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Intelligent Automation Inc discusses Cyber Attacks Continued from page 37 es to regulate the secure information flow. Smart AppShield shields the application from the cyber attacks and prevents information leakage, thus providing a trusted computing base. Trusted Computing Framework for Embedded System (TCES) is a hardware and software solution that provides broad capabilities for ensuring the security of highly distributed embedded systems, with high-level security assurance rooted in the hardware, and high flexibility provided by the software implementation. SecureVisor is a platform for efficiently protecting weapon systems against cyber threats. Secure- Visor has three major components including a whitelisting tool to identify allowed safe programs, a security enhanced hypervisor, and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide the root of trust. SecureVisor is a combined hardware-software security solution that provides a high level of security, and also minimizes impact on platforms in terms of power, processing cycles and operation performance. The nation’s power grid is struck by cyber or physical attacks once every four days Continued from page 41 Adm. Mike Rogers announced in March that it is a matter of “when, not if ” a foreign power will attack critical U.S. infrastructures. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer and grid security advocate, says the report correctly identified the contradiction between Obama administration’s green agenda and the need to protect the nation’s energy security. “The ‘war on coal’ and other hydrocarbon sources of energy, and the Obama administration’s environmental obstacles to development of nuclear power, is making the nation less safe,” said Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security. Coal-fired electric plants and potentially nuclear power provide the country with the most resilient source of electric power. But the administration’s push to phase them out and replace them with wind and solar energy generation is not only technologically unrealistic. It will reduce national electrical supplies at a time when demand is increasing sharply. The result will be both increase costs for electric power and increase risks to national survival in 50 the aftermath a major cyber attack. “The increased risks to the national electric grid and national security by Obama’s green agenda, driven by the alleged threat from climate change, is even more true for greater threats to the grid posed by natural and manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP),” Pry said. “These threats and cyber are here and now, while climate change—if this scientifically dubious threat occurs at all—is in the future.” Mills, the Manhattan Institute researcher, told the Washington Free Beacon that cyber security “is the existential challenge of the Internet, but so far mainly about private info and financial data.” “Meanwhile, the so-called smarter grid and green power both require a vast increase of Internet connectivity bolted onto our electrical grids,” he said. “What in the world makes green pundits think that rapidly expanding and exposing our critical grid infrastructure to the Internet is a good idea to rush into?” Editor’s Note: Bill Gertz article reproduced with permission of Washington Free Beacon:

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