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It has been a pleasure to look in and be kept up to date with all of your

brilliant achievements over the last few months! Huge congratulations to all

of those who have completed races and broken their own barriers at group

runs. It seems each week that one of our ladies has a success story!

Please do keep telling us of your successes. What strikes me even more is the

support that Bootye’s offer to one another, making placards or protein bars,

giving each other lifts, cheering from the sideline and making the best cheer

placards... we are blessed to have this support network - thank you, it is you, the club members that do all

of this off your own backs. You will see we have asked Colleen to plan some social events... this kicked

off with a Halloween run which was a great success. I can’t wait to get back to it, meet the new

members, catch up with the old and to see if this body can still run!

See you in November for a run. Ladies keep doing what you do, you are amazing.




& New Joiners

I’d like to say a big hello to all the new ladies who

have joined us over the last few months, we hope

you’re all feeling very welcomed and are enjoying

running with us.

You’ll have been out on a few runs by now and you’ll see

the group naturally splits usually depending on pace or

distance; you will always have the choice of which group

to run with. One week you may not be feeling yourself -

another time you may feel like pushing your boundaries!

If they are able and it’s safe to do so, the front runners will

loop back ensuring the whole group can stay together as

much as possible. Don’t forget hi viz is essential on these

dark nights along with your ICE info; but you are all pros at

this now which is fab!

Club Runs

The dark nights are now with us

and with them brings a change

of meeting point for our regular

Tuesday and Thursday evening runs.

So, until further notice, our regular

meeting point is Northgate car park,

Bridgwater (in front of

the Jobcentre) Tuesdays and

Thursdays 6.30pm. Please

remember to wear high-viz clothing,

head torches/lights and bring your

ICE details.

Saturday morning runs will be at 8am

and at different locations every week.

We will try and vary these runs to

take advantage of the daylight! We

will post details on the ‘What’s app’

group every week.

Do you have any suggestions

for our Saturday morning runs?

It’s always great to run in new

places so please let us know

where you would like to run.

If you have any questions or issues please do feel free

to message a Run Leader. We are all here to help and

understand it may be awkward to speak to us on a run or

you may not feel comfortable posting on the WhatsApp


Talking about communication, hopefully you’ve all been

added to the WhatsApp page and you get the race calendar

which is updated fortnightly. If you need to be added to

these please let a Run Leader know.

Happy running!


Recycle your old trainers

at a Runners Needs store and

receive a £20 voucher.

Click here



A look at the diary...


Click on the races below for information about how to enter.





Halloween Run!


“We donned our best Halloween fancy dress on

Thursday and took to the town for a 8k run, followed

by a quick stop off for drinks and cupcakes in the

pub! It was a pleasure being out with everyone

tonight, everyone was just buzzing. I hope everyone

fell in love with running just that little bit more.”

Colleen xx

Colleen is sorting out

essential kit for Weston

Christmas Cracker 10k on

Sunday 11th December...

are you?!


The Plight of Pilton

Many Bootyes attended the Pilton festival 10km run on Sunday

9th October. It was perfect running weather and everyone was in

such great spirits. A well organised smallish scale trail run (all be it

the signposting to the run was rubbish!). Plenty of cake and coffee

and a park and skate ramp to amuse the kids/cheerleaders who

waited patiently for us at the end.

The course was mostly undulating fields with ‘good’ runnable

but challenging hills. The actual pyramid stage for me was

disappointing (just a frame) but on the whole the views were

beautiful. An amazing well done to Jodie who completed this as

her first 10km run-what a challenging run to undertake as a first

10km Bootyes is so proud of you, a big thank you to Emma P for

supporting her all the way round. Thank you to Emmy K and Sara

for the endless flask of coffee and cakes at the finish. Lastly big

thanks to our amazing cheerleading squad Ellie, Maddie, Casey,

Hannahlee, Asher, Jack, Cerys and Emmys brother, what an

amazing support network we have.

Fab run ladies, well done xx


Petherton Plod

A lovely group of ladies turned up for the Petherton Plod

5k run on the 16th October. A brilliant sunny day and a route

we know and love - starting at Unique Fitness Centre off

Taunton Road in Bridgwater, out along the canal and around

the lanes through Huntworth.

The course was fairly flat and the ideal for improving those

personal bests - something a few of the ladies did on the day!

My first ‘official’ race as a Bootyes member. A local run, well

organised, with plenty of cake at the end! What more can you

ask for?!


Ellie’s ‘Brief Encounter’ with Ethan

Our lovely Ellie really had the day of her dreams on October 2nd, not only

did she smash her first half marathon at Cardiff with her Bootyes Buddies,

Colleen, Emma, Carol and Lisa, pictured here at the finish making it look far

too easy!

But she also accidentally on purpose bumped into the georgous Ethan from

casualty who was more than happy to stop for a photo opportunity with our

Ellie. We were impressed, but so were Women’s Running Magazine who have

informed us they plan to print the picture in their January edition!

Winter Warming Fruit Crumble


As the colder nights start drawing in, there is nothing nicer to

come home to after an evening run than a good ole’ fashion fruit

crumble. This crumble has an additional bonus of being great for

us runners because it includes oats! Oats are a fantastic way to get

extra fibre into your diet and are a slow releasing carbohydrate

and so will fill you up for the longer runs.


Fruit filling

• 2kg Apples (whether cooking apples

or eating apples) peeled, cored and

chopped into bite-sized chunks

• 200g Light Soft Brown Sugar

(optional if using cooking apples.

Eating apples will not need it)

• 1tps Mixed Spice

• 1tps Ground Cinnamon

• 500ml water

Crumble topping

• 100g Plain Flour

• 100g Rolled Oats

• 200g Light Soft Brown


• 100g Butter (left out

from the fridge to soften)


1. Turn oven on to 180c (fan assisted), 200c electric, Gas mark 6.

2. Add chopped apples, spices, sugar (if using cooking apples) and water to a large sauce pan. Bring pan to boil and then

allow to simmer for approx 20mins or until the apple is very soft and falls apart easily when stirring.

3. While the fruit is cooking, place in a clean bowl the flour, oats, sugar and butter. Now get your hands in there!

Using a cupped hand, scoop the flour, oats and sugar over the butter

and gently rub the mixture between you thumbs and

index fingers and middle fingers. Do this continuously

until the mix resembles that of bread crumbs.

4. Once the fruit is soft, allow it to cool until it is still warm

but not hot and transfer to a deep baking dish.

5. Sprinkle the crumble mix over the top of the fruit filling,

making sure it is evenly spread and not thicker at once side.

TIP: We all love the fruit filling BUT too much fruit will make this pudding

extra stodgy by making the crumble sink into the filling. Make sure the filling

is only half the depth of the dish and the crumble a quarter of the depth of

the dish. That way it should sit nicely on top and give a crunchier finish.

6. Place in the oven for approx 30mins or until the crumble

has turn golden brown on top.

7. Leave to cool down for 10mins so that the filling is slightly

cooler than oven temp and serve with your favourite

accompaniment: custard, cream, ice cream, clotted cream

or all four!!

Molly has been clocking up the miles in the running

buggy this month but where is she in this picture?!

Click here to email your guesses to us - a winner

with the correct guess will be chosen at random

and announced next month. Prizes to be won!


• Use 1.5kg plums instead of apples and add a tablespoon

of ground ginger to the spices to create at spicy ginger and

plum fruit filling.

• Add 50g of desiccated coconut to the crumble mix to

add texture and a tropical twist to your crumble

Bon appétit! Love, Mrs K xx

P.S If you have an ingredient that you would like me

to come up with a recipe for, contact me before the

next newsletter and I will see what I can create for you!


Run the Rhode

"My favourite run is my 10k Rhode

Lane route. I start it from my house

and head out on to Rhode Lane. I hang

a left on Rhode Lane going out to

North Petherton.

Selfie at the top of Stone

Hill! Pitch black!

The route can be described as "undulating"

for sure. Stone hill is my nemesis hill.

Sometimes it is kind, sometimes there

isn't a nursery rhyme in the world that will

help me get up the damn thing. But on

those occasions where she is kind, I feel

euphoric. I really like running down the last

section of Dancing Hill onto Old Road.

On a cold winter's evening - it is lovely

smelling log fires as you run past and

home cooked dinners. That always makes

me run faster to get home for mine!

The main Taunton Road isn't the nicest

to run I admit, but it's a good one for speed

work and occasionally I get beeped up by

friends as they drive past. It's nice seeing

a smiley face and someone waving at you.

As I go past Stockmoor I start to up the

pace as I know I am within 2 miles from

home and I turn left onto the bottom of

Rhode Lane for the final stretch. Home.

Rhode Lane from

start to finish as

a long loop.

This route is ideal for pb's, fartlek and hill

training. A good 40% of it is off-pavement,

so if you do try this route, be safe and be

seen. It is a lovely route and in places is very

quiet so you can enjoy the peace of just you

and the road. A runners pleasure!"






Do you have any running related

items you want to sell or pass on

to fellow Bootyes members?

This could be kit or items you no longer

want or use and would love to find a new


Email the details with a picture to: and we will

publish it in the next edition of our




Right ladies, we need you to find

your inner Simon Cowell or Sharon

Osbourne and think about who has the

X Factor!

We are planning a little awards ceremony

at our Christmas do so we need you to

do some nominating according to the

following categories ...................................... >

Please think about who amongst your

fellow lady runners deserves one of this

titles. Has someone inspired you to keep

going or gone out of their way to help you?


Greatest Achiever 2016

Unsung Hero 2016

Ms Motivator 2016

Most Inspirational 2016

Please nominate one member for each

category and email to

You must ensure your email reaches us by

! Monday 14 November or it will not count!


“I’ll try

anything once!”

We all know that Rhia likes to give you

a challenge, so how would you like to

Challenge Rhia?

We need your suggestions to get Rhia out

of her comfort zone… from aerobics to

Zumba, aqua jogging to rock climbing and

everything in between!

If you’ve always wanted to try something

and never had the courage, why not drag

Rhia along as well! She made the mistake

of saying “I’ll try anything once” so we want

to make sure she gets the opportunity!

Send your suggestions to: and watch this

space for her first challenge review!



Dear Johnny,

Please can you tell me what

advice I can give to a friend

who is scared to run incase she

needs to stop for a widdle and

can’t find a lamppost to cock

her leg up? What can she do to

make sure she doesn’t have an

accident? Sometimes she smells

of piddle after a run, so now she

won’t come again!

Yours Piddle Pants

“Dear Piddle Pants,

I am sorry to hear about your predicament. I would like

to begin by reminding you that ‘ladies’ do not lift their

leg in public they merely squat.

This problem however is not uncommon. There are

2 types of incontinence. ‘Stress incontinence’ when your

bladder is under pressure e.g. when you run or ‘urge

Name: Johnny Preston

AKA Capeforce

DOB: 11.09.2012

Johnny was born in Ireland,

into a racing family and it was

apparent early on that he had

a natural talent for running.

This talent was nurtured

and Johnny moved across to

the UK where he competed

nationally and following a

winning streak retired to the

country as his racing style

started to impact his wins

(running wide).

Through his latter years

Johnny has studied at

Wagsborough Uni and

through lots of hard work

and dedication gained is


He still enjoys running but

purely for pleasure now

and his favourite food is

Rabbit stew.

incontinence’ when you feel the need

to pass urine but don’t make it to the toilet.

Panty pads can be used to disguise this embarrassing

problem but really it shouldn’t be a problem as it can

be resolved by usually strengthening your pelvic floor

muscles and in addition by losing weight

I would strongly recommend you to read this article

I found - just click here.

I do hope this has helped.

Any embarrassing questions please drop me a line –

happy to help”.

Johnny x

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