Arrive in Madrid, Spain Time to rest

or to start exploring the Spanish capital.

At 6 pm, meet your Tour Director and

traveling companions for a welcome

dinner at your hotel. (Dinner)

DAY 2, WED. MAY 17, 2017


The capital of Spain since 1561,

Madrid today is a strikingly modern city,

the showcase of a country resolutely

turned towards the future. Your Local

Guide takes you to the Puerta del Sol,

Plaza de España with its monument to

Cervantes, the Parliament, Cibeles Fountain,

elegant Calle Alcala, and Paseo de

Castellana. Then, the highlight: a visit

to the palatial PRADO MUSEUM with its

priceless art treasures. (Breakfast)

DAY 3, THUR. MAY 18, 2017

Madrid, Segovia, Avila,


A day in beautiful Castile. Cross the

rugged Sierra de Guadarrama mountain

range on the way to Segovia, famous for

the 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct.

Enjoy a walk through the walled town

of Avila, where St. Theresa founded the

Order of Carmelites. Arrive in Salamanca,

and follow your Tour Director

for a pleasant walk to beautiful

PLAZA MAYOR. A highlight is your

overnight stay at Hacienda Zorita,

which once hosted Christopher

Columbus, where a WINE TASTING

and dinner await you. (Breakfast,


DAY 4, FRI. MAY 19, 2017

Salamanca, Fatima, Portuga,


The majestic scenery of the Serra

da Estrela mountain range forms the

backdrop of your morning drive into


Before heading for Lisbon, melt into

the stream of pilgrims from all over the

world as you visit the SANCTUARY OF


This evening, an optional dinner with

Fado-style entertainment is the perfect

introduction to Portugal’s capital.


DAY 5, SAT. MAY 20, 2017


Lisbon was the center of Europe’s

longest-lived overseas empire. Morning

sightseeing with a Local Guide features

a drive through the Baixa quarter’s

main squares and a walk through the

cobblestone alleys of quaint ALFAMA, the

popular quarter of the seamen and Fado

singers. Drive along the grand Avenida

da Liberdade up to Pombal Square. Stop

for pictures of Belem Tower, guarding

the mouth of the Tagus, and the

Monument to the Discoverers. Next, visit


of Vasco da Gama. An exciting optional

excursion is available to the royal palace

of Queluz. (Breakfast)

DAY 6, SUN. MAY 21, 2017

Lisbon, Azaruja, Seville, Spain

On the way back to Spain, stop in Azaruja

to visit a CORK FACTORY and learn

about the many ways this material can

be used. Then, continue to the vibrant

capital of Andalusia, Seville. (Breakfast,


DAY 7, MON. MAY 22, 2017


During your sightseeing tour with a

Local Guide, hear about the city’s role in

Roman times, its conquest by the Moors

in 712 AD, and its contribution to the

discovery of the New World. Admire

Maria Luisa Park, the Golden Tower on

the Guadalquivir River, and the university

that used to be the tobacco factory of

Carmen fame. Also visit the magnificent

CASA DE PILATOS, a mixture of Moorish

and Roman architecture with a splendid

collection of Roman sculptures. Then,

stroll through the narrow lanes of the


those interested, an optional extended

guided visit to the cathedral is available,

and tonight, for a truly Andalusian

night out, reserve a seat at our optional

Flamenco show. (Breakfast)


november 16


Designed Especially for Active Seniors!

DAY 8, TUE. MAY 23, 2017

Seville–Tangier, Morocco

Through the sunny sherry wine region

of Jerez to Algeciras. Board your FERRY

and sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to

Africa. Continue to Tangier, jumping-off

point for the Moorish conquest of Spain

and home town of legendary medieval

traveler Ibn Batuta. Sightseeing with a

Local Guide includes a spectacular

panoramic drive to CAP SPARTEL.

Marvel at the views and quench your

thirst Bedouin-style with a glass of hot

mint tea, accompanied by local biscuits.

This evening, enjoy a lively Moroccan

show after dinner at your hotel. (Breakfast,


Days 9 through 13...

Call 702-419-0550 for the complete

itinerary of this spectacular Globus

Vacation. There is so much more, you

won’t want to miss it!

Not to be outdone, Globus Family of

Brands has gotten into European river

cruising in a big way with the introduction

of Avalon. You’ve probably seen

their TV commercials. They’re the ones

that have beds facing the entire wall

of windows for really relaxed cruising.

You can lie there and watch some of

the world’s most beautiful scenery go

by. I’m a real fan of river cruising and

I‘m looking forward to trying this out

for myself.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Globus,

so if you think it’s time for a change,

and would like more info on these

exciting vacations, call me at 702-419-

0550. And by the way, they offer cancel

for any reason travel protection, too!

Here’s the “Tauck” of the Town!

You can be sure any travel company listed by the Vegas Vacationers is one

of the best. Though, if you are looking for a truly unique experience, look no

further than Tauck. Since their first tours began in 1925, Tauck has created

extraordinary travel events for their clients. And, now they have taken their

touring to a new level by working with the exciting filmmakers, Ken Burns

and Dayton Duncan, to create new ways to explore the National Parks. And,

they have joined forces with BBC Earth to delve into the world of polar bears.

They have also scheduled three Tauck 2017 Events, including the Tauck

Jazz Event - New Orleans, Run for the Roses: The Kentucky Derby, and the

Tauck New York City Event. These are once in a lifetime experiences with

each featuring single departure, theme-driven, travel itineraries with multinight

stays at their premier hotels so there’s no packing or unpacking. And

Tauck has partnered with filmmaker Ken Burns to craft two very special

events based around themes of Ken’s films, including an opportunity to

meet Ken. Plus, personalized concierge service will be on hand from your

arrival to your departure with Tauck Directors to handle all your day-to-day

travel needs, including hotel check-in and checkout, sightseeing excursions,

gala evenings and more.

The Tauck Jazz Event, March 29 - April 2,

has five extraordinary days of live musical performances, jazz themed sightseeing

and exclusive experiences including a keynote address by Ken Burns

and a possible meet and greet. Limited to only 200 guests.

$4800 pp dbl. (Air available but not included here)

The Kentucky Derby Event, May 3 - 7,

celebrates the 143rd Running of the Kentucky Derby and your choice of two

itineraries; either “Bluegrass Country” with historic traditions of the region, or

“Thoroughbred World” including admission to the Running of the Kentucky

Oaks - the sister race for 3-year-old thoroughbred fillies at Churchill Downs

the day before the Derby. And there’s much more!

From $7990 pp dbl. (Air available but not included here)

Ken Burns

The New York City Event,

October 5 - 9,

discovers New York’s Gilded Age

and the world of the Astors, Carnegies,

Vanderbilts, and Roosevelts.

It features the best of the best

including a private evening at the NY

Public Library for the Performing

Arts at Lincoln Center with Ken Burns

discussing his personal connection

with the City. Your stay will be at the

famous Plaza Hotel, and there will be

other extraordinary private events,

concluding with an exclusive evening

on Ellis Island only for Tauck

guests. Your gala evening includes

dinner, live music by the 11 piece

Jazz band, Vince Giordano & the

Nighthawks, and dancing in the

Great Hall. From $7290 pp dbl.

(Air available but not included here)

For more information on

these or any Tauck events,

please call Crystal at

702 419-0550

*All prices subject to change.and are based

on per person, double occupancy. Single room

upgrades available at extra cost. MasterCard,

VISA, Amex accepted or private checks.


Kathy Manney

Moab, Arches and Canyonlands

Around Our World

Cloudless blue sky and some of the most

brilliant red cliff scenery on earth beckon vacationers

to Moab, Arches and Canyonlands,


Moab is the county seat for Grand County, a

county with a population of 8,000 and is the

world’s uranium capitol. There is very little

private land around Moab. Nearly all of Grand

County belongs to the BLM or is state owned.

Moab is home to the world’s largest concentration

of natural sandstone arches. Beautiful

country as far as the eye can see.

The town of Moab was established in 1879

and many of today’s residents descend from

those early settlers. U.S. highway 160 follows

the Old Mormon Trail.

The Colorado River is narrow and tranquil

here while cutting through Moab Canyon

on its way to Lake Mead. It is when the Colorado

and Green Rivers merge about 40-miles

downstream that the Colorado River becomes


Utah is known for fantastic natural towering

sandstone mesas and canyons standing

out in sharp relief - such as those in Arches

National Park, located just a few miles from

Moab. It wasn’t until 1936 that the first automobile

traveled the rugged sand and rock of

the Arches region that had become a national

monument in 1929 and a national park in


Early Moab settlers named many park formations,

such as Sheep Rock, Tower of Babel,

Sausage Rock and the Three Gossips. Due to

erosion from wind, water and temperatures

over thousands of years, the arcs in Arches

National Park are in a continuous state of


Some disappear while others form. Double

Arch (first called

“The Jug Handles”

by early settlers) has

welcomed sightseers

for decades, but

if you look closely,

you’ll notice the

chunked remains

of former arches

littering the ground



to Arches is Canyonlands


Park where the desert

canyons can’t

be beat and color

discharges far and

wide. According to “Backpacker” magazine,

the most dangerous hiking trail in America

is located in Canyonlands. The trail known

as “The Maze” earned this distinction due to

its numerous dead-end canyons, insufficient

water sources and soaring three-digit summer


Canyonlands National Park is located in the

Colorado Plateau region, a place of remarkable

geology. Waterways divide the park into

three districts - the Island in the Sky, Needles

and the Maze. While these zones share a primitive

desert atmosphere, each exhibit a distinctive

character that offers different exploration


The area’s sandstone canyons once served

as hideouts to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance

Kid. The the canyons and arch rocks

were a perfect hideaway. Their legendary hiding

place, Robber’s Roost, was near Moab,

although the gang never robbed in Moab or

neighboring Green River.

Released in 1969, the movie was an instant

hit, ranking among the twenty biggest ticketsellers

up to that time. The cliff scene in the

movie “Thelma and Louise” was also filmed


The small town of Moab is at the hub of an

incredibly scenic wonderland. For that reason,

it has been an admired movie locality for

more than half a century, making this a very

good reason to plan a Utah adventure.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an Adventure Diva. Her

“Must See” travel journeys continue - always with enthusiasm.

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november 16


Chuck Dean

Stand Up Women

Vet 2 Vet

My hat is off to our women warriors as we

observe this Veterans Day 2016. Over the years

I have met many women warriors, and each

time I do, I come away with a sense of pride

just by associating with such dedicated service


Back in the mid-80s I met Lieutenant Lynn.

She was one of the nurses in 1967 that cared

for the wounded carried off the slopes of the

Central Highlands in one of Vietnam’s deadliest


In a couple of weeks of fighting, 361 Americans

died and 1,441 were wounded. Needless

to say, Lynn and her unit had their hands full

around the clock.

The untold horrors of what she witnessed

and dealt with will always be like shrapnel in

her heart. She was holding up well when we

met, but did let me know how hard it was to

live with such memories. Lynn remains a personal

hero to me because it was my unit that

took most of the casualties that November.

Another hero of mine is Sgt. Allissa. She

saved the lives of her buddies after their Humvee

was demolished by an IED in northern

Chuck Dean with lady paratroopers in 2004

Iraq in 2004.

Today she goes about her life in a quiet and

humble way, but I know this about her - she’s

one hard-charging trooper.

For over 3,000 years women have

played many roles in the military; from ancient

warrior women, to the women currently

serving in conflicts. Now it is estimated that

over 287,000 American women Veterans have

served in uniform, but with opportunities

opening wider for women to serve in more

equal roles with their male counterparts, those

numbers are growing rapidly.

The 1960s saw some unprecedented

changes in our military. For the first

time, men were accepted into the Navy

Nurse Corps. They became male nurses.

But the groundbreaking news was

that the Marine Corps assigned the

first woman to attaché duty. She then

became the first woman Marine to serve

under hostile fire.

During the Vietnam War (1965-

1975), some 7,000 American military

women served in Southeast Asia; the

majority of them nurses. In today’s American

Armed Forces, however, women are serving

proudly in nearly every MOS (military occupational

specialty) …and doing so with great


If you are a woman veteran, it is important

to take full advantage of the care and benefits

the VA has to offer you. The VA recently announced

that women veterans are underutilizing

their VA care.

Perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge of the different

benefits and eligibilities available, but

whatever the reason, I encourage you to check

it out. Some good news is that the VA has now

expanded its services to specifically address the

needs of women veterans.

There are new call centers for women, and

all the representatives are women…many are

veterans like you. So take the time and take

the step to receive the benefits and services you

deserve. I salute you.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and through that experience

was led to address the many transitional issues veterans struggle with. In 2008 he was

the recipient of the prestigious Hirsch Foundation Leadership Award for his writing and

work in support of veterans and their families. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at:


The Desert Winds present

“Veterans Day Salute!”

The Desert Winds, a contemporary wind

ensemble, will perform their annual Veterans

Day concert, “Bookends II: Veterans Day

Salute,” at Congregation Ner Tamid at 7:30

p.m. on November 10. In partnership with

Congregation Ner Tamid and The Jewish

Federation of Las Vegas, the concert is offered

as an interfaith community event to honor

all service members, veterans and their families.

The Desert Winds is widely recognized as

Las Vegas’ premiere contemporary wind ensemble.

The organization features a roster of

over 40 performers that include many local

music educators, students and freelance musicians.

At the conclusion of the concert, members

of Jewish War Veterans Post 65 will be collecting

donations in support of the Wounded

Warriors Project, the Nevada State Veterans

Home and the U.S. Vets.

The concert is free; however, guests will

have an opportunity to honor a veteran with

a special slide show presentation during the

concert for only $18 per veteran. Honors requests

need to be made online before November


Seating is limited and reservations are suggested.

To reserve a seat or to honor a veteran,

register online by visiting


november 16


Kyo Mitchell

Strategies for Weight Control

A Healthier You

Over the last few months, I have discussed

what causes people to gain and retain excess

body weight. To recap, fat cells make a hormone

called leptin. Leptin goes to the brain

and tells the brain how much reserve energy

the body has in the form of body fat.

When this signaling mechanism is working

correctly, your body should store neither

too little not too much body fat. Research is

suggesting that our modern diet has damaged

this signaling mechanism so that the brain

does not perceive how much body fat the body

has actually retained.

It may instead perceive that there are no

reserves of energy and motivate the individual

to eat more leading to increased weight.

While this explanation may help people

understand why they have increased and

maintained a higher weight than is desired,

most individuals are more interested in what

can be done to change this problem. In other

words, how do we correct the leptin signaling

mechanism so the body retains only a healthy

amount of body fat.

The problem is that the research into leptin

and the leptin receptors is still in its infancy

and effective methods of restoring this mechanism

have not been thoroughly tested and

proven in research studies. That being said,

there are some common sense approaches an

individual can take which may help restore

this signaling mechanism.

The first and possibly most crucial step is

changing the diet. Highly processed or fast

foods need to be replaced with healthy foods.

One of the current trends that may

help obesity is following a paleo diet.

For those unfamiliar with the paleo

diet, it is less of a diet than a healthy

approach to food.

The idea is to eat what our ancestors

would have eaten thousands of years

ago; including plenty of vegetables,

lean meat, fruits and nuts. This is the

food that would have been available to

them and our bodies are designed to

properly digest and use these efficiently.

Additives, artificial colors, preservatives,

high levels of sugar and high

fructose corn syrup are foreign materials that

can damage the body or overwhelm its functions.

By changing the diet to a healthier one,

we are removing the factors that may have

originally damaged the leptin receptors in the


Once the damaging influences have been

removed, we need to repair the damage. Scientists

are unsure if the damage to the leptin

receptors can be healed.

However, a recent study suggests this may

be possible. Proanthocyanidins, a chemical

found in grape seed oil, cranberries and cocoa

beans may help reduce the inflammation at

the site of the leptin receptors and help them

to heal.

It should be noted that this is a single short

term study and that much more research

needs to be done to thoroughly demonstrate

that proathocyanidins or other substance can

help the leptin receptors to heal.

Until a thorough and effective means of

treating obesity is developed, small steps in

the right direction - including a healthy diet

and proper exercise can help to improve your


Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle and Wongu

University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell practices in Summerlin and

can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


november 16


Estate Planning to Improve Your Quality of Life

When you think of

an “estate plan” like

a will or trust, we hope

you do not automatically

think about a

funeral! Many clients

are conditioned to

believe that an estate

plan is useless during their lifetimes, and instead,

only benefit others - like their family,

friends, or favorite charities after they pass on.

Instead, your values and goals for your life

play a big part in determining which plan is

best for you. This is how your estate plan can

(and should!) work for you during your life:

First, your estate planning professional

should help you understand how your important

information will be communicated

to medical professionals and your loved ones

in the event of an emergency. Do these people

know you have a healthcare directive, for example?

Who will tell them about it? And who will

contact your family members in the event of

an emergency? How will they know the telephone


Second, it’s important to understand that

simply putting family members’ names on

accounts and homes is not the best choice. In

fact, it can make your assets available to their

creditors, angry spouses, etc. AND put you at

risk of elder abuse.

Instead, make your plan work for you during

your life by protecting your valuables and

assets from these individuals with a properly

drafted estate plan tailored to seniors. You get

the benefit of convenience and powerful techniques

that protect your hard-earned savings.

Jennifer Salem

Valerie Del Grosso

Your Partners

In Planning

Third, your powers of attorney should allow

your loved one in charge (your “attorney

in fact”) the power to engage in the newest

asset planning techniques on your behalf so

that you can qualify for government aid if

there is a healthcare emergency. Most do not,

and this can have a serious negative impact

on your quality of life and healthcare in the


Finally, before making “tax free” monetary

gifts at the end of the year, talk to your

elder lawyer about whether these gifts could

end up costing you double in long term care

costs in the future. Remember, there are smart

ways to be generous, and there are very expensive


Our estate plans focus on you first, to ensure

the best quality of life and healthcare possible,

so that you can pass on your values and legacy

to loved ones later. It does no good to have

a terrific estate plan if, at the end of the day,

nothing is left for the surviving spouse.

Your estate plan can do more than divvy up

your belongings; it can also make sure that

everything you have worked hard for stays in

your family, no matter what happens to your


If you have any questions, or if we can assist

you in any way, please do not hesitate to

contact us.

Your Kindred Team in Las Vegas

Kindred offers a continuum of care

for your loved ones in 46 states: Transitional

Care, Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hospitals, Home Health, Personal Home

Care Assistance (PCA) and Hospice.

Here in Las Vegas we are fortunate to be

able to offer all services to the community.



in Las


a r e


versed and trained on how to “Continue

the Care.” Over time, our patients need

change. Our continuum functions to

pass the information on to one of our

teams so a very personalized experience

is supported for each patient.

We seek new ways to manage care.

In Las Vegas, 90% of our patients keep

their primary care physician appointments

within seven days of being discharged.

This is important and supports

decreases in re-hospitalization.

Over the next few months we plan to

address issues that families and caregivers

face regarding their loved ones.

Do you have your medical wishes in

writing (Five Wishes)?

Are patient medications on a list for

easy reference for all involved in the

care? What is t h e



Have we

listened to

the patient and

what they want?

Home Health

and Hospice -

what services do

they offer patient and family?

We look forward to providing information

to answer your questions and

offer support to you and your loved

ones. In the last year, nurse advocates

have answered over 5,500 calls and inquiries

from patients and their families/caregivers.

If you have questions concerning

a loved one, we can be reached at

1-866-KINDRED (866/546-3733). A

nurse advocate will answer your questions

and guide you to better help you

or a loved one.

Jennifer Salem & Valerie Del Grosso help seniors who are concerned that they may lose

everything they worked for if they have a health issue. You can reach their law office,

Origins Legal Group, at 702/850-7799 or 702/900-1470. Visit their website:

Our Jan Helps

Smash Out ALS

Our No-Brain columnist, Jan Fair

(pictured) participated in the “Walk to

Defeat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) Disease” last


Linda Bateman-Gomez


Timeless Beauty

Beauty trends are an ever revolving door.

What is old is new again and even the fads we

wish would stay buried in the past, tend to resurface!

Brows and lashes are two things that have

had an interesting history of trends.

Going as far back as Ancient Egypt, men

and women heavily darkened them with kohl.

In the Middle Ages, both were shaved to create

the illusion of a higher forehead and early

versions of mascara and tinting have been

around for centuries.

Lashes and brows are still a huge point of

focus today. Thick brows and long, luscious

lashes dominate social media beauty pages.

They can greatly accentuate the shape and

size of the eyes and make the rest of your

makeup pop. Much the way lipstick highlights

your lips, lashes and brows finish your look.

Over time however, just as your hair thins or

changes, lashes and brows can befall the same

fate and leave us looking for options. While

after 50, it’s perhaps not as much about trendsetting,

we still want to maintain the same finished

and more youthful look.

False eyelashes in particular are all the rage

at the moment and options abound! Full, partial,

angled, straight - you name it and they


There are thick, thin, wispy and everything

in between. They can be applied one lash at a

time or all at once in strips. You can attempt to

do them at home, or have them professionally


Price of course, varies as well, starting at just

a few dollars for drugstore brands or $25 for a

more expensive pair. For those looking to start

somewhere, my friend recently launched her

own gorgeous line called Eyeris Beauty.

They are not only extraordinary, but they

are 100% cruelty free, which for me is a big

thing! And they can be used up to 20 times allowing

for some practice too!

False eyelashes certainly provide the most

dramatic change, but you must be careful.

Sometimes they can accidentally pull out your

own lashes, and the last thing you want to do

is lose anymore!

And for simpler solutions, of course there

is always mascara, all prices and types. And

again, while this is what I mostly use, you have

to be careful as it can be drying. If it sticks to

your natural lashes it can cause further thinning.

Last, there are prescription topicals. If this

is of interest, just be sure to do some research

of any possible downsides. The most important

thing while enhancing any part of your look is

not to cause further damage to anything you

already have!

I have tried the false lashes and they were

fun and quite dramatic. Personally they’re

something I would use for special occasions


As I’ve shared before, I tend to be a bit lazy

so anything that requires extra work probably

isn’t going to make my daily routine. So I suppose

my drugstore Covergirl Lash Blast Volume

mascara will have to do for now! Brows

are up next month!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company based in Las

Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty products. She would love to

hear from you with questions, ideas or tips you’d like to share! Contact Linda at or through her website

NMLS #2052




With a reverse for purchase, you can purchase a home

that meets your physical needs, move closer to family

or buy a home with features designed for aging in place.

Speak with our LOCAL REPRESENTITIVE, Cory Carstens.

(702) 496-6506 or

NMLS #473360

NMLS #2052. Nevada – One Reverse Mortgage, LLC., 8275 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 200,

Las Vegas, NV 89123. ©2015 One Reverse Mortgage, LLC. All rights reserved.








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With Silverton

Rewards Club Card

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november 16


Charlie Christy - Executive Director

Being Thankful

Mary Richard

Health Fitness

Oh No - That Lump

Thankful, that’s our thought for November.

How can we not be thankful for our many

blessings? How can we not share them?

And “Thankful and Sharing” is what Ms

Senior Nevada

is doing again

this month. The

shows scheduled

at Assisted Living

Centers will

brighten the day

of hundreds of

residents as our

“gals” of the Ms

Senior Nevada

family continue to perform.

Please remember to vote for the candidates

that are pledged to solving (our) Nevada’s

Guardianship system. Your very life could depend

on it. And, don’t forget to thank Rana

and The Vegas Voice for all their attention to

this issue.

We’ve attached a photo of our Queen, Terri

MacTaggart, as she enjoyed the Fall Harvest

Parade in Pahrump. Terri is a delight and

enjoyed meeting many people of Nye County,

and some of their animals.

Terri is a “rescue mom” and is dedicated

to her pets, as

well as the many,

many people she

helps. It is only

fitting our camera

also captured

the float for Special


one of Terri major


This seemingly

tireless lady also organized a team for

the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and raised many

dollars to support research and aid. And what

a crew she put together! It was a great day

and a cause we are proud to be supporting.

Are you sharing what you have this month?

It is more important than ever you support

your favorite charity as they help the less fortunate.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

OK, you’ve had a wonderful summer with

barbeques, visitors and partying! Suddenly a

“lump” appears at your middle!

Where did that bulge or those dreaded

“love handles” come

from? It’s time to work on

getting back into shape

before the holiday’s goodies,

food and drink creep

up on you!

Oh boy - Thanksgiving,

then the holidays season

and New Year’s! All within

a really shortened 6-week


Oblique exercises play

an important role in core

strengthening. It is important

to move the spine in

all 7 directions, forward,

backwards, side bends to

the right and to the left,

twisting to the right and to

the left, and upside down.

Try this move to help

tone and strengthen your obliques. As defined

in the Webster’s dictionary: any of the

thin, flat muscles forming the middle and

outer layers of the lateral walls of the abdomen.

Play some fun music and move to the


OBLIQUE CRUNCH: Lie on your back,

bending your knees. Keep your shoulders flat

on the floor.

Exhale as you lift your shoulder blades off

the floor. Slowly rotate your legs to the left.

Even though your knees are turned to the

side, keep your upper body moving straight

up and slightly to the left side.

Place your right hand behind your head

and your left hand across your abdomen.

Hold at the top for one second and slowly

lower. Repeat 8-15 times

and switch sides.

Look up at the ceiling,

tighten your abs, and

exhale as you crunch

straight up. Try to maintain

tension in your

obliques as you lower

yourself back to the starting

position. Do this exercise

at least 3 times a week.

A variation for the

crunch is to bend knees,

place arms straight out to

side and move bent knees

side to side. Do this at an

even pace.


CRUNCH: Another “fun”

way of whittling your waist

is to use a hula hoop (yes,

you can get them in the kid’s toy department

or discount supersaver stores) and use the

hula hoop while watching television! I try to

do this at least 3-4 times a week.

I also wrote about using the hula hoop in

a previous article. Move at an even pace, so

as not to injure your spinal column.

Remember, in any exercise – especially

something that you are doing for the first

time, do it in moderation, then gradually increase

the intensity. Always check with your

doctor if there is any doubt for any exercises.

Positive attitude and good health

to all!

Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first runner-up for Ms.

Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer. She is one of the original columnists

for The Vegas Voice. She is now an aerobics instructor throughout Las Vegas/

Henderson. Mary can be reached at

That’s Our Mary

Our Health Fitness columnist Mary Richard at the recent

2016 Annual Zumba Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Mary has been a licensed Zumba instructor since 2008.


november 16


James J. White, D.D.S

No Saliva?

Once of the most challenging issues for

a dental patient is to be troubled with “dry

mouth syndrome.”

If this is a problem, one first needs to look

at the medications that the patient is taking.

Particularly note the side effects of that medication.

The medications may be the cause. Among

my senior patients, I find that hypertension

(high blood pressure) is commonly listed

among those health issues for which they are

being treated.

Regrettably, most blood pressure medications

will have the side affect of xerostomia

(dry mouth). Speak to your physician, as it is

often possible to change the medication to one

where this side effect is not as prevalent.

Just as important is to avoid drying products.

To help keep your mouth from drying

out avoid: alcohol-based mouthwashes

(check your labels); any caffeinated beverages;

acidic, sugary foods and (as always) tobacco


In an attempt to relieve dry mouth and

stimulate saliva flow, one should do the following:

Use mouthwashes designed to treat dry

mouth (can be purchased at any pharmacy);

sip water continuously through the day; and

sleep with a humidifier.

Please remember that if the dry

mouth syndrome persists, one should

consult their physician as there are

many systemic disorders that can cause

a dry mouth. Indeed, consult your physician

before making any changes in

your lifestyle.

There are also oral health problems

related to dry mouth that you may not

be aware of including:.

(1) Dental decay. Believe it or not,

decaying teeth represents yet another

physiological burden as we age. It is

especially a burden for those with stems

that are already weakened by diseases

and aging; including pain and/or potential

loss of teeth.

(2) Periodontal disease. Gum diseases

are infections of the supporting

structures of the teeth.

(3) Bad breath. While this is not a systemic

disease, it is certainly a social concern.

Saliva has important antibacterial properties.

If there is decreased saliva in the mouth, the

bacteria thrive contributing to bad breath.

When speaking of no saliva, I think of dehydration

in general. Living in the desert we

battle this on a continual basis for many reasons;

including: fatigue, bad breath, a crave

for sugar (being dehydrated often masks itself

as hunger and, in particular, sugar cravings.

Especially not good for border-line diabetics)

and it dries out your skin.

As we enter our senior stage of life, having

sound oral health, or the lack thereof, will

directly affect our quality of life. When one

reaches retirement, we look forward to enjoying

life with a sound mind and body for as

long as we can.

Keep in mind that the mouth is the most

used organ of the body. We eat with it, speak

with it, are intimate with it and is the first organ

of the digestive system.

Oral health is about the only aspect of our

body over which we can have control. It is a

personal decision whether one wants good

oral health with its contribution to improved

physical health and quality of life.

And always remember: one is not in good

health without good oral health.



This program is offered at the office of:

James J. White, DDS

1140 N.Town Center Dr., #170

Las Vegas, NV 89144

Annual fee: $280.00

Includes: • 2 routine cleanings

• 2 periodic examinations (including

periodontal & oral cancer exam)

• 1 set of diagnostic x-rays

• 1 consultation

• 5% discount on ALL restorative services

• 5% discount on automatic annual renewal

If you are one of over 100 million Americans

without dental insurance, call now:

702/ 562-8833


november 16



Fri. NOV. 18 th



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Evan Davis



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Call Resident Services


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Have you ever wondered if you could get a better view of

Oct. 2012

the tide coming in, if you

tied yourself to the rocks

along the coastline?

My Dad, Victor Czerkas, never went to that extreme,

Crystal Czerkas- but he told me some of his fellow artists did. With their


brushes in hand, they painted ocean scenes while being

fastened or even chained to steep rocks where they were sprayed by salt

water. This, of course, was a bit over the top and even dangerous, but it

demonstrates the importance of plein air, a genre which features paintings

created on site. Plein air, not to be confused with plain art, has been and

continues to be very popular in the art world…And my Dad really liked that

technique, too. He lived most of his life in California and he spent countless

early mornings and long afternoons outdoors painting its valleys, mountains,

cities and harbors.

He liked to personally visit locations because it was

important to him to see all the visual elements of a

scene, like the sparkle of the sun through a tree or

reflections on the harbor. He had to work very quickly

when he used this technique because elements like

light and wind were constantly changing. But my Dad

found painting on site to be not only challenging, but

also inspiring and especially appropriate for working

in watercolors. With his sketching skills, he could lay a

painting out in minutes and finish it within a couple of

hours. In fact, many of his watercolors were created during

outings with other artists, many of whom, like him,

were from the motion picture industry. They constantly

sought new outdoor settings, and these comrades in

arms eventually became known as part of the California

Watercolorists. For more information, there’s a full color

book called California Watercolors 1850-1970 by Gordon

T. McClelland, which includes my Dad and many other

talented artists from that era.

One of my Dad’s favorite painting locations was an

early Los Angeles neighborhood called Bunker Hill.

Today it’s the site of Dodger’s Stadium, freeways and

condominiums in the city center. But originally this was

the site of ornate Victorian homes served by the Angel’s

Flight, a funicular which ferried residents up and down

the steep hill. When I was a little girl it was fun to

take guests from out of town for a ride on the Angel’s

Flight because it was so unique. But today there’s little

remaining of this historic neighborhood. Only the paintings

created by my Dad and a few other local artists

have preserved it and other California locations for

posterity. Although he was fascinated by the American

South West landscapes and pueblos, California was my

Dad’s home and he devoted much of his life to capturing

its history and sights on canvas and paper.

On the Pier

Ship Shape

Bunker Hill Restoration



Harbor Side

Home Sweet Home

The paintings shown here are only a small

sample of the original oils and watercolors in

the Czerkas Collection.

Limited edition giclees on canvas are also

available, and each comes with a signed/numbered

Certificate of Authenticity.



Visit our website at:


november 16


Jan Fair

A No-Brainer Minute

No-Animal in No-Vember; It’s National Vegan Month!




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Servicing the valley since 1992.


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Three room special - $99. 100% “Love It” guarantee.

35 years experience. Honest and reliable.


Aztek Services / (702) 260-6955

Residential repairs, installation and maintenance.

Henderson Area ONLY. Call Lou.


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Sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Call Judy Grove.

To place your business listing, contact Advertising Sales

Medicare Plans

Rae Rocco / (702) 897-9929

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A great (and affordable) way to build your business!


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