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dbs | contract management

digital business solution

Contract Management

dbs | contract management

“Digital contract management from d.velop provides us with a transparent overview of active

contracts, terms, and periods throughout the entire contract lifecycle. This reduces the amount of

time we spend researching contracts and improves process stability. It even handles burden of

proof and legalites with little effort on our part. At the same time, we have a crystal-clear view of

current contractual relationships with each partner.”

The digital business solution (dbs) | contract

management facilitates lightningfast

capturing, research, and management

of operational, framework, and

cooperative agreements. It also handles

licensing and maintenance contracts

with ease. Comprehensive and uniform

depiction of documents provides a transparent

overview of deadlines and terms.

This increases your ability to document

business transactions and greatly simplifies

controlling tasks.

The solution lets you manage contracts

directly on your PC and research existing

documents in the digital archive at

the press of a button. The automatic follow-up

function even simplifies manage-

ment of terms and deadlines.

Complete contract control

Every status change and contract version

is logged, making them traceable at

all times. The system automatically generates

datasheets with contract master

data so you have access to critical information

whenever you need it. Authorized

employees can also research contracts

(including dependent documents)

at the press of the button from the comfort

of their own desks. Never again will

you have to physically walk into an archive

and manually search through file


Revision-proof and audit-ready

Contract documents are automatically

inserted into digital records and filed in

a legally-secure, revision-proof format

in d.velop’s central document archive.

On the cutting edge

• Custom reports give you the flexibility

to evaluate data as needed

• Legally-compliant storage in

secure formats (TIFF, PDF/A)

• Extensive DMS functions like versioning

and check-out/check-in

• Workflow-based approval process

for individual contracts

• Can be integrated into existing

applications such as Microsoft

Outlook, SharePoint, or Office

• Access to centralized master data

This procedure eliminates the risk of inadvertent

deletion of documents or contract

content. As a result, your company

dbs | contract management gives you a flawless overview of contracts and terms, including all versions, allowing you to maintain complete control over all processes.

Even when you’re on the road!

dbs | contract management

will be fully prepared for any future audits

and have the ability to immediately

access information. You will retrieve

relevant contracts – and associated

documents – within seconds. Optimized

document research can be performed

conveniently from your desk or even

while on the road via web-based access.

This saves you time and money

while minimizing contract risks with a

new level of organization.

When used in combination with

e-mail management or other electronic

archive-based solutions from d.velop,

you can easily expand and customize

the functionality of the system with new

modules. This is a critical consideration

because contractually-relevant documents

no longer arrive solely via regular


Experts from d.velop AG are happy to

share their knowledge and provide individualized

and professional consultation.

Challenge us!

Contracts from

MS Office

Other relevant




Archiving in the

digital archive

Overview of contract management




• Capturing and structuring of contract-relevant data and


Contract generation and negotiation

• Approval processes

Contract fulfillment and term monitoring (including termination


• Definition of responsibilities

• Revision-proof archiving

• Establishment of electronic contract records

• Provides access to information needed for contract

management and controlling

• Active risk assessment

• Provision of extensive analyses and statistics

Contract-relevant planning options

• Deadline and payment monitoring

• Financial planning

• Report generation for yearly financial statements,

financial auditors, and management

Automatic insertion into

digital contract records

Digital contract management simplifies and accelerates processes while increasing transparency of contract management with integrated reporting.

Seamless tracking

Automatic follow-ups

Rule-based approval processes

Convenient research

dbs | contract management

Easy to use

• Automation of processes across the entire contract lifecycle

• Generate and process contracts conveniently

from your PC

• Rapid, context-based research throughout an entire text

or individual passages

• Centralized availability of documents makes it easier to

provide contract partners and management with complete


d.velop AG is headquartered in Gescher,

Germany. It is an innovative and dynamic

IT services firm specializing in enterprise

content management (ECM), digital

archiving, document and workflow management,

and knowledge management.

Since 1992, the name d.velop has stood

for efficiency, creativity, and success. As

a leading provider in the ECM market,


A company of the d.velop Group

Schildarpstraße 6–8

48712 Gescher, Germany

Tel. +49 2542 9307-0

Fax +49 2542 9307-20

we develop solutions for industry, trade,

logistics, banking, insurance companies,

public administration, healthcare, and

other sectors. Our highly skilled employees

and partners create customeroriented

solutions used by companies

of all types and sizes to optimize their

business processes and gain a competitive

advantage in the marketplace. Our

• Automatic follow-ups and term management

within separate user interface

• Automatic term management (contracts, regulations,

patents, trademarks, etc.)

• Automatic generation of datasheets with contract

master data

• Highly granular rights management

As of: July 2011. All rights and changes reserved. Solutions are implemented individually for each company and may deviate from the functions described here.

business is founded upon solid ethical

principles and collaborative working relationships.

dbs | contract management

is one of twelve established standard

solutions from d.velop AG.

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