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User Guide Pulpmatic Uno V2.1

7. Key Features 7.1 Foot

7. Key Features 7.1 Foot cup The Pulpmatic Uno incorporate a foot cup at the base the machine. Placing a foot inside the cup area will open the lid. This will also activate the audio system if fitted. 7.2 Hands free start The hands free Start sensor will only activate when: The electrical power is switched on. The footswitch has been operated to open the lid (this permits the user to conduct a safety check on the contents of the chamber before loading and starting the machine). The water tank is full. The hands free system can be configured to operate in number of ways: Fully automated open, close and start using foot cup only Or Open the lid using foot cup and start the machine by using hand free start sensor. Copyright © 2015 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 20 of 36 December 15 UG-Uno-V2.1

7.3 Lid operation The operation of the Pulpmatic lid is completely hands free and fully automatic. This machine includes a number of important safety features: Automatic Close: The lid will automatically close 60 seconds after the footswitch is operated. An audible tone will alert the user as the lid starts to close. The lid close action can be aborted and the lid opened by inserting a foot into the foot cup. If the auto close auto start is enabled the lid open time can be reduced. Automatic Open: If the lid is obstructed during the closing motion, inbuilt sensors detect the obstruction and reverse the motor and open the lid. Safety Locks: The lid is automatically locked during the chopping/cutting cycle and will not be released until the cycle is complete. 7.4 Loading the machine The foot cup will not respond and the lid will not open until the machine has completed the previous cycle. Once the lid is open check the chamber is clear, place the waste items into the machine and hold your hand over the green Start light, the lid will close and the disposal cycle will start. The machine can be left to complete the cycle with no further action from the user. Pulp & maceratable products should be placed carefully into the chamber; care should be taken to avoid spillage or splashing over the machine. Any spillage should be wiped clean immediately. Large volumes of toilet paper or maceratable wipes will reduce the overall load capacity of the machine. If these items are used in great quantity we recommend running more frequent cycles to ensure the load can be effectively cleared. If the machine is overloaded it may not clear the contents of the chamber in a single cycle. Running a second cycle should clear the chamber. Severe overloading may engage the safety cut out system and produce an F2 code on the display (please see page 29). Copyright © 2015 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 21 of 36 December 15 UG-Uno-V2.1

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