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Welcome Packet

Step #6–Join Facebook

Step #6–Join Facebook Marketing Plan designed Registered for CyCon Graphics posted Advertising Complete Thunderclap supported You’re all set. You can sit back, breathe easy and wait for the CyCon, but we don’t recommend that. You have 100 readers to round up! Registration comes with free marketing classes and tips provided by our marketing team. Over the next six months, we will be posting lessons on Marketing “How-To” and guides to better help you sell when CyCon is over. For now, join Brain to Books on Facebook. Sit tight. Watch and mingle!

Step #7–CyCon Sampler Every December I host a Holiday Giveaway. This year, we are turning the Holiday Giveaway “CyCon style” to give authors a chance to see how the CyCon works all before the CyCon happens. This event is free. We have takeovers, contests, games, prizes, $100.00 Amazon gift card giveaway, and a lot of books! Here is our first marketing opportunity to sample your marketing plan and test your social reach! Sign up for the CyCon Sampler today! Spaces are limited!

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