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User Guide Pulpmatic Uno V2.1

Symptom Possible Cause

Symptom Possible Cause Action Water is leaking from the lid Check the lid seal is clean. Check and clean the underside of the lid and make sure the outer rim is clean Check the rubber lid seal is clean and free from debris If the fault persists contact DDC Dolphin or an authorised support agent for assistance Please contact DDC Dolphin or your approved support agent if you are unable to resolve a problem Copyright © 2015 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 32 of 36 December 15 UG-Uno-V2.1

10. Warranty All DDC Dolphin products are carefully designed, manufactured, tested and inspected. Consequently, we undertake to replace or repair, free of charge, any part found to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period of the product. The manufactures warranty starts on the date of delivery to the original purchaser of this product. This product must be commissioned by an approved DDC Dolphin engineer, if this is within 30 days of deliver. The warranty is effective from the date of commissioning date rather than the date of delivery. Each DDC Dolphin Pulpmatic macerators must be maintained every 6 months. DDC Dolphin or your authorised support agent will provide cost options to test, inspect, calibrate and maintain the serviceable parts of the machine in line with the manufactures guidelines. 10.1 Exclusions from Product Warranty and Extended Warranty Replenishment of all consumable items (for example but not limited to): Detergent, disinfectant, scale inhibiting or any other chemical used in the machine. Maceratable products. Hygienic wipes. Any other disposable product used in the cleaning, care or operation of the DDC Dolphin products. Call outs, remedial works & warranty claims resulting from: Operator error, lack of reasonable care, accidental damage. Misuse; it is imperative to use the machine as instructed in the user guide. Items placed inside the machine must be suitable for the purpose and in-line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Damage to the machine surfaces resulting from the use of unsuitable cleaning products such as acid based or abrasive materials. Lack of regular cleaning in line with manufactures recommendations. The use of spares or chemicals not approved by DDC Dolphin. Incorrect installation or commissioning by persons not approved by DDC Dolphin. Repairs or servicing carried out by persons not approved by DDC Dolphin. Failure or reduction of the electrical and/or water supply. Failure or blockage of the host drainage system. Incorrect loading of the machine. Copyright © 2015 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 33 of 36 December 15 UG-Uno-V2.1

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