Caribbean Times 25th Issue - Friday 28th October 2016


Caribbean Times 25th Issue - Friday 28th October 2016

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Friday 28th October 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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Friday 28th October 2016

Former St. Kitts and Nevis Minister of

Tourism named Chairman of ABTA

By Renio Abott

After a 2-year tenure as

Chairman of the Anitgua

and Barbuda Tourism Authority,

Rohan Hector has

stepped down. His replacement

is Richard “Ricky”

Skerritt who brings a wealth

of experience in the tourism

industry to the table as a former

Minister of Tourism of

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St. Kitts and Nevis for over

10 years between 2004 and

2015. Mr. Skerritt has become

well known for driving

economic transformation;

he was responsible for

designing and implementing

strategies, rooted in sustainability,

which modernized,

diversified and grew the St.

Kitts Tourism economy. He

is also a Rhodes Scholar and

a former chairman of the Caribbean

Tourism Organization


His appointment comes

at a critical time when the

government of Antigua and

Former Minister of Tourism of St. Kitts and Nevis Richard “Ricky”


Barbuda has embarked on a

mission to enhance the local

tourism product. Minister

of Tourism, Economic Development,

Investment and

Energy, The Honourable

Asot Michael remarked that

the outgoing chairman made

stepped up to fill the position

in an unfamiliar field during

a very challenging time and

thanked him for his hard

work and for helping the Authority

to reach to the point

of further change.

As a non-executive

Chairman of the ABTA, Mr.

Skerritt will be responsible

for overseeing the development

of policies and strategies

designed to strengthen

Antigua and Barbuda’s reputation

as a world class tourism

and travel destination.

Minister Michael expressed

his elation in having

Ricky Skerritt as a part of the

team and indicated that they

had already begun taking a

number of important steps

towards the revitalization of

our tourism product.

Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Villa Primary does it again

By Renio Abbott

Last evening the eastern

parking lot at the Sir Vivian

Richard Cricket Stadium was

transformed into the epicentre

of a tight musical competition

between eight local

primary schools that vied

for the prestigious 2016 Independence

National Junior

panorama championship.

Each school performed

exceptionally well at the

packed venue with their own

rhythm and style, the schools

were well represented by both

parents and students showing

support and school pride.

The eight schools were

Sunnyside Tutorial, Bendals

Primary, Pigotts Primary,

Villa Primary, Green Bay Primary,

T.N.Kirnon Primary,

Willikies Primary and Potters


After the smoke cleared,

the Judge’s decision saw Willikies

Primary who played

‘Things’ performed originally

by Claudette Peters and

arranged by Zahra Lake, securing

the second runner up

spot, while the first runner

up the Green Bay Primary

played ‘Bet’ by Ricardo Due,

arranged by Derel Jarvis. The

winners of the 2016 Independence

Junior Panorama with

their rendition of “Sounds of

Steel by Set-On, arranged by

Jawan Henry, Villa Primary

School retained their title for

yet another year. The 3 winners

received trophies.

Caribbean times wishes to

congratulate all of the participants,

especially the winners

on their achievement.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Conference on derisking making progress

By Everton Barnes

There will not be any ‘Knighthoods’ or

‘Dames’ handed out as part of the celebrating

marking the 35 anniversary of Independence

next Tuesday.

Head of the National Honours Committee

Lorraine Perry said that’s because the committee

had placed a moratorium on the issuance

of these awards for three years. However, she

added that the self-imposed moratorium ends

this year so people eligible for knighthoods or

dames may qualify from next year.

Perry explained that the committee was

mindful of Antigua and Barbuda’s population

size and it felt that it needed to ‘protect the integrity’

of the National Awards. “We can have

everybody walking around being ‘Knights’,”

she added.

This year, she said ten people – 7-males

and 3-females - will be honoured for their

contribution to national building in the fields

of science and community development, agricultural

development, national development,

education, hospitality and marine, culture and

community development. The awards that are

being presented this year are;

1 – Grand Cross of the Most Illustrious

Order (GCM)

3 – Grand Officer of the Most Illustrious

Order of Merit (GOM)

By Everton Barnes

The two-day conference

that is looking at possible

solutions to the loss of corresponding

banking relations

for many Caribbean states is

making ‘good progress’, according

to a source close to

closed-door session.

The conference has been

convened by Antigua and

Barbuda’s Prime Minister,

Gaston Browne, who is the

lead prime minister on financial

services in the CAR-

ICOM quasi Cabinet. It is being

held at the Sticky Wicket

and it brings together International

banks, regulators,

Caribbean top finance officers

and banks as well as representatives

from the International

Monetary Fund (IMF).

Antigua and Barbuda’s

Ambassador to the United

States and the Organisation of

American States, Sir Ronald

Sanders, who played a critical

No Knighthood honours this year

1 – Commander of the Most Illustrious

Order of Merit (CM)

1 -- Officer of the Most Illustrious Order

of Merit (OM)

1 – Officer of the Most precious Order of

Princely Heritage (OH)

1 – Member of the Most Illustrious Order

of Merit (MM)

2 – Member of the Most Illustrious Order

of Princely Heritage (MH)

Perry further explained these awardees

have since been notified and they have been

asked to present themselves at the ceremonial

parade at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium on Independence


She said the names were drawn from individuals

who have been nominated over the

past three years and that from a list of over

one hundred people, the committee arrived

with a list of ten people and she said this will

be the standard set for the future.

In making its selection, the committee

looks for those individuals who have excelled

in their field of human endeavor, but who go

beyond the call of duty to assist the community


According to Perry all nominations come

from the public and she is urging anyone who

has someone they wish to nominate to collect

a form and follow the instructions.

role in helping with the organisation

of the conference,

said the loss of corresponding

banking relations is a ‘very serious

problem for Caribbean’.

According to Sir Ronald

the problem centers on the

growing number of countries

that have completely lost or

have lost some corresponding

banking arrangements as major

banks, particularly those in

the United States which sever

these ties with banks in the region.

“If this trend continues the

Caribbean will be isolated and

excluded from the international

financial arrangements

and trading system. This

means that the region will not

be able to buy or trade as an

integral part of the international

trade. So simple things

like sending remittances, paying

for a child’s school fees in

the US or a tourist paying his

hotel bill will all be negatively

affected,” he explained.

Sir Ronald said both the

Prime Minister and he have

been raising concerns at various

international forums in

an effort to focus attention

on the issue. He said the IMF

has also been quite concerned

about the development and its

Managing Director, Christine

Lagarde, has sent one of her

deputies to Antigua to participate

in the conference. He

added that the IMF has also

been very helpful in providing

assistance to host the conference.

The Deputy Managing Director

of the IMF, Zhang Tao,

will address the conference

this morning. This is seen

as an indication of the seriousness

with which the IMF

holds the Antigua conference.

“The first day (Thursday)

was very constructed with

lots of ideas placed on the table

on how we may solve this

problem. The conference can

produce the ideas, but solving

the problem will require the

commitment of the several

entities,” he noted.

Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Stage collapses, postpones Junior Panorama

The Executive Director of the Antigua

and Barbuda National Accreditation

Board (ABNAB), Ms Eloise Hamilton

and the Accreditation Officer Mr

Eustace Hill, recently attended the 13 th

Annual CANQATE Conference which

was held in Guyana, October 4-7 at the

Arthur Chung Convention Centre.

The Caribbean Area Network for

Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education

(CANQATE) was established in

2004. It serves as an umbrella organization

for external quality assurance

agencies (like ABNAB) but also works

with other education stakeholders like

government ministries, state agencies

and higher education institutions within


member of the International Network

for Quality Assurance Agencies in

Higher Education (INQAAHE).

By Renio Abbott

Just as the Junior Panorama

competition seemed

to going without a hitch,

technical issues caused the

show to be paused at the

midway point after a portion

of the middle of the stage

collapsed while a group of

cheerleaders were performing

on stage.

Stage technicians assessed

the situation, making

the determination that with

the safety of the students in

mind that it would be best to

stop the show.

The Antigua and Barbuda

Festivals Commission,

the Pan Association and

the school principals made

a timely co-operative decision

to postpone the show

until Monday October 31st,


Maurice Merchant,

Chairman of the Festivals

Commission informed those

in attendance that there

would be no cost to seeing

the show on Monday.

ABNAB attends CANQATE Conference

The theme for the 2016 CANQATE

Conference was ‘Sustaining a Culture

of Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education

for National and Regional Development’.

This theme was designed

to highlight the importance of a culture

of quality assurance to national development

in the region.

The theme was developed through

a number of sub-themes which were

addressed in plenary and concurrent

sessions by local, regional and international

speakers. One of the presenters

during a concurrent session was Antigua’s

Dr Patricia Benn, Vice Principal

of the Antigua State College who

presented a paper under the sub-theme

‘Harnessing Information and Communication

Technologies for Quality

Assurance in Higher Education’. Dr

Benn’s paper was entitled ‘The Adoption

of a Virtual Learning Environment

in a Teacher Education Institution;

The Process and Tensions’ and investigated

the processes by which Moodle

is introduced to teacher educators as a

tool and the tensions which arose as a

result. The paper was well received by

the conference delegates.

During the three day period, the

Annual General Meeting was held

and matters pertaining to the forward

movement of the organization were

discussed. Several new committees

were established and members re-committed

themselves to the cause of quality

assurance in the region.

The 2017 CANQATE conference

will be held in Surinam. The 10 th Conference

in 2013 was held in Antigua

and Barbuda and hosted jointly by AB-

NAB and the Antigua State College.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Antigua Then Day 2016

scheduled for next Saturday

Plans are well advanced

for the hosting of Antigua

Then Day 2016. The event,

now in its fifth year, is presented

by Precision Centre

in collaboration with the Antigua

and Barbuda Festivals


It seeks to unearth

the values by which our

fore-parents lived and repackage

them in various

forms for transfer to current

and future generations. It is

part of a larger project called


This year’s Antigua then

Day will feature Bethesda/

Christian Hill, Point/Villa,

and the Potters Community.

Over the last year, Precision

Centre has been working

with a committee from each

community to research their


This will be presented

through documentaries, exhibitions

and original cultural

presentations. The other

nine villages with whom

Precision Centre has partnered

with over the years, as

well as nine teams from Precision

Centre, will complete

the exhibition.

Antigua Then Day takes

place at Precision Centre,

Paynters Industrial Park,

on Saturday 5 th November.

The exhibition will run from

10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and

the documentaries will be

screened from midday to

6:00 pm. The activities will

culminate at 7:00 p.m. with

cultural presentations from

the three villages, which

promise to be enlightening

and entertaining!

The entire nation is invited

out to take this journey

where we will “Revisit Our

Past – To Secure Our Future.”

Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7



The Bible is God’s Word, it reveals

God’s moral character and it shapes the

morality of Christians. It has much to

say about homosexuality (Lev. 18:22;

20:13; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; Rom. 1:26-28).

With such clear statements against

homosexuality, it is difficult to see

how different groups can say the Bible

supports homosexuality. But they try

by redefining love, marriage, and sin,

in order to accomplish their goal. The

truth is God created man and woman,

not man and man or woman and woman.

Man by nature is a sinner, however

Jesus Christ came to break the chains

and to set the captive free. It is acknowledgement

of the individual and the

desire and willingness to be changed

which are absolute to salvation.

Rev. Cothran in her thesis relative to

getting out of the above lifestyle suggests

the undermentioned as we continue

from the last article:-

“Make your salvation real. Keeping

the good news of your personal

salvation a secret is another trick the

enemy uses to buy time as he tries to

pull you back to your former life. We

must believe with our hearts and confess

with our mouths. You don’t need

to ‘out’ yourself and clobber the enemy

by immediately sharing your testimony

with someone about how the Lord

has revealed the truth directly to you;

about the level of joy and peace you

now have which you could not reach

without full repentance; about the welcomed

change this brings in your life,

and all the wonderful things He has

done.” (Rom. 10:9)

“Experience paradise now! Consult

God first, then go ahead and live your

life! Welcome new friendships, start

By Bishop Rolston S.M. Jeffrey Ph.D., DRE;

D.Min., M.Div.

that new venture, expand your experiences,

obtain nice things, just don’t put

them before God. Enjoy your life to a

new degree, without the burden of sin

AND with the confidence of ALL of

God’s promises on your side! It is totally

possible to live for God in this present

age and enjoy yourself immensely.

When I say live for God I mean totally

‘sold out’ for God. But you cannot be

sold out for God and live a gay/lesbian

lifestyle at the same time” (Titus 2:11-


It’s possible to have a BETTER

time than you did in the clubs, in the

parks, BETTER than all those secrets

encounters with folks whose names

you’ve long forgotten. BETTER than

your long-term relationships. BET-

TER than all your priceless possessions.

BETTER than money! Most of

us have experienced some of this AND


thanks to God’s mercy and saving grace

we don’t have to wait years and years

to get to heaven to experience paradise.

The earth is the Lord’s the fullness

thereof, the world, and they that dwell

therein. Enjoy God’s earth now (Psalm


“Walk Carefully or ‘circumspectly’

as the Scripture describes. This is

about being careful to keep your spirit

clean and fresh. Prayer, along with

reading the WORD and seeking ways

to apply it to your daily life is a way

to STAY saved and delivered from any

sinful habit. Isn’t it interesting that we

sometimes give our garments of clothing

more care than we give our very

souls. When we put on our outfit, we’re

so careful not to lean against anything

that might soil it. We protect it while

we’re eating so as not to get a spot on it.

We sit in such a way to prevent it from

wrinkling. Treat your soul’s salvation

with at least this much care (Ephesians


“Have fellowship with believers.

We know that the church to some extent

has failed gays and lesbians by not

cont’d on pg 10

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

cont’d from pg 7

welcoming them in a more

loving manner. There seems

to be a discriminatory policy

and spirit of condemnation.

However, God has people

everywhere who are open,

real and willing to walk out

with you. Ask the Lord to

lead you to a loving, caring,

bible-believing fellowship

where you can be nurtured,

be blessed, grow and be a

blessing” (Hebrews 10:25).

God’s Words are still

relevant for today, what He

says He means and He will

do what He says. Let God be

true and every man a liar.

As we await the eternal

theocracy, we are stuck with

a temporal democracy. So

what should we do in the

meantime? As citizens of

heaven who are sojourners

here on earth, we are comparable

to the exiled people of

Judah who found themselves

living in pagan Babylon to

pay for their soon return to

Jerusalem. To them, God

sent Jeremiah 29:7 “And

seek the peace of the city

whither I have caused you

to be carried captives, and

pray unto the Lord for it: for

in the peace thereof shall ye

have peace.”

That is a twofold instruction

to (1) seek the welfare

of their temporal home in

the city of Babylon, and (2)

pray on its behalf. And the

reason for this instruction is

simple. In its welfare you

have a welfare, hard for anyone

against that.

For that reason, Christian

sojourners should simply be

involved in seeking for the

welfare of the temporary

places where we live, because

we’ll enjoy any welfare

that is enjoyed by the

greater population.

Paul echoed similar

words to Timothy in 1 Timothy

2:1-2 “I exhort therefore,

that first of all, supplications,

prayers, intercessions, and

giving of thanks, be made

for all men; For kings, and

for all that are in authority;

that we may lead a quiet and

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

peaceable life in all godliness

and honesty.

Believers along with everyone

else and the many

kinds of good deeds in which

Christians are admonished in

the New Testament to enjoin

themselves, all demonstrations

of their moral character

- such as caring for poor, and

homeless and so on – certainly

contribute to the welfare

of the place where they

live. Christians have historically

always been involved

in political, social and moral

issues for the simple reasons

that Christ lives in them.

True Christians are not able

to remain passive when they

witness injustice, and that’s

why’ve campaigned against

slavery, child labor, human

trafficking, and other social


Therefore, the political

process which essentially

all revolves around moral

issues, is certainly an arena

where Christians belong. It

is a wonderful arena where

everyone is debating moral

issues. Yet it is a place full

of darkness where we can let

our light shine. As the most

moral people on earth, true

followers of Jesus ( I am not

referring to church goers or

religious people), are more

qualified than anyone to

wade into the moral issues

where immoral people are

already swimming in and

even if they claim we are unfit

to join them!

And what if the political

waters are polluted filth?

That is all the more reasons

to wade in. Because just as

it is true that “in it’s welfare

you will have welfare,” it is

true that “in it’s misery you

will have misery. If not for

everyone else, at least for

our own sakes, we should

wade in. The world’s downward

moral trend demands

it. Morality has sunken to an

all time low and the Church

of Jesus Christ needs to take

the keys and unlock and

loose those who are bound

by chains, addicted, liars etc

and those whom Scriptures

declare will not inherit the

kingdom of God.

Before I offer some specific

advice on the best way

to wade in, however, please

allow me to challenge some

ideas that are heard in Christian

circles. Such as the idea

that Government is inherently

evil or that Christians

have no business participating

in government either as

voters, candidates or leaders,

or that as citizens of God’s

kingdom, we should have no

interest in earthly kingdom.

The biblical arguments

that challenge such ideas

are manifold and will be addressed

in my next article.

Also the Church cannot isolate

herself from the many

wrongs which are being

committed; rather she must

engage the issues with a

view of bringing meaningful

change. Bear in mind, evil

flourishes when good men

do nothing.

Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.

Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

Thursday’s Sudoku Solution




1. Singer Diana ____

5. Australian marsupial

10. Fashionable

14. Rework proofs

15. Halo wearer

16. Bowling alley

17. Wild hog

18. Della ____ of “Touched by

an Angel”

19. District

20. Fleet of warships

22. Point winners

24. Mother ____

27. Scrapbook need

28. Straighten

31. From that moment

33. Inferno

34. Dress edge

35. Vocalist ____ Franklin

40. Gathered

42. Cut

43. Leased car

44. 100%

45. Birthday greeting

46. Plant life

48. Appointments

49. Personal preference

53. Minor aspect

55. Said

57. John, Paul, George or Ringo

61. Waterfowl

62. All set

65. Melt

66. Vegas machine

67. Fireplace residue

68. Seep

69. Swiss peaks

70. Pierces

71. Regrets


1. Country singer ____ McEntire

2. Fragrance

3. Thailand, formerly

4. Most peculiar

5. Gold measure

6. Wallet bill

7. Develop

8. Reduce

9. A Baldwin

10. Nurse ____ Barton

11. Rabbits’ kin

12. Inactive

13. Stop

21. Newsman ____ Rather

23. “Aida,” for one

25. Not new

26. Lip

28. Remote

29. Green citrus fruit

30. Mideast country

32. Summon

34. Satan’s domain

36. Moving stairway

37. Not this

38. Present!

39. Does sums

41. Less hazardous

42. Wood strip

44. How ____ you?

47. Strangest

48. Expire

49. Oklahoma metropolis

50. Lagoon’s boundary

51. Small porch

52. Circus shelter

54. Chasm

56. Periods in history

58. Commandment start

59. Lounge around

60. Flock mothers

63. I see!

64. Society gal

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Partly cloudy.

High - 85ºF

Low - 77ºF

Wind: East South East 6 mph

Sunrise 6.03 am; Sunset 5.37 pm

Thursday’s Crossword Solution


SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

Groups and crowds are not the

same thing. The few behave

differently than the many, and

different rules apply for managing

them. And yet, what you

get right on the small scale today

will definitely work when

you scale it up.


21). The small rubs of life can

be more detrimental to your

happiness, health and well-being

than big events. Coping is a

lifestyle issue. Build a reliable

set of go-to strategies for dealing

with daily stresses.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). If you don’t lunge for the

brass ring, no one will know

you want it. But if you lunge

for it too hard, you’ll throw

yourself off balance and fall.

Core strength is needed here

for a graceful, controlled grab.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). An emotional weather

front may seem like an uncontrollable

natural force — nope!

It’s the air currents that carry

the weather. You’re an air sign.

Blow a little and the storm

moves away.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

Maybe it’s too early for a rest

from commerce and travel and

business of all kinds, but it’s

not too early to plan one and

prepare for it. The dormant

periods are important to your

well-being. How are you going

to make it happen?

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

Just because you passed this

way before does not mean that

you are regressing. Think of

this as running laps. Each repetition

makes you stronger, helps

you grow faster and counts toward

your general progress.

CANCER (June 22-July 22).

The visiting will be better when

you use the time between visits

to better yourself. That’s the

time you practice, hone your

skills and fine-tune your image.

Challenge yourself to show up

even stronger next time.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Right

now the fruit of your labor is a

lot like a watched pot. It will

seem not to ripen while your

eyeballs are on it. Back off. Let

time and the sun do their job

while you plant elsewhere.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

There’s no such thing as a

pattern of one. The first time

something happens it is difficult,

if not impossible, for you

to see that it is part of a cycle.

The second time brings awareness,

new questions, and the

comfort of repetition.

ARIES (March 21-April 19).

You may sincerely know you

are right, but that is not the

point. Being right doesn’t automatically

protect you. You still

need to prepare yourself for

possible opposition and other

incidents that could happen.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

Men have gone mad from anticipating

what stays out of

reach for too long. Perhaps it

takes a bit of madness to keep

going past a certain point. Is it

really worth it? Much depends

on how much you value the


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

There’s humor in the situation.

In order to see it, though, one

would have to have the funny

kind of mind that needs the

laughter, looks for it, finds it

and is released by it. That’s


Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

Under the Distinguished Patronage of Dame Louise Lake

Tack The Short Term Fund-raising Committee of the St.

John’s Cathedral present The Annual Black Tie Dinner &

Dance. Friday 25th November, 2016, 7:30 p.m. until. Grand

Royal Antiguan Resort. Price $175.00 Entertainment by the

Specialist Band, Chiki Hi-fi, door prizes, lots of surprises,

including the Master of Ceremonies who is a Priest. Continue

to support our efforts as all funds raised will assist the

ongoing restoration work at our beloved Cathedral.

The St. John’s Branch of the Mothers’ Union invites one and

all to their Goat Water and Souse evening at the Dean William

Lake Car Park St. John’s Street. Friday 18th November

2016 3-6p.m. Tickets only $15ec. And can be bought from

any member of the organization or at the Deanery Office. All

proceeds in aid of their community outreach programs.

The Helping Hand Foundation will be staging a fundraising

post-independence concert on 5th November, 2016 at

the Mack Pond Playing Field from 5pm – until. The show

will feature top Antigua & Barbuda artists and performers

alongside regional artists. Proceeds from the concert will go

towards funding development programs in the communities

of All Saints, Swetes, John Hughes and Old Road.

The Pastor and members of the Bolans Methodist Church invite

everyone to their annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service

and Cantata on Sunday, 30th October, 2016 at the Bolans

Methodist Church, commencing at 10:00 am. Come all and

experience a glorious thanksgiving.

The Liberta Wesleyan Holiness Church invites you to its

Harvest Fun Fair on Saturday November 26th, 2016, from

12:00pm – 7:00pm on the church grounds in Liberta. There

will be lots of attractions for the children including bounce

castle, face painting, donkey ride. Other attractions include

hat show competition, live music and entertainment. Come

and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and the

bountiful blessings from the Lord. An entry fee of $2:00 will

be charged per person. All proceeds from the fair will go

towards the building of the new sanctuary.

All members of the Antigua and Barbuda Ex-Servicemen

Association, are notified of the monthly general meeting

on Saturday 5 November 2016 at 3 pm at the Association`s

Headquarters on Prime Minister`s Drive. The three items on

the agenda will be: The POPPY APPEAL 2016; The 35th

National INDEPENDENCE CEREMONY on 1 November

2016; The World War I (1914-1918) and World War II

(1939-1945) REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY on 13 November

2016. Please be on time or notify the Chairman on

720-0058, the PRO on 721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on

561-1062 of any apologies.

On the 19th November 2016 the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Cadets Corps will be hosting a Lunch and Fun Fair at

the House Culture Parliament Drive. As the Tourism Cadets

Corps is nearing the end of the 2016 Program, a cadet’s ability

to effectively manage a project is an integral part of the student’s

success in the program. The Tourism Cadets invite you

to come and experience tomorrow’s Tourism leaders through

song, dance, music and service on November 19th 2016, Old

Parliament Building. All funds raised will go towards the

graduation which is slated for December 16th 2016.

All members of the public,corporate citizens, schools,

churches and visitors are requested to support the 2016 annual

poppy appeal, with their voluntary donations, to help

the local national veterans and widows who are in need. This

year`s Remembrance ceremony will be held on Sunday 13

November 2016 at the Cenotaph/ War Memorial. For further

information call the Chairman on 720-0058, the PRO on

721-1970 or the Welfare Officer on 561-1062.



Minimum 3 years’ experience


Highly Responsible & Reliable


3-4 years’ experience


At least 3 years’ experience in Fine-dining Restaurant and/or

Food & Beverage Management in hotel

Strong interpersonal skills and a true passion for guest service

Good knowledge of wine

Strong organizational skills and a high level of efficiency

A hands on approach in all matters relating to day to day


A positive attitude, an eye for detail

Strong supervisory experience


At least 3 years’ experience


2 years experience in a similar role

If you are currently registered at OSEC and interested in this

listed vacancy, kindly contact OSEC. If you are NOT registered

with OSEC you may call the centre for more information

on registration requirements. Our centre is located

on Old Parham Road in the Ryan’s Building, next to Antigua

Motors. OSEC telephone numbers are 562-8533/34/35.

Kindly note that the DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICA-

TIONS is Friday 4th November, 2016

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Dispute over imported players in

ABFA domestic league continues

By Marver Woodley

The debate on the importation

of players during

the Antigua and Barbuda

Football Association domestic

season continued on

Thursday where the Caribbean

Football Union general

secretary, Neil Cochrane

weighed in on the issue.

Speaking during an appearance

on the Thursday

edition of the Good morning

Jojo Sports show, Cochrane

said that calls on

the outright ban of imported

players is unreasonable

especially given the strides

made towards regional integration.

Cochrane said “I feel it

is a serious disruption when

someone wants to say cut in

total people coming into to

play, it cannot be, not when

we fought and signed all of

these treaties of regional

integration and now people

have come with a skill

certificate to work in your

country that is ridiculous.”

The general secretary

who is a key figure in the

Key Villa said the goal

should be to get all players

into leagues across the region

as the main goal and

to not look at the situation

as a backward step but a

forward moment in the

right direction.

However, Cochrane said

he would support a call for

a cap, to limit the number

of overseas based players

allowed to take to the field

for any one team at the

same time.

Earlier this week coach

of the Liberta Blackhawks,

Rowan Benjamin called

for an outright ban on the

importation of players for

the domestic season saying

that it restricts the development

of young players.

Former player Ivor Luke

was the first to seek out on

the issue saying that the action

should be dismissed,

predicting that more and

more young players will

be neglected by the clubs

making it harder for them

to graduate to the national


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Friday 28th October 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Sir Viv describes Windies situation as sad

By Marver Woodley

Former West Indies captain

and National Hero, Sir

Vivian Richards believes

players are being affected

by administrative decisions

thus resulting in the team’s

poor performances against

Pakistan in the United Arabs


Speaking on the Good

Morning Jo Jo Sports Show

on Wednesday from the

UAE, Sir Viv noted that the

situation was “sad”.

“Everyone seems to be of

the belief that the administration

in some way has become

totally dictatorial, and is not

a process that I believe some

of the individuals feel totally

comfortable playing under. I

don’t know whether this can

go on for much longer, but

it was just sad, to a degree,

to see some of the guys who

were not quite in it,” he said.

Players, including Kieran

Pollard and Dwayne Bravo,

West Indies team

have slammed the WICB

over their decision to sack

coach Phil Simmons just

before the team was getting

ready to embark on the tough

series against Pakistan an administrative

decision which

supports Sir Viv claims.

The regional squad lost

the opening T20 series 3-0

before going down 3-0 in

the ODI series. They are currently

2-0 down in the three

match Test series.

“I felt like what took

place in the T20 and the

Zonal cricket competition begins

By Marver Woodley

Four teams are currently completing a

seven a side cricket tournament hosted by

the Ministry of Sports.

The four teams which represent four

zones from across the island meet on

Tuesdays and Thursday’s at the Ring Star

Cricket Grounds. Organizers and former

West Indies wicket keeper, Ridley Jacobs

says a number of the country’s top young

players are competing in the new initiative.

“We have four zones East, West, North,

and South and 4 captains for the respective

teams which utilize the four best young

players we have in Antigua.”

The young captains who are no strangers

to representing the game are: Tyron

Williams Jr, Kareema Gore, Koffie James

and Melvin Charles. The organizer also

noted that played for different schools

have come out to compete in the competition.

According to Jacobs the competition

was created to implement off season competition

for the young players as not a lot

of cricket is being played at this time of the

younger category.

The program which started on Tuesday

will continue later today with two matches

starting at 2:30 p.m., each team will face

seven overs with each player on the team

designated to play one.

ODIs is that the guys were

not here, meaning they were

here physically but still not

here mentally. There is a

whole lot still going on in

terms of administration, and

it’s getting a little much in

my view,” Sir Viv said.

The former player

lamented that for the successes

achieved in Bangladesh

during the T20 World

Cup tournament and the

three ways in which Team

West Indies won these competitions

should have at least

looked to push on a little

bit,” he added.

Sir Viv said, however,

there is at least one positive

thus far that has come out of

the Test series in the form of


The third and final Test is

expected to start on October

30 in Sharjah.

16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Friday 28th October 2016

Hope leads runs-spree in series win


Lanka – Opener Kyle Hope

stroked a sublime hundred

and Chadwick Walton, Assad

Fudadin and Rovman

Powell all chimed in with

half-centuries as West Indies

A ran riot against Sri Lanka

A to post a crushing 109-run

victory in the second unofficial

One-Day International

and clinch the three-match

series here Thursday.

Opting for first knock at

the Welagedara Stadium, the

Caribbean side savaged the

Sri Lankan bowling to pile

up 347 for nine off their allotted

50 overs.

Hope carved out 109 off

110 deliveries, opening partner

Walton smashed 70 from

57 balls, Fudadin chipped in

with 57 from 70 balls while

Powell produced a sensational

late blitz with 52 off a

mere 22 deliveries.

Only off-spinner Shehan

Jayasuriya survived the carnage

to emerge with four for

54 from his nine overs.

In reply, Sri Lanka A

were powered by Jayasuriya’s

better than run-a-ball

119 but never properly recovered

from a shaky start

and were dismissed for 238

in the 43rd over.

Charith Asalanka struck

44 and Dasun Shanaka, 32,

as Powell completed a fine

all-round performance when

he picked up three for 44 to

limit the visitors.

Fellow seamers Ronsford

Beaton (2-41) and Kyle

Mayers (2-54) finished with

two wickets apiece.

Energised from their

165-run victory in the opening

game on Tuesday, West

Indies produced a magnificent

start when Hope and

Walton put on 111 off 109

deliveries for the first wicket.

Both right-handers,

Hope counted ten fours and

four sixes while Walton

bludgeoned 11 fours and

two sixes in a rapid innings.

Walton belted three fours

in the second over of the day

bowled by seamer Keshan

Wijerathne and he and Hope

then combined to take 18

from the next over from the

right-armer, the fourth of the


Jamaican Walton raised

his half-century off 47 deliveries

before celebrating with

three back-to-back boundaries

off off-spinner Danushka

Gunathilaka, in the bowler’s

second over which leaked

12 runs.

When Walton perished

in the 19th over, bowled by

Test left-arm spinner Milinda

Siriwardana, two key

partnerships served to further

galvanise the innings.

Hope added 109 for the

second wicket with Fudadin

before Powell joined

the left-handed Fudadin to

put on a frenetic 66 for the

fourth wicket.

The 28-year-old Hope

reached his second successive

half-century off 64

deliveries when he struck

seamer Dasun Shanaka for

Kyle Hope struck a century.

four and then motored to triple

figures off 41 balls.

He reached the landmark

in style, clearing the ropes

with Shanaka in the 35th


Hope and Andre Fletcher

(3) fell in the space of 18 deliveries

to leave Windies A

on 228 for three but Fudadin

and especially Powell, then

got stuck into Sri Lanka A’s


While Fudadin struck a

four and two sixes in a measured

knock, Powell batted

with gay abandon to lash

two fours and six sixes en

route to his second successive


In left-arm seamer Binura

Fernando’s seventh over

– the 42nd of the innings –

which cost 24 runs, Powell

clobbered three sixes and a

four, and a six in each of the

next two overs saw him to

his fifty off just 20 balls.

All told, West Indies

gathered 113 runs off the

last ten overs of the innings.

Facing a massive task,

Sri Lanka A stumbled early

when Beaton bowled Sandun

Weerakkody with the

second ball of the innings

without a run on the board,

and then had Gunathilaka

caught at the wicket for one

in his next over with the

score on ten.

Jayasuriya, who counted

11 fours and two sixes in a

113-ball innings, put on 88

for the third wicket with Asalanka

to steady the innings.

But once Asalanka was

run out in the 21st over, Sri

Lanka A lost four wickets

for 61 runs to decline to 159

for six in the 30th over, and

Jayasuirya’s 70-run, seventh

wicket partnership with

Shanaka proved in vain.


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