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appetizers Hattie's Signatures Hattie's fried chicken wings 2.50 per piece andouille pigs in a blanket 1.75 per piece pimento cheese crostini 1.75 per piece deviled eggs 1 whole egg 2.00 per egg hush puppies 1.75 per piece cheese straws 1.00 per piece spicy pecans 20.00 per lb oyster shooters with Hattie's Hot sauce 2.50 per piece catfish fingers 2.00 per piece sausage biscuits 1.50 per piece house made chips with onion dip 2.00 per person Aunt Lynn's herbed roasted nuts 20.00 per lb stuffed mushrooms 1.75 per piece andouille pimento cheese slider 3.50 per piece Virginia ham biscuit slider 3.00 per piece mini blt biscuit slider 3.00 per piece good and evil wings 1.50 per piece olive poppers 1.50 per piece Hattie's chicken liver pate with toast points 2.50 per piece Meat Options Smoked Duck Pastrami on olive toast points 4.00 per piece Tenderloin on house made potato Chip with Roquefort 4.00 per piece jerk chicken skewers 3.50 per piece skirt steak skewers 3.50 per piece Jamaican pork skewers 3.50 per piece braised pork belly on crostini 3.75 per piece fried green tomatoes 2.00 per piece mini chicken and waffles 3.50 per piece mini muffaletta 4.00 per piece

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