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NEWS GSN October 2016 Digital 12 4 5 6 15 16 19 20 24 25 26 27 What was in the World Trade Center chemical plume at Ground Zero on 9/11 Salient CRGT awarded $22.6M contract from DHS to improve border technologies GTT releases most advanced TSP solution to date: modular, expandable Opticom CVP HID Global helps streamline Bhutan’s driver license issuance and management system Canon U.S.A. and National Crime Prevention Council collaborate to raise awareness of theft and safety concerns The Technology War: Advantages of Network-Centric approach to modern warfare International sports competition in Brazil catapults to Gold Standard of ID Management with Quantum Secure The 2015 ISIS Attacks on Paris: Assessment and Lessons Learned Handheld Narcotics Analyzer can now detect lethal W-18 opioid drug FLIR announces identiFINDER R100 personal radiation detector with integrated Bluetooth smart technology Cambridge Pixel enhances radar tracking software to support small target detection Vecna attainst DoD DIACAP Security Accreditation and ATO for patient self-service solution 2

Edition Table of Contents 28 29 30 Even the Government’s own advisory committee wants to end family detention How the Vice Presidential candidates responded to immigration issues at the debate Class action lawsuit challenging failure of CBP to respond to Freedom of Information requests is dismissed following settlement FEATURES SPECIAL REPORT ON INTERNATIONAL THREAT/CYBER INTELLIGENCE 32 36 37 38 Chuck Brooks on Cybersecurity: The weakest link will always be the human element Arrest of ex-NSA contractor shows federal cybersecurity still faces a serious insider threat Intelligent Automation Inc discusses cyber attacks and tools of analysis and mitigation Convy on Net-Centric Security: The future of identity management is on the tips of your fingers SPECIAL REPORT ON OIL/GAS/ELECTRIC GRID SECURITY 40 42 44 The nation’s power grid is struck by cyber or physical attacks once every four days, according to federal energy records Quanergy acquires OTUS People Tracker Software from Raytheon BBN Technologies to strengthen its position as complete LiDar solution provider Infrared NCR launches national critical infrastructure security and resilience month awareness campaign 3

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