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Cooking as Revolutionary Act Hand Out - PDF

Cooking as Revolutionary Act Hand Out -

1 of 9 COOKING IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT Cooking real food is a revolutionary act. Food is about nourishment and is fundamental to our existence. As more people do not know how to cook, we have lost the means to care for ourselves. The kitchen is a revolutionary place for people to feel empowered, learn, connect to the environment, share their culture, provide fellowship, build community, and cook up solutions to brainwashed thinking that food costs too much, it is too hard to grow, takes too long to cook, cuisines of people are color are bad for you (the Med diet is only great diet in town), people of color can’t liberate themselves and their health because they lack the knowledge, and the best one for last, what about food deserts? I will share concrete examples and methodologies that show how cooking and culinary education can emancipate the food movement and make it even more delicious, inclusive and equitable. One of the greatest pleasures of my life has been that I have never stopped learning about Good Cooking and Good Food. - Edna Lewis Nadine Nelson 917-719-6859

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