Tuberous Sclerosis Australia Annual Report 2015-16

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<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong><br />

<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong> Complex (TSC)<br />

affects more than 2000 individuals in <strong>Australia</strong> and thousands more carers, families and<br />

friends who live with the impact of the disease.<br />

TSC tumours can grow in any organ of the body, commonly affecting the brain, skin, heart,<br />

lungs and kidneys. TSC can cause epilepsy, developmental delay and autism. There is no<br />

known cure for TSC.<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong> <strong>Australia</strong><br />

works to connect, inform and empower people affected by<br />

tuberous sclerosis complex as we work towards a cure for TSC.<br />

Our Team<br />

Debbie Crosby, President<br />

Patrick Norris, Treasurer<br />

Alison McIvor, Secretary<br />

Adish Chandra, Committee Member<br />

Hayley Hill, Committee Member<br />

Michael Jones, Committee Member<br />

Michelle Purkiss, Committee Member<br />

Georgina Schilg, Committee Member<br />

Clare Stuart, General Manager<br />

Chelli Edri, Fundraising, Communications and Events Manager<br />

Alice O’Donnell, TSC Professionals Network Manager<br />

Regional Contacts<br />

A vital part of our volunteer team, the regional contacts<br />

live throughout <strong>Australia</strong> and work with local families to<br />

share information and experiences.<br />

NSW: Janiffer Reynolds and Sally Nicholson<br />

WA: Nicole Stone<br />

QLD: Fiona Hiatt, Fiona Crocker and Christie Herbert<br />

VIC: Narelle Kerr<br />

TAS: Georgina Schilg<br />

Medical Advisors<br />

Dr Sean Kennedy, Nephrologist<br />

Dr John Lawson, Paediatric Neurologist<br />

Dr David Mowat, Clinical Geneticist<br />

TSA works with<br />

Photos:<br />

Top: Murray Leikis, Clare<br />

Stuart and David Mowat<br />

at the International TSC<br />

Research Conference in<br />

Windsor, UK.<br />

Above: Debbie Crosby<br />

with her Mum Maria and<br />

her daughter Sophie at<br />

Lizzies’s Lunch 20<strong>16</strong>.<br />

Front cover photos:<br />

Clockwise from top: Our<br />

TSC Heroes team at HBF<br />

Run for a Reason in Perth,<br />

Liam from TAS, Lachlan<br />

and Koby from QLD,<br />

Matilda, VIC.<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong><br />


President’s <strong>Report</strong><br />

Bringing together the<br />

<strong>Australia</strong>n TSC Community<br />

From Debbie Crosby, President, and Clare Stuart,<br />

General Manager<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong> <strong>Australia</strong>’s major project this<br />

year was the <strong>2015</strong> <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC Conference. This<br />

event brought together health professionals, people<br />

with TSC and their families to learn more about TSC<br />

and set goals for what our community can achieve<br />

together. Some people met others living with TSC for<br />

the first time ever. Stories were shared and friendships<br />

started.<br />

Photo: Debbie and Clare<br />

When TSA was founded in 1981 most people with<br />

tuberous sclerosis had never met another person<br />

with the condition. Picnic days were expanded to<br />

seminar days and family weekends. Combined events<br />

with health professionals have proven a successful<br />

approach to sharing TSC information and building<br />

relationships. In the coming year we will seek to<br />

improve access to our events by piloting webinarstyle<br />

online education events. Bringing the <strong>Australia</strong>n<br />

TSC community together is still at the core of what<br />

we do.<br />

Our mission is to connect, inform and empower<br />

people affected by tuberous sclerosis complex as<br />

we work towards a cure for TSC. This annual report<br />

describes our achievements and highlights of the past<br />

year and where we are headed in the future.<br />

We’d like to thank our staff team this year. Clare<br />

Stuart, our general manager, has done outstanding<br />

work this year and her commitment and passion for<br />

TSA is always evident. We are excited to welcome<br />

Chelli Edri, our new Fundraising, Communications<br />

and Events Manager. We look forward to working<br />

with Chelli and achieving our fundraising goals.<br />

Our volunteer team is vital to TSA’s success. Last year<br />

we had four new management committee members<br />

join us: Michael Jones (NSW), Michelle Purkiss<br />

(NSW), Jodie Conduit (QLD) and Alison McIvor (VIC).<br />

Thank you for bringing a new perspective and fresh<br />

ideas to TSA, and particularly to Alison for taking on<br />

the sizeable role of secretary. I would also like to<br />

acknowledge the wonderful work of our volunteer<br />

regional contacts the very important work they do in<br />

keeping people connected all around <strong>Australia</strong> and all<br />

3<br />

of the volunteers who support our organisation with<br />

specific projects and administration.<br />

We are grateful to the health professionals who donate<br />

their time: as our medical advisors; by reviewing our<br />

information pages; and speaking at our events. The<br />

volunteer steering committee for our conference<br />

designed a program for the medical stream that<br />

engaged health professionals from multiple disciplines<br />

and provided time for sharing perspectives and<br />

ideas. Dr Elizabeth Thiele and Dr Lisa Henske who<br />

travelled from the USA were fantastic and their talks<br />

provided us with so much information, and their<br />

passion and commitment as TSC specialists was<br />

felt by everyone. Dr Thiele said she felt privileged<br />

to attend the conference, and was impressed by<br />

our small organisation bringing together so many<br />

people affected by TSC and so many interested health<br />

professionals.<br />

Most importantly, thank you to all the fundraisers and<br />

donors who contributed their time and money to TSA.<br />

Without these generous donations TSA would not<br />

be able to do the work it does. We would particularly<br />

like to acknowledge Sue and Ross Pinkerton for<br />

their organisation of Lizzie’s Lunch, now in its third<br />

year raising over $<strong>16</strong>.000 for TSA, and their personal<br />

contribution to the Lizzie Pinkerton Memorial Fund. All<br />

of our fundraisers, and especially the TSC community<br />

inspire and encourage others to support TSA.<br />

We look forward to TSA continuing to bring together<br />

the diverse <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC community and welcome<br />

all feedback and ideas. With your help we know it will<br />

be another exciting year for TSA.<br />


Our <strong>2015</strong>-20<strong>16</strong> Achievements<br />

Your support enabled us to<br />

1.<br />

Improve health services<br />

for people with TSC<br />

1. We brought together 35 TSC expert health<br />

professionals in the medical stream of the <strong>2015</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong>n TSC Conference. They were joined by<br />

overseas TSC experts to share latest research,<br />

treatment approaches and future collaborations.<br />

100% of our medical stream attendees said<br />

they learnt something at the conference that<br />

has changed the care they provide to their<br />

patients with tuberous sclerosis<br />

they would share their new knowledge with<br />

their colleagues<br />

they would recommend the conference<br />

to others<br />

Our next goals<br />

Formally recognise our TSC Clinics in <strong>Australia</strong><br />

and continue our work supporting the development<br />

of new multi-disciplinary models of health care for<br />

people with TSC<br />

Further improve access to topical mTOR<br />

inhibitor treatment for all <strong>Australia</strong>ns who need it<br />

Fill gaps in the TSC Professionals Network<br />

working towards having full coverage around<br />

<strong>Australia</strong>, across specialists<br />

Enrich the TSC Professionals Network with email<br />

communications and an online education event<br />

2. Our co-sponsored session at Westmead<br />

Children’s Hospital’s seminar brought more than<br />

150 paediatricians up to date with best practice in<br />

diagnosing and managing TSC. Dr Elizabeth Thiele<br />

from The Herscot Centre for TSC.<br />

3. Our TSC Professionals Network has grown<br />

to 40 members around <strong>Australia</strong> and across many<br />

medical specialties.<br />

4. Fifth annual Elizabeth Pinkerton Memorial Award<br />

given to Dr Anne Halbert, dermatologist in Perth,<br />

recognising her pioneering research and advocacy<br />

work with topical mTOR inhibitor treatment for TSC<br />

facial angiofibromas.<br />

Conference sponsors<br />

5. Along with Queensland families, we advocated<br />

for funding of topical mTOR inhibitor medicine by<br />

QLD Health. We look forward to announcing good<br />

news soon.<br />

6. We represented the views of patients with TSC<br />

in consumer consultations on Medicare Benefits<br />

Schedule review<br />

Photo: Dr Anne Halbert with our WA<br />

Regional Contact, Sue Williamson<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong><br />


2.<br />

Publish and promote<br />

TSC information<br />

Your 2 day conference was more informative than<br />

living every day with TSC. Doctors only ever told us<br />

the need to know when we needed to know it. We<br />

have a greater understanding about Kidney AML’s<br />

and LAM. Dr Lisa and Dr Elizabeth were AMAZING<br />

Thank you for having them there.<br />

- Family stream attendee<br />

1. The <strong>2015</strong> <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC Conference’s family<br />

stream was attended by 91 delegates. Over 20<br />

sessions covered various aspects of life with TSC and<br />

provided opportunities for people with TSC and their<br />

family members to ask questions from <strong>Australia</strong>n and<br />

overseas experts.<br />

100% of our family stream attendees said<br />

the meeting improved their understanding<br />

of TSC<br />

they will share something you have learnt<br />

with someone who was not at the meeting<br />

would recommend the conference to others<br />

2. Over seven hours of video recorded sessions<br />

from the conference have been added to our TSC<br />

information resources. The most watched videos by<br />

the TSC community so far are: understanding the<br />

genetics of TSC; the less common signs of TSC;<br />

and future directions in TSC research.<br />

5. A new surveillance guidelines summary makes<br />

these clinical guidelines easier to understand and has<br />

received great reviews by TSC families and health<br />

professionals. We have also distributed hundreds of<br />

TAND checklists to improve screening for various<br />

mental health, learning and behaviour challenges<br />

that people with TSC may experience.<br />

6. We published two issues of our magazine,<br />

Reach Out. These included stories from people<br />

with TSC and their families, research news and<br />

information about upcoming events. Feature articles<br />

provided new information resources on the National<br />

Disability Insurance Scheme and new medicines for<br />

TSC (mTOR inhibitors).<br />

7. We continued to share balanced and accurate<br />

TSC information through social media and our<br />

monthly email newsletter.<br />

Our next goals<br />

Deliver online education events for the first time,<br />

improving access for people in regional areas to high<br />

quality TSC information.<br />

Continue to improve our online and printed TSC<br />

information, responding to the needs of the TSC<br />

community.<br />

3. Our information day in Brisbane with Lady<br />

Cilento Children’s Hospital and Epilepsy QLD was<br />

attended by 40 people and included sessions<br />

on epilepsy, development, genetics and kidneys.<br />

4. Our TSC awareness cards provide people<br />

with TSC a simpler way to explain TSC.<br />

Photo: Bridget from ACT.<br />

5<br />


3.<br />

Encourage Research<br />

into TSC<br />

1. The clinical trial investigating a life-changing<br />

treatment for facial angiofibromas, topical mTOR<br />

inhibitors, was completed. This trial was funded for<br />

over $200,000 by TSA. Publication of these results<br />

improve access to this treatment in <strong>Australia</strong> and<br />

around the world.<br />

2. Sydney University’s study into the financial<br />

impact of TSC opened recruitment. This study<br />

specifically examines the out of pocket costs<br />

experienced by families with a child with TSC and is<br />

funded by TSA.<br />

3. The Romios family in Victoria lead a campaign to<br />

fund the DOTS study at Royal Children’s Hospital in<br />

Melbourne, exploring links between TSC and Autism<br />

and identifying targeted interventions to improve<br />

developmental outcomes.<br />

4. We promoted and explained TSC research in<br />

our communications. Our <strong>Australia</strong>n community of<br />

TSC researchers continues to grow. By sharing their<br />

research, and key publications from overseas, in plain<br />

English, we help with recruitment to these projects<br />

and understanding of TSC research in the TSC<br />

community.<br />

Our next goals<br />

Continue to support our <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC<br />

researchers.<br />

Develop a long term TSC research strategy for<br />

<strong>Australia</strong> to guide our research funding and identify<br />

other ways to grow local research.<br />

Photo: Celebrating the completion of the topical mTOR<br />

inhibitor clinical trial in Sydney.<br />

4.<br />

Provide direct support and<br />

facilitate peer support<br />

1. We helped more than 50 families through the<br />

TSC Information Service, facing a diagnosis of TSC<br />

or a time of crisis. The service provides emotional<br />

support, practical advice, tailored TSC information<br />

and connections to resources from TSA and other<br />

organisations. This year we also implemented a new<br />

technology solution, and formalised guidelines and<br />

procedures to improve the availability and quality of<br />

the service.<br />

2. Our TSC Global Awareness Day picnics in eight<br />

locations around <strong>Australia</strong> fostered face to face<br />

contact among people in the same region. Thank<br />

you to our wonderful volunteer regional contacts for<br />

making these possible.<br />

3. Held formal and informal peer support sessions<br />

as part of the <strong>2015</strong> Conference and Brisbane events.<br />

4. Facebook discussion group continues to be a<br />

positive and informative resource for hundreds of<br />

TSC families in <strong>Australia</strong> and New Zealand, with<br />

369 posts in the year on topics including celebrating<br />

accomplishments of people with TSC, seizures,<br />

treatment options and accessing health services.<br />

Our next goals<br />

p: 1300 733 435<br />

e: info@tsa.org.au<br />

Continue the TSC Information Service, our<br />

network of regional contacts and our peer support<br />

Facebook group.<br />

Work with young adults with TSC who are<br />

interested in ongoing contact.<br />


5.<br />

Ensure sustainable<br />

funding<br />

6.<br />

Grow TSA as a reputable,<br />

well-governed organisation<br />

1. Our TSC Heroes team ran, cycled and hiked in<br />

events around <strong>Australia</strong> and overseas to encourage<br />

their friends and family to support our cause.<br />

2. Lizzie’s Lunch held in Sydney raised over $15,000<br />

through the generosity of the Pinkerton family and<br />

friends.<br />

3. Other events included the King and Kinman<br />

families’ trivia night in Brisbane and Logan’s High Tea<br />

in Victoria achieved fantastic results.<br />

4. Our members and TSC Champions continue<br />

their support through yearly and monthly donations.<br />

5. Secured grants from Novartis and Department<br />

of Social Services for our 20<strong>16</strong>/17 projects:<br />

online educational events and building our TSC<br />

Professionals Network.<br />

1. Delivered on our people strategy through the<br />

hire of our second staff member, the election of four<br />

new committee members and engaging with new<br />

volunteers in various capacities.<br />

2. Our first governance and human resource<br />

policies were written, approved and implemented.<br />

3. We improved our planning and budgeting<br />

processes to ensure we deliver on our goals.<br />

Our next goals<br />

Continue developing and implementing policies<br />

to guide our work and our team.<br />

Photos:<br />

Top: TSC Hero Dr Jessica Smith from SA.<br />

Bottom: Enjoying Lizzie’s Lunch 20<strong>16</strong>.<br />

6. Welcomed our second staff member, Chelli Edri<br />

into the role of fundraising, communication and<br />

events manager.<br />

Our next goals<br />

Increase and diversify our income to allow us<br />

to continue our information, support and research<br />

activities and to deliver new projects and services.<br />

Complete our 20<strong>16</strong> survey to generate<br />

fundraising leads and gather feedback on our<br />

communications and fundraising.<br />

Expand our business partnerships and grant<br />

income.<br />

Grow the TSC Heroes team to raise awareness of<br />

TSC and expand our fundraising reach.<br />

7<br />


Our financial results<br />

Overview<br />

TSA finished the year with a small surplus. This was<br />

a good result considering the major expense of the<br />

conference in November being largely funded from a<br />

grant received in the prior financial year. The balance<br />

sheet remains sound and we have healthy reserves.<br />

Our retained earnings include funds that are<br />

committed to these projects:<br />

$15,000 for online educational events and growth<br />

of the TSC Professionals Network<br />

$2,000 for the in progress Sydney University APSU<br />

Out of Pocket costs study<br />

Our transition to cloud based accounting with our<br />

bookkeeper has supported our distributed staff and<br />

volunteer team. We also implemented the following<br />

initiatives:<br />

1. GST Registration: GST was successfully introduced<br />

from July 1 <strong>2015</strong> resulting in a net return of $3,327<br />

in the full year in line with our forecast.<br />

2. Superstream: We comply with the new regulations<br />

concerning Superannuation Guarantee payments<br />

3. Audit: Although not required by law, but<br />

encouraged by state fundraising licensing<br />

authorities, we have obtained a full audit.<br />

4. Budgeting: Our budgeting process has been<br />

improved and integrated with our accounting<br />

platform for improved control and transparency.<br />

Income and Expenditure<br />

Where the funds come from<br />

How funds were used<br />

Categories<br />

Accountability and<br />

administration:<br />

The costs of running the<br />

organisation efficiently, including:<br />

insurance premiums, finance, IT,<br />

office expenses, and reporting to<br />

the TSA management committee.<br />

Research and Advocacy: Time<br />

spent working with policy makers<br />

in health and disability to improve<br />

the care available to people with<br />

TSC. No research grants were<br />

awarded during <strong>2015</strong>/<strong>16</strong>.<br />

Fundraising: The time to support<br />

community fundraisers and<br />

organise TSA-run fundraising<br />

events and campaigns. This<br />

includes promotional and thank<br />

you materials and fundraising team<br />

uniforms.<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong><br />

8<br />

Education and support: Costs<br />

associated with providing<br />

information to people affected by<br />

TSC and to Health Professionals.<br />

This includes all costs associated<br />

with the <strong>2015</strong> <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC<br />

Conference, writing and updating<br />

our TSC information pages, our<br />

resource directory and publishing<br />

Reach Out.

Our financial results<br />

Overview (cont.)<br />

Fundraising Revenue<br />

Our work with<br />

pharmaceutical companies<br />

During this year we have collaborated with<br />

Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies in<br />

a number of ways:<br />

Novartis provided an educational grant of<br />

$45,000 for the combined medical and<br />

family conference being held in Sydney in<br />

November <strong>2015</strong>. This funding was received in<br />

the 2014/15 financial year.<br />

Novartis provided grant funding for activities<br />

in 20<strong>16</strong>/17: online educational events and<br />

growth of the TSC Professionals Network.<br />

Revenue from fundraising activities including direct donations, membership<br />

contributions, fundraising events and community fundraising activities<br />

I think you do an amazing job. Without <strong>Tuberous</strong><br />

<strong>Sclerosis</strong> <strong>Australia</strong> I would have been very confused<br />

and feeling helpless when things came to a head<br />

this year. I have always thought of my daughter’s<br />

condition like living with a time bomb, just ticking<br />

away with no issues and when we least expect<br />

it: boo! Never stop passing on this wonderful<br />

information.<br />

- Mother of a child with TSC<br />

Clare Stuart travelled to the TSC International<br />

(TSCi) meeting and International TSC<br />

Research Conference in Windsor, UK. TSCi<br />

travel funding is provided by Novartis.<br />

TSA met with Pfizer to discuss their plans for<br />

their mTOR inhibitor medicine for TSC and<br />

LAM in <strong>Australia</strong>.<br />

TSA met with GW Pharmaceuticals to discuss<br />

their research into new treatments for<br />

Epilepsy in TSC.<br />

Clare Stuart volunteered her time as<br />

chair of the steering committee for the<br />

Health Consumer Advocacy workshop.<br />

This group organises networking and skill<br />

building events for small health consumer<br />

organisations and these are sponsored by a<br />

group of six pharmaceutical companies.<br />

Our policy on working with pharmaceutical<br />

companies describes how we maintain our<br />

independence and integrity. This policy is<br />

available on our website or can be provided on<br />

request. We encourage you to contact us for<br />

more information.<br />

9<br />

Photo:<br />

Attendees at the medical stream of the<br />

<strong>2015</strong> <strong>Australia</strong>n TSC Conference<br />


Financial statements<br />

Profit and Loss: Year Ended June 20<strong>16</strong><br />

INCOME<br />

30 June 20<strong>16</strong> 30 June <strong>2015</strong><br />

Bronze Membership Fee $113.75 $0.00<br />

Silver Membership Fee $86.45 $0.00<br />

Gold Membership Fee $205.18 $0.00<br />

Contributions from members - Bronze $775.00 $1,190.00<br />

Contributions from members - Silver $880.00 $1,100.00<br />

Contributions from members - Gold $5,200.00 $10,308.55<br />

Donations Received $50,034.10 $66,742.11<br />

Educational Event Fees $11,030.00 $2,106.05<br />

Fundraising Event Fees $11,820.00 $6,490.00<br />

Grants Received $26,150.00 $48,120.10<br />

Income From Raffles $2,411.00 $1,915.00<br />

Interest Income $3,967.72 $5,226.03<br />

Sales of Goods $709.50 $1,076.90<br />

Sitting Fees $0.00 $1,225.60<br />

Total Income $113,382.70 $145,500.34<br />

Gross Profit $113,382.70 $145,500.34<br />


Accounting Fees $2,941.00 $2,673.00<br />

Advertising and Promotion $3,002.38 $638.38<br />

Bank Charges --$7.53 $759.07<br />

Board/Governance Expenses $90.00 $234.94<br />

Credit Card Fees $1,717.58 $1,984.35<br />

Educational Event Expenses $26,006.35 $9,287.69<br />

Fundraising Event Expenses $2,445.00 $4,879.07<br />

Fundraising Expenses $2,367.05 $1,917.84<br />

Information Technology Expenses $2,464.73 $5,643.75<br />

Insurance Expense $2,576.<strong>16</strong> $2,184.45<br />

Membership Fees Paid $612.05 $150.00<br />

Postage, Freight and Courier $843.90 $809.97<br />

Printing & Stationery $3,308.92 $2,963.70<br />

Publications and Information Resources $3,713.37 $7,114.25<br />

Rapamycin Extension $0.00 $1,582.20<br />

Research Grants Awarded $0.00 $29,783.17<br />

Salaries and Wages $21,054.31 $<strong>16</strong>,461.53<br />

Salaries and Wages - Fringe Benefits $15,743.40 $13,468.53<br />

Salaries and Wages - Superannuation $3,423.92 $3,303.79<br />

Sundry expenses $590.15 $626.65<br />

Telephone, Fax and Internet $1,025.24 $440.36<br />

Training & Development (Staff) $1,119.36 $0.00<br />

Travel & Accommodation $18,130.87 $3,688.02<br />

Volunteer Costs $82.00 $762.54<br />

Total Operating Expenses $113,250.21 $111,357.25<br />

Net Profit $132.49 $34,143.09<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />

<strong>Australia</strong><br />


Financial statements<br />

Balance Sheet as at 30 June 20<strong>16</strong><br />

ASSETS<br />

Bank<br />

Term Dep-EPinkerton Mat19/5/15 $0.00 $5,110.09<br />

Bank - At Call Cash Accounts<br />

CBA Cash Investment Account $43,356.18 $79,998.23<br />

General Cheque Account $24,104.91 $11,384.90<br />

Macq Cash Management Acc $18,422.43 $19,071.85<br />

Total Bank - At Call Cash Accounts $85,883.52 $110,454.98<br />

Total Bank $85,883.52 $115,565.07<br />

Current Assets<br />

Accounts Receivables $15,000.00 $0.00<br />

Reserved funds (Pinkerton) $10,207.45 $0.00<br />

Total Current Assets $25,207.45 $0.00<br />

Fixed Assets<br />

Macquarie Term Deposit - Maturing 2nd August <strong>2015</strong> $0.00 $125,000.00<br />

Macquarie Term Deposit - Maturing 2nd August 20<strong>16</strong> $127,025.68 $0.00<br />

Macquarie Term Deposit - Maturing 5/10/<strong>16</strong> $55,649.67 $54,860.73<br />

Total Fixed Assets $182,675.35 $179,860.73<br />

Total Assets $293,766.32 $295,425.80<br />


Current Liabilities<br />

GST -$21.48 $0.00<br />

PAYG Withholding Payable $0.00 $963.00<br />

Rounding $0.25 -$0.01<br />

Superannuation Payable $0.00 $831.24<br />

Suspense -$438.24 $0.00<br />

Trade Creditors $335.23 $0.00<br />

Unpaid Expense Claims $126.50 $0.00<br />

Total Current Liabilities $2.26 $1,794.23<br />

Non-Current Liabilities<br />

Sydney University Out of Pocket Expenses Study $2,745.00 $2,745.00<br />

Total Non-Current Liabilities $2,745.00 $2,745.00<br />

Total Liabilities $2,747.26 $4,539.23<br />

Net Assets $291,019.06 $290,886.57<br />

EQUITY<br />

Current Year Earnings $132.49 $34,143.09<br />

Retained Surplus $290,886.57 $256,743.48<br />

Total Equity $291,019.06 $290,886.57<br />

The accounts for <strong>2015</strong>/<strong>16</strong> were audited by Mark Mortimer (Registered Auditor No. 1942).<br />

A copy of his report is available at https://tsa.org.au/annual-reports/<br />

The accounts of TSA align to the National Standard Chart of Accounts<br />

published by the <strong>Australia</strong>n Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.<br />

11<br />


Phone<br />

Email<br />

Website<br />

Facebook<br />

Mail<br />

1300 733 435 (within <strong>Australia</strong>)<br />

info@tsa.org.au<br />

www.tsa.org.au<br />

www.facebook.com/AuTSC<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong> <strong>Australia</strong><br />

18 Central Rd, Beverly Hills<br />

NSW 2209 <strong>Australia</strong><br />

ABN 20 681 174 734<br />

Incorporated association in New South Wales, incorporation no. Y 071<strong>16</strong>-42.<br />

Registered charity with the <strong>Australia</strong>n Charities and Not-for-Profits<br />

Commission from 3 December 2013. Public benevolent institution (PBI) and<br />

endorsed by the <strong>Australia</strong>n Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR)<br />

and an income tax exempt charity. We fundraise throughout <strong>Australia</strong> and are<br />

registered under fundraising legislation as required.<br />

Registered Charity CC25313<br />

CFN 13968<br />

Donations of $2<br />

and over are<br />

tax deductible<br />

We think all families with TSC<br />

should have someone to turn to.<br />

Thank you for helping make<br />

this a reality.<br />

<strong>Tuberous</strong> <strong>Sclerosis</strong><br />


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